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Fully automated medicines storage creates additional time
Ruppichteroth, 26 September 2007
Pharmacists and their employees face exacting pharmacy retail management (PRM) and
logistics requirements. Innovative medicines management lightens the staff workload while
helping to save space and time – for a discrete and in-depth consultation, for example. The
new Consis Stock Master from Willach ensures the speedy and reliable stocking of
medicines in the Consis robotic dispenser.

In order to meet rising demand among customers for attention and in-depth consultation, the
Consis Stock Master from Willach ideally complements the CONSIS C robotic dispensers.
The integrated and fully automatic goods stocking facility stores up to 240 packages per
hour. Thanks to its intelligent space-saving concept the Stock Master can be easily
integrated into existing systems. The Consis Stock Master is also already prepared for the
advanced Data Matrix and RFID technologies of the future, which are set to replace the
barcode in the foreseeable future.

"The idea of the CONSIS Stock Master is to create time for the essential tasks in the
pharmacy. And that means offering the customer the best possible pharmaceutical advice“,
explains Manfred Reusch, Head of Marketing at Willach.

At Expopharm 2006, Willach unveiled the first prototype for the fully automated stocking of
medicines packages, which has now been improved even further. At the Pharmagora fair in
Paris, after Expopharm Europe's most important pharmaceutics trade fair, the new ready-for-
production CONSIS Stock Master was presented for the first time. Since then, several
pharmacies in Germany have already been equipped with the new technology.

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