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									                                                                          July 2011

            Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis
                            Staff Roster

NCI Deputy Director for Clinical and Translational Research
Dr. James H. Doroshow          NCI Deputy Director

DCTD Office of the Director
Dr. James H. Doroshow          Division Director
Dr. Joseph Tomaszewski         Deputy Division Director
Ms. Lynn Cave                  Scientific Information Analyst
Dr. Jason Cristofaro           Intellectual Property Advisor
Dr. Michael Difilippantonio    Program Manager
Ms. Judy Gamble                Secretary to the Division Director
Dr. Barbara Mroczkowski        Special Assistant to the Director
Dr. Krishnendu Roy             Expert
Mr. David Segal                Information Technology Officer
Ms. Sonjia Shorts              Secretary to the Deputy Director
Dr. Robert Bahde               Scientific Program Analyst [Contractor]
Ms. Margaret Gartland          Secretary [Contractor]
Ms. Deborah Shuman             Writer [Contractor]
Ms. Katie Wachtel              Scientific Program Analyst [Contractor]
Mr. Robert Willey              Senior Financial Analyst [Contractor]
Dr. Mickey Williams            Scientific Program Manager [Contractor]
Dr. Giovanna Speranza          Clinical Fellow
Dr. Marcie Weil                Clinical Fellow
Dr. Sook Ryun Park             Visiting Fellow

DCTD Project Management Office
Dr. Kenneth Low             Director
Dr. Heba Barazi             Senior Project Manager [Contractor]
Mr. Jean-Marc Brisson       Project Manager [Contractor]
Mr. Tiziano DiPaolo         Project Manager [Contractor]
Dr. Yvonne Evrard           Medical Writer [Contractor]
Dr. Heather Gorby           Medical Writer [Contractor]
Dr. Karen Gray              Senior Project Manager [Contractor]
Dr. William Jacob           Senior Project Manager [Contractor]
Ms. Lori Ann Lydard         Administrative Assistant [Contractor]
Dr. Melanie Simpson         Senior Medical Writer [Contractor]
Ms. Kim Thai                Senior Project Manager [Contractor]
Ms. Gina Uhlenbrauck        Medical Writer [Contractor]

National Clinical Target Validation Laboratory
Dr. Sherry Yang                 Chief
Dr. Dat Nguyen                  Biologist
Dr. Jiuping (Jay) Ji            Scientist [Contractor]
Ms. Kate Luyegu                 Research Technician [Contractor]
Mr. Sylvan McDowell             Senior Research Technician [Contractor]
Ms. Ravi Putvatana              Research Technician [Contractor]
Mr. Dwight Simmons              Research Technician [Contractor]
Mr. William Yutzy               Research Technician [Contractor]
Dr. Yiping Zhang                Scientist [Contractor]

Cancer Diagnosis Program
Office of the Associate Director
Dr. Barbara Conley               Associate Director
Ms. Margaret Cavenagh            Program Specialist
Dr. Andrew Glass                Special Assistant
Mr. Miguel R. Ossandon          Program Analyst
Dr. Mickey Williams             Director, Clinical Assay Development Center
Ms. Ramona Saunders-Smith       Project Specialist [Contractor]

Diagnostic Biomarkers and Technology Branch
Dr. Barbara Conley           Acting Branch Chief
Dr. Avraham Rasooly          Program Director
Dr. James Tricoli            Program Director

Diagnostics Evaluation Branch
Dr. J. Milburn Jessup           Branch Chief
Dr. Tracy Lively                Associate Branch Chief
Dr. Kelly Y. Kim                Program Director
Dr. Magdalena Thurin            Program Director

Resources Development Branch
Dr. Irina Lubensky          Branch Chief
Dr. Rodrigo F. Chuaqui      Program Director

Cancer Imaging Program
Office of the Associate Director
Dr. Paula Jacobs                Acting Associate Director
Dr. Paula Jacobs                Deputy Director
Dr. Gary Kelloff                Special Assistant to the AD
Vacant                          Program Specialist
Dr. James Tatum                 Special Volunteer

Clinical Trials Branch
Dr. Lalitha Shankar             Branch Chief
Dr. Frank Lin                   Medical Officer
Ms. Barbara Galen               Program Director
Vacant                          Program Director
Ms. Stephanie Housel            Clinical Research Associate [Contractor]
Mr. Joshua D Lorenzo            Clinical Research Associate [Contractor]
Dr. Marc J Teitelbaum           Medical Affairs Scientist II [Contractor]

Image-Guided Intervention Branch
Dr. Keyvan Farahani          Acting Branch Chief
Dr. Pushpa Tandon            Program Director

Imaging Technology Development Branch
Dr. Laurence Clarke        Branch Chief
Dr. Houston Baker          Program Director
Dr. Robert Nordstrom       Program Director
Dr. Huiming Zhang          Program Director

Informatics Group
Mr. John Freymann               Informatics Manager [Contractor]
Mr. Justin Stephen Kirby        Bioinformatics Analyst II [Contractor]

Imaging Drug Development and Molecular Imaging Group
Dr. Barbara Croft            Program Director
Dr. Anne Menkens             Program Director
Dr. Sibaprasad Bhattacharyya Senior Scientist [Contractor]
Dr. Manish Dixit             Postdoctoral Fellow [Contractor]
Dr. G. Craig Hill            Principal Scientist [Contractor]
Ismahan Ugas                 Clinical Trials Manager [Contractor]
Vacant                       Research Associate [Contractor]
Vacant                           IND Manager [Contractor]

Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program
Office of the Associate Director
Dr. Jeffrey Abrams              Associate Director
Ms. Mary Louden                 Secretary
Ms. Elise Kreiss                Program Specialist

Clinical Grants and Contracts Branch
Dr. Roy Wu                     Branch Chief
Dr. William Merritt            Health Scientist Administrator
Dr. Ming Song                  Health Scientist Administrator
Ms. Rolanda Wade-Ricks         Extramural Program Specialist
Dr. William Timmer             Health Scientist Administrator
Ms. Kim Witherspoon            Biologist

Clinical Investigations Branch
Dr. Margaret Mooney              Branch Chief
Ms. Jeanne Adler                 Nurse Consultant
Ms. Andrea Denicoff              Nurse Consultant
Ms. Jacquelyn Goldberg           Review Board Administrator
Dr. Richard Little               Medical Officer
Dr. Bhupinder Mann               Medical Officer
Dr. Michael Montello             Pharmacist
Dr. Nita Seibel                  Medical Officer
Dr. Malcolm Smith                Medical Officer
Dr. Edward Trimble               Medical Officer
Dr. Claudio Dansky Ullmann       Health Scientist Administrator
Dr. John Welch                   Medical Officer
Dr. Jo Anne Zujewski             Medical Officer
Mr. Stephen Riordan              Cancer Trials Support Unit (CTSU) [Contractor]
Ms. Claudine Valmonte            Clinical Trials and Information Management Support [Contractor]

Clinical Trials Monitoring Branch
Mr. Gary Lee Smith                Branch Chief
Ms. Rocio Paul                    Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist
Ms. Velega Roberts                Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist
Mr. Gary Lee Smith                Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist
Ms. Jeanette Tomaszewski          Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist
Dr. Robert Royds                  Clinical Trials Monitoring Service, Theradex [Contractor]

Investigational Drug Branch
Dr. James Zwiebel                Branch Chief
Dr. Alice Chen                   Medical Officer
Dr. Helen Chen                   Medical Officer
Dr. Kevin Conlon                 Medical Officer
Dr. L. Austin Doyle              Medical Officer
Dr. Igor Espinoza-Delgado        Medical Officer
Dr. Pamela Harris                Medical Officer
Dr. S. Percy Ivy                 Medical Officer
Dr. Richard Piekarz              Medical Officer
Dr. Howard Streicher             Medical Officer
Dr. Naoko Takebe                 Health Science Program Officer
Dr. John Wright                  Medical Officer

Clinical Trials Operations and Informatics Branch
Mr. Steven Friedman              Branch Chief
Mr. George Redmond               Informatician
Ms. Shanda Finnigan              Health Program Specialist
Ms. Elaine Shaw               CTEP Protocol and Information Operation and Support [Contractor]
Mr. Sudhir Raju               CTEP Informatics and Computer Support [Contractor]

Pharmaceutical Management Branch
Mr. Charles Hall, Jr.     Branch Chief
Mr. Matthew Boron         Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist
Mr. Rodney Howells        Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist
Dr. Tali Johnson          Pharmacist
Dr. Ravie Kem             Pharmacist
Ms. Patricia Schettino    Supervisory Pharmacist
Dr. Donna Shriner         Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist
Ms. Jeannette Wick        Senior Clinical Research Pharmacist

Regulatory Affairs Branch
Dr. Jan Casadei               Branch Chief
Dr. Sherry Ansher             Health Scientist Administrator
Dr. Gurpreet Gill-Sangha      Chemist
Ms. Sally Hausman             Microbiologist
Dr. Rohini Misra              Biologist
Dr. Julie Rhie                Pharmacologist
Dr. Jian Zhang                Biologist
Ms. Martha Kruhm              CTEP Drug Development Support [Contractor]
Bhanu Ramineni                [Contractor]

Developmental Therapeutics Program
Office of the Associate Director
Dr. Jerry Collins               Associate Director
Dr. James Crowell               Deputy Associate Director
Ms. Maria Malguy                Secretary
Ms. Phyllis Bryant              Program Specialist
Mr. Richard Camalier            Biologist
Ms. Jill Johnson                Special Volunteer
Dr. Beverly Teicher             Supervisory Chemist
Dr. Min He                      Biologist

Biological Resources Branch
Dr. Stephen Creekmore         Branch Chief
Ms. Virginia Axline           Program Specialist
Dr. Karen Muszynski           Microbiologist
Ms. Nancy Parkhurst           Repository Program Specialist
Dr. Anthony Welch             Biologist
Dr. Jason Yovandich           Biologist
Dr. Gautam (George) Mitra     Director of Biopharmaceutical Development Program (BDP) [Contractor]
Dr. Douglas Gaum              Director, Quality Assurance, BDP [Contractor]
Dr. Steven Giardina           Director Process analytics, BDP [Contractor]
Ms. Sandra Gibson             QA Manager Training, BDP [Contractor]
Dr. John Gilly                Deputy Director, BDP [Contractor]
Dr. Raymond Harris            Virology R&D Laboratory, Associate Director, (BDP) [Contractor]
Mr. Kenneth Huyser            Clinical Manufacturing Laboratory, Manufacturing Manager, BDP Late
                              Process Sciences, [Contractor]
Ms. Beverly Keseling          Manufacturing Manager – BDP Early Process Sciences [Contractor]
Dr. William Kopp              Cytokine Testing/Assays, Advanced Technology Program [Contractor]
Dr. Dennis Michiel            Development Scientist – BDP Process Analytics [Contractor]
Dr. Judith Poiley-Nelson      Virus Isolation/Virus Assays, Dev. Scientist – BDP Process Analytics
Dr. Helen Rager               Lymphokine Testing [Contractor]
Mr. John Roach                Associate Director, Late Process Sciences [Contractor]
Ms. Sheryl Ruppel             Director, Regulatory Affairs, (BDP) [Contractor]
Dr. Gopalan Soman             Development Scientist – BDP Process Analytics [Contractor]
Dr. Terry Sumpter             Peptide Maps/Biomolecule Characterization, Dev. Scientist – BDP Process
                              Analytics [Contractor]
Dr. William Utermahle Jr.     Manager, BDP QC Stability Testing [Contractor]
Dr. Jianwei Zhu               Manager, BDP Early Process Scientist Fermentation/Cell Culture & Recovery
Dr. Natalia Kruchinin         Biologist

Biological Testing Branch
Dr. Melinda Hollingshead      Branch Chief
Dr. Sergio Alcoser            Biologist
Ms. Linda Blumenauer          Animal Scientist
Ms. Katherine Gill            Program Specialist
Ms. Michelle Gottholm-Ahalt   Program Specialist
Mr. Nathaniel Greenberg       Chemist
Ms. Gurmeet Kaur              Biologist
Ms. Christine Pacula-Cox      Microbiologist
Dr. Lawrence Phillips         Chemist
Mr. Larry Anderson            Chemist
Dr. Joseph Mayo               Special Volunteer
Dr. Patricia Fritz            Technical & Professional Manager, Charles River Contract, [Contractor]
Dr. Dianne Newton             Head Drug Mechanism Group SAIC [Contractor]
Dr. Elizabeth Cothren         Research Microbiologist

Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch
Dr. Joel Morris               Branch Chief
Dr. Raj Narain Misra          Chemist
Dr. Prabhakar Risbood         Chemist
Dr. Stephen White             Chemist
Dr. Ven Narayanan             Special Volunteer
Dr. Sanjay Malhotra           Head, Laboratory of Synthetic Chemistry [Contractor]

Grants and Contracts Operations Branch
Dr. Mary Wolpert             Branch Chief
Dr. Suresh Arya              Biologist
Dr. Suzanne Forry-Schaudies Biologist
Dr. Yali Fu                  Chemist
Dr. Robert Lees              Chemist
Ms. Suzanne Stack            Program Specialist
Ms. Homa Assar               Science Writer [Contractor]
Dr. Rao Bachoti              Principal Investigator/Science Writer [Contractor]
Dr. George Johnson           Special Volunteer
Ms. Peggy Young              Co-principal Investigator [Contractor]

Information Technology Branch
Dr. Daniel Zaharevitz         Branch Chief
Dr. Richard Gussio            Director Research
Dr. Susan Holbeck             Biologist
Ms. Marie Hose                IT Specialist
Dr. Mark Kunkel               Biologist
Ms. Penny Svetlik             IT Specialist

Natural Products Branch
Dr. David Newman              Branch Chief
Ms. Erma Brown                Natural Products Repository Coordinator
Dr. Paul Grothaus             Chemist
Dr. Gordon Cragg              Special Volunteer
Mr. Rhone Akee                Chemist, Natural Products Support Group [Contractor]
Mr. John Britt                Chemist, (IT Manager), Natural Products Support Group [Contractor]
Mr. Paul Klausmeyer           Chemist, Natural Products Support Group [Contractor]
Vacant                        Chemist, (Manager), Natural Products Research Group [Contractor]
Ms. Suzanne Shipley           Microbiologist, Natural Products Support Group [Contractor]
Pharmaceutical Resources Branch
Dr. Baburao Vishnuvajjala    Branch Chief
Mr. James Cradock            Chemist
Dr. Shanker Gupta            Pharmacist
Dr. Sung Kim                 Chemist
Dr. Paul Liu                 Chemist
Dr. Esmail Tabibi            Chemist

Screening Technologies Branch
Dr. Robert Shoemaker          Branch Chief
Dr. Michael Alley             Pharmacologist
Ms. Ruoli Bai                 Chemist, Tubulin Lab
Dr. David Covell              Computer Scientist
Mr. Glenn Gray                Chemist
Dr. Ernest Hamel              Senior Disciplinary Scientist, Tubulin Lab
Ms. Susan Kenney              Biologist
Dr. Sudhir Kondapaka          Biologist
Dr. Susan Mertins             Biologist
Dr. David Vistica             Pharmacologist
Dr. Giovanni Melillo          Head Tumor Hypoxia Lab [Contractor]
Dr. Anne Monks                Head, Lab of Functional Genomics [Contractor]
Dr. Dominic Scudiero          Head, Molecular Targets Screen [Contractor]

Toxicology and Pharmacology Branch
Dr. Myrtle Davis-Millin     Branch Chief
Dr. Joseph Covey            Pharmacologist
Dr. Susan Donohue           Pharmacologist
Dr. Lee Jia                 Pharmacologist
Dr. James Peggins           Pharmacologist
Dr. Karen Schweikart        Pharmacologist
Dr. Pramod Terse            Pharmacologist
Dr. Ralph Parchment         Director, Laboratory of Human Toxicology and Pharmacology (LHTP)
Dr. Holger Behrsing         Head, In Vitro Screening and ADME Evaluations, LHTP [Contractor]
Dr. Michael Furniss         In Vitro Screening and ADME Evaluations, LHTP [Contractor]
Dr. Sima Hayavi             Head, Formulation Development Section, LHTP [Contractor]
Ms. Jodie Mussio            Investigative Toxicology, LHTP [Contractor]
Mrs. Kristine Robillard     In Vitro Screening and ADME Evaluations, LHTP [Contractor]
Dr. Shizuko Sei             Head, Investigative Toxicology, LHTP [Contractor]

Pharmacodynamic Assay Development and Implementation Section
Dr. Robert Kinders               Head[Contractor]
Dr. Apurva Srivastava            [Contractor]
Dr. Lihua Wang                   [Contractor]
Mr. Weimin Zhu                   [Contractor]
Dr. Thomas Pfister               Postdoc [Contractor]
Mr. Sonny Khin                   [Contractor]

Radiation Research Program
Office of the Associate Director
Dr. C. Norman Coleman           Associate Director
Ms. Patricia Schrock            Secretary
Mrs. Catherine Bailey           Program Specialist
Dr. Francis Mahoney             Special Volunteer
Dr. Helen Stone                 Special Volunteer

Center for Disparities Research Partnership
Vacant                          Chief, Oncology Outreach

Clinical Radiation Oncology Branch
Dr. Bhadrasain Vikram        Branch Chief
Dr. James Deye               Program Director

Molecular Radiation Therapeutics Branch
Dr. Stephen Yoo               Branch Chief
Ms. Donna Carter              Research Associate [Contractor]
Mr. David Cerna               Scientist [Contractor]
Vacant                        Research Assistant [Contractor]

Radiotherapy Development Branch
Dr. Eric Bernhard           Branch Chief
Dr. Rosemary Wong           Program Director
Dr. Pataje Prasanna         Program Director

Translational Research Program
Dr. Toby Hecht               Acting Associate Director
Dr. Rajeev Agarwal           Health Scientist Administrator/Program Director
Dr. Ivan Ding                Health Scientist Administrator/Program Director
Dr. Andrew Hruszkewycz       Medical Officer/ Program Director
Dr. Igor Kuzmin              Health Scientist Administrator/Program Director
Dr. Peter Ujhazy             Medical Officer/Program Director
Ms. Tamara Walton            Program Coordinator

Biometric Research Branch
Dr. Richard Simon            Branch Chief
Dr. Boris Freidlin           Mathematical Statistician
Dr. Sally Hunsberger         Mathematical Statistician
Dr. Edward Korn              Mathematical Statistician
Dr. Lisa McShane             Mathematical Statistician
Dr. Lawrence Rubinstein      Mathematical Statistician
Dr. Joanna Shih              Mathematical Statistician
Dr. George Wright            Mathematical Statistician
Dr. Yingdong Zhao            Computational Biologist
Mr. Michael Ngan             System Administrator [Contractor]
Dr. Kyung Kim                Visiting Fellow
Mr. Ming-Chung Li            Biostatistician [Contractor]
Dr. Ezhou Long               Bioinformatics Statistical Analyst [Contractor]
Ms. Supriya Menezes          Project Manager [Contractor]
Mr. Qihao Qi                 Bioinformatics Programmer [Contractor]
Dr. Jyothi Subramanian       Statistical Consultant [Contractor]
Dr. Qian Xie                 Senior Bioinformatician [Contractor]
Dr. Ahrim Youn               Visiting Fellow
Dr. Stella Karuri            Visiting Fellow
Dr. Eric Polley              CRTA Fellow
Dr. Mei-Yin Polley           Statistician [Contractor]

Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Dr. Jeffrey White              Director
Mrs. Christina Armstrong       Administrative Program Specialist
Ms. Colleen Lee                Nurse Consultant
Dr. Isis Mikhail               Program Director
Dr. Dan Xi                     Health Scientist Administrator
Dr. Farah Zia                  Director, Case Review and Extramural Science Program
Dr. Liban Jia                  Science Program Manager
Ms. Kisha Anderson             Administrative Assistant [Contractor]
Ms. Elizabeth Austin           Communications and Outreach Program Coordinator [Contractor]
Dr. Oluwadamilola Olaku   Scientific Program Analyst [Contractor]
Mrs. Lauren Rice          Communications Analyst [Contractor]
Ms. Sookyung Lee          Guest Researcher
Mr. Jeans Santana         Cancer Research Training Award, Intern
Ms. Miriam Al Keliddar    Cancer Research Training Award, Intern
Ms. Rhonda Ragab          Health Communications Intern

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