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									Deltares                                                                               CV Rien A.C. Dam


Name:                   Marinus (Rien) A.C. Dam, 47 years (m)
Date/Place of Birth:    25 October 1961, Oudenbosch, The Netherlands
Marital status:         Married with: Ellis Harijanti, 20-10-1965 (Indonesian), two children
Nationality:            Dutch
Degree:                 Dr (PhD): Earth Sciences (Free University Amsterdam)
Present adress:         Waterkersweg 242, 1051 PH, Amsterdam Holland.
                        Tel: 020-6821590; 06-2509 8759; e-mail:
                        Office; Deltares: 088-3357807;


Project coordination and management: Substantial experience in international project
work, including development and acquisition, (financial) management and technical
contributions, evaluation, reporting and negotiation with international partners. Familiar with
multi/interdisciplinary project work. Project experience in S.E. Asia (Indonesia, Philippines,
Vietnam), India, Caribbean and Africa (Mozambique, Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana), for various
Dutch funding organizations, ADB, EU 5th-6th Framework and EuropeAid.

Applied Geosciences and Environmental sciences: integrated analysis of land and
water management issues, analysis and application of geoscience data, covering geology,
geomorphology, soils, ground- and surface water resources, coastal zone management and
natural hazards, with accent on environmental & natural resources management in tropical
regions, education and institutional development. Multidisciplinary scope: land characteristics,
(ground)water, GIS/Mapping, land use planning, biotic resources in wetlands/coastal zones.
Strong interdisciplinary and applied focus. Experienced with training courses and GIS work.

Team coordinator and networker: Excellent communication and networking skills. Coach
of international teams, with excellent organization & coordination skills, innovative project
developer, global citizen. Very familiar with (southeast) Asian culture and societies
(Indonesian-Malay, Philippino, Chinese, Indian). Social and participatory attitude. Lived
abroad in: Indonesia (5 years), Guyana (1 year); Numerous short missions to other countries.

Language skills

Language                Reading          Speaking         Writing
Dutch                   Fluent           Fluent           Fluent
English                 Fluent           Fluent           Fluent
German                  Good             Good             Good
French                  Good             Good             Moderate

Deltares                                                                                CV Rien A.C. Dam

Indonesian               Fluent           Good            Good
Spanish/Portuguese       Poor             Poor            Poor


March 2007-present: Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific research TNO –
Division Built Environment and Geosciences/ Geological Survey of The Netherlands.
International projects Business Unit Subsurface and Groundwater; Deltares Unit Subsurfae
and Groundwater Systems.

March 2004 – March 2007: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG), Office for
International Cooperation, project manager for cooperation with developing countries. Project
conceptualization and development, acquisition, responsible for overall project portfolio
management and partial project execution; liaison with counterpart organisations, funding
agencies. Managing ongoing projects in Mozambique, Ghana, Indonesia, Tanzania. During the
last 2,5 years I have played a pivotal role in the acquisition, conceptualization and start up of
5-8 international cooperation projects for the RUG (each 4 year duration), totaling over 10
mEuro budget (See also the overview of project documents below).

2002-Dec. 2003: Delft University of Technology, Project Coordinator; Management
Centre for International Cooperation (CICAT: International project
coordination. Technical contributions to international capacity building and institutional
development projects (project planning, monitoring, evaluation, transfer of expertise to local
partners). Close cooperation with several Philippines and India science and higher education
institutions (coaching PhD and MSc students, research & education development).

2001-2002: NUFFIC, Programme officer Asia; Netherlands organization for international
cooperation in higher education and research: Responsible for coordination of country
programmes in Kerala, India and Cebu, Philippines.
  programme organization, monitoring and evaluation
  monitoring missions to partner institutions in India and Philippines
  coordination of project work between NL institutions and partners in the Southern countries

1995-2000 NITG-TNO, Senior Geologist/Coordinator. Netherlands Institute of Applied
Geosciences - TNO. Responsible for international cooperation, project development and
technical contributions to applied research and technical assistance projects in the field of
environmental geosciences. Liaison between geoscientists and ecological and planning
experts; Setting-up geoscience-based approaches to environmental management issues and
land use planning. Geoscientific project work for NITG-TNO:
  GeoEnvironMan: Geosciences for Environmental Management; Coastal zone of northern
  Central Java, Indonesia with Indonesian and Dutch contributors.
  Integrated Coastal Zone Management project, Vietnam
  Sustainable Development Laguna Lake Environment, Philippines (with WL- Haskoning)
  GeoCES: Geosciences for Coastal and Environmental Studies. Project proposal for NITG, ITC
  and DENR, Philippines for a 4-year Integrated Coastal Zone Management project, Philippines.
  As a part-time researcher responsible for geology research in New Guinea and integration of
  results of the botanical, geological and archaeological surveys (team of 4-6 Dutch/ Indonesian
  researchers) and including fieldwork, integration and publication scientific data and the
  organisation of a 5-day Conference: Perspectives on the Bird’s Head (1997).

1994-2001 Utrecht University, Faculty of Earth Sciences: International Cooperation.
 Coordination and technical contributions to the development of geosciences education and
 research in Mozambique (4-year project, KEuro 850 budget, with up to 6 short missions/year,
 PhD/MSc/Staff training, overall institutional strengthening and human resources development,
 mixed expatriate/local staff teams. Tasks: overall project coordination and administration;
 technical contributions to (in short missions) to education and institutional development.

Deltares                                                                               CV Rien A.C. Dam

  Development of geological and environmental research projects in Indonesia, including
  coordination of counterpart research/training on MSc and PhD level. Formulation of
  interdisciplinary research proposals.
  Co-Manager: Environmental Studies project, University of Guyana and Utrecht University,
  EU funded (1994-1995). Overall project management of project with 3 expatriates and >10
  local staff, development of education and research and conducting local consultancy
  assignments, teaching environmental courses and initiation of research & consultancy
  activities, incl. supervision of MSc trainees, liaison with governmental and private
  organizations in relation to environmental issues and environmental awareness programmes.

1992 Free-lance geologist: German-Indonesian project "Environmental Geology of the
Bandung area" for the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Hannover,
Germany. Responsible for training counterpart staff (mixed Expatriate/Indonesian teams of 4-5
staff), environmental geosciences surveys for regional planning, application of GIS-based

1989-1994 Free University Amsterdam, Faculty Earth Sciences: PhD researcher.
Responsible for thesis research (with applied components), including: execution PhD research
project with Indonesian counterparts and staff of Free University and Dutch MSc students; joint
research with Indonesian Geological Survey concerning aspects as: Environmental and climate
change in the region; mineral and groundwater resources, natural hazards (landslides, flooding,
soil erosion, land subsidence); cooperation with Indonesian authorities (local and regional) and
(inter)national consultants for regional planning and infrastructure works (road building, water
resources development & management, urban planning).

1987 Junior researcher: Participation in multidisciplinary agricultural research- and
development project in Costa-Rica (3 months, with Wageningen University, multidisciplinary
teams of 3-5 staff).

1986 Junior researcher: Organization and execution of 5-month research project (geology,
geomorphology and soils) in the intra-montane Bandung basin, Java, Indonesia (mixed Dutch-
Indonesian teams of 4-5 staff).

1985 Junior researcher: Organization and execution of physical geography/ geological
research and mapping of a coastal zone area (Java, Indonesia, mixed Dutch-Indonesian teams
of 4-5 staff).


  Several projects: Facilitating and chairing workshops and conference sessions
  With partner universities in India and Philippines: Coordination of the development and
  review of academic curricula and development of research programmes for several
  academic departments (earth sciences, chemical/civil engineering).
  Department Geology of UEM, Mozambique: Overall coordination of curriculum development;
  specific contributions to various short courses; development of research programme
  University of Guyana Environmental Studies project: Overall development curriculum
  environmental studies; responsible for development and lecturing BSc and MSc level courses;
  lecturing Earth Sciences courses.
  Organizing various geoscience courses during the PhD research, both for Dutch and
  Indonesian students; Undergraduate courses, Graduate (MSc) courses, fieldwork training and
  MSc thesis work.


1989-1994 PhD research and thesis “The Late Quaternary Evolution of the Bandung Basin,
West-Java, Indonesia”. Faculty of Earth Sciences, Free University, Amsterdam, Holland.

Deltares                                                                                      CV Rien A.C. Dam

1981-1988 MSc studies in Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology. Major courses in:
-Quaternary and Environmental Geology, specialization in tropical regions
-Tropical soil science and land evaluation/land use planning
-Vegetation and Ecosystem studies
-Chemical/physical analytical techniques (for environmental studies)
-Coastal zone studies (Integrated Coastal Zone Management issues) and marine resource
-Human geography and development studies (Third World issues)

Practical training and execution of small projects: 1) Coastal zone studies in northwest
Java. 2) Geological investigations in the Bandung area (also Java, Indonesia), as a preparation
for mapping and research, 3) Tropical soils and agricultural land use planning studies (Costa
Rica, with Wageningen University)

Atheneum High School with 7 main courses (Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, History,
English, Dutch)

Curriculum Vitae Rien A. C. Dam: Project documents & Publications list

Project documents & Publications (December 2006).

Project documents

2004- present: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG), Project proposals (ongoing projects)
•  “Building a Sustainable ICT Training Capacity in the Public Universities in Uganda”, proposal for a
   3,4 mEuro, 4-year capacity building project for 4 universities in Uganda by RUG, Hanze Hogeschool
   and Radboud University.
•  “Capacity Building for Supervisory Bodies of Higher Education in Ghana”, proposal for a 1,9 mEuro,
   4-year cooperation project with Ghana for capacity building and training in higher-education policy
   making and management, by RUG, Erasmus University and Hanze Hogeschool.
•  “Capacity Building in ICT in Mozambique”, propopsal for a 4 year, 2 mEuro international
   cooperation project for capacity building in ICT for the Ministry of Education and 6 higher education
   institutions in Mozambique, by RUG and Radboud University
•   “Strengthening Capacity of Mzumbe University to Enhance Decentralisation and
    Governance in Tanzania”, propopsal for a 4 year, 1.6 mEuro international cooperation
    project for capacity building in Public Administration education for Mzumbe University (by
    RUG, SNV-Netherlands Development Organisation and IHS, Rotterdam)
•   “Valorisation of Indonesian renewable resources and particularly Jatropha curcas using
    the BIO-REFINERY concept”. Project proposal for a 5-year, 1.2 mEuro KNAW funded
    research project in chemical engineering for RUG, WUR and ITB and BPPT in Indonesia.

2004: Contributions to a research programme proposal: “Integrated studies of the Holocene
   development of the Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia” (Overall Coordinator Prof. Dr. S.
   Kroonenberg, TUDelft; see also under publications)

2002-2003: TUDelft, Management Centre International Cooperation (CICAT), 2002-Dec.
2003: Multiple project documents/proposals, internal concepts and evaluation documents.
•   Field surveys in coastal zones of Kerala-Tamil Nadu, South India and Mahakam river delta,
    Kalimantan, Indonesia

2001-2002: Nuffic, MHO Programme, 2001-2002: Linkage programme evaluations, project
evaluations, cooperation proposal assessments, concept strategies for programme implementation

NITG-TNO & Utrecht University (1996-2000)
 Integrated Coastal Zone Management Vietnam, 2000: project proposal for DGIS for a technical
 assistance project by NITG, Witteveen and Bos and DHI (by Rien Dam, Hans van Duijne and Jan-Piet

Deltares                                                                                      CV Rien A.C. Dam

  GeoEnvironMan Indonesia, 2000: Geosciences for Environmental Management and regional
  planning in the northern coastal zone of Central Java, Indonesia, project proposal for NITG-TNO
  Geosciences Mozambique, 2000: project proposal for Phase III in the cooperation in the field of
  Earth Sciences between Universidade Eduardo Mondlane, Department of Geology and the Faculty of
  Earth Sciences, Utrecht University (with Prof. Dr. Lopo Vasconcelos, UEM)
  Geoscience Education Conference (Building regional networks on local strenghts), November
  2000, Mozambique: project document for a one-week international conference on regional
  cooperation and geosciences education in southern Africa.
  NITG-TNO Brochure, 2000: Geosciences for Environmental Management (with Hans van Duijne)
  Laguna de Bay project proposal, 1999; Sustainable Development of the Laguna de Bay (Manila)
  Environment, project proposal for DGIS project by Delft Hydraulics, Haskoning Consultants and NITG-
  GEOCES proposal, 1996; GEOCES: Geosciences for Coastal and Environmental Studies, Project
  proposal for cooperation between the Mines and Geosciences Bureau, Manila, Philippines and Rijks
  Geologische Dienst, Haarlem, The Netherlands

• Joep E.A. Storms, R.M. Hoogendoorn, M.A.C Dam, A.J.F. Hoitink and S.B. Kroonenberg; Late-Holocene
  evolution of the Mahakam delta, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. ; Sedimentary Geology 180, pp. 149-166,
  Dam, Rien A.C., van der Kaars, W.A. and Kershaw. P., Eds. (July 2001). Late Quaternary
  environmental change in the Indonesian Region, Special Issue Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology,
  Palaeoecology, Vol. 171, No. 3-4 with 15 papers.
  Dam, Rien A.C., Sander van der Kaars and A. Peter Kershaw; 2001, Introduction: Quaternary
  environmental change in the Indonesian region. Special Volume Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology,
  Palaeoecology, Vol. 171, No. 3-4, pp. 91-95
  Dam, Rien A.C., Jennie Fluin, Papay Suparan and Sander van der Kaars, 2001, Palaeoenvironmental
  developments in the Lake Tondano area (N. Sulawesi, Indonesia) since 33,000 years B.P. Special
  Volume Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol. 171, No. 3-4, pp. 147-183
  Sander van der Kaars, Dan Penny, John Tibby, Jennie Fluin, Rien A.C. Dam and Papay Suparan,
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  West-Java, Indonesia, 2001, Special Volume Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology, Vol.
  171, No. 3-4, pp. 185-212
  Papay Suparan, Rien A.C. Dam, Sander van der Kaars and Theo E. Wong, 2001, Late Quaternary
  tropical lowland environments on Halmahera, Indonesia, Special Volume Palaeogeography,
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  Miedema, J, Ode, C. and Dam, M.A.C. (Eds.), 1998 Perspectives on the Bird's Head Peninsula of Irian
  Jaya, Indonesia. Proceedings of the conference. Rodopi Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands
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  Irian Jaya. in Miedema, J, Ode, C. and Dam, M.A.C. (Eds.), 1998 Perspectives on the Bird's Head
  Peninsula of Irian Jaya, Indonesia. Proceedings of an interdisciplinary conference. Rodopi Publishers,
  Leiden, The Netherlands.
  Dam, M.A.C & Th. E. Wong, 1998; The environmental and geologic setting of the Bird’s Head, Irian
  Jaya. Modern Quaternary Research in South East Asia, Vol. 15: Bird’s Head Approaches, 1-28.
  Sriwana, T., M.J. van Bergen, S. Sumarti, J.C.M. de Hoog, B.J.H. van Os, R. Wahyuningsih and
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  (Indonesia), Journal of Geochemical Exploration 62, pp. 161-182
  Van Der Kaars, W.A. and Dam, M.A.C., 1997; Vegetation and climate change in West-Java, Indonesia
  during the last 135,000 years. Quaternary International, Vol. 37, pp. 67-71.
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  East Asian Earth Sciences, Vol. 14, No. 1/2, 1996.
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  Dam, M.A.C., 1994; The Late Quaternary Evolution of the Bandung Basin, West-Java, Indonesia.
  Thesis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, pp. 252, with appendices.

Deltares                                                                                   CV Rien A.C. Dam

  Dam, M.A.C., Suhirman, A. and Toloczyki, M., 1993; Geological Map of the Bandung Basin, scale
  1:100.000; Environmental Geological Map of the Bandung Basin, Project CTA 108 - Environmental
  Geology for Land use and Regional Planning, Bandung.
  Suparan, P. and Dam, M.A.C., 1992; The Quaternary geological map of the Bandung basin, 1:50.000
  (2 sheets). Geological Research and Development Centre, Bandung.
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  Dam, M.A.C. and Suparan, P., 1991: A Late Quaternary Sedimentary Sequence from the Bandung
  Basin, West-Java, Indonesia. ESCAP Atlas of Stratigraphy, Volume X, Quaternary stratigraphy of Asia
  and the Pacific, Proceedings 1989 meeting IGCP 296. Mineral Resources Development Series No. 60, UN
  Publications, Bangkok.



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