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Project Idea Note or PIN


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									Project Idea Note                                                          Name of Project
                                                                          Date of Submission

                                 Project Idea Note or PIN

Description of size and quality expected of a PIN

Basically a PIN will consist of approximately 5 pages providing indicative information on:
             the type and size of the project
             its location
             the anticipated total amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction compared to
             the “business-as-usual” scenario (which will be elaborated in the baseline later
             on at Project Design Document [PDD] level)
             the suggested crediting life time
             the suggested Certified Emission Reductions (CER) price in US$/ton CO2eq
             the financial structuring (indicating which parties are expected to provide the
             project’s financing)
             the project’s other socio-economic or environmental effects/benefits

While every effort should be made to provide as complete and extensive information as
possible, it is recognised that full information on every item listed in the template will
not be available at all times for every project.
Project Idea Note                                                         Name of Project
                                                                         Date of Submission

                                 PROJ ECT IDEA NOTE

A. Project description, type, location and schedule

Name of Project:_Tanay open dumpsite remediation and development project

Technical summary of the project       Date submitted:_____________

Objective of the project          Demonstrate the environmental and social benefits of methane gas
                                  extraction and utilization through:

                                  Installation of appropriate collection system

                                  Design of appropriate pilot power plant

                                  Help promote safer dumpsites after closure

                                  Develop know-how and expertise in gas extraction

Project description and
proposed activities (including
a technical description of the    The project involves the installation of gas pipes to capture
project)                          methane in an existing 1.2 has. open dumpsite with a total volume
                                  of 375,000 tons of mixed solid waste.

                                  A combination of horizontal and/or vertical wells, which ever is
                                  more feasible, will be excavated/drilled to collect methane gas. A
                                  compressor will be used to pump the gas to a series of surface
                                  pipes that would collect the gas to be fed to the engine that would
                                  produce power.

Technology to be employed         Gas extraction using perforated pipes and gas pumps
Project Idea Note                                                         Name of Project
                                                                         Date of Submission

Project developer
Name of the project developer        Municipality of Tanay

Organizational category
                                     Local government unit
Other function(s) of the project
developer in the project             Implementor/regulator

Summary of the relevant
experience of the project            Operated an open dumpsite which is the subject of remediation.
developer                            Currently operating a controlled dumpsite in compliance with RA

                                     Tanay Rizal

Contact person
                                     Mayor Tom Tanjuatco

Telephone / fax                      654-1002
E-mail and web address, if any       Tanayplanning@hotmail.com
Project sponsors
(List and provide the following information for all project sponsors)
Name of the project sponsor
                                     Municipality of Tanay

Organizational category
Address (include web address, if     Tanay Rizal
Main activities
                                     Administer municipal waste management program

Summary of the financials
Project Idea Note                                               Name of Project
                                                               Date of Submission

Type of the project
Greenhouse gases targeted

Type of activities          Methane capture

Field of activities
                            Solid waste management and power generation

a. Energy supply
                            Methane gas recovery

  b. Energy demand          Provision of methane gas for power generation

  c. Transport
                            Not applicable

  d. Waste management
                            GHG mitigation

  e. Land Use Change and
     Forestry               na
Project Idea Note                                                         Name of Project
                                                                         Date of Submission

Location of the project
                                   Southeast Asia

Country                              ROP
City                                 Municipality of Tanay
Brief description of the location of No more than 3 - 5 lines
the plant
                                     Tanay is 54 km away from Manila. The project site is at Barangay
                                     Tandang Kutyo

Expected schedule
Earliest project start date        2005
Estimate of time required before
becoming operational after
approval of the PIN                2nd Q 2005

Expected first year of CER
delivery                           2006
Project lifetime                   10 years
Current status or phase of the
project                            PIN preparation

Current status of the acceptance
of the Host Country                For submission to IACCC
Project Idea Note                                                      Name of Project
                                                                      Date of Submission

The position of the Host
Country with regard to the       Signed and ratified the Kyoto Protocol
Kyoto Protocol

B. Expected environmental and social benefits

Estimate of Greenhouse Gases
abated / CO2 Sequestered (in   483,525 tonnes C02-e
metric tons of CO2-equivalent)

Baseline scenario                Existing operation:
                                 Open dumpsite is closed. Methane is escaping into the
                                 atmosphere. Compost Center is using grid power.
                                 Upon project implementation:
                                 GHG will be collected to produce electricity for the Compost
Specific global & local          Reduction of GHG
environmental benefits           Prevention of sub-surface migration of gas and spontaneous
                                 Displacement of grid electricity

Which guidelines will be applied? IPCC
Local benefits                    Reduced cost for electricity
                                  Reduction of foul odor
                                  Greenhouse gas benefit thru the displacement of methane gas
Project Idea Note                                                            Name of Project
                                                                            Date of Submission

                                      Host municipality to participate in a CDM project and learn from the
                                      methane mitigation process

Global benefits                       GHG emission reduction
Socio-economic aspects                On-site employment
What social and economic effects      Improved health and safety conditions for the local community
can be attributed to the project
and which would not have
occurred in a comparable
situation without that project?
Which guidelines will be applied?     IPCC

What are the possible direct          Employment
effects (e.g., employment             Savings in foreign currency
creation, capital required, foreign
exchange effects)?

What are the possible other
effects? For example:             Training for host municipality on CDM project
    training/education associated
    with the introduction of new  Replicability of the project in other municipalities
    processes, technologies and
    products and/or
    the effects of a project on
    other industries

Environmental strategy/
priorities of the Host Country        RA 9003
                                      Clean Air Act
                                      Use of alternative source of energy

C. Finance

Total project cost estimate
Development costs                     $ 11,000
Installed costs                       $ 100,000
Other costs                           $ 3,000
Total project costs                   $ 114,000
Sources of finance to be
sought or already identified
                                      $ 28,500
Debt – Long-term                      $ 85,500

Debt - Short term
Project Idea Note                                         Name of Project
                                                         Date of Submission

Not identified

CDM contribution sought
                                     $ 241,000/annum
CDM contribution in advance
payments. (The quantum of
upfront payment will depend on
the assessed risk of the project
by the World Bank, and will not
exceed 25% of the total ER value
purchased by the World Bank for
the project. Any upfront payment
will be discounted by a factor
considered appropriate by the
World Bank for the project.)
Sources of carbon finance
                                     Japan Carbon Fund

Indicative CER Price (subject      $5.00/ton CO2-e
to negotiation and financial
due diligence)
Total Emission Reduction
Purchase Agreement (ERPA)
A period until 2012 (end of the     $ 1,928,000
first budget period)
A period of 10 years                $ 2,410,000
A period of 7 years                 $ 1,687,000
A period of 14 years (2 * 7 years) $ 3,374,000
If financial analysis is available
for the proposed CDM activity,
provide the forecast financial
internal rate of return for the
project with and without the CER
revenues. Provide the financial
rate of return at the expected
CER price above and US$3/
tCO2e. DO NOT assume any up-
front payment from the PCF in
the financial      analysis that
includes PCF revenue stream.

Please provide a spreadsheet to
support these calculations.

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