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									                                 OFFICIAL NEWSLETTER OF THE PARK SLOPE FOOD COOP


Volume AA, Number 23                                                                                                                                                           November 9, 2006

A Discussion: Planning Gloves Are Off
for the Coop’s Future  at Fourth Annual
General Coordinator Joe Holtz shares his thoughts
                                                                                                             Peace Fair
By Ann Pappert                                                                                               By Hayley Gorenberg
        azette: As you’re no                                                          We need to get as               an you sing until                           was criticized for being terror-

G       doubt aware, with the
        opening of Fairway
and the expected opening of
                                                                                  many members as
                                                                                  possible to embrace
                                                                                  the idea that the
                                                                                                             “C       peace becomes the
                                                                                                                      noise of the planet?”
                                                                                                             challenged Sonia Sanchez,
                                                                                                                                                                  istic. Beneath her soft purple
                                                                                                                                                                  cap and graying dreadlocks,
                                                                                                                                                                  she punctuated her recitation
Whole Foods in the next year                                                      Coop is about mak-         who lectured, bellowed, and                          with choruses of “Where are
or two, there has been a lot of                                                   ing the best food as       sang to kick off the keynote
discussion among our mem-                                                         affordable as possi-       ceremonies of Brooklyn Par-
bers about the long-term                                                          ble to those who           ents for Peace’s Fourth Annu-
future of the Coop. Who has                                                       can least afford it—       al Peace Fair by performing
the responsibility for long-                                                      even if they them-         her work, “A Poem for Peace.”
                                 PHOTO BY KEVIN RYAN

term planning at the Coop?                                                        selves don’t need to          Author, poet and Granny
   Joe: The seven General                                                         worry about price.         Peace Brigade activist
Coordinators usually have                                                         Do they know that          Sanchez joined Medea Ben-
three meetings a week and                                                         their participation        jamin, co-founder of Code
long-term planning is part of                                                     helps make this a          Pink and Global Exchange, to
these meetings. We have dis-                                                      reality?                   deliver a keynote plenary,
cussed what effect the open-       A smiling Joe Holtz speaks affection-              We need more           “Peaceful Resistance to War”
ing of Fairway and Whole           ately about the Coop’s future.                 members            to      on a day that also featured
Foods and perhaps other new                                                       embrace the excite-        peace-themed music, art,
stores might have on the                                                          ment of being part         workshops, and a peace
Coop. So far the Coop is in        mislead them about the              of this unique cooperative as         parade led by the Samba
good shape. Regardless of          products we carry, something        one of the reasons they con-          School of Social Justice.
who else is providing gro-         that is standard marketing          tinue their membership.               Billed as “A Peace and Justice
ceries, we know that the basic     practice at many other stores.         Long-term issue two:               Extravaganza for Adults &
way for the Coop to both sur-      We are not trying to make           improving shopping condi-             Kids of All Ages!” this year’s
vive and thrive has always         money by tricking our mem-          tions. We want to improve the         Peace Fair—organized by
been       to    keep                                                           entering, exiting,           Coop members Molly Nolan,                            These boots help to tell the
improving the Coop.                                                             checkout and pay-            Amy Cohen and Eleanor                                story.
   Gazette: What do         We need to educate our members who don’t            ment systems.                Preiss, among others—took
you think are the               appreciate the beauty and integrity of             Long-term issue           place on October 22 on the                           the hands of peace? Where are
three most impor-                                                               three:      improving        Brooklyn campus of Long                              the eyes of peace? Where are
tant       long-term         member-ownership and collective action—            working conditions           Island University.                                   the children of peace? Where
issues for the Coop?             which is what the Coop is all about.           for members. This                                                                 are the tongues of peace?”
   Joe: The top three                                                           would include better         Rousing Speeches                                        She ranged from the his-
long-term issues                                                                clarification about the        “Peace must not be still; we                       torical, to the global, to the
are: #1) Do our members            bers into buying feedlot beef       work that needs to be done            must take it on the road!”                           local: “A long time ago,
understand the difference          by making it seem that it is        and modernizing our make-             Sanchez sang, and recounted                          someone said, ‘I think, there-
between the Coop and other         grass fed, as some stores do.       ups system so that it is more         the tale of a seventeen-year-                        fore I am.’ Now we say, ‘We
food stores? Aside from the        We are motivated by serving         member friendly.                      old who raised questions                             make pre-emptive strikes,
fact that our prices are usual-    members who own the store.             Gazette: What is being done        about the path to peace and                                      CONTINUED ON PAGE 4

ly lower, do they understand          We need to educate our           to address these issues?
the other things that make us      members who don’t appreci-             Joe: Now that we have final-
so different from other            ate the beauty and integrity        ly begun to catch our breath          Next General Meeting on November 14th
stores?                            of member-ownership and             after managing the growth of          The General Meeting of the Park Slope Food Coop is held on the
   For example, do our mem-        collective action—which is                                                last Tuesday of each month. The next General Meeting will be
bers realize that we don’t         what the Coop is all about.                  CONTINUED ON PAGE 2          Tuesday, November 14, 7:00 p.m. at the Congregation Beth Elo-
                                                                                                             him Temple House (Garfield Temple), 274 Garfield Pl. Please note
                                                                                                             that the meeting day is earlier than usual because of the holiday.
 FTOP Workers Needed…                                                                                           The agenda is in this Gazette and available as a flyer in the
                                                                                                             entryway of the Coop. For more information about the GM and
  … in Receiving, Shopping and Food Processing to help with Thanksgiving.                                    about Coop governance, please see the center of this issue.
  Friday, November 17 through Sunday, November 26, the Coop needs lots of extra help
  to prepare for and re-stock after the Thanksgiving rush. All days of the week all times
  of the day. Please contact the Membership Office to sign up.                                                                       IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                                             Worker Coops Meet in Manhattan . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                             Sat, Nov 11  •Game Night: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.                                 GM Agenda. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3
                                                                                                             Commune: Reflections on a Vision of Community . . . . . . . . . . . 5
                              Fri, Nov 17 •Coffeehouse: Singer-Songwriter Night, 8:00 p.m.
                                                                                                             Eisteddfod-NY: Great Music . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5
 Coop                        Thu, Nov 30  •Wordsprouts: Alcohol Can Be a Gas, 7:30 p.m.                      Coop Hours, Coffeehouse, Puzzle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
                               Fri, Dec 1 •Film Night: Occupation Dreamland & Dreams of                      Coop Calendar, Workslot Need, Governance Info. . . . . . . . . . . . 7
 Event                                     Sparrow, two perspectives on Iraq, 7:00 p.m.                      Workslot Needs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
                               Sat, Dec 3 •Pub Night: Yule Be Welcome, 7:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.                   Community Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
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2        November 9, 2006                                            Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

Planning                           patory cooperative and what            of members known as the           for specific projects. For exam-    worked at the Coop for many
                                   that means for our members.            “Exit Circulation Advisory        ple, we have been working           years are approaching retire-
CONTINUED FROM PAGE      1            On the issue of improving           Group” to consider plans for      with a local outside architect      ment. Indeed, Linda Wheeler
                                   shopping conditions; first             improving the entrance, exit,     on the possible expansion out       is about to retire at the end
the membership from 5,700          and foremost we are looking            checkout and locker areas.        to the sidewalk.                    of the year. There is a real
in spring of 2001 to 13,100 in     forward to next year when we           One idea being considered is         Gazette: Do you anticipate       concern about losing their
the spring of 2006, we have        can finally let members pay            extending the front of the        involving the members in            expertise and experience.
begun to turn our attention        by debit card so that they will        building out to the sidewalk.     long-term planning? If so,          How is the Coop dealing
to these long-term issues.         not have to think ahead about          The group has reported to the     how?                                with this?
   On issue one—educating          bringing cash to shop at the           General Meeting and will be          Joe: The Coop has frequent-         Joe: I don’t think that there
our members about the Coop         Coop. In addition, paying by           reporting back again some-        ly turned to our members for        will be a mass retirement of
philosophy; we will be devel-      debit will provide the option          time in 2007.                     expertise and advice, and we        General Coordinators in any
oping better educational           of paying at the checkout.                We have no grand plan to       will continue to tap into the       one- or even two-year period.
materials to heighten aware-          The General Coordinators            alleviate crowding in the gro-    skills and knowledge of our         I know that succession plan-
ness of the Coop as a partici-     are also working with a group          cery aisles. One thing we are     members. Right now, for             ning is important. It is some-
                                                                          doing is asking squads to pay     example, several members            thing that we have talked
                                                                          closer attention to managing      who are professional plan-          about at General Coordinator
                                                                          the checkouts so that the         ners are on the Exit Circula-       meetings and with the Per-
            Turkey News                                                   lines can move more quickly.
                                                                          Sometimes no one is paying
                                                                                                            tion Advisory Group. The
                                                                                                            group has been meeting for
                                                                                                                                                sonnel Committee, who are
                                                                                                                                                involved in this and other
             No need to preorder                                          attention. We need to con-
                                                                          vince more shopping squad
                                                                                                            nearly two years and will
                                                                                                            hopefully stay with the pro-
                                                                                                                                                areas of long-term staff-relat-
                                                                                                                                                ed planning.
                                                                          workers that these practices      ject until its completion.             We are working to spread
                                                                          are important for long-term          Gazette: Do you think that       responsibility among the
      Turkeys will be available beginning                                 shopping member satisfac-         the operating model of the          staff—which in addition to
                                                                          tion.                             Coop—for example, member            the seven General Coordina-
      Friday, November 17                                                    There is also the possibili-
                                                                          ty of adding more checkouts
                                                                                                            workslots, membership and
                                                                                                            governing structure—will
                                                                                                                                                tors includes 50 other Coor-
                                                                                                                                                dinators in Receiving, Office,
    Fingerlakes Farms Pasture-raised Heritage Breed*                      if we expand the front of the     need to change to keep the          Bookkeeping and Software
                                                                          building.                         Coop successful?                    Engineering. Some exam-
                       8–20 lbs., $3.99/lb.                                  On the issue of improving
                   Eberly Certified Organic                               working conditions for mem-
                                                                          bers; we anticipate consult-
                      8–24 lbs., $3.30/lb                                 ing with squad leaders and                   Regardless of who else is providing groceries,
                                                                          others to develop a Coop-            we know that the basic way for the Coop to both survive and
                     Frozen Wise Kosher
                                                                          wide make-up system that                 thrive has always been to keep improving the Coop.
                Pasture-raised Certified Organic                          will alleviate double make-
                      12–24 lbs., $3.30/lb                                ups for members who have
                                                                          established a good atten-
                       Cloonshee Farm                                     dance record.                        Joe: I think it’s important to   ples: We are increasing the
                 Pasture-raised Organically-fed                              We are also looking at the     keep our member participa-          number of non-General Coor-
                       8–20 lbs., $2.43/lb                                possibility of an incentive       tory work structure because I       dinators who are the staff
                                                                          plan that would reward            consider it a key part of the       liaison to member commit-
                           Murray’s                                       scheduled attendance. We          foundation of our success. I        tees and are also increasingly
                        8–26 lbs., $1.98/lb                               also hope to continue to          think the direct democracy of       involving non-General Coor-
                                                                          improve communications            our governing structure fits        dinators in writing member
             All of the above are delivered FRESH                         about what necessary work         well with the fact that we          and staff work instructions as
                      except for Wise Kosher.                             can be done at times when         require everyone to work. We        well as occasionally writing
                                                                          there are more workers than       have no membership cap and          for the Gazette.
      All are locally raised, hormone- and antibiotic-free.               the usual work demands.           I think capping the member-            Not long ago if we needed
                                                                             Gazette: Will the Coop be      ship would severely harm the        to phone a squad leader it
    *Heritage breeds of turkeys are making a comeback at                  using outside experts to help     Coop. The failures of the           was invariably a General
     the Park Slope Food Coop. The Fingerlakes Farms birds                with long-term planning?          waiting list 25 years ago are       Coordinator who made the
                                                                             Joe: The Coop does not usu-    very instructive.                   call. That is not true anymore.
     are American Bronze, also known as Heritage Bronze.
                                                                          ally hire consultants for basic      Gazette: As you are aware,       These types of steps
     Arriving on Monday, November 20.                                     long-term planning. We have       many of the most senior             strengthen our ability to deal
                                                                          sometimes used consultants        coordinators who have               with retirement. ■

          Pub Night

    Yule be
    Welcome                             ILLUSTRATION: BRUCE ZEINES

    Folk Music Society of New York, The Pinewoods Folk Music
    Club and the Fun'Raising Committee of the Park Slope Food
    Coop jointly and proudly present...

     A night of informal singing, dancing, partying, food and
                                                                                                                                                                               ILLUSTRATIONS BY CATHY WASSYLENKO

              drink with your friends, old and new.
      Bring voices, instruments, friends, family, good cheer.

                        All ages welcome.
                All songs, tunes, stories welcome.

      Sunday, December 3, 7:00–10:00 p.m.
          Tea Lounge • Union St. across from the Coop
                       FREE Admission!
            Tea Lounge goodies available for sale.
                                                                Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                                                 January 19, 2006           3

WORKER COOPS                                                                                                                   ative. It became clear that
                                                                                                                               many different models exist—
                                                                                                                               from the Berkeley-based
                                                                                                                               gourmet cheese shop in
                                                                                                                                                                  Immigrants and Worker
                                                                                                                                                                  Cooperatives and Coops and
                                                                                                                                                                  Social Movements. Atten-
                                                                                                                                                                  dees were also offered one-

MEET IN MANHATTAN                                                                                                              which every worker is paid the
                                                                                                                               exact same wage and all
                                                                                                                               employees do all tasks from
                                                                                                                                                                  on-one consulting for
                                                                                                                                                                  specific concerns with worker
                                                                                                                                                                  coop experts throughout the
                                                                                                                               sweeping the floor to manag-       day. The conference ended on
By Wally Konrad                   supplied the coffee, tea, cocoa                            and a 1% to 2% profit margin.     ing the books, to the large and    Sunday with a screening of
                                  and sugar for the conference                               “We couldn’t maximize our         multilayered Internet alliance     The Take at the Anthology Film

W         hat if you took the
          same principles
          grounded in the
Park Slope Food Coop—one
member one vote, democrat-
                                  and the Equal Exchange label
                                  is a common sight on PSFC
                                  shelves. Colors, the worker
                                  owned NoHo restaurant start-
                                  ed in 2004 by former Windows
                                                                                             wages and benefits if we did-
                                                                                             n’t have a healthy business,”
                                                                                             said Surpin, who started
                                                                                             CHCA more than 20 years ago.
                                                                                                Running a business with
                                                                                                                               that is trying to bring coopera-
                                                                                                                               tive principles to the Web.
                                                                                                                                  The conclusion: If the
                                                                                                                               movement to expand worker
                                                                                                                               coops is to succeed, there
                                                                                                                                                                  Archives in the East Village.
                                                                                                                                                                  The award-winning docu-
                                                                                                                                                                  mentary is about the 2001
                                                                                                                                                                  collapse of Argentina’s econ-
                                                                                                                                                                  omy and the subsequent
ic leadership, a shared social    on the World employees, was                                                                  need to be some uniform            emergence of a worker coop
consciousness—and applied         also represented as were                                                                     principles among all coops         movement that has helped
them to big business? Could       employees from Rene Pujol,                                                                   no matter how different their      thousands of Argentines
restaurants, retail outlets       the worker-owned theatre dis-                                                                industries might be. As atten-     rebuild their lives.
and even health-care compa-       trict eatery. In 2005, when Mr.                                                              dees tried to work out exactly        For more information on
nies successfully run on          Pujol retired, he helped his                                                                 what those principle might         worker cooperatives visit the
these principles and actually     staff to form a cooperative in                                                               be, other coop workers sat in      U.S. Federation of Worker
make a profit?                    which every worker from the                                                                  on workshops entitled Man-         Cooperative’s website at
   The answer at the first        dishwasher to the chef has an                                                                aging Generational Turnover, ■
annual meeting of the U.S.        equal stake in the business.
Federation of Worker Cooper-
atives (and the Second
National Conference on
Workplace Democracy) held
October 13 through 15th at
Millennium High School in
Manhattan’s financial district                                                               Clockwise from left:
was a resounding yes. Nearly                                                                 Arizmendi in Oakland,
300 worker co-op members                                                                     Calilfornia, T-shirt, Rainbow
from throughout the U.S. and                                                                 Grocery T-shirt, T-shirt of
other countries attended.                                                                    the Food Coop of Portland,
Several Park Slope Food Coop                                                                 Oregon.
members and staffers lent a
hand to the like-minded orga-                                                                1,000 decision-makers isn’t
nization by helping with reg-                                                                easy, says Surpin. “There
istration and other tasks.                                                                   were lots of protracted fights
                                                                                             along the way. As we grew it
                                                                                             got harder and harder to
                                                                                             make every worker happy,” he
                                                                                             explained. “Most companies
                                                                                             just make the administrative
                                                                                             staff happy and don’t worry
                                                                                             about the workers. Coopera-
                                                                                             tives don’t work that way.”
                                                                      PHOTOS BY LISA COHEN

                                                                                                Although Surpin has
                                                                                             moved away from day-to-day
                                                                                             operations, he is still working
                                                                                             on and struggling with several
                                                                                             big issues affecting CHCA.
                                                                                                                                  PSFC November
Conference Coordinator Melissa Hoover, left, and
                                                                                             He’s expanding the company
                                                                                             into other areas, including a        G ENERAL M EETING
Keynote speaker, Rick Surpin of the Cooperative Home                                         non-profit organization called
Care Associates.                                                                             Independence Care System             Tuesday, November 14
                                                                                             that provides home health
   All Coops are member-             Living proof that business-                             care to the disabled. But with       7:00 p.m.
owned, managed and gov-           es can be worker-friendly and                              that growth comes more
erned. Members are workers        still be financially viable is                             management headaches as              • Congregation Beth Elohim Social Hall
who control the management,       Rick Surpin, the conference’s                              the company tries to hear              274 Garfield Pl at 8th Ave.
governance and ownership of       keynote speaker and founder                                every worker/ owner’s voice.         • Items will be taken up in the order given.
their workplace. Nationwide,      of Bronx-based Cooperative                                    In addition, CHCA recently        • Times in parentheses are suggestions.
there are about 100 such busi-    Home Care Associates.                                      agreed to unionize its work-
nesses in sectors spanning
from food retailers to energy
                                  CHCA is the largest worker
                                  coop in the country with
                                                                                             ers, even though most CHCA
                                                                                             employees are paid much
companies, estimates the          more than 1,000 member/                                    better than union home               Item #1: New Make-up Rules Idea (60
Federation, which works to        workers and a leading                                      health aides. As part of the         minutes)
advance the worker-owned          provider of home health care                               union, Surpin says, CHCA             Discussion: We will soon have the capability in our
business movement through         attendants for New York                                    will have more of a voice in         computers to choose a different structure for keeping
education, advocacy and           City’s elderly and seriously ill.                          negotiating and advocating           make-up records. One make-up for an absence on a
development.                         CHCA provides employees                                 for better Medicare and Med-         regular basis does not provide the stability we need
   The Park Slope Food Coop       with wages at 20% above the                                icaid home health care bud-          in squads. Two, although standard. seems onerous
is considered a consumer          industry average as well as                                gets, something that will
                                                                                                                                  to many squads, and they are less likely to require it.
coop—members all work to          benefits and many advance-                                 benefit the company in the
achieve a consumer goal, in
                                                                                                                                  What are our choices? What will best meet our
                                  ment opportunities. About                                  long run. In the meantime,
our case good food at low         40% of the company’s admin-                                Surpin is trying to improve          needs? This will be the first full discussion. Before
prices—not a worker coop.         istrative staff were once care-                            relations with the union.            we make any decisions-and when the computer
Nonetheless        consumer       providers. Workers also hold                               Labor leaders were naturally         program is ready-we will have another discussion
coops and worker coops            the majority of seats on the                               antagonistic in the begin-           and hope to follow with a proposal at a third GM.
share many of the same            board of directors. Turnover,                              ning, Surpin explained,              —submitted by the General Coordinators
democratic principles and         notoriously high among home                                because they didn’t under-
are sister-type organizations.    health care aides, is only 18%                             stand the unique structure of
   Many of the conference’s       to 20% at CHCA compared to                                 the company.
                                                                                                                                  Future Agenda Information:
                                                                                                                                     For information on how to place an Item on the
attendees and sponsors may        the industry average of 42% to                                After the keynote, atten-
                                                                                                                                  Agenda, please see the center pages of the Linewaiters'
be familiar names to PSFC         60%, said Surpin.                                          dees moved to smaller work-
                                                                                                                                  Gazette. The Agenda Committee minutes and the status
members. Equal Exchange,             In addition to treating                                 shops. In one, The ABCs of
                                                                                                                                  of pending agenda items are available in the office and
for example, a worker coop        workers fairly (in an industry                             Worker Cooperatives, a group
                                                                                                                                  at all GMs.
and the oldest and largest for-   that rarely does so) CHCA is                               of about 75 attendees brain-
profit Fair-Trade company,        highly successful with $20                                 stormed about what it really
was an active participant. It     million in annual revenues                                 means to be a worker cooper-
4         November 9, 2006                                    Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

Gloves Are Off
therefore we are.’… A terror-      form to make clear
ist bomb is the language of        his views on upcom-
the unheard. M P A to make
C O N T I N U E D F R OHow G E 1   ing elections and
them heard without blowing         national power. He
themselves and the world           said the nation is “in
up?” From these large-scale        greater danger today
questions, she moved to her        than when Bush
personal challenge to urban        took over…There is
African-American high school       no question about
students in violence-plagued       it. It’s going to be
neighborhoods, who she said        another two years
acquire guns “like going to        till he goes back to
the corner for gum or beer,” to    his ranch. I wish it
live another year, until she       were tomorrow.”
would visit with them again.           He ceded the floor
“Walk away to have another         to Medea Benjamin,
day! Nobody smells like you.       who was introduced
Nobody has your DNA….              as having acquired
Without your breath, the           the distinction of

                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTO BY INGRID CUSSON
coming of spring will not sat-     being ejected from
isfy our thirst!” She conclud-     both the Democratic
ed, “This is an African            and      Republican
prayer…in a place called           National Conven-
Brooklyn.”                         tions for her peace
    The ubiquitous Marty           activism. As the
Markowitz followed Sanchez,        master of cere-
invoking “the awesome power        monies put it, “She Above, photographs of soldiers killed in Iraq, exhibit on the wall outside the Brooklyn Campus of Long
of the Brooklyn Borough            really rouses us rab- Island University. Below left, Sonia Sanchez. Below right, a poster introducing the exhibit.
President” to declare “Peace       ble!”
Day.” “Brooklyn is in the fore-        Benjamin, who has trav-
front of our efforts to see        eled five times to Iraq, urged
peace in our time,” Markowitz      the audience to face up to the
said, remarking on the vast        young people whose lives                                       PHOTO BY DIANE GREENE LENT
contingent of Jewish and           were being snuffed out daily
Muslim people in the bor-          in Iraq, describing Code Pink’s
ough, along with Catholics,        new “shoe campaign” display-
Christians, and a “fast-grow-      ing the shoes symbolizing
ing” number of Buddhists,          Iraqi civilians, many of them

                                                                                                                                                                        PHOTO BY INGRID CUSSON
who “live together each day        children, who have died since
as brothers and sisters.”          the American-led invasion.
    Markowitz used the plat-           She quoted once-proud
                                                                   Iraqis who told her, face to
                                                                   face, “You have taken the cra-
                                                                   dle of civilization and turned
    What Is That? How Do I Use It?                                 it into a hellhole!”
                                                                       An “illegal, immoral, irre-

    Food Tours in the Coop
                                                                   sponsible, unjustified war”      like, “physical appearance is     into being, for the purpose of
                                                                   must be met by a peace           only an interference,” “sexual    actively promoting environ-
                                                                   movement that is the respon-     preference does not call for      mental protection. Propo-
      The light is slow to light and warm                          sibility of every House and      altercations,” “Children hurt,    nents of the Department of
      vegetables sit and cure                                      Senate member, said Ben-         hear them crying. People          Peace asserted that, compa-
      apples pomegranates and pears keep                           jamin. She countered offi-       killing, people dying. We can     rable to a healthful environ-
      the creation has it all figured out-                         cials who have responded         do it, we can make it if we try.  ment, peace must be
      bring home these deep foods, store them                      that it would be wrong to        Don’t you want to save a life?”   promoted, planned for, and
      and they will get you through                                leave Iraq at this point with    and the rousing, “Yes, we can     carried out affirmatively.
      the winter                                                   the words she said Iraqi par-    liberate!”                           Longtime Coop member
      Genius                                                       liamentarians had expressed                                        Molly Nolan ran a “counter-
                                                                   to her, when they told her       The Department of Peace,          recruitment” workshop at the
      Deep from under the earth:                                   that there would be no possi-    “Counter-Recruitment” and         fair, in conjunction with her
                                                                   bility of peace without a fixed  More                              work as co-chair of the Brook-
      beets, celeriac, sweet potatoes
                                                                   timetable for exit by the U.S.      Multiple lines of work-        lyn Parents for Peace (BPP)
      deeply nourishing: dense diameters of squash                 “We are not listening to them    shops competed for attention      counter-recruitment commit-
      kabocha, buttercup, hubbard,                                 about solutions,” she cried,     throughout the day. One that      tee, which warns high school
      sweet dumpling, delicata                                     laying out points she said       shared notable thematic           students of the misleading
      and deep dished: pies, casseroles, soups and stews           were presented to her in Iraq,   lines with the keynotes fea-      promises made by military
                                                                   including amnesty for attack-    tured the nonprofit Depart-       recruiters. She showed the
      Equals deep energy to fend off the cold                      ing soldiers (but not civil-     ment of Peace, whose              War Resisters League docu-
      to weather the dark                                          ians), compensation, and a       members presented a cam-          mentary Military Myths, which
      to tend to our inner self                                    ban on permanent U.S. mili-      paign to create a Cabinet-        features critiques from peo-
      to feed en famille the whole clan                            tary bases. To these she         level peace minister in the       ple who joined the military
      love packed in a pumpkin                                     added the demand for             United States. Much of the        and who report that they
                                                                   rebuilding funds to be chan-     message from the Depart-          never received promised help
                                                                   neled to Iraqi-based enti-       ment of Peace’s representa-       with employment and educa-
      Come tour the produce and bulk aisles with me
                                                                   ties—not American firms.         tives echoed elements from        tion. According to the
      Myra Klockenbrink                                                What could the U.S. fund     Sanchez’s keynote presenta-       League, the average net edu-
      and we'll if we can pull out Thanksgiving dinner             with the billions it spends on   tion, where she countered         cational grant from the mili-
      Friday, November 10 & 17                                     war each week, Benjamin          W.E.B. Dubois’ quote, “The        tary totaled just $2,151—and
      Friday, December 1 & 15                                      invited her audience to imag-    cause of war is the prepara-      29 percent of enlistees were
      Noon and 1:30 tours                                          ine. More of the micro-credit    tion of war,” with her own: “I    ineligible for assistance due
      Or you can join in any time from noon to 2:30.               and tree-planting efforts that   say the cause of peace must       to early or other-than-honor-
                                                                   have earned Nobel Peace          be the preparation of peace.”     able discharge.
                                                                   Prizes? Answers to poverty          Supporters analogized             Altogether an estimated
                                                                   and disease?                     their initiative to the creation  2,000 people participated in
                                                                                                    of the environmental move-        the Peace Fair’s 30 workshops
    We want to expand the availability of                          Peace Contest Youth Prizes       ment decades ago. They            and other program offerings.
    Food Tours to other days and times.                                Several winners of the       noted that a sound environ-       More than 100 community
                                                                   Peace Fair’s middle school       ment had once been                groups set up tables through-
      Are you broadly knowledgable about foods?                    and high school rap contests     assumed to exist by default.      out the day and more than 250
               Produce, bulk, condiments?                          and essay competitions fol-      But with the understanding        children submitted art, writing
       Would you like to become a tour leader?                     lowed Benjamin onto the          of the need to protect and        and performance offerings in
                                                                   stage, to receive awards and     plan for environmental            the youth peace contest,
        Call Linda Wheeler during office hours.                    give readings and perfor-        health, environmental offi-       which Nolan described as
                                                                   mances of songs with lines       cials and departments came        “most exciting.” ■
                                                                 Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                                           November 9, 2006                       5

Commune: Reflections on a Vision of Community
By Terry-Anya Hayes                                                                                      classic text on traditional                          death”)—has to offer.
                                                                                                         Chinese medicine, Between                               Black Bear wasn’t my com-
                                       Some of us wanted to change the world and some of us just
    won’t try to tell you that                                                                           Heaven and Earth. And the                            mune, but it could have been.

I  community began in the
   1960s. But for me—just
emerging from a family in
                                      wanted to get away from it. But we all wanted to be part of a
                                                   society that didn’t 0make us sick.
                                                                                                         actor Peter Coyote.
                                                                                                            The film zigzags effectively
                                                                                                         between archival footage and
                                                                                                                                                              Did we make the world we
                                                                                                                                                              wanted? Hardly. Did we
                                                                                                                                                              change the world? I think we
which I, child of a previous                                                                             interviews with participants                         did.
marriage, held precarious           and some of us just wanted to      ideas of its own. Richard, a      grown older and perhaps                                 Commune opens at the Cin-
tenure, in a small New              get away from it. But we all       trade union organizer,            wiser, documenting both the                          ema Village on November 3. If
England town where                  wanted to be part of a society     attempted to restore order by     joy that comes from following                        you experienced those days,
adults seemed uniformly             that didn’t make us sick.          installing a blackboard and       our hearts and dreams and                            brace yourself for flashbacks
inscrutable—it pretty much             Jonathan Berman’s film          pointer and donning a uni-        the painful lessons that life—                       and enjoy the ride. If not,
did. By 1966 things had shift-      brings it all back, chronicling    form, but those symbols of        any life (defined by the older,                      here is your opportunity to
ed somewhat: I was still a          the birth and evolution of         authority vanished overnight.     terminally ill Richard Marley                        sample a little of the chaos,
loner, now the single mother        Black Bear Ranch in the            “I was living with a bunch of     as “that moment between                              naiveté, and bravery that
of a biracial daughter, but as I    Siskiyou wilderness of Cali-       anarchists,” says Richard.The     emerging from the womb and                           characterized them. ■
listened to race riots pound        fornia. Commune begins with        budding anarchists had their
past my Lower East Side win-        documentary footage of pro-        own rules. First and foremost
dow, it began to dawn on me         testers at the 1968 Democrat-      was, everything for the group.
that I couldn’t create the          ic convention as a voice-over      Elsa, an artist, was told that
world I wanted for us all by        proclaims, “...we came here        art was a selfish, individual
myself. As thousands of             because we are opposed to          act and not to pursue it. Sexu-
young and some not-so-              the murder of Vietnamese...”       al experimentation was
young people of that time           Cut to an aerial view of end-      encouraged for all, but sleep-
were doing, I began to search       less tall trees and a river run-   ing with the same person
for others for whom our world       ning full speed ahead.             more than two nights in a row
had grown too small.                Between these dynamics,            was forbidden; such behavior
   We came from every state         communes fruited like mush-        encouraged “coupling,” a
and several continents, young       rooms on any available sub-        non- communal practice.

                                                                                                                                                                                                         ILLUSTRATION BY DIANE MILLER
men and women on fire with          strate.                            Children, according to a
one thing and another: out-            In 1968, Elsa and Richard       young man who grew up at
rage against the war, the draft,    Marley founded this one            Black Bear, “would just kind of
racial and class inequalities.      around the idea of “free land      wander, like a bunch of
We wanted justice, sanctuary,       for free people.” The thirty-      goats...” Yet all were welcome,
a place to pour out ideas, art,     something couple soon found        including a suspected FBI
music, writing, theater, archi-     themselves a minority of two       agent. “He was a pretty nice
tecture, and creative modali-       in a resident population of        guy,” a former member noted.
ties awaiting discovery. We         forty-odd teens and twenties.         Among Black Bear resi-
did our best to shed the past       Shaking his head, the older        dents over the years are
as we fanned out over a coun-       Richard recalled his vision of     names and faces you may rec-
try that didn’t yet know how        Black Bear as a sanctuary          ognize: The herbalist Michael
much trouble it was in, coa-        “where our city warriors could     Tierra, who got his start at        Dec. 7
lescing in random groups            rest up, learn skills, and         Black Bear dosing ailing com-       7:30 p.m.
around any of those ideas or        ...make forays.” But releasing     mune members with local             at the Coop
no idea, and the hope of a          the genie from the bottle,         plants and varying results.
better future. Some of us           they quickly discovered it was     Harriet Beinfeld and Efrem
wanted to change the world          bigger than they were and had      Korngold, co-authors of a

                                                                                                              Gluten-Free Italian                                       Susan Baldassano
                                                                                                                                                                        is the owner of To

Eisteddfod-NY: Great Music                                                                                       A balanced gluten free menu and
                                                                                                               discussion of some of the gluten-free
                                                                                                                      ingredients at the Coop
                                                                                                                                                                        Grandmother’s House
                                                                                                                                                                        We Go Cooking Tours.
                                                                                                                                                                        Next Fall she will be
                                                                                                                                                                        offering a Gluten Free
By Rosalie Friend                   Shepheard, Spiers, and Wat-                                                                                                         Tour To Sicily. She is the

      he Welsh Eisteddfod is
                                    son, fine singers and players
                                                                          Member                                                                                        Director of Educcation

                                    of the ballad tradition from                                                                                                        at the Natural Gourmet
      “a gathering of bards         Scotland; Andy Cohen, bril-                                                                                                         Institute for Health and
      and      poets,”
Eisteddfod- NY is a fantastic
                             but    liant bluesman; the Manhat-
                                    tan Sacred Harp Singers, a
                                                                        Contribution                                                       MENU                         Culinary Arts and is a
                                                                                                                                                                        graduate of The
festival of traditional folk        Southern tradition of shape                                                                           lad (vegan)                   Institute for Culinary
                                                                                                                           ed Sicilian Sa
music from the U.S. and many        note singing with breathtak-       formed here at the Mon-                • Shades of R                ) topped with                Education (I.C.E). She
                                                                                                                            nelle (Fritter
other lands with lots of audi-      ing contrapuntal harmonies;        goose, before it became the            • Chickpea Pa                   egan)                     has been coordinating
                                                                                                                             oom ragout (v
ence participation. On              the Elias Ladino Ensemble,         Coop. Maggie Bye, member                  mixed mushr               ggs)                         the Food Class at the
                                                                                                                             Cookies (E
November 17-19 you can hear         playing spirited Ladino            of the Johnson Girls, and Julia         • Sesame Seed                                            Park Slope Coop for
outstanding roots music, jam        music; and many many more.         Friend, who joined the Coop                                                                      over ten years.
with other instrumentalists or         Eisteddfod-NY is presented      as a babe in arms, both left
singers, bring the kids to a free   by the Folk Music Society of       the Coop to move away, but                                                                       MEMBERS &
family concert, and browse a        N.Y., Inc./New York Pinewoods      will be back to perform in                                                                       NON-MEMBERS
marketplace of CDs and crafts.      Folk Music Club and The            Eisteddfod-NY.In addition to                    $4 materials fee
   Performers include Mick          Renaissance Charter School.        listening or jamming, you are                 Views expressed by the presenter do not            Come early
                                                                                                                  necessarily represent the Park Slope Food Coop.       to ensure a seat.
Moloney, world famous               The festival will be held at the   invited to participate by sell-
expert on the music of Ire-         school in Jackson Heights,         ing crafts in the Eisteddfod-
land as it has come to North        near the 7 subway line.            NY marketplace, volunteering
America; Zie Mwea, a group             Park Slope Food Coop            in return for free admission,           es             Eco C o ce
of musicians and singers who        members have long been             or advertising in the souvenir
perform the music of North-         involved in this music, and        program book. All festival          Best Eco-Choice
ern Ghana and Cote D’Ivoire         the Coop has put on music          admission is $85, a single
on a marimba-like instru-           festivals, the Good Coffee         concert on Friday, Saturday,
ment known as the Gyil; John        House series, talent shows,        or Sunday is $25, Saturday’s        Presented by the Environmental Committee
Cohen, a founding member            etc. Indeed, the Coop and the      workshops are $25, Sunday’s
of the legendary New Lost           Folk Music Society of N.Y.,        $15. The Renaissance school
City Ramblers, and one of the       Inc. now collaborate on Pub        is located at 35-59 81st Street     Natural Value Sponge
great artists of our time in        Nights, under the direction of     in Queens. For travel direc-
the tradition of Appalachia;        Jerry Epstein, Fun’Raising         tions, schedule, discounts for      The Natural Value brand kitchen scrubber sponge is
Serre L’Ecoute, from Canada         Committee member and               children, students, members         made with 50% post-consumer recycled materials.
who sing and play songs of          Eisteddfod-NY director. One        of supporting organizations,        Close the recycling loop by buying recycled products!
the sea, rivers, and lakes          of the Eisteddfod-NY per-          etc. see www.eisteddfod-
from Canada and France;             formers, Alan Friend, per- or call 212-957-8386. ■
6       November 9, 2006                                                        Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

           COOP HOURS                                                                                                                                                 A monthly musical
                                                          Friday                                                                                               fundraising partnership of
    Office Hours:                                                                                                                                                          the Park Slope
      Monday through Thursday                             Nov. 17                                                                                                         Food Coop and
        8:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.                            8:00 p.m.                                                                                                  the Brooklyn Society
      Friday & Saturday                                                                                                                                                for Ethical Culture
        8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    Shopping Hours:
       8:00 a.m. to 10:00* p.m.
       6:00 a.m. to 10:00* p.m.
       6:00 a.m. to 7:30* p.m.
    *Shoppers must be on a checkout line                                                                     Singer–Songwriter Night
     15 minutes after closing time.                                                                ELISE KNUDSON has been moonlighting as a songwriter for three years and is now
    Childcare Hours:                                                                               thoroughly addicted. She works by day as a modern dancer but sneaks into the
      Monday through Sunday                                                                        boiler room by night to fabricate songs that call to mind
                                                           OSCAR DE LA VEGA

                                                                                                   Nick Drake, Sara McLaughlin and Suzanne Vega with edges.
       8:00 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.
                                                                                                   She will be appearingwith her guitar.
      718-622-0560                                                                                 THE MULLIKENS are one of New York’s most interesting—
                                                                              and most deceptively simple—folk outfits with Mary Mulliken’s “whip-smart song-
    Web address:
                                                                              writing and vintage-country voice” and Rob Burger’s utterly unique approach to                                                         Hawaiian lapsteel guitar. It’s music for lovers, liars, luddites, and literates from two
                                                                              tiny people with a great big voice.

                                                                                                   R E B E C C A P R O N S K Y is a singer-songwriter based in
                                                                                                   Brooklyn, NY and is making waves in the folk/rock scene. Rebecca’s sweet blend of
                                                                                                   styles is something new and yet something familiar. Her dark and clever lyrics are
                                                                                                   carried by her jazz-trained voice over the deep grooves pro-
   The Linewaiters’ Gazette is published biweekly by                                               duced by her extraordinarily talented band.
the Park Slope Food Coop, Inc., 782 Union Street,
Brooklyn, New York 11215.
   Opinions expressed here may be solely the views                                                 JENNIFER RICHMAN , a talented Brooklyn native, is dedi-
of the writer. The Gazette will not knowingly publish                                              cated to treating the disabled through music and has made
articles that are racist, sexist, or otherwise                                this her mission for over six years. Recent appearances include The Cutting Room,
discriminatory.                                                               Crash Mansion and the 2006 New York Autism Walk.
   The Gazette welcomes Coop-related articles, and
letters from members. A “Member Submissions”
envelope is in the Gazette wall pocket near the exit of
the Coop.
                                                                      53 Prospect Park West [at 2nd Street] • $10 • 8:00 p.m. [doors open at 7:45]
SUBMISSION GUIDELINES                                                                  Performers are Park Slope Food Coop members and receive Coop workslot credit.
All submissions MUST include author’s name and                                                                  Booking: Bev Grant, 718-230-4999
phone number and conform to the following
guidelines. Editors will reject letters and articles
that are illegible or too long. Submission deadlines
appear in the Coop Calendar opposite.
Letters: Maximum 500 words. All letters will be
                                                          Puzzle Corner                                                                  This Issue Prepared By:
                                                                                                                                               Coordinating Editors: Stephanie Golden
                                                                                                                                                                     Erik Lewis
printed if they conform to the published                  Contributions from members are welcome.
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                                                          The code used on the list below is a simple letter                                                            Terry Anya Hayes
Submissions on Paper: Double-spaced, typed or                                                                                                                           Wally Konrad
very legibly handwritten.                                 substitution. That is, if “G” stands for “M” in one
                                                          word, it will be the same throughout the list.                                                                Ann Pappert
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prepaid at $15 per insertion, business card ads at                                                                                                                    Ingrid Cusson
$30. (Ads in the “Merchandise–Non-commercial”             I U N I Y K E                            X K X X K U
                                                                                                                                                                      Kevin Ryan
category are free.) All ads must be written on a
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 WORKSLOT NEEDS                                                               Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                          November 9, 2006                7

                                 Urgent Need to Fill Two Gazette Positions                                                                Drivers Needed
                                                                                                                                             The Plastics Recycling Squads need dri-
                  Art Director for Development                                    Final Proofreader                                       vers to transport plastic recycled at the
                                                                                                                                          Coop to the recycling plant in Brooklyn.
                  Work with four or five illustrators and photogra-               Be the fourth and final level of proofreading.
                                                                                                                                          One driver is needed for each of the
                  phers. Much of the work can be done from home.                  The work is on a four-week cycle. Pick up a printout
                                                                                                                                          Saturday and Sunday recycling shifts. The
                  Work with a larger team of Editors, Reporters, and              of the issue on Monday, read and proof every
                                                                                                                                          schedule is in the calendar below. Drivers
                  production workers for the equivalent of a double               single word, and call it in by Tuesday afternoon.
                                                                                                                                          must have a large capacity vehicle (van or
                  workslot on an eight-week cycle.
                                                                                  INTERESTED IN EITHER OF THESE JOBS?                     truck) for the volume of recycling material
                     About four weeks before your publication date,
                                                                                  Please call Linda Wheeler in the Coop office or         collected. Drivers must be prepared to
                  you will talk to the editor about which reporters are
                                                                                  email                          store recycling collected in their vehicle or
                  covering what; plan which illustrator or photogra-
                                                                                                                                          home until the recycling center opens on
                  pher would best handle each particular assignment;
                  discuss assignments with your team members; and                 Bookkeeping                                             Monday.
                                                                                                                                             Drivers are reimbursed for mileage
                  finalize the assignments. At the end of the produc-             Update individual cashier histories from the            according to IRS reimbursement rates.
                  tion week, you will receive their work, give feedback           weekly chronological records. Six week evening          Interested? Contact Kim Nadel, 718-369-
                  maybe, choose among photos for which to use, etc.               cycle with some flexibility. Call the office.           2578 or

                                                                                                                               A l l A b o u t t h e
            C O O P CA L E N D A R                                                                                           G e n e r a l M e e t i n g

New Member Orientations
                                                                                                                           Our Governing Structure
                                                                                                                           From our inception in 1973 to the present, the open
 Monday & Wednesday evenings: . . 7:30 p.m.
 Wednesday mornings: . . . . . . . . . . 10:00 a.m.                                                                        monthly General Meetings have been at the center of the
 Sunday afternoons: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4:00 p.m.                                                                Coop’s decision-making process. Since the Coop incor-
Be sure to be here promptly—or early—as we                                                                                 porated in 1977, we have been legally required to have a
begin on time! The orientation takes about two                                                                             Board of Directors. The Coop continued the tradition of
hours. Please don't bring small children.                                                                                  General Meetings by requiring the Board to have open
                                                                                                                           meetings and to receive the advice of the members at
Gazette Deadlines                                                                                                          General Meetings. The Board of Directors, which is
                                                                    General Meeting                                        required to act legally and responsibly, has approved
LETTERS & VOLUNTARY ARTICLES:                                                                                              almost every General Meeting decision at the end of
  Nov 23 issue:           7:00 p.m., Mon, Nov 13                    TUE, NOV 14                                            every General Meeting. Board members are elected at
  Dec 7 issue:            7:00 p.m., Mon, Nov 27                    GENERAL MEETING: 7:00 p.m. The agenda is in            the Annual Meeting in June. Copies of the Coop’s bylaws
CLASSIFIED ADS DEADLINE:                                            this issue and available as a flyer in the entryway.   are available in the Membership Office and at every
  Nov 23 issue:           10:00 p.m., Wed, Nov 15                                                                          General Meeting.
  Dec 7 issue:            10:00 p.m., Wed, Nov 25                   TUE, DEC 5
                                                                    AGENDA SUBMISSIONS: 8:00 p.m. Submissions              Next Meeting: Tuesday,
Plastic Recycling                                                   will be considered for the December 19 GM.
                                                                                                                           November 28, 7:00 p.m.
• 2nd Saturdays, noon–2:00 p.m.                                     The Coop on Cable TV                                   The GM is held on the last Tuesday of each month.
• 3rd Thursdays, 7–9:00 p.m.
• last Sundays, 10:00 a.m.–noon                                     Inside the Park Slope Food Coop
• Plastics #1, 2, 4, only those                                     FRIDAYS 1:00 p.m. with a replay at 9:00 p.m.
  not accepted by NYC, plus                                                                                                The temple house of Congregation Beth Elohim (Garfield
                                                                    Channels: 56 (TimeWarner), 67 (CableVision). If
  plastic shopping bags                                             specific programming is available at press time,       Temple), 274 Garfield Place.
• Plastic #5 (from dairy products only)                             it will appear on the Community Calendar page
• All Clean & Dry!                                                  overleaf.                                              How to Place an Item
                                                                                                                           on the Agenda
                                                                                                                           If you have something you’d like discussed at a General
                   Attend a GM                                             Park Slope Food Coop                            Meeting, please complete a submission form for the
              and Receive Work Credit                                       Mission Statement                              Agenda Committee. Forms are available in the rack near
                                                                                                                           the elevator and at General Meetings. Instructions and
    Since the Coop’s inception in 1973, the General                     The Park Slope Food Coop is a mem-                 helpful information on how to submit an item appear on
Meeting has been our decision-making body. At the                       ber-owned and operated food store—an               the submission form. The Agenda Committee meets on
General Meeting (GM) members gather to make
decisions and set Coop policy. The General-Meeting-for-                 alternative to commercial profit-oriented          the first Tuesday of each month to plan the agenda for
workslot-credit program was created to increase                         business. As members, we contribute our            the GM held on the last Tuesday of the month. If you
participation in the Coop’s decision-making process.                    labor: working together builds trust through       have a question, please call Linda Wheeler in the office.
    Following is an outline of the program. For full details, see       cooperation and teamwork and enables us to
the instruction sheets by the sign-up board.                            keep prices as low as possible within the con-     Meeting Format
• Advance Sign-up Required:                                             text of our values and principles. Only mem-
   To be eligible for workslot credit, you must add your                                                                   Warm Up (7:00 p.m.)
name to the sign-up sheet in the elevator lobby.
                                                                        bers may shop, and we share responsibilities       • Enjoy some Coop snacks
   Some restrictions to this program do apply. Please see               and benefits equally. We strive to be a            • Meet the Coordinators
below for details.                                                      responsible and ethical employer and neigh-        • Submit Open Forum items
• Two GM attendance credits per year:                                   bor. We are a buying agent for our members         • Explore meeting literature
  Each member may take advantage of the GM-for-                         and not a selling agent for any industry. We
workslot-credit program two times per calendaryear.                     are a part of and support the cooperative          Open Forum (7:15 p.m.)
• Certain Squads not eligible:                                          movement. We offer a diversity of prod-            Open Forum is a time for members to bring brief items
   Eligible: Shopping, Receiving/ Stocking, Food                        ucts with an emphasis on organic, mini-            to the General Meeting. If an item is more than brief, it
Processing, Office, Maintenance, Inventory, Construction,                                                                  can be submitted to the Agenda Committee as an item
and FTOP committees. (Some Committees are omitted
                                                                        mally pro-cessed and healthful foods.
                                                                        We seek to avoid products that depend on           for a future GM.
because covering absent members is too difficult.)
• Attend the entire GM:                                                 the exploitation of others. We support non-        Reports (7:30 p.m.)
    In order to earn workslot credit you must be present                toxic, sustainable agriculture. We respect         • Financial Report
for the entire meeting.                                                 the environment. We strive to reduce the           • Coordinators’ Report
• Childcare can be provided at GMs:                                     impact of our lifestyles on the world we share     • Committee Reports
   Please notify an Office Coordinator in the Membership                with other species and future generations.
Office at least one week prior to the meeting date.                                                                        Agenda (8:00 p.m.)
                                                                        We prefer to buy from local, earth-friendly
• Signing in at the Meeting:                                                                                               • The agenda is available as a flyer at the Coop entrance
                                                                        producers. We recycle. We try to lead by
   1. After the meeting the Chair will provide the                                                                           hall and may also appear elsewhere in this issue.
                                                                        example, educating ourselves and others
Workslot Credit Attendance Sheet.
   2.Please also sign in the attendance book that is                    about health and nutrition, cooperation and        Wrap Up (9:30-9:45)
passed around during the meeting.                                       the environment. We are committed to               (unless there is a vote to extend the meeting)
• Being Absent from the GM:                                             diversity and equality. We oppose dis-             • Meeting evaluation
   It is possible to cancel without penalty. We do ask that             crimination in any form. We strive to make         • Board of Directors vote
you remove your name if you know cannot attend. Please                  the Coop welcoming and accessible to all and       • Announcements, etc.
do not call the Membership Office with GM cancellations.                to respect the opinions, needs and concerns
• Is it FTOP or a Make-up?                                              of every member. We seek to maximize par-
  It depends on your work status at the time of the                     ticipation at every level, from policy making
                                                                        to running the store. We welcome all who
• Consider making a report… your Squad after you attend the meeting.
                                                                        respect these values.
8         November 9, 2006                                               Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

                          COMMUNITY CALENDAR
Community calendar listings are free. Please submit your listings in 50 words or less by mail, the
mailslot in the entry vestibule, or Submission deadlines are the
same as for classified ads, listed in the Coop Calendar, center of this issue. *Denotes a Coop member.
                                                                               Jennifer Richman, The Mullikens,
        FRI, NOV 10                          SUN, NOV 12                       Ladybug. Brooklyn Ethical Culture
GOOD COFFEEHOUSE: Doug &               MUSIC DIVINE–A TOUR OF                  Society. $10 adults, $6 children.
Telisha Williams – Fuel-Injected       RENAISSANCE EUROPE: Cerddo-             8:00 p.m. 53 Prospect Pk W. 768-
Folk. Brooklyn Ethical Culture Soci-   rion's Fall concert. 4:00 p.m. at the   2972.
ety. $10 adults, $6 children. 8:00     Oratory Church of St. Boniface,
p.m. 53 Prospect Pk W. 768-2972.       Willoughby & Duffield. $20, $15 for            SAT, NOV 18
                                       students or seniors. Subscriptions
                                       available,          PEOPLES’ VOICE CAFE: Theater of
        SAT, NOV 11                                                            the Oppressed. Workmen’s Circle,
PEOPLES’ VOICE CAFE: Alix                                                      45 E 33 St, Manh, 8:00 p.m. $12,
                                              FRI, NOV 17                      more if you choose, less if you
Dobkin; Blanche Wiesen Cook.
Workmen’s Circle, 45 E 33 St,          GOOD COFFEEHOUSE-THIRD FRI-
                                                                               can’t. 212-787-3903.                           Friday, December 1
Manh, 8:00 p.m. $12, more if
you choose, less if you can’t.
                                       DAY COOP NIGHT: Singer/Song-
                                       writer Night: Rebecca Pronsky,
                                                                               MUSIC DIVINE–A TOUR OF
                                                                               RENAISSANCE EUROPE: Cerddo-
                                                                                                                                    7:00 pm
212-787-3903.                                                                  rion's Fall concert. 8:00 p.m. at The

                                                                               Church of St. Luke in the Fields,
                                                                               487 Hudson St, Manh. $20, $15 for
                                                                                                                             Occupation: Dreamland
    FRIDAYS: NOV 10, DEC 1, 8, 15 & 22
                                                                               students or seniors. Subscriptions
    Dancing for Animals, Inc., a non-profit organization, is                                                                  Dreams of Sparrows
    holding Friday night dances at Dance Times Square, 156 W.                          SAT, DEC 2
    44th St., 3rd Floor. Introductory dance class 9 - 9:30 p.m.
    General dancing 9:30 - 12:00 a.m. Come enjoy an evening of
                                                                               PEOPLES’ VOICE CAFE: Charlie
                                                                               King & Karen Brandow. Workmen’s
    dancing and help animal welfare organizations at the same                  Circle, 45 E 33 St, Manh, 8:00 p.m.                                                                films.
    time!! 212-946-1824                             $12, more if you choose, less if
    FRI/SAT/SUN, NOV 17-19
                                                                               you can’t. 212-787-3903.
    FESTIVAL OF TRADITIONAL MUSIC, Eisteddfod-NY,                                                                                                                              perspectives
    Outstanding singers and virtuosos on guitar, banjo, con-                           FRI, DEC 1
    certina, fiddle, mandolin, and gyil. FRIDAY: concert, 7:30;                GOOD COFFEEHOUSE: Blues/                                                                           from
    SATURDAY: Family Concert 11:30, performer workshops,
    informal singing, 10-5:30, & evening concert, 7:30; SUNDAY:
                                                                               bluegrass/folk musician/song-
                                                                               writer David LaFleur. Brooklyn
    more workshops & jamming, concert 2:15. Renaissance                        Ethical Culture Society. $10
    School, 35-59 81st St., Jackson Heights, Queens. Info                      adults, $6 children. 8:00 p.m. 53 or (212) 957-8386.                                   Prospect Pk W. 768-2972.

    TUESDAYS, NOV 21 & 28, DEC 5, 12 & 19                                              SUN, DEC 3
    A.F.R.A.I.D.: A Musical Drama in two acts: NYC, August
    1858. The weekly meeting of American Females for                           PEOPLE WITH AGING PARENTS
    Righteousness Abasement Ignorance & Docility (AFRAID)                      and friends Support Group: Dis-
                                                                               cussion, refreshments with author
    was called to order by its venerable President, Mrs. Senza                 & geriatric care manager, Dr. Mari-           Discussion will follow
    Bliss. Shortly after, the meeting was delightfully disrupted               on Somers, a leading eldercare                 after the screening.
    by a group of Women's Righters, Abolitionists, Suffragists,                expert with over 30 yrs experience.
    Spinsters, Domestics, Fallen Doves, and Lunatics. (Office                  1:00 pm. Park Slope United
    Coordinator Kathleen Keske* is Senza Bliss.) 7:30 p.m., The                Methodist Church, 6th Ave & 8th         Occupation: Dreamland is an unflinchingly candid portrait of
    Brooklyn Lyceum, 227 4th Ave. @ President St, $20, stu-                    St. Info: 718-288-687                   a squad of American soldiers deployed in the doomed Iraq
    dents/srs $10, groups 6+ $15. Info & tickets:                                                                      city of Falluja during the winter of 2004. A collective study                                                                   FRI, DEC 8                      of the soldiers unfolds as they patrol an environment of
                                                                               GOOD COFFEEHOUSE: Roots
                                                                                                                       low-intensity conflict creeping steadily towards catastro-
                                                                               music with Fitzgerald & Beach.          phe. Through the squad’s activities, Occupation: Dreamland
                      Save these Dates!                                        Brooklyn Ethical Culture Society.       provides a vital glimpse into the last days of Falluja. The
    The Fun'Raising Committee has plenty of events for you                     $10 adults, $6 children. 8:00 p.m.      film documents the city’s waning stability before a final
    and your friends, Coop members or not. Display ads for                     53 Prospect Pk W. 768-2972.
                                                                                                                       series of military assaults began in the spring of 2004 that
    each will appear in the Gazette as each event approaches.                                                          effectively destroyed it.
    Saturday, November 11.....Game Night (see ad in this issue)                       FRI, DEC 15
    Sunday, December 3 .........Pub Night                                      GOOD COFFEEHOUSE-THIRD                  Dreams of Sparrows follows Iraqi director Hayder Mousa
    Saturday, January 11..........Adult Variety Show-auditions                 FRIDAY COOP NIGHT: Hip hop              Daffar and his team of contributing filmmakers as they
                                                                               activist, artist & educator Toni        share their vision of life and the human condition in 2004
    Sunday, January 28 ............Adult Variety Show-auditions                Blackman; Rene Collins weaving
    Sunday, February 4 ............Spoken Word                                 together songs of spiritual
                                                                                                                       Baghdad, post war and pre reconstruction.
                                                                               progress, love & nature. Brooklyn       _______________
    Saturday, March 1..............Adult Variety Show
                                                                               Ethical Culture Society. $10
    Saturday, April 21 ..............Earth Day World Beat Fiesta               adults, $6 children. 8:00 p.m. 53       Michael Galinsky, of RUMUR RELEASING, is the
    Saturday, May 19 ...............Game Night                                 Prospect Pk W. 768-2972.
                                                                                                                       distributor for Occupation: Dreamland. A Brooklyn-based
                                                                                                                       distribution company, RUMUR RELEASING focuses on
                                                                                                                       delivering thought-provoking documentaries and cutting-
                                       Classified Ads                                                                  edge narrative feature films to audiences around the
                                       CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11
                                                                                                                       world. Their previous releases, Horns and Halos,
                                        SERVICES-HEALTH                         WHAT’S FOR FREE                        Radiation and Half-cocked, all garnered international
                                       EXPERIENCED PSYCHOTHERA-                FREE INITIAL ORAL EXAM in
                                       PIST. New York State license.           holistic dental office for all Coop
                                       Learn strategies for developing         members. X-rays are strictly mini-      Aaron Raskin, Dreams of Sparrows producer, founded the
                                       interpersonal relationships.            mized so bring your own. Dr. Gold-      Iraq Eye Group with Hayder in December of 2003—they
                                       Empower yourself with practical         berg’s non-mercury offices in Soho      have since produced several short news packages and
                                       solutions and gain insights.            or in Midwood section of Brook-         short narrative films. The Soros Foundation just awarded
                                        Improve the quality of your home       lyn. For info please call
                                            and work relationships. Ray-       718-339-5066 or 212-505-5055.           a substantial grant to the group to continue its media
                                                 mond Reichenberg MS                                                   empowerment project in Iraq.
                                                                               FREE TICKETS for concerts for
                                                     Park Slope office                                                 _______________
                                                                               true classical music lovers only.
                                                                               Lincoln Ct., Carnegie, etc., on         Film Night organizer, Trish Dalton, can be reached at
                                                                               short notice sometimes. 10-20
                                                                               concerts available each year.  or 718.398.5704.
                                                                               $10/yr management fee. For more
                                                                               info, call: 212-802-7456.
                                                                                                                                    Non-members welcome
                                                                                                                       Views expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent the Park Slope Food Coop
                                                                   Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                                                                        November 9, 2006                                    9

                                               A few yards up the block sit our                              ager’ (Article 7, Section 3B). WBAI’s                               This is the ultimate sledgehammer
                                            corps of delivery valets dressed in                              previous GM gave notice in late 2004                             that voters and the delegates they elect
BEWARE OF PITS!                             gaily colored vests. Their job is to                             and left in April 2005. But the LSB has                          can use to influence Management in all
                                            wheel groceries directly to cars, most                           still not provided a pool of candidates                          matters. For example, the Board could
DEAR COOP,                                  of which will then be driven a few                               for GM. Further, while the bylaws                                not fire the Program Director or the
   A quick warning to fellow olive          blocks to shoppers’ homes. Can we                                allow the LSB to create a sub-com-                               News Director or reverse a disastrous
lovers.                                     look forward to bow ties and tips?                               mittee for this purpose, the WBAI LSB                            fiscal policy—but they (we) can threat-
   About a month and a half ago I pur-         What is wrong with this picture?                              created a new body to select general                             en to fire the General Manager!
chased a bag of our bulk “Olives—           Why are we devoting hundreds of                                  manager candidates; most of the                                     BTW—you must be a member of
Calamata pitted.” While eating a            work hours each week to indulge sub-                             members are neither members of the                               WBAI to vote, which means as of
home-made Greek salad, I bit down           urban-style life habits and simultane-                           LSB nor chosen by the LSB. This                                  August 31st of this year.
on an olive from this bag that in fact      ously        neglecting          better                          action by the LSB violates Roberts                                  Members of WBAI have until
had a pit and immediately felt pain. I      environmental and personal choices?                              Rules section on subcommittees                                   Wednesday November 15th to vote.
have since been diagnosed with a               We need more racks and better                                 [RONR p 480 line 11 ff], since this                              Your ballot must be received by that
cracked tooth. I need more than             security for bicycles, and we surely                             body is not responsible to the parent                            date, not just postmarked, which
$3,000 in major dental work, involving      don’t need two, three or four workers                            committee. Currently, this body’s                                means that it must be in the mail no
many visits to my dentist and               per shift to push groceries to cars.                             process is questionable: it has been                             later than Monday, November 13th or
endodontist.                                                           Jules Trachten                        having meetings without quorums                                  to be safe, Thursday, November 9th,
   I still buy pitted olives, but now I                                                                      and members have complained they                                 the very day this Gazette is printed. A
check them carefully. This week alone                                                                        have not been told of meetings.”                                 word to the wise is sufficient. You
I pulled three more olives with pits        VOTING FOR WBAI                                                     Signed by LSB members Carolyn                                 know the rest…
out of a newly purchased bag. So I                                                                           Birden*, Steve Brown*, Patty Heffley,                                                   Seriously, I remain
suggest you ignore the “pitted” label.
                                            BOARD                                                            Berthold Reimers and James Ross. * =                                                       Albert Solomon
Perhaps they should be labeled                                                                               Candidates for re-election.                                                      HOBCES@YAHOO.COM
“probably pitted,” “mostly pitted,” or      DEAR COOP MEMBERS,                                                  This adds up to taking away what is to                                                  718-768-9079
“not quite pit-free.”                          If you are a member of WBAI-FM                                me the most important power of the LSB and
                         David Ruderman     you have received three pieces of                                thus of the voters: To hire and fire the
                                            mail: A ballot, a letter from the ACE                            general manager of the station!
                                            alliance (which is us) and a letter from
PRUNES                                      Justice and Unity (which is them).                                                                     LETTERS POLICY
                                            Please vote exactly in this order:
Gramps says prunes have kept him a             1. Steve Brown                                                   We welcome letters from members.                              observation.
  regular guy.                                 2. Carolyn Birden                                             Submission deadlines appear in the                                   2. Nor will we publish accusations
But when they flop and leave him high          3. Mitchel Cohen                                              Coop Calendar. All letters will be                               that are not specific or are not sub-
  and dry,                                     4. Alex Steinberg                                             printed if they conform to the pub-                              stantiated by factual assertions.
Bran                                           5. Carole Drake                                               lished guidelines. We will not know-                                 3. Copies of submissions that make
Can.                                           6. Patricia Logan                                             ingly publish articles which are racist,                         substantive accusations against spe-
                           Leon Freilich       7. Andrea Fishman                                             sexist or otherwise discriminatory                               cific individuals will be given to those
                                               8. Paul DeRienzo                                                 The maximum length for letters is                             persons to enable them to write a
                                               9. Blanca Diaz                                                500 words. Letters must include your                             response, and both submissions and
MORE BIKE RACKS,                               If I get 160 first-choice votes, I will be                    name and phone number and be                                     response will be published simultane-
                                            assured of a seat, so please, if you really                      typed or very legibly handwritten. Edi-                          ously. This means that the original
PLEASE                                      want to see me on the Board, put me as No.                       tors will reject letters that are illegible                      submission may not appear until the
                                            1 and move the others down. There                                or too long.                                                     issue after the one for which it was
TO THE EDITOR:                              must be at least 160 Co-Op members                                  You may submit on paper, typed or                             submitted.
   At a time when energy issues and         who would support me—Thanks!                                     very legibly handwritten, or via email                               The above applies to both articles
decent social policies are so central          Here is just one of the horrible                              to or                               and letters. The only exceptions will
to us, the Coop seems to be making          things these bumz have done to                                   on disk. Disks are returned through an                           be articles by Gazette reporters which
some odd choices.                           our precious station: 10-01-06 Minori-                           envelope at the back of the Gazette                              will be required to include the
   Many of us cycle to the Coop and         ty report to the Pacifica National                               submissions box.                                                 response within the article itself.
more would likely do so were there          Board from the Local Station Board
any encouragement. I am sometimes           (LSB) minority:                                                  Fairness
compelled to search out metal poles                               In order to provide fair, comprehen-
on which to attach my bicycle. We are       minority_report10-1-06.html                                      sive, factual coverage:
allowed a single bike rack (and that           “The bylaws direct the LSB to                                    1. The Gazette will not publish
covered with stark warnings of immi-        ‘screen and select a pool of candi-                              hearsay—that is, allegations not
nent bike theft ).                          dates for the position of General Man-                           based on the author's first-hand

                                                                      Past Life Regression                                                              ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION
                                                                       Through Hypnosis                                                                 FAMILY & DIVORCE
    Friday, November 10 through
    Sunday, November 12                                                W I T H      J   E F F R E Y       T. C       A R L   , CH        T   .          MEDIATION
                                                               DO YOU HAVE THE FEELING THAT YOU                                                                WITH          ANDREW GARY FELDMAN
                                                               HAVE LIVED BEFORE?
    The following programs will happen within                                                                                                           In family matters…
                                                               Have you ever just met someone and felt
    four days of publication of this issue. For full           like you have previously known them?                                                     • Resolve conflicts and
    ads, please look at the October 12 or 26 issues                                                                                                        differences which are causing stress.
                                                               Are there other countries or cultures that
    or pick up copies of the flyers in the Coop.               seem familiar to you?                                                                    • Improve relations between spouses,
                                                               Well there might be an explanation for this.
                                                                                                                                                          partners, parents and children, and brothers
    Friday, November 10                                                                                                                                   and sisters.
                                                               Through hypnosis we can tap into the
        7:30   Meet Your Mind: Meditation                      subconscious mind, as well as enter into                                                 • This process is neither therapy nor psychological
                                                               a peaceful trance-like state to retrieve                                                    counseling.
               Instruction in the Shambhala                    memories of our past lives.
               Buddhist Tradition
                                                               Relax and take a journey within.                                                         In divorce…
    Saturday, November 11                                      Gain: • Realizations                                                                     • Instead of hiring lawyers and having a judge
                                                                     • A deeper understanding of who you are                                               make decisions, couples work out their own
                                                                     • Retrieve memories • Pass beyond death and back again                                agreement.
        6:00   Game Night
                                                               Bring: A blanket to lie down on or a comfortable lawn chair to relax into                              Andrew Gary Feldman joined the Coop in 1979
                                                                      A note book to write down anything that comes up                                                     and has been mediating since 1998.
    Saturday, November 12
                                                               Jeffrey T. Carl, CHt, a Coop member, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist,
      12:00    Top Seven Steps to Lose Weight                  and a member of I.A.C.T. Jeffrey is also certified in past regression though
                                                               the Wiess Institute.

                                                               FREE                                      Sunday, November 19                            FREE                                        Friday, November 17
                                                               Non-members welcome 12:00 p.m. at the Coop                                               Non-members welcome 7:30 p.m. at the Coop
                                                               Views expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent the Park Slope Food Coop   Views expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent the Park Slope Food Coop
10        November 9, 2006                                          Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY

              DIVERSITY                           AND                EQUALITY                                                       COMMITTEE                                                       REPORT

Human Diversity: What’s the Problem?
By J. William Smith, for the Diversity and Equality Committee (DEC)
          hy do we make such

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       prevention through educa-
          a problem of human                                                                                                                                                                                           tion is a major focus of the
          diversity?                                                                                                                                                                                                   Committee. Sometimes bias
   Studies of human genetics                                                                                                                                                                                           is the result of ignorance, not
show precious little differ-                                                                                                                                                                                           malice, and most Coop mem-

                                                                                                                                                                                        ILLUSTRATION BY ROD MORRISON
ence between so-called                                                                                                                                                                                                 bers are persons of good will.
“races” or “ethnicities.” Differ-                                                                                                                                                                                      Accordingly, in September
ences such as skin color, hair                                                                                                                                                                                         the Education Subcommittee
texture, nose and eye shapes,                                                                                                                                                                                          launched a series of work-
in which we have invested so                                                                                                                                                                                           shops developed by human
much socio-political import,                                                                                                                                                                                           relations professionals on
are superficial variations hav-                                                                                                                                                                                        the DEC. These sessions are
ing nothing to do with intelli-                                                                                                                                                                                        designed to inform and assist
gence, ability, or human                                                                                                                                                                                               squad leaders in dealing with
character. They’re more like                                                                                                                                                                                           conflict and bias-related
the beautiful variations of         as an aberration; but when it           After the incident—which          Diversity & Equality Commit-                                                                             issues. The initial workshops
color, shape and texture in a       occurs often, not just to one        was for Holland the culminat-        tee.                                                                                                     were well received and three
rose garden. And yet we             person, but to many people           ing insult of a series of simi-          The DEC states that its                                                                              more are scheduled for
humans are conditioned to           of color, it indicates a pattern     lar encounters she and other         mission is to uphold the mis-                                                                            December: Saturday the 9th
behaving in culturally biased       of unacceptable behavior,            African Americans she knew           sion of the PSFC by advanc-                                                                              at noon; Thursday the 21st at
ways towards people who             and that we have a human             had experienced—Holland              ing the ideal of equality and                                                                            7:30 and Thursday the 28th at
look different from us—even         diversity problem.                   considered leaving the Coop.         social justice.                                                                                          7:30 p.m.
at the Park Slope Food Coop,           Darmone Holland, a co-            According to a longtime                 “We believe that actions,                                                                                 To register a bias com-
which is supposed to operate        chair of the DEC, thought the        Coop member on the DEC,              beliefs, and/or attitudes                                                                                plaint with the DEC call 888-
on the basis of cooperation         Coop had a problem. She had          many people of color have            which reflect racism, sexism,                                                                            204-0098 and leave a
and mutual respect.                 brought her six-year-old             quietly left the Coop after tir-     homophobism, abilism, clas-                                                                              voicemail message with your
   Unfortunately,         noble     daughter to childcare before         ing of subtle, and sometimes         sism, ageism and discrimina-                                                                             contact information, or send
intent is not always matched        going to shop,                                                                         tion     against                                                                            e-mail to psfcdiversity-
by actual conduct. Case in          but had forgot-                                                                        individuals                                                                        Complaint
point: A Black man in the pro-      ten her member-                                                                        because of their                                                                            forms can be obtained from
duce aisle waits politely to        ship card and                    According to a longtime Coop member                   sexual orienta-                                                                             the DEC slot in the racks by
allow another shopper to            had only the                    on the DEC, many people of color have                  tion or religion,                                                                           the elevator near the main
gather her potatoes, then           computer-gener-                quietly left the Coop after tiring of subtle,           threaten the mis-                                                                           entrance. The Diversity &
goes to select his. A white         ated admission                   and sometimes overt, racial hostility.                sion of the Coop                                                                            Equality Committee can also
woman then imperiously              slip. A white                                                                          and disempower                                                                              be reached by mail, c/o PSFC.
steps in front of him, pushing      childcare worker                                                                       individual mem-                                                                                 A survey is also being
her cart into him as if he isn’t    told her, in what                                                                      bers from maxi-                                                                             developed to measure per-
there. After gathering her pro-     Holland perceived as a rude,         overt, racial hostility. But Ms.     mizing their participation.”                                                                             ception of the quality of our
duce, she marches off haugh-        hostile manner, that she could       Holland is persevering. When            Having grown to 15 mem-                                                                               human relationships in the
tily with a toss of her head        not leave her child there            her complaints to the Disci-         bers, with authorization for                                                                             Coop, and to track bias
and not so much as an               because she had no identifica-       plinary Committee did not            20, the DEC has developed a                                                                              issues. It will be presented to
“excuse me.” What is the man        tion. Another white woman            result in an effective remedy,       protocol through its Com-                                                                                a General Meeting for autho-
to make of this? Is it just an      there, however, admitted that        she realized there was no            plaint Review Subcommittee,                                                                              rization soon.
incidence of New York City          her child had been allowed           organizational infrastructure        for registering bias com-                                                                                    The DEC encourages any-
rudeness, someone having a          entry with just the admission        in place to deal with bias-          plaints. It includes forms, an                                                                           one of any ethnicity to join,
bad day, the “I can’t see Black     slip. Why the double stan-           related issues and initiated a       800 number and e-mail                                                                                    particularly, at this time,
people” syndrome, or a bla-         dard? The nasty tone of the          process in May 2004 that has         address, a confidentiality                                                                               Asians and Hispanics, who
tant insult born of racial ani-     incident was upsetting to Ms.        resulted, with strong support        policy and a process for                                                                                 are underrepresented. We
mus? Why should one even            Holland’s daughter, who              from General Coordinators            mediation. If the member                                                                                 also seek members with
have to ask such questions          couldn’t understand why she          Jessica Robinson and Linda           deems it necessary, the mat-                                                                             mediation and conflict-
while shopping? If it happens       and her mom were being               Wheeler, in the formation of         ter can be referred to the Dis-                                                                          resolution skills, and com-
once, it might be explained         treated so disrespectfully.          the Park Slope Food Coop             ciplinary Committee. Bias                                                                                puter data entry skills. ■

                                                              Public Speaking
                                                               for Everyone
                                                                                          WITH J EZRA               K AYE

                                                             Do your speeches drive results?
                                                             Whether you give business presentations…
                                                             speak out for a cause…
                                                             or talk to your civic organization,
                                                             this hands-on coaching workshop will help you clarify your
                                                             message, organize your thoughts and find the most powerful
                                                             way to deliver them.

                                                             Learn how to:
                                                             ❍ Find and develop your best speaking
                                                                                                                                                               PHOTO BY JHAZEL HANKIN

                                                             ❍ Outline and write a speech
                                                             ❍ Prepare to deliver it flawlessly
                                                             ❍ Handle Q&A and media interviews

                                                             All are welcome. No prior public speaking
                                                             experience is needed. Wear comfortable
                                                             clothes, and bring a notebook and pen.

                                                             Jezra Kaye is a professional speechwriter and presentation skills coach who works with busi-
                                                             ness and non-profit leaders. She is active in Develop Don’t Destroy Brooklyn, which is fighting
                                                             the 17-skyscraper Atlantic Yards Complex, and has been a PSFC member since 1981.

                                                                FREE                                         Saturday, December 2
                                                                Non-members welcome                          10:30 p.m. at the Coop

                                                                  Views expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent the Park Slope Food Coop.
11     November 9, 2006                                    Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY                                                     November 9, 2006                    11

                                                             To Submit Classified or Display Ads:
                                                                Ads may be placed on behalf of Coop members only. Classified ads are prepaid at $15 per inser-
                                                             tion, business card ads at $30. (Ads in the “Merchandise–Non-commercial” category are free.) All
                                                             ads must be written on a submission form. Classified ads may be up to 315 characters and spaces.
                                                             Display ads must be camera-ready and business card size (2" x 3.5" horizontal).
                                                                Submission forms are available in a pocket on the wall near the elevator.

                                                                                                                                                 Long-time Coop member. Personal,
                                                             BED & BREAKFAST                              MERCHANDISE-                           prompt service. Melissa Cook, Esq.,
                                                          OPENING AUG. 1! New from The                   NONCOMMERCIAL                           16 7th Ave, 718-638-4457,
                                                          House on 3rd St. The 6th St. & the                                                     9 1 7 - 3 6 3 - 0 5 8 6 .
                                                                                                      FOR SALE: Oak coffee table with   Discount
                                                          Park B+B. Beautiful floor-thru in per-      middle drawer, height 19” depth 26-
                                                          fectly restored limestone, 5 doors                                                     for Coop members.
                                                                                                      1/2”, length 45-1/2”. Phone
                                                          from Prospect Park. Sleeps 6-8, 2           718-623-1275.                              LANGUAGE PROFESSIONAL: Span-
                                                          baths, gourmet kitchen, garden                                                         ish to English translation, copyedit-
                                                          views, premium cable, wi-fi, A/C, w/d,      FOR SALE: EXPANDING DINING                 ing, web project management,
                                                          and more! Perfect for families and          TABLE: 48 L x 18 inches W closed, 48       including bilingual websites. Look-
                                                          groups. For info call Jane White            x 36 inches opened, 20 inches H.           ing for new non-profit and small
                                                          718-788-7171.                               Light unfinished wood. Good also as        business clients. www.auroralan-
                                                                                                      desk/couch table closed. $50. Snack           or        email:
                                                          BROWNSTONE BROOKLYN BED                     Bar: Light wood edges, white tiled
                                                          AND BREAKFAST. Victorian home on                                             ,
                                                                                                      surface. 54 3/8 L, 36 11/8 H, 15 1/2       917-385-0267.
                                                          tree-lined Prospect Heights block           deep, $35 goes with Bar Stools, light
                                                          has space with semiprivate bath, air        wood 25 1/2 high, fit under snack bar,     HAIRCUTS HAIRCUTS HAIRCUTS.
                                                          conditioning, Cable TV & phone. Full        $15 each. Call 718-965-2184.               Adults, kids, in the convenience of
                                                          breakfast provided in attractive                                                       your home or mine. Adults: $30.00.
                                                          smoke-free environment. Long &                                                         Kids: $15.00. Call Leonora,
                                                          short stays accommodated. Reason-                          PETS                        718-857-2215.
                                                          able rates. Call David Witbeck,
                                                          718-857-6066.                               ADOPT FUGAZ! Extremely sweet 7 yr.         NEED IN-HOME CHILDCARE? Our
                                                                                                      old male neutered cat who was res-         baby sitter of over seven years is avail-
                                                                                                      cued from the street. Tested negative      able. Our baby sitter has done a great
                                                             CLASSES/GROUPS                           for Feline Leukemia and FIV. Up to         job of caring for our two kids and
                                                                                                      date on shots. Healthy. Med. size.         dogs. She is mature, loving and
                                                          RELATIONSHIP SUPPORT GROUP. A                                                          responsible. Call Phil or Nancy at
                                                                                                      White with brown and black patches.
                                                          safe, open, co-ed forum to improve                                                     718-940-2627 for details.
                                                                                                      Name can be changed. Contact Vic-
                                                          communication; deepen self-under-
                                                                                                      toria 914-443-9209 or haroldluvs-
                                                          standing; reduce isolation; and
                                                                                             This is a great cat.
                                                          explore how you can have more                                                             SERVICES-HEALTH
                                                          rewarding relationships. Led by an
                                                          experienced psychotherapist. To                       SERVICES                         HOLISTIC DENTISTRY in Brooklyn
                                                          learn more, call Gary Singer, LCSW, at                                                 (Midwood) & Manhattan (Soho). Dr.
                                                          718-783-1561.                               EXPRESS MOVES: Brownstone flight           Stephen R. Goldberg provides family
                                                                                                      specialists. Our FLAT RATE includes        dental care utilizing non-mercury fill-
                                                                                                      labor and travel time. Great Coop ref-     ings, acupuncture, homeopathy,
                                                           COMMERCIAL SPACE                           erences. 670-7071.                         temporo-mandibular (TM) joint ther-
                                                                                                                                                 apy & much more. For a no-obliga-
                                                          PROFESSIONAL OFFICES available.             TOP HAT MOVERS, INC., 86 Prospect          tion free initial oral examination, call
                                                          Ideal for massage therapist,                Park West, Bklyn. Licensed and             212-505-5055. Please bring X-rays.
                                                          acupuncturist, psychotherapist, etc.        Insured Moving Co. moves you
                                                          Be part of a holistic center, either in a   stress-free. Full line of boxes & pack-    HOLISTIC PHYSICIAN with over 12
                                                          beautiful Soho section or in an excel-      ing materials avail. Free estimates        years experience using natural meth-
                                                          lent Brooklyn neighborhood. Doctor          718-965-0214. D.O.T. #T-12302. Reli-       ods to treat a wide range of condi-
                                                          will introduce all patients to you. For     able, courteous, excellent references      tions including allergies, digestive
                                                          information call 212-505-5055.              & always on time. Credit cards             disorders, endocrine conditions,
                                                                                                      accepted. Member Better Business           female problems, depression, fatigue
                                                          HEALERS expand your practice in                                                        and cardiovascular problems. Insur-
                                                          Bed-Stuy. Culturally appointed                                                         ance reimbursable. Medicare accept-
                                                          brownstone, close to major trans-           IF IT’S NOT BROKE don’t fix it! But, if    ed. Margie Ordene, MD 258-7882.
                                                          portation and reasonably priced.            it is “Call Bob” - every kind of fix-it.
                                                          Suitable for massage, acupuncture,          Carpentry-Plaster Work-Plumbing-           HOLISTIC OPTOMETRY: Most eye
                                                          Reiki and psychotherapy; group and          Tiles-Phone Lines. Also: shelves,          doctors treat patients symptomati-
                                                          individual session space is avail-          closets, doors hung, etc. If it’s broke,   cally by prescribing ever-increasing
                                                          able. Please call 718-735-5079 for          call 718-788-0004. Free Estimate.          prescriptions. We try to find the
                                                          more information.                                                                      source of your vision problem. Some
                                                                                                      ATTORNEY-PERSONAL INJURY                   of the symptoms that can be treated
                                                                                                      EMPHASIS. 28 yrs. experience in all        include headaches, eye fatigue, com-
                                                           HOUSING AVAILABLE                          aspects of injury law. Individual          puter discomfort, learning disabili-
                                                                                                      attention provided for entire case.        ties. Convenient Park Slope location.
                                                          PART-TIME APT SHARE available in            Free phone or office consultations.        Dr. Jerry Wintrob, 718-789-2020.
                                                          N. Slope for mature nonsmoking              Prompt, courteous communications.
                                                          female. Share w same plus 2 cats.           19-year Food Coop member; Park
                                                          Fairly small Apt, great location, 2nd       Slope resident. Tom Guccione,              HOLISTIC DOCTOR in Naturopathy
                                                          Floor, quiet. Call 347-244-4510 btwn        718-596-4184.                              stimulates body’s natural ability to
                                                          10 a.m-10 p.m.                                                                         heal chronic conditions, allergy, skin,
                                                                                                      NEED AN ELECTRICIAN? Call Art              muscle, cancer support with home-
                                                                                                      Cabrera 718-965-0327. Celebrating          opathy, physical & chelation thera-
                                                            MERCHANDISE FOR                           34 years in the electrical industry.       pies, bioenergetic acupuncture, lab
                                                                 SALE                                 Brownstone specialist, troubleshoot-       tests, hair analysis & more. Research
                                                                                                      ing, small jobs, total electrical reno-    Director. 20 years exp. As Featured in
                                                          THINKING OF BUYING A WATER FIL-             vations and rewiring, old wiring, fans,    Allure Magazine. Dr. Gilman 212-
                                                          TER? Join lots of PSFCoopers who            etc. Don’t wait till summer to install     505-1010.
                                                          use MULTI-PURE for drinking / cook-         your AC lines. Original Coop mem-
                                                          ing / ice / tooth brushing / rinsing        ber, residing in P.S. since ‘72, born in   ACUPUNCTURE, HERBS, CUPPING
                                                          fruit & veg, knowing lead / mercury /       Bklyn.                                     THERAPY. Specializing in Meridian
                                                          giardia / cysts / dry cleaning solvents                                                diagnosis and treatment. Grand
                                                          / gasoline additives / particulate mat-     MADISON AVENUE HAIRSTYLIST in              Army Plaza location. Insurance reim-
                                                          ter are removed from their water sup-       Park Slope one block from Coop-by          bursable. Call Steven Guidi, LAC for
                                                          ply & plumbing. Ede Rothaus                 appointment only. Please call Maggie       appointment at 718-789-8020.
                                                          212-989-8277,           at 718-783-2154 at a charge of $50.
 If your ad would benefit from broader exposure, try                                                  HANGING-Over 25 years experience
                                                                MERCHANDISE                           doing the finest prep + finish work in
 the Coop's web page, The ads                                                                                                  PSYCHO-EDUCATIONAL EVALUA-
 are FREE.                                                TEMPUR-PEDIC MATTRESSES,                    Brownstone Brooklyn. An entire             TIONS. Helen Wintrob, Ph.D, long-
                                                          NECK pillows, comfort products &            house or one room. Reliable, clean         time Park Slope neighbor and Food
                                                          accessories. Mattress comes with a          and reasonably priced. Fred Becker -       Coop member, licensed psycholo-
Answer to Puzzle on page 8                                20-year guarantee & a 3-month trial         718-853-0750.                              gist, certified school psychologist,
Moonstrip Matzo, Bran Crispbread, Cracked Pepper          period. The ultimate in comfort &
                                                                                                      ATTORNEY landlord/tenant, estate           licensed teacher. 718-783-0913.
Biscuits, Cream, Amaranth Grahams, Rice Snaps,            pressure relief. Truly will improve the
                                                                                                      planning & LGBT law. Free phone
Pappadum, Stoned Wheat Thins, Highlander                  quality of your sleep. Call Janet at
                                                                                                      consultation. Know your rights. Pro-
                                                          Patrick Mackin Custom Furniture—a
Oatcakes, Garlic Breadsticks, Ak-Mak                                                                  tect your family. 14 yrs experience.                    CONTINUED ON PAGE 8
                                                          T-P dealer for 10 yrs, 718-237-2592.

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12               November9, 2006
                 November 9,2006                                                              Park Slope Food Coop, Brooklyn, NY


Singing in an English Pub—
or at the Coop Pub Night!
By Jerry Epstein, for the Fun’Raising Committee
       he Coop is holding an

                                                            cer to us) on the telly, so the        friends would start a song,
       informal singing and                                 singers will retire to a second        and others would join in on
       music gathering (our                                 room in the back or upstairs           the chorus, and then be
third) across the street at the                             in order to have some home-            reminded of another one that
Tea Lounge on Sunday                                        made music.                            seemed to fit. It is the commu-
December 3 at 7:00 p.m.                                        It was natural that when the        nity that makes it work, and it
These gatherings are loosely                                English boom of interest in            has little or nothing to do with
modeled on the social inter-                                folk music hit in the early            performance skill.
action in a small-town Eng-                                 1960s, the burgeoning folk                So, as December is getting
lish Public House (Pub), so I                               club culture would find its            into the heart of the holiday
thought I might provide a lit-                              home almost entirely in pubs.          season, whatever your partic-
tle background on what a                                    But there was singing in pubs          ular holiday, let’s have our
wonderful institution these                                 on a regular basis for many            community have a night of
pubs can be.                                                generations before anyone              celebration where WE make
   There is nothing in the                                  ever heard of a folk club. It was      the music, of whatever kind
American social scene that                                  just what people did. Some             (though we admit that songs
plays the same role as the                                  gatherings were seasonal—              people can participate in are
English pub. An American bar                                there is a tradition for at least      especially valued). You don’t
is really quite different. Eng-                             150 years in pubs around               need to play an instrument
lish pubs are changing, espe-                               Sheffield of gathering on a            (though that is welcome). If
cially in the big cities,                                   specific night for an annual           you think you can’t sing, you
perhaps becoming more like                                  people’s sing in a specific pub        probably can, but you might
bars, with canned music, pot-                               of songs related to the holiday        be inspired to tell a story, a
ted palms, frozen patties, and                              season, everything from the            tall-tale, a good joke… any-
other delicacies. But there                                 religious to the totally silly.        thing that bonds the commu-
are still many old fashioned
pubs remaining, and we will
                                                            This remains a very live tradi-
                                                            tion today and these gather-
                                                                                                   nity. We are hoping this might
                                                                                                   just become an annual tradi-
                                                                                                                                      Diversity and Equality
do our best to reproduce this                               ings are truly remarkable              tion. It sure couldn’t be a        Committee Seeks Members with
atmosphere at the Tea                                       events. It is hard to imagine a        more convenient location, so
Lounge. A good old pub is a                                 more warmth-producing and              why not drop in? You can take      Data Skills
social center; it is where one                              inspiring event than one of            a trip to an English pub with-     The Diversity and Equality Committee (DEC) is
goes for good chat, a game of                               these carol sessions. But most         out leaving Park Slope. As the     pleased to report that some PSFC members
checkers, some good old                                     gatherings could happen                title of the event suggest:        have responded to our call for new members. New
songs (with the music totally                               spontaneously on any night of          “Yule Be Welcome.” And yes
home-made), and a couple of                                 the year, when a couple of             you will. ■                        members will help to safeguard our Coop as a
pints of the best. It does not                                                                                                        respectful and enjoyable place for all to shop. At
at all have the somewhat                                                                                                              this time we’re seeking members with computer
sleazy connotation one finds                                                                                                          and data base creation and management skills.
with “going down to the bar”                                                                                                          This new member will help to order, store, track
in this country. Children can
often be found there with                                                                                                             and access internal committee documents and
their families (though of                                                                                                             incoming data.
course they cannot drink                                                                                                                Interested Coop members are invited to attend
alcohol), lots of stories are                                                                                                         our next meeting on Thursday, October 12th at
told, jokes, and some great                                                                                                           6:00 pm at the Coop or to reach us at
and some dumb old songs
are sung for the spontaneous
                                                                                                                             Leave your name and
entertainment and merri-                                                                                                              contact information and let us know what skills
ment of all. Nowadays there                                                                                                           and/or experience you bring.
is often a football match (soc-

                        WITH         MORAIMA SUAREZ

                         Is there someone you need to forgive?
                   Holding on to feelings of hurt, guilt, resentment,
                  blame, anger and the need to punish binds up a lot
                of your own energy and keeps you locked in the past,
                            instead of being fully present.
                   The Forgiveness Process allows you to release
              these negative feelings and completes your own healing.

                                      LEARN TO:
                             • Forgive yourself and others
                   • Focus and use the power of unconditional love
                           • Align your head and your heart
                • Use the power and energy of love to relieve stress
                • Participate in a group unconditional love meditation

  Moraima Suarez is a Coop member, certified Holoenergetic ® Healing
  Practitioner, certified Bowen Therapist, and Reiki practitioner. She has studied
  and practiced the healing arts for over 20 years and her healing practice in
  the Park Slope vicinity.

     FREE                                      Saturday, December 2
     Non-members welcome                      3–5:00 p.m. at the Coop
     Views expressed by the presenter do not necessarily represent the Park Slope Food Coop

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