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					                 Global Agenda Atelier: Program

                        Proposal by David A. Rice
                         World Economic Forum
                          Geneva, Switzerland

Global Agenda Atelier            David A. Rice      1
                             E-Government in the Developing World
                                     Proposal Objectives

                    • Contribute to the improvement of the Forum’s overall
                      knowledge of global issues
                    • Develop and transfer new skills and processes to
                      Forum colleagues
                    • Increase the range of options for the Forum to
                      substantially engage its partners and key members
                    • Decrease the Forum’s dependency on a small number
                      of vulnerable products

Global Agenda Atelier                    David A. Rice                       2
                                                                 Global Agenda Atelier
                                                                    Product Lines

                                                                 ATELIER PRODUCTS

         Global Agenda Atelier Sessions   Regional Agenda Atelier Sessions         Atelier Workshops               Process Knowledge and
              at Annual Meetings               at Regional Meetings                                                  Skills Development

                   Annual Meeting 2002                 Eurasia Summit               Environmental Sustainability           Atelier Workshops on
                                                         April 2002                         July 2001               cross-industry core business issues

                   Annual Meeting 2003                 Africa Summit                   Geo-politics and risk             Pre-Annual Meeting and
                                                        June 2002                        October 2001                    Regional Summit Briefs

                                                       Arab Meeting                       Climate change                     Atelier Sessions
                                                      September 2002                       January 2002

                                                      Europe Summit                    Geo-politics and risk              Global Agenda Monitor
                                                      September 2002

                                                        India Meeting                  Post September 11th              Regional Agenda Monitors
                                                       November 2002                    Economic Impact

                                                        Asia Summit                 Values and the corporation             Agenda Atelier Briefs
                                                        October 2002

                                                    Latin America Summit                                                    Internal Knowledge
                                                       November 2002                                                         Integration Teams

                                                                                                                        Scenario development and
                                                                                                                           risk analysis skills

                                                                                                                   Presentations (internal and external)
                                                                                                                    on geopolitical impact on business

Global Agenda Atelier                                              David A. Rice                                                                           3
                                              Global Agenda Atelier Annual Program

        Annual Meeting 2002                              Regional Summits                            Atelier Workshops                           Annual Meeting 2003

           •Jan         •Feb     •Mar      •Apr         •May         •Jun        •Jul       •Aug      •Sep        •Oct           •Nov     •Dec          •Jan     •Feb

                                              • Atelier Briefs
                                                                                                    • January Supplement
                          Post AM 02          • Global Agenda Monitor                               • Governors’ Prep Meetings    Annual Meeting
                                              • Presentations on briefs

                                        • Atelier Sessions
                                        • Atelier Scenarios               Regional Summits
                                        • Regional Monitors
                                         Eurasia Summit         Africa Summit       Arab Meeting     European Summit

                                         East Asia Summit          East Asia Summit           India Meeting

                                                                                                                                                                           (See 2003 work plan)
      Workshops 2001
• Sustainable Development
• Security in the 21st Century
• Registry of Corporate
                                                                             Global Agenda Atelier Workshops
  Climate Commitments
                                                                                                     Post September 11th          Geopolitics and the
                                                                                                       Economic Cost               global economy

           Atelier Sessions
                                                                                                                                                        Atelier Sessions

Global Agenda Atelier                                                       David A. Rice                                                                                                         4
                                        Annual Meeting 2002/2003

                  Developed the Atelier Session concept and Global Agenda
                  Monitor at the AM 2002

              •     Contributed to the development of a deeper comprehension of the six
                    core themes of the global agenda, which helped create the Annual
                    Meeting programme
              •     Conducted six Global Agenda Atelier sessions on the gravity themes.
                    The workshops served to establish an organised knowledge capturing
                    process of the Annual Meeting discussions
              •     Produced a series Global Agenda Atelier Brief's on each gravity theme
              •     Developed the 'boardroom' style workshop session format,
                    implemented for the first time during the Annual Meeting 2002
              •     Produced the Global Agenda Monitor 2002

Global Agenda Atelier                       David A. Rice                                   5
                                                    Annual Meeting 2002/03
                                                 Global Agenda Atelier Process

              Objective 2002/03
              Strengthen the Atelier Program by replicating the success of
              the Annual Meeting 2002 and building value from one Atelier
              product to the next

                • Atelier Sessions                                       • Global            • Geopolitics         • Regional
                                                • Atelier Briefs
                  on Annual Meeting                                        Agenda               Presentations         Summits
                  Gravity Themes                                           Monitor

               • Sessions engage key     • Briefs are             • The Forum’s       • Presentations        • Information
                 leaders in business,      prepared for each        Report on the       based on Atelier       gathered during
                 government and            Atelier Session,         AM, drawing         Sessions, tailored     the AM Atelier
                 academia regarding        serve as the basis       from Atelier        for special Forum      Sessions is used
                 the primary issues on     for the Monitor          sessions with a     meetings (e.g.         to give regional
                 the global agenda         and the Forum’s          chapter on each     World Business         summits a more
                                           understanding of         gravity theme       Council) and           global perspective
                                           the global agenda        written by a        regional summits

Global Agenda Atelier                                           David A. Rice                                                       6
                                           Atelier Workshops

           Cross-Sector workshops as a new service of the Forum in 2001/2002.

       •      Sustainable Development (July, 2001) on the prospects for the World
              Summit for Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002 and future
              steps towards a viable CO2 emissions regime. Result: Partnership with
              Andersen on developing a a Register of Voluntary Climate Commitments

       •      Security in the 21st century, (October 2001) analyzing the consequences
              of 11 September

       •      Preliminaries for a Registry of Voluntary Corporate Climate Commitments,
              (January 2002) on the business case of a Register of Voluntary Corporate
              Climate Commitments. Natsource and Andersen committed to assist the
              Forum in the development of a register

Global Agenda Atelier                    David A. Rice                                   7
                                Atelier Workshop Development

                             Feedback from                      Produce Report
                          Internal Knowledge
                            Integration Team


         Atelier issue
         identification                                       Conduct Workshop
                                        Consult PDT

      Global issues
    impacting business                                  Propose to CGI

Global Agenda Atelier                   David A. Rice                            8
                               Atelier-CGI Engagement of Governors

               Global Agenda Atelier                          Center for Global Industries
               Analyzing global issues from                   Representing the interests of the
               the business perspective                       Forum’s members and Governors
                                                              •   Aerospace Industries
               •   Security                                   •   Automotive Industry
               •   Governance & Leadership                    •   Chemical Industry
               •   Sustainable Development                    •   Engineering and Construction
               •   Economic Growth                            •   Energy
               •   Corporate Challenges                       •   Food, Beverage, Retail and
               •   Culture & Values                               Consumer Goods
                                                              •   Finance
                                                              •   Healthcare
                                                              •   Information Technologies and
                                                              •   Logistics and Transportation
                                                              •   Media and Entertainment
                                                              •   Mining and Metals Industries
                                                              •   Travel and Tourism
Global Agenda Atelier                         David A. Rice                                       9
                         Atelier-CGI Engagement of Governors

                         Atelier Workshops 2002-2003                    o
           G                                                            r
           l                                                            p
           o                                                            o
           b                                                            r
           a                                                            a
           I                                                            t
                          Global Agenda                Center for       e
           I            Atelier Programme           Global Industries
           s                                                            C
           s                                                            h
           u                                                            a
           e                                                            l
           s                                                            l
                        Governors’ Prep Meetings 2002                   g
Global Agenda Atelier               David A. Rice                           10
                                        Atelier Workshops cont...

           Objective 2002/2003
           Deepen the Forum’s knowledge of business relevant global issues by
           organising a series of topical workshops in Geneva

           •      Post-September 11th Economic Impact on Business (end October)

           •      The potential economic costs of escalating conflict (mid November)

           •      Values as a key driver for long term business sustainability

Global Agenda Atelier                       David A. Rice                              11
                                       Atelier Workshops cont...

              The Economic Costs of Escalating Conflicts

             The workshop will discuss the current relationship between major geopolitical
             trends and the global economy, and analyze the disruptive potential of three
             potential geopolitical crises:

             1. Limited nuclear war between India and Pakistan

             2. US/Alliance attack on Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein

             3. Detonation of a nuclear device in major Western capital, followed by
                military retaliation in other parts of world

             Analysis of each issue will be through the development and discussion about
             worst, base, and best case scenarios written by experts. Each of which will be
             discussed in detail by all participants during the workshop.

Global Agenda Atelier                      David A. Rice                                      12
                                        Atelier Workshops cont...

              Values as a key driver of long term economic sustainability

               One of the key findings of the Annual Meeting 2002 states that the future
               financial value of companies will be based on the corporations' value system.

               This trend will put tremendous pressure on internationally operating
               corporations and their capacity to understand emerging global values
               systems. Corporations will have to be capable to develop value propositions
               which are compatible with a highly fluid global value system. They will have to
               adapt operations accordingly and be able to communicate their values to a
               broad audience within different cultural settings.

               This workshop will explore:

               • emerging global value systems
               • business' adaptation capabilities
               • operationalisation and communication of values

Global Agenda Atelier                        David A. Rice                                       13
                                                      Regional Summits 2002

                 Objective 2002
                 Produce a series of Regional Agenda Ateliers at Regional
                 Summits, a family of Regional Agenda Monitors, and deepen the
                 Forum’s regional knowledge through Regional Agenda Briefs.

                                                                                                           •   Latin
             •   Eurasia       •   Africa         •   Arab               •   Europe      •   Asia                             •   India
                 Summit            Summit             Meeting                Summit          Summit                               Meeting
           • Atelier        • Atelier         • Atelier team          • Atelier        • Atelier         • Atelier       • Atelier
             scenario-        sessions          assistance in           sessions on      sessions on..     sessions on     model
             building         on NEPAD          development             six gravity                        5 gravity       scenarios
             on politics,     and private       of sessions on          themes         • TBD               themes
             economics,       sector and        the future                                                               • Atelier team
             geopolitics      international     networked             • First Europe                     • Atelier         assistance
                              sector roles      Arab world              Agenda                             model           with new
           • Summit                                                     Monitor                            scenarios       HBS
             report with    • First Africa                              published                                          partnership
             papers           Agenda                                                                     • First Latin     learning
             from key         Monitor                                                                      America         model
             scenario         published                                                                    Agenda
             participants                                                                                  Monitor

Global Agenda Atelier                                            David A. Rice                                                              14
                                      Ateliers at Regional Summits 2002

               •        Eurasia Economic Summit, developed Atelier scenario model for best,
                        base and worst case on politics, economics and geo-political scenarios.
               •        Africa Economic Summit, conducted three Atelier sessions on each of
                        the key themes of the summit and produced the Africa Agenda Monitor
               •        Arab World Competitiveness Meeting, modified version of the Atelier
                        scenario model
               •        European Economic Summit, developing Atelier sessions and a
                        regional monitor
               •        East Asia Economic Summit, developing Atelier sessions on the gravity
               •        Latin America Economic Summit, developing Atelier sessions on the
                        gravity themes, producing a Latin America Regional Monitor and produce
                        a workshop based on Scenarios
               •        India Economic Summit, developing Atelier sessions, assisting with
                        scenarios, and conducting pilot project with Harvard Business School on
                        a new learning model
Global Agenda Atelier                           David A. Rice                                     15
                                                Growth and Evolution of the Atelier Program
                                           Briefs                                                                                   Annual Meeting
                                          Global
                                                                                                                                    Consult on program
                                           Monitor                                                            Atelier
                                          AM03 Atelier                                                                             (Atelier sessions,
                                                                                                               Workshops             pre-summit briefing
                                                                                                              Cross-Industry        and Agenda Monitor
                                              Atelier Scenarios and                                           Workshops             developed by PDT)
                                               Regional Monitors
                                                                                                              Regional           Atelier
July 2002                                                                                                      Summits           Workshops
                               Global
                                                                                                                                  Cross-Industry
                              Agenda                                                                          TBD
                                Briefs                                      Atelier                                                issue workshops
                                                                                                                                  Regional Summits
    Atelier Output

                               Global                                                                        New Proposals
                                                                             Workshops                                            Consult on program
                                Monitor                                     Post September               Global Agenda           development
                               AM02 Atelier                                 11th Economic                 Publication            (Atelier sessions, pre-

                                Sessions                                     Impact                       Geopolitical            summit briefing and
                                                                            Geopolitical and              presentations at        Regional Monitor
                                                                             Global Economic               Governors’ Prep         developed by
                                                                             Scenarios                     meetings                regional teams)
                                                      Atelier
                                                       Workshops                                          The Journal of the        Consulting
                                                                            Regional
                                                                                                           World Economic           Members/Partners on
                                                      Sustainable           Summits
                        Atelier                                                                           Forum                     geopolitics and
                                                       Development          Eurasia Summit
                         Launch                                                                           January Update            business
                                                      Security in          Africa Summit                 Supplement               Internally to create
                                                       the 21st             Arab Meeting                 Member/Partner            new Forum products
                                                       Century              Europe Summit                 Consultation on          Projects to facilitate
                                                      Registry of          Asia Summit                   Geopolitical Issues       cross-sector
                         • Concept                     Corporate            LA Summit
                                                                                                          Pre-Summit                engagement
                           Development                 Climate              India Meeting
                                                                                                           briefing                 Forum Governors’

                                   AM 2001                    AM 2002                    AM 2003                          AM 2004                     AM 2005
Global Agenda Atelier                                                 Annual Meetings
                                                                     David A. Rice                                                                              16
                                               Global Agenda Atelier
                                               Growth Opportunities

             Objective 2002/2003
             Continue to be a source of innovation for the Forum

         •     Geopolitical Consultation
               Provide members and partners the opportunity to receive individual presentations on the
               geopolitical and economic climate based on Atelier sessions and briefs

         •     Industry Workshops and Governors’ Pre Meetings
               Provide an opportunity for business leaders, using the Atelier model, to systematically
               identify and address common, industry-specific, business challenges

         •     The Global Agenda 2003
               Major book publication that emphasises the thought leadership of the Forum.

         •     The Journal of the World Economic Forum
               Quarterly Journal of the Forum featuring key political, economic, and social business

         •     January Update Supplement and Regional Pre-Meeting Briefings
               Primers on the gravity themes of the forthcoming Annual Meeting and of Regional Summits

Global Agenda Atelier                           David A. Rice                                            17
                                        Atelier Business Model
                                     The Strategic Partner Package

           Value-added engagement with the Forum via the Global Agenda
           Atelier for the Forum’s Strategic Partners and potential partners

          •     Invitation to host at least one issue specific tailor-made Atelier
                Workshop per year
          •     Invitation to one Atelier Session at the Annual Meeting
          •     Invitation to two Regional Atelier Sessions at two Regional Summits per
          •     Invitation to at least one industry specific tailor-made Atelier Workshop
                per year
          •     Receives Global Agenda Atelier Briefs
          •     Offered Global Issues Overview presentation at company headquarters
                following Annual Meeting (presentation of Atelier Workshop outcomes)
                + optional presentations

Global Agenda Atelier                       David A. Rice                                   18
                              Global Agenda Atelier Communications

          Objective 2002/2003
          Capture, synthesize, and communicate knowledge developed
          through the Annual Meeting, Regional Summits and other Forum
          activities to members, partners and outside stakeholders

          I. Atelier Publication
          The following are options for a proposed Atelier publication strategy, expanding
          upon existing products and/or processes in order to increase the depth of analysis
          and the breadth of the Forum’s audience

          • Option One
            The Global Agenda 2003--comprehensive book on six gravity themes, one author
              per theme, and one author for each of five sub-themes under gravity themes

          • Option Two
              Global Agenda Monitor Plus--expanded version of original Global Agenda Monitor
              with two or three sub-issue authors per gravity theme

Global Agenda Atelier                        David A. Rice                                     19
                             Global Agenda Atelier Communications, cont...

                                Overview of Existing Publications

             Atelier Briefs                  Global Agenda Monitor                Regional Agenda Monitors
   •Authors: Atelier staff                  •Authors: six (rapporteurs)           •   Authors: (varies) one per
   •Topics: AM and RM gravity               •Topics: AM gravity themes                RM gravity theme or per
   themes                                   •Audience: AM participants                scenario
   •Audience: Partners and                  and eventually the general            •   Topics: RM gravity themes
   internal Forum                           public*                                   or scenarios
   •Events: Annual Meeting and              •Event: Annual Meeting                •   Audience: RM participants
   Regional Summits                                                                   and eventually general public
                                                                                  •   Event: Regional Meetings

           *The Global Agenda Monitor has been downloaded XXX times since YYYY.
Global Agenda Atelier                                David A. Rice                                                    20
                          Global Agenda Atelier Communications, cont...

          • Option Three
            Global Agenda Monitor with dialogue--under each gravity theme, in addition to the
             overview by a rapporteur, publish an essay on each gravity theme from a business
             participant and and NGO to create a platform for opposing viewpoints

          • Option Four
             Combine the proposed pre-Annual Meeting briefing with the Global Agenda
             Monitor. Authors would provide a briefing document to registered participants
             before the AM. The essays would then be revised based upon discussions and
             observations during the meeting and published. Essays will be longer and more
             in-depth than the Global Agenda Monitor 2002 and one or two additional authors
             will provide content for each gravity theme

Global Agenda Atelier                         David A. Rice                                     21
                         Global Agenda Atelier Communications, cont...

          II. Atelier Briefs
          The knowledge created and shared during Atelier sessions at the Annual Meeting
          and at Regional Summits is recorded and synthesized into briefs on each gravity
          theme and the primary sub-issue. This information needs to be better utilized
          internally and developed for external distribution.

          • Member value: Place Atelier Briefs in the members area of the Forum web
            page and encourage members to download them
          • Exposure: Work with the Communications Team and Managing Directors to turn
             briefs into thematic op-eds for submittal to newspapers worldwide

Global Agenda Atelier                        David A. Rice                                  22
                         Global Agenda Atelier Communications, cont...

                        Current Atelier Publication and Process

                                                          •   Global Agenda            •   Regional Agend
    • Global Agenda Atelier Briefs
                                                              Monitor                      Monitors

                        Proposed Atelier Publication and Process
Option One
 • January                  • Global Agenda       • Global Agenda • Pre-Regional           • Regional Agend
   Supplement                 Atelier Briefs        Monitor Plus    Meeting Brief            Monitors

 Option Two
 • January                  • Global Agenda       • The Global       • Pre-Regional        • Regional Agen
   Supplement                 Atelier Briefs        Agenda 2003        Meeting Brief         Monitors

Global Agenda Atelier                     David A. Rice                                               23
                        Global Agenda Atelier Communications, cont...

                                                     The Global Agenda 2003
                                                   Authors: Thirty-six (1 per gravtity
                                                   theme and 5 per sub-issue)
                                Option One
                                                   •Topics: AM gravity themes and
                                                   sub-topics under each theme
                                                   •Audience: Global
 Global Agenda Monitor                             •Event: None

                                Option Two
                                                   Global Agenda Monitor Plus
                                                   Authors: 18 (1 per gravtity theme
                                                   and 2 per sub-issue)
                                                   •Topics: AM gravity themes and
                                                   sub-topics under each theme
                                                   •Audience: AM participants and
                                                   general public
                                                   •Event: Annual Meeting
Global Agenda Atelier              David A. Rice                                         24
                        Global Agenda Atelier Communications, cont...

                                                      Global Agenda Monitor
                                                          with Dialogue
                                                   Authors: 18 (1 per gravity theme
                                                   and 2 per sub-issue with 1 from a
                                  Option Three     business participant and 1 from an
 Global Agenda Monitor
                                                   NGO offering opposing viewpoints)
                                                   •Topics: AM gravity themes and
                                                   sub-topics under each theme
                                                   •Audience: AM participants and
                                                   general public
                                                   •Event: Annual Meeting

Global Agenda Atelier              David A. Rice                                        25
                                 Global Agenda Atelier Publication

             The world is becoming increasingly complex for business as trends in
             geopolitics and global economics create new, unforeseen pitfalls as well as
             opportunities. And in today’s global economy, all major companies have a
             substantial stake in what is happening around the world because of the
             likely impact on their business and on financial markets.

             The problem is knowing how and having the resources to identify,
             contextualize, and understand just how what happens on the global stage
             will influence the business climate around the world. How can corporate
             leaders stay abreast of the latest analyses of these global trends in order
             to be proactive in their decision-making?

             The Global Agenda 2003 will provide the only up-to-date, in-depth analysis
             of the primary global issues confronting business in the coming year.
             Through essays from the Forum’s stable of world-class experts across all
             sectors and from around the globe, the reader will have the timeliest, best-
             available information in a single volume in existence.

Global Agenda Atelier                       David A. Rice                                   26
                                 Global Agenda Atelier Publication

          I. Publication Summary
          •     Systematic, timely analysis of the global agenda based on the collective
                wisdom of the foremost thinkers on each topic
          •     200 - 250 page book: 6 sections, 5 chapters per section
          •     A section represents a primary issue on the global agenda
          •     A chapter represents a specific sub-issue related to the section
          •     6 primary authors: 1 for each overarching subject
          •     30 secondary authors: 1 for each of 5 sub-topics
          •     Forward, conclusion, and editing by Professor Klaus Schwab
          •     Based on Global Agenda Matrices, AM 2003 Atelier sessions, sub-issue
                workshops and sessions, and each author’s perspective and expertise
          •     Published in April or May 2003 by a respected publishing house

Global Agenda Atelier                      David A. Rice                                   27
                                 Global Agenda Atelier Publication

          II. Publication Purpose

          •     Present a comprehensive and concrete analysis of the 2003 Global
                Agenda to a wider constituency/audience
          •     Leverage multiple issue identification and analysis efforts of the Forum
                toward a common goal
          •     Take full advantage of Forum constituencies before, during and after
                the Annual Meeting
          •     In line with the Forum mission, develop a unique product that
                represents the global agenda-setting capability of the Forum
          •     Create a tangible outcome from the Annual Meeting that captures the
                latest thinking from global leaders, across all sectors, on the most
                critical issues facing the world in 2003
          •     Elevate the intellectual capital captured during the AM 2003 and other
                Forum activities to a higher level
Global Agenda Atelier                      David A. Rice                                   28
                                 Global Agenda Atelier Publication

          III. Summary of Authors

          •     Theme authors with global notoriety in their field among peers,
                colleagues and the Forum’s stakeholders
          •     Geographic breakdown: 11 U.S., 8 Europe, 4 Asia, 3 Latin America, 2
                Africa, 2 Middle East
          •     Sector breakdown: 8 IGO/NGO; 10 academia; 12 business
          •     Forum member involvement: target CEOs from strategic partners and
                potential strategic partners as authors

Global Agenda Atelier                      David A. Rice                              29
                                         Global Agenda Atelier Publication

          IV. Potential Authors - Gravity Themes

          1. Governance and Leadership
                   • William Gilmartin
          2. Corporate Challenges
                   • Phil Watts
          3. Sustainable Development
                   • Bertrand Collomb
          4. Security
                   • Javier Solana
          5. Culture and Values
                   • Bono
          6. Economic Growth
                   • Supachai Panitchpakdi

Global Agenda Atelier                          David A. Rice                 30
                                        Global Agenda Atelier Publication

          V. Potential Authors - Sub-Issues

          1. Governance and Leadership
             1.1     Joseph Stiglitz       Re-tasking international institutions from the bottom up
             1.2     Gary Hamel            Corporate leadership challenges and strategies in 2003
             1.3     David Held            Global democracy
             1.4     Rudolph Giuliani      Leadership in a crisis: Lessons for business
             1.5     Fan Gang              Governance challenges in emerging markets

           2. Corporate Challenges

               2.1      Laura Tyson        Fostering internal innovation
               2.2      Rahul Bajaj        Investor confidence in uncertain times
               2.3      Rajat Gupta        Managing away risk
               2.4      Richard Belluzzo   Keeping the faith of employees
               2.5      Carlos Ghosn       Surviving economic recession

Global Agenda Atelier                                David A. Rice                                    31
                                 Global Agenda Atelier Publication

       3. Sustainable Development

           3.1   Olusegen Obasanjo   Fostering sustainable development through ICT
           3.2   Naill Fitzgerald    Product and supply chain development through foreign SMEs
           3.3   Osvaldo Sunkel      Meeting local needs with foreign capital
           3.4   Juan Somavia        Best labor practices for foreign businesses in developing nations
           3.5   Claude Martin       The business case for environmentally-friendly development

       4. Security
           4.1   Irene Kahn             Protecting human rights
           4.2   Abdel Monem Said Aly   Regional conflicts and scenarios
           4.3   Barbara Fiorito        Poverty as a driver of violent extremism
           4.4   Ellen Lipson           Protecting corporate assets: your facilities and employees
           4.5   Azizan Zainul Abidin   Ensuring business security through good corporate citizenship

Global Agenda Atelier                        David A. Rice                                               32
                                  Global Agenda Atelier Publication

          5. Culture and Values
             5.1   Gerald Levin              A place for regional values in a global media marketplace
             5.2   Rev. Peter Gomes          Fostering virtuous behavior in tumultuous times
             5.3   Ghassan Salame            Maintaining religious traditions in a pluralistic world
             5.4   Admed Kamal Aboulmagd     Why is faith used for hate?
             5.5   Marcel Ospel              Common values in a culturally diverse global company

          6. Economic Growth
             6.1   William Joy        Innovate or perish
             6.2   Jagdish Bhagwati   Trade reform as a tool for development
             6.3   Thabo Mbeki        The promise of NEPAD
             6.4   Abdallah Jum’ah    Foundations for economic stability and growth
             6.5   Josef Ackermann    Restarting the flow of capital

Global Agenda Atelier                       David A. Rice                                                33
                                      Global Agenda Atelier Publication

             VI. Publication Timeline - Key Milestones
             June 2002 - February 2003 (publish by May 2003)

                  June 2002               July 2002                       August 2002         September 2002

                                      •     Identify                  •    Identify       •     Confirm theme
             •     Finalize Global
                                            publication                    publication          and sub-issue
                   Agenda Matrices
                                            themes                         sub-issues           authors

                   October 2002           December 2002                    January 2003       February 2003

                                      •     Receive first             •    Confirm AM     •     Authors’ final
             •     Secure agreement
                                            draft of                       2003 Atelier         essays due to
                   with publisher
                                            chapters                       Sessions             publisher

Global Agenda Atelier                                 David A. Rice                                              34
                                               Global Agenda Atelier Publication

                                                           7. All material
                                                               to publisher

          Content                                    6.
                                                          KSC final contributions
        Methodology                             5.
                                                     Authors submit final version

                                          4.     Authors revise respective chapters
                                                       based on discussions

                                  3.           Each theme author meets with and sub-
                                               issue authors meet to ensure continuity

                                  Authors present outlines at Annual Meeting 2003 Atelier

                        1.             Authors submit first draft to Global Agenda Atelier

Global Agenda Atelier                                      David A. Rice                     35
                                  The Atelier Value Proposition

                        1. Analyzing Global Issues

                        2. Assessing Business Challenges

                        3. Confronting Business Risks and Opportunities

Global Agenda Atelier                  David A. Rice                      36
                               The Atelier Value Proposition

          1. Analyzing global issues

          • Developing a clear understanding of particular economic,
            political, social and environmental trends shaping the global
          • Identifying key drivers
          • Developing plausible scenarios
          • Communicating results

Global Agenda Atelier                 David A. Rice                         37
                               The Atelier Value Proposition

         2. Assessing Business Challenges

         • Analyzing and adapting information acquired at AM and
           Regional Atelier Workshops, Stand-Alone Workshops, as well
           as other relevant information, with particular focus on business
         • Contextualizing and assessing the impact of global trends on
           the business environment

Global Agenda Atelier                David A. Rice                            38
                               The Atelier Value Proposition

          3. Confronting Business Risks and Opportunities

          • Concentrating on issues outside the immediate purview of
            business and bringing them into focus

          • Communicating results to Partners and Members through global
            agenda presentations, issue- and industry-specific
            presentations, etc
          • Facilitating discussion between diverse actors on business-
            driven solutions to global problems

Global Agenda Atelier               David A. Rice                          39
                                                       Security and Geo-Politics

            Update and information     Issue Identification and Analysis       Collective Strategy Development       Communication and Advocacy

                                       The Tools of Conflict Analysis           The Tools of Conflict Resolution

              The war on Terrorism        Transatlantic Relations

                        Iraq                Middle East theatre
                                                                                 The role of business in conflict

               Arab-Israeli conflict     The emergence of China                                                            Plenary by players
                                                                               Conflict resolution and negotiation

                  Great Lakes                    Terrorism                                                                Plenary on outcomes

                                                                                   Post conflict reconstruction
                                            WMD proliferation

                                                Soft drivers

Global Agenda Atelier                                          David A. Rice                                                                      40
                                                             Corporate Challenges

      Governance and          Strategy and         Marketing and           Operations and         Research and          Organization and
       Responsibility           Planning             Service                Technology            Development           Human resources

   Socially Responsible   Socially Responsible   Socially Responsible     Socially Responsible   Socially Responsible
                                                                                                                        Employee Retention
        Investing              Investing              Investing                Investing              Investing

    Corporate Govern.          Education              Education                  Education            Education         CEO remuneration

       Governance             Governance             Governance                 Governance           Governance         cross-cultural comm.

   Customer Behaviour     Customer Behaviour     Customer Behaviour       Customer Behaviour     Customer Behaviour     Customer Behaviour

     Communication          Communication          Communication               Communication       Communication          Communication

Global Agenda Atelier                                          David A. Rice                                                                   41
                                             Sustainable Development

     Poverty eradication     Environment           Health               Education               Nutrition

   Socially Responsible                                              Socially Responsible   Socially Responsible
                           Climate Change     HIV/AIDS infec. Dis.
        Investing                                                         Investing              Investing

    Corporate Govern.        Biodiversity         Education               Education              Education

       Governance            Resources           Governance              Governance             Governance

   Customer Behaviour          Water          Customer Behaviour     Customer Behaviour     Customer Behaviour

     Communication           -------------      Communication          Communication          Communication

Global Agenda Atelier                           David A. Rice                                                      42

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