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					Basic Skills for the TOEFL® iBT

Speaking - 1

     WORD         PARTS                      SAMPLE SENTENCE


break           n.        I need a break from my work.
during          prep.     He fell asleep during the show.
dull            adj.      My math class is a little dull.
relax           v.        We need to relax after our long day.
think           v.        She thought that your shoes were pretty.
enjoy           v.        Do you enjoy reading comics when you have free time?
serious         adj.      His son is a very serious student.
academic        adj.      Jane is a member of an academic club at school.
job             n.        Your job will be to clean the house and wash the dog.
deserve         v.        They deserve to win the first prize for their efforts.
wake up         phrase    She needs to wake up and listen to her teacher in class.
plus            prep.     Michael brought his boots plus an umbrella.
contribute      v.        Will you be able to contribute some money for the party?
prefer          v.        I prefer chocolate chip to peanut butter cookies.
waste           v.        Don’t waste time on small problems.
exam            n.        Our teacher said that we will have an exam on Friday.
trouble         n.        I am having trouble understanding grammar.
resume          v.        Mrs. Kim will resume teaching after she gets married.
especially      adv.      I especially like to go hiking in the fall.
doubt           v.        If you doubt his plan, you should tell him.
due to          phrase    He was sleepy due to the fact that he was up all night.
good point      phrase    Marie made some good points in her speech.
final           adj.      Today will be my final day of school.
access          n.        Do you have access to our website?
permanent       adj.      Sally will be a permanent part of our company.
ordinary        adj.      His new cellphone is pretty ordinary.
announcement    n.        Mr. Lee gave an important announcement for everyone in the
prepare         v.        office. be sure to prepare lunch for tomorrow’s trip.
plenty of       phrase    On a hot day you should drink plenty of water.
remind          v.        Will you remind me to call mom at noon?
Unit 2

pastime              n.     In Mexico, soccer is a popular pastime.
adventurous          adj.   He’s quite adventurous so I’m not surprised he likes skydiving.
interesting          adj.   Lisa has a very interesting way of dressing.
usually              adv.   My dog usually likes to take a walk in the evenings.
outgoing             adj.   My youngest brother is quite an outgoing person.
together             adv.   John and Karen often work together.
opposite             adj.   Use the opposite side of your paper to solve the math problem.
best friend          n.     Finding a best friend is not always easy.
personality          n.     Do you think you have a good personality?
indoor activities    n.     Indoor activities are not affected by the rain.
different            adj.   We walked a different way to school today.
outdoor activities   n.     Water skiing is a popular outdoor activity.
activity             n.     My favorite activity is riding my bike.
similar              adj.   Jenny’s laptop is similar to mine.
example              n.     If you give me an example of the problem, I may be able to help you.
outdoor              adj.   We went to an outdoor concert yesterday.
studio               n.     Julie was looking for a larger studio for her art work.
speed                n.     The car’s speed was too fast for the icy road.
scene                n.     He tried to find the perfect scene to photograph.
medium               n.     The medium of television has brought the world closer than ever.
unique               adj.   His recipe for fried chicken was very unique.
feminine             adj.   The girls looked so feminine in their new dresses.
nature               n.     I like to be close to nature whenever I get the chance.
influence            v.     Sometimes scary movies can influence young children.
realistic            adj.   His paintings are so realistic that they look like photos.
critic               n.     The food critic said the food in our restaurant was great!
popular              adj.   Their song is very popular with many teenagers today.
experience           n.     I had some funny experiences growing up on a farm.
supply               n.     Before we went camping, we had to buy lots of supplies.
copy                 v.     I tried to copy his picture but it was too hard for me.
Unit 3

old-fashioned   adj.     My parents are quite old-fashioned about marriage.
online          adv.     Computers have allowed people to work online at home.
                         Because we were in the mountains, I couldn’t get reception on my
reception       n.
text messages   n.       I often receive text messages on my phone.
conversation    n.       I had a long conversation with dad.
instant         n.       Because of computers, money can be sent to banks in an instant.
technology      n.       Technology allows us to live easy lives.

in addition     conj.    In addition, he broke his middle finger when he fell off his horse.

complicated     adj.     For me science is too complicated to understand.
dependable      adj.     My best friend is the most dependable person I know.
chatting        n.       Chatting is a good way to get to know someone.
multiple        adj.     Our family car has multiple scratches and dents.
custom          n.       She has a custom of praying before she eats.
hate            v.       I hate it when it rains on the weekends!
communicate     v.       There are many ways to communicate without words.
move away       phrase   I’m sad that my brother moved away last week.
miss out        phrase   If you arrive too late, you will miss out on dinner.
freedom         n.       I like the freedom to go where I want.
                         Someone’s hometown is the town where they live or the town that
hometown        n.
                         they come from.
motivate        v.       I was motivated to go on a diet after I read his book.
schedule        n.       Following a simple exercise schedule will help you get into shape.
important       adj.     Getting a good education is very important for everyone.
flexible        adj.     If you can be flexible, you will have more choices.
guidance        n.       You may need a little guidance for the first few days of your new
                         job. responsible for taking care of my brother while my parents are
                         I am
responsible     adj.
                         at work.
immediately     adv.     James immediately called the police after he saw the accident.
cheap           adj.     We shop at local markets because they are cheap.
independent     adj.     Koreans want more independent policy toward U.S.
                         One advantage of living alone is that you can watch what you want
advantage       n.
                         on TV.
Unit 4

unlike         prep.    Unlike me, my sister did not go to college.
living         n.       Living near the coast is great.
countryside    n.       I like visiting my relatives who live in the countryside.
museum         n.       The artwork in some museums is quite lovely.
air            n.       Getting some fresh air into your home is a good idea.
shop           n.       Many small shops can be found along the main road.
advantage      n.       It is to your advantage to speak properly.
space          n.       I hope we have enough space to put up our camping tent.
include        v.       The set menu will include a drink.
view           n.       The view is beautiful beyond description.
moreover       adv.     I jog everyday; moreover, I lift weights.
convenient     adj.     The internet has made searching for information very convenient.
                        Korean credit card spending overseas increased more than 20%
compared to    phrase
                        compared to last year.
                        Our team will be at a disadvantage because our best player is
disadvantage   n.
backyard       n.       It is usually safe to play in the backyard.
Arctic         n.       Some people have risked their lives traveling to the Arctic.
tundra         n.       It is too cold for trees to grow above the tundra.
tusk           n.       Elephants have long white tusks.
thick          adj.     The bread was cut into thick slices.
dwelling       n.       There are few dwellings in the middle of the desert.
hoof           n.       A horse usually wears metal shoes on its hooves.
herd           n.       A herd of cattle were quietly eating grass.
fur            n.       Most animals grow extra fur in the winter to keep them warm.
migrate        v.       Many types of birds migrate to warmer weather in the winter.
                        Over many years, some animals have adapted to match the
adapt          v.
                        conditions they live in.
enemy          n.       Dogs are a common enemy for most cats.
develop        v.       We’ve developed a new way of producing energy.
avoid          v.       Please try to avoid eating too much sugary foods.
                        There was a small layer of snow on the ground when we woke up in
layer          n.
                        the morning
environment    n.       Hawaii is a group of islands that has a warm and sunny
Unit 5

athletic      adj.     She is very athletic since she regularly goes to the health club.
competitive   adj.     My brother and I are competitive in everything that we do.
energize      v.       Taking a short vacation can really energize you.
                       An advanced country should increase its economic aid to developing
aid           n.
character     n.       Actors get to play many different kinds of characters in their movies.
focus         v.       You need to focus on your studies not on playing computer games.
physical      adj.     American football is very physical sport.
brain         n.       All of our thinking power comes from our brain.
participate   v.       Do you like to participate in academic debates?
anywhere      adv.     You can listen to music anywhere these days.
socialize     v.       Whenever I’m around groups of people, I always socialize.
chance        n.       I really hope that we get a chance to play in tomorrow’s big game.
                       It is hard to hurt yourself while writing since it is a nonphysical
nonphysical   adj.
sport         n.       A good way of staying active is to play any kind of sport.
                       It is very difficult for anyone to connect with him since he hardly
connect       v.
education     n.       I received a good education from my school.
pointless     adj.     Washing your car in the rain is pointless.
as such       phrase   I was out in the rain all day as such I’m feeling sick.
concern       v.       I am concerned about his poor health.
fees          n.       The fees for this private school are very high.
announce      v.       They will announce the winner after school.
available     adj.     Mr. Smith will be available after 2pm today.
cut back      phrase   I think I will have to cut back on ice cream, I’m getting fat.
frequent      v.       My friends and I often frequent this café for lunch.
appoint       v.       Did your boss appoint this duty to you yesterday?
at random     phrase   We chose a movie at random since there were so many playing.
assistance    n.       If you need any assistance with your work please let me know.
aid           v.       I will work hard to aid the sick and poor.
start         n.       Our company is small now but it’s a start.
service       n.       What special services does your company offer?
Unit 6

spend          v.     Did you spend much money on your clothes?
expensive      adj.   A diamond ring can be very expensive.
concert        n.     We will go to a live outdoor concert tonight.
lose           v.     Please do not lose your house keys.
save           v.     You should save a small percent of your salary.
replace        n.     You should always replace anything you break.
spare          n.     If you forgot your pen I have a spare I could lend you.
style          n.     People with their own style make good clothing designers.
fashion        n.     I really enjoy fashion and I’d like to have a job in that area.
buy            v.     You will need to buy warm clothes for the winter.
modern         adj.   Modern airplanes are much faster than they were.
allow          v.     Will mom allow you to come with me to the store?
emergency      n.     There was a big emergency at the school.
part time      n.     I got a part time job after school.
future         n.     I can’t wait for what will happen in the future.
explosion      n.     The bomb made a large explosion.
astronomer     n.     She went to school to become an astronomer.
crater         n.     The moon’s ground has many craters.
universe       n.     All the stars and planets live in the universe.
telescope      n.     I can look at the stars with a telescope.
eclipse        v.     A few times each year the moon will eclipse the sun and hide it.
sphere         n.     The balloons were in the shape of spheres.
altogether     adv.   Altogether, there were over 1,000 people.
astronomy      n.     The Mayans developed astronomy, numbers and their own
binocular      n.     calendar. a pair of binoculars when I go bird watching.
                      I like to take
solar system   n.     Our solar system has billions of stars and planets.
orbit          v.     The moon orbits around the Earth.
                      You shouldn’t stare at the sun too long because it is so bright that it
bright         adj.
                      can hurt your eyes.
consider       v.     Have you ever considered seeing a doctor for the pain in your back?
                      There are many satellites in space that help people live a more
satellite      n.
                      comfortable life on Earth.
Unit 7

find             v.     I find myself falling asleep in class.
correct          adj.   Every one of her answers was correct.
least            adv.   The music I like the least is country.
subject          n.     One of my favorite school subjects has always been history.
result           n.     The results for our test are now available.
feelings         n.     My feelings were hurt after she yelled at me.
goal             n.     My goal is to get a perfect score on my college entrance exam.
achieve          v.     We should all try to achieve great things in life.
actually         adv.   I would like to have lunch with you but I’ve just eaten actually.
particular       adj.   I like this particular color of red.
finish           v.     Did you already finish your homework?
                        My mother studied the humanities and now works as a music
humanities       n.
inspirational    adj.   Some people are inspirational and make us want to achieve.
favorite         n.     Of all the fruits, strawberries are my favorite.
vacation         n.     I will take my family to Jeju Island for our summer vacation.
definitely       adv.   I will definitely make it to your party this weekend.
express          v.     I learned to express my ideas through writing.
decision         n.     What decision will you make about school?
plan             n.     Have you made any plans for your winter break?
responsibility   n.     It is my responsibility to make sure that you get to school on time.
discuss          v.     I discussed the problem with him.
culture          n.     I find Korean culture fascinating.
whole            adj.   Did you erase the whole file on accident?
relax            v.     Getting some time to relax is important for your health.
miss             v.     I miss my family so much when I’m away.
interest         n.     My grandmother has several interests including hiking and sailing.
youth            n.     Some older people wish they still had their youth.
traveling        n.     Traveling is one of my favorite past times.
abroad           adv.   I would like to study abroad in the US someday.
tuition          n.     Since tuition at my school is so high, I usually get a summer job.
Unit 8

violent     adj.     A violent person is dangerous.
real life   phrase   In real life, animals cannot talk.
behavior    n.       Your behavior at school is terrible.
help        v.       Can you help me paint the house tomorrow?
habit       n.       I have a bad habit of biting my nails.
content     n.       The content of her book is very funny.
amount      n.       I ate a large amount of ice cream.
grow        v.       If you really care for your plants, they will grow nicely.
outside     adv.     We didn’t stay outside long because it was too cold.
positive    adj.     Everyone at the office had a positive feeling about him.
message     n.       He tried to spread his message of happiness.
reduce      v.       Please try to reduce the amount of water you use.
comedy      n.       I enjoy all kinds of movies but comedies are my favorite.
acid        n.       Acid can be harmful if it touches your skin.
float       v.       The smoke was floating in the air.
contain     v.       The small box contains old letters and some pictures.
form        v.       A picture of a horse formed in the clouds.
release     v.       She released the dove from its cage.
warm        adj.     I prefer warm weather to hot or cold.
damage      v.       The young boy damaged his arm in the accident.
structure   n.       The structure of modern skyscrapers is very exact.
factory     n.       In factories many cars and trucks are built.
burn        v.       If you burn something it will make smoke.
mix         v.       When you mix the colors white and black, you get gray.
weak        adj.     After a long hike in the mountains I feel a little weak.
insect      n.       During the summer there are many insects.
forest      n.       In desert countries there is not enough water for there to be forests.
soil        n.       If the soil is too dry, nothing will grow from it.
Unit 9

rather       adv.     She would rather go swimming than hiking.
later on     phrase   We will go to the market later on.
comprehend   v.       We did not comprehend your directions.
late         adv.     Steve handed in his essay late.
success      n.       I am a success because of my family’s support.
grade        n.       I received the highest grade in my class.
manage       v.       Mary will be able to manage all of the changes in her new job.
again        adv.     Mr. Shin asked me to sing the song again.
routine      n.       Part of my routine is to read the paper on the bus.
                      It takes a lot of discipline to wake up every morning and go for a
discipline   n.
                      long run.
quiet        adj.     The old house was dusty and quiet.
vital        adj.     Your passport is a vital document you need when traveling.
challenge    v.       Rita challenged me to a 100 meter race at school.
need         v.       I will need two eggs and some flour.
inform       v.       Will you inform your dad that I will arrive soon?
unexpected   adj.     The news from the hospital was much unexpected.
timetable    n.       What does your timetable for today look like?
demand       v.       Did they demand that you attend the meeting?
certain      adj.     Is there a certain type of car you are looking for?
conflict     v.       Our ideas about the current president conflict with each other.
cafeteria    n.       The food at our school cafeteria is pretty good.
respond      v.       Have you responded to her letter yet?
extra        adj.     I brought an extra ball in case we need one.
advance      v.       Technology always needs to advance.
dedicated    adj.     My work is dedicated to helping people.
                      Will you increase the amount of classes you are taking this
increase     v.
campus       n.       I’m really happy that they have planted more trees on campus.
work out     phrase   If your current plan works out, will you ask for a higher position?
reserve      v.       Since it is such a fancy restaurant, we should reserve a table.
Unit 10

lifestyle        n.     I live a very independent lifestyle.
dodge            v.     We had to dodge all the people on the street.
increase         v.     The temperature will increase next month.
exercise         n.     Not too many kids get enough exercise.
waste            v.     You shouldn’t waste your food.
necessity        n.     Water is a necessity of life.
healthy          adj.   It is good to have healthy eating habits.
maintain         v.     We hope to maintain a high level of service at the hotel.
nowadays         adv.   Many people are talking about the environment nowadays.
balance          v.     You have to make sure that the two scales are balanced.
behind           adv.   Since he practices soccer so often his grades are falling behind.
suggest          v.     Can you suggest a good movie for me to watch tonight?
typical          adj.   A typical breakfast in North America is cereal and toast.
optional         adj.   Wearing a tie is optional in my new office.
gym              n.     Let’s go to the gym together so we can get in shape.
huge             adj.   There was a huge wave that covered the beach.
theater          n.     I really enjoy watching live theater.
recent           adj.   Her most recent movie did very well.
remote control   n.     Having a remote control makes it easy to watch TV.
past             n.     Their argument happened in the past.
channel          n.     The music channel on TV is one of my favorites.
few              adj.   We still have a few pencils left if you need one.
record           v.     Did you remember to record your answers in the file?
currently        adv.   We currently only have green tea.
gradually        adv.   It is best if you lose your extra weight gradually.
disk             n.     Most of today’s information is held on a simple disk.
                        The researchers have been making good progress finding a cure for
progress         n.
                        the disease.
entertainment    n.     There will be live entertainment at the party.
limited          adj.   Our supply of free soft drinks is limited.
press            v.     By pressing the button, the waiter will know that you need
Unit 11

despise             v.       I really despise taking the subway to work.
airport             n.       Because people travel so much, airports are always busy.
hectic              adj.     It is always hectic in my office at the end of the month.
great               adj.     Everyone had a great time at the party.
late                adj.     I’m happy to say that I’ve never been late to work.
worry               v.       I try not to worry about small things.
be supposed to      phrase   Mom said that we are supposed to clean our room today.
dislike             n.       She has a strong dislike for onions.
mostly              adv.     My family mostly eats dinner at home.
locate              v.       The police located the thief hiding in a closet.
mode                n.       What mode of transportation do you use to get to work?
near                adv.     Since I live near my work, I walk.
require             v.       My school requires me to wear a uniform.
slow                adj.     Today’s trains are not as slow as they were 100 years ago.
disappointed        adj.     I was disappointed with my performance in the game.
effort              n.       With a little more effort you can be an “A” student.
appear              v.       He will appear in front of his class to give a speech.
earn                v.       You can earn some money by tutoring students.
play                n.       Since plays are live, I find them more exciting than movies.
course load         n.       I never take a full course load during the year.
volunteer           n.       Being a volunteer gives you good experience for the future.
extra-curricular    adj.     I am involved with a few extra-curricular activities at school.
semester            n.       I did well in my first two semesters of school.
audition            v.       Most actors have to audition for parts in movies.
poorly              n.       Their entire project was done so poorly that they failed.
                             We can go to the movies or on the other hand, we can go to the
on the other hand   conj.
degree              n.       She received her degree from a fine school in England.
join                v.       Let’s go and join the school band.
club                n.       My friends and I have formed a private club at my house.
                             In the drama club we get a chance to put on some interesting shows
drama               n.
                             for the school.
Unit 12

efficient      adj.     We found an efficient way to do our work.
instead of     phrase   Why don’t we go to the beach instead of the park?
rapidly        adv.     The guests filled the seats rapidly.
excess         n.       There was an excess of food after the wedding.
hard           adj.     Math has always been a hard subject for me.
source         n.       The source of his ideas is unknown.
sure           adj.     Are you sure that this is the right place for us to be?
professional   adj.     My sister is a professional musician.
online game    n.       For relaxation I often play online games on my computer.
vast           adj.     The explorers found a vast amount of treasure.
data           n.       Do you have enough data to solve the math problem?
control        v.       Trying to control a group of 4-year olds is very difficult.
topic          n.       We have many topics to cover in class today.
way            n.       Can I use this key as a way to get inside the building?
answer         n.       I am most happy when people give me a clear answer to a question.
orchestra      n.       Orchestras usually play in large auditoriums.
full-size      adj.     We took a full-size photo of us by the ocean.
sound          n.       Some of the strangest sounds that I’ve ever heard come from
member         n.       animals. so many members in our club.
                        We have
conductor      n.       My uncle is a conductor with the local symphony.
baton          n.       A conductor uses a baton to guide musicians.
brass          n.       A saxophone is a brass instrument.
pull           v.       If you pull the rope it will tighten the knot.
group          n.       I am thinking of forming a music group with my brother.
hollow         adj.     When a bottle has nothing inside, we call it hollow.
stretch        v.       I tried stretching the shirt so that it would fit me.
instrument     n.       One of the earliest instruments ever made was the drum.
section        n.       The classroom has been divided into three sections.
string         n.       We tied the pieces of wood together with somestring.
                        We all feel very happy whenever we know that he will be leading
lead           v.
                        our team.

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