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					Rules of the Road

            Business Services
               October 2010
Jill Hernandez
 Airfare
 Athletic     Travel
 Meals     (per-diem rates apply)

 Lodging       (receipts required)

 Vehicle Use (personal vehicles and rentals)
 Conference Registration Fees
 Miscellaneous: parking, telephone calls, facsimiles, hotel internet
  access charges, taxicab fares, airport shuttle fares, and tolls. All business
  calls, and one long distance call to a family member on the first day of travel
  and alternating days thereafter. Commercial ground transportation requires
  receipts if over $75.00; all other miscellaneous expenses require receipts if
  over $25.00. All miscellaneous expenses must be itemized on the Travel
  Expense Report.
   100 miles or more: $32.00/day plus $0.165/mile
    but should not exceed $0.50/mile rate below.

   Note: excludes travel to Deer Creek Ranch or Crater
    Lake Natl. Park, not to exceed $.50/mile federal

   Less than 100 miles: $0.50/mile.
                Rental Agreement Options
                        Enterprise Rent-A-Car
                          National Car Rental

 Provides      discount pricing on vehicle rentals

 Payment       methods:
1)   Pay with your own credit card, or Corporate Card, and add to
     Travel Expense Report for reimbursement.
2)   Set up for receiving a “Direct Bill” from the rental agency, and pay
     by Banner invoice.
   To get special pricing: Reference the State “Contract ID
            Number” when making arrangements

                                                For Enterprise Direct
                                               Billing option, use the
     For Enterprise                           SOU Corporate Account
  Pay-on-your-own                             Number : 46OR12:ORE,
     option (& get                             and also identify SOU
  reimbursed), just                             billing address, your
identify yourself as a                                department
 State employee with
    SOU, to get the
    preferred rates
   The Oregon University System requires Department of Motor
    Vehicles (DMV) clearance for all vehicular travel; this includes
    private car mileage and rental cars. DMV clearance is
    processed through Facilities Management and Planning.

   For information and to submit a clearance request go to the
    Motor Pool section of the Facilities and Management Planning
    web site at:

   To ensure receiving a reimbursement for vehicle use, all
    employees must have cleared the SOU Driver Clearance
   Employees can use their Corporate Travel card, or personal
    credit cards to book their own airfare accommodations,
    and file for a reimbursement.

   Airfare can also be booked through Jackson Travel for
    students and visiting guests, using the SOU Travel Card.
    To book rates through Jackson Travel, departments must:
    1)   Contact Jackson Travel to convey needed accommodations, identify yourself as an
         SOU employee, and provide your departmental Index code.

    2)   Jackson Travel will e-mail SOU Business Services to confirm the individual is
         authorized to commit funds on behalf of the SOU department.

    3)   Same day, Business Services will acknowledge the individual is an SOU employee
         who is authorized to make the commitment.

    4)   Jackson Travel will issue the airfare ticket, and charge it to the SOU Business
         Services Travel Card.

    5)   Business Services will JV the expense to the department index each month.
Travel Forms
Air Travel
Breakfast = 25%
Lunch     = 25%
Dinner    = 50%

Initial Day of Travel: Departure                              Prior to             7:00am to            1:00pm and
                                                              7:00am               12:59pm              after

Meal Allowance                                                100%                 75%                  50%
In-State                                                      $52.00               $39.00               $26.00

Out-of-State (Low Cost)                                       $52.00               $39.00               $26.00

Out-of-State (High Cost)                                      $65.00               $48.75               $32.50

Final Day of Travel: Return                                                        Noon to              6:00pm and
                                                              Prior to Noon        5:59pm               after

Meal Allowance                                                25%                  50%                  100%
In-State                                                      $13.00               $26.00               $52.00

Out-of-State (Low Cost)                                       $13.00               $26.00               $52.00

Out-of-State (High Cost)                                      $16.25               $32.50               $65.00

                     One-day trips: travelers are entitled to the breakfast per diem if they leave the official
                     workstation two or more hours before their regular work shift, and they are entitled to the dinner
                     per diem if they return two or more hours after their regular work shift.
                                      No receipts are required for meals that fall within the allowable rates.
   Reimbursement for meals at actual expense is only allowed for:
       Hosting official guests and groups,
       Athletic team and student group meal expenses, and
       OUS Board members and unpaid members of advisory committees.

   Itemized receipt is required.

   A gratuity of up to 15% of each meal expense may also be claimed. The receipt must separate
    the meal cost and the gratuity paid. When the receipt shows only the total charge, the traveler
    should write in the meal and gratuity amounts. When a single reimbursement is requested for
    multiple employees, all employee's names should be identified on the receipt.

   No alcohol expenses are reimbursable with state funds.

   Athletic team meal expenses exceeding the OUS per-diem rate require documentation as to
    the reason for the excess and documented approval of the athletic director or the associate
    athletic director to whom the coach reports.

   Student group meal expenses exceeding the OUS per-diem rate require documentation as to
    the reason for the excess and documented approval of the department head.
 Receiptsare required. Receipts should be
 itemized and show that the lodging was paid.

 When staying at an Oregon hotel, inquire as
 to whether they offer “State” rates. Many will
 extend “state” rates, but not all are aware that
 SOU is affiliated with a State agency.

 Toview maximum rates, visit: The Travel
 Rates Table. Note: Exceptions can apply given limited
 alternatives, and department’s funding. See Travel Exception Form.
     Hernandez, Travel/Accounts Payable
 Jill
  Specialist,, 552-6553

 Purchasing   Agent (hire pending)

 Steve Larvick, Business Director,, 552-6594
Steve Larvick, Business Services
    Purchasing Cards (P-Cards)


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