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                                     As the world leader in products,       Centera is simple, secure and easily
  More information is being          services and solutions for             scalable. It is used around the
  created today than ever before     information storage and                world as the online active enterprise
  and most of it is fixed content    management, EMC listened to its        archive for applications such as
                                     customers’ need for better             email archiving, messaging, content
  – fixed content is unchanging
                                     information archiving technology.      management & workflow, financial
  or infrequently changing digital   The result: EMC Centera, the first     instrument retention, medical
  assets retained for long-term      storage platform purpose-built to      imaging and broadcast
  reference and business value.      help organizations get maximum         asset management.
                                     business value from their fixed        In this brochure we take a look at
                                     content. In one solution, Centera      how Centera can help your business
                                     delivers online access with assured    manage increasing amounts of
                                     content authenticity at a Total Cost   important fixed content in the
                                     of Ownership lower than a tape         most cost-effective way.
                                     library. Centera meets the rigorous
                                     demands of today’s Internet world
                                     while dramatically reducing the
                                     management costs associated
                                     with this rapidly growing
                                     information category.

                                 Once relegated to offline storage         images ranging in size from about
Easy and rapid access to         or filing cabinets, fixed content         15MB for standard x-rays to over 1GB
archived information has never   information is being driven online,       for oncology studies. Couple this with
                                 fueled by the:                            the business demands for immediate
been more important than in
                                 - digitization of information across      access to information and it becomes
today’s information age.                                                   evident that organizations require
                                   virtually all industries
                                                                           digital archiving systems that can
                                 - desire to improve service levels
                                                                           securely store and recall at a fraction
                                 - realization that fast information       of a second authentic fixed
                                   access facilitates the creation         content information.
                                   of new products and new
                                                                           In the finance world, customer
                                   revenue streams
                                                                           transactions initiated by email,
                                 - more cost effective disk-based          voicemail, contracts and security
                                   storage solutions                       transaction records, for example, may
                                 As this digitized information increases   have retention requirements for as long
                                 in importance the volume retained for     as 30 years. To address business issues
                                 reference also grows. For example, in     such as customer service, audit,
                                 2000 alone there were 400 million         litigation support and complying with
                                 patient records completed in the US,      ever more stringent financial regulation
                                 each composing of one or a series of      around the world means an enterprise

               Active Archive
               Market Drivers
                      Active Archive
                      Market Drivers

archive must provide both immediate           In the public sector, local and central      In each of these market segments
access to information and assured             governments have long seen ever              content must be preserved intact for
records management policies                   expanding quantities of information that     years, if not decades. In regulated
and practices.                                must be retained. Items include property     industries, such as those mentioned
In healthcare, immediate access to            records, tax information, health services    above, much of the information is not
digitized information is the cornerstone of   or crime statistics. The new twist is that   allowed to be altered or deleted within
efforts to improving patient care,            in today’s Internet world constituents       legally defined retention periods.
increasing already high standards of          demand immediate access to this              Whatever its size, organizational needs to
clinical practices and to meet regulatory     information when requested. This             increase service, while driving down
data handling requirements.                   combination of business needs is             costs, mandate improved access to
                                              creating a daunting task for many in         information and automated, not manual,
                                              this sector.                                 processes for retention and disposition
                                              In the telecommunications industry the       management. Add to this the rapidly
                                              huge explosion in the use of emails,         growing quantities of stored information
                                              mobile phones, voice recordings and          and the requirement for cost effective,
                                              computers means managing and                 online enterprise archives is obvious.
                                              controlling increasing amounts of
                                              information. It dictates a business need
                                              for more secure and efficient
                                              archive solutions.
                                    In today’s marketplace a company          Centera creates a unique content
In today’s marketplace a            needs the capability to locate and        address or ‘digital fingerprint’ for every
company needs the capability to     restore a single piece of information     piece of unique content. The content
locate and restore a single piece   from its archiving system anywhere in     addresses are derived from the content
                                    the world as quickly as possible, while   itself and results in no duplicated
of information from its archiving
                                    keeping related management costs to       copies of information being kept, no
system anywhere in the world        a minimum.                                matter how often or how many
as quickly as possible, while       Centera, content addressed storage,       networked-attached users try to store
keeping related management          has been designed to provide 24/7,        it. As the mechanism to store and
costs to a minimum.                 rapid access, highly reliable and cost-   retrieve information in the archive,
                                    effective archiving for your company’s    content addressing eliminates storage
                                    digital assets from voice recordings to   management as an application and
                                    e-mails, images or documents.             systems administrator concern. This
                                                                              dramatically reduces the cost of storing
                                                                              and managing archived information.


Centera is an online enterprise archive   E-MAIL ARCHIVING
solution for any information, from any    Centera, with our partner applications,
application on virtually any platform.    allows customers to archive, search and
Read on to find out how EMC and our       retrieve their organizations’ e-mails 24/7,
ISV partners can help your company.       anywhere in the world. Centera solutions
                                          also enable all users to access the
                                          archives from their desktops. Increasing
                                          accessibility to email has seen a huge
                                          increase in the volume of emails and the
                                          size of attachments sent or received
                                          every day. This in turn has resulted in
                                          email storage requirements climbing
                                          rapidly. Providing access to, and retention
                                          of this email-based data is important to
                                          ensuring good corporate governance,
                                          which simplifies the management of
                                          email archiving and reduces the cost of
                                          retrieving archived messages.
ENTERPRISE CONTENT MANAGEMENT (ECM)                                                        resolve customer disputes. In this age of
ECM solutions have flourished over the                                                     telemarketing imagine 500 of your staff
past decade as customers implemented                                                       making multiple calls daily. If a customer
these to manage their unstructured                                                         dispute arises, you need proof of what
content, e.g. PowerPoint presentations,                                                    was said, when and by whom. Centera
whitepapers, contracts and other types                                                     offers the most efficient recording,
of digital records. Centera with its ECM                                                   retrieval and storage solution for high
partners safely and effectively archives                                                   volume transactions.
and catalogues all your company’s
unstructured content, quickly and cost
effectively, meeting the needs of today’s    VOICE RECORDING
demanding information infrastructures.
                                             Centera’s Voice ISV partner applications
Take for example an organization seeking
                                             allow organizations to store, manage and
to consolidate its digital assets, records
                                             screen their voice communications.
and documents in one repository. Having
                                             Centera provides high volume, efficient
one application to manage all these
                                             and centralized storage for voice archival,
content types including the archiving
                                             which means that customer transactions,
stage provides significant savings,
                                             for example, can be audited more quickly
particularly when combined with Centera’s
                                             and effectively for compliance or to
specific active archive capabilities.


MAINFRAME OUTPUT                                                                       financial information. Imagine the impact
More usually found in larger                                                           if you lost valuable data through viruses,
organizations, mainframe users now                                                     system or application failures, file
have a new way to deal with their                                                      corruption, hard drive crashes or
growing quantities of fixed content.                                                   having a laptop stolen. Using Centera,
Centera brings all the capabilities of                                                 the PCs data can be restored in less
content addressed storage to the                                                       than three hours.
management of your mainframe fixed
content, giving ready access to archived
information, either via direct integrated
platforms (e.g. z/OS) or tape emulation
                                            PC BACK-UP
devices, using Escon or Ficon. Centera
provides faster, more reliable and more     Centera and its PC Back-Up ISV partners
cost-effective management of your           offer round the clock protection for
mainframe derived fixed content archives.   critical corporate data on tens of
                                            thousands of desktop and laptop
                                            computers no matter where they are in
                                            the world. PCs are the tools of the
                                            modern business world, holding anything
                                            from technical data to administrative or
                                     Exceptional operational performance,       widely accepted protocols such as CIFS,
Centera cost effectively brings      seamless integration and proven            NFS, FTP, HTTP and IFS. Whether
your fixed content online.           reliability make Centera the online        integrated or not, multiple applications
Exceptional operational              archiving standard for virtually any       can simultaneously access and archive
                                     application and data type.                 content on Centera, delivering on its
performance, seamless                                                           promise of a universally accessible
                                     It is a networked storage system
integration and proven reliability   specifically designed to store and         enterprise archive.
make Centera the online              provide fast, easy and sub-second          Self-management, self-healing and
archiving standard for virtually     access to information in its final form.   self-configuration allow you to manage
any application and data type.       It is the first solution to be available   more content, with fewer staff making
                                     online with long-term retention and        it cost effective. As your information
                                     assured information integrity.             assets grow, the network capacity
                                     Integrated with an application from our    can be increased easily and
                                     expanding group of hundreds of             without disruption.
                                     industry-focused EMC ISV partners, or
                                     with one developed in-house, Centera
                                     is designed for organizations that store
                                     large and expanding amounts of fixed
                                     content. It also allows for access of
                                     non-integrated applications leveraging


Centera offers:                              • Record-level Content Management –         • Self-Healing – Continuous self-
• Ease of management – Centera                 Content addressing allows retention          monitoring detects and repairs soft
  technology simplifies system planning        protection and disposition of each           errors and automatically reconfigures
  and the management of hundreds of            individual data object.                      the system and regenerates objects if
  terabytes of content storage.              • Single Instancing – Only one protected       necessary without disruption. It also
                                               copy of the content is stored no matter      reports incidents through its remote
• Speed of Access – Shared, networked,
                                               how many times it is used thanks to          monitoring system.
  fast access to a single copy of fixed
  content at sub-second speeds.                Centera’s unique content-derived          • Easy Installation and Upgrades –
                                               address technology, giving efficient         Systems can easily be upgraded or
• Assured Content Authenticity – Centera’s
                                               storage utilization. This significantly      installed, and upgrades can be
  Content Addressed Storage technology
                                               reduces the total number of copies of        managed without disrupting
  assures that any object presented to
                                               information stored and is a key factor       content access.
  the system is stored in such a way that
                                               in lowering the cost of storing and       Centera leverages the Principles of
  it is unchangeable, authenticated and
                                               managing content.                         Information Lifecycle Management (ILM)
  transparent to the end-user application.
                                             • Enterprise Archive Scalability – The      and allows customers to consolidate
• Universal Access – Centera provides
                                               system is designed to be highly           storage – by moving fixed content from
  universal fast online access to archived
                                               scalable to hold petabytes of content     transactional storage platforms,
  content. Anywhere, any time, virtually
                                               and has a future proof architecture.      organizations reduce backup windows,
  any application or data type can be
                                               It also automatically identifies and      saving money in production storage and
  accessed from any platform.
                                               configures new capacity as it             server resources and improving
                                               is installed.                             application and network performance.
                               To help realize the full potential of your   focused, flexible training designed for
World Class Support Services   networked storage system, EMC offers         business managers as well as IT
                               an industry-leading network of               technical professions. We offer the
                               integrated services that are ‘best-in-       advantage of instructor-led training
                               class’. Through our professional             right at your own desk thanks to EMC
                               experts, EMC Services will support you       Live technology using the convenience
                               with experience that is unparalleled in      of internet access. The fully interactive
                               the industry.                                course includes demonstrations and
                               EMC experts will help you plan, design,      instructor instant messaging with
                               and implement your optimal content           sessions held at a time that best suits
                               addressed storage solution using             you. It focuses on Centera hardware
                               Centera. With careful implementation         and software features, CAS business
                               and integration, they will ensure it         value, operational best practices and
                               meets even the most stringent                functionality.
                               regulatory requirements for data.            Additional CAS training is available with
                               Customer Training                            Centera Value Pack Training. This is
                                                                            designed to strengthen your IT
                               EMC FastStart Training is an excellent
                                                                            knowledge by giving a solid
                               way to become familiar with Centera
                                                                            understanding of EMC Centera’s
                               content addressed storage and how it
                                                                            platform, its function within a tiered
                               fits into your storage environment. It is
                                                                            storage solution and how to manage it.


Centera Integration Services                  archived information.                         From strategic planning to
Customers using in-house developed            The four steps involve                        implementation and operations
applications are supported with Centera                                                     management services, we focus on the
                                              1. Qualification
Custom API (application program                                                             areas that we know are important to you.
                                                 A questionnaire is completed by the
interface). This unique service allows you                                                  Once we have delivered our solutions to
                                                 customer and EMC services expert
to integrate your in-house developed                                                        you we offer full support with field and
                                              2. Assessment                                 support centre staff, round the clock
application to Centera and is available for
                                                 Our EMC expert then assesses all the       coverage, advanced remote support,
Windows, open system and mainframe
                                                 information at the customer site that is   comprehensive e-services and best
applications. Customers can choose all or
                                                 necessary to design the migration          practices change control. Most
any of our training, consultation and
                                                 process and tools                          importantly we have a pro-active
design and application coding services.
EMC will do as little or as much as           3. Scope & Price                              philosophy based on resolving issues
you need.                                        A detailed statement of work and a         before they can become a problem.
                                                 price is developed
Data Migration Service
                                              4. Execute
Centera Data Migration Service delivers
                                                 If all is acceptable, the migration
custom services to help you consolidate
                                                 is then executed
your archived data and streamline your
operations by migrating the data to
Centera. Our highly effective four-step
Data Migration Process will ensure the
most efficient and effective Centera
storage solution to consolidate all your

From Planning and
Implementation to support,
EMC Centera archiving Solutions
help customers achieve their
business objectives in the most
dynamic conditions. See why
Centera is fast becoming
the industry Enterprise Archive
of choice.

                                  Case Studies
                                                                                                                  Case Studies

                                           Challenge:                                workflow. In some areas all
                                           To find a scaleable document              correspondence, including incoming
                                           management system that not only           and outgoing documents, is stored in a
                                           protects business data but also in the    single folder.
                                           event of a disaster could be restored     Data Authenticity – Centera is a combined
                                           within a few hours. Additional            hardware and software solution with an
                                           requirements were to reduce the           online-based architecture. It provides
                                           volume of paper, give employees faster    online access to information and ensures
                                           access to documents and cut               long-term data authenticity.
                                           administrative overheads.                 Fast Migration – The new Centera
The Continentale insurance group
comprises seven German general             EMC Solution:                             integrated into the existing IT
insurance companies and a capital          Two EMC Centera systems                   infrastructure within two months.
investment company with more than four     Benefits:                                 Quick and easy scalability – provides an
million customers combined. It offers                                                open, dependable and highly scalable
                                           Fast recovery – In the event of a major
innovative, high performing products and                                             solution with enough storage capacity for
                                           disaster, data can be restored to users
a comprehensive service to customers.                                                the next two to three years.
                                           within two to three hours.
The health and property divisions alone
each insure 1.2 million clients.           Increased efficiency and productivity –
                                           EMC Centera has lowered administration
                                           overheads by enabling an automated
                                        Challenge:                                Benefits:
                                        The company’s existing optical disk       Meets regulatory requirements –
                                        system was no longer able to archive      Centera’s content-based fingerprints are
                                        the growing number of business            used to verify that archived content
                                        transactions. Furthermore, data           has not been tampered with.
                                        recovery was tedious and required         Cost efficient – Cap Gemini Ernst &
                                        significant effort as the archived disk   Young, Inex’s outsourcing partner, can
                                        had to be attached to the disk system     now offer customers the advantage of
                                        before the data could be viewed.          two remotely mirrored Centera
                                        Inex therefore had to find a flexible     systems. End customers are only
A specialist in procurement and         and cost-efficient data management        charged for the service according to
logistics services for the retail       solution to meet the demand of            the disk space used.
sector acquires and delivers grocery    continuously increasing statutory and     Easy scalability – Centera can flexibly
products to more than 1,300 locations   other electronic archives.                scale up to thousands of terabytes
in Finland.                             EMC Solution:                             ensuring that the solution has a long
                                        When information is no longer active it   service life.
                                        is transferred to the EMC Centera
                                        system from EMC’s Symmetrix storage
                                        system that serves as the daily storage
                                        environment for the SAP application.

                                                                                                               Case Studies
                                                                                                                            Case Studies

                                               Challenge:                                    Flexibility and business continuity – EMC
                                               The growing expectations of clients, a        Centera integrated well into the bank’s
                                               steadily increasing business volume and       existing IT infrastructure and allows
                                               the resulting steep rise in the amount of     service work to be consolidated
                                               documentation call for an innovative          without downtime.
                                               approach to archiving. Since much of the      Rapid migration – Centera facilitated a
                                               bank’s information is subject to legal        rapid transfer of nearly 20 million records
                                               safekeeping periods, the requirements for     from the Frankfurt Trust, the bank’s
                                               revision-proof storage needed to be met.      new subsidiary.
ING BHF-Bank is a leading German               EMC Solution:                                 Faster response times – With Centera,
commercial bank that serves mid-sized          An EMC Centera disk-based archiving           clients enquiries can now be answered
businesses and large corporations,             system, integrated with the bank’s            immediately resulting in higher customer
financial institutions, public organizations   existing TOPAS IT infrastructure.             satisfaction. Previously it could take up to
and wealthy private customers. Its                                                           thirty seconds to access archived data, so
portfolio is centered around services with                                                   both employees and customers are
a high consulting content, including           Regulatory compliance – Centera was           happy with the change.
financing and trading in major                 officially recognized as a document
financing instruments.                         management and archiving system able
                                               to meet the legal requirements for the
                                               revision-proof storage of taxation-relevant
                                               digital data.
                                           Challenge:                                      Open, independent solution – The
                                           The quantity of medical data is growing         solution is easily accessible, manageable
                                           spectacularly. Hospitals are being forced       and redundant – with Content Addressed
                                           to look for new solutions for reliable data     Storage, a unique content address is
                                           storage that are operationally and              linked to each object (X-ray, MRI scan
                                           financially beneficial, and that also satisfy   etc), so that an authorized user can
                                           the legal requirements of medical data.         retrieve this fixed information at all times.
                                                                                           This means that each object is saved
                                           EMC Solution:
                                                                                           just once.
                                           Atrium MD chose a Siemens PACS
                                                                                           Fast ROI – The expected ROI for the
                                           (Picture Archiving and Communication
ATRIUM MEDICAL CENTRE                                                                      entire project is as short as six years,
                                           System) combined with EMC Centera
                                                                                           with for example, a cost saving of a1
The Atrium Medical Centre in Limburg is    storage technology.
                                                                                           million a year on film costs alone.
one of the biggest general hospitals in    Benefits:
the Netherlands. The number of clinical                                                    More efficient working – The time-
                                           Powerful, Scaleable Storage – The               consuming and costly production and
admissions comes to over 28,000            Radiology department for example, takes
annually, the number of day admissions                                                     transport of X-rays is now a thing of the
                                           200,000 images each year, which equates         past, and the possibility of losing pictures
over 18,000, and the number of             to around 3 terabytes of information.
outpatient visits is upwards of 435,000.                                                   has been eliminated.

                                                                                                                           Case Studies
                                                                                                                    Case Studies

                                        Challenge:                                   Benefits:
                                        To build an intelligent data archive where   Easy scalability – Centera provides the
                                        data is classified and saved onto the        flexibility to scale up to thousands of
                                        appropriate storage media to suit            terabytes to accommodate increasing
                                        different requirements, giving employees     data volumes at the vehicle manufacturer.
                                        easier and faster access to needed data.     Decreases storage costs – A consistent
                                        EMC Solution:                                implementation of an information lifecycle
                                        EMC Centera was chosen for document          management strategy reduced the hard
                                        management and back up, and intelligent      disk storage requirements of active
                                        archiving. EMC software helps Toyota         systems by 12%.
                                        Motorsport Centre to reduce hard disk        Supports regulatory compliance – Centera
                                        storage requirements of its transactional    enables document management, back up
                                        storage system. Comparative analysis         and intelligent archiving for lengthy legal
                                        determined that Centera was the best         retention periods.
Toyota Motorsport (TMG) is Toyota’s
                                        choice to meet TMG’s reliability,
European-based Motorsport Centre
                                        data accessibility, and low
responsible for the design, build and
                                        maintenance requirements.
operation of the entire Toyota
Formula 1 Program.
EMC Corporation
176 South Street
Hopkinton, MA 01748
+1 508-435-1000

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