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					           SPRAGUE ELECTRIC

 Volume XVI                                                                  NORTH ADAMS, MASSACHUSETTS, FEBRUARY 1954                                                                                               Number 5

                               Ever At
 It Will Help To Largest GroupDinner-Dance Harry Kalker To
                   Management                                                                                                                                                         Employes In 1953
 Know Your Social                          Tell Story Of A
                                                More than ] I 5 couples
                                             turnout ever
                                                                            the largest
                                                               braved snowy weather
                                                                                                                                                                                      Earned $1,875 By
 Security Benefits                         Piece Of Paper
                                             on Saturday, January 30, to attend the
                                             Sprague Management group's annual                                                                                                        Good Suggestions
                                             dinner-dance at the Country Club of
     Social Security, or Old-Age and                                                          Harry     Kalker,    President    of the
                                             Pittsfield.                                                                                                                                   During the year 1953, eager Sprague
  Survivors Insurance, is not clearly                                                      Sprague Products Company, will relate
                                                To a background of soft yellow floral                                                                                                 Electric   employes   in North      Adams
  understood by many people, outside of
                                             decorations, the guests partook of a fine     his intriguing "Story of a Piece of                                                        earned a total of $1,875 in addition to
  its 2' , weekly deduction from their
                                             dinner and enjoyed dancing to Mar-            Paper"      at   a   Supervisory    Training                                               their regular paychecks by cashing in
  paycheck. In order to let employes
                                             chard's orchestra of Boston until mid-        Dinner     meeting     to be held    at the
  know why and how this deduction plan                                                                                                                                                on ideas submitted to their Suggestion
  works, here are some questions and                                                       Williams Inn, Wilhamstown, March 10.                                                       System Committee.
                                                A pictorial look at the affair is found
  answers which, we hope, will help to
                                             on page 9.                                       One hundred thirty-four Supervisors
 clear the matter for everyone. It is                                                                                                                                                      It may be noted that two of the
                                                Arrangements for the affair were           from the three North Adams plants
  very much to your advantage to know                                                                                                                                                 largest awards ever given by Sprague
                                             carried out under the direction of            have been invited to attend this session
  what Social Security is and how it
                                             Courtney W. Flanders, Manager of              of the Company's training program.                                                         Electric were received last year by
  protects you and your family.
                                             Training and Community Relations,             The meeting promises to be one of the                                                                               $375
                                                                                                                                                                                      Walter Wood and Art Hewitt
      What is Social Security Tax?
                                             with the assistance of staff members of       most interesting ever.                  Harry Kalker, President of the
     Insurance for you and your family,                                                                                                                                     and $500 respectively.
                                             the Employe and Community Rela-                                                     Sprague Products Company, will
  based on your earnings in work covered                                                Mr. Kalker's talk will be illustrated
                                             tions Department.                                                                   be the speaker at next month's                Almost all hourly rated employes and
  by the Federal social security law                                                 with graphic displays of Sprague Elec-
                                                                                                                                 Supervisory Training dinner meet- bonus operators may receive cash
 that is, Old-Age and Survivors In-                                                  tric products, and will detail how the
                                                                                                                                 ing at the Williams Inn.
 surance. Under this law, which is                                                   Sprague Products Company plays its                                                     awards for suggestions accepted on any
 operated by the United States Govern-                                               vital role in the overall operations of                                                worthwhile subject. (The personnel
                                             N. M. Levinson Named
  ment, people contribute during their
 working years to provide an income for      Registered Engineer
                                                                                     the Company.
                                                                                                                                           Sprague Employes Top             in some groups such as Management

 themselves and their families when
 their usual income from unemploy-              Nathan M. Levinson of the Moduline
                                                                                        Sprague Products, integrated into
                                                                                     the Company in 1946, is our sales out-                Civil Defense Effort            groups. Employe & Community Rela-
                                                                                                                                                                            tions, Personnel, Supervisors, Planners.
                                                                                     let for the supply of service and replace-
 ment or self-employment is cut off by      Development Group of the Research                                                      Sprague Electric employ i are right Tirre Study and Methods Department
                                                                                     ment parts to wholesale dealers and
 old age or death.                          and Engineering Department has been                                                 at the top of the list of those North Cost Personnel, Tool and fixture de-
                                                                                     jobbers all over America.
     Through contributions based on the     notified of his official designation as                                             Adams citizens who have given most
                                                                                                                                                                           signers. Product Engineers, may re-
 amount of their wages or self-employ       a Registered Professional Engineer in       It is through this organization that freely of their time to the important
 ment income, they establish rights to      Massachusetts.                           millions of Sprague Electric com- duties of the Civil Defense Police force. ceive awards only for suggestions apply-
 future benefits. The amount of the            Notification of this honor was given ponents find their way onto dealers'           Of the I 3 men and four officers of the ing outside their regular line of work.)
 monthly benefits to a family will de-      to Mr. Levinson recently by the State shelves and into household appliances CD Police arm who have given a total
                                                                                                                                                                               Rules governing the suggestion sys-
 pend on the amount of the insured          Board of Registration, which passes on as replacement and service parts.            of 2,687 hours of voluntary service to
                                                                                                                                                                           tem are as follows:
 person's average monthly earnings and      credentials and examination for all        Sprague Electrics Advertising De- traffic duty, six are employed at the
on the number of other members of the       applicants.                             partment will also assist in the train- Company.                                           1 Suggestions which duplicate pro-
 family who are entitled to payments as        Mr. Levinson has been with the ing session, supplying some of its dis- Captain Chalmers F. Rose, of the posed improvements which are already
 the insured person's dependents.           Company since 1950. Prior to that, he play material.                                Machine Shop, has the longest record,
What kinds of insurance payments            was affiliated with the Rural Elec-                                                    Captain hours of F. duty. Sgt. under consideration or pertain to
                                                                                                                                with 522', Chalmers CDRose, of the
                are made?                   trification Administration of the U. S. One new Supervisor, Alvin Marsh, of Edward Cook of Formation has 2021 routine maintenance are not eligible
                                                                                                                                Machine Shop, has the longest record,
                                                                                    the Filter production department at hours; William Schink, Machine Shop, for an award.
    There are four kinds of payments:       Department of Agriculture.
    (a) Monthly retirement payments to         He also spent some time in thethe Brown Street plant, will be among 216i hours; Raymond Miller, Im
                                                                                    the guests at the dinner meeting.                                                         2- Suggestions on incomplete or
insured persons 65 or over and their        Aleutians with the U. S. Navy, serving                                              pregnating Department. 244 hours:
families.                                   as a Lieutenant in underwater demo-             The session will open at 6:15 p.m.            Joseph Nadeau, Guard, 132 hours; and      temporary setups are not eligible for
    (b) Monthly payments to insured         litions work.                                 with dinner scheduled for 7:00.                 Serine LaBonte, Guard, I4J hours.         an award.
persons and their families if the in-
sured person is 75 or over, even if he is
                                                                                                                                                                                       3. In the case of duplicate sug-
                                                                                                                                                                                    gestions, the one received earliest by
still working.
    (c) Monthly survivors payments to       Now Is The Time To Take Inventory Of Your Group Insurance                                                                               the Suggestion Committee will be given
the families of insured persons who die.
    (d) Lump-sum payments to an in-
                                                Policy: Know Your Coverage, Make Sure Beneficiary Is Correct                                                                        consideration for an award.

sured person's widow or widower, or to                                                                                                                                                Any suggestion relating to the busi-
                                               The beginning of a new year is               Making a change in beneficiary is service with the Company.                The cost
            Continued on Page 6                                                                                                                                                     ness of the Company is welcome, but
                                            traditionally the time for inventory.         simple.     All you have to do is take to those employes who elect to carry the
                                               Every business takes time out then                                                                                                   the eight main subjects to remember
                                                                                          your policy to the Personnel Office at insurance is very nominal, with the
                                            to tally its inventory position and                                                                                                     when making a suggestion are:
                                                                                          the Marshall Street plant.      A change Company sharing most of the payment.
Evening Electronic                          figure just where it stands. It might
                                            be a good idea for individuals to do the      of beneficiary card will be filled out for        Your coverage is $750 the first year      1. Improvement of the quality of
Courses                                     same.                                         you and your policy amended.                    you hold your policy.   It increases to
                                                                                                                                                                                    our products.
                                               One of the big assets in your personal       Other steps in your inventory should $1,000 the next year,             and goes to        2. Rectifying conditions that are
   Arrangements are going ahead for
                                            inventory is your group insurance
conducting the winter series of evening                                                   include keeping your policy in a safe, j $1,250 the third year and thereafter.            hazardous to health or safety.
                                            policy, which the Company has made
electronic courses, which will get under                                                  yet handy, place.        And you should           Besides the protection offered your
                                            available to you as a benefit for work-                                                                                                  3. Improving our manufacturing,
way as soon as new classroom facilities                                                   make certain that at least one other family under this plan in event of your
                                            ing with Sprague Electric.                                                                                                              methods.
are made available
                                            Your inventory check of this in-              person in your family knows where that death, the group insurance policy also
   The Employe and Community Rela-
                                         surance should include, first of all, a          place is.                                       makes provisions in case you become         4.    Reducing production costs.
tions Department, which is in charge of
                                         look at the beneficiary named to                   You should also take inventory of
the program, reminds prospective                                                                                                          totally and permanently disabled prior      5.    Increasing production.
                                         receive the insurance settlement in
class members that no applications will                                                   your insurance coverage, so you and to age 60.
be available through their foreman or
                                         event of your death.                                                                                                                          6. Improving equipment, tools, jigs,
                                                                                          your family will know just what your  The amount of your insurance would
department head as soon as desirable        Is the person named as beneficiary                                                                                                      fixtures, etc.
                                                                                          benefits are. Read your policy, and be payable to you, in such an event, in
space is obtained.                       the one you now want to receive your
                                                                                          tell your family about its details.             monthly installments.                      7. Eliminating waste of time and
   Plans call for the winter series to life insurance? Death, marriage or any
include both "Elements of Electricity" one of many factors may mean you                     As you already know, the group life   Knowing these benefits — and keep-
and "Theory of Capacitors" in the want it changed, but have forgotten to                  insurance coverage is just one of the ing track of the details such as the                  8.    Selecting better materials.
series. The courses are voluntary and take care of it.                                    many benefits provided for employes naming or changing of beneficiaries —
are open to all employes of the Com- Should the person designated as                                                                                                              If you want further information on
                                                                                          of the Sprague Electric Company.             will go a long way toward providing how the Suggestion System works, your
pany who wish to advance their tech- beneficiary now have a different name
nical knowledge of the basic sciences — as through marriage — that should                   Employes        become eligible    for in- real peace of mind and security for you foreman or department head will be
with which the Company is concerned. be changed, too.                                     surance after six months continuous and your family.                                      glad to talk it over with you.
Page 2                                                                             SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                  February 1954

                       Publishing Staff                                       fCnOUA 1/G44.1                            A t RETMA Industrial Relations Conference

                             John H. Winant
                                                                                   FOREMAN . . .
                           Manager of Publications                                This month we would like to have
                                Associate Editor                                you meet Clarence Chilson, Foreman
                              Suzanne W. Slater                                 of the Carpenter Shop.
Circulation Manager: Marion Caron                 Social Chairman: Ann Heath       Mr. Chilson and the capable em-
Sports Editor: Kenneth Russell                    Photographer: Albert Horsfall ployes who work with him are kept
                           ASSISTANT EDITORS                                    busy doing carpentry work at the three
   Kit Carson, Tom CuIIen, Etta Owen, Jim Oldham, Rosemarie Tobin, Peter plants in North Adams. They repair
Mancuso, and John Davis.                                                        the old and build the new. One of
                          Marshall Street Reporters                             their most recent projects was the
   Betty Bogus, Joan Paradis, Carmela Mancuso, Virginia Caron, Patricia addition on the Employe and Com-
Shabot, Audrea Bowen, Cecile Trudeau, Larry Hiser, Nini Sacco, Mary Bernard, munity Relations Department at Mar-
Dolores Domenichini, Lois Lisee, Marilyn Lavigne. Ralph Fressola, Julia
Desrosiers, Nick Richardello. John Walsh, Emma Maruco, Ceil Risch, Joan shall Street.
West. Edward Cook. Betty Fleury. Marjone Richer, John Gallese, Jennie             Clarence was born in North Adams
Garceau, Cora Ryan, Susan Bishop, Florence Clough, Isabelle Jensen, Marge and attended the local schools, grad-
Hauptfleisch, Lena Hurlbut, Norm Miller, Mary Mathews, Joan Bryce, Mary uating from Drury High.
Cantoni, Emily Gardzina, Virginia Haas, Jane Delisle, Joan LaPierre, Gladys       His first job was with the Aber-
Sullivan, Margaret Champagne, Jack Sullivan, William Martin, Mary Odell,                                                 The      Radio-Electronics-Television David G. Christie, Sylvania Electric
Irene Dubreuil, Lea Walden, Betty Beckwith, Betty Mahoney, Joan Mac- though Construction Company in
                                                                                                                       Manufacturers Association held an Products. Inc.; Robert E. Kelley.
Donald, Lawrence Clark, Lydia Pozza, Geraldine Macchia and Carole Clarke. Boston, where he was employed for two
                                Beaver Street                                  years. He then went to work in a Industrial Relations Round Table Assistant to the Secretary, Sprague
                                                                                                                       Seminar, January 14 and 15 at the Electric Co., representing the Herlec
   Doris Monette, Gertrude Noel, Delia Keating. Marie Rose LaFlamme, Rita shoe shop, first as an assistant foreman, Morris Inn on the campus of Notre
                                                                                                                                                               Corporation, a subsidiary oi Sprague
Johnson, Jane Paradise, Ann Masson, Leona Denault, Veronica Sobon, Clifford and then as a foreman for three years.
                                                                                                                       Dame University in South Bend, In- Electric; Frank E. Highton, General
Domenichini, Dora Landry, Lillian Stahelek, Lorraine Duffy, Agnes Fitzgerald, While living and working in Boston, he
C-lare Shabot, Joan Horn and I heresa I homas.                                 met his future wife, Lillian, who for-diana. Representatives of Sprague Electric Company; Marry Housten,
                                Brown Street                                   merly lived in Cape Cod. As a couple Electric were in attendance.               chairman of the committee, Alan B.
   Isabelle Witherow, Rita Brooks, Jean Levy, Chick Currant, Sam Vince, Alma of years rolled by, Clarence decided that   Forty-eight Industrial Relations DuMont Laboratories, Inc.; Leslie E.
Pratt, Jeanette Cady, Adela Smith, Corena Tatro, Mary Timothy, Erminia working in the shoe factory wasn't representatives of leading RETMA Woods, Raytheon Manufacturing Com-
Sweeney, Isabelle Fuller, Martha Clark, Mary Messier, Florence Lang, Blanche                                           member concerns met for the two day pany; Joseph A. Abbott, Federal
Tatro, Justine Miner, Charles Felix, Frank Santelli, Marion Andrews, Ace                                               seminar. Each discussion was led by Telephone & Radio Company and
Samia, Betty Jangrow, Lillian Forbush, Ruth Richmond, Marge Greene, Art
Van Steemburg, Herbert Hafner, Marie LeMoine, Madeline O'Neil and Amelia                                               a representative of the RETMA mem- Courtney W. Flanders, Manager of
Koza.                                                                                                                  ber company with practical, everyday Training and Community Relations,
                                                                                                                       operating experience in his field.      Sprague Electric Co.
            Bennington Plant Reporter                                                                                    The committee for this convention       This seminar was termed the most
              Mildred Marchegiani                                                                                      are pictured above, left      to right: successful ever held by the Association.
          Sports Reporter: Fran Brazeau

                    "Every Sprague Employe a Reporter'                                                                 Medical Science Offers Encouraging
      Published by SPRAGUE ELECTRIC CO., North Adams, MassT
                                                                                                                        News As Heart Fund Campaign Opens
                                                                                                                          If you are frightened by the words, pel works in a dry and bloodless field,
                      EDITORIAL                                                                                                                                  as permitted by the recently developed
                                                                                                                       ing news. Science is making dramatic 'artificial heart' which detours the
The Boss                                                                                                               progress in the treatment, care and pre- blood stream around the human
                                                                                                                       vention of diseases of the heart and heart."
  What would yon do if your butcher offered you a cut of meat that                                                     circulation, having advanced its knowl-      Dr. King points out that gains have
was obviously inferior? Or a trial of a new brand of coffee showed it                                                  edge further in the past 25 years than not been confined to the laboratory and
was stale?                                                                                Clarence Chilson
                                                                                                                       in all previous centuries combined.       the operating room, explaining:
  Chances are, you'd take that cut of meat right back; and you'd                                                          Science has yet to learn the under-       "Through our informational pro-
certainly not get stuck with that particular brand of coffee again.           what he wanted. He and his wife          lying causes of the major forms of heart grams, physicians are being given
  You'd be proving that you —- the customer — have real freedom of            moved back to North Adams where he       disease. Nevertheless, according to swifter access to research findings and
choice. You select just what you want. And demand it, when                    went into business with his father, Dr. Robert L. King of Seattle, Pre- the nation as a whole is developing a
you're offered a poor substitute.                                             doing general carpentry work and sident of the American Heart Associa new and more rational understanding
   You are the real boss, then, because the food-packer and the               putting up ready-cut homes. Alto- tion, which with its affiliates, is con- of the heart problem.
butcher both have to please you. Let them fail to come up to your             gether he has put up 172 ready-cut ducting the nationwide 1954 Heart                   "Gradually, we are rooting out and
standards of quality and they suddenly find they've lost a customer.          houses around North Adams, Green- Fund campaign throughout the month destroying harmful misconceptions and
                                                                              field, Pittsfield and Adams.             of February, advances already made needless fears.
   Should they slip up on a wholesale scale, they'll likely find they've
                                                                                 In March of 1937, Clarence began have opened the way to important                  "We are making substantial pro-
lost their business.
                                                                              working for the Company as a carp- victories. Dr. King describes them in gress in programs to enable heart
    In a competitive, free market like ours, every business — whether
                                                                              enter under his father, Edward, who these words:                                   sufferers, through rehabilitation and
it, be the butcher, the baker, or the candle-stick maker — has to                                                         "These victories include surgical retraining, to continue as useful and
                                                                              was foreman of the shop at that time.
meet the quality and price standards of its public.
                                                                                 Clarence's son, Howard, joined his procedures and new drugs which can, in productive members of society."
  Each business has to keep ahead of its competitors by offering its          father and grandfather in the Machine many cases, reduce high blood pressure,         It is the view of Dr. King and other
customers continuously better merchandise at reasonable prices.               Shop and together they comprised one which threatens serious injury to the leaders of the American Heart Associ-
Otherwise, the customer will surely start looking elsewhere.                  of the very few three generation heart or kidneys, or brain.                       ation that research is the key element
  The customer — YOU — are the boss.                                          families working with Sprague Electric.     "They include the prevention of in the fight against heart diseases.
   Now let's turn this story right around, and look at it from the other         Clarence's pastime is puffing on his rheumatic fever by prompt treatment           While priority is necessarily given to
side.                                                                         many cigars which he enjoys right on with penicillin of streptococcal in- research, contributions to the Heart
   Let's put you in the manufacturer's position — because that's ex-          down to the end. When the fishing fections — which almost always pre- Fund also support programs of pro-
actly where you really are — and see how it looks from that side.             and hunting season opens, Clarence cede initial or repeated attacks of fessional and public education and
                                                                              will always try his skill. Now andrheumatic fever.                                 community and state heart programs;,
   Now you find that it's up to you — to all of us — to make sure we                                                      "Also included are drugs which inter- I with the remainder going to advance
                                                                              then he enjoys going bowling.
win ahd hold the respect of our customers by continuing to give them
                                                                                 Every summer he and his wife look fere with the clotting of blood and thus ; the nationwide program of the Ameri-
the quality they associate with the name of Sprague P^lectric.
                                                                              forward to the time that they can spend reduce the possibility of fatal complica- can Heart Association.
. Just as you would when the butcher offers you inferior meat, the                                                     tions following heart attacks, which re-     One-half of all funds allocated to the
                                                                              at the Cape resting in the sun.
customer will start looking elsewhere if we give him inferior quality.           Mr. and Mrs. Chilson make their sult from the formation of a blood clot American Heart Association are auto-
   The boss, then, in our business, just as in all others, is our custom-     home at 70 Meadow Street. They in one of the arteries that nourish the matically earmarked for research
er. Every single person connected with Sprague Electric, is, in the           have three married sons. Bob, Howard heart muscle.                                 through sponsorship of career in-
final analysis, working for him.                                              and Harold.                                 "Today, the surgeon's scalpel in- vestigatorships, established investi-
   The customer is the only person who can ultimately provide us                 Clarence has enjoyed every year of vades the heart almost as a routine gatorships, research fellowships arid
with steady work, good pay, a fine place to work, and real security           his life. At times, he says, he found matter, not only correcting defects grants-in-aid.
and peace of mind.                                                            things "tough", but they always which are present at birth, but also                  Contributions to the 1954 Heart
   Let's keep ourselves worthy of him. Keep your own quality                  ironed out. He feels that he owes his valves that have been dangerously Fund may be sent directly to the local
standards up, whatever part of our work you're performing. It's               trade of today to his father, who helped scarred and narrowed as a result of Heart Association, or to "HEART",
the best work insurance policy we know of.                                    him for so many years.                   rheumatic fever. Sometimes the scal- care of any post office.
February, 1954                                                                               SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                                       Page 3

Power Line, TV rBugs'                       Look Into The Future For Your Children's Servicemen's News 'Phone Book Changes
Detailed By Movies                                Sake: Proper Medical Care Is Essential Sgt. Alfred J. Pedercini, son of Mrs. The following additions have been
  Common problems related        to the                                                                                                                                 made in the Sprague Electric Telephone
                                                                                                                                    Gertrude Pedercini of this city, has
                                              Are we doing right by our kids?             have in the health of our children that                                       Directory. It will be to your con
maintenance of rural power lines and                                                                                                returned to Camp Wood, Japan with venience to note these additions in
                                               From some indications, no. In              Health Information Foundation, of
to television set interference were de-                                                                                             the 187th Airborne Regimental com- your copy, pending issuance of a
                                            terms of their health, present, and           New York City, has granted funds to
tailed for more than 100 employes re-                                                     Pennsylvania State College to under-      bat team after serving two tours of printed revision.
                                            future, we are letting them down. It
cently at a motion picture show held        is a recognized fact that many of the         take a study in 22 Pennsylvania schools   duty in Korea.                                 Armitage, Robert
at the Marshall Street plant cafeteria.     medical and dental conditions dis-            to develop and test techniques aimed at                                                     General Accounting               Ma. 422
                                                                                          stimulating parents to have health          The 187th "Rakkasans", made two
  The showing, held on January 28,          covered in our youngsters by school                                                                                                    Barnes, Walter
                                            health examinations are not followed         defects in their children corrected.       combat jumps in Korea and fought
was conducted by Nathan M. Levinson                                                                                                                                                    Receiving                       Ma. 204
                                            up for treatment. Why?                        Results of this study promise to be of    as infantry with almost every U.N.
of the Research and Engineering De-                                                      considerable help to citizens through-                                                    Brooks, Jacqueline
                                               Why is it that in one state, for                                                     division during the war.
partment, whose work centers on the                                                      out the country to improve their                                                                Equipment Engineering         Ma. 400
                                            instance, out of 37,000 children who        j
development of moduline equipment                                                        community health standards.                  Prior to Sgt. Pedercini's enlistment         Bradford, Stephen
                                            were found to have something wrong
                                                                                                                                    in February of 1951, he was employed                 Networks                       Br. 51
for power lines.                            with their eyes, less than 8,000 had           We, as parents, must tackle this
                                                                                        problem promptly. When the school           in the Foil Preparation Department at          Brosseau, Joan
  The motion pictures, all produced by      been taken by their parents to the
                                            family physician by the time of the         notifies us that a health examination                                                            Employe Relations             Ma. 447
the Rural Electrification Administra-                                                                                               Beaver Street.
                                            next school medical examination. This       indicates Jimmy's teeth should be                                                          Daniels, Helen
tion, were titled "Radio     Interference
                                            is not even 22 per cent. Why isn't the      looked at by the family dentist, or                                                              Sprague Products              Ma. 387
from    Rural Power Lines," "Typical        "follow-up" by parents greater, far         that our physician should be consulted                                                     De Samsonow, Vassily
                                                                                                                                      Major Kathleen Burns, daughter of
Television Interference Patterns," and      greater?                                    about a health condition noted in little                                                         Employe Relations             Ma. 397
                                                                                        Mary, the school means what it says.        Mrs.     J. R. Green of St. Petersburg,
"Maintaining Good Voltage on Rural   Why is it that a study of four other                                                                                                          Dube, Constance
                                                                                        And we must not fail to follow up on        Florida, who is a native of Williams-
Electrification Systems."          communities found that, out of 363                                                                                                                    Personnel                     Ma. 385
                                                                                        these recommendations. We must do           town, has been chosen for a 20-week
  Representatives from many of the school children who needed health                                                                                                               Gargal, Bette
                                   corrections, only 166 had been taken                 right by our kids     now. Even "to-        Advance WAC Course at Fort Lee,
Company's departments were among                                                                                                                                                         Sec'y to Dr. Morrison         Ma. 584
                                   to the doctor for treatment? Why,                    morrow" isn't soon enough.
                                                                                                                                    Virginia.                                      Ghidotti, Catherine
the audience.                      indeed!
                                                                                                                                       Prior to Major Burns' enlistment, she             Sec'y to Mr. O'Connell        Ma. 335
                                              Still another instance       Why is it
                                                                                                                                                                                   Gumbleton, John
                                            that a study of selective service men's ;                                               was employed in the Sales Office at
                                                                                                                                                                                         Employe Relations             Ma. 443
                                            school health records in one community                                                  Marshall Street.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Haskins, John
                                            indicated that certain uncorrected
                                                                                                                                                                                         Research & Engineering        Ma. 310
l/Uelca+ne . . .                            defects led to later disqualification for
                                            military service?                                 REPORTERS...                                                                         Jobin, Helen
                                                                                                                                                                                         Resistors                      Br. 43
                                              Something's     wrong     somewhere.
          New Employes                      Many experts believe it is with us that        This month this column is devoted to     Shirley Parmenter Feted                        Lehovec, Gisela
                                            the fault lies — with us, the proud         Isabel Jensen, Log reporter for the Re-                                                          Research & Engineering        Ma. 557

Research and Engineering
                                            parents of as many as 25,000,000 school     search and Engineering Department
                                                                                                                                    At Recent Bridal Shower                        McDonald, John
                                            age children. And, as the figures           for nearly one year.                                                               Sprague Products                            Ma. 387
          Virgil Gregory                    show, they are absolutely right. They                                                   Thursday night, January 28th, was Miller, Norman
                                                                                           Isabel has the unique responsibility
          Horace Jackson                    say that many parents fail to follow up                                               the night for the dinner and shower      Prokar                                      Ma. 318
                                            the recommendations by school health        of being the Company librarian. Up
          Peter McKinney                                                                                                          held in honor of Shirley Parmenter, Moreau, Lawrence
                                            authorities to take our children to the     to the time when she was approached
          Victor Ragosine                                                                                                         Industrial Oils Cooler Department,       Material Control                            Ma. 593
                                            family doctor or dentist to correct the     to take the position of setting up a
          Hollis Hardy                      defects pointed up by school medical                                                  who is to be married to Paul Bom- O'Connell, John
                                                                                        library in June of 1951, there had been \
                                            examinations.                                                                         bardier on February 20. There were       Superintendent                              Ma. 335
                                                                                        no library or librarian in the Sprague
Production Engineering                                                                                                                                                Patterson, Eleanor
                                               This is serious. We're playing with      Electric Company. When a certain thirty-seven persons present and it
                                                                                                                                                                           Research & Engineering                      Ma. 406
                                            our youngsters' lives. Health defects
          Elizabeth Mahonry                                                             bit of information was sought, one of really was a gala occasion. Anne Sheridan, John
                                            in our youngsters can h.ive permanent
                                                                                        the girls would be called on to help Heath was Mistress of Cei ^monies and         Coord'tor, Gov't Liaison                    Ma. 483
                                            harmful effects later if they're not
                                            corrected or treated promptly. The          locate it. There was no one definite called for toasts to the bride-to-be, Sherman, Hazel

          Thelma Horahan                    figures previously mentioned illustrate     person you could turn to for help. which were given by Dora Downes,                Sec'y to Mr. Fopteyn                         Br. 65
                                            this fact convincingly from the stand-                                                  Millie Conroy, Martha Clark, Phyllis Stackpoole, Bernard
          Betty Nowell
                                            point of our children's well-being and                                                  Brooks, and Bea Marsh. Evelyn Jones       Networks                                  Br. 51
                                            our national security.                                                                  made      the   presentation    speech   and
Sprague International
                                              It is such an important stake we                                                      Shirley was honored with some lovely
          Bessie Fairbanks

Sales                                                                                                                                 A mock-wedding was performed with
                                                                                                                                                                                   Boy Scout Week
          Helen R. Phelps                   Our Nation Needs                                                                        the following characters: Anne Heath,
                                                                                                                                    bride;    Evelyn    Jones,
                                                                                                                                                                              The Berkshire Council of the Boy
                                                                                                                                                                      Rita Scouts of America joined with other
Maintenance—Office                          Thoughtful Citizens                                                                     Charron, bridesmaid; Millie Conroy,
                                                                                                                                                                           organizations throughout the nation
                                                                                                                                                                           this week in celebration of Boy Scout
          Selma Sabin                                                                                                               best man; Dot Bastien, the minister;
                                  Just suppose that you were a Repre-                                                                                                      Week.
                               sentative in Congress. Each day your                                                                 Dora Downes, father of the bride; Dot
Network and Filter Development desk is piled high with letters. It                                                                                                            Citizens of the nation proudly salute
                                                                                                                                    Daunais, flower girl; Jerry Delisle,
                                                                                                                                                                           the Boy Scouts and their volunteer
        John Murphy            shows that good citizens are thinking                                                                ring bearer; and Bea Marsh, The leaders, who give generously of their
                               and acting so that their representatives
                                                                                                                                    Objector.                              own time, often at personal sacrifice,
                               in Washington know what they want
Misc. Dry Rolling                                                                                                                                                          to carry on this important work.
                               of the government.                                                                                      The costumes were out of this world
        Gerald Hamel                                                                                                                                                          The scouting     program    develops
                                  But you're also confused. Some                                                                    and defy description. Many who
                                                                                                                                                                           youth in terms of physical and mental
                               letters say, "Please introduce a bill
Sprague Products                                                                                                                    couldn't be there sent best wishes for stature, and teaches valuable lessons in
                               to cut down expenditures. Our taxes
                                                                                                                                    future happiness to the young couple. self-reliance.
        Bessie Wilson          are high now. Raising them will
                               promote inflation."
       Janis Harrington                                                             Isabel Jensen
                                  Other letters demand, "I beseech you                                                              Sprague Electric plants spread through-        time at work on books, (44 hours a
                               to urge Congress to appropriate funds                                                                out the country. Isabel remarked that          week to be exact), one would think she
                                                                           Having had previous experience in
                               for a swimming pool in our town. As a                                                                the library could rightly be called "The       would be glad to get away from them.
                                                                        this type of work, Isabel accepted the
                               citizen, I cannot help but think it will                                                             Information Bureau."                           However, reading is one of her favorite
                               add to the beauty of the community." position and thus our library came into                                                                        forms of relaxation. She also loves to
                                                                                                                                    Isabel has built the number of

           help your              How would you decide what to do? existence.
                                            How would you cast your vote?
                                                                                                                                 volumes up to approximately 3,000
                                                                                           Isabel had, while at Drury High and she has 125 current periodicals on
                                                                                                                                                                                   cook and puts a great deal of time and
                                                                                                                                                                                   effort into really making a meal some-
                                                                                                                                                                                   thing to be remembered. For sports,
          HEART FUND                           It's no easy job being in public
                                            office. A good public servant must
                                            judge which measure will benefit his
                                                                                        School, worked in the North Adams hand. Also available is a rather large
                                                                                        Public Library part-time, and while
                                                                                                                                 microfilm library.                                Isabel enjoys ice skating and swim-
                                                                                        she was in college, worked in the col-      Born in Willsboro, New York, on
                                            district and his country most effective-                                                                                                   It is easy to tell from the way she
                                                                                                                                 March 20, 1929, Isabel came to North
                                            ly. And — especially in these times —       lege library. After graduation, she
                                                                                                                                 Adams in 1939. She attended local                 talks and explains her work that
                                            he must judge which expenditures are        continued to do this work at the college
                                                                                                                                 schools and was graduated from Drury              Isabel is genuinely interested in her
                                            really necessary.                           and then the following year returned to High School in 1947 and Green                      work. In her own words, she says her
                                               To be a good citizen today requires      the North Adams library once again. Mountain Junior College in 1949.                       life revolves around her home and the
                                            much the same judgment it does to                                                    Isabel was married September 29 of the            library.
                                                                                           The Company library was set up
                                            be a good Congressman. The citizen                                                   year she came to work at Sprague Elec-
                                            who asks for appropriations not             mainly for the Research and Engineer-                                                        For those who may think that the
                                                                                                                                 tric. She now lives at 44 Marietta
                                            absolutely necessary now helps to in-       ing Department and that was the real Street.                                               library is rather a "stuffy" place to
            help your                       crease the cost of government. That
                                            expense is paid largely from the
                                                                                        purpose of its early existence. How-
                                                                                                                                    Isabel is a member of the Special
                                                                                        ever, it has since expanded greatly and Librarians Association and the New
                                                                                                                                                                                   work: Isabel has two friends who stay
                                                                                                                                                                                   in the library with her.        They are

             HEART                          citizen's pocket-book - - and your
                                            pocketbook — directly through tax-
                                            ation, and indirectly through higher
                                                                                        now, besides serving the Research & England section of the American
                                                                                        Engineering Department, it serves all Library Association.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Gladys and Humphrey, two goldfish,
                                                                                                                                                                                   who    are   also   the   mascots   of   the
                                            cost of food, rent and clothing.       three North Adams plants and all other             Since Isabel spends so much of her library!
Page 4                                                                                    SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                      February 1954

                                             seems the only one in our department Dry Tubular Finish                             "Midgeteers", that this is your column, painting around the house. . We ar<-
                                             really enjoying our recent snowfalls is         by Marjorie Hauptfleisch            not mine, that I shall serve but as an glad to hear that Peter Pinsonnault
                                             Mr. Washburn, a great ski enthusiast,                                                                                            enjoyed his two week trip to Florida
                                             who spends almost every week-end on          Knitting has taken hold in this de- medium of your LOG. I shall be Congratulations to the new grand-
                                             the slopes.                               partment.      Lillian LeClair is just readily available. STOP ME            TELL mother in our department. Viola
                                                                                       learning. She is starting off in a big ME             I'LL TELL THE LOG.               Tanguay We also would like to
Tantalum Department                                                                    way by knitting a sweater for her hus-                                                 extend best wishes to Norma Dargis, a
                                             Employe and Community                     band . Leonore Tarnuzzer and Marj                                                       former employe in our department, on
           by Mary O'Dell
                                             Relations Department                      orie Hauptfleisch are making scarfs.                                                    her recent marriage. She is the
   Daisy Major enjoyed her vacation                                                    Lillian Grande is making hats and Maintenance Department                               daughter of Viola Tanguay       Leo Cyr
starting January 26 catching up on                        by Joan West                 bedroom slippers . We are all sorry to                 by Audrea Bowen                 certainly can cheer the place up with
some well deserved rest at home. A              A pink and blue farewell luncheon in hear of Mary Morruzzi's operation for                                                    his singing Louise Bentley made a
miniature wedding cake was presented         honor of Mrs. Marie Kirkpatrick and appendicitis. Hope you will get well               Co-workers celebrated Dorothy Buz- delicious cherry cake for Marjorie
to Edith Fachini and miscellaneous           Mrs. Joyce Richards was held February fast and be back with us again soon          zell's birthday on January 21 by having Pytko's birthday.
gifts of dish towels, pot holders, a         5 in the Marshall Street Cafeteria. A George LaFontaine, our check in- dinner at Florini's. Included in the
vanity set and pillow cases were            white carriage robe and baby sweater spector, is putting in a new furnace. group were Audrea Bowen, Joan Para-
presented to her. The little get-to-        was presented to each of the girls. Good luck to you, George Lillian dise, Dorothy St. Hilaire, Marian i Building 7 Offices
together was held in the department.        Marie left us February 5 and Joyce LeClair's brother-in-law, Ronnie Le- Beattie, Tom Dion, and Charles Dean.
                                                                                                                                                                              by Betty Bogus and Joan Paradise
Jean Sprowson baked the cake and            will be leaving shortly. We have en- Clair, is quite the fixer. We under- Dorothy was presented with a lovely
presented it, while Theresa King            joyed working with you both, and we stand there isn't anything he can't handbag Andrew Girgenti has been                             Marion Pinsonnault has returned
presented the gifts. We all wish            wish you the best of luck in your new repair, whether it be electrical, plumb- working in the new North Carolina from a three week trip to Fort Lauder-
Edith all the luck in the world in her      role as mothers Mary Pat Riley was ing or carpentry work.                           plant during the month of January. dale, Florida. Marion was gone the
marriage     Kay Mendell and hubby,         a weekend guest of her cousin, Joe                                                  He returned, after spending a week at first three weeks in January, just when
Bill Mendell, foreman in Western            McCormack, in Pittsford, Vt. "Mike"                                                 home, accompanied by Allen McClain, we Berkshirites were freezing.
Electric, enjoyed the annual manage-        claims that her cousin is quite a                                                   one of the men in the millwright de-
ment party held at the Pittsfield           basketball coach. He is coaching Field Engineering Dept.                            partment . . Jeanne Murphy's hus-
Country Club, January 30. Also               baseball and basketball at the Pittsford             by Carole Clarke              band, John, has been employed by
present at the party was our Superin-       High School. . . Marie celebrated her                                               Sprague Electric after receiving his dis- Building No. 3
tendent, John Puppolo and Mrs.                                                           We notice that Joan Southgate and charge from the Navy, Submarine divi-                         by Shen and Lee
                                             birthday recently. She was presented
Puppolo.                                                                              Carole Clarke have exchanged pos- sion. Jeanne is clerk in Clayton
                                             with a cake and numerous useful                                                                                                     We are glad to see Margaret Eccher
                                                                                      itions. Good luck to both of you on Hynes' office              WANTED: Perfect so happy these days. Russell's Fra-
                                             articles such as rattles, pins etc., all
                                                                                      your new jobs Who says office girls skiing conditions not later than Febr-
                                             which will be of great help in keeping
                                                                                      aren't sports-minded? Henia Orlow- uary 13, by one ski enthusiast who is ternity Pin certainly has boosted her
                                             her baby quiet ..Pat Marsh and
Advertising Ad Libs                                                                   ski and yours truly have been com- the owner of a beautiful red ski spirits. Glad to see you so happy,
              by Versus                      Pamela Christopher attended the Civic                                                                                            Margaret We are sorry to see Janice
                                                                                      paring notes to see who took the                      and new skis. Marian Beattie
                                             Music Concert of Luis Pichardo. From
                                                                                      funnier falls on the ski slopes lately. j of the Maintenance Cost Control De- Russett hobbling around on one foot.
    In the absence of "Versus" who has       all reports, it was a very enjoyable
                                                                                      Who won? . Joan Southgate claims partment will gladly receive any in- Hope the sprain doesn't hurt too much.
taken the proverbial "leap" into            evening Toby Tobin is still spend-                                                                                                Jan The stores in North Adams are
                                                                                      she did a really "pro" job of sweeping formation about snowstorms at the
matrimony, we are hereby setting            ing her weekends on any snow-covered                                                                                              certainly taking advantage of the girls
                                                                                      off the ice on the skating rink the othei risk of being unpopular with the local
down the happenings around Little           slope in the Berkshires. This girl                                                                                                in the Products, especially during their
                                                                                      night, and Marion Sewell, Bettj snow removal crew Charlie Dean,
Siberia       Virginia Suprenant, alias     really likes to ski.                                                                                                              week of sales. Remember girls, we
                                                                                      Galbraith, and Marion Matney are Andrew Girgenti, Maurice Chonard, don't want the clerks to get tired of
Versus, was married January 30 to Pvt.
                                                                                      still talking about the bowling scores . i p e t e r Jobin and Arthur Caron were seeing all your lovely faces Lorraine
                                                                                      still talking about the bowling scores
Ernest Haas. Congratulations, Virg,
we hope you'll be very happy for years
                                                                                      Alice Herrmann has recovered from E J among the maintenance foremen who Lamoureux went to Burlington, Ver
                                                                                      Alice Herrmann has recovered from a
                                             Research and Engineering                 sprained ankle. Glad to see you're j attended the annual management mont, for dinner Saturday, January 30.
                                                                                      sprained ankle. Glad to see you're
to come Milt (Baldy) Cohen is col-
                                                       by Isabelle Jensen             better, Alice. We understand Carole d m n e r dance in Pittsfield on January That's an awfully long distance for a
                                                                                      better, Alice      Ve understand Carole
lecting boxes these days along with
decals and hot water. Better clear off                                                Clarke and Joan Russell got nice and 30. All reports describe the event as girl to travel just for dinner!
                                                On January 28 Nora Christie became
that table Milt, we never know whether                                                warm at Sheep Hill on the coldest day an outstanding success.                           Loretta Toomey went to Winooski,
                                            a full-fledged citizen of the United
or not you're sitting behind those boxes                                              of the year. Could it be because of a                                                   Vermont, January 30. for her nephew's
                                            States. She was one of 35 persons
 . . . Charlie Wacker is so engrossed in                                              borrowed alpaca blanket?       Congratu-                                                wedding. We understand Loretta's
                                            who, upon leaving the Pittsfield Court-
his work these days that he even says                                                 lations to Joan Russell and her "tree"                                                  hair-do was exceptionally pretty that
                                            house, was presented with an American
goodnight when people greet him with                                                   . .it just gave birth to a baby leaf . . Flat Midget Assembly                          day Arlene Tatro has been beaming
                                            flag by a member of the D.A.R. Five
"Hello" Fran Sifton's races are be-                                                   Sympathy to Carole on the death of her                     by Carmie                    lately for some reason. Could it be
                                            years ago, Nora came to America with
coming famous around the office.                                                      goldfish.                                                                              because Dave will be home for good?
                                            her mother from Brighton, Sussex.                                                      We hope that Connie Simon is rest- Rita English certainly makes a good
Who do you like in the sixth, Fran? .       She has been with Sprague Electric for                                              ing well these days. We hear that she hair dresser. She proved it with the
We all miss Helen Goodermote who            three and one half years. Sincere                                                   had quite a time finding a couch to excellent job she did cutting and fix-
has been out nursing her sick daughter.     congratulations are extended to Nora Round Midget Assembly                          please her .Nickie Fulginiti was quite
Hurry back. Helen. If you see               on this happy day from everyone in                                                  surprised the other day when someone ing Ginger's hair. Pat Nutting has
Janice Fowler running through the                                                                  by E. B. Ryan
                                            Research!. . Welcome to Vicki Wnuk,                                                 replayed a recording of his voice. started her "China" set. Very pretty
corridors tearing her hair out, don't be    who has joined the secretarial staff in      During the absence of your former Nickie just couldn't believe it was his pattern, Pat.
alarmed, she's only trying to do three      Research. This is Vicki's first job with reporter Jennie Garceau, I have been voice It's nothing like the good old
jobs at once. Hope you succeed, Jan         Sprague Electric, having graduated asked to report your notable doings and days for Maude Crews. At times we
      Joan Charbonneau has a problem.
She wants to disassemble her type-
                                            from Adams High School in 1953. .. sayings for posterity. Because of the wish we could bring them back for her
                                            Joan Haskins is planning a July efficient and commendable service she . . . Congratulations to i atricia Le-                         Busy BEAVCR
writer and sell it piece by piece to the    wedding, that is if her Harry finishes rendered you, this is a difficult assign- Claire on the birth of a baby daughter.
highest bidder Hats off to Fran
Cancro who hates to remove his
                                            their new home on time. They are ment and one which might well faze We hope she will be a great joy and
                                            building a six room house in Clarks- any cub. I can but hope to emulate success in the coming years . There's
toque for fear of mussing up those curly    burg. How lucky can one girl be to her qualifications in this column and no one like Tony Martin for Eva
locks . We all extend cordial greet-        have a new home when she is first hope that the lay-off which deprived us Daldoss; and Julius LaRosa for Lillian
ings to Joan Rice, who has just joined      married?
                                                                                                                                                                             Metal Clad (Nights)
                                                                                      of her services will be a short one, and Trombley. They both have quite a
the stockroom cuties.                                                                                                                                                                  by Theresa Thomas
                                                                                      Jennie will be back with us soon time. But it looks like Eddie Fisher
                                                                                      wielding her powerful pen. . . Have you beats them both. What do you say,                  Hazel Camadine and Kay La-
                                            Dry Tubular Assembly                      heard the many favorable comments girls?. . . Mrs. Ida Brooks was really Bombard each enjoyed a two-week
Personnel Department                                             by                   about the pert, saucy bow ties worn surprised when some of the girls vacation resting at home. Did I say
                                                                                      so dashingly by Mary Marra; the new got together and gave her a beautiful resting? Martha Choquette looks
                                                                                                                                                 ind              beautiful
           by Those Two                               by Peg Champagny
                                                                                      and oh-so-becoming hairdo sported corsage, dinner, blouse and wallet for , so happy lately. Don't you think so?
                                                      and Gladys Sullivan             by Mona Turgeon; the versatility of Vi | her 64th birthday. The corsage was The reason for this is because she
   Sydney Louison visited her sister in
Brattleboro, Vermont, over the week-            On Claire Andrews birthday, Jan- Leveque, who flits from one job to made by Peggy Slater. Her day was recently moved into a newly built
end and tells us she had a wonderful        uary 28, some of her co-workers another and performs each in an effort- complete when she had her picture home on East Road in Clarksburg.
time. What about this week-end,             presented her with a lovely birthday less and efficient manner; or had you taken with the girls later on in the day. We all wish you lots of happiness in
Syd?. . . Congratulations go to Miss        cake. How does it feel to be 21, noticed the naturally pink-tinted We all hope you have many happy your new possession. Rita Abuisi
Etta Owen who was recently re-              Claire?. . . Lillian Boyer's son left for cheeks of Norma Skorupski, which years                  Congratulations to Daniel has joined us again after being out sick
appointed to the Board of Directors of      the service on January 14. Good luck have earned for her the nickname of Donovan, who recently became a j with the virus Mae Ryan plans on
the North Adams Community Nursing           and best wishes from all of us, Dick. . . Pinky, and which are the envy of all j grandfather           Belated birthday greet- taking frequent trips to Boston to visit
Service . .and to Edith Matranga,           James Todd, formerly of this depart- our teen agers; the melodious and heart- ings to Amelia Couture.                           j her son who is now stationed there. . .
who was elected to the Social Com-          ment, now stationed in Korea, is warning laughter of Dosie Gaudette;                                                             Gaetane Allard is spending her vaca-
mittee for the Annual Italian Girls'        counting the days when he will again the enthusiasm and bird lore spouted                                                        tion in Canada, where she is visiting
Club Banquet. . . and to Lorraine Mal-      be back with us. Jim says it's just 156 by our new parakeet owners, Midge                                                        her parents. . Congratulations to Terry
oney on the birth of her new baby           days more in Korea and then back to Valotta and Alice Dydowicz; the Ceramics Department                                          Worthington, who has been elected
sister, Eileen Marie Delisle. . We all      the good old U.S.A. He also noted he roguish charm of George Ross, who so                        by Emma Maruco                  union representative.
envy Mr. Phelps his recruiting trips to     would like to hear from some of his co- capably kept the solder stoves in re-
the various colleges which will continue    workers . . Rena Roy is a proud grand- pair, and the personnel reasonably              We are happy to hear that Edward
until late this fall. Any room in the       mother again. Her daughter, Mrs. happy, during the serious bout suffered Mulvaney's mother is back home from Paper Rolling (Day Shift)
trunk for us, Mr. Phelps?...We en-          Walter Gajda, had a bouncing baby with virus pneumonia by our regular the hospital and we hope she will be                                by Rusty and Dusty
joyed listening to the tape recordings of   boy on January 30... Mrs. Marie service man, Jimmy Canale? In- completely well soon. . Those on vaca-
"the Sportsmen Trio" who are Rachel         Domenichini's son, 2nd Lieut. Joseph cidentally Jimmy is back, fit as a fiddle tion from our department are Lena                     In case anyone wonders who "Ma"
Beverly's husband, Merritt, at the          Domenichini, was home on a ten-day and glad we are to have him. . . Celia Grillone and Harold Burdick; recently is in our room, it's Frannie Miles, and
piano, Lee Hermansen, playing the           leave from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, where Shanahan is in the market for a Nature returning is Alma Haley. . Instead of "Slim" is none other than Hank
guitar, and Don Moulton on the bass         he received his Lieutenant's bars upon Book on Animals. Seems Cele has hei taking her usual vacation trip this Lepicier. . Roseann Shakar was sere-
fiddle. If anyone wants good music,         graduating from the Artillery Officer hibernating animals confused. Car season, we have learned that Ann naded by the testers on her birthday,
the "Sportsmen Trio" has i t . . . It       Candidate School.                         anyone oblige? . . May I remind you Little stayed at home and did some February 2. The happy birthday
 February 1954                                                                          SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                            Page 5

  sounded pretty good Eileen Mc- wich, Conn., and went night clubbing in Misc. Resistor Assembly                                K V A Stockroom                            soon be in running order. We keep
   Kenna is sporting a new hair cut and a New York We are sorry to hear                          by Jean Levy                              by Ace Samia                    growing all the time! Dora Downes.
  new car. Both look pretty sharp, Shirley Keating is sick, but glad to                                                                                                    Vic Bissaillon, and Dot Bastien finally
  Eileen      Hope Jerry Dutcher is feel- know her husband is home now after            It seems everyone in our room (or During the month of January new worked up enough courage and had
  ing better by this time           Jerry serving at the Submarine Base in New most everyone) has the knitting fever. faces have shown up in the stockroom. their ears pierced. That leaves just a
  recently underwent an operation... London,Conn.,for the past two years. . . Rose Murray has made ski socks for Del Barbeau and Evelyn Laliberti are few of us who still can't find the courage
  Anyone feeling sick, please call Nancy Although it's rather late, I would like one of her sons and now is attempting a the newest. Del was with us during to have it done Jimmy Cozzaglio
  Cook and Marcia Sweet, two of our to announce the birth of twin girls to sweater               Blanche Tatro has been the summer, was transferred to Mar will soon be back from his trip to Italy,
  pretty nurses aides at the North Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Lyons of Adams, making cable-knit caps, and the next shall Street, and is now back with us                           and Linda is counting the days until
  Adams Hospital . Since Claire Shabot Mass. Mrs. Lyons is the former one is always prettier than the last. . Del and Al Ferrara both seem to enjoy he'll be home again Gladys Kirk-
  became Claire Senecal, she is looking Laurette Leveque, who has worked Julia Sullivan is knitting socks for herworking together, 'cause there is never patrick is so happy to have her son
  slimmer. Could it be because of your with us for some time. Good luck son, Pat Mina Rondeau is making a dull moment. Evelyn, who was                                     Donald Giroux home from Japan.
  own cooking? Claire made a very and best wishes to Gladys Mont- baby sets for her grandchildren . .Jean transferred from Small Orders, is as Donald has been stationed at Yoka-
  lovely bride January 9. Two of her gomery, who is on leave of absence. Levy is busy working on socks and chipper and jolly as a baby with its hama, Japan, for the past two and a
  pretty bridesmaids were Joan Horn and Before her departure the girls gave her bedroom slippers . Bobbie Mantello first toy. We welcome you both. . half years and says that being home
   Irene LaFleur. In spite of a snow a pink and blue shower Best wishes is making cable hats for her daughters First let's turn to the shady side of the feels pretty good The Cooler gang is
  storm, everyone had a wonderful time for a speedy recovery to Lydia Sher- . Rita Brooks is still out sick. Hurry street! Chris Schultz is coming along planning a sleighride for the very near
  at the wedding.                          man, who is confined to Plunkett back, Rita, we all miss you. Hope you fine since her illness and will soon be future. It will have to be soon, while we
                                            Memorial Hospital following an opera- feel better every day.                       with us Dean Brown is suffering still have snow left. It's apt to be here
                                            tion The only one who wanted to                                                    with a common illness known as a cold. today and gone tomorrow, so we'd
                                           venture out during sub zero weather                                                 He can hardly speak. Well, Dean, it is better get busy.
                                           was Ann Spagnola, who took a long                                                   a good thing you're not a woman. It
  Metal Clad Finish                         hike with out realizing how cold it was                                            would be a tragedy not to be able to
                                                the outcome was she chilled her Industrial Oils                                speak . . Not only was January a cold
           by Veronica and Doris
                                           legs Good luck to Carole Leonard                      by Ann Heath                  month, but it seems half of the help in
     Our new bride is back at work         who recently left for an office position                                             the stockroom have colds. Vivian and K V A Department
  Mrs. Theresa (Coutu) Dube was at the Arnold Print Works in Adams.                     Second Lt. William R. Mumford, Alcide are also on a coughing spree. . by Alma Pratt and Frank Santelli
  married December 26. I heresa spent Before leaving, Carole was presented Jr., son of Emily, was home for ten Now for the sunny side of the street!
  her honeymoon in New York. I ler appropriate gifts . Helen Sikora and days. William was stationed at Las Frank Osterhoudt is displaying a                                  Frank Kohs must like to fish through
  husband, A 2c John Dube of North Hank Gamari received a purse of                   Vegas, Nevada. On his return he will beautiful set of auto seat covers which the ice, •because Frank Santelli's ice
  Adams, went back to France to finish money from their birthday club mem- go to the Far East . We were sorry to were given to him by his wife. As for chopper is missing and Frank Kolis is
  his tour of duty with the Air Force at bers . . . Good luck and best wishes to see Don Aragoni go back to his de- the occasion, we have yet to know. . . I doing all the laughing . Every morn-
  Chateauroux      Another recent bride is Norman Gamari, who has been trans- partment on Marshall Street. We have always wanted to know why ing we hear Bill Pasotti's old Ford
  Mrs. Mary (Bowman) Hart, who was ferred from Check Inspection in our enjoyed having Don with us Best of Marie Ducharme heads the line in pulling into the parking lot. The story
  married January 2. Mary was indepartment to Brown Street. We all luck on your new job, George Graziola. checking out after the day's work. Now is that Bill's Plymouth can't make the
  Florida and Nassau, Bahamas on her miss you . . We extend a welcome to George was transferred to the Rolling it can be told: Marie's husband, Moe, hill so he drives the old Ford to work.
  honeymoon. Her husband, James, of Walter Gould, our new check inspector Department . We miss you both . . . is always waiting for her even after ten But don't laugh, fellows, you too will
  Wilhamstown, is in the construction . . Although we all envy Ruth Jack- We are all glad to see Win Emery back years of marriage. What's going to be old some day We had a birthday
  business with his brother, Henry         son, we all miss her. Ruth retired after her illness . Welcome to John happen after twenty years?. . . Tiny party in honor of Frank Santelli on
  Mrs. Bertha Moreau is back from from Sprague Electric December 18, Merrigan, a new addition to our de- Mancini just isn't the same boy any January 1 3. Elinor Alibozek baked a
  Oklahoma and on the job. She left having been employed for twenty- partment. He worked in the Molding more. It is amazing what a pretty lovely, heart-shaped cake for him.
  December 19 by automobile, accom- three years. The past seven years she Department prior to his transfer. Get girl can do to a fellow. Anyone Frank says he was "27" years old, but
  panied by her husband. They visited was a tester with Casimer Ziemlak, and your war paint on, gals. He is a interested in getting another TV Al Pratt s only comment was, "I'd
  her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and prior to that she worked with Alfred "bach", and a nice one. . Congratula- channel on your set? Just contact Al hate to be hanging since you were 27."
  Mrs. Donald Racette. Her son-in-law Bergeron. Before leaving, Ruth was tions to Lou Vincelette, who has been Guisti and Harold Brown. The boys Anyway, we had a nice time, didn't we,
  received his discharge from the service presented with appropriate gifts by her made Acting Foreman of Paper Net- came in one morning and claimed that, Frank? We have a new Mr. America
  January 14 and now the family is com- co-workers and she is now spending the works . . The new atomic bomb wasafter working on Al's set, they were in our department. He, as you prob
  plete and all at home Alice French winter in Bradenton, Florida. We perfected in Blackinton when Alma able to get a Rhode Island channel. ably know, is Carl Estes. We will
  and Margaret Moore are out sick. wish you the best of happiness. . . Ann Pratt baked Bill an angel food cake. After all fellows, isn't that stretching it all miss you when you go back to the
  Here's wishing a speedy recovery to Gorcyka has returned to work follow- It almost floated the stove out thea little too far? . .In my last report I Molding Department                            Ronnie Pratt
  the both of you . Mrs. Gloria Jagiello ing many weeks of illness. Ann wishes       window.                                   told you that Al Ferrara and yours asked his mother for money for the
  is bark with us after a year's absence. to thank everyone who was so kind to                                                 truly were taking up skiing for a March of Dimes fund. When asked
  Gloria gave birth to a daughter, Mary her and for the many cards sent during                                                 pastime. Well, the time has passed, what lhe March of Dimes is for, Ronnie
  Ann, who is now eight months old. her stay at the hospital.                                                                  and Al and I have given up the sport replied, "So all the little kids that have
                                                                                                                               and we are leaving all the snow to the polio can run and play like I do."
                                                                                     Mica Mutter ings                          experts. If anyone is interested in
                                               Deepest sympathy to Anne Downey,                                                purchasing two new sets of skiis, hardly
                                           whose sister passed away February 1.                  by Sam Vince
                                                                                                                               used, and two pairs of ski pants, contact
                                               Deepest sympathy to Theresa Keil,        We would like to welcome back to Al or myself. . Recently Mane Dargie Industrial Oils Cover
  Bathtub Assembly                         whose father passed away January 29. our department Dot Rumbolt, Ida
              by Dora Landry
                                                                                                                               was chosen queen of the stockroom and Assembly
                                                                                     Little and Ronnie Hurlbert. Dot has no better choice could have been made.
                                                                                                                                                                          by Flo Lang and Isabel Witherow
     Teresa Paquin's son, Thomas, has                                                returned from a short layoff, and is now We also wanted to pick the king of tall-
 joined the Air Force and is stationed at                                            working on Stacking rather than Sold- tales, and figure it is a draw between            Mrs. Mary Kelly's son, Jimmy,
 Sampson, New York. Tom left Jan- Paper Impregnating                                 ering . Ida has been transferred back Armand Trottier and Ralph Burdick              arrived home from Germany where he
 uary 5. . We are glad to have Irene                 by Agnes Fitzgerald             to the department from Industrial Oils Happy Birthday to Al Ferrara, who had been stationed with the Air Force.
 Pigeon back with us again. Irene was          Francis Bennet has been ill with the and is back on her old job of Punch- was twenty-one recently. We were all The highlight of his homecoming was
 in the Adams hospital several days. grip. Hope you are feeling better. . . ing . . . Ronnie was transferred from dying to see what Al's girl, Bert, gave seeing his nine-month old daughter,
 We are glad she was able to return Eva Thibordeau's daughter, Marjorie, check inspection at Beaver Street to him. He finally showed it to us — a Nancy, for the first time. After a
 home with her appendix intact . . was married January 18. Marjorie his old job of branding. Seems like he "Hang-over Kit", all equipped with few doubtful glances at her Daddy,
 Laura Skowron and Eleanor Plankey and her husband will make their home couldn't stay from the good old Mica essential stock including a can of Nancy decided she liked what she saw
 were guests-of-honor at a birthday in Omaha, Nebraska. . .Agnes Fitz-
                                                                                    Department . We wish to welcome the tomato juice. However, knowing Bert, and the two are now inseparable.
 party for them on January 26. Both gerald recently celebrated her birth-                                                      that is only a teaser. We all surprised Jimmy's next destination is Florida
                                                                                    new employes, who are Madeline
 girls were celebrating their birthdays. day . . Charles Roy and Joe Breda                                                    Al with a cake and twenty-eight and this time his wife and daughter
 Laura and Eleanor received lovely could not start their cars during the Folino, Caroline Wolkowicz and Ruth candles. So sorry, Al, we didn't mean will accompany him. His wife is the
 gifts.. . Eleanor Durocher is out on                                               Pindick. Madeline and Caroline have to reveal your age. . . As the saying
                                           cold, freezing mornings recently. . .                                                                                          former Virginia Reese of Resistors.
 vacation. We hope Eleanor has a good Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Downey spent been transferred to our department goes, "an apple a day keeps the doctor Needless-to-say we'll all miss hearing
 rest and is feeling much better when the weekend in Stamford                       from Resistors, where they were away." Julie Dolle must be doing the about the antics of Nancy, the little
                                                                          Mr. and
 she returns . Nancy Briggs, Lola Mrs. Joe Breda in Greenfield with their Cementing. Ruth previously worked same. Julie is just about the only one girl with the big personality                            Evelyn
 Gigliotti, Muriel Bentley and Pearl son and family. . Agnes Fitzgerald in on final soldering of eyelets for Jack who hasn't a cold.. . Jimmy Goewey, Therrien and Daisy Meland and their
 Berti have been transferred to the Paxton, Mass.. . . Carmela Scalise had O'Leary. We wish you girls the best of our degreaser, is one of the most husbands spent a recent weekend at the
 Metal Clad Department. Good luck her son and his wife as weekend guests luck on your new jobs in Stacking. . . energetic fellows I have met. After Touraine Hotel in Boston. They saw
 girls, and come back to B.T.A. real . . . Margaret Bridgman was thrilled We would also like to welcome Elsie working all day on the degreaser, Jim several shows and in general had such
 soon.                                     with the lovely clock her nephew, Pvt. LaBonte, Eleanore Bechard, and goes to the Y.M.C.A., where he hasa good time. They are already plan-
                                           Robert Harrington, sent his mother Theresa Perini from Mica Molding taken up wrestling. With your build ning their next trip. . . Blanche Frances-
                                           from Germany. . . Neal Roy has joined The PMF line to which they are con- Jim, we may be seeing you on tele- chini is eagerly looking forward to that
                                           the hat parade — she was seen wearing nected has been moved to our depart- vision Saturday nights.                            date from New Jersey. . . Both of Mary
                                           one of the cute pixie hats.              ment . . . One of the girls here, who                                                Koczela's sons in Korea have received
 Metal Clad Surplus                                                                 would like her name anonymous, has                                                   promotions. Stanley has been pro-
             by Rita Johnson                                                        written this little story using some of                                              moted to Corporal and Joseph is now a
                                                                                    our co-workers names. "From the                                                      PFC. . We wish Pat Bontempi would
     Mary Bator celebrated another                                                                                            Industrial Oil Cooler News                 make some more of her famous "Veal
 birthday January I. She didn't tell             ,*>!««                             'Solar' system, a 'Little' 'Rumbolt' of
                                                                                                                                               by Gert                   Scallopini". We have sampled it here
"us which one - - our birthday club                                                 thunder 'Sears' your ears in a 'Bass'
                                                                                                                                                                         and there, but as yet have found none
 presented her with a decorated cake                                                voice. As 'Collins' restores your poise,      The Cooler has changed so in the last to equal hers Our ladies' man, Harry
 and a set of Libby glasses to match her                                            you listen to 'Martin' sing "That's few weeks that it will take a while to Rondeau, has been doing a lot of read-
 set.. .On January 25, Bess Lacy cele-                                              Gamari", and even aloud 'Bua' couldn't locate everyone. No. 1 table in the lately and consequently has no time
 brated hers and we gave her a decorated [General Salvage                           scare you. You 'Gurney' to your Cooler has been moved to the Cooler for the fair sex. He wills all his tele-
 cake and nylon lingerie for her trous-                                             destination and your very 'Busby' as Annex, and the group which moved phone numbers plus ooodles of advice
                                                          by Haf
 seau. Bess has named the day—May                                                   the Chinese would say, you 'Shippee' with it include Cele Bouchard. Betty on how to keep those girls happy, to
 15 . . . The welcome mat is extended to Bill Collier's wife, Mary, has re-the stock to the 'Bombardier' of the Cota, Marion Bernat, Mary Dean, Alec Murach and Henry Armata.
 the new girls in our department. Hope turned home from the hospital, where plane. And I'll 'Wager', that if this Eleanor Brooks and Linda Cozzaglio.
 you like working with us, and we hope she spent a few days under observation little piece of nonsense doesn't make The No. 2 table has been moved to the                   Sympathy is extended to Joseph
 to see the ones who have left returning . . Walter Maynard of Clarksburg is 'Vince', your sense of humor is out of No. 1 position next to the Reserved Guertin upon the death of his wife.
 soon. . . Roma Sweeney and her the proud father of a son, born Febr-                                                         section. New rolling machines have
 husband spent the weekend in Nor- uary 2.                                                                                    been put in the No. 2 position and will            Continued on Page 6, Col. 3
Page 6                                                                                     SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                      February 1954

                                                                                      Under certain conditions, employes of
LOG Reporter                              Social Security                             religious, charitable, educational, and
                                                                                      some other nonprofit organizations, and
                                                                                                                                 Safe Driving Begins
Describes Silver                            the person who paid the worker s burial
                                           expenses. This lump sum will be paid
                                                                                      employes of State and local govern-
                                                                                      ments may come under the law.
                                                                                         Does a person have to be in need
                                                                                                                                        With Car Care
Skates Exhibition                          even when there is a survivor who is
                                            immediately eligible for monthly in-
                                           surance payments.
                                                                                      before he can claim payments?
                                                                                         No. A retired worker, his wife or          As automobiles become more ex-         facture-rs install filters to do the job
                                                                                      widow, and usually minor children, may     pensive and complex with gadgets
   (The following is an article written How do you earn these insurance               qualify for benefits without regard to                                               and these should be: cleaned at regular
by LOG reporter Charles Felix, Re                         payments?                   their financial resources, such as sav-    like power brakes, power steering, air    intervals. The- most important of
                                               By earning enough in wages or self-    ings, property or other insurance.         conditioning and 12 volt ignition, the    these, the oil filte-r, requires a clean re
North Adams' great skaters.)               employment income over a sufficient        However, husbands, widowers, parents,      need for regular maintenance is greater
                                            length of time in work that comes under                                                                                        f.ll about every 5,000 miles. Oil soon
   The 19th Annual Silver Skate:                                                      and sometimes minor children, are re-      than ever before.
                                            the law. These requirements are           quired to establish that they had been                                               becomes contaminated with dirt and
Derby was held in Boston Garden or
                                                                                      dependent for at least half their sup       A regular preventive maintenance         grit entering through the- air intake and
January 31st. Six hundred and fifty
three enthusiasts were entered in the What is a quarter of coverage?                  port on the worker on whose record       program can eliminate the headache          crankcase breather, and from the
numerous events for speed skating,            The calendar year is divided into       they claim benefits.                     and expense of big repair bills and road               >
                                                                                                                                                                           burning e f gasoline. The oil filter
while 16 specialists performed various four 3-month periods of "quarters",               Can a person receive monthly          side breakdowns. Keeping up your            traps as much as three- pounds e l im >
exhibitions of figure skating, barrel beginning January I, April I, July 1, or        insurance payments if he has in-
                                                                                                                               car is essential toward getting the most    purities. But your filter can become
jumping, stiltskating, acrobatic and I October 1. Each calendar quarter in
                                                                                      earnings from work?                      out of it, and, after a winter of hard      so clogged, it cant trap any more
comedy skating.                            which an employe is paid wages of $50
                                                                                        Yes.    A person may receive monthly driving, even the most expensive car          abrasives and sludge          leaving them
   Tenley Albright, the world's figure                                                payments even though he has income needs service. The more your car                  iree to damage* costly e-ngme- parts.
skating champion, who was the feat- I "quarter of coverage" for determining
ured performer, put on a delightful act, his insurance status under social            rentals from real estate, dividends from
                                                                                                                               costs, the more it pays you to give it
but it was Jane Weiss of Walpole, j security.                                                                                                                                 4. Check body and chassis bolts
Mass., making her 15th appearance in          A self-employed person gets four                                                                                             when getting your car ready this
the Silver Skates Derby, and Sylvia quarters of coverage for each year in                Must everyone whose work is                  I. Take a good look at the under spring. Loose bolts allow the car to
Tilly of Weston, an acrobatic skater       which his self-employment income is        covered by social security have a
                                                                                      social security account number?            side of your car each time it's on a develop squeaks and rattles that may
making her first appearance, who seem- $400 or more.                                                                                                                       cause extensive wear through vibra
ed to draw the best hand from the                                                        Yes.   The earnings records are kept
                                              Can a person now over 65, and            by machines that use both the worker's     trouble and expense later. Examine tion. If a torque wrench is available,
 13,000 fans and spectators packed in who has not previously been em-
the Garden.                                                                           name and his account number. Each           tires for nails, breaks and uneven tread use it according to specifications of the
                                           ployed in work covered by law, be-         employe whose work is covered by the
   In the speed skating events, only two come eligible for benefit payments?                                                     wear. Check the muffler for rusted
                                                                                      law should show his employer his social
local skaters competed — Bobby Dunn, ! Yes. If he attains age 65 before               security card, which bears his social      out spots; driving with a leaky muffler
in the intermediate class and "Chuckie" July 1, 1954, he needs only six quarters                                                 can be fatal. Also, look for oil leaks       5. Frequent brake- adjustment and
                                                                                      security account number. Each self-
Felix in the Mitey Atom Derby. j of coverage (about a year and a half of              employed person whose work is covered      around the transmission, differential relining when needed are just as neces-
Young Dunn placed second in the half- covered work) to become eligible for            by the law will need a social security                                               sary to the operation of your car as
                                                                                                                                 and universal joint. Oil seals can fail,
mile trial, but failed to place in the one social security payments.                  account number when he makes his                                                     gasoline. Gas gives you "go ' when
mile final.                                                                                                                      draining lubricants out of important
                                              Does work performed after age           Federal income and social security tax                                               you need it. Brakes pmviele- the-
   "Chuckie", three-year-old son of       65 count towards social security?           report. It is also a good idea to keep                                               "stop."
yours truly, didn't win any prize, but       Yes.  As long as a person continues      this card in a safe, handy, place,             2. Check all your car's lights
got a great kick out of skating in his    in covered employment, or earns over        known to someone besides yourself.                                                     Regular, year-round car care means
                                                                                                                                 periodically to prevent a "blackout"
initial Silver Skates Derby. He still                                                    Is it possible to know how much
                                          $400 a year in self-employment, regard-                                                while driving at night. Otherwise, safer driving and operation of your car.
thinks the official who took his hand     less of age, his earnings up to $3,600      money I have accumulated in my                                                       Besides getting more out of your
and helped him around couldn't skate      in a taxable year will be credited          Social Security deductions?                your first warning of darkened tail
                                                                                                                                                                           motoring dollar, you help make- our
very well, and that he, (Chuckie), was    toward his social security account. His        Yes.   This may be done by applying     lights may be another car crashing
helping the official.                                                                                                                                                      nation's highways safer by eliminating
                                          wages or self-employment income must        for a status of account each year at the
                                          be reported and the social security tax     nearest social security headquarters,                                                mechanical failures while your car is in
   The trip was made to Boston with
Victor Gay of the Resistor Department must be paid.                                   which in this case, would be the Field         3. Your car's engine demands a diet motion. And that means yeju and
who, incidentally, received a thrill from                                             Office, Pittsfield, Massachusetts.         of clean air, fuel and oil. Car manu- your family are safer too.
                                             What kinds of work count toward
witnessing the derby. Others in the
party were Mrs. Eleanor Felix and            Among the kinds of work which
Peter Jennings.
  The derby gave me my first chance
                                          count toward social security protection     BROWN ST. BRIEFS                                 (Con't. from Page 5)

to actually see how valuable my LOG dustry, most kinds of non-farm self- j
press card really can be. With this employment, regular farm work, regu- Networks Department                                     main is going into real estate business?? faces. A very hearty welcome- to
                                                                                         by Mae and Marie                        or farming?? Which?
                                         lar household work in private homes,                                                                                               Alice Green. Lena Kerr, Margaret
to get pictures from all sections of the Federal employment not covered by                                                           Sympathy is extended to Beatrice Dickenson, Helen Murphy, Mary
                                                                                   First of all, we would like to say
Garden and even the star performers another retirement system, and "short-                                                       Day upon the death of her father-in- Milos, Ann Zoito, Doris Armstrong,
                                                                                hello to all our co-workers in our new
were very co-operative.                  term" work in the railroad industry.                                                    law.
                                                                                room. Hope you like working with us.                                                         Mary LaDame, Doris Daniels. Marg
                                                                                We have recently moved down to                                                              aret Cutler. Gladabelle Ross. Alice
                                                                              , Brown Street from Marshall Street
                                                                                                                                                                             Moncecchi, Isabele Lipinski, Stephanie
                                                                                Get well wishes go to Mane LeMoine,              Paper Rolling
         SAFETY                            CORNER                               who is home recuperating from an
                                                                                operation. Hurry back, Marie, we
                                                                                miss your daily chatter    Congratula-
                                                                                                                                              by M. and M.                   Leja, Viola Gamari, Shirley Smith,
                                                                                                                                                                            Viviane Maynard, Fran Solari and Leo
                                                                                                                                     Congratulations go to Margaret Lemoine What would life be like if:
                                                                              ! tions to Julia Gregalis, who has a new           Petravice, who has taken over Cath-
                                                                                                                                                                            Margaret Dickenson didn't sing us
                                                                                granddaughter Clear the road, every-             erine Ghidotti's duties in the P.A.A.
             PROPER TURNING HELPS PREVENT ACCIDENTS                           i one! ! Doris Krol has a new Ford and             office At lunch time, recently, the "Richochet" once in awhile? Mary
                                                                                really goes to town now Good luck                girls in our department had pizza pies Milos didn't bring in that terrific
                                                                                to "Roz" Vincelette on her new job.              sent in. Much to our surprise, we each fudge? Gray Christie lost his sense
      NO                                      NO                                                                                 ate a whole one.    We must be a healthy of humor? Alice Moncecchi couldn't
                                                                                Roz worked with us for awhile then
                                                                                went to another department and is                lot here Rose Pasotti brought in a
                                                                                                                                                                            go to the Eagles on Friday nights?
                                                                                now working in Networks Sample Lab               sample of dandelion greens that her
                                                                              | at Marshall Street    Glad to see Angie          brother dug up near their home. Alice Green couldn't go to Pownal
                                                                                Pontier is feeling and looking better.            Imagine having native greens to eat in every Thursday nite? Doris Arm-
                                                                                                                                  February Terry Pinsonneault has strong couldn't eat four doughnuts
                                                                                                                                  been out on sick leave. We all wish for breakfast? Happy mothers for
                                                                                                                                  her a speedy recovery. Also on our
                                                                                                                                                                            the month are Isabele Lipinski, whose
                                                                                                                                 sick list have been Esther Morettini.
                                                                                      Molded Tubulars                             Pauline Buletti and Dorothy Meikle- son is on the way home from Germany
     YES                                       YES
                                                                                      Section Solder                             john We all agree that Nancy after three years; Helen Murphy,
                                                                                                                                 Hurley looks very cute with her new whose son is home from Hartwick
                                                                                                   by "Tillie"
                                                                                                                                 hair-do It is amazing to see the College for the mid-term recess; and
                                                                                         Vincent Matranga, our supervisor,       number of high school basketball fans
                                                                                                                                                                            Gladabelle Ross, whose son is home on
                                                                                      went to Lake Placid. N. Y., the week-      we have in this department. It is too
                                                                                      end of January 23. Vincent spent a         bad that we don't feel the same about leave from Fort Dix. . Over the week-
                                                                                      good deal of his weekend building a        the ability of each team. Neverthe- end Ann Zoito welcomed home her
                                                                                      stairway in his new home. From all         less, the subject keeps our lunch period brother, M/Sgt. Dominic Mierzejewski,
                                                                                      reports he did a wonderful job As for      lively.                                    after five years in England ..The
                                                                                      Emily Post, how to discard a piece of
      To make a right hand turn stay       practice of making U turns is                                                                                                    reason why we see Shirley Smith buy-
                                                                                      gum? For the correct answer you can
      well over to the right. Avoid a      dangerous. If you have to do               ask Alice Bard Now we come to the                                                     ing stationery every week is this: each
      wide sweep into the other lane.      so pull over and stop. Make                style department: for information re-      Pulse Transformers                         night she writes hubby in Korea a ten
      To go left, keep well over on        sure the road is clear in both             garding styles see Helen Baxter,                   by Ruth A. Richmond                or twelve page letter. Can anyone in
      the outside lane. For both turns     directions before m a k i n g a            especially where hats and blouses are                                                 the department top that? Good go-
      use proper hand or mechanical        turn. On a high speed highway,             concerned . The mishap of this early           With this issue we find the opening of ing, Shirley . Sorry to hear Jane
      signals to let motorists know        don't make this kind of a turn,            year: Alice Bard falling, not once, but    a new department under the direction of
      what you are going to do. The        until you can do so safely.                twice, over a foot stool. Alice, when      John Muldowney, capably assisted by Martin is hospitalized for a minor
                                                                                      was the last time you saw the eye          Steve Bradford and Gray Christie. operation. Do hope you will be back
                                                                                      doctor? Rumors say Clinton Ger-            Among us we find many new and old with us soon.
February 1954                                                                                SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                             Page 7

Log                                Pictorial                                       Employes, Servicemen, Sprague Sprouts

                                                                                                                            David, seven, and Freddie, five,
                                                                                                                          are the sons of Mr. and Mrs.
                                                                                                                          Arthur Spooner, of River Street,
                                                                                                                          North Adams. Both the boys at-
                                                                                                                          tend    Johnson     School.     Their
                                                                                                                          mother, Lydia, has just returned
                                                                                                                          to Sprague Electric's Metal Clad
    It was happy birthday! to Mrs. Ida Brooks of the Flat Midget As-                     Beverly Daignault of Charle- Finish department at the Beaver             Second lieutenant Joseph Dom-
sembly department, Marshall Street plant, who was 64 years old on                                                         Street plant after a leave of absence enichini is the son of Mrs. Maria
                                                                                       mont, Mass., has left the Company
January 31. Her fellow employes got together and staged a surprise                                                        to welcome the Stork, who brought
                                                                                       for a few months to continue her ' a lovely daughter, Deborah.           Domenichini of Dry Tubular As-
party for Mrs. Brooks, and here's how they looked for the affair. In
                                                                                       studies at the North Adams State                                         sembly, Marshall Street plant.
the usual order, Alice Domin, June Gross, Loretta Millette, Clara Cotot-
ti, Rose Lancto, Olive Crandall, Mrs. Brooks, Aurelia Couture, Vi Teachers College. She had been                                                                          Joseph has been horn 2 recently on
Levesque, Ora Boyer, Yvonne Ross, Maude Crews, and Jean Shambeau. with us for six months, working                                                                         leave after receiving his lieuten-
In the back row are Aileen Mazza, Hazel Lilli, Janet Mahar, Peggy Slater, first with General Foreman Jack                                                                 ant's bars at Fort Sill, Oklahoma.
Betty McConnell, and LOG reporter Carmela Mancuso.                                                                                                                        He is a graduate of Drury High
                                                                          O'Leary at the Brown Street plant,
                                                                                       and later with Foreman Charles                                                     School and Bliss Business College,
                                                                                       iV'iulcahy in Metal Clad Finish at                                                 and entered the service in October,
                                                                                       the Beaver Street plant.      Beverly                                              1952.     He took basic training at
                                                                                       hopes to be back with us in June. :                                                Camp       Breckenridge,     Kentucky,
                                                                                       All her fellow employes wish her                                                   went on to leadership             training,
                                                                                       £ood    luck in her studies at State |                                             and then was selected for a 32-
                                                                                       Teachers.     She is, by the way, a                                                week officer training course.
                                                                                       very talented young lady at pencil
                                                                                       sketching, and     has made       many
                                                                                       beautiful    pencil reproductions of
                                                                                                                                                          '•'.-,      %

                                                                                                                                  John and Jimmie ar the cons of
                                                                                                                                Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Danforth of j
                                                                                                                                North Pownal, Vermont. Joseph j
                                                                                                                                is with General Salvage, Brown
                                                                                                                                Street plant.

  Richard    Hugh     Estes,  four           Beverly Ann Mahar, who was
months, is the son of Mr. and Mrs.      two on January 24, is the daughter
Walter Estes.    Walter is in the                                                                                                                                     !   Alfred, two and a half, is the son
                                        of    Janet   Mahar,   Flat    Midget                                                                                           of Lorraine Demo, of Molded
Ceramic    Laboratory,    Marshall
                                        Assembly, Marshall Street plant.                                                                                                Tubular Section Solder, Brown
Street plant. Mrs. Estes formerly
worked in Metal Clad Small Order.       Many happy returns, Beverly Ann!                                                                                              | Street plant. Stick 'em up, Alfred.

                                                                                   i        Diana Joanne Tanguay, two, and J
                                                                                       David Tanguay, 11 months, are the !
                                                                                       children of Donald Tanguay, who
                                                                                   I is with the Network         Production
                                                                                       Department, Brown Street plant.
                                                                                       Looks like Santa pleased these two!

                                             Here is Shirley Parmenter, In-
                                       dustrial Oils Cooler department,
                                       as she was feted January 28 at a j
                                       shower in honor of her approach-
                                       ing     marriage.   Shirley,   left,   is                                                                                            Private Dover Owens, formerly of
   Little Chuckie Felix, of North      joined by Carol Giroux, who is to                                                                                                  the Ceramic Department in the
Adams, and Leo O'Connell, Wilm-                                                                                                    Patty Lynn, in the picture on
                                       foe her maid of honor.                                                                                                             Marshall      Street   plant,      is   now
ington, Vermont, both three, were                                                                                               top, and Carla Ann Brown, below,
two of the contestants in the                                                                                                                                             serving in Korea with Company
                                                                                                                                are the nieces of Doris Luchini,
"Midget Atom Class" of the recent                                                                                               Mary Satori, and Clara Marceau,           "A" of the 519th M.P. Battalion,
Silver Skates Derby in Boston.       Shirley and Harold Rarick are thrilled
                                                                                                                                all of the Metal Clad department,         A.P.O. 71, P.M., San Francisco,
Chuckie is the son of Charles Felix, because there is snow for their vaca-
                                                                                                                                Beaver Street plant. The children's       California.    Dover, who was a most
Resistors, Brown Street Plant, who   tion and they will be able to ski
                                                                                                                                parents are Mr. and Mrs. Wallace
                                     Most everyone in the office is knitting                                                                                              popular member of the Ceramic
is one of the Berkshires' greatest                                                                                              Brown, both former employes of
skating fans and promoters.          these days. Dotty Russett is making                                                                                                  group, would like very much to
                                                                                                                                Sprague Electric, who are now liv-
                                     the most beautiful ski sweater, Kay                                                                                                  receive    letters   from   his     friends
                                                                                                                                ing in the Philippines.
                                     Sutliff just finished argyle socks and is              All lined up for a mock marriage
Purchasing Dept. Notes               now starting to make a skating hat,               at    the Shower for    Shirley   Par-
                                     Emma Mutart is at the present making              menter    are Ann Heath, bride;   When narrow necked crystal vases
         by Irene 'n Lee
                                     her fourth adorable ski hat and even                                                                                                    One of the most recent household
                                                                                       Evelyn Jones, groom; Rita Char- and bottles need cleaning and a bottle
  Our congratulations to Frances your reporters have the bug. Lea is                                                   brush won't do the work break several              items made from aluminum is a box-
                                                                                       ron, bridesmaid; Millie Conroy,
Pliska. our bride-to-be, who became making a beautiful reindeer sweater                                                egg shells into the bottle. Add a little           like mousetrap that catches mice—but
engaged to Richard Saunders over the and Irene is starting a cable stitch              best man; and Dora Downes, water and shake until all film and dust                 not the fingers, noses, and toes of
holidays. Best wishes to you both    slip-on for her husband.                          father of the bride.            disappear from the glass.                          curious pets and children
Page 8                                                                                 SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                            February 1954

Distaff                        Side
cMisitl a*i . . .                         Accidents Claimed                                               Popular                         Winter                     Fashions
           Skin Care                      94,000 Lives in 1953
                                                                                         Now that cold weather has set in,                                                      Consult the back of the pattern en
   Chapped lips and hands and rough           Accidents claimed approximately         all the woolens in luscious shades,                                                    velope before you buy your material
ened, dry skin at this time of year        94,000 lives in the United States during   nubby weaves and fleecy textures start                                                 and read the suggestions on fabric,
should remind you to take good care                                                                                                                                          thread, fasteners, ribbon or trimmings.
                                           1953, according to the Metropolitan        to exert their own special magnetism.
of your skin. 1 his applies to men as                                                                                                                                           There's no sure fire formula for
                                           Life Insurance Company's statisticians.    Women find themselves at fabric                                                        being the belle of the ball, but a well
well as women. It is a health hint, not    This was about 2,000 fewer than in         counters this time of the year admiring                                                fitting, smartly styled new dress is half
a beauty hint, although smooth, clear      1952, and it was the first time in four    and touching winter woolens. To en-                                                    the battle.
skin adds to anyone's attractiveness.      years that the number of accidental        courage you to take advantage of this
   The skin, medical authorities remind deaths represented a decrease from the        urge for wool, here are three styles
us, is an important part of the body. preceding year's total.                         good for a wide variety of woolens, all
It protects the body and regulates its        In noting the improvement, the          to be stitched up at home.                                                             Car Important in
temperature. Cracks and cuts in the statisticians point out that the toll                For an ambitious project we suggest                                                 Modern Woman's Life
skin open the door for germs and harm- of life taken by accidents among the           a classic polo coat with handy big
ful chemicals. For these reasons, men American people continues to be very            pockets and back belt. This is a good                                                     Did you know that one third of the
should take as good care of their skin as heavy, with only the cardiovascular         choice for a sport coat and if you've
                                                                                                                                                                             65,000,000 licensed drivers in this
                                                                                      always wanted a bright coat, why not
women. Industrial workers and those diseases and cancer responsible for a             make this one in deep red, or if you                                                   country are women? They don't av-
whose work keeps them outdoors much greater number of deaths.                         want to be classic throughout, stick to                                                erage as great distances in a year as
of the time need particularly to give                                                 a camel's hair coating? Simplicity                                                     men do, but their driving is certainly
                                              Motor vehicle accident fatalities       Printed Pattern 4401 comes in misses'
their skin good care.                                                                                                                            No. 4457                    essential to American family life.
                                           total about 38,000 in 1953, not appreci-   sizes, 12 to 20, 35c.
   Cleanliness is the most vital essential ably different from the number in 1952.                                                    A gay outfit for entertaining at          Shopping, taxiing to school, and
for skin health. The best cleanser is The toll in the past three years has                                                        home this winter would be the new          trips to the doctor's are the three most
                                                                                                                                  tapered pedal pushers, plus a surplice,    frequent reasons listed in a recent sur-
soap and water. Abrasive cleansers not been much below the all-time high
                                                                                                                                  wrap-around blouse. You can make it        vey of why women drive the family car.
are generally frowned on by skin of 40,000 lives lost in 1941. As in other                                                        a smart black and white ensemble or,
specialists. They are too likely to recent years, these mishaps were by far                                                       if you really want to do something new     In some places, especially in the sub-
injure the skin.                           the leading cause of fatal injury,                                                     and exciting, use a bold harlequin print   urbs, they are apt to have it from 75%
                                           accidental deaths.                                                                     bath sheet (36" x 70" will do) for these   to 90' (, of the time, and many homes
                                                                                                                                  fancy pants, as we did. Added advan-       have been built in rural areas because
                                            The decrease in the total number of                                                   tage of using such Turkish toweling is     a woman driver made it possible.
                                          deaths from accidents was largely due                                                   the no ironing feature. Pattern 4255
                                                                                                                                  will make both blouse and pedal push          Since many women have the use of
Helps for                                 to a reduction in fatal home accidents.
                                          About 27,500 lives were lost as a result                                                ers, sized for misses, 12 to 20, 35c.      family cars in the daytime, more and
                                                                                                                                                                             more wives are taking over the re-
                                          of accidents in and about the home,
  Planning                                which is 1,500 fewer than in 1952.
                                                                                                                                                                             sponsibility of seeing to the care and
                                                                                                                                                                             the servicing of automobiles. This is a
                                             Public accidents other than those                                                                                               serious responsibility since it affects
   Breakfasts                             in which motor vehicles were involved
                                          accounted for about 16,000 deaths, a
                                                                                                                                                                             their families' safety and their cars"
                                                                                                                                                                             efficient operation.
                                          small improvement from the year be-                                                                                                   When you take over the duty of
   It's February    time to check up on fore.
                                                                                                                                                                             "tending to" the ca,r, make it a habit
our early morning eating habits again.
                                                                                                                                                                             to plan for regular check-up and care,
Time to make sure that everyone in the                                                               No. 4401                                                                just the way you plan for visits with
family is getting needed food value
                                                                                         The dress and jacket ensemble is                                                    the children to the doctor and dentist.
from the first meal of the day.
                                          MONDAY                                      very important in the fashion picture                                                  Use the same service man, whenever
   Wives and mothers who have the job                                                 and pattern 4403 consists of a slim,                                                   convenient. It's a good idea to take
                                          Orange-Grapefruit Juice                     short sleeved dress with V-yoke that
of planning and serving breakfast 365                                                                                                                                        your car to the new car dealer who sold
                                          Baked Cornbeef Hash and Eggs                looks well piped in satin. The jacket is
days a year know that it's no small task                                                                                                                                     it to you. Not only does he know your
                                          Enriched Toast Butter or Margarine          waist-length and ties in front. This
to keep up the interest of a sleepy-eyed                                              combination makes a good afternoon-                                                    car best, but he'll keep records on its
family. Maybe that is why the baker                                                   into-evening outfit and, without the                                                   care and be in a position to give you a
is relied on for breakfast breads. It TUESDAY                                         jacket, the dress is a good basic ward-                                                better trade-in deal when you're ready
saves much time and effort now that                                                   robe ingredient in black or navy light                                                 for a new car.
                                          Apple Juice                                 wool. The pattern comes in junior and
the baker can be depended on to put                                                                                                              No. 4255
                                          Buckwheat Cakes                             misses' sizes II to 18, 35c.                                                              Regular care will pay off in high
more taste appeal into breakfasts.                                                                                                   If you're in the market for that dividends of worry-free driving, eco-
                                          Pork Sausage Patties
                                                                                                                                  special house-party week end, we nomical operation and higher turn-in
   Tempting rolls and coffee cakes made Maple Syrup Butter or Margarine                                                           suggest the strapless and full skirted
with enriched flour play a big part in a Beverage                                                                                                                            value.
                                                                                                                                  style in pattern 4440. Strapless bodice
healthful breakfast. These enriched                                                                                               top winds up in points at the shoulder,
                                          WEDNESDAY                                                                               which are underlined in contrasting
breads supply added niacin, thiamine,
                                                                                                                                  fabric matching the wide sash. Taffeta
riboflavin and food iron for better Cornflakes with Bananas and Cream
nutrition.                                Bacon Waffles
                                                                                                                                  is just the material for this lovely
                                                                                                                                  gown, such as bright red or winter         In a Nutshell
                                          Honey Butter or Margarine                                                               green. The pattern for this dress comes
   When you plan breakfasts, follow
                                          Beverage                                                                                in junior and misses' sizes, II to 18, 50c. When we forget to smile, our face is a
this simple pattern. Serve fruit or                                                                                                                                          liability.
juice, preferably citrus or tomato; THURSDAY
cereal, whole grain, enriched, or restor-
                                          Stewed Apricots and Prunes                                                                                                         Some people die at 30, but are not
ed; milk; and bread and butter or
                                          Scrambled Eggs Bacon                                                                                                               buried until 80.
margarine. Include an egg or break-
                                          Hot Sweet Rolls                                                                                                                                *    *    *     *
fast meat as often as possible.
                                          Butter or Margarine
   To give you a fresh approach to Beverage                                                                                                                                    Flattery is a splendid cure for stiff
                                                                                                                                                                             neck. . . There are few heads it won't
planning breakfasts, here is a whole                                                                                                                                         turn.
week of breakfast menus. There is
plenty of variety here to keep the Tomato Juice with Lemon Wedge
family interested in the first meal of Oatmeal with Cream                                                                                                                      Thirty tons of blueprints are used in
                                                                                                     No. 4403
the day.                                  Poached Eggs on Toast                                                                                                              •uilding a battleship.
                                          Beverage                                       For those who have less time to spend
                                                                                      with their sewing machine, there's a
SUNDAY                                                                                button-front dress to be whipped up in
                                          SATURDAY                                                                                                                              No ray of sunlight is ever lost, but
Broiled Grapefruit                        Baked Cinnamon Apples                       a jiffy. Contrasting buttons and knit                                                  the green which it awakes into ex-
                                                                                      ribbing at the sleeves set off the dress,                                              istence needs time to sprout, and it
French Omelet with Ham                    Creamed Chipped Beef in Toast Cups
                                                                                      which would look well in many kinds                                                    is not always granted to the sower
Coffee Cake                               Extra Toast                                 of wool-tweed, flannel, worsted or wool                                                to see the harvest. All work that is
Butter or Margarine                       Grape Jam Butter or Margarine               jersey. Pattern 4457 comes in misses'                                                  worth anything is done in faith.
Beverage                                  Beverage                                    sizes, 12 to 20, 35c.                                      No. 4440                                          Albert Schweitzer
February 1954                 SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                Page 9

   Candid Pictures of Sprague Management Group's Annual Dinner Dance
Page 10                                                                                 SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                                February 1954

                                                                                       Production Engineering                                                                             11
                                                                                       Notes                                                                                                1 DO" NOTES
                                                                                       by Lena Hurlbut and Bill Martin
                                                                                          It is nice having Mary MacArthur
                                                                                       back with us after having her tonsils
                                                                                       out December 29        The knitting bug
                                                                                       has bitten quite a few of the girls this
                                                                                       season. Doris Langer, Corrinne Gal-                                                     Claire Schabot and William Senecal
  Unless otherwise noted, call the LOG DESK if you are interested. Your ads
                                                                                       lup, Ann Reardon and Ann Lefebvre
will run in one issue. If you wish to renew your advertisement, please call the                                                                                                Emily Sprowson and Lawrence Filiault
                                                                                       are on the production line with their
LOG DESK by dialing 383.                                                               colorful hats. And don't forget Joan January I              Mary Batar                  Stacia Stachelek and James Birch
                                                                                       Reopel, Jean Godfrey, Joan Blanchette        II             Mina Rondeau
                                                                                                                                                                               Virginia Suprenant and Ernest 1 laas
                                                                                       and Lorraine Audette, with their             I3             F r a n k Santelli
                                                                                       gorgeous argyles. Plus a few others          17             Clara Bond                  Edith Fachini and Warren Maynard
                                                                                       with the fever. Corrinne Gallup is           20            Helen Sikora                 NormaDargie and Malcomn McQuarrie
Easy Spin Dryer washing machine           5 years old.    Call Williamstown 398-R.     now working with Ray Calvi as a                            H a n k Gamari
                                                                                       specification writer    Ann Carlow has      21             Dorothy Buzzell
Hotpoint electric range fair condition good for baking—suitable for summer                                                         25             Bess Lacy
                                                                                       received many lovely souvenirs from
home or camp price $25. Contact George Hull, Formation Department or                                                                              Lillian Trombley
                                                                                       her husband, Bill, who is stationed in
dial MO 3-5437 after 6 p.m.                                                                                                        27             Fran Pliska
                                                                                       Korea. Oh, those sheer black pajamas
                                                                                       are out of this world!    Harold Rarick     28             Claire Andrews
1953 5.2 H.P. Cris-Craft outboard motor approximately 40 hrs. running time
  very good condition. Call Adams 1 780-J between 6 and 7 p.m.                         spent his vacation skiing locally                          Edith Royal                        p//w
                                                                                       Bob Dunlop has a new Mercury.                              Guido Libardoni
1949 Buick Super 4 door sedan price $950 4 new lifesaver tubeless tires —                                         30                              Margaret Todd
2 snow tires new battery radio —air conditioning spotlight backup lights, Sympathy is extended to Harry           31                              Ida Brooks
                                                                                                                                                                               Joan Haskins and Harry Chesbro
directional signals and seatcovers. Excellent running condition. Contact Mortin on the death of his wife.                                         Elsie L a B o n t e
Merritt Beverly, Production Engineering or call Williamstown 44-M or W                                    February I                              J a n e t Russett            Virginia Hyndman and
after 6 p.m.                                                                                                       2                              Roseann Shaker
                                                                                       Shipping Department Notes                                                                                     Francis Maxymillian
                                                                                                                                            2     Vivian M o n t g o m e r y
1939 Dodge 4 door sedan        radio, heater and extras.     Reasonable—dial MO                       by C. T.                              6     Rena Lilsey                  Marie Grande and Alfred Roy
3-8268 after 6 p.m.                                                                                                                               Marjorie P y k t o           Mary Roberts and Philip Meehan
                                                                               Welcome to Shipping, Julia Wolf-
                                                                                                                                                  Isabelle Lipinski
Pot burner price $10, in fair condition—can be seen anytime. Dial MO rum           We all miss Betty O'Dell, who
                                                                                                                                                  Ann Lefebvre
                                                                                                                                                                               Gloria Ferrara and John Anderson. Jr.
                                                                            is out on leave of absence. Albert
3-8296.                                                                                                                                     7     Sue Slater                   Diane St. Pierre and Francis King
                                                                            Bourdon enjoyed his vacation recently
                                                                                                                                            8     Lena H u r l b u t           Doris Daniels and Joseph LaFrance
Divan wine color in good condition price $25 can be seen anytime. Call         HEAT SEAL SECTION: Agnes
                                                                                                                                           1I     Marie G r a n d e
at 22 Lois Street Greylock section.                                         Bolus is back at work after a leave of                                                             Frances O'Neill and Harvey Richard
                                                                                                                                           12     Janice Harrington
                                                                            absence . We all miss Viola Dempsey,
                                                                                                                                                  Ida Tovani                   Frances Pliska and Richard Saunders
Mahogany television table excellent condition -also Stewart Warner radio- who has been laid off.
                                                                                                                                                  Ronald C o u t u r e
phonograph combination in beautiful mahogany finish -also in excellent con-                                                                                                    Shirley Parmenter and
                                                                                                                                           15      LeaWalden
dition. Dial MO 3-5086 or dial Marshall Street plant 506.
                                                                                                                                                  Clara Bourdon                                     Romaine Bombardier
Bosley Model C Twin Lens Reflex -35 mm Camera complete with case and                   Wire Coating Notes                                  16     M a r y Scerbo               Enis Montagna and Santo Simonelli
flashgun. Cost $129.95 but will sell for $75. Dial MO 4-0205.                                                                                     Viola Zepka
                                                                                                by Betty Jangrow                                                               Janet Murphy and Al Rizzo
                                                                                                                                           22     Helen Estes
Golf Clubs, Automatic Washer and Ultra-Violet Lamp.               Call MO 3-9571  Mary Jane Sanford, R.N., daughter                               J i m m y Blair              Terry Brennan and Fred Behnke
after 6 p.m.                                                                   of Paul Sanford, took time off from her                     24     Dolly Rowett
                                                                                                                                                                               Janet Graney and Byron Barber
                                                                               nursing duties to visit her brother and                            Ginger Caron
                                                                                                                                                  Dolly Giroux
Two year old domestic hot water heater with controls. Will sell for $25. Dial family in Florida.         Her brother,
MO 2-2904, William Mausert.                                                    Robert, is stationed at Pensacola. Mary
                                                                               Jane enjoyed her trip but was very
Sportsman type umbrella tent (large) dimensions: 9'5" x 12' x lx/<£ (center) - happy to return      Helen Burdick re-
no center pole    Cost new $94.00 - never used — will sacrifice for $55.00. turned from her winter vacation last
Call Marshall Street plant 396 Bob Lamore.                                     Monday. She spent most of the time                                                                January 15       Mr. and Mrs. Edward
                                                                               in New York with her daughter,                                                                  Bard     5th.
Modern speed racing boat, trailer and accessories. Price $145.00. Call Betty. . We hope that Ray Dickinson's
Marshall Street plant 396, Bob Lamore.                                                                                                                                          January 22 Mr. and Mrs. Paul
                                                                               wife, who is on the sick list, is feeling
                                                                               better.                                                                                         Mazinski •- 17th.
Thayer carriage and playpen with pads. Call Marshall Street plant 560.
                                                                                                                                                                                 February 6 Mr. and Mrs. Henry
1941 Chevrolet sedan.    Best offer over $50 takes it.    Dial Marshall Street plant                                                                                           Boyer    21st.
                                                                                       Ind. Oils Final Assembly                     January 6—Mr. and Mrs. David
390.                                                                                                                             Peck — Son.                                    February 16 Mr. and Mrs. William
                                                                                                                                    January 8—Mr. and Mrs. William             Dupuis   24th.
                                                                                                by Isabelle Fuller
RIDERS WANTED                                                                                                                    Kirby — Son.
                                                                                          The room is pretty dull without           January 9 -Mr. and Mrs. Anthony
Riders from Adams to North Adams          8 to 5 shift.    Call Adams 736-M.          Bernard "Bernie" Tatro. Bernie passed      Trimarchi — Daughter.
                                                                                      his physical examination and is leaving       January II—Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Riders from Bennington to N o r t h A d a m s —7 to 4:45 shift to all three plants.
                                                                                      for the service February 9. Good luck      Valenti - Son.                                Washington and Lincoln
Call Bennington 5335 or Brown Street plant 39 and ask for Bill Smith.
                                                                                      to you, and I hope you like the service.      January 13—Mr. and Mrs. Russell            Shall Never he Forgotten
                                                                                                                                 F. Noel, Jr. — Son.
Ride from Valley Street, A d a m s to Minor or Church Street for the 7:00 a.m. He was presented with beautiful gifts
                                                                                       . . . Orrie Roy and his wife Rosalie had     January 13—Mr. and Mrs. Ronald                FEBRUARY is the birth month of
shift one way only Dial Brown Street plant 65.
                                                                                      a wonderful vacation which they spent      J. Smith — Son.                               two of the greatest Americans.
                                                                                      in Duluth, Minnesota, and Chicago.            January 13 —Mr. and Mrs. Harrison
FOR RENT                                                                                                                                                                          The dates on which they were born
                                                                                     They visited Rosalie's sister and           R. Cross — Daughter.
                                                                                                                                    January 15—Mr. and Mrs. Ernest             are remembered and honored; we have
Comfortable, furnished double rooms, fireplace, convenient to shopping and brother-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Carl
                                                                                      Nielson . . Laura Lanoue keeps herself     Rondeau — Daughter.                           not remembered the dates of their
transportation and quiet street. Inquire at 30 Hoxsey St., Williamstown.
                                                                                      pretty busy these days knitting hats          January 21—Mr. and Mrs. Ernest             death, because Washington and Lincoln
                                                                                     and selling them. They are very             LeClaire — Daughter.                          will live as long as there is an American
WANTED:                                                                              pretty. Let us know when you make              February 2—Mr. and Mrs. William
                                                                                                                                                                               alive to recall their words and deeds.
                                                                                     your first million dollars, Laura!          Houghton — Daughter.
Power generator either 600 or 1000 watts. Contact Joe Bianchi, Brown Street                                                                                                       The frailties and inadequacies of
plant extension 74.                                                                       Our deepest sympathy to Cecelia                                                      lesser men who followed them into the
                                                                                      Maxymillan upon the death of her 600,000 "fix-it" accidents recorded,                    Presidency of our country, while not
Cat—anyone who has a cat to give away, please contact John Blair, Metal brother-in-law, Anthony Maxymillan,
Clad Surplus, Beaver Street plant.                                                                                               386,000 fell into classifications in which    condoned, will in time be forgotten.
                                                                                      who passed away recently.
                                                                                                                                 a ladder would ordinarily be used to             But on the birthdays of Washington
                                                                                                                                 perform the fixing operation. 252,000         and Lincoln in this eventful year, let ug
State School Bus Law Is                    'Doing It Yourself
                                                                                                                                 involved the use of tools such as saws,       recall and take strength from the fact
Too Often Violated                         Can Be Painful                             than 180,000 yearly, suffer accidental knives, and power machinery.                      that America has had men who placed
                                                                                      injury as a result of making their own       Tools and equipment figuring in most        principle above privilege, patriotism
   The state school bus law is a law that     The current "do-it-yourself" trend
                                                                                    : furniture.      Other     "do-it-yourself" of these accidents were found to be           above politics, and love of country be-
everyone wants to obey but one which now sweeping the country has one pain-
                                                                                      activities accounting for large numbers either misused or mechanically de-               yond all personal gain.
is often misunderstood.                    ful drawback. It may result in a sharp
                                                                                      of accidents include replacing broken fective.                                              God willing           and if each of us will
                                           increase in home accidents and injuries
   The law provides that the driver of a                                              window panes, exterior and interior          Doing these home fixing jobs your-          truly resolve and act — we shall have
                                           during the next few months.
vehicle overtaking or meeting a school                                                painting, putting up or taking down self is a satisfying spare time pursuit              them again.
bus which has stopped for the purpose         Most of the victims are found among storm windows, repairing or painting and helps to keep family living expenses                   George Washington, February 22,
of receiving or discharging passengers families residing in single or private chimneys, putting up TV aerials, down. But, says the Institute, for                              1732 - "Let us raise a standard to
shall bring his vehicle to a complete dwellings. These families account for pruning trees, and repairing roofs and Safer Living, it can also be painful and                    which the wise and honest can repair."
stop, and keep it stationary until such about 63 per cent of the total popula- gutters.                                          expensive. So, before you tackle each           Abraham Lincoln, February 12,
omnibus shall resume motion, provided tion, yet suffer 90 per cent of all home            General carpentry work accounted job, make sure that you have the right              1809      " . . . t h a t this nation, under
flashing red lights and signs are dis- accidents.                                     for 72,000 accidents during one twelve- equipment and enough know-how to                 God, shall           . not perish from the
played on the bus.                            The greatest number of people, more month period. Of the more than handle it safely.                                             earth."
 February 1954                                                                                SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                       Page 11

                                                  Payroll Savings Bonds Help Your Future
 The Crusade For                                                                                                              | Professionals Offer Tips to Improve
                                                                                                                              'Your Bowling, Add 10 Points to Score
 Freedom Supports
 Truth, Education                                                                                                                  (These wintry nights find many
                                                                                                                                   Sprague Electric employes on
                                                                                                                                                                         ers underestimate the importance of
                                                                                                                                   the alleys, taking part in the             Too many people concentrate entire-
     The Crusade For Freedom is now                                                                                                healthful and stimulating recrea-     ly on how they release the ball, com-
   underway in the United States.                                                                                                  tion that the game of bowling         ments Carter, "and they never give a
      A quick rundown on what the                                                                                                  offers. Here are some profession-     thought to their footwork in moving op
  Crusade stands for, does, and hopes to                                                                                           al tips which may help you im-        to the foul line. Yet, it is absolutely
  do, reveals the following:                                                                                                       prove your game.)                     impossible to score well consistently
      It stands for American Citizenship                                                                                                                                 unless you develop a smooth and co-
' a t its best; rallies citizens to support                                                                                       A young lady who had never bowled ordinated approach.
  Radio Free Europe, whose broadcasts                                                                                          was watching Marion Ladewig defend
                                                                                                                                                                            "Although I use and recommend a
  crash the Iron Curtain with truth to                                                                                         her National Individual Match Game
  people enslaved by the Kremlin in                                                                                            Championship at the Chicago Coliseum four-step approach, some people might
  Poland, Hungary. Bulgaria, Romania,                                                                                        'in December, 1952. As the slender prefer either a three-step or a five-step
  Albania and Czechoslovakia; and hopes                                                                                        Grand Rapids, Mich., housewife pour- approach. Use whichever one is most
   to enlist some 25 million Americans as                                                                                      ed in strike after strike without seem- comfortable for you.
  participants in an educational program       Actress June Allyson displays a Payroll Savings application blank, ing to work up a good sweat, the non- "In the four-step approach, take your
  aimed at telling everyone the facts of giant edition of the one you may fill out (if you already haven't) to bowler was prompted to remark, "Why, stance in a comfortable position with
  life behind the Iron Curtain.             authorize the Payroll Department to buy U. S. Savings Bonds for you out this is a simple game. Anyone can be the knees flexed and the body's weight
      In the past few years, radio — of your pay. Sprague Electric, as a service to you, accepts your requests a good bowler."                                           well back on the heels. I prefer to
  through Radio Free Europe, supported for payroll deductions. U. S. Savings Bonds, paying steady and good                                                               hold the ball directly in front of me
                                                                                                                                  Undoubtedly a few minutes on a
  by the Crusade For Freedom — has          interest, are a valuable way for you to save for the future and at the same                                                  about waist high. The first step is a
                                                                                                                               bowling alley, attempting to knock
  come forward as a most powerful           time help your country.                                                                                                      normal walking step with the right
                                                                                                                               down the ten pins, would change her
  deterrent to the start of another world                                                                                                                                foot simultaneously accompanied by a
                                                                                                                               opinion of the game's simplicity.
                                           Heart Fund Movie is                       Distaff Hints For You                     She'd soon learn that to be a bowling
                                                                                                                                                                         pushing away of the ball from the body.
     Radio Free Europe is helping to
  stave off World War III because if       Shown In Cafeterias                                                                 champion you must master the correct         "The second step, with the left foot,
                                                                                        For economical well-balanced meal fundamentals and then practice them again is a normal stride. By this time
  there is one entity that the communists                                                                                                                                the ball is dropping naturally into the
                                               A motion picture on the heart — planning, include some plant protein as over and over and over again.
   can't face up to. it is TRUTH!                                                                                                                                        downswing.
                                            "Wonder Engine of the Body" was well as animal protein at each meal.
     This financial and moral backing up                                                                                          Fortunately for her and for millions
                                            shown this week in all three North Thus, more costly foods may be put to                                                        "As the right foot comes forward for
  of Radio Free Europe's broadcasts is                                                                                        of other bowling enthusiasts, you don't
                                            Adams plant cafeterias in conjunction their most effective use in combination
   not the other fellow's job. It is a job                                                                                     have to be an expert to enjoy this the third step, the ball reaches the top
                                            with this month's Heart Fund Cam- with less expensive plant foods. Cereals
   for each one of us who knows that the                                                                                      wonderful sport. More than 20,000,- of its backswing, and your right arm
                                            paign.                                    and breads, nuts and legumes all pro-
  way of free men is best. 11 is a job that                                                                                    000 Americans of all ages and occupa- should be straight behind you. Don't
  must be done and done superlatively          The movie was obtained by Miss vide plant protein in important tions are taking part in bowling during swing the ball too high on the back-
  well      in the interests of all.        Etta Owen, R.N., the Company's Med-                                                this season. With all the industrial, swing in the mistaken belief that extra
     Some 52 years ago the first trans- ical Supervisor. Showings were con-                                                    office, fraternal, high school, house- speed will knock down more pins. On
  atlantic radio signal, "S", was sent ducted by Robert S. Potter, Employe                                                     wives, mixed and other bowling leagues the contrary, it will probably ruin your
                                                                                        The homemaker who gets the most
  from the Old World to the New. We and Community Relations.                                                                   counted, more Americans take part in timing and control, which are essential
                                                                                      value from each dollar spent for food,
  residents of the New World today have                                                                                        bowling each year than in any other to better scoring.
                                               During the three showings, pamph- is the homemaker who knows something
  the opportunity to enable messages of lets on "Employment and Heart about nutrition and then applies that competitive sport.                                              "The fourth and final step, is a long,
  hope and courage to be beamed const- Disease" were distributed. The Book- knowledge when she shops for food.                                                           sliding motion with the left foot as the:
                                                                                                                                  Everyone who bowls enjoys the
   antly to dwellers in that portion of the lets explained that heart disease need She reads labels and knows what they                                                  right arm delivers the ball. The move-
                                                                                                                               pleasant relaxation and friendly com-
  Old living under communist tyranny. not be a deterrant to productive work. mean, and if she doesn't know she                                                         • ments of your upper body must be co-
                                                                                                                               petition which the game affords, re-
     Let's take advantage of that oppor-                                              makes it her business to find out.                                               j ordinated with the movements of your
                                               Miss Owen is still receiving the names                                          gardless of what scores they roll. But
   tunity. It could be, that through our                                                                                                                                 legs throughout your approach."
                                            af persons in the Company who wish to       Take bread, for instance. A home-
  support, that original message "S",
                                            volunteer as fund collectors for the maker who's "in the know" makes sure joyment by raising his average a few | The advice of Wilman and Carter
  might now come to signify: "Salva-
                                            campaign in North Adams. Interested that the flour and the bread she buys pins.                                              applies to both men and women alike,
                                            persons may contact her to enroll.        carries the word "enriched" on the                                               i but Marion Ladewig, who has reigned
     Join the Crusade For Freedom. Do                                                                                             Raising your average a few pins is a
                                                                                     label.    She knows that word means                                                |as     National   Women's     Individual
 it today!                                                                                                              simple matter, according to Joe Wil-
                                                                                     that thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and                                    Champion in 1950-5 1 -52 53. has a few
                                                                                                                        man, a three-time A.t5(^ champion and
                                           r                                    food iron have been added at no in- current National Doubles titleholder. words of wisdom which apply chiefly
                                             Ha.ste Makes Waste'                crease in cost. She recognizes that the You can boost your score 10 pins a to the ladies.

                                             Haste makes waste - and so do a "enriched" label means better nutri- game simply by turning in one more            "Among the most common faults a
              Safety                       number of other factors. The list is tion for her family.                    spare that you are now missing.       woman bowler develops is the tendency
                                                                                                                                                                         to rush her footwork.     Regardless of
                                                                                                                                   Everyone has more trouble with one
                    Is                        Just plain thoughtlessness can be a                                               particular "leave" than with any
                                                                                                                                                                         how many steps she uses in her ap-

                                            cause. So can inattention to the job.        How long has it been since you've                                               proach, the average lady bowler
                                                                                                                                other, continues Wilman. With most
                                            And don't forget faulty methods of baked biscuits for the family? They're right-handed bowlers it's the number generally arrives at the foul line before
             Business -                     work                                      so simple to make and take such little [                                           her right arm is ready to deliver the
                                                                                                                                10 pin. They can't keep their ball on
                                                                                      time. There's nothing like hot biscuits !                                          ball. This lack of timing can be avoid
                                              They all add up to waste. And waste                                               the alley long enough to pick up the
                                                                                      straight from the oven, spread with j
                Your                      j can add up to a staggering bill of costs, j                                         number 10 pin spare, or else they don't
                                                                                                                                                                         ed if the bowler will concentrate on
                                                                                      melty butter or margarine.                                                         making the first two steps of her four-
                                          J a sorry spectacle..of squandered money,                                             shoot at this difficult pin from the
                                                                                                                                                                         step approach a bit slower than the
                                                                                         Use plain biscuits as a topping for proper angle.
              Business                                                                                                                                                   final two."
                                              Waste, like safety, is everybody's meat and vegetable pies. Or use them |
                                                                                                                                   His suggestion is that a bowler spend
                                            business. The more we tolerate waste, as a base for creamed vegetables, meat j                                                  Another common error which Marion
                                                                                                                                an hour or so practicing on the week-
                                            the less are own chance for success, for and sea foods. "Dress up" plain                                                     has detected in many women's games is
                                                                                                                                end or at some other time when the
                                            profitable operation that means job biscuits by adding bits of green parsley,                                                the habit of not bending the knees
                                                                                                                                alleys are not filled with leagues. Some
                                            security.                                 cheese, sausage meat, or onion to the                                              enough as the ball is released. The
              Without                         Stopping waste requires a concen- dough.
                                                                                                                                establishments have special arrange-
                                                                                                                                                                         most immediate result from stiff knees
                                                                                                    *     *    *                ments to accommodate such practice is a lack of balance, and where balance
              Safety,                       trated effort on the part of each of us,
                                            whether our job is in the office, on the Planning a reducing diet is a job for
                                                                                                                                bowling, charging by the hour rather is lacking, the delivery of the ball is not
                                                                                                                                than for each game. If you can con- likely to be a smooth and rhythmic
               You                          production line, in a maintenance de- physicians and nutritionists. When j
                                            partment, or on a truck.
                                                                                                                                quer your chief bowling weakness and
                                                                                      considerable weight needs to be taken add one successful spare to your score
             May Not                           If we each try within our own sphere off it may be done safely only under a
                                            to cut down on waste, the results will doctor's supervision. An individual j
                                                                                                                                each game, you have raised your             Following the advice of Don Carter,
                                                                                                                                                                         Joe Wilman and Marion Ladewig may
                                                                                                                                average 10 pins.
               Have                         prove amazing. Just as you are safety- may have a special health problem
                                            minded and quality-minded, be waste- that makes a general reducing diet
                                                                                                                                                                         not put your bowling scores in a class
                                                                                                                                   Another bowling champion who has with theirs, but it should help you raise
             A Future                       minded, too.                              unsafe for him. If you are thinking of advice for boosting your average is your average from 10 to 25 pins.
                                               Doing your best at all these things weight reduction through diet, be sure Don Carter, current National Singles Remember, constant practice of these
                                            means better jobs and a brighter future. to consult your doctor.                    Champion. Carter believes most bowl-
Page 12                                                                                     SPRAGUE ELECTRIC LOG                                                                                          February 1954

Sports                                                                                                                                                                                     by KENNY RUSSELL

   Northern Berkshire High School Basketball Ice Fishing Bulletin                                                                               Williams College Sport News
                                                                                                     by Sam Vince                        BASKETBALL:                                are at least scoring. It will undoubted
  Witli about two thirds of the league
schedule over, the Northern Berkshire                                                       Calling all ice fishermen: how about             Coach Al Shaw's Williams quintet ly take a few seasons before they will
pennant race becomes more torrid.                                                       swapping tales of where the good has now won 8 and dropped 5.                               be heard of in the New England hockey
                                                                                        catches are running?                                                                        collegiate circles.
    Mere are the league standings as of                                                                                                      Following the Middlebury tilt, the
                                                                                            Here are some good spots that I have
 February 6:                                                                                                                             "Ephmen" won a well-played game SWIMMING:
                                                                                        heard of, and some that I have been
                      Won Lost      Percent
                                                                                                                                         over arch-rival Wesleyan in the Lasell
                                                                                         fishing myself this winter:                                                                   Coach Bob Muir s Nalators won a
                                                                                                                                         gym. Playing without the services of
 St. Joseph (P)         7      2       .778                                                 In our bordering state of Vermont                                                       thrilling victory over Springfield in the
                                       .778                                                                                              the injured ace, "Tony " Moro, the team
 Pittsfield            /•      2                                                         there is Lake Paran at North Benning-                                                      Lasell pool on February 6. The meet
                               3       .667                                                                                              lought valiantly and Ron Wilson really
 Drury                  6                                                                ton; Lake St. Catherine, between Wells                                                     was not decided until the "Purple
                                                                                                                                         took care of the scoring as he poured
 Williamstown           5      3       .625                                              and Poultney; and Lake Champlain, at                                                       Ducks won the relay in the last event.
                               4        500                                                                                              through some 44 rjoints for a new
 Adams                  4                                                                both Basin Harbor and Kelloggs Bay.
                               8        111                                                                                              Williams College record. He scored SQUASH:
 Dalton                  i                                                                  The great Northern Pike have been
                                       .000                                                                                               1 3 floor baskets and was uncanny from
 St. Joseph (NA)        0     8                                                          running wild at all these points along                                                        We stated before that the squash
                                                                                                                                         the foul line as he dumped in 18. The
                                                                                         with Perch                                                                                 team this season would be a contender
    At our last writing, Drury, Williams-                                                                                                enthusiastic crowd swept him ofi his
                                                                                            If you are interested in ice-fishing, I                                                 for New England honors and tin-
 town and Pittsfield were tied for the team, began to find the range and tied                                                            feet and carried him triumphantly ofi
                                                                                        hope that you will try one or two of                                                        changes of Coach Clarence Chaffee are
 top with two wins and no defeats.           the game at 25-all. However, Capt. these places at your convenience. the court at the conclusion of the game. at this writing making that prediction
    Drury, a dark horse in this year's race Jerry Schmidt and Company retaliated Please feel free to call me at Brown                        On January 28 the University of come true.
 created a sensation in the first half of    and with 50 seconds remaining in the Street plant, extension 49, for direc- Massachusetts came in to Williams
 the schedule as they swept by all but third period, led 33-27. At this point, tions to any of these points. Maybe town and rudely upset the "Purple' in WILLIAMS WINTER CARNIVAL:
 Williamstown. With a 5-0 record, Schmidt, Drury's ace and second lead- you know of another good spot or two a thriller, scoring the winning points                                    Don t forget this gala annual winter
 Drury invaded the college town and          ing scorer in the league, reinjured his that I have not mentioned. Why not I ia the closing seconds of play. This event scheduled for this weekend.
 took a sound beating from the big team knee that has been bandaged and let me know of them?                                             was loss number 3.
 that is ably guided by Coach Mickey braced all season. He was carried off                  ( / / enough interest is shown, this can         Two nights later Williams played SKIING:
Smith. Williamstown bordered on the the floor and with his departure went be a regular feature of our sports column i host to Springfield and downed a very
                                                                                                                                                                                       For the first time this season the ski
sensational at that time as they con- the ball game. Don't get us wrong, with stories and pictures of your fishing ! clever Springfield quintet whose shoot-
                                             we do not belittle the efforts of the rest                                                                                             operators can post ski conditions rang
 nected on 67' i of their shots. Drury                                                  experiences. Send them in!                       ing was uncanny. Time, and time ing from very good to excellent.
 still led in league play as Williamstown of the team, but facts are facts. Dur-                                    — Kenny Russell) again Williams would surge to a com-              Dutch Hill, Jiminy Peak, and
was being downed. Drury defeated ing the remainder of the game Drury                                                                     manding lead over their smaller foe,
                                             scored just 6 points, only 5 in the last                                                                                               Chickley Alp have all been enjoying
 Pittsfield in the Shire City and Adams                                                                                                  only to see the lead wiped out with
                                                                                                                                                                                    good patronage at their respective
soundly trounced Williamstown at the quarter. Meanwhile Pittsfield acted                                                                some fine passing and great shooting.
                                             as though they had a shot in the arm,                                                                                                  slopes.
new Adams Memorial High School                                                                                                           This was victory number 6 as against
                                            as they added 23 points to win, 58-39.                                                                                                     Colleges in New England are in the
                                            (Jerry Schmidt may not play again
    Following the completion of the first this season.)
                                                                                        Sprague Girls'                                   3 losses. Victory number 7 was
                                                                                                                                         achieved over W.P.I, without too much midst of Ski Meets and Winter
half, Drury began the second by play-
ing host to Adams at the local State           Drury is in second place — or maybe         Bowiing League                                                                              Jack Dempsey, local lad and son of
                                                                                                                                             After Mid-Year exams, the "Eph- councilmen Mathew Dempsey, is mak
Armory. Drury edged out a battling we should say third — and they must                                                                  men" took to the road and on con- ing quite a name for himself at Norwich
Adams team, and all but eliminated play local St. Joseph, Dalton at Dalton,                                                             secutive nights dropped contests to University.
the Mother Towners from pennant and close out with Williamstown at                                                                      Buffalo and Rochester. Both games
aspirations.                                home. The Red and White are still in                                                                                                       Just recently he capped the National
                                                                                                                                        were close and hard fought.
                                            the fight.                                                                                                                              Collegiate crown and on February f>
    However, we had been stating early                                                                                                       In their last outing they tripped he led his team to victory over Harvard,
 in the campaign that all teams in this        Adams must win all of its remaining                                                      Coast Guard, 69-62, and the accuracy the defending champions. He won the
league would be defeated at least twice. games — and what a schedule! Wil-                                                              from the foul line clinched this struggle. slalom, down hill and jumping events
                                            liamstown at Williamstown, Pittsfield,
    Drury was leading the league when and finally Pittsfield St. Joseph at                                                                                                          and placed 8th in the cross-country
they were faced with the task of taking home.                                                                                                                                      event. He won individual scoring
on Pittsfield St. Joseph at Pittsfield and                                                                                                  Coach Frank Bell's skaters have honors with 382.2 points. Our con-
playing Pittsfield- High two days later        The big game of the season will be                                                       absorbed their lumps this season, but gratulations to Jack on a job well done.
at the local State Armory. Both of between Pittsfield and Pittsfield St. Team Standings as of First Half
these opponents were one game be- Joseph. In the previous encounter                                                                 HELP -                FOR THE -
hind the "Blue Devils'.                     Pittsfield St. Joseph won the tussle.                               Won Lost Percent
                                            A win here could mean the pennant and
    Well, the outcome is now history. the city championship all wrapped into Western Electric
                                                                                        Industrial Oils
                                                                                                                                                               DEAF - BLIND
Drury fell before the "Hoyas " at one.
                                                                                        Independents             35      21      .625
Pittsfield 60-54 and the score does not                                                                                                      Every deaf-blind man, woman, and ears, but the deaf-blind have no sub-
                                               This league could wind up a three or     Scatter Girls            35      21      .625 child in our forty-eight states is in need stitute for sight or hearing.
begin to show how the St. Joseph team
                                                                                        Filterettes              28      28       500 of help. Try to imagine, if you can,
dominated the play. Pittsfield also four way tie with anybody's guess as                                                                                                              The American Foundation for the
                                                                                        Sprague Keys              17     $9      .304 the anguish and horror you would ex-
won that same night and thus caused a good as the next.                                                                                 perience bowed down by the twofold Blind is striving to:
                                                                                        Russellettes              14     42       250
triple tie.                                    Pittsfield St. Joseph is another team                                                    weight of blindness and deafness, with         1. Develop and expand facilities for
                                                                                        Resistorettes             13     43      .232
                                                                                                                                        no hope of emerging from an utter teaching deaf-blind children to enable
                                            that would not go far without their star
    On February 5, Friday night, the                                                                                                    isolation!
                                            center, Pat Robinson, who just recently High Average on Each Team                                                                      each child to realize his American
big game was between Coach Hy                                                                                                               Still throbbing with natural emotions birthright for an education.
                                            set a new high school scoring record
Patashnick's Drury lads and the clan
                                            when he registered 45 points against Ind. Oils—Joan Blanchette                    89.6 and desires, you would feel through the            2. Establish efficient methods of
coached by genial Art Fox of Pittsfield.                                                                                               sense of touch the existence of a living
                                            local St. Joseph at Pittsfield.             Independents, Gert Volpi              89.7 world, and desperately but vainly you communication for each deaf-blind
    Once again fate dealt Drury a stag-                                                 Filterettes, Mary Unis                86.0 would seek an escape into its healing person so that he can "talk" freely with
                                               No matter who wins the title, this Resistorettes, Helen Miller                   85 .9 light.                                       family and friends.
gering and costly blow that may well
                                            season has been the most interesting in Western Electric, V. Wisniowski 89. 3                   All of your pleasures would vanish        3. Promote greater employment
spell the end of all Drury pennant
                                            many, many years. The fans have Scatter Girls, Anne Sawyer                          92 .4 in a dreadful monotony of silent days. opportunities for the deaf-blind in their
                                            turned out in droves and the seating Sprague Keys, Margaret Dague 86.8 Even work, man's Divine heritage - own homes, in workshops for the blind,
                                                                                                                                        work that can bind up broken hearts — and in private industry.
    After a cautious first quarter that facilities have proven to be a major Russellettes, Dot Daunais                          91 .6 would be lost to you. Family and
found Drury leading 10-6, Drury problem.                                                                                                                                              4. Increase the social relationships
                                                                                        High Three String Total —                       friends might surround you with love,
                                                                                                                                                                                   of the deaf-blind by interpreting their
opened fast in the second stanza to                                                                                                     but consolation alone cannot restore
                                               Maybe someday we will have in                                Margaret Wohler 316 usefulness, or bring release from that needs to families, friends, and the
open a 19-8 gap, but the "Purple" from
                                            Berkshire County a gym large enough High[lndividual—DorothyDeGraffand hardest prison — a tomb of the mind general public to allow them to join
down the county refused to fold and                                                                                                                                                again in the pleasures of everyday^
                                            to hold all who would like to go. A                             Dorothy Daunais 125 and a dungeon of the body.                         living.
massed seven straight points to narrow                                                                                                      We doubt if even the most imagin-
                                            tourney conducted in Berkshire County
the margin. At half time Drury had a
                                            would be a tribute well paid to the High Team Three String Total —                          ative and tender normal people can            Persons desirous of helping the
23 17 lead.                                                                                                    Industrial Oils 1377 realize the peculiar cruelty of such a Foundation may make donations to the
                                            numerous Northern Berkshire fans                                                            situation. The blind who are taught American Foundation for the Blind.
    With the start of the second half, who have backed the area teams for High Team Individual Total —                                | can live happily in a world of sounds, Inc.. 15 W. 16th St., New York II.
Pittsfield, a fast and accurate passing years.                                                                  Industrial Oils 482 and the deaf use their eyes instead of N. Y.

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