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									JULY 2011 NEWSLETTER
                                          We didn’t get much of a response from        butty van, the event went ahead,
                                          the members at the annual general            without us making a loss.
                                          meeting, and overall there wasn’t
                                          much in the way of changes.                  I believe to due to the fact that Peter
                                                                                       could not recruit sufficient Marshals
                                          However you will be pleased to know          prior to this year’s event, then it
                                          that overall the club is in a good           looks like it will not go ahead, a pity
                                          financial position, so much so that the      really but for very understandable
                                          Treasurer proposed that we reduce            reasons.
                                          the yearly subscription from £12, £15 if
                                          you had a joint membership with your         Following on from the success of the
                                          partner, to £10, this whether you are        2010 Lee Holland we again had the
                                          on your own or with a partner, you get       F1000 (and the F1000S)
                                          it all for the same price.                   championship, but also the Formula
                                                                                       Junior championship. So once again
                                          There was also another change, not           our hard working Clerk of Course
Hi Everyone                               something we really wanted, but we           had the stage diagrams at the MSA
                                          didn’t really have an option, that is that   in good time, with a letter requesting
First I want to say WELCOME to our        Rod Brereton has had to stand down           if the juniors could do the same
new members, thanks to the efforts of     as Chairman. This has been brought           stages as the seniors, as this would
Ross Butterworth, eight (Yes 8) people    about due to Rod now working in              be the 3 time we had the juniors at
joined the club to take part in the       Sunderland, he was willing to continue       our event ~~ all that came back was
Autosolo that we ran on 14 June.          in the post, but the committee felt that     the diagrams dully stamped as
                                          we couldn’t really have a chairman           normal ~~ no reply to the request
So welcome to                             who was unable to attend the monthly         either way. At the event I took this
Chris Rawstron                            meetings. So, the vice chairman Alan         up with the steward and our own
Stuart Cariss                             Shaw said he would fill the void and         HarryTinkler for them to find out why
Andrew Bannister                          Rod could be the vice chairman. If or        we cannot do as we request ~~ after
Anthony Turner                            when Rod is in a position to return to       all they pay the same entry etc.
Norman Barnes                             the area, we would have no hesitation
David Smithies                            in him taking over the chairmanship          Prior to putting a date forward to
Kevin Clark                               again. So I would like to say a big          Anglesey, I checked with Ecurie
Jon Ingham                                thank you to Rod, he has been the            Royal Oak, to ensure there rally at
                                          cornerstone of the club for many years       Swinnerton, was not going to on the
 Although Kevin tells me he’s been a      and I am sure you will all hope that he      same day, thankfully it wasn’t.
member since early January, when he       can return to working for the club           However our traditional day was not
took part on the North West Stages, I     ASAP.                                        available, due to the date being
didn’t welcome him then, so I’ve made                                                  Easter Sunday, he date offered was
up for it now.                            And this was his annual review.              27 March, I then asked if that would
Although I was part of the organising                                                  still be in the “Winter” scale of fees
team for the Autosolo, I’ve got to say             CHAIRMANS & COMP.                   for the venue ~~~ result the fee had
the event was successful. We had an              SEC.REPORT 2010/2011                  a 20% “winter” reduction £4800 plus
entry of 15, we had planned to run 6      I would like to start this report by         vat. Of the event all went well, with
tests, with everyone getting a            thanking all the previous committee          the exception that the Clerk of
minimum of 2 runs on each test, but it    members for there attendance at the          Course (Alan) was in great agony
didn’t work out just as planned, as we    monthly /attending our events.               with his back and unfortunately
are new to this type of event, we had a   Over the last 12 months the                  could not make the journey, which
number of delays and only managed         President, Ray, has continued with           was a great disappointment all
to get 4 tests completed, but everyone    the sterling work in producing a             round. The reduced hire fee meant,
got 2 attempts at each.                   monthly newsletter, a move that has          that we could, if need be, run less
The end result being a resounding win     kept us all up to date with both club        competitors and still make a profit.
for Stuart Cariss, who finished 13.14     and Association matters. From last
secs., in front of Kevin Clark with       year James “Jim” Wright has re-                 Through out the year, we have
Chris Rawstron a further 8.14 secs.,      launched the website with very good          had one social club night, a trip to M
back. Stuart was the fastest on all       results, not least competitors can           Sport, around 16 people made there
tests bar one and on that one             now down load regulations direct             way, members and non members,
Jonathan Koonja managed to beat           etc, for the clubs events ~~ Many            who were shown around, and saw
his time by just 0.02 secs.               thanks to him, and all those that            not only the works Ford Rally cars
I hope you all enjoyed the event, and     offered help.                                but the S2000 Ford Fiesta, which
from the feed back I have had, it                                                      would be the nucleus of Fords
seems most of you did. So we will look    Of the events planned from the 2010          rallying in the future.
to trying it out again in the not to      meeting, the 2010 Hillclimb took
distant future.                           place in August, but we struggled            A club night organised on the 14
There are one or two areas we need to     again to get sufficient bodies out to        June ,took the form of an Autosolo
improve one, and we could do with         marshall, with only just the barest          had resulted in 15 people
some more people to help with the         minimum. However thanks to a large           competing, as the event had to have
organisation, so watch this space.        influx of entries from Huddersfield          an MSA permit, it meant everyone
                                          Motor Club ~~ who also provided a            competing would have to be a
member of Pendle, I am not sure,         Once again, a big plea to all, we            forests to some very challenging
but it must have collected some          need to kick start the club ~ we will        stages.
more Pendle members. Which               welcome any help, ideas on
indeed it did, we got eight new          anything to help recruit new                 The excitement that the twisting
members.                                 members into the Sport.                      sections intermingled with long
It would be remiss of me, not to                                                      straights and big drops, brought to the
thank the originator of the idea, who    Due to me now working away at                competitors last year have been
unfortunately decided at the             Rolls-Royce Sunderland I                     considered and similar challenges
eleventh hour to not only resign as      unfortunately cannot attend                  await the entrants this year.
Clerk of Course, but also from the       meetings on a regular basis, due to
committee, as I am not around, due       my absence I feel it only fair to say,       We welcome back the Brick and Steel
to working at Sunderland, I do not       that if anyone wishes to become              Construction Ecosse Challenge for
know the full circumstances of this      chairman, I would gladly step down,          Peugeot 205s and Honda civics and
change of his mind.                      however if my continued term as              look forward to seeing these stars of
What did come to light over this is      Chairman is required, I am more              the future performing.
the fact that whilst we “MAY” run fun    than happy to carry on.
type events, they have to be policed                                                  The Car Club would like to take this
and run to the MSA rules and               Rodney Brereton                            opportunity of thanking everyone who
regulations,moreso even now in the                                                    has supported us over the past years
insurance claim culture we find                                                       and we look forward to welcoming you
                                         The rest of the officials will continue as   and hope that you enjoy your day's
ourselves living in.                     before, but we did gain two new
That said I would hate to think that                                                  motor sport.
                                         committee members, Mick Tomlinson
potential volunteers are put off by      and Nathan Darbyshire I’m sure they
this fact ~~~ There is enough                                                         Mull Car Club Ltd would like to wish
                                         can bring fresh ideas to the club.           you all good luck and a happy and
experience within the club to help
where necessary to run a 100% safe                                                    safe day out on the "Rally of Argyll
fun and legal event                                                                   2011".
                                         What’s on?
                                                                                      If you want more information check out
Once again the committee took the
                                         9 July Mull Car Club are running the         the Mull Car Club web site.
decision, to have a committee meal
out, a change of venue was made          Rally Argyll
                                                                                      10 July Warrington Car Club Enville
possible by Ross, who booked the                                                      Stages, regs are now available on line
Craven Heifer at Kelbrook, and as        After a very successful first running
                                         of the Rally of Argyll, Mull Car Club
ever an excellent meal was had ~~
thanks to Ross for organising that       returns with approx 44 competitive
                                         miles of forest tracks which will            Just received this by email from Ann
With no one competing on events to                                                    McCormack
count towards the club                   take us into areas never rallied
championship ~ the presentation          before. The five stages should have          Hi everyone
night fell by the wayside, however ~I    something for everyone's taste but            I am wondering if any from your clubs
hope the new committee will ensure       all will include the stunning                are free to marshall on the Enville
that the major trophies are returned     landscapes of Argyll.                        Stages in particular we are looking for
to the club for safe keeping             We are pleased to welcome back our           timing crews.
                                         main sponsors, Ralloy Engineering             We have 54 entries to date with a
For those that read the newsletter,      and TSL Contractors Ltd and thank            good selection of cars the event is on
you will understand what I mean ~~       them for their continued support.            10th July 2011 at Anglesey
the committee do all they can to put
events on ~~ only to be let down by      The rally will be run on Saturday 9th        Thank you
the membership. If anyone has any        July 2011, based in, and starting from       Ann
ideas for club nights please get in      Oban. The town of Oban is two
touch. I do not wish to labour over      hundred years old this summer and            22/23 July, Manx Auto Sport
this point, as it has been well          although there are several events
documented over the last few             happening throughout the week what           PakerStars Rally this is a round of the
meetings.                                better way than to have the Rally of         SD34 Stage Rally Championship and
                                         Argyll getting everything started and        the ANCC Stage Rally Championship.
However there was a definite lack of     help celebrate the Bicentenary in style.     Regs are available at the ManxAS
competitors out on rallies from the                                                   website
start of the year ~ the recession        Scrutineering, paperwork etc of the
again taking its toll of some of the     cars will take place on Friday 8th at
more notable drivers, this seems to      the Caledonian Auction Mart to make          SD34 News
have continued, although several         sure that they conform to the safety
members have rejoined we will have       requirements needed to compete on            SD34 MSG Gazzard Accounts
to wait and see .                        stage rallies.                                      Championships;
I personally feel,” we” are struggling
to encourage new members,                On Saturday morning the cars will            SD34 Motor Sport Group Interclub
hopefully /maybe the introduction of     travel the short distance from the           League 2011 supported by Gazzard
the new Website” may encourage           Auction Mart to a Ceremonial Start in        Accounts
more interest.                           Oban Town Centre and then on to the
                                                                                      Clitheroe DMC                326
                                    Bradley Johnson            27             improve on his second place in last
Stockprot061MC              275     Tony King                  27             year's inaugural Barbados Historic
Bolton le Moors CC          233     Steve Coombes              27             Rally Carnival - to the extent that he's
Warrington DMC              185     Terry Martin               27             convinced Grindrod to accompany him
AccringtonMSC               157     Heidi Woodcock             26             on this year's Caribbean motorsport
Lancs & Cheshire CC         148     Steve Butler               29             spectacular. Convincing Grindrod was,
Garstang & PrestonMC        142                                               McRae reports, not a difficult task...
CSMA                        125     2011 SD34 Road Rally Championship         A wealth of anecdotes surround the
Pendle DMC                   79     Supported by Gazzard Accounts             talented McRae/Grindrod partnership:
Manx AS                      73                                               things like the big shunt on an Epynt
HMMC                         55     Drivers                                   military range stage during the 1982
WallaseyMC                   37                                               Welsh Rally. They tackled a lefthand
                                    Simon Boardman             28             bend in their Opel Ascona 400 too fast
SD34 Motor Sport Group Individual   Derek Long                 10             and the right rear wheel found the
Championship 2011 supported by      Paul Buckle                 9             grass on the outside of the corner. The
Gazzard Accounts                                                              car was launched into the scenery,
                                    Navigators                                rolled into the ditch, then went end-
Steve Lewis                 46                                                over-end twice, finishing up sliding
Hazel Johnson               33      Steve Butler               29             along the ditch on its roof.
John Ric Wood               29      Andrew Long                19             In the process, Grindrod's full-face
Micheal Tomlinson           26      Steve Coombes               9             crash helmet: "Seemed to scoop up
Gary Jakeman                14      Ian Rayner                  8             half of south Wales in its aperture."
                                                                              He adds: "When we finally came to a
Non Qualified                       Off the Road Championship                 stop, still upside down, I managed to
Steve Johnson               38                                                scramble out of my door and was
Steve Price                 35      Steve Johnson              51.10          crawling around on the grass. I could
Paula Swinscoe              18      Steve Price                46.07          hear Jim shouting to the quickly
Alex Jackson                14      Steve Lewis                39.09          gathering spectators; 'I've blinded him,
Chris Day                   10      Hazel Johnson              26.40          I've blinded him!' and to all those
Keith Dowthwaite            10      Michael Tomlinson          19.95          gathered around, that's just what it
                                    Christopher Day            11.30          must have seemed, with me
ETC……                               Dave Barratt               10.00          scrabbling about on the grass with the
                                    Steve Butler               10.00          front of my helmet full of bits of
Gazzard Accounts Stage Rally        Stuart Tranter             8.64           scenery: 'It's OK,' I shouted back. 'I'm
Championship                                                                  looking for my fags; they must be out
(After Jack Neal Memorial Rally)    Marshall’s                                here somewhere!' He never forgave
                                                                              me for that."
Driver                              Andy Chambers                   40        McRae will again be driving a Tuthill
(Qualified)                         Brian Stott                     40        Porsche 911 in this year's Historic
John Ric Wood             107       Daniel Chambers                 40        Rally Carnival, as will company
Alex Jackson               54       Mark Wilkinson                  40        founder Francis Tuthill. Other
Chris Woodcock            53        Martin Payne                    40        competitors joining them from the UK,
Ross Miller                53       Rob Yates                       40        Ireland and Europe will be driving a
Richard Bromley            53                                                 variety of historic rally machinery.
Hazel Johnson              52       Then 7 on 30 pts                          Garage owner Andy Allen first visited
Peter Jackson              27       Then 28 on 20 pts                         Barbados in 2006, with Laurence
                                                                              Gibson and his rallycross MG Metro
(Non Qualified)                                                               6R4 for the Vaucluse Raceway
John Cressey              29         LEGENDARY PAIRING FOR                    RallyCross; he's been back six times
Tugs Sherrington          28           BARBADOS HISTORIC                      since. This time, he's bringing his 1984
Steve Lewis               27                                                  Group B Audi quattro, to run at the
Graham Chesters           27            RALLY CARNIVAL                        front of the field as Zero Car.
Keith Dowthwaite          27                                                  Pip Coulson brings his 1980 Talbot
Dave Barratt              27        To win the British Rally Championship     Sunbeam 1600Ti. Put into dry storage
Daniel Harper             27        in the days when the series               23 years ago (as was Pip's rallying!),
Ross Butterworth          26        represented serious, world-level motor    with just 14,000 miles then on the
Michael Tomlinson         26        sport was no mean achievement.            clock, the car has done 14 rallies in
                                    Winning it no fewer than five times       the past two years. Pip was a class
Co-Driver                           during that period makes Scot Jimmy       winner in the Northern Ireland Historic
(qualified)                         McRae the most successful rally driver    Championship in 2009, and again in
                                    in the British Isles. On three of those   2010.
Heidi Woodcock            53        championship wins (in 1981, 1982 and      For the first time this year, the Rally
Paula Swinscoe            28        1987), Jim was co-driven by slim,         Carnival will have a category for pre-
Paul Blanchard            28        straight-talking, northern Englishman     1968 cars. Neil Revington from
                                    Ian Grindrod.                             Somerset runs a TR specialist
(Non-qualifieed)                    Now in his late 50s, McRae's              operation [] and
Gary Jakeman              53        enthusiasm for competing in rallies is    is bringing a top-notch TR5. It's done
Martin Cressey            28        undiminished. He is determined to         various rallies around Europe and
some racing. "My wife Sue is                  Elibank and Yair, last used in the late      Hopefully with two English
navigating. Many of the regularity            nineties.These famous stages were            championships running on the event
rallies I have done over the years have       driven by the likes of Ladies World          and one Scottish one we can resurrect
been with Sue navigating. Sue does            Champion Louise Aitken-Walker, the           the spirit of the friendly rivalry from
not, as she puts it, 'do crash hats', but     McRaes and Roger Albert Clark but            yesteryear.” Event regulations will be
I was not going to be allowed to go to        last saw competition on the McRae            available from next week on
Barbados without her, so now she              Forest Stages rally.Around forty fast
apparently 'does do crash hats'!" The         stage miles will be on offer for             uk
Category One class will also include          competitors and Cleland, who
John Everad in an Alfa Romeo GTA              competed on them in a short rallying         David James
and David Rayner in a V8 Sunbeam              career, is sponsoring the event              EMAMC Secretary
Tiger. All three drivers are on their first   through Clelands Volvo and         
visit to Barbados.                            Jaguar.The twice British Touring Car
At the sharp end of the field will be         champion believes the rally could
Darren Moon in his Ford Escort                become a major draw for the area,            ANWCC News
RS1800 and Alan Courtney in his               economically, and may entice major
Tuthill-prepared V8 Porsche 928.              series back to the Borders.He is also        The following item came from the
Darren has competed at the front of           delighted Elibank and Yair will be           ANWCC minutes of the May meeting
the British Historic Rally Championship       restored to the Scottish rally map, with
for many years, with numerous                 several leading lights of the past           Dear Bob and Mark.
successes and the Irish Porsche crew          honing their skills on its twists and
bring valuable asphalt experience from        crests.“It is very important we reclaim      I would like to speak to you about a
the Emerald Isle.                             these stages for rallying,” said the 58      fund raising site that myself and two
Also from UK is Dr Raj Jutley in a            year old at yesterday’s official launch      friends have spent the last two and a
Category 3 Ford Escort RS2000. The            in the Borders.“I can recall thousands       half years setting up, in the hope that
Jutley/Roubos team is a truly                 of spectators watching rallies here in       we can help raise money for the Car
international pairing: Raj is an Indian       the past. These stages are full of           Clubs in your Association. It's called
from Kenya and Nick is a Greek                character.“Scotland has produced             Uflutter
Australian. Their Mk1 Escort RS2000           world champions and we have young            (
is fitted with a modern 2-litre Zetec         drivers who could be the next world
engine (allowed under Barbados                champion.“That is why it is vital people     The premise is very simple. Instead of
Historic regulations, as long as it runs      support occasions like this. Rallying        simply sending out another email
carburettors and no engine                    brings an economic boost and I’d love        asking friends to donate to your Car
management). Raj has competed on              to see the event work towards                Club, you create a Game on Uflutter
the Safari Rally and the Middle               attracting quality championships to          and invite your friends and supporters
Eastern Rally Championship and                come up this far and use the stages on       to join your Game by paying the
works as a consultant for the Porsche         their rallies.”The event is a partnership    joining fee. This joining fee is split
Human Performance Centre at                   between North Humberside Motor               between the Game Pot, which people
Silverstone, particularly involving           Club Ltd and Glenrothes Motor sport          will be trying to win through playing the
cooling and hydration (no better place        Club Limited, the former losing its          Game, and a donation to the selected
than Barbados to practice, then!) and         Yorkshire based award winning rally          Car Club. Everything is very clear and
other aspects of driver fitness.              as a result of Forestry Commission           transparent, so anyone joining a Game
For overseas competitors and                  cuts. The rally forms part of the            can see exactly what is going into the
spectators, the 2011 Barbados Historic        Borders Rally Championship as well           Pot, and what they are going to donate
Rally Carnival runs from 14 to 26 July -      as the Fuchs Titan Race ANCC Stage           to the Car Club before they join the
see the website for full details.             Rally Championship and the                   Game.
For more information, please contact:         Competition Car Insurance EMAMC              There are a number of games to
Website:                                      Multi-Venue Championship 2011.With           choose from, but they all essentially                 the cost for competitors only £445,          follow the same principle which is that
Email:                        entries are expected to be high for the      of 'Last Man Standing'. Players make
Email:               inaugural rally, with event HQ being         selections on either, Football, Rugby
[Press release distributed by CDWrite         Selkirk Leisure Centre and Caravan           or Formula 1 sporting fixtures by
on behalf of the Barbados Historic            Park.Clerk of the Course Ian James           guessing the correct results over a
Rally Carnival                                said: “There will be a central service       number of Rounds in the hope of
                                              point on tarmac at Selkirk visited more      winning the Game Pot. An incorrect
                                              than once and on the day                     selection means a player is eliminated
                                              scrutineering is offered. Caravanning        from the Game. A correct selection
ANCC News                                     and camping is available next to the         sees a player through to the next
                                              service area for those planning to stay      Round, but they can't make the same
                                              over. We shall not bank any cheques          selection twice. When there is only
23 July Tweed Valley Stages                   until after the first closing date and any   one player left, the Game is finished
Scottish racing legend John Cleland           competitors that withdraw their entries      and this 'Last Man Standing' wins the
has endorsed a new rally this summer          prior to first closing will have a full      Game Pot, while all the donations from
that will resurrect iconic Borders            refund. I remember competing in              the Game are donated to the Car
stages, un-used for over a decade.            these forests over 25 years ago when         Club.
TheTweed Valley Stages rally will run         there was an annual competition to           To give you an example, if you joined
on July 23 , bringing back into               see whether a team of Scots or a team        a Formula 1 Game, in Round 1 you
commission the stunning routes of             of English took the team award.              might select Jenson Button to finish in
the points in the upcoming Grand Prix.        I'd be very happy to talk through this
All other players select a driver they        more on the phone if you prefer, or
think is going to finish in the points too,   feel free to reply to this email and I can                 Peter Wright
and they can select Jenson Button as          give you some more information. It                         4 Curven Edge
well if they want. If Jenson Button           would be very nice to hear what your                       Helmshore
doesn't finish in the points, you, and        thoughts were, even if it's not                            Rossendale
any other player who selected him, are        something you would like to get                            Lancashire
eliminated from the Game. If Jenson           involved with at this point.                               BB4 4LP
Button does finish in the points, you         I look forward to hearing from you.          Tel           01706 223671
carry on to the next Round where you          Thank you very much for your time. 
will have to choose another driver to         Regards,
finish in the points in the next Grand        Nick.                                                    Ross Butterworth
Prix, but you can't select Jenson             --                                                       4 Hollin Fold
Button again.                                 Nicholas Bachmann                                        Blacko
We also have another type of Game             Director                                                 Nelson
which is League based. Exactly the                                           BB96LW
same basic principles except if you           Uflutter Holdings Limited, Channel           Tel         07802 620889
make an incorrect selection, you don't        House, Forest Lane, St. Peter Port,
get eliminated from the Game. You             GY1 4HL, Guernsey
just get zero points. You will be             Registered in Guernsey, Channel                         Mick Tomlinson
awarded the points that your chosen           Islands under company number 49581                      3 Irvine Street
driver actually gets in the race. So for                                                              Nelson
example if Button won the race, you                                                                   Lancashire
would be awarded 25 points.                   Who’s who at PDMC                                       BB8 9HZ
The Game can run for a number of              President & Secretary                        Tel        01282 613001/690184
Rounds or till the end of the Season,                                            
but the person with the most points                       Ray Duckworth
wins the prize pot.                                       37 Darnbrook Rd                              Nathan Darbyshire
Cancer Research have already                              Barnoldswick                                 4 Hollin Fold
registered on the site and have started                   Lancashire                                   Blacko
a game to raise funds. They are very                      BB18 5RE                                     Nelson
keen to get behind the site and               Tel         01282 812551                                 BB96LW
promote it and are now in the process   
of signing up the Bobby Moore Fund
and their other sub- Charities. Click on      Chairman   Alan Shaw
the link to see their game and see how                   31 Appleby Drive                  Cheers
 this could work for the Car Clubs in                    Barrowford                        Ray Duckworth.
your Association -                                       Lancashire                    BB9 6EX
aspx?GameId=dba84374-e6b3-4edc-               Tel        01282 602195
Once a Car Club is registered on
Uflutter it will allow, not only, the Car     Vice Chairman
Club to create their own Games and                        Rod Brereton
invite their friends and supporters to                    Witchways
donate to them, but it will also allow                    38 Alma Avenue
users on Uflutter to select the Car Club                  Foulridge
as the beneficiary of Games that they                     Lancashire
create for their fundraising efforts.                     BB8 7NS
If users prefer not to play the Game          Tel         01282 859103
but would like to donate they can             Mob         07952 377880
simply make a direct donation to a Car
Club at any time. These direct
donations also qualify for Gift Aid, if       Treasurer      Les Eltringham
the donor is a UK Tax Payer, and                             37 Lower North Ave
Uflutter will claim this Gift Aid                            Barnoldswick
on the Car Club's behalf and transfer it                     BB18 6DP
to them. We are already registered            Tel            01282 815166
with HMRC to do this. We charge an
administration fee of 4% on direct            Committee Members
donations, and take nothing from the
Gift Aid that is due, you get 100% of                        Chris Andrew
the Gift Aid on all donations, if you are                    13 Parkinson Street
registered with HMRC.                                        Foulridge
What's more is it is absolutely free to                      Lancashire
register on Uflutter. There are no set                       BB8 7PS
up fees and no monthly fees.                  Tel            01282 863403

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