Dr. Demian Yakel Ground-breaking Surgery Techniques and Hope by wuxiangyu

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									                                             SPRING/SUMMER 2011

Dr. Demian Yakel:
Surgery Techniques
and Hope
Also Inside:
•	The Face of an Angel
  by the Numbers
•	The Little Convincer
•	Wine with a View

         in partnership with   Wyoming Medical Center
                             Spring/Summer 2011

Letter from the CEO                                                   3                Shawn Bassham
                                                                                   Executive Director, Foundation
It’s the Little Things                                                3      (307) 577-7842 | sbassham@wmcnet.org
                                                                                          Susan Burk
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Scottish Theme on Tap for Masterson Place Golf Challenge              4        (307) 577-2134 | sburk@wmcnet.org
                                                                                      Pam Schoenewald
Foundation Presents First Installment of ER Funds                     4           Executive Assistant/Bookkeeper
                                                                           (307) 577-2971 | pschoenewald@wmcnet.org
Child Restraints: New Recommendations and Wyoming Laws                5                Diane Guerttman
                                                                             Safe Kids of Central Wyoming Coordinator
                                                                            (307) 577-2535 | dguerttman@wmcnet.org
The Little Convincer                                                  5                Cheryl Talkington
                                                                                    Masterson Place Manager
Connoisseur’s Delight 2011 Surfs to Success                           6     (307) 237-5940 | ctalkington@wmcnet.org
                                                                                          Pam Walker
Wine With A View Returns in October                                   6              Donor Relations Specialist
                                                                              (307) 577-2973 | pwalker@wmcnet.org
                                                                                       Dani Mandelstam
Saving Lives, The Time Is Now                                         7        Cancer Resource/Angels Coordinator
                                                                           (307) 577-2105 | dmandelstam@wmcnet.org
Ground-breaking Surgery Techniques Provide                                                 Josie Welch
More Than Pain Relief                                                 8       Administrative and Programs Assistant
                                                                              (307) 577-2914 | jwelch@wmcnet.org
                                                                                          Arian Currah
Wyoming Medical Center Employee Campaign Contributors                 10           Intern, University of Wyoming
                                                                                          at Casper College
A Thanks to our Donors                                                11       BOARD OF DIRECTORS
“By the Numbers”                                                      12                Miriam Temme
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                                                                                 Angels and Cancer Resource Center

                    Sponsored in part by                                                 Michele Ryan
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                                  WMCF Star                                             Kyle Thompson
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                           Cover Photo by Susan Burk
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Letter from the CEO
                                            Dear      Friends    Campaign. We owe a sincere thank you to all those who gave
                                          and Neighbors,         from their hearts.
                                            This is a very          By summer 2011, construction on a $35 million West Pa-
                                          special year for the   tient Tower will be underway. This will include the demolition
                                          WMC family as we       of the oldest remaining part of the hospital’s west side, dat-
                                          are celebrating in     ing back to 1939. With patient safety as a priority, this new
                                          a big way! 2011        patient tower will provide additional single occupancy rooms
                                          marks our 100th        allowing for more privacy and comfort for our patients.
                                          birthday. It was on       The expansion will make the campus easier to navigate for
                                          November 1, 1911,      patients and visitors by bridging outlying buildings together
                                          that our hospital      through a redesigned lobby and main entrance. The addi-
                                          began its commit-      tion of the two new patient units will allow for private rooms
                                          ment to providing      throughout the hospital. The plans will also leave open space
                                          quality healthcare     for future expansion.
                                          to the people of          We understand that construction activity is challenging
                                          Wyoming.               and can be noisy for our patients, visitors, and staff. We
                                            Now, a century       apologize for the inconvenience during this time of growth
                                          later, we have         and we sincerely appreciate your understanding. We are
much to celebrate. We have a robust and diverse staff of         confident these changes will result in a more positive patient
highly trained and skilled physicians, nurses and techni-        experience.
cians. Our hospital is proud to be on the cutting edge with         Yours in Health,
some of the latest in technology including the daVinci Surgi-
cal System®. We are working diligently to keep our facilities
updated and modern. In April, we completed a major expan-
sion and renovation of the Emergency Department giving our         Vickie Diamond
patients more private rooms. We were able to undergo this          President and CEO,
expansion, in part, thanks to the generosity of our employ-        Wyoming Medical Center
ees, physicians and the community who donated $4 million
through the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation’s Capital

 It’s the Little Things
                                               A Starbucks          As I work closely with Wyoming Medical Center and the
                                            card or a kind       wonderful staff, I know they are also in the business of
                                            word on a bad        providing the little things. “Patients First Every Time” is a
                                            day may not          lifestyle at Wyoming Medical Center. It is so encouraging
                                            seem like much,      to see an attitude that provides for the big and little things
                                            does it? They are    that patients and families need while being cared for at
                                            little things, but   Wyoming Medical Center. Going above and beyond is stan-
                                            they make life       dard practice and you hear the words, “Is there anything
                                            so worthwhile.       more I can do for you?” as a constant.
                                            When I thought          Having to be in the hospital can sometimes be
                                            about the way        overwhelming and so it is the little things that can
                                            in which we live     make a big difference to your comfort and care. I am
                                            and love those       proud to know so many of the faces that will do their
                                            around us, I pon-    best to take care of each patient and their family.
                                            dered if we real-    Every day each of us makes a choice to cherish others.
                                            ize all the little   What little thing will you do today?
                                            things that oth-
 ers are doing for us each day.
    My husband buys favorite candies for his boys and leaves
 them on their dresser in their room, and he remembers the         Shawn Bassham,
 things that I like and I find them on the table or in the         Executive Director,
 fridge. Little things yes, but valuable to being recognized       Wyoming Medical Center Foundation
 and cherished.

Spring/Summer 2011                                       WMCF STAR                                                                3
                         Bits Pieces
Scottish Theme on Tap for Masterson Place Golf Challenge
  Tartans and bagpipers, plaids and kilts will honor the ori-   players with a current GHIN handicap will be placed in the
gins of golf when the Annual Masterson Place Golf Challenge     competitive division; those with one or more without a cur-
tees off with a Scottish theme on June 10th, 2011, at the       rent GHIN handicap will be in the social division. Prizes will
Casper Country Club. All of the proceeds will benefit Mas-      be awarded in each division.
terson Place, a Home Away From Home which provides a               Special events at the tournament include the popular
supportive, affordable envi-                                                                  Golf Ball Drop for a chance to
ronment for patients and their                                                                win $25,000 or other prizes,
families who are traveling to                                                                 and the Motorcycle Putt for
Casper for medical care. This                                                                 a chance to win a brand new
41-room facility was purchased                                                                motorcycle from Casper Moun-
by Wyoming Medical Center                                                                     tain Motor Sports. Golf ball
Foundation in 2001 through a                                                                  drop tickets are available at
generous donation from Mary                                                                   the Casper Country Club, the
Masterson and her family. Be-                                                                 Wyoming Medical Center Foun-
cause the Foundation is com-                                                                  dation, or from any committee
mitted to keeping the patient’s                                                               member while chances for the
out-of-pocket expenses as low                                                                 Motorcycle Putt can be pur-
as possible, proceeds from Mas-                                                               chased the day of the event by
terson Place Golf Challenge al-                                                               participants.
low the Foundation to provide                                                                   Registration fees are $500.00
this quality service which in-                                                                per four-person team, and in-
cludes a $40.00 per day cost,                                                                 clude greens and cart fees,
vouchers for free rooms for low                                                               range balls, and post-tourna-
income families, transportation                                                               ment awards, hors d’oeuvres
to and from the Wyoming Medi-                                                                 and refreshments.
cal Center and Rocky Mountain                                                                   Friends and families who are
Oncology, the maintenance and                                                                 not playing can attend the post
upkeep of the 41 rooms and commons area, and free internet.     event for a fee of $25.00 per person, which includes a dona-
  The Tournament itself is a four-person-team shamble with      tion to Masterson Place. For complete tournament rules, you
both competitive and social divisions. Any four team play-      can contact Pam Walker at (307) 577-2973 or the Wyoming
ers can play together, regardless of their handicaps. Teams     Medical Center Foundation at 307-577-2914.
may consist of men, women, or mixed. Teams that have all

    Foundation Presents First
    Installment of ER Funds
       The Wyoming Medical Center Foundation
    presented the hospital with a 1.5 million dol-
    lar check toward the expansion of the Emer-
    gency Department. The Foundation is working
    to raise six million dollars through its “Saving
    Lives, the Time is Now!” capital campaign.
    Foundation Board Chair Miriam Temme re-
    cently presented the first installment to the
    Wyoming Medical Center’s Board of Directors.
    Pictured at right are (l-r) WMC Board of Direc-
    tors Chair Linda Young, Vickie Diamond, CEO
    of Wyoming Medical Center, and WMC Founda-
    tion Board Chair Miriam Temme.

4                                                       WMCF STAR                                        Spring/Summer 2011
Child Restraints: New
and Wyomings Laws
By Diane Guerttman and Susan Burk
   The Safe Kids Office has been bom-             seat manufacturer’s instructions;
barded with questions from parents                read the vehicle owner’s manual
about the recently released American              on how to install the car seat using
Academy of Pediatrics recommenda-                 the seat belt or LATCH system; and
tions. AAP advises parents to keep their          check height and weight limits.
toddlers in rear-facing car seats until        • To maximize safety, keep your child
age 2, or until they reach the maximum            in the car seat for as long as pos-
height and weight of their seat. AAP              sible, as long as the child fits with-
adds that most children should ride in a          in the manufacturer’s height and
belt-positioning booster seat until they          weight requirements.                     Safe Kids Water Safety Day 2011
have reached 4 feet 9 inches tall and          • Keep your child in the back seat at
are between 8 and 12 years of age.                least through age 12.
   Here are National Highway Traffic             According to the Wyoming Child
Safety Administration, AAP, and Safe         Restraint Law, a child who has not
Kids recommendations for car seats:          reached his/her ninth birthday must
   • Select a car seat based on your         be in a child restraint and secured in a
     child’s age and size, and choose a      vehicle seat other than the front seat.
     seat that fits in your vehicle and      Safe Kids of Central Wyoming is avail-
     use it every time.                      able for anyone who needs assistance
   • Remain rear facing until age two,       understanding the recommendations
     or until the maximum height and         or how to implement the recommen-
     weight the seat dictates                dations for their child by calling (307)
   • Always refer to your specific car       577-2535.
                                                                                           Safe Kids Volunteers fit ski helmets at Winter Safety Day at
The Little Convincer
By Josie Welch and Susan Burk
  Safe Kids of Central Wyoming                                                                    the students how the bear re-
kicked off the Little Convincer                                                                   mained safely restrained in the
program February 1st of 2011                                                                      chair. Children are then given the
at Sagewood Elementary School,                                                                    opportunity to take a ride in the
and the program has been ex-                                                                      Little Convincer chair and be in a
tremely successful. The Little                                                                    “crash.”
Convincer is a program intended                                                                      At the end of the program,
for kindergartners that teaches                                                                   kindergartners receive a chart to
the children the importance of                                                                    track their buckling and boost-
using a booster seat and safety                                                                   er seat usage for the following
belt. Law enforcement and Safe                                                                    week. In a week, staff revis-
Kids staff use the program to                                                                     its the classroom to collect the
teach children the dangers that                                                                   charts, and the children receive
can happen if seat belts and                                                                      prizes and treats for bringing
booster seats are not used prop-    Josie Welch and Arian Currah of the Wyoming Medical Center    their charts back.
erly. During the demonstrations, Foundation, along with Deputy Michael Scott of the Natrona Coun-    Most charts come back filled in
a stuffed bear is placed in the ty Sheriff’s office, and two Cresthill Elementary kindergartners. and signed by a parent. It seems
Little Convincer Chair, which simulates the experience of a all children are buckled, but it is the booster seats that lack
car crash. This shows what happens during a crash if the use. About twenty percent of children don’t ride in a booster
restraints aren’t in use, with the stuffed animal flying out seat, but do buckle their seat belt. Little Convincer will con-
of the chair. Then the bear is properly buckled into the Little tinue to spread this program to all the schools in hopes of
Convincer Chair, and the crash is simulated again, showing bringing booster seat usage to one hundred percent.
Spring/Summer 2011                                          WMCF STAR                                                                   5
Connoisseur’s Delight
2011 Surfs To Success
By Susan Burk

   It was much more than dinner and a
                                                                                                          Surfin’ Safari Band
dance. From sumptuous gourmet meals
to a night of beach music, the Founda-
tion’s signature fundraiser “Connois-
seur’s Delight” and its “Good Vibra-
tions” theme struck a successful chord
with those who attended the March
19th event. After a delicious dinner at
their choice of Dsasaumo, Gegi’s Bis-
tro, The Silver Fox, or FireRock, party-
goers gathered under twinkling paper
lanterns as the Beach Boys tribute
band, “Surfin’ Safari,” took the stage
and wowed the crowd with their surfin’
sounds. Dancers of all ages crowded the
floor, and soon beach balls were being
batted around the room as attendees in
their best beach-vacation gear perused       restaurants and all those who helped
the varied spread of auction items.          make the night so wonderful.”
   The Foundation’s Donor Relations             All of the proceeds will go toward
Specialist, Pam Walker, and her Con-         the Wyoming Medical Center Founda-
noisseur’s Delight Committee members,        tion, and help with the operation of its
spent months organizing the event and        programs including Safe Kids of Cen-
said it was teamwork and the generos-        tral Wyoming, Masterson Place “Home
ity of the community that made it all        Away From Home” and the Angels Can-
successful. “The Foundation would like       cer Resource Program.
to thank our generous and gracious              For more information about these
sponsors, donors, committee mem-             programs, you can call the Foundation
bers, and everyone who attended,” Ms.        at (307) 577-2134 or visit us online at
Walker said, “as well as our fabulous        wyomingmedicalcenterfoundation.org.

                                           Wine With a View Returns in October
                                             A Saturday date of October 1st has been set for the Wyoming Medical Center
                                           Foundation’s (WMCF) popular “Wine with a View” fundraiser. With the generous
                                           help from Mike and Dave Reid of Poplar Wine and Spirits, and Pat Sweeney of the
                                           Parkway Plaza Hotel and Convention Centre, this year’s event will be an elegant
                                           night to remember as guests are able to taste and learn more about a variety of
                                           wines, but also help celebrate Wyoming Medical Center’s 100th Anniversary. Pro-
                                           ceeds from the evening will benefit the WMCF’s Angels Cancer Care and Safe Kids
                                           of Central Wyoming programs. Watch for more information on the WMCF website,

                                           “I love everything that’s old: old friends, old times, old
                                           manners, old books, old wines.”
                                                                     —Oliver Goldsmith (1728-1774)
                                                                              “She Stoops to Conquer”

6                                                          WMCF STAR                                     Spring/Summer 2011
                   Saving Lives, The Time Is Now
                               Donors to the Emergency Room Expansion Project as of March, 2011*
Pete and Lori Abrams         Rick Carpenter               Judith C. Fox                Kathy Humbracht              Sherry Miller                 Stephen Sasser                 Liz Tholl
Miriam Acopiado              Erin Cartwright              Timmie Fox                   Lourdes Hussein              Jacqueline Milliken           Carla Saylor                   Tammy L. Thomas
Sonja Adelman                Dan Casebolt                 Tim Frank                    Dr. Ammar Hussieno           Marilyn Mischel               Thomas & Julie Ann Scarlett    Kyle J. Thompson
Renee Ala                    Casper Medical Imaging       Evie Franke                  Olympia Ireland              Emily Mitchell                Stacey Schaad                  Connie Thompson
Natalie Alexander            Casper Orthopaedic Associ-   Rhonda Franzen               Dr. Ron Iverson              Paula Mongold                 Talli L. Schlautmann-Kuhn      Heather Thompson
Alicia Alger                   ates, P.C.                 Jonathan Free                Mary Ivory                   Ruth Moran                    Helen Schmidt                  Patricia A. Thompson
Karen Alm                    Casper Star Tribune          Katie Jo Freeburg            Kelly Jackson                Levy P. Morrow III            Phil and Jody Schmidt          Patty Thompson
Penny Altaffer               Chrystal Cavender            Katherine Frith              Lisa Jackson                 Amanda Morton                 Pam Schoenewald                Tamara Thomson
Dr.James and Cody Anderson   Felicia Cavender             Rosanne Gallegos             Marguerite Jackson           Anna Marie Moser              Elizabeth Scholtz              Harry T. Thorson Foundation
Lisa Anderson                Cheryl Cawiezell             Donald G. and Rita Murphy-   Connie Jacobson              Deena Murray                  Sharon Schrader                Pat Thorson and Dr. Jim Bush
June Anderson                Sabrina Cawiezell              Galles                     Cresta Jennings              Lisa Pauk-Murray              Kari Schroeder                 Ariel Thorstad
Kolbi Andresen               Melinda Cervantes            Thomas and Susan Galles      Sheridan Jennings            Ashlee Mygrant                Martha Schuler                 Linda and Ed Toohey
Sharon Anson                 Steven Chadderdon            Taryn Gallinger              Erin Johnson                 Myra Fox Skelton Foundation   Phyllis Schulz                 Town Square Media
Joelle Anthony               Angela Chapman               Elizabeth Gangwish           James Johnson                Genae Nannemann               Heather Schumann               Kortney Towns
Mary Virginia Arellano       Lee Anne Chase               Sherry Garrett               Christopher D. Johnson       Joanne Neal                   Mark Seeley                    Gary Trapkus
Tamara Armann                Victoria Childers            Amy Gaston                   Mary Jo Johnson              Alyssa Nelson                 Shawna Seely                   Vickey L. Triplett
Angelica Arriaga             Janet Christensen            Sharon Gentzler              Jessica Jolly                Carol Nelson                  Brittany Seger                 Nicole Trott
Tyler Asbury                 Anne Christian               Carrie Gerhart               Jonah Bank of Wyoming        Jan Nelson                    Patty Sellers                  Melissa Trujillo
Theresa Asti                 Gail Christopherson-Brown    Nancy Gerwatowski            Barbara Juarez               Patti Nelson                  Toni Senstock                  Ty Tucker
Jo Atkinson                  Andrea J. Ciampi             Dr. Ghazi and Kareen         Bonita Judkins               Cathi Nicol                   Jennifer Sesley                Mary Tvedt
April Alger                  Linda Clamp                    Ghanem                     Matt Kaiser                  Angelita Nivens               Brenda Shafer                  Kim Tyree
Jan Backus                   Joel Clipperton              Sabrina Gibson               Dina Kamboris-Betts          Anne Norris                   Phyllis Shaffer                Kristin Ukele
Aurora Bailey                Ann Cole                     Michelle Giffin              Susan Karavitis              Surrey Nugent                 Jessica Sharkey                Amanda Unterbrink
Dr. John and Judy Bailey     Linda Cole                   Alisha Gilbert               Diane Kasler                 Mary Ann Nussbaum             Sherri Shatto                  James Eric Valdez
Laurellee Baker              Sandra Cole                  Marina Gilbert               KCWY News 13                 Bobbie O’Dell                 Stephanie Shaw                 Shauna VanderLinden
Serena Barber                Connie Coleman               Summers Gilbert              Kristi Keller                Dr. Eugene S. Ogrod           Karlena Sheehan                Brenda L. VanDewater
Adam Barker                  Christine Condelario         Debra Giles                  Dr. Nathan and Sheila Ker    William Ohlson                Janice Sherman                 Gayle Van Dorn
Allie and Bob Barnard        Sandra Conklin               Wendy Gillis                 Debra Kilburn                Angela Olson                  Mary Lynne Shickich            Vili Vangelova-Petkova
Tom and Betsy Barrett        Roger and Lorna Cook         Patricia Gilman              Christine Kinuthia           Tommi Osburn                  Erin Shipley                   Camille VanHouten
Shawn Bassham                Heidi Cook                   Jenea Goddard                Jim Kirkendall               Owens-Minor                   Deborah Shughart               Linda Vanvleet
Jamie Batey                  Toni Cordova                 Devonn Gonzalez              Brenda Kost                  Nikki Pacheco                 Desiree Shultz                 Chanthara Virachack
Larissa Bauer                Katey Covert                 Thomas Eugene Goodman        Crystal Kountz               Kay Page                      Sandra Sienkiewicz             Kimberly Vogel
Ashley Baxter                Norma Coyne                  Christianna Goodoff          Betty A. Krause              Diane and Steve Payne         Greg Simons                    Jessie Wagner
Anna Beardsley               Heidi Craig                  Rosa and Jimmy Goolsby       Lori Kriescher               Kylie Peck                    Ann Sipp                       Melinda Walden
Dana Becker                  Randall Crane                Tesha Gore                   Tim and Mary Kugler          Connie Pederson               Jordan Sjulestad               Amy Walker
Bonnie Belmudes              Charlotte Crawford           Cheryl Graff                 Jack and Donna Laird         Lori Peloquin                 Nicholas Skalicky              Catherine Walker
Nick Belveal                 Tonya Crisman                Diana Graney                 Dana P. Lamb                 Trisha Perry                  Ann Frances Smith              Tom and Pam Walker
Lynette Benardis             Paul Crockford               Vanda Grant                  Cherie Lamotte               John Perry                    Brittany Smith                 Soni Wallace
James Benson Jr.             Jamie Crouch                 Kristina Gray                Deneve Lancaster             Catherine Petera              Carol Smith                    Elaine Walters
Shelley Benson               William Cubin                The Gray Family              Leylah Larkin                Sharon Peterson               Echo Smith                     Kaitlin Wambeke
Ronald Benton                Stephanie Cundall            Jean M. Green                Debbie Larson                Riley Petry                   Mark Smith                     Amanda Ward
Stephanie Berg               Amanda Cyr                   Terri D. Green               Pat Lawrence                 Kay Petsch                    Stephanie Smith                Michele N. Warfield
Kelsey Berg                  Ronda Dabney                 Barbara Gregory              Tiffany Leary                Ken Phillips                  Emily Smith-Moon               Melvin Watson
Jake Bigelow                 Dana Fauber                  Pete and Julie Greiner       Cindy Lee                    Mike Phillips                 Bernadine Snyder               Tim and Deb Weaver
Jessica Bigelow              Lee and Mary Jo Daniels      Tara Greiner                 Jeanette Lee                 Nikki Platon                  Vicky Snyder                   LaRae Weber
Joy Bishop                   Lesa R. Daniels              Nora Grierson                Ruth Leeling                 Kelly Plessman                Vanessa Sorensen               Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Elizabeth Black              William Daniels              Diane Guerttman              Jodi Legerski                Tanya Plume                   Tabitha Soundsleeper           Mandi Welsh
Susan Black                  Ann Davin                    Tracy Guseman                Patti Legler                 Janae Poage                   Jennifer Spillers              Jason Werner
Nichole Blanchard            Jessie Davis                 Lynda Hakalo                 Amber Leimback               Sheri L. Posten               Nicole Sponsler                Amethyst Whalen
Gabriel Blankenship          Tina R. Davis                Desi Halasz                  Carol Leslie                 Angelena Potter               Rosalie Spurlin                Richard E. & Linda S.
Blue Envelope Health Fund    Lynn Dean                    Nora Hale                    Gregory Lewallen             Nicole Pouget                 Dr. Joseph and Deanne            Wheeler
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Audrey Boespflug             Brian Dever                  Toni Hammerschmitt           Rosemary Lewallen            Price Waterhouse Coopers      Danielle M. St. John           Laurie Whitney
Jason Bohl                   Elizabeth DeVilleneuve       Brandi Hammond               Rudell Linatoc                 L.L.P.                      Stephanie Stampka              Marilyn Whitten-Meyers
Kim Bolding                  Amanda Dewey                 Sharon Hancock               Myra Lindgren                Perry Propp                   Shelley Starnes                Kim Wiese
Rita Bolles                  Richard and Vickie Diamond   Talee Hanley                 Steven Lingo                 Holly Proudfoot               Jodi Steelman                  Yvonne Wigington
Jeremy Bolstad               Cristy Dicklich-Cobb         Shelli Hargis                Joury Locke.                 Dr. John and Jen Purviance    Julie Stengel                  Shawna Willcox
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   Spring/Summer 2011                                                                   WMCF STAR                                                                                                7
                                                                          “I don’t think I would be walking to-
                                                                       day if it wasn’t for him.”
                                                                          Neal Talkington’s spine was caving
                                                                       in on itself. Degenerative scoliosis was
                                                                       causing his vertebra to collapse and his
                                                                       spine to tip, throwing the bones out of
                                                                       alignment and pinching the nerves. De-
                                                                       bilitating 24-hour pain, trouble walk-
                                                                       ing, his right leg “going dead”; it was
                                                                       all part of Neal’s world until he met the
                                                                       doctor who made all the difference.
                                                                          Now 55, Neal explained that this
                                                                       problem started with herniated discs a
                                                                       quarter of a century ago and after look-
                                                                       ing into the surgical options at that
                                                                       time, he chose not to go that route. Neal
                                                                       says over the years he’s been plagued
                                                                       with a lot of other health issues as well,
                                                                       including arthritis and a bone structure
                                                                       he describes as “not the best.”
                                                                          He had always gone to the doctors at
                                                                       Casper Orthopaedics, and it was there
                                                                       he met Dr. Demian Yakel. A Fellowship-
                                                                       trained orthopaedic spine surgeon, Dr.
                                                                       Yakel has extensive and specific train-
                                                                       ing on surgery of the spine, and is one
                                                                       of only two such surgeons in the area,
                                                                       the other being Dr. Clayton Turner who
                                                                       is also at Casper Orthopaedics. With
                                                                       that extra training, Dr. Yakel says, they
                                                                       dedicate their lives to the treatment of
                                                                       spinal problems, and he is looking to-
                                                                       ward the future of the field.
                                                                          “One of the things I pride myself on
                                                                       and that I really took a lot of time to
                                                                       learn is how to do these surgeries in a
                                                                       minimally invasive way,” he says, “and
                                                                       I think that’s what sets apart what I do
                                                                       compared to what other surgeons do in
                                                                       treating similar problems.”
Neal Talkington’s spine. Note the curvature in the “be-                   Dr. Yakel says when you talk about
fore” X-ray (bottom R) caused by degenerative scoliosis,               “minimally invasive,” most people
and the improvement after Dr. Yakel’s surgeries.
                                                                       think small incisions and fast recov-
                                                                       eries but it’s much more than that in

Ground-breaking Surgery                                                cases like Neal’s.
                                                                          “The true essence of it is to protect
                                                                       the underlying muscles that surround
Techniques Provide More                                                and support the spine.”
                                                                          Rolling up a skeleton model, Dr.

Than Pain Relief...
                                                                       Yakel explains that traditional surger-
                                                                       ies call for making an incision over the
                                                                       spine, then scraping the muscle away
By Susan Burk
                                                                       from the bone and retracting it to reach
 Dr. Demian Yakel believes minimally invasive procedures               the surgery site. That injures the mus-
                                                                       cles that strengthen and stabilize the
are the future of spinal surgery. Here is the story of how             body’s core, and when you cut through
one patient found relief, and hope, at Dr. Yakel’s hands.              muscles they heal with scar tissue, are
8                                                          WMCF STAR                       Spring/Summer 2011
weakened, and never quite recover.                                   “If Neal didn’t have the surgery,” says Cheryl, “I feel he
  Dr. Yakel says bone, sinew, or arteries can be transplant-      would be in a wheelchair now or close to it.”
ed and regrow but you cannot grow new muscle. “You get              “It’s made me a lot more enjoyable to be around,” Neal
one set. What God gives you, that’s what we have. If we in-       says, laughing, and Cheryl agrees “I don’t think he’s near as
jure that we can never fix it,” he says, “so the goal is to do    grouchy as he used to be.”
these operations, especially those with the magnitude of his        And the doctor who made it happen? To the Talkingtons,
(Neal’s) surgery, in a way to preserve as much of his natural     he is heartfelt, conscientious, artistic, easy to understand,
musculature anatomy as possible.”                                 and much more.
  In Neal’s case, Dr. Yakel approached the surgery from Ne-         “He’s right up there with The Man in my opinion,” Neal
al’s side, through the tender muscle which the doctor says        says.
would be the counterpart to a filet mignon.                         “I think he’s amazing, I feel Dr. Yakel was a miracle, a
  After that first surgery, Dr. Yakel “stood Neal up” to assess   Godsend to us,” says Cheryl quietly, and says the experience
the progress. That surgery succeeded in correcting the curve,     gave them something that had been in short supply.
which in turn relieved the pressure on Neal’s pinched nerves.       Hope.
  After letting Neal rest for a day, Dr. Yakel operated again,
still using minimally invasive techniques that moved be-
tween layers of muscles rather than cutting through them.
He says he spread the muscle fibers within the natural
planes, inserted the dilator, and used that to place rods and
screws to fuse the other vertebrae.
  Neal’s wife Cheryl describes that second surgery as
“a very long day,” but was grateful that a nurse came out
every hour during the extensive procedure to update her on
Neal’s progress.

          “I don’t think I would
             be walking today
           if it wasn’t for him.”
   Neal was up and walking the next day, and says the im-
provement is profound. He says although he’s not the same         Orthopaedic Spine Surgeon Dr. Demien Yakel explains how he used
                                                                  minimally invasive approaches for Neal Talkington’s surgeries.
as he was 25 years ago, he can walk, his legs are no longer
numb, the 24-hour pain is a thing of the past, and he has
much more freedom of movement than he expected.
   Dr. Yakel says he doesn’t know of anyone else in Wyo-
ming that does this type of surgery with these techniques.
“I approach every patient’s problem uniquely, embracing the
minimally invasive approach where less is more.” His first
approach is non-surgical, and then he considers the least
amount of surgery possible, done in a minimally invasive
   Although it used to be reserved for smaller, less complicat-
ed cases, Dr. Yakel believes the minimally invasive approach
is the future of spine surgery. Neal, and the magnitude of his
issue, is a case in point. “These are the people who need it
the most,” says Dr. Yakel, pointing out that the people who
require the larger surgeries are often older and can benefit
more from the minimally invasive approach. “I see it as the
   As for the Talkingtons, they are believers in both the tech-
niques and Doctor Yakel.
   Neal, who was facing a future of crutches and wheelchairs,     Neal and Cheryl Talkington. Cheryl Talkington is the manager of
looks at old pictures of himself and can’t believe how much       Masterson Place, the Wyoming Medical Center Foundation’s
he leaned, and how much his quality of life has improved.         “Home Away From Home”.

Spring/Summer 2011                                        WMCF STAR                                                                 9
Acopiado, Miriam             Chase, Lee Anne             Gentzler, Sharon       Keller, Kristi          Ondriezek, Billiejo      Sponsler, Nicole
Adelman, Sonja               Christensen, Amanda         Gerdel, Cathy          Kelly, Jared            Orchard, Candice         St. John, Danielle
Ahlbrandt, Brenda            Christiansen, Russ          Gibb, Landon           Kendall, Penny          Osborn, Tommi            St. John, Tiffany
Ainsworth, Shilah            Ciampi, Andrea              Gibson, Cara           Kient, Georgia          Ottema, Diane            Stange, Elizabeth
Ala, Renee                   Ciocarlan, Deb              Gibson, Sabrina        Kilburn, Debra          Pallas, Lisa             Stanton, Matt
Alberts, Crystal             Clark, Brenda               Giffin, Michelle       Kimball, Jacqueline     Payne, David             Starkey, Jeff
Alexander, Natalie           Clark, Jolene               Gilbert, Marina        King, Robbie            Payne, Lisa              Steele, Sumer
Alger, Alicia                Clemens, Jerry              Gill, Jessica          Kiracofe, Jamie         Peck, William            Steinert, Michelle
Alm, Karen                   Cole, Linda                 Gillis, Wendy          Knotts, Tamara          Pederson, Connie         Stepanek, Autumn
Altaffer, Penny              Cole, Mary Ann              Goddard, Jenea         Kohm, Crystal           Pedroza, J. Marcus       Stibley, Thelma
Anderson, Lisa               Coleman, Connie             Gorsuch, Valerie       Kolean, Jennica         Peeler, Lynn             Stiffler, Jennifer
Anderson, Travis             Coleman, Heather            Graff, Cheryl          Kountz, Crystal         Pestotnik, David         Stotts, Anna
Anich, Kimberly              Coleman, Mary Theresa       Grant, Vanda           Kurpinski, Megan        Peterson, Carole         Straight, Jennifer
Aquillar, Nicole             Compton, Sherelene          Gray, Kristina         Lack, Suzy              Peterson, Mary J         Stroklund, Neil
Armann, Tamara               Condelario, Christine       Gray, Pam              LaCroix-Adams, Nicole   Petry, Riley             Stucker, Heather
Arriage, Angelica            Condelario, Troy            Gray, Travis           LaMotte, Cherie         Pettigrew, Rob           Stutte, Nathan
Arross, John                 Conklin, Sandra             Green, Emily           Lancaster, Deneve       Pike, Julia              Suffel, Thelma
Arthur, Michelle             Cooke, Emma                 Greiner, Tara          Langford, Cassandra     Platon, Francine         Sullivan, Billie
Asti, Theresa                Corazza, Kandie             Gremp, Amy             Larkin, Leylah          Platon, Hector Cruz      Summerall, Paul
Atkinson, Jo                 Cordova, Toni               Groathouse, Shila      Larson, Cristen         Polzer, Felicia          Sumner, Tina
Atol, April                  Cortez, Ambra               Guerttman, Diane       Larson, Debra           Porterfield, Jennifer    Swecker, Sophie
Aultman, Michelle            Crisman, Tonya              Guthrie, Valerie       Law, Melissa            Poston, Sheri            Talada, Rod
Aw, Aminata                  Crouch, Jamie               Gutierrez, Lori        Leary, Tiffany          Potter, Eric             Talkington, Cheryl
Backus, Janice               Crumly, Kim                 Haddenham, Jennifer    Lee, Anne               Potter, Heather          Tanner, Kevin
Bailey, Aurora               Cuffman, Charles            Hall, Chelsea          Legerski, Jodi          Pouget, Nicole           Tarzich, Sharon
Barker, Amanda               Cundall, Stephanie          Hamilton, Heidi        Legler, Patti           Pratt, Julie             Teduits, Denene
Barrett, Rhonda              Cuya, Norma                 Hanley, Talee          Legler, Stacy           Propp, Perry             Thaut, Wendy
Bassham, Shawn               Dabnay, Ronda               Hargis, Shelli         Leimback, Amber         Pyne, Kelly              Thayer, Rebecca
Bauer, Curtis                Daniels, Lesa               Harnsberger, Shandel   Lemke, Linda            Qwest, Rick              Theil, Jodi Lynn
Beadle, Deb                  Daniels, Mary Jo            Hart, Linda            Leslie, Carol           Reese, Kelli             Tholl, Liz
Beam, Angela                 Daniels, Williaim           Hartnett, Keith        Lewallen, Irene         Reese, Sally             Thompson, Connie
Beardsky, Anna               D’Arcy, Kelsey              Hartsock, Jane         Lewis, Karen            Reynolds, Katrina        Thomson, Tamara
Beckstead, Riley             Darnall, Sherri             Hasbrouck, Heidi       Lime, Quinton           Rieke, Monica            Toohey, Linda
Belanger, Carol              Davin, Ann                  Hashberger, Rebecca    Linatoc, Rodelio        Riggs, M. Nicle          Travers, Rebecca
Belmudes, Bonnie             Davis, Edward               Hatlestad, Kim         Lindgren, Myra          Rios, Jesi               Trevizo, Leticia
Benkoski, Carl               Davy, Patricia              Hattermann, Hong       Lindig, Chantelle       Roberts, Gloria          Triplett, Vickey
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Berg, Kelsey                 Dean, Lynn                  Hawk, Tamara           Long, Marilyn           Robertson, Christine     Turek, Lucy
Bernardis, Lynette           Dela Cruz, Federic          Hayden, Calla          Lorenzen, Chris         Robertson, Jaimie        Turk, Joseph
Bigelow, Jake                Deschenes, Sarah            Headd, Valenta         Mackler, Rolinda        Robertson, Linda         Ukele, Kristin
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Boid, Theresa                Dixon, Pam                  Higa, Erica            Marsh, Melissa          Salveggio, Eric          Wagner, Jessie
Bolding, Kim                 Donaldson, Rachelle         Hiser, Cassie          Maxwell, Ann            Sandoval, Suzanne        Wagner, Trista
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Booth, Christa               Drazick, Davina             Hoffman, Austin        McLellan, Sarah         Saul, Kristin            Walker, Amy
Born, Juliet                 Drazick, Tony               Hoffman, Donna         Mellin, Justing         Saykes, Kenna            Walker, Pam
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Bowers, Constance            Droek, Heather              Holland-Young, Sarah   Mettler, Angela         Schafer, Ashley          Wallace, Margaret
Boyd. Jenny                  Duckworth, Danielle         Hollenbeck, David      Meyer, Brynn            Schmidt, Peggy           Walters, Elaine
Brattis, Michael             Dukart, Eulymda             Holscher, Elizabeth    Michaels, Debbie        Schoenewald, Pam         Wambeke, Kaitlin
Braun, Laura                 Duke, Fantine               Horn, Laurie           Michaels, Sophia        Scholtz, Elizabeth       Ward, Amanda
Bray, Josh                   Eberhardt, Sheri            Hover, Kelly           Michalov, Molly         Schroeder, Kari          Warfield, Michele
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                    “By the Numbers”                                           By Dani Mandelstam and Shawn Bassham

                             The Face Of An Angel: Nick Kerpchar volunteers to help cancer patients in the
                                  Wyoming Medical Center Foundation’s Angels/Cancer Care Program
         Life is a series of numbers that we re-                                             the importance of having someone to
      count when we look back at our lives.                                                  help one during a difficult time. Nick
      We count birthdays, anniversaries and                                                  learned about the Angels Program and
      other important events that touch each                                                 Cancer Resource Center 6 months ago.
      of us in a special way. Nick Kerpchar, an                                              He was quick to volunteer with the An-
      Angels volunteer, is no exception and                                                  gels program and has since then men-
      the numbers he has counted in his life                                                 tored 2 individuals recently diagnosed
      have touched many people. For the last                                                 with cancer. Nick, drawing from what
      49 years he has been married to Caro-                                                  he experienced during his treatment,
      lyn, the woman that he knew from their                                                 gives encouragement and tools that
      first blind date was the #1 for him.                                                   might be helpful in coping with cancer
      Over the last 49 years, they have been                                                 therapy. 1 idea he implemented was to
      blessed with 1 son and 2 grandchil-                                                    give each of the individuals he is men-
      dren. Between Carolyn and Nick, they                                                   toring a small notebook in which to
      have 2 nursing degrees and through                                                     write down important information and
      their careers they have been located in                                                questions that a patient might ask at
      5 places they called home, including                                                   the next appointment with their physi-
      10 years in Saudi Arabia. During his         College about their experiences in Sau-   cian. Nick took it upon himself to go to
      6 years as a Neonatal Intensive Care         di Arabia including being attacked by     Hilltop National Bank and asked for a
      Nurse, Nick says he touched more new         Iraqi Scud missiles in Dhahran during     number of their small notebooks that
      souls and the feathers of angels than        the first Gulf War where they were lo-    could be used for this purpose. Hilltop
      he could count.                              cated at the time.                        was delighted to help him in his quest
         Nick and Carolyn came to Casper 2            Nick was diagnosed with Lymphoma       to help others.
      years ago and wasted no time getting         3 years ago while living in Colorado.       When each of us counts the numbers
      involved in community and recreational       Carolyn played the role of caregiver      in our lives, may the largest number of
      activities. Nick has 3 hobbies of note to    and advocate for Nick during this pe-     all be the people we touch in a positive
      include family Genealogy, Video Movie        riod of time. “No matter how bad it got   way. For Nick this is his goal and the
      Productions and Recreational Prospect-       I knew that I had someone to really       Angels Program is blessed to have such
      ing. Both he and Carolyn have taught         count on,” Nick said of Carolyn. “No      a mentor and friend. He is #1 with all
      3 classes for the OLLI (Osher Lifelong       one should have to face cancer alone.”    the other #1’s of the Angel Program in
      Learning Institute) program at Casper        Through his experiences, Nick realizes    our book. They make their lives count.

       Angels Coordinator – Dani Mandelstam
         Since coming into her new job, Dani has had the chance to meet and greet patients and families, and learn all the names
       of the Angels committed to caring for patients. Dani brings a bright outlook and tremendous skills set to this position. Her
       background working with patients and physicians makes this transition comfortable. When meeting Dani you can tell that
       she cares deeply and listens with quiet concern. She also has a want to meet the needs of patients and families through
       the resources of the Angels Program. Please join us in welcoming Dani!

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