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2006 (2) September

                                                                              Next CPPA Meeting
 Letter from the President
 Marolyn Morford, Ph.D.                                                 The Dilemma of Psychotherapist
 From studying narrative voice in French literature,
                                                                                Self Disclosure:
 my undergrad major, I found myself in a hospital                            Clinical and Ethical
 clinic, retrieving a terrified autistic child from                             Considerations
 beneath a chair in the waiting room after he had fled                             3 hours Ethics CE
 the assessment room. People looked at us as I knelt
 down, creating a bubble around us, so he could                                    Allan Elfant, Ph.D.
 accompany me back to the room. From the very
 abstract, to the very concrete: I discovered I loved
                                                                                  Saturday, December 2
 the kind of work where you problem solve with
 people, venturing down new chutes of experience                                  9 a.m.. to 12:15 p.m.
 throughout the day. While only a small population                        Celebration Hall, State College, PA.
 cares passionately about literature, an estimated 26.2
 percent of Americans ages 18 and older — about
 one in four adults — suffer from a diagnosable
 mental disorder in a given year, translating to about
 57.7 million people, not even counting the
 population under 18.                                                     appointment, having the privilege to
                                                                          follow many life stories over time. So
 That‘s a lot of stories. So in the end, it seems as if I                 I‘m still studying that narrative voice,
 take a volume off the bookshelf with each                                and still learning to decipher the clues I
                                                                          get and what they tell me about the
                                              Continued next column       person.

INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                                        And, I get to do this with other like-
                                                                          minded people, like you, dear reader and
2     Executive Committee Listing                                         member of CPPA.              Besides the
                                                                          fellowship and connectedness, (and
                                                                          reduced liability exposure), that comes
3     New CPPA Workshop                                                   from being part of a group that shares an
                                                                          interest, I wanted to note exactly what
5     KIOSK ANNOUNCEMENTS, PPA & CPPA                                     some of the benefits are of membership
      WebsiteS                                                            in our local professional association. As
                                                                          I write this, my first President‘s Letter,
6     Learning Opportunities, PSU Psychology                              we are preparing for our Fall Member
                                                                          Meeting & Workshop at Celebration
      Department Grand Rounds
                                                                          Hall.     Just one of the benefits of
9     The Invisibility Factor
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10    Membership Form – Time to renew!                                The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 1 of 11
Continued from Page 1, President’s Letter

   membership: CPPA covers the cost of a portion
   of this for members, not to mention the volunteer
   time that goes into identifying speakers,                           2006-2007 CPPA
   planning, advertising, and organizing these
   events.                                                       EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE

         1) Public notices: We now have a group            PRESIDENT         MAROLYN MORFORD 861-3300
            email to notify us of professional events,     PRESIDENT-ELECT   JOHN ERICKSON   364 2161
            to make clinical referrals or be alerted to    PAST PRESIDENT    JACK WALMER     235-9219
            opportunities to support legislation that      SECRETARY         VIBHA LAL       861-1233
            addresses mental health or the                 TREASURER         JENNIFER HARP   234-3464
            psychology profession. Sean Lukens is          MEMBERSHIP        SEAN LUKENS     861-3638
            managing this (and the newsletter) for us.     ETHICS CHAIR      ALLAN ELFANT   234-8011
            Please send any notices you wish to post
            to                        PUBLICITY CHAIR
         2) Newsletter: Our quarterly newsletter                  OPEN– HERE IS YOUR OPPORTUNITY!
            provides information about upcoming CE
            workshops and other professional
         3) Website: CPPA‘s website is now up and
            running, thanks to David Holcomb and
            Rick Plut‘s efforts and Rick‘s ongoing
            attention.         The      address      is:
            (Yes, it‘s long, but save it in your
            bookmarks and you‘ll never have to enter
            it again). We plan to expand this, based
            on your interest (and our time), to include
                                                              ARE YOU STILL A MEMBER?
            member office listings to make available
            to the public.                                         MAYBE NOT…
         4) CE credits, limited travel time: We plan
            and provide quality continuing education,       CPPA membership is from January 1 to
            without losing a lot of office time, that       December 31 and is based on an honor
            we are expanding to include other mental        system. We count on you to keep track of
            health professionals, as we have done for       your membership (but you can call or email
            the upcoming workshop. In this way, we
                                                            Sean Lukens, Membership & Newsletter,
            hope to enlarge our discussions and
            create links with other therapists. This        or Jennifer Harp, Treasurer, to double
            will also allow for another revenue             check), to save on volunteer time. Keep your
            source, permitting us to draw CE                membership up to date so we can continue to
            speakers from outside our area, in              support the web page, newsletter, and quality
            addition to the excellent resources we          continuing education workshops.
            have locally. (See information in this
            newsletter on our upcoming workshop by
            Allan Elfant, Ph.D. on self disclosure, as
            outlined later.)
         5) Community recognition and support for
            special skills: There are a number of

                                                             The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 2 of 11
Continued from Page 2, President’s Letter

          opportunities to share your expertise and
          try out new professional activities in a                   NEXT
          supportive environment: Been thinking                   CPPA Workshop
          about writing a short article about a clinical
          or practice topic? Send it in and we‘ll put
          it in the newsletter. Want to help ―make
          psychology a household word?‖ Describe            The Dilemma of Psychotherapist
          what you do, how psychology is beneficial                 Self Disclosure:
          to the general public, and we‘ll help you              Clinical and Ethical
          expand it for submission to your local
          newspaper. Do you know your local
          newspaper editor? Come fill our open
                                                                By Allan B. Elfant, Ph.D., ABPP
          Publicity Chair. Interested in new training
          ideas for psychologists? Come help us
                                                              ***3 CE ETHICS CREDITS***
          with the interest survey and planning our
                                                            Satisfies Continuing Education Ethics
          continuing education workshops.
                                                              Requirement for License Renewal
If you haven‘t been to a CPPA board meeting in a
                                                                     December 2, 2006.
while, you haven‘t seen all the new faces and
                                                                 Announcements 9 – 9:15 a.m.
heard all the bad jokes (or maybe you have, come
                                                                  Workshop 9:15 -12:15 p.m.
anyway). We’d love for you attend. Our next
one is Saturday, Sept. 24th (members, note the
                                                                        Celebration Hall
date change), 7:30, my house (1287 Penfield
                                                                     2280 Commercial Blvd
Road, S.C.). And if you live far outside of State
                                                                       State College, PA
College, and would still like to participate, call me,
                                                                        (814) 238-0838
we‘re investigating conference calling. A full list
of all the meetings for 2006-7 are in this
                                                           Workshop Description:       Professional
                                                           and ethical issues pertaining to the
                                                           psychotherapist‘s proper role, function,
Looking forward to seeing you this year and
                                                           and task are continually present when
hearing your story.
                                                           considering the use of self disclosure.
                                                           Disclosure of clinician experiences in
Marolyn Morford, Ph.D. 814-861-3300 (office);
                                                           the course of psychotherapy may be
814-571-7855 (cell)
Reference:                                                 constructive or harmful to the patient‗s
(                growth and change. Participants are
statisticsmenu.cfm accessed 9/6/06).                       requested to bring in their own clinical

                                                           Program Objectives:
                                                           This program is designed to help you…
                                                           1. identify the clinically enhancing as
                                                           well as unhelpful effects of the

                                                           The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 3 of 11
CPPA Workshop from Page 3

    psychotherapist‘s self disclosure or lack of self         Guidelines and warnings            regarding
    disclosure                                                therapist self disclosure
    2. assess the ways you do and do not self disclose
    3. effectively utilize self disclosure in difficult       11:15-noon
    clinical situations                                       Impact of: living in your community;
    4. identify what critical questions and strategies to     office space, initial phone call, and
    consider prior to disclosing therapist subjective         therapist illness and disability
    responses or autobiographical information
    5. develop an appreciation of the ethical issues
                                                              Fees: For current CPPA Full Members
    involved in therapist self disclosure
                                                              the fee is $45; Associate Members, $60;
                                                              non-members, $75. Fees will be collected
    About the Presenter:
                                                              at the door or by preregistration. If you
    Allan B. Elfant, Ph.D., ABPP is in solo private
                                                              wish to join CPPA, call Sean Lukens,
    practice in State College. He presents nationally
                                                              814-861-3638, or contact one of the
    and regionally on themes pertinent to intensive,
                                                              Executive Committee members. The
    psychodynamic,         analytically      informed
                                                              membership      dues    are     $30     for
    psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and
                                                              psychologists, $20 for related mental
    groups. A primary focus of Dr. Elfant's
                                                              health professionals and $10 for
    workshops and presentations is the impact of the
                                                              psychology       students-in-training. The
    psychotherapist's personhood on the client and the
                                                              membership year currently extends from
    clinical process.
                                                              January 1 to December 31.
    Dr. Elfant has held faculty positions at Penn State       Credits and Registration: You can
    University, Texas A&M University College of               preregister by sending in your check to
    Medicine, and Brooklyn College, City University           CPPA, P.O. Box 1372, State College, PA
    of New York. He is currently: President of the            16801.     Psychologists will receive 3
    American Board of Group Psychology (the Group             hours of continuing education credit for
    specialty of ABPP); on the Board of Directors of          attending this program and completing an
    Division 49, the Division of Group Psychology             evaluation form.
    and Group Psychotherapy, of APA; and is Editor
    of The Group Psychologist, the newsletter of              The program is sponsored by the Central
    Division 49.                                              Pennsylvania Psychological Association
                                                              (CPPA). The CPPA is approved by the
    Schedule                                                  American Psychological Association to
    9:00-9:30am                                               sponsor continuing education for
    Therapeutic boundaries; dual roles; ethical               psychologists. The program must be
    principles; types of therapist self disclosure            attended in its entirety; no credit for
                                                              partial attendance will be awarded.
    9:30-10:00am                                              CPPA maintains responsibility for this
    Contemporary influences on clinical work,                 program and its content.
    including therapist self disclosure; contributions        The     facilities    are     handicapped-
    from object relations, self psychology and                accessible.
    feminist theory, anonymity and neutrality
                                                              Contact Marolyn Morford, 814-861-3300
    10:15-10:30am                                             for questions or information.

                                                            The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 4 of 11
                                 KIOSK ANNOUNCEMENTS

       LIVE OUTSIDE OF                                     PPA Website
                                            Pennsylvania      Psychological    Association's
                                            website is full of information to help make CE
 SPECIAL INVITATATION                       and professional practice easier. If you are
                                            interested, check out
We are extending a special invitation
to psychologists who live outside of our    Membership       (
typical center to join and participate.     index.html) offers you many benefits including
We would like our membership to             their daily-posted listserv.
reflect the name of our organization        This listserv provides a forum for topic
and are appealing to all psychologists      discussion, client referrals, and program
in Central Pennsylvania to let us           announcements. It is also a great way to obtain
know how we can make the                    the support and advice of your peers in this
organization work for you.                  sometimes difficult field. If you are already a
                                            member and wish to join the listserv, contact
                                            Iva Brimmer, PPA Member Services,


   Arthur Freeman, Ed.D.                           Make sure to bookmark
                                                   THE CPPA WEBSITE
Oct 5, 2007, 9-4, (lunch provided)
       Mark your calendars now!

                                                 The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 5 of 11
    Learning Opportunities                                  The following opportunities are part of
                                                            the Survival Skills and Ethics Workshop
    Research Integrity Brown Bag                            Series, sponsored by the Office for
         Discussion Series                                  Research Protections and the Graduate
        Fall Semester, 2006                                 Student and Faculty Issues Committee

All Brown Bag sessions are held in 102 Kern                 NOVEMBER 8 - 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m
Graduate Building from 12:00 - 1:00pm.                             Giving Oral Presentations
Beverages or dessert provided.                                Preparing and Delivering a Research
PLEASE NOTE: Dates for the Fall 2006 series are still
                                                            Defining     the     purpose,    standard
being established. All sessions will be available for
connection by teleconference and videoconference. More      organization, and designing effective
details about connecting via teleconference and             visual aids, establishing a visual focus,
videoconference will be available on the ORP Web site in    energizing     the    presentation    and
the near future. Please check the News and Events page      connecting with the audience, handling
located at for a
                                                            stage fright, and dealing with tough
full list of presentations.
    The High Stakes of Whistle-blowing                      NOVEMBER 29 - 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Laura Klein, Assoc. Prof., Biobehavioral Health                 Writing & Publishing Research
Deciding whether to report research misconduct                             Articles
can be a risky proposition. As has been
witnessed in the business community, those who              Selecting a journal, typical structure of a
do the right thing by exposing wrongdoing aren't            research article, assigning authorship
always regarded in a favorable light. This session          credit, dealing with writer's block, ethical
will discuss factors to consider when deciding              dimensions of writing, submitting the
what to do when one witnesses unethical acts in             paper, and handling reviewer comments
research. (Dial 814-863-2330 to teleconference)             Registration
                                                            Registration for each workshop is
NOVEMBER 28:                                                required. Each is $5 in advance and $10
          Responsible Publication:                          at the door. Online registration will be
       The Journal Editor's Perspective                     available soon, or you may send payment
Lynn Liben, Child Development Editor;                       by check made out to Penn State to the
Catherine Ross, Journal of Nutrition Editor;                ORP, 201 Kern Graduate Building,
Amy Glasmeier, Economic Geography; Thomas                   University Park, PA 16802.
Mallouk, Associate Editor, Journal of the
American Chemical Society                                   Questions
                                                            Contact Michelle Stickler in the ORP if
Gain insight into best practices for responsible            you need more information. Phone: (814)
publication: who qualifies as an author, handling           865-1775. Email:
possible research misconduct in published
works, and prior publication will be discussed.
(Dial 814-863-2330 to teleconference)

                                                             The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 6 of 11
       Department of Psychology                      Nov. 6        TBA
    The Pennsylvania State University
                                                     Nov. 20 - ―School Based Mental Health
  Grand Rounds: Clinical Practice and                Services: Striving for a best practice
       Research Presentations,                       model‖.
              Fall 2006                                     Michael C. Wolff, Ph.D., (The
   453 Moore Building, Penn State University         Pennsylvania         State      University),
              12:00 to 1:00 p.m.                     Coordinator         of        Outreach-PSU
                                                     Psychological Clinic; Brian Rabian, Ph.D.,
Sept. 18 –                                           (The George Washington University),
―The Psychological Clinic as a Practice Research     Assistant Director, Child and Adolescent
Site: An Example of Clinic Based Effectiveness       Services,    The      Pennsylvania     State
Research‖.                                           University; Pat Moore, Ph.D., Director of
       J. Gowen Roper, (Adelphi University),         Special Education, State College Area
Director, The Psychological Clinic and Associate     School District; Julie Segal, Ph.D., CASSP
Professor, The Pennsylvania State University and     Coordinator, Centre County MH/MR.
James Boswell, M.A., Clinical Graduate Student,
The Pennsylvania State University.                   Dec. 4 - ―Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
                                                     in Preschool to Preteen Children: A
Oct. 2 - ―The Interface Between Psychology and       Survey of Symptoms, Etiologies, and
Psychiatry in Practice: A Case Based Discussion‖.    Treatment‖.
       J. Gowen Roper, Ph.D., (Adelphi                       Marolyn Morford, Ph.D.,
University), Director, The Psychological Clinic      (University of Chicago), Owner/Director,
and Associate Professor, The Pennsylvania State      Center for Child and Adult Development.
University & Ellen Johnson, M.D., (Georgetown
School of Medicine), Staff Psychiatrist, The         Dec. 11 - ―The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
Pennsylvania State University.                       – Adventure in Clinical Practice in the 21st
Oct. 16 - ―Interrogation in the War on Terror: The          H. Peter Montminy, Ph.D., Child
Uses and Abuses of Psychology‖.                      Clinical Psychologist, Director of MidStep
       Jonathan H. Marks, Ph.D. (Oxford              Centers for Child Development.
University), Associate Professor of Bioethics,
Humanities and the Law, The Pennsylvania State       The lectures are presented without charge
University.                                          as a service of the Department of
                                                     Psychology for Penn State Faculty,
Oct. 30 - ―Psychologists‘ Use and Attitudes          advanced       students,    and      licensed
Towards Homework Assignments and Motion              psychologists      in    the     community.
Pictures in Clinical Practice‖.                      Instruction is at an advanced level.
       Georgios Lampropoulos, Ph.D., (Ball State
University),      Postdoctoral  Fellow,     The      One     Continuing      Education     for
Pennsylvania State University.                       Psychologists credit is offered for each
                                                     one-hour lecture. Credit on letters of

                                                     The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 7 of 11
   PSU Psych Dept. Grand Rounds, cont.            Professional Resources, cont.

 completion will reflect full attendance. Full
 attendance is required to receive CE credit        The Colleague Assistance Committee
 for Psychologists. Partial credit will not be
 awarded; late arrivals or early departures      The function of the CAC of PPA is two-fold:
 will preclude awarding of CE credits.
                                                 - educating psychologists, through articles,
 The Penn State Consortium, consisting of the    presentations and consultation, on the importance of
 Department of Psychology, College of the        personal and professional self-care and the
 Liberal Arts; the Programs in Counseling        prevention of professional impairment and,
 Psychology and School Psychology, College
                                                 - providing confidential assessment and treatment
 of Education; and the Counseling and
                                                 services to psychologists when requested or
 Psychological Services Internship Center, is
 approved by the American Psychological
 Association to sponsor continuing education     See:
 for psychologists.       The Penn State
 Consortium maintains responsibility for the
 program and its content.                        Or contact Dr. Samuel Knapp, 717-232-3817,
 The electronic mailing list for the Grand
 Rounds can keep you informed about future
 programs and possible cancellations. Send
 an email to or call 863-1751           Pennsylvania Governmental Affairs
 if you would like to be included on this
 mailing list.                                   An EASY and essential source to get involved at the
                                                 state level - links to information on PA
                                                 psychological legislation, the Political Action
                                                 Committee, and other governmental affairs

  Professional Resources                          Psychology and Psychotherapy Website
    The Psychotherapy Networker                  Ken Pope‘s generous and informative site covers
                                                 topics such as ethics, dual relationships, therapist
The Psychotherapy Networker offers a             self-care, military and families, and torture and
magazine (on-line & in print), opportunities     refugees (
for distance learning and home study, and
annual conferences.
                                                 Want to share a helpful site or other resource? Let
See -            us know! Contact Sean Lukens, newsletter editor,

                                                      The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 8 of 11
    PSYCHOLOGISTS ABDUCTED BY                        are not accurately represented on public
              ALIENS?                                information sources. Why does medication
                                                     dominate mental health discussions, when,
Have any psychologists you know gone missing?        at best, they improve the condition of 60%
Have we somehow lost our corporeal forms?            of those treated, and at worst, 10-25%?
                                                     When        psychological       interventions,
From passing reading of public information           especially cognitive behavioral and
sources, one might wonder. A recent publication      interpersonal       psychotherapy,         are
from Mt. Nittany Medical Center focusing on          rigorously evaluated, the rates of success
mental health topics, failed to mention              are impressive with 40-80% of the
psychologists as treatment providers. So, too, did   population in treatment showing an
the NIMH web page, ―Treatment of Children            improvement in symptoms. Further-more,
with Mental Disorders‖ - of 16 items in a Q/A        there is limited or no drop in effectiveness
item-format, 9 of 16 items focused on                when treatment is discontinued. And side
medication treatment with only two sentences         effects? What side effects?
out of sixteen even mentioning psychologists.
                                                     Send your ideas on how to make us
Psychological services can save thousands of         magically reappear in public discussions to
health dollars, but who would know, given the        Marolyn Morford
press we DON‘T always get.                  or call 814 861
Solid research repeatedly demonstrates the
power of psychological interventions. For
instance,       psychological       interventions
significantly increase the conception rates of a       2006-2007 CPPA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE
subset of previously infertile women.                             MEETING DATES
Interventions also improve symptoms of
depression, anxiety, and ADHD at rates that
                                                     Sat. October 28 -       9:30 am
equal, and, for some populations, surpass that of    Tues. Nov. 28 -         7:30 pm
medication interventions, at a fraction of the       Sat. Dec. 16 -          9:30 am
cost. For example, a recent study published in       Tues. Jan. 23 -         7:30 pm
the Journal of Clinical Psychiatry reported          Sat. Feb.24 -           9:30 am
response rates for adults with OCD to be double      Tues. Mar. 27 -         7:30 pm
for cognitive behavioral therapy treatment           Sat. April 28 -         9:30 am
compared to that of a common SSRI treatment          Tues. May 22 -          7:30 pm
                                                     Meeting is hosted by Marolyn Morford at 1287
Psychologists are more visible in movies and on      Penfield Road, State College, PA 16801.
television (including West Wing, Stargate:
Atlantis, and The Sopranos, to name a few), but      Please e-mail          for

                                                        The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 9 of 11
                        Central Pennsylvania Psychological Association
                         …A reminder to those who did not pay in December…
                 Application for Membership or Renewal, January 1 through December 31.
              Please complete and send this form by with a check made payable to CPPA to:

CPPA, P. O. Box 1372, State College, PA 16801

Membership Category (Check One)                                Year: 2006/2007/2008 (circle)

        Member: (CE benefits, voting privileges, can hold office) $30.00
__ I am a licensed psychologist living or working in Central Pennsylvania (PA License #________), and
I am a member of (check at least one of the following):
                       ___the Pennsylvania Psychological Association
                       ___the American Psychological Association

        Associate Member: (Allied Professional)            $20.00
___I am a practicing mental health professional in the following area:______________________ and am interested
and/or involved in promoting psychology in Central Pennsylvania.

        Student Member: $10.00
____I am a student enrolled in a graduate program in psychology, and. (byname of academic
advisor:________________________ .)
____I am a psychologist-in-training preparing for the licensure exam.

Date: ________________________                                Amount Enclosed: $_______

     (please print)





Send CPPA mailings to the following address (if different from above):____________________


____I am psychologist interested in serving on a CPPA Executive committee. (Publicity, Ethics, Continuing
Education). Please contact me.

I would like to see the following issues addressed in CPPA programs:

Other comments and suggestions for CPPA:

Thank you for your interest in CPPA. If you have questions about membership, please contact the Membership
Chair, Sean Lukens or President Marolyn Morford, 861-3300/

                                                                 The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 10 of 11
 P.O. Box 1372
 State College, PA 16801


                                            Upcoming CPPA Workshop

                                       The Dilemma of Psychotherapist
                                                Self Disclosure:
                                      Clinical and Ethical Considerations

                                            By Allan B. Elfant, Ph.D., ABPP

                                          ***3 CE CREDITS***
                  Satisfies Continuing Education Ethics Requirement for License Renewal

                                            December 2, 2006, 9 -12:15 p.m.
                                           Celebration Hall, State College, PA

                                                       Details Inside!
Newsletter Information: The Central Pennsylvania Psychological Association Newsletter is produced semiannually. The
CPPA Newsletter invites submissions by members in the form of announcements, articles, letters, and other written material.
Please submit all copy in electronic format, either as an email attachment (preferred), in an email message, or on disk in Word
format or plain text (do not include special formatting or fancy stationery). Include your name, title, address, and contact
numbers/email. The editor reserves the right to edit copy for space and correctness. The deadline for the next edition is July 31,
2006 (more or less). Please send submissions and newsletter comments or suggestions to the acting editor, Sean D. Lukens,
Ph.D., or mail your media to 2479 Buchenhorst Rd. State College, PA 16801 phone: (814) 861-

                                                                          The CPPA Newsletter, September, 2006 Page 11 of 11

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