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					Cross –Program Integration

Child and adolescent cross-program integration is a process that brings together the state IVP and
MCH programs to identify common goals and to work jointly to achieve them. Cross-program
integration facilitates the interweaving of injury strategies into programs and systems which
service children and adolescents. It aligns and maximizes resources creating a coordinated and
cohesive approach to increase the impact on injury and violence mortality and morbidity rates. It
promotes the “spread” of effective interventions. Integration efforts should encourage
cooperation, coordination, and collaboration between the two programs and not compromise the
goals of the program into which injury is being integrated.

It is about doing work differently not adding more work. (Can we really say this in that some of
the MCH programs may never have done any work in injury prevention? I can understand how
the chronic disease programs could say it)

 The guiding principles for integration are:

       Respect program identity
       Recognize program priorities
       Preserve successful interventions
       Responsibilities to funding sources are acknowledged
       Do no harm to program integrity
       No one “glove” fits – each effort may be unique

Key points
       MCH program has access to multiple systems/programs which serve children and
       IVP has knowledge and access to best-practices/effective interventions
       Spread of information needs to be in both directions
       Collaboration should include education, training, resources from injury into MCH
       Injury interventions should be interwoven into MCH programs
       Working together towards common goals – both committed to achieving.
       Making a careful choice of which IVP activity should be incorporated into which Title V
       Integration of IVP activity should not fundamentally alter or change MCH program;
       integrity of MCH program remains and is enhanced
       Every MCH program “thinks” about how the population – purpose can be enhanced by
       the inclusion of IVP.
       IVP “looks at” every MCH program to see if the inclusion of IVP is possible and what
       inclusion might do to reduce the burden both mortality and morbidity.

Basic steps Department can take to establishing a systematic approach to expanding the
possibilities and facilitating actions to reduce the burden of injury and violence:

       Establish integration team
       Assess the injury issues to be addressed, populations served, current partnerships and
       existing service delivery systems of each MCH program
       Identify common elements and opportunities for integration
       Use data to create, implement and evaluate an integrated plan or project

Setting the stage
        Clearly articulate and describe the benefits of a cross-program integration initiative at the
                Program levels
        Program staff needs to understand how integration will enhance their program work plans
        and assist with their jobs without threatening program autonomy
        Resources will need to be dedicated to the effort – managers need to be committed
        Agreements need to be developed that establish clear roles and responsibilities for
        implementing and evaluating joint activities
        Infrastructure will need to be in place and maintained to support regular information
        sharing with all staff
        Administration/mangers need to communicate their support of program integration and
        help create and support a culture that makes integration the norm.