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					                                      S T . D EMETRIOS G REEK O RTHODOX                                CHURCH

                     T HE M YRRH -B EARER
                                     V OLUME 17, I SSUE 6                 J ULY AND A UGUST 2011

Leaving the Nets Behind:                               Father Gary                                           “T HE IMAGE OF THE DIS-
                                                                                                               CIPLES LEAVING THEIR
I love summer! The days are         There are a variety of things       proved that multitasking is a         NETS BEHIND AND FOL-
longer, the weather is amazing,     that can cause stress: problems     poor way of accomplishing              LOWING C HRIST IS A
activities include afternoon        at work, finances, relationships,   anything; we are more efficient       POWERFUL EXAMPLE OF
fishing trips and everyone          lifestyle changes, and unrealis-    when we tackle one thing at a         C HRISTIA N SERVITUDE .
seems to be in a great mood!        tic worldly desires. These          time. So stress adds to my              T HE DISCIPL ES LEFT
Summer seems the least stress-      stressors can alter the way we      workload and causes even more         THEIR OWN PRIORITIES
ful season of the year.             encounter and take on each day.     tension in a downward spiral.          BEHIND AS THEY EM-
                                    They can influence our mood                                               BRACED C HRIST ’ S PLAN
I believe the reason is that our                                     Generally, when I am over-              FOR THEM AS THE MOST
                                    and define our personhood.
mornings are not rushed as we                                        whelmed I enjoy reading the              IMPORTANT THING IN
prepare ourselves for the day       When I’m stressed people often Book of Ecclesiastes in the Old                THEIR LIVES .”
while also trying to get children   tell me that I display symptoms Testament. It begins with the
out the door. It is also the time   of attention deficit disorder    famous verse, “Vanity of vani-
of year that most of us take a      (ADD), which means I have a ties, all is vanity.” This is so
trip or vacation. This makes it     hard time paying attention and true! Everything that we at-
a good time to reflect on the       staying on task. Instead of fo- tempt to accomplish, short of         Inside this issue:
busy-ness that consumes our         cusing my attention on one       pleasing God and fulfilling His
days throughout the other sea-      thing at a time, I try to multi- will, can be defined as vanity.
sons of the year.                   task. Many studies have            Continued on Page 2...             F R . G AR Y C O NTINUED      2
                                                                                                          AHEPA/DOP BBQ

President’s Message:                          Terri Vegos                                                 F ESTIVAL P ICTUR ES          3
                                                                                                          L EADER SHIP L ISTING
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!                   Philoptochos recently held annual elections and
                                                   a new board has been installed. Please consider        C L UB N EW S                 4
To all of you who helped and participated in our joining if you haven’t already. Our chapter is
annual Greek Festival, I extend my heartfelt       planning many great events throughout the rest         F ESTIVAL S PECIAL G UEST 5
thanks. We had great enthusiasm, energy and        of the year.                                           J UL Y R EADINGS
camaraderie the whole weekend and so much
fun! John Poulos, the many chair-people and        The Building Fund Rummage Sale has been                A GAPE B UILDING N EW S       6
workers did an outstanding job as usual. There pushed back to later in July so you still have
are too many wonderful contributors to thank       time to gather your items and bring them to the        J UNE /J ULY C AL ENDAR S
individually, but please know that your efforts    church. Please send an email out to all your
are greatly appreciated.                           friends and co-workers asking for their dona-          2011 G OLF T OUR NEY          7
                                                   tions. Let your neighbors know. This is a really
The new patio cover was fantastic, providing       easy fundraiser which also gives you a chance to       S UMMER B IRTHDAYS            8
shade but keeping the area light and cool. Many clean out those cabinets and garages.                     R UMMAGE S AL E R EMIND
of our guests and festival workers really appreci-
ated the area to enjoy their meals and to visit    While you’re away, we appreciate you keeping           Y O UTH M ESSAGE              9
with each other between trips to the dance floor up with your stewardship pledges.
                                                                                                          I NSPIRATION
and booths.
                                                   I hope you all have an enjoyable summer.
Summer is traditionally a time when we all slow                                                           S TEW AR DSHIP U PDATE        10
down and spend more time away from home.           Yours in Christ’s service,                             G REEK TV S TATIONS
Sunday School is out and other ministries take a Terri Vegos
break until the fall but others continue non-stop. Parish Council President                               M OR E F ESTIVAL P HO TO S 11
Many of you will be away at times over the                                                                A UGUST R EADINGS
summer on vacation, but we hope to see you
when you are in town.                                                                                     U PCO MING L ITUR GIES        12
Father Gary Continued from Page 1...
I also find great consolation reading about how Christ called his dis-    times they felt like it. The Gospel says, “They left their nets.” If we,
ciples. After instructing His disciples to “Follow Me,” as we read in     too, are going to leave our nets, we must be willing to accept the
Matthew 4:20, “They left their nets and followed Him.” They decid-        lifestyle prescribed to us by our Orthodox Faith.
ed to change their work, make a radical lifestyle shift, and prioritize
                                                                         Orthodoxy prescribes the lifestyle we are to adhere to. Understand-
a new relationship with Christ; to not be so caught up in the finances
                                                                         ing a brief overview of this prescription will help us disentangle
and cares of this world, but invest more in the Kingdom to come.
                                                                         from our worldly distractions. First, we must be active members of
The image of the disciples leaving their nets behind and following
                                                                         the Body of Christ, His Church. It is imperative that we participate
Christ is a powerful example of Christian servitude. The disciples
                                                                         in the worship of the Church. Attendance on Sunday mornings is
left their own priorities behind as they embraced Christ’s plan for
                                                                         not optional, but a requirement. Second, our personal life is to be
them as the most important thing in their lives.
                                                                         sealed by the Love of Christ. Everything we do must be an attempt
We find ourselves caught up in many “nets” that cause us to lose         to Glorify God. We must be Christians Monday through Saturday,
track of our purpose in life: to love God with all our heart, mind and as well as on Sunday. Allowing ourselves dual personalities; to be a
soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Schedules, work, rela-       Christian only on Sundays and adopt non-Christian attitudes the oth-
tionships, and worldly desires are examples of nets that we may have er days of the week is hypocritical. Lastly, we must constantly strive
to set aside to further develop the Christian life. When the disciples to be selfless. It is vital that we seek to fulfill the needs of others
“left their nets” they made it clear that they trusted God and His plan before satisfying our own desires.
for them. Setting our “nets” aside and imitating the trust of the disci-
                                                                         Being a good Orthodox Christian is not marked by just these three
ples will allow us to put our hardships in perspective and enjoy our
                                                                         steps, but manifested by our continual willingness to serve God. The
blessings more.
                                                                         requirements mentioned are a way for us to begin leaving our nets
I’m not talking about being lazy, quitting work, ignoring our finan- behind. So let’s enjoy the more relaxed pace of summer and use the
cial obligations, or leaving our families behind, but rather putting     ease and extra time of the season to reflect on how to let go of the
Christ first. By doing so we will enhance the way we approach our things that keep us from following Christ’s example and discovering
time, our work, our money, and our relationships. Setting the “nets” God’s plan for our lives. That way, when fall comes around with its
aside and focusing on God will magnify the beauty of our existence added stresses and commitments, we won’t become entangled in the
and give us a different perspective on the challenges we face.           things that bring us down, but will be able to release ourselves to
                                                                         God’s will and proclaim His supremacy in our lives.
Too often we try to get through life on our own supremacy, leaving
little room for God to work through us. When the disciples “left
their nets” they never went back and picked them up. Matthew
doesn’t say that they left the nets on Sunday mornings, or only at the

                                                                                       Drop off items now in the hall for
                    Giant Rummage Sale
                                                                                      transport to storage facility or call
                          JULY 30—AUGUST 7, 2011
                                                                                      Keith Valle to make arrangements:
                                                                                       (805) 983-6474 or (805) 377-3919

                                ANNUAL AHEPA FAMILY BBQ
                                               Dining and dancing under the stars
                                    Tri-Tip BBQ with all the Fixings—$25 per person
                                    Saturday, August 27th, 2011 on the Church Patio
                                    Social Hour 6 pm, Dinner 7 pm, Dancing Until ???
                                    Greek & American Music & No-Host Bar
                                    For Reservations Call: (805) 983-8174
                                    Benefits the Gatsios and Simitzi Scholarships
    St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church, 400 Skyway Drive, Camarillo, CA, 93010 Phone: (805) 482-1273 Fax: (805) 388-4978
St. Demetrios Greek
  Orthodox Church
 PHONE: (805) 482-1273
 FAX: (805) 388-4978
 FR. GARY CELL: (805) 443-3376

    Priest and Pastor
     2011 St. Demetrios
       Parish Council

 St. Demetrios Philoptochos
Irini Chapter Board Members

 Agape Building Campaign
   Committee Members

          Office Staff
PHILOPTOCHOS: Susan Valle                                      SUNDAY SCHOOL: Mandee Sanderson
Our Philoptochos chapter held elections in May and five                YOUTH PROGRAM PLANNING MEETING
new board members; Olivia Bibian (Recording Secretary),
Mary Freeth (Treasurer), Monique Joannou, Martha Pou-                     FOR THE 2011/2012 SCHOOL YEAR
los and Chris Whetstone were elected.                                    2-4 PM SUNDAY, AUGUST 7TH, 2011
Also new is the sharing of the presidential duties, Cynthia                  AT THE   SANDERSON’S HOME
Coler and I will be working together as co-presidents. Re-
turning to the board are; Dia Chass, Chris Costello, Deb                4725 CALLE DESCANSO IN CAMARILLO
Greanias, Stacy Hronas, Carrie Nicholeris (First Vice-           RSVP TO CHURCH OFFICE BY MONDAY, AUGUST 1ST
president), Cally Pantages (Corresponding Secretary),
Danka Schmid (First Vice-President) and Terri Vegos                       REFRESHMENTS WILL BE PROVIDED
(assistant treasurer)
                                                                       PLEASE BRING YOUR IDEAS AND WILLINGNESS
The National Philoptochos has for 80 years undertaken a                 TO VOLUNTEER FOR AT LEAST ONE ACTIVITY
multitude of philanthropic programs to aid the poor, the
sick, and the elderly. Our chapter’s mission of philanthro-
py mirrors the National Philoptochos’ goals to “promote        AGAPE DANCERS: Pres. Christie
charitable, benevolent, and philanthropic outreach, to pre-
serve the sanctity of life and family, and to perpetuate and   We had an incredible experience dancing at our 2011
promote our Orthodox faith and traditions.” Father Gary        Greek Festival. We were clothed in new Thracian cos-
has been supportive of all of our efforts, and we are          tumes and prepared with new Thracian dances. We en-
blessed to have his spiritual guidance and assistance.         joyed seeing our friends and family from around Ventura
                                                               County and beyond come to cheer us on!
Our board is preparing to begin another year of service to
our beloved Saint Demetrios Community, starting with           If you are a third through sixth grader and would like to
our annual Panagia Fellowship on August 21st.                  join us, please contact Presbytera Christie at fivekyri-
                                                               acous@gmail.com. We are currently considering the 2012
May God continue to bless us in His service,                   Folk Dance Festival in Anaheim. What a year this has
Susan Valle                                                    been; thank you one and all!
Saint Demetrios Irini Chapter Co-President
                                                               PAREA DANCERS: Dia Chass
                                                               Parea Dancers will take the month of July off for summer
                                                               vacation. They will meet next on Monday, August 8th at
WANTED: Golf Tournament Committee Members. If
                                                               7 pm. Adults of any age interested in learning Greek
you are interested, please contact Chairman Joe Freeth at
                                                               Dance, please join us.
jfreeth91320@yahoo.com or (805) 375-9971.
                                                               Parea meets in the St. Demetrios church hall on the second
                                                               Monday of each month. Questions? Contact Dia Chass at
RESCUE MISSION: Barbara Kokkinis                               (805) 987-1153 or diachass@roadrunner.com.

Please join us two summer Saturdays: July 16th and Au-
gust 20th for our monthly Rescue Mission lunch ministry.       VIP’S: Chairperson Wanted
Cooks, servers & helpers are needed.
                                                               The VIP’s are a wonderful, active group of parishioners
We operate this ministry on a shoestring budget and
                                                               who love to have fun and socialize. They are also very
stretch every dollar and food donation as far as it can pos-
                                                               involved in the welfare of the parish and many have deep
sibly go. Please consider donating financially and praying
                                                               roots in the St. Demetrios Community.
for the folks who make this monthly event happen.
                                                               We are currently looking for someone to take over leader-
A sign-up sheet with shift times is available in the hallway
                                                               ship of this group. If you are interested in bringing your
at church. For more information contact Barbara or Nick
                                                               time and talent to this position, please contact the office or
Kokkinis at (805) 815-3063 or (760) 285-3901. Or email:
                                                               Fr. Gary.
nbkthegreeks@aol.com.                                                                                                           4
                                                                                    July Bible Readings
                                                                                  Epistle                    Gospel
                                                                          7/1     1 Cor 12:27-31; 13:1-8     Matthew 10:1, 5-8
                                                                          7/2     Hebrews 9:1-7              Luke 1:39-49, 56
                                                                          7/3     Romans 5:1-10              Matthew 6:22-33
                                                                          7/4     Romans 9:18-33             Matthew 11:2-15
                                                                          7/5     Galatians 5:22-26; 6:1-2   Matthew 11:27-30
                                                                          7/6     Romans 11:2-12             Matthew 11:20-26
                                                                          7/7     Galatians 3:23-29; 4:1-5   Mark 5:24-34
                                                                          7/8     1 Timothy 4:9-15           Luke 6:17-19,9:1-2,10:16-22
                                                                          7/9     Romans 6:11-17             Matthew 8:14-23
                                                                          7/10    Romans 6:18-23             Matthew 8:5-13
                                                                          7/11    2 Corinthians 6:1-10       Luke 7:36-50
                                                                          7/12    Romans 14:9-18             Matthew 12:14-16; 22-30
                                                                          7/13    Hebrews 2:2-10             Matthew 12:38-45
                                                                          7/14    Romans 16:1-16             Matthew 12:46-50; 13:1-3
                                                                          7/15    1 Cor 13:11-14; 14:1-5     Matthew 17:24-27; 18:1-4
                                                                          7/16    Romans 8:14-21             Matthew 9:9-13
Festival celebrity guest Adoni Maropis poses for a picture with a young   7/17    Titus 3:8-15               Matthew 5:14-19
fan while a ping pong battle goes on in the background.                   7/18    Romans 16:17-24            Matthew 13:10-23,43
                                                                          7/19    1 Corinthians 1:1-9        Matthew 13:24-30
 Did Greeks Invent Ping Pong                                              7/20    James 5:10-20              Luke 4:22-30
                                                                          7/21    1 Corinthians 3:18-23      Matthew 13:36-43
 Or are they just good at it?                                             7/22    1 Corinthians 9:2-12       Luke 8:1-3
                                                                          7/23    Romans 9:1-5               Matthew 9:18-26
This year we were fortunate to have Adoni Maropis make a                  7/24    Romans 12:6-14             Matthew 9:1-8
guest appearance at our VC Greek Festival on Saturday, June
                                                                          7/25    Galatians 4:22-27          Luke 8:16-21
25th. Maropis starred in Fox’s popular “24” television series,
                                                                          7/26    Galatians 3:23-29; 4:1-5   Mark 5:24-34
and has appeared in major motion pictures like Troy with Brad
                                                                          7/27    2 Timothy 2:1-10           Luke 21:12-19
Pitt and Hidalgo with Viggo Mortensen.
                                                                          7/28    Acts 6:1-7                 Matthew 15:12-21
In addition to being Greek and an accomplished actor, Maropis             7/29    1 Cor 7:35-40; 8:1-7       Matthew 15:29-31
is a national and world team member champion ping pong                    7/30    Romans 12:1-6              Matthew 10:37-42, 11:1
player! This year’s festival featured several ping pong tables            7/31    Romans 15:1-7              Matthew 9:27-35
where Maropis played against anyone brave enough to chal-
lenge him, starting with our own Fr. Gary.                                                     REFLECTION:
The actor and ping pong champion stayed and played with fans
for hours, signing every autographed picture he had. He also              Â[x àxÇwá {|á yÄÉv~ Ä|~x t á{xÑ{xÜwM [x ztà{xÜá à{x
shared his life philosophy with festival-goers and fans, telling          ÄtÅuá |Ç {|á tÜÅá tÇw vtÜÜ|xá à{xÅ vÄÉáx àÉ {|á {xtÜàN {x
them to fill their hearts with kindness, love and tolerance.              zxÇàÄç Äxtwá à{Éáx à{tà {täx çÉâÇzAÊ ‰\át|t{ GC@DD
What a great guy with a wonderful message and way of life!

    Congratulations to our five
     Festival drawing winners!                                            2011Parish Council Meetings
Grand Prize Trip to Crete: Alan Bollinger
                                                                                 No July Meeting
1st Prize Blue Ray Disc Player and Droid: Dodie Bueche                           Monday, August 15th, 7 pm
2nd Prize $250 Gift Certificate to Urban Home: Dino Hadjis                       Monday September 12th, 7 pm
3rd Prize $150 Gift Certificate to Napa Tavern: Stratis Perros
                                                                                 Monday, October 17th, 7 pm
                                                                                 Monday, November 7th, 7 pm
4th Prize $100 Gift Certificate to Napa Tavern: Pat Henigman
  AGAPE BUILDING CAMPAIGN                           Agape Building Fund Committee Report July 2011
 Pledged Donor List as of June 30th, 2011

Rev Fr. Gary Kyriacou, Pres. Christie & Family     Our Agape Building Campaign Commit-          Communication is critical:
Alexiades, Alex & Anna                             tee members: Lynn Mikelatos, John &
                                                   Martha Poulos, Mary Freeth, Sandra           Q. What is been done to collect the re-
Arline, James & Sandra                                                                          maining outstanding Land Pledges?
                                                   Arline, Fr. Gary and I are actively in-
Bazacos, Chris                                                                                  A. Fr. Gary and I have personally con-
                                                   volved with the Public Phase-
Chala-Mas, Gloria                                  Parishioners as identified on our time-      tacted the few families with remaining
Chass, Vikentia (Dia)                              line, and are contacting the remaining       Land Pledge balances. The remaining
Coler, Brad & Cynthia                              120 families to schedule appointments        balance has been finalized and totals
Costello, John & Christina                         and have them complete the two-year          $15,000. The families have agreed to roll
                                                                                                these monies owed into their new two-
Crostic, Daniel & Christina                        pledge cards.
                                                                                                year pledges toward the Agape Building
Dabkovich, Sam & Evonne                            Many thanks go to the St. Demetrios          Fund.
Farkas Family                                      families who have already submitted
Flodman, Bill & Venny                              pledge cards and made substantial gifts to   Q. What is the status of the Project De-
Freeth, Joe & Mary                                 our Agape Building Fund. I am pleased        velopment and Implementation (PDI)
Gonzalez, John & Lorna                             to share the good news that, to date, we     Committees progress?
                                                   have 26 leadership families who have         A. The PDI Committee completed anoth-
Greanias, Deborah
                                                   pledged a total of $101,000 and ten pa-      er huge ‘milestone’ on schedule: the con-
Jassak, Nancy                                      rishioner families who have pledged an-      struction drawings were submitted to the
Joannou Family                                     other $41,000. This is in addition to        City of Camarillo in June for the required
Kabilaskas, Kelly & Aida                           those who previously made pledges with       plan-check process. This process is esti-
Kaplan, Dorothy                                    Fr. Anthony.                                 mated to take approximately 4 to 6
Kokkinis, Nick & Barbara                                                                        months.
                                                   The plan was for the Building Fund
Kyriacou, Bob & Eleni                              Committee members to contact all our         Q. How can the individual parishioner
Leopold, Lou & Stephanie                           parishioners before May 31st of this sum-    help the building campaign fund raising
Lisigar, Diana                                     mer to explain our common goal, and          effort?
Mallakis, Chris & Gloria                           obtain a signed, two-year pledge card        A. You can help in two ways: 1) by per-
Metropoulos, Ted & Judy                            from each family. At our recent planned      sonally filling out the two-year pledge
Mirras, Nick & Nancy                               “reality checkpoint” we decided that due     card and committing a financial gift as
Morcos, Mike & Lucy          United we will        to the number of families and time con-      discussed above, and 2) by talking to
                                                   straints of our committee members, we        family and friends about our Agape
Pandelidis Family              accomplish          need to extend this phase of our cam-        Building Plan and asking them to con-
Panesis Family                 everything!         paign through to the end of the summer.      tribute to this legacy project that will
Pantages, Peter & Cally                                                                         become the religious and spiritual center
                                                   As I have mentioned previously, if you
Poulos, John & Martha                                                                           point of Hellenism in Ventura County.
                                                   do not wish to wait for us to contact you,
Pulos, Christo & Micki                             please obtain a pledge card at church,
Robbins, Mark & Cathy                                                                           Please remember: Our objective is to
                                                   complete it and submit it in a sealed en-    raise enough money over the next two
Schmidt, Danka & Donovan                           velope to my attention. Please be assured    years to break ground, grade the site, and
Scholler, Dr. & Family                             that all pledges submitted in this manner    build the Agape Center, the arbor, and
Valle, Keith, Susan & Family                       remain strictly confidential. If you have    the parking lot by October 2013. As al-
Varnava, Nick & Nina                               questions, call or approach me or any of     ways, if you have any questions or con-
                                                   the committee members listed above at
Vegos Family                                                                                    cerns about our Agape Building process,
                                                   any convenient time.                         please approach me, a Parish Council
Wilson, Bruce & Paulette
Zmed, Walter & Anya                                The Agape Building Fund Timeline,            Member, an Agape Building Fund Com-
                                                   posted along the hallway wall will be        mittee member, a PDI Committee mem-
Loeb, Very Rev Fr. Cyril (of blessed memory)
                                                   updated to show our progress. This is        ber, or Fr. Gary.
Lindley, Virginia (RIP; annuity)
                                                   the step-by-step plan we are following
AHEPA—Ventura County Chapter                       over the next two years to achieve our       United, we will accomplish everything.
                                                   goal. We will update the financial           Thank you,
      AGAPE BUILDING FUND PLEDGES                  amount raised at each milestone listed       George Joannou
                                                   and evaluate our progress at each reality
         Pledged w/Fr. Anthony:         $121,000   check point in case we need to do any
             St. Dem Leadership:        $101,000   course correction.

    St. Dem Parishioners to date:        $41,000
                    Land Pledges:        $15,450
                           Other:        $43,900
                            Total:      $322,350                                                                                             6
   ST. DEMETRIOS GOC                                                 Golf Classic
  SEVENTEENTH ANNUAL                                         Sponsorship Opportunities
       GOLF CLASSIC                                             YES, I would like to be a:

      Monday, September 19th, 2011
        Sunset Hills Country Club
     4155 Erbes Road, Thousand Oaks
                     EVENT SCHEDULE:
                      11 am Registration
                       & pu ing contest
                        11:30 am Lunch
                    12:15 pm Shotgun Start
                    Texas Scramble Format
Early Registration before Sept. 1st - $150/player
      After September 1st - $175 per player
     BBQ Lunch, Great Tee Prize Packages
  Buffet Dinner, Silent Auction, & Drawing
      For more information: (805) 482-1273
 All proceeds benefit our Building Fund

                                                     Signage should read:

                                                           Mail FormTo:          St. Demetrios GOC
                                                                                 400 Skyway Drive,
                                                                                 Camarillo, CA 93010

  WIN $10,000.00                                        ATTEND BANQUET DINNER ONLY
    For a hole-in-one                                $40 per person prior to 9/1/11 or $45 afterward
     Sponsored by:                                           RSVP by mailing checks to:
                                                        Saint Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
                                                        400 Skyway Drive, Camarillo CA 93010
        Mike Brennan’s OLD TOWN
        Farmers Insurance Agency                    I cannot play or a end the dinner, but please accept my
   1820 E. Ventura Blvd. Camarillo CA 93010         Building Fund donation in the amount of $_______
                (805) 987-2241
        Happy Birthday from your St. Demetrios Family
  May God bless you all with love, good health, and happiness!
                                           Day          July Continued         Day        August Continued
           July Birthdays                 22nd   John Chtourou               10th    Sofia Mikelatos
  Day                   Name              22nd   Linda Riley                 13th    Peter Dinos
1st     Katherine Anderson                23rd   Gig Kyriacou
                                                                             13th    Ralph Napolitano
2nd     Christopher Kokiousis             24th   Frances Gonzalez
                                                                             13th    Candace Scholler
3rd     Daniela Baroni                    24th   Martha Mallakis
                                                                             14th    Tracey Yokas
3rd     Bavli Fahmy                       24th   George Misailidis
                                          25th   Riki Anastasiou             15th    Pam Gonzalez
3rd     Lori Nicolaides
                                          25th   Bill Hronas                 15th    Lou Josephs
4th     Donovan Schmidt
5th     Margaret Pateras                  25th   Sandra Leousis              16th    Lynn Mikelatos

5th     Gina McCann                       26th   Cally Pantages              19th    Connie Pappas-Hillman
8th     Michael Chtourou                  26th   Nancy Steed                 20th    Christie Kyriacou
9th     Elaine Louros                     27th   Melissa Misailidis
                                                                             20th    Elena Kyriacou
9th     Helen Papadopoulos                27th   Vanessa Tsakrios
                                                                             20th    Courtney Wagner
11th    Tommy Ballas                      27th   Keith Valle
                                                                             22nd    Andrew Greanias
11th    Effie Stantzos                    28th   Neena Kent
                                                                             23rd    Vanessa Manolatos
14th    Alex Angelos                      28th   Ken White
                                                                             24th    Brad Coler
14th    Michael John Kyriacou             31st   Richard Case
                                                                             24th    Arianna Halamandaris
14th    Ignacio Metre-Mas                                August
                                                                             24th    Andrew Padelidis
14th    Victoria Paulos                                  Birthdays
                                                                             24th    Bruce Wilson
15th    Scott McBryde                     1st    Nick Kalivas
16th    Toulla Demourkas                  2nd    Metropolitan Gerasimos      25th    Tony Louros

16th    Nick Lymberopoulos                2nd    Katerina Eagar              25th    Diana Riley
16th    Andrew Papavasiliou               3rd    Stephanie Leopold           26th    Nick Kokkinis
16th    Cindy Paulos                      4th    Nicholas Josephs            26th    Michael Loisides
17th    Cynthia Coler                     6th    Vicki Lymberopoulos         26th    George Tait
19th    Demetria Bouloukos                6th    Rita McBryde
                                                                             27th    Kamuela Judd
19th    Katherine Russell                 9th    Androniki Case
                                                                             28th    Nicole Gomez
19th    George Pappas                     9th    Jonathan Mamakos
                                                                             28th    Jake Green
20th    Peter Kusulis                     10th   Alexis Halamandaris
                                          10th   Nikolaos Kontakos           29th    Mary Claire Mamakos
20th    Nicholas Kyriacou
21st    Claire Mamakos-Kokiousis                                             29th    Adam Sanderson

                             Don’t Forget Our Giant Rummage Sale
                                                   JULY 30—AUGUST 7, 2011
                                Drop off items now in the hall for transport to storage facility or call
                                Keith Valle to make arrangements: (805) 983-6474 or (805) 377-3919
YOUTH MESSAGE: “Like a Mom to Me”                                               By Rev. Deacon Niko Bekris
                        When I was a kid, I used to go to Greece       speaking, loving Christians who call upon her! Stories of her
                        with my family for the entire summer           saving travellers, appearing to people in their sleep, or while
                        every two years to visit my grandparents       awake, to give a message or some kind of instruction, a mirac-
                        and other relatives. And when I say all        ulous healing, and many, many more kinds of assistance. In
                        summer I really mean ALL summer-               many parts of Greece- indeed, the world- Mary is revered very
                        June to August (sometimes May/                 strongly for everything that she has done for the history of sal-
                        September).                                    vation, from giving birth to God, to being a constant intercessor,
                                                                       protector, and guide to all who call upon her. She is viewed as
                         I’m not sure how many of you reading
                                                                       a mother to all believers, and rightfully so.
this have been to Greece, or ever spent time in another coun-
try, but I happen to think it’s a great experience in order to get a            Later this month, we will celebrate the feast of the Dor-
different perspective on how we live in the USA. One of the            mition (Falling Asleep) of the Theotokos, or the Assumption, as
things I really disliked about visiting Greece was driving through     it is most often referred to in this country. You probably know
the mainland to see relatives. Don’t get me wrong, I loved see-        this already, but the day a holy person dies, or is translated into
ing my relatives, but have you ever driven a car in Greece?            the Kingdom, is the day that we celebrate their memory. We
The country roads aren’t very easy on passengers, let’s just put       will celebrate Mary’s memory on August 15, one of the greatest
it that way.                                                           feast days of the Church, and a day when we remember just
                                                                       how much Panagia loves us, and how she, too, wants to have
        But simultaneously, driving through Greece (the Pelo-          a relationship with us, and lead us towards God, towards heav-
ponnesus, to be exact) was one of the most mind-blowing ex-            en. Anything we ask of God we should also ask of His Mother,
periences of my life that I will always be thankful for. Again,        because she wants us to be protected, to be loved, and to be
NOT because of swervy mountain roads, but because no mat-
                                                                       saved. Let’s remember this.
ter where we went, my parents would point out a church or
some monument, saying “This is where this or that miracle hap-            Because like any Greek child knows, mom has dad’s
pened,” or “This is where a saint was martyred by the Turks,” or ear in a way no one else does.
any number of amazing miracles.
          It was almost as if, after nearly 2000 years of Christian-
ity in the same country, a huge miracle of some kind had taken *Note: Deacon Niko also asks for your prayers this month, be-
place every few miles! This is certainly something we don’t find cause God willing, he will be ordained to the holy priesthood on
in the States (yet!), and a shock to my young mind that made         August 15 at the Annunciation Cathedral in San Francisco.
me understand that God was real.
        A very common thread through many of these miracles                 Rev. Deacon Niko Bekris is Director of Youth and Family
was the appearance of the Theotokos. There are so many                          Ministries for the Archdiocese of San Francisco
powerful stories of the Panagia appearing, assisting, guiding,

 Bruce lee: A man must constantly exceed his level…
   An excerpt from the book “Bruce Lee: The Art of Expressing the Human Body” by Bruce Lee and John Little, 1998
“Bruce had me up to three miles a day, really at a good                him, “Bruce if I run any more,” –and we’re still running-
pace. We’d run the three miles in twenty-one or twenty-                ”if I run any more I’m liable to have a heart attack and
two minutes. Just under eight minutes a mile [Note:                    die.” He said, “Then die.” It made me so mad that I went
when running on his own in 1968, Lee would get his                     the full five miles. Afterward I went to the shower and
time down to six-and-a half minutes per mile]. So this                 then I wanted to talk to him about it. I said, you know,
morning he said to me “We’re going to go five.” I said,                “Why did you say that?” He said, “Because you might as
“Bruce, I can’t go five. I’m a heck of a lot older than you            well be dead. Seriously, if you always put limits on what
are, and I can’t do five.” He said, “When we get to three,             you can do, physical or anything else, it’ll spread over
we’ll shift gears and it’s only two more and you’ll do it.”            into the rest of your life. It’ll spread into your work, into
I said “Okay, hell, I’ll go for it.” So we get to three, we go         your morality, into your entire being. There are no lim-
into the fourth mile and I’m okay for three or four                    its. There are plateaus, but you must not stay there, you
minutes, and then I really begin to give out. I’m tired,               must go beyond them. If it kills you, it kills you. A man
my heart’s pounding, I can’t go any more and so I say to               must constantly exceed his level.”
                       June/July 2011 Stewardship Report
Greetings Fellow Parishioners!                 culture and serve the community. I
                                               love it!                                                           STEWARDSHIP STATISTICS
I hope that all of our Festival workers
have had a chance to recover from If you didn't get a chance to join us
another busy and successful week- this year, please consider volunteer-                                     ____ 2010 Actual _             2011 YTD______
end.                                    ing for the Festival next year. You'll
                                        be glad you did.                                   # of Pledges                156                      119
As I've said many times before, Fes-
tival weekend is one of my favorite     And in the meantime, there are plen-               Total Pledged            $243,5999              $155,372
times of the year. It gives us a        ty of opportunities to help out at
                                                                                           Average Pledge            $1,510                  $1,306
chance to demonstrate stewardship church. Just ask how you can help.
without writing a check.                                                                                           Total Received:          $91,711
                                        In Christ’s Service,
So many of our parishioners and         Mike Panesis                                                               Percent Received:            59%
friends come together to share our

Alex, Stephanie                            Galanopolis, Peg                       Mallakis, Chris & Gloria              Schmidt, Danka & Donovan
Alexakis, Mary                             Galiatsatos, Sofia                      Mallakis, George & Martha*            Scholler, Dr. Charles & Jill*
Alexiades, Alex & Anna                     Gankas, Frank & Nicola*                Manolatos, Chris & Alma               Sidiropoulos, Ted & Cathy
Anderson, Bill & Corinne*                  Ganknas, Stephanie                     Mavroudis, Frank*                     Simitzi, Nick
Andros, Katina*                            Gonzalez, Frances                      McQuestion, Pauline                   Sipsas, Spyros
Arline, James & Sandra                     Gonzalez, John & Lorna*                Metre-Mas, Ignacio                    Sklavenitis, Nick & Marika*
Ball, Despina                              Gonzalez, Dr. Bob & Pam*               Metropoulos, Ted & Judy*              Stantzos, Bill & Effie*
Ballas, Michael & Stacy                    Greanias, Deb*                         Mikelatos, Gerasimos & Lynn           Stover, Harry & Sophia
Bazacos, Chris*                            Hancock, Ray & Zora                    Mirras, Nick & Nancy*                 Stuver, Michael & Ada
Bibian-Padelidis, Oliva & Family           Hesse, Elaine                          Misailidis, Soula                     Syrengelas, Elizabeth
Brahos, Drew & Marcia                      Hochberger, Lyle & Mary*               Misthos, James & Donna                Tait, George & Kyriaki
Brennan, Ryan & Bev                        Hronas, Bill & Stacy                   Morcos, Michael & Lucienne*           Thomas, Bob & Stamatia*
Case, Richard & Androniki                  Hroundas, George*                      Nicholeris, Carrie                    Thomas, Mary
Chala-Mas, Gloria                          Jassak, Nancy*                         Panesis, Michael & Grace*             Uchimura, Rex & Marlena
Chass, Vikentia (Dia)*                     Joannou, George & Monique*             Pantages, Peter & Cally               Valle, Keith & Susan*
Christodorescu, Petru, Marilena & Family   Josephs, Luis*                         Papatsos, Francine                    Varnava, Nick & Nina*
Chtouros, George & Effie                     Kabila as, Kelly & Aida*               Pashalidis, Panagiota                 Vegos, Tom & Terri*
Chtourou, John & Dimitra                   Kaplan, Dorothy*                       Paun, Henry & Michelle                Vodantis, Nicholas & Dana
Coler, Brad & Cynthia*                     Karidis, Liza                          Petlansky, Mickey & Cythia G.         Whetstone, Chris
Costello, John & Chris*                    Kitros, Elaine                         Phillip, Michael                      White, Ken & Connie
Crostic, Daniel & Christina*               Knauss, Joanne Mirras                  Platis, Jim & Kay*                    Wilson, Bruce & Paule e*
Dabkovich, Sam & Evonne*                   Kokkinis, Nick & Barbara*              Poulos, John & Martha*                Young, John & Deborah
Demourkas, Anthony & Toulla*               Koniares, Angelo                       Pulos, Chris & Micki*                 Zmed, Walter & Anya*
Diacos, George & Angela                    Kontakos, Panagiotis                   Randopoulo, Eleni
Dinos, Peter & Margaret*                   Kontonickas, Leo & Terry*              Randopoulos, Anthoula                  “It’s not how much we give,
Dymond, Donald & Alexandra*                Kyriacou, Bob & Eleni*                 Randopoulos, Dan & Candy*
Elias, Fred                                Kyriacou, Fr. Gary & Pres. Christie*   Rhodes, Daniel & Julie*                 but how much love we put
Evans, Sandy                               Leopold, Lou & Stephanie*              Riley, Sean & Linda                             into giving.”
Farkas, David & Annie*                     Lewis, George & Patricia*              Robbins, Mark & Cathy*
Flodman, Bill & Venny*                     Lisigar, Diana*                        Rogovin, Dan & June*                               —Mother Theresa
Frangos, Zachary & Joanne*                 Loisides, Michael                      Saghieh, Nina
Freeth, Joseph & Mary*                     Louros, George & Elaine                Sanderson, Daniel & Mandee            * = gifts of $1,200+/year THANKS!

All Greek channels in one mega cosmos -antenna-star-aplha-skai-TV-FM ELLADA- Rissat- alter globe- 4e -alter-
ert world -ert 3- net -ept - gmtv and more. Websites: www.ellastvgr or www.ellastvwestcoast.com. Movies on De-
mand 24/7, series: To Nisis - Zoi Tis Allis- Mustika tis Edem, Kids: Ta Zouzounia, Tangled, Cinderella, etc. Mov-
ies Stathis Psaltis, Sotiris Moustakas, and many more.
For more information please contact Miss Georgia at (562) 370-7828 or (562) 475-4308, cana214@aol.com or
In gratitude for God’s blessings, I/we pledge to contribute the following amount    For Office Use Only                                 Env #______
 to continue Christ’s work at St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church for 2011
                              (circle one or write in):
                                                                                    Last Name ______________________
     $750 $1,500        $5,000       $10,000 Other $________
                                                                                    Address     ____________________________________
                        To be contributed (circle one):
   Weekly       Monthly      Quarterly       Semi-Annually       Annually           City        ________________ State ___             Zip ______

                                                                                    Home Phone       ________________
Signed       ________________________ Date___________
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         Please tell us about yourself and the members
           of your household on the back of this card.                                          Your statement will be e-mailed to this address

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                                                                                             August Bible Readings
                                                                                              Epistle                     Gospel
Alex Alexiades
                                                                                   8/1        Hebrews 11:33-40; 12:1-2 Matthew 10:16-22
preps produce
                                                                                   8/2        Acts 6:8-15; 7:1-5, 47-60 Matthew 21:33-42
with a smile.
                                                                                   8/3        1 Corinthians 10:12-22      Matthew 16:20-24
Meanwhile,                                                                         8/4        1 Cor 10:28-33; 11:1-8      Matthew 16:24-28
August Poulos                                                                      8/5        1 Peter 1:1-25              Matthew 17:10
gives some                                                                         8/6        2 Peter 1:10-19             Matthew 17:1-9
support to the                                                                     8/7        1 Corinthians 1:10-17       Matthew 14:14-22
ladies working                                                                     8/8        1 Cor 11:31-34; 12:1-6      Matthew 18:1-11
at the Agora                                                                       8/9        Acts 1:12-17, 21-26         Matt 18:18-22; 19:1-2; 13-15
                                                                                   8/10       1 Cor 13:4-13; 14:1-5       Matthew 20:1-16
                                                                                   8/11       1 Corinthians 14:6-19       Matthew 20:17-28
                                                                                   8/12       1 Corinthians 14:26-40      Matthew 21:12-14; 17-20
                                                                                   8/13       Romans 14:6-9               Matthew 15:32-39
                                                                                   8/14       1 Corinthians 3:9-17        Matthew 14:22-34
                                                                                   8/15       Philippians 2:5-11          Luke 10:38-42, 11:27-28
                                                                                   8/16       1 Timothy 3:13-16; 4:1-5Luke 9:51-57, 10:22-24, 13:22
                                                                                   8/17       1 Corinthians 16:4-12       Matthew 21:28-32
                                                                                   8/18       2 Corinthians 1:1-7         Matthew 21:43-46
                                                                                   8/19       2 Corinthians 1:12-20       Matthew 22:23-33
                                                                                   8/20       Romans 15:30-33             Matthew 17:24-27; 18:1-4
                                                                                   8/21       1 Corinthians 4:9-16        Matthew 17:14-23
                                                                                   8/22       2 Corinthians 2:3-15        Matthew 23:13-22
                                                                                   8/23       Philippians 2:5-11          Luke 10:38-42, 11:27-28
                                                                                   8/24       2 Corinthians 3:4-11        Matthew 23:29-39
                                                                                   8/25       Titus 1:1-5; 2:15; 3:1-2, 12-15 Matthew 5:14-19
                                                                                   8/26       Hebrews 10:32-38            Matthew 24:27-33, 42-51
                                                                                   8/27       1 Corinthians 1:3-9         Matthew 19:3-12
                                                                                   8/28       1 Corinthians 9:2-12        Matthew 18:23-35
                                                                                   8/29       Acts 13:25-33               Mark 6:14-30
                                                                                   8/30       2 Corinthians 5:15-21       Mark 1:16-22

                                                                                   Â\ {täx ÇÉ zÜxtàxÜ }Éç à{tÇ àÉ {xtÜ à{tà Åç v{|ÄwÜxÇ
                                                                                   tÜx ãtÄ~|Çz |Ç à{x àÜâà{AÊ ‰F ]É{Ç DMG
                                                      Upcoming 2011 Liturgies

                                                                Liturgy -

                                                               Liturgy -

                                                          Liturgy -

Volunteering at festival is more fun when you do it
                                                        Liturgy -
with friends, as Zora Hancock and Gloria Chala-Mas
demonstrate with a happy hug.


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