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									Fiber Driver Training

Sergiu Rotenstein

   MRV Company - OCS introduction
   Market introduction – the market requirements and the players
   FD positioning, key applications and solutions orientation
   Customer/Application challenges – what customers need
   MRV Product solution
     –   What product / PNs and how to review price list
     –   Key features & benefits
     –   Competitive analysis & references
     –   Case studies per market / solution
           •   Customer profile
           •   Market , positioning and potential
           •   Challenges
           •   High-level view of MRV solution and the benefits to customer
           •   Solution elements in details & features highlights
   Marketing collateral workflow – sales kit and how to use WEB and Intranet resources
   Q&A

                                   MRV Fast Facts

   Founded in 1988                             Worldwide sales and service offices
     – Over 20 years of Optical Innovation           across four continents
   Group employees 300+

   Key Solutions
     – Optical Transport and WDM
     – Optical Carrier Ethernet Access
     – Infrastructure management and services

                                                Over $1B install-base of optical systems

                                                   MRV provides optical communication systems to
                                                more than 100 wireline, wireless and cable MSO
                                                carriers and thousands of Enterprises

                  MRV Solutions and Market Positioning

Optical Transport and WDM                 Carriers & Service Providers
                                          Internet Exchanges & Carrier Hotels
                                          Mobile Operators
                                          Finance, Healthcare, Research & Education
                                          Utilities & transportation
                                          Government and Military

Optical Carrier Ethernet Access
                                          Carriers & Service Providers
                                          Mobile Operators
                                          Utilities & transportation

Infrastructure Management & Services

                                          Network equipment manufacturers - Labs
                                          Carriers & Service Providers Labs
                                          Finance, Healthcare, Research & Education
                                          Utilities & transportation
                                          Government and Military

Market Introduction

                 Market Trends – Key Drivers

 IP Traffic continues to grow strongly
 Carriers need to keep up with traffic growth at a lower cost
   – WDM & Carrier Ethernet
 Converge multi service to single Ethernet
   – Small/medium/large business, government, education
 Deployment of fiber-based services to enterprises
 Mobile backhaul
 Improved broadband penetration
   – APAC (China/India)
   – Broadband ARPU in NA and EMEA
 Upgrades to higher speed technology
   – 10G dominance
   – ROADM, 40G, 100G and beyond technology

                  Service Provider Network Reference

Metro Networks:
Buildings connectivity to COs and any locations between and connecting COs, POPs, and data centers in a metro
area, with typical distances from 20-200km
Optical Transport:
Fiber Optimization & DWDM + CWDM terminals, Optical Multiplexing and Amplifications solutions, etc.
                                                                           Market Focus
            Market Trends – Optical Hardware Revenues

Worldwide metro optical network hardware                      In CY10, North America made up 27% of optical
revenue growth is expected a 3.6% CY09–CY14                   network hardware revenue, while EMEA
CAGR, with an 14.3% CAGR for WDM and                          captured 33%, Asia Pacific 33%, and CALA 7%.
SONET/SDH falling.
                                   Source: Infonetics, 2010

       Dominance of 10G and less (yellow and blue )
       and growth of next round of higher speed ports:
       40G, then 100G port revenue.
       Source: Infonetics, 2010

Fiber Driver and its market

          Fiber Driver® - Optical Multi-Service Platform

Why is Fiber Driver an OMSP?

Put Simply….

Fiber Driver is the set of          Creating
building blocks for delivering      Extending
                                    Expanding
solutions by

Optical Networking

             Fiber Driver® - Services/Markets

                              Fiber Grooming
   Fiber Grooming &              –    Media Conversion, Distance Extension and Boosting
      Optimization            Enterprise Optical Networks

                              Ethernet in the First Mile – EFM
                                –    P2P 802.3AH Ethernet demarcation solutions
Converter-based Services        –    P2P 802.3AH LAN and WAN demarcation solutions
     Demarcation                –    Link and service OAM (IEEE802.3ah)
                                –    End-to-end SLA Assurance
       EFM NID                Advanced Link Protection
                              WDM flavored solutions

                              CWDM and DWDM in the same platform
                              CWDM and DWDM with the same transponders
                              Sub-rate multiplexing and aggregation services
    WDM Transport             CWDM and DWDM optical multiplexing
                              Optical link redundancy
                              Optical amplification
                              Dispersion management
                          Fiber Driver Markets

 Where does Fiber Driver fit?
   – Top of the low end market
   – Effective solution for the medium-end

                                     Fiber Driver Markets

 Low-end Optical Transport
   –   Fiber Grooming
   –   EFM NID
   –   Basic CWDM and DWDM
   –   Limited to rates typically up to 2.5G
   –   Players
        • Transition & Omnitron (US)
        • Raisecom, Dowslake, etc. (China)
   – How do we compete?
        • In the top echelon of this market segment
        • Multi-function, multi-rate, high density solutions
             – Inventory management
             – Solution density and price per weighted link (vs. per module)
        • Higher protocol rates: 10G solutions & now 40G conversion
        • Added intelligence & functionality  value and service
        • Service expansion to medium-end - OMSP
                Fiber Driver® in the low-end Optical Transport

Strengths                                                  Opportunities
 Addresses the top echelon with high-end products           2011 is the year of 10G and of SFP+ WDM
      Multi-rate, multi-function, pluggable modules               10G grooming in data centers and campus
      High rate protocols – 10G (2005) and 40G (2011)             10G optical services extension
      Offers expansion to the medium-end                    40G fiber grooming in data and collocation centers
 Huge install base (30K multi-slot chassis and NM)         and campuses

      20-30% free slots available for solution extension
      Thousands of happy customers

 High quality (99.9%)
 Brand name
Weaknesses                                                 Threats
 Focused on the top echelon                                 Glut of pluggable optics
      Avoids the price war                                        Interoperability with lower quality pluggable optics

 Missing currently solutions for certain protocols                Potential loss of the optics in certain opportunities

      8G Fibre Channel                                      Sales attention
      PDH multiplexing
      WAN multiplexing
      OTN multiplexing

                               Fiber Driver Markets
 Medium-end Optical Transport
   – All the ranges of WDM (CWDM/DWDM)
   – Optical power and dispersion management
        • Amplifiers and DCM

   – Muxponders
        • Proprietary
        • OTN-based

   –   ROADM & power-controlled Optical Multiplexing
   –   Photonic applications for touchless link and network balancing / equalization
   –   Protocols typically up to 10G
   –   Top players (Adva & Transmode) - 40G transponder and OTN muxponders
   –   Adva
        • Trials for 100G
        • GMPLS based Control Plane, combined with OTN discovery and multi-layer OAM
                                   Fiber Driver Markets
 Medium-end Optical Transport
   – Players
       •   Adva
       •   Transmode
       •   BTI
       •   Optelian
       •   Ekinops
   – How do we compete?
       •   In the lower echelon of this market segment
       •   Multi-function, multi-rate, high density solutions
                                                                      Telecommunications Energy
       •   Low-latency solutions                                         Efficiency Ratio (TEER)

       •   Missing OTN and ROADM solutions
       •   Optical transport – energy efficient (TEEER = 9.84 out of 10)
       •   Optical transport solution with cost effective infrastructure
             – Service effective solution when can combine WDM transport with the other services
             – Service effective WDM solution for 8-16 wavelengths/location
             – Be competitive (10-30% less than competition) while preserving the OCS margins
       • Service expansion from low-end - OMSP
                Fiber Driver® in the mid-end Optical Transport

Strengths                                                     Opportunities
 Addresses the lower echelon,                                  2011 is the year of 10G and of SFP+ WDM
 FD less viewed as competitor by Adva or Transmode                  10G WDM (8-16 wavelengths) for data centers and
                                                                   campus, municipalities, etc.
 Effective infrastructure
                                                               Expand horizon of low-end OT customers into WDM
      Cost effective chassis/NM – doesn’t drag the solution   optimization
      High-density, compact (3U), low power(TEEER=9.84)

 Cost effective solutions – driven by low-cost OT
       Be competitive while preserving the OCS margins
 Perfect for mixed WDM and Fiber Grooming/EFM
NID applications
 High quality (99.9%)
Weaknesses                                                    Threats
 Missing OTN and ROADM solutions                               Glut of WDM pluggable optics
 Need for active optical multiplexing solutions                     Sales Price “war”

 Need for photonic applications                                     Interoperability with lower quality pluggable optics
                                                                     Potential loss of the optics in certain opportunities
                                                                    10G WDM (8-16 wavelengths) becomes commodity

                              Fiber Driver® - Vertical Markets

Enterprise & campus                                       Utilities & Transportation
Fiber Grooming                                            Fiber Grooming
Fiber optimization – from bidi to DWDM                    Fiber optimization – from bidi to DWDM
Extend, interconnect                                      Extend, interconnect, aggregate and drop services
Data & Collocation Centers                                Financial markets
Fiber Grooming                                            Super-low latency optical solutions
Fiber optimization – from bidi to DWDM                    Transport and Collocation fiber services
Continuity and redundancy (disaster recovery)

Data Storage and Extension                                Metro Optical Transport
Data and storage connectivity extension, optimization &   ILEC and CLEC, MSO and Mobile
redundancy                                                Tier 2 - 4 regional and local operators
Fiber grooming                                            Fiber Grooming
Fiber optimization – from bidi to DWDM                    Fiber optimization – from bidi to DWDM
Continuity and redundancy (disaster recovery)             Extend, interconnect, aggregate and drop services

Municipal Networks
Fiber Grooming
Fiber optimization – from bidi to DWDM
Extend, interconnect, aggregate and drop services

                                   Fiber Driver® - Vertical Markets

MSO                                                               Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC)
How many are there?                                               How many are there?
       USA has 75 Cable Operators, List of MSO (USA)                     Tier 1 Telco Operators in US, 1,100+ ILEC’s (Click this link) or
       Europe has 6500 Cable MSO, List of MSO’s (Europe)       
       Asia Pacific (Cable Association ), India has 10 MSO’s.            Operators in Europe (Click this link) or
What kind of services they offer?                                        OCS: Bell, France Telecom, Portugal Telecom, Telefonica,
       Integrated Video, High Speed Data, Voice to SME                   Quest, Telcel, Telus, Verizon, Telia Sonera
       Commercial services – IP, Carrier Ethernet , Converged     What kind of services they offer?
       Services                                                          Wireline local/long distance, international, internet and
What Kind of Enterprise Customers?                                       video service
       Financial, Education, Health, Utilities and fiber to the          Fiber-based broadband and IPTV services
       SMB                                                               Access, Metro Ethernet Transport, Metro DWDM, Metro
       Data Center interconnectivity with fiber optimization             SONET
       Business services generated $1B each to Cox, TWC (2010)    What kind of Customers?
What is the Business value using our products?                           Consumer and Enterprises (SMB, Financials, Education,
       Revenues from business services with efficient and                Utilities)
       reliable transport technology                              What is the Business value of using our Products?
       Out-compete telco with lower- cost transport                      Revenues with efficient and reliable optical transport
What are their key Challenges?                                           technology
       Consolidation of clustered network (DOCSIS 3.0)                   Reduced cost-per-bit of bandwidth for mobile backhaul
       Bandwidth growth, backhaul of broadband traffic                   Extending the local loop for bandwidth access
       High network availability                                  What are their key Challenges?
                                                                         Demand for high-capacity, high-reliability metro transport,
                                                                         SLA guarantee
                                                                         Huge SONET legacy evolving into WDM and IP
                                                                         Competing Access Technology: DSL, Cable, Fiber, WLAN, 3G
                                                                         Tough Competition, Over-the-Top, Wireless, Cable MSO’s,
                                                                         Wholesale Providers

                                    Fiber Driver® - Vertical Markets

Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) Data Center Providers
How many are there?                                                 How many are there?
       Tier 2 Operators in US - 1,600+ CLEC’s (Click this link)            In the US, there 874+ data centers.
       OCS Customers: Pioneer Telephone, Dakota Networks,                  Source:
       Windstream, etc.                                                            Equinix, Cenx, Neutral Tandem, Telx, Cable &
What kind of services they offer?                                                  Wireless, CoreSite, Global Switch, Tata Com, Quest,
       Bundled local, long distance, data, enhanced services,                      Reliance, XO Comm, Savvis,
       Triple/Quadruple Play                                        What Kind of Services they offer?
       Local toll, long distance, international, Internet access,          Business Continuity (BC)
       cable and/or video                                                          Point-to-point high speed connectivity to Financials,
       Wireless data cards and PDAs/cell phones, IP TV, VoIP,                      Education, or Health Care
       Data Services                                                       Disaster Recovery (DR)
What Kind of Enterprise Customers?                                         Synchronous and asynchronous disk mirroring
       Many corporate clients and government contracts                     Backup & Distributed file systems
       Big internet brands Google and Microsoft offer hosted               Converging the SAN and LAN to Ethernet
       services                                                     What is the Business value of using our Products?
What is the Business value of using our products?                          Fiber Grooming
       Optimized optical transport                                         Fiber Optimization
       Point-to-point services connectivity                                Optimized optical transport
What are their key Challenges?                                             Point-to-point services connectivity
       Price competition with ILEC , Over-the-Top & Wireless
       Demand in network capacity for broadband services
       Consolidation of CLEC. E.g. Comcast & CLEC Cimco, ISP &

                                    Fiber Driver® - Vertical Markets

Utilities                                                            Municipal
About utilities and fiber optics networks                            How many are there?
       Electric utilities and municipalities own about 5 to 10% of        Thousands . See:
       the fiber deployed in the U.S. and Canada. See:                    National Association of Telecommunications Officers and                            Advisors (NATOA)
       Broadband over power members listing                     
       Utilities Council                                             What Kind of Services they offer?                                                 Wavelengths services & Data Services
                                                                           Fiber connectivity to community/regional institutions like
What kind of services they offer?                                          Financials, Education, Health Care, Government
       Wavelengths services & Data Services
       Fiber connectivity to community/regional institutions         What is the Business value of using our Products?
       like Financials, Education, Health Care, Government                  Optimized optical transport
                                                                            Point-to-point services connectivity
What is the Business value of using our products?
       Optimized optical transport
       Point-to-point services connectivity

What are their key Challenges?
      Price competition with ILEC , Over-the-Top & Wireless

                                                 Fiber Driver® Market

   Vertical      Geographical        Direct or      Full     Fiber      L1      WDM
                                     partner       OMSP    Grooming   Service
   Market          Region                                             Demarc.

Tier 1           Europe, S.          Partner                           
                 America, Japan

Tier 2 / 3 &     US                  Direct or                                
MSO                                  partner


Municipalities   US                  Partners                                 

Data Centers     US, Europe          Direct or                                
Utilities        US, International   Direct or                                
Enterprise and   US                  Direct or                                
campuses                             partners
       Fiber Driver® - Optical Multi-Service Platform

Multi-Service and Multi-Function with

                                           One slot chassis
     Sixteen slot chassis

   Two slot chassis

                                           Three slot chassis

    Four slot chassis

            Fiber Driver® - Optical Multi-Service Platform

Multi-Service and Multi-Function with Same Form & Fit
   Point to point
   Multi-point
   Redundant - Protected
   Ring with Add/Drop
   Mix, Match, Combine, Co-locate
   Aggregation of circuits / reduction of fiber counts / bi-directional / WDM
   Any protocol from T1/E1 to 10G
   Managed

Achieve increased capacity                  Increased flexibility
 Bidirectional, doubles fiber capacity         – Mux/DeMux optical channels
 CWDM, increase x2, x4, x8, x16, x18           – Add/Drop optical channels
 DWDM, increase up to x44                      – Extending, Converting, Boosting

                   Fiber Driver® - Solution Set

                              Linux-based System Control Module with Integrated
  System control and          Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC)
     management               Java-based Graphical User Interface (GUI)
                              Auto-discovery and Layer-2 Ring Management

                              T1/E1/J1 copper to fiber multi-function
                              T3/E2 copper to fiber
Copper to fiber modules:
                              Fast Ethernet copper to fiber
 converter/transponder        Fast Ethernet multi-function copper to fiber
                              Gigabit Ethernet multi-function copper to fiber

                              T1/E1/J1 copper to fiber multi-function
                              10/100 and dual T1/E1 to redundant optical link with remote management
  Remotely managed            Fast Ethernet copper to fiber with IPLess remote management
      modules                 Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Universal Service Module (EUSM)
                              10-Gigabit Ethernet Universal Service Module (EUSM-10G)
                              1/10G Ethernet multi-function

                              Dual SFP 2R up to 2.7Gbps
   Optical Modules:           Quad SFP 2R/3R multi-function, multi-rate up to 3.2Gbps
 converter/ repeater/         Dual SFP 3R Fibre Channel 1/2/4Gbps
                              Dual XFP 3R any 10G
     transponder              SFP+, dual XFP multi-function 3R any 10G

                    Fiber Driver® - Solution Set

                             Dual T1/E1/J1 TDM multiplexer
                             Fast Ethernet and dual T1/E1/J1 TDM multiplexer
Multiplexing/Muxponders      Dual Gigabit Ethernet TDM muxponder
                             Eight Gigabit Ethernet packet multiplexing

                             CWDM MUX/DeMUX solutions (4/8/16 λ)
                             CWDM add/drop solutions (1/2/4/8 λ)
  Optical Multiplexing       Wide WDM combiners
       Solutions             DWDM MUX/DeMUX solutions (8/16/32/40 λ)
                             DWDM add/drop, dual and single fiber solutions (1/2/4/8 λ)

                             Fixed gain EDFA - single wavelength, narrowband and full C-Band
  Optical Amplification      Fixed gain EDFA with mid-stage (C-Band)
                             Variable gain EDFA (C-Band)

                             Fixed FBG dispersion compensation 10-200km
Dispersion Compensation

                                 Fiber Driver® - Pluggable Transceivers
                                     Optical Pluggable Transceivers
                                     GRAY-DUAL    GRAY-SINGLE           CWDM               DWDM         SUPPORTED
                                       FIBER         FIBER           (16 Channels)      (Full C-Band)    DISTANCE

SONET (OC3/STM1-OC48/STM16)                                                            (MR)         Up to 140 km

        Fast Ethernet                                                                  (MR)         Up to 116 km

       Gigabit Ethernet                                                                (MR)         Up to 120 km

   Fibre Channel (1/2/4 Gig)                                                                        Up to 120 km

  Multimode and Multimode
            Extended                                                                                    Up to 2 km

Multirate (100Mbps-2.7Gbps any
               protocol)                                                                            Up to 120 km

                                                                                             
         10G/OC192                                                     8 wave                           Up to 120 km
                                                    (Q1 2011)                           (Tunable)
                                                                       (Q1 2011)

                                 Copper/Coax Transceivers
                 PROTOCOL                                      FEATURES

                                                                 Layer 2
            Ethernet/Fast Ethernet          10/100BaseTx                         Long Packets
                                                               switch based

               Gigabit Ethernet             1000BaseTx           Layer 1

                 Digital Video               SDI, HD-SDI                         Multicasting
                                               3G-SDI                                                                  OC-3

             Fiber Driver® - Solutions

                  Distance Extension

 Primary                                              Secondary Disk
Disk Array                                                Array

              CWDM and/or DWDM

 Primary                                              Secondary Disk
Disk Array   Fiber Driver              Fiber Driver       Array

                             Fiber Driver® - Solutions

                                 Distance Extension
                                 1/2/4 Gbps Fibre Channel

 Primary                                                           Secondary Disk
Disk Array                                                              Array
             FC/GbE Switch                                  FC/GbE Switch
                                Any protocol 42M-3.2Gbps

     LAN         GbE                  T1/E1 to 40G           GbE       LAN

                                      Any 10Gbps

                                   Ethernet Services with
                                   802.3AH management

                          Fiber Driver® - Solutions


                                 1/2/4 Gbps Fibre Channel
 Primary                                                                       Secondary Disk
Disk Array                                                                          Array
          FC/GbE Switch                                                 FC/GbE Switch
                               Any protocol 42M-3.2Gbps

    LAN       GbE          Fiber Driver                  Fiber Driver    GbE       LAN

                                           Any 10Gbps

                                     Ethernet Services with
                                     802.3AH management

                Fiber Driver® - Optical Multi-Service Platform

   The Fiber Driver™ solutions provide:
     –   Wide range of services/functions using the same platform
     –   Carrier grade – NEBS compliant
     –   High density – per rack space
     –   Industry’s highest power efficiency
     –   Extreme flexibility and scalability
     –   End to end intelligence
     –   Inventory management
     –   ROI
   Size, power consumption, density, functionality, intelligence and flexibility,
   Pluggable optics offer the ultimate flexibility!
   Widest optical transport coverage: from media converters to advanced DWDM solutions
Fiber Driver® - The chassis

                          Sixteen slot chassis

                        Four slot chassis

                       Three slot chassis

                  Two slot chassis

                One slot chassis

                 Fiber Driver® - Classical Copper to Fiber

  Copper to fiber (fixed optics) classical Fiber Driver® modules
      –   Fast Ethernet: EM316F
      –   Gigabit Ethernet: EM316GCL
      –   T1/E1: EM316T1/EM316E1 (in Limited Availability)
      –   DS3/E3: EM316DS3/EM316E3
  Solutions and benefits
      –   Classical media conversion
      –   Distance extension
      –   Various optical solutions from MM to extended reach SM
      –   Single Fiber solutions
                                          • SM- Single Mode
                                          • MM – Multi Mode
                                          • SF – Single Fiber
•100                                      • Up to 120km             •100
•1000                                                               •1000
•T1/E1                                                              •T1/E1
•DS3/E3                                                             •DS3/E3

                  Fiber Driver® - IPLess Remote Management
                                                            SM- Single Mode
                                                            SF – Single Fiber
EM316EFRM (10/100)                                          Up to 120km
                                                            Remotely managed
EM316FRM (100)                        •100                                      •100
                                      •10/100                                   •10/100
EM316ERM (10)

   MRV pre-standard Optical Ethernet OAM
     –   Created the IPLess de-facto industry terminology
     –   OAM&P
   Wide range of optical solutions
     –   MM to Extended SM
     –   Single fiber options
            • EM316WERM/WEFRM/WFRM
   Applications
     –   Optical Ethernet extension
     –   LAN to LAN services
     –   Media Conversion
   Benefits
     – Cost effective solution
     – Remote site visibility

                       Fiber Driver® - Services Demarcation

              UNI                                                                                    UNI
     Cust.                                    Carrier Network                                               Cust.
    Network                                                                                                Network
                                                                                               WAN         LAN
          LAN       WAN

                          100FX/                      Carrier NW                      100FX/
                          1000-X                                                      1000-X
        Cust.                               Carrier                         Carrier                      Cust.
      Enterprise                             Edge                            Edge                      Enterprise

                                       FO                        Copper
                                                                 Or Fiber

                                                       Bookend NID or
                                                      Demarcation Device
                                                       LAN      WAN

    Assured service hand-off
      –   Converter-based Ethernet Services Demarcation
      –   Separates carrier network from customer premises OR
      –   Separates sections of the carrier network
      –   SLA assurance & OPEX reduction
    Metro Ethernet Transparent Line Service (TLS) deployments

               Fiber Driver® - EUSM Services Demarcations

Ethernet Services – Ethernet Universal Service Module
   Fast/Gigabit Ethernet Converter-based Ethernet Demarcation
    802.3AH Extended Remote Management and SLA Assurance tools
   10G Ethernet Converter-based Ethernet Demarcation 802.3AH
    Extended Remote Management , LAN to WAN PHY and SLA
    Assurance tools
   Carrier Network Converter based Demarcation
           (“bookend” mode)
   Deployments of Transparent LAN Services
   Managed Ethernet signal repeater
   Remotely managed optical (WDM) add/drop
                                SM- Single Mode
                                SF – Single Fiber
                                 Up to 120km

                                L1 Service extension
                                Remote management
        Fiber Driver® - EUSM Services Demarcations

Why EUSM modules?
  Industry’s most advanced converter-based
  Optical Ethernet extension
  Extensive SLA assurance tools
      Ethernet and HC-RMON statistics
      Advanced loopbacks
      Traffic generation
      Latency and jitter measurement
                 (8ns resolution)
      Loss gain analysis
  Optical Link Redundancy
      Advanced VLAN awareness, QoS/CoS, EVC
      flows, VLAN translation, etc.
      LAN to WAN PHY conversion
      Industry’s lowest latency 10G optical module:   Managed CO   CPE

      600ns(@ any packet size), with full PM and
      SLA assurance tools
                    Fiber Driver® - Pluggable Modules

     • Multi-rate multi-       EM316-2SFP           • EM316FC400            • EM316-2XFP-ET
       function modules    Dual SFP transparent   Dual SFP Fibre Channel    Any 10G rate dual XFP
                               transponder             Transponder              transponder
                            EM316DMR3G-3R:
                             Dual transponder,
                            redundant repeater,

   Applications                                          Multi-rate & multi-function benefits
     –   Converter/WDM Transponder                          –    Multiple functions in the same module
     –   Redundant Converter/WDM Transponder/               –    Multi-rate - cover a wide range of protocols
     –   Multicasting Converter/WDM Transponder             –    Flexible SFP based interfaces
     –   Wavelength exchange                                       •   Optical interface: Gray/CWDM/DWDM
                                                                   •   Copper/Coax
                                                            –    Single card inventory for many purposes
                    Fiber Driver® - XY Pluggable modules

 Line of multi function protocol specific media modules
 Innovative way for classical protocols media / wavelength conversion
 Multiple modes of operation offer

   Higher density solutions
     – Double the number of converters/transponders per 1U
     – Cost effective and competitive
   Inventory management
     – Single module replacing 3 or 4 independent solutions
     – Pluggable transceivers (optical/copper)
   Intelligence and flexibility in a commodity market addressing OpEx reduction

     Fiber Driver® - Ethernet XY Pluggable modules

                                                Multi-rate & multi-function benefits
                                                  – Multiple functions in the same module
                                                        •   Dual Converter
                                                        •   Redundant Converter
                                                        •   Repeater copper and fiber
                                                        •   Multi-media switch
   10/100 Ethernet   10/100/100 0 Ethernet        –   Flexible SFP based interfaces
   multi-function    multi-function
                                                  –   Single card inventory for many purposes
EM316SW-XY             EM316GSW-XY                –   Doubles solution density
                                                  –   Reduces per link TOC
                                                Applications
                                                  –   Media Conversion & Fiber Optimization
                                                  –   Signal repeating
                                                  –   Redundancy
                                                  –   Unmanaged service demarcation

         Fiber Driver® - PDH XY Pluggable modules

                                        Multi-rate & multi-function benefits
                                          –   Multiple functions in the same module
                                                •   Dual Converter
                                                •   Redundant Converter /Multiplexer
                                                •   Copper or fiber repeater
                                          –   Flexible SFP based interfaces (125Mbps)
   T1/E1/J1         T3/E3                 –   Single card inventory for many purposes
   multi-function   multi-function
                                          –   Doubles solution density
EM316T1E1-XY        EM316T3E3-XY          –   Reduces per link TOC
                                        Applications
                                          –   Media Conversion & Fiber Optimization
                                          –   Signal repeating
                                          –   Redundancy
                                          –   Remotely managed service demarcation

  Fiber Driver® - 10G Ethernet XY Pluggable modules
                                        Multi-rate & multi-function benefits
                                          –   Multiple functions in the same module
                                          –   EM316-10G-XY
                                                •   Converter/Transponder
                                                •   Redundant Converter /Multiplexer
                                          –   EM316-10G8SW-XY
                                                •   Packet Multiplexer
                                                •   Multi-Co Aggregator for 8 x EUSM
                                                •   Mixed-speed media switch
10G Any Rate     1G/10G Ethernet                •   Aggregated GbE transport over 10G
                                                    SONET/SDH (WAN PHY)
multi-function   multi-function
                                          –   Flexible SFP/XFP based interfaces
EM316-10G-XY      EM316-10G8SW-XY         –   Single card inventory for many purposes

                                        Applications
                                          –   EM31610G-XY
                                                •   Media Conversion & Fiber Optimization
                                                •   Transponder
                                                •   Signal repeating & redundancy

                                          –   EM316-10G8SW-XY
                                                •   8 x GbE low latency multiplexing to 10G link
                                                    (LAN/WAN PHY) with peer PM
                                                        –   Fiber optimization
                                                        –   WDM Muxponder
                                                •   RM CO for 8 x EUSM, with aggregation to
                                                    10G link (LAN/WAN PHY) – Q2 2011


                                      Fiber Driver® - Multiplexers

    EM316GEMX2R                                              EM316FDT1RM

     Multi-function & Benefits                                    Multi-function & Benefits
       –   Fiber optimization - efficient wavelength usage           –     Fiber optimization - efficient wavelength usage
       –   Built in optical link redundancy                          –     Built in optical link redundancy
                                                                     –     Remote management
     Application                                                  Application
       –   Fiber grooming                                            –     Fiber grooming
       –   WDM Muxponder                                             –     WDM Muxponder
                                                                     –     Services demarcation (Ethernet and T1/E1 with
                                                                           remote management

            Fiber Driver® - Optical Multiplexing and Link Redundancy
                                                                                                             CWDM and DWDM Passive MUX/DeMUX
                                                                                                             CWDM and DWDM OADM (optical add/drop)
                                                                                                             Solutions for dual and single fiber
                                                                                                             Single sided (east/west) or
    Monit   Optica   Aggr.
                               Exp.   16-channels DWDM   16-channels DWDM MUX& DeMUX                         Dual sided (east & west)
    or      l
                                      MUX& DeMUX
    port    Servic
                     trunk                               Expansion in complementary sub-
                                                         band                                                Integrated OSC (optical service channel)
            1510n                                                                                            Integrated monitor port
            m                                                                                                                          5 free slots

                                                                                    Option for
                                                                                    Monitor Port

                                                                 40-channels DWDM C-Band           Aggregated
                                                                 100GHz MUX& DeMUX                 optical trunk

                                                                                                                   Monitor   Aggregated      Optical
                                                                                                                   port                      Service   40-channels DWDM C-Band 100GHz MUX& DeMUX

       Multi-function & Benefits
            –    Wide band – covers 1270-161 nm
            –    Optical link redundancy for
                   • Gray link 1310 or 1550 nm
                   • CWDM link1270-1610 nm
                   • DWDM C-Band link
       Application
            –    Link redundancy
            –    WDM Link Redundancy

                 Fiber Driver® - Optical Amplification

                    Application
                      –   Optical Link extension
EM316EA-ppxxyy        –   Compensate for passives losses
                    Solutions for
                      –   Booster (BR), in-line (IL), pre-amp (PR)
                      –   Fixed gain and variable gain (V)
                      –   Mid-stage (for DCM compensation)
                      –   Up to 22.5dB optical output/saturation
                    Benefits
                      –   Up to full C-Band coverage
                      –   Wide range of solutions for all the needs

             Fiber Driver® - Dispersion Compensation

                          start             25km              50km           80km               100km
                      Bit 1       Bit 2
                                           Bit 1   Bit 2

                                                           Bit 1     Bit 2

                                                                             Bit 1   Bit 2
EM316DCMxx                                                                                   Bit 1    Bit 2

                      Application
                          –       In-line fixed chromatic dispersion compensation for optical reach
                          –       Single (1550nm) wavelengths or DWDM optical link
                      Benefits
                          –       Wide band – covers full C-Band
                          –       Detailed offering for perfect compensation (increments of 10km)
                                    • Better optical sensitivity
                                    • Better OSNR
             Fiber Driver® - Optical Spectrum Analyzer

                                                              2% tap                   MegaVision

EM316OSA40DC21   EM316-OSW8
                                                                                Power/ OSNR       Print/

                                 Application
                                   –   Integrated DWDM C-Band installation and monitoring tool
                                   –   Shared integrated DWDM C-Band installation and monitoring tool
                                   –   Wavelengths wholesale
                                         •   Wavelength inventory
                                         •   Wavelength SLA: per wavelength power and OSNR
                                         •   Enable proactive service – based on service degradation
                                 Benefits
                                   –   Wide band – covers full C-Band
                                   –   Management integration – in-system or stand-alone
                                   –   Part of optical network expense not installation/test tools

                      Fiber Driver® - System Management

   Advanced System Management
   Cisco like hierarchical CLI
   Secure access
     –   SNMP v3
     –   SSH with optional Telnet access
     –   Radius authentication
     –   Multiple user levels
                                                LNXNM and connectivity accessories
 Configuration upload/download
     – In ASCII format thus editable off line
 Macro commands/scripts saving and activation from
  the Flash File System
 Network Time Protocol
 Syslog – extensive Linux based system activity log

               Fiber Driver® - System Management

                                Advanced OSC solutions for ring and mesh topologies
   Solution for Optical
                                Cluster Discovery Protocol

Extensive capabilities for
management integration
    with other OSS

Built-in sophisticated Web      Ease of use: out-of-the box without CLI
                                Full shelf management: provisioning and monitoring
     Management GUI
                                Cluster management with cluster auto-discovery

 Advanced Performance           Optical Performance Monitoring
      Monitoring                Selected Protocol Specific Performance Monitoring
                                Extensive end-to-end network health monitoring

            Fiber Driver® - Value Proposition

                        Wide range of solutions and services
                        From Metro Access all the way to Enterprise
                        Pure Pluggable – Lego™ style – build your own solution
Full OMSP solution      Multi-rate or Protocol Specific with Multi-Function
                        Flexibility, density, intelligence, inventory management
                        End to end Services, Bandwidth Provisioning and Management
                        Complete carrier optical solution

                         Fiber Grooming
                         Services Demarcation with WDM Fiber Optimization
Applications Range       WDM Fiber Optimization from simple CWDM to sophisticated DWDM
                         Customized solution

                        Great functionality
                        System solution and cost
FD OMSP Advantage       Effective pricing
                        Best value/price
                        Entry point = Value driven = ROI  $

                               Fiber Driver® - Roadmap
Product          Solution Highlights                                  FW Rev         Q1   Q2   Q3                    Q4
EM3168SW-FX      8-port 100FX switch; application: LNXNM              V 4.5 fdr 19   
EM316FDT1E1RM    Dual T1/E1/J1 and Fast Ethernet multiplexer with     V 4.5 fdr 19            FE and dual T1/E1 service
                 optical SFP link with RM

SFP-TMDV3G-TX    Unidirectional digital SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI video SFP   V 4.5 fdr 19            SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI
SFP-TMDV3G-RX    Transmitter/Receiver

EM316-10GSW-XY   Gigabit/10-Gigabit Ethernet multi-function module:   V 4.7 fdr xx            GbE service demarcation
                                                                                               with aggregation to 10G
Multi-CO Mode    new mode – CO for eight EUSM CPE modules

EM316GEMX4R      4-Gigabit Ethernet multiplexer to redundant 5Gbps    V 4.7 fdr xx            Low latency transport
                                                                                               (<2us); technology base for
                 SFP-based optical link
                                                                                               8xGbE to 10G sub-
                                                                                               microsecond muxponder

EM316DMR-10G     Dual multi-rate, multi-function SFP+ based module,   V 4.7 fdr xx            High density, multi-rate,
                                                                                               multi-function optical
                 for 1GbE, 1/2/4/8Gb FC, and all 10G protocols
                                                                                               module. Initial target – data
                                                                                               center conversion.

EM316-2QSFP-40   Dual QSFP based 40G repeater/ converter       V 4.7 fdr xx            40G Ethernet distance
                                                                                               extension for data center
                                                                                               or service extension

EM316EUSM-10G    SLA tools: packet generation(1Gbps), latency and     V 4.7 fdr xx            SLA tools for 10G bookend
                                                                                               Service Demarcation
SLA tools        jitter measurement, loss-gain analysis

EM316T3E3-XY     T3/E3 multi-function media converter.                                                               

Case Studies

               Tier 1 European Carrier – Portugal Telecom

 Portugal Telecom
   – Portugal Telecom (PT) is the largest service provider in Portugal
   – Provides services in Brazil, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya,
   – It is a de-facto monopoly in fixed telephony
   – Competition in business services - emerging Telco and MSO
   – Provided Services
       • Fiber to the business
 Where is MRV used?
   – PT connectivity over fiber for government offices, school districts and businesses
     connectivity over an IP/MPLS cloud
       • Core – Juniper Switches
       • 2nd aggregation layer – Alcatel Switches
       • 1st aggregation layer – Alcatel Switches or SDH (~200 to 300 units in this edge),
   – Fiber Driver solution(CO – CPE) employed
       • To extend the Ethernet circuits over fiber to the customer (business, school, etc.)
       • To extend/repeat the various signals – SDH, 10G Ethernet, Fibre Channel (2/4/10G)

               Tier 1 European Carrier – Portugal Telecom

 Why Fiber Driver?
   – PT selected Fiber Driver since 2003-2004
   – Fiber Driver provided PT the industry’s most advanced Optical Ethernet
     extension (IPLess) as well as plan of record for next generations
   – Fiber Driver provided also the service of any protocol distance extension /
     repeaters for all the multitude of protocols employed by PT
   – PT enjoyed during the years the product quality and the service provided by
     MRV and its partner (Represa)
   – PT expanded the Fiber Driver usage with the technology expansion
       •   Fast Ethernet Optical Ethernet solutions
       •   Gigabit Optical Ethernet solutions
       •   10G Optical Ethernet solutions (transparent or sub-rate)
       •   Signals repeaters: SDH 2.5G, Fibre Channel (1/2/4/10G), 10G Ethernet
       •   Future:
             – 40G Ethernet repeaters (EM316-2QSFP-40)

                Tier 1 European Carrier – Portugal Telecom

 School district connectivity
    – In 2010 PT was selected to connect 3,000 schools
    – PT decided to provide Fast Ethernet 100Mbps to each school
    – Fiber Driver IPLess modules provide to each school a Fast Ethernet drop from the 1st
      aggregation layer (6,000 IPLess modules)

 Fiber to the business
    – PT offers several levels of service:
         • Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and 10G-Ethernet
    – PT provides Ethernet drops to each business from its SDH or Metro Ethernet Core
    – Vast majority is Fast Ethernet (IPLess) followed by Gigabit Ethernet (EUSM)
    – EUSM-10G
         • Is employed for upgrades from Gigabit to 10G Ethernet
         • Is employed for new 10G circuits
         • Its 10G WAN PHY capability fits perfectly for LAN to LAN services over the PT SDH Layer 1

                 Tier 1 European Carrier – Portugal Telecom

 How do we preserve the account?
 Fiber Driver offered and offers:
   – Excellent solutions and technology
   – Effective pricing  good ROI
   – Migration path with leading solutions
       • From Fast Ethernet (IPLess) to Gigabit Ethernet (EUSM)
       • From Gigabit Ethernet to 10G Ethernet (EUSM-10G)
       • Multi-CO: 10G Aggregation CO for up to 8 x Gigabit Ethernet remotes (EUSM)
   – Repeater solutions for
       •   SDH: 2.5G and 10G
       •   Fibre Channel
       •   Ethernet (FE/GbE/10G)
       •   Other incidental protocols
       •   Soon – 40G Ethernet
   – Managed optical infrastructure solution
       • Fiber Driver Network Management
       • MegaVision
   – Good jumping board into MRV’s Metro Ethernet solutions
            Tier 1 Japanese Carrier – SoftBank Telecom (SBT)

 SBT (previously known as Japan Telecom)
   – It is a telephone company that belongs to the SoftBank group
 SoftBank Corp.
   – Japanese telecommunications and media corporations, with operations in broadband,
     fixed-line, telecommunications, e-Commerce, Internet, technology services, finance,
     media and marketing, etc.

 The Application
   – Reduce OpEx of the backhaul network by providing single fiber bi-directional OC-3
     connectivity between the Central Office ADM and the BTS while concurrently
     maintaining SLA’s by performing link monitoring and OAM capability’s.
        • SBT leases the fiber from NTT – reduces OpEX
   – Although this application uses OC-3 for the bi-directional link, other protocols can be
     supported by simply changing the pluggable optical transceivers (SFP) and/or
     transponder module depending on the data rate and distance. All other building
     blocks remain the same

Tier 1 Japanese Carrier – SoftBank Telecom (SBT)




             Tier 1 Japanese Carrier – SoftBank Telecom (SBT)

 Why Fiber Driver?
    –   Product simplicity & flexibility
    –   Cost/performance = ROI
    –   Manageability and Network Management
    –   Possibility to grow/re-use the solution for other purposes
         • Other protocols/higher speeds
         • Expansion to other solutions within the same chassis (responded to an Ethernet RFI)
    – Compact size and power consumption
         • SBT rents colocation space from NTT – reduce OpEx
   How do we preserve the customer?
    – ROI
    – Product quality and support
         • Solved the deployment problems
              – 30,000 modules, 4 open problems
         • Solved the MegaVision problems
    – Mitigate last open problems
    – Offer attractive Ethernet solution using the same infrastructure
                        AboveNet - Data center – Amsterdam

   AboveNet, Inc.
     –   Provides high bandwidth connectivity solutions for business and carriers. Its private optical network delivers
         key network and IP services in and among top U.S. metro markets and globally (London, Tokyo, Paris,
         Amsterdam, Frankfurt).
     –   Its network is widely used in demanding markets such as financial services, media, health care, retail and
     –   On-net buildings – more than 2,400
     –   Fiber miles worldwide – approximately 2.3 million fiber miles

   Application
     –   A Dutch data center near Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, offers fast, reliable connectivity to the Internet from
         major metropolitan areas—all over the data center’s optical Internet long- haul backbone..
     –   The data center provides these high bandwidth computing and connectivity solutions for business and carrier
         customers such as banks and insurance companies who operate in a 24/7 environment. These businesses
         cannot afford any issues with network operations, and therefore depend on the data center to deliver top tier
         communication and security services.

                   AboveNet - Data center – Amsterdam
 Application – cont’d
     –   Off-site storage and back up computing facilities for disaster recovery = critical issue with many of these
     –   Data center needed a connection to its new partner data center located in Haarlem, approximately 22 miles
         (35 kilometers) away.
     –   Initial bandwidth requirements were eight channels of 10 Gigabit Ethernet with possibility for expansion.
     –   Additional backup link was needed along a separate fiber path with very fast cut-over ability to ensure that
         data would not be lost in the event of a cut in the fiber
     –   The Fiber Driver edge solution complemented a Lambda Driver backbone network.
     –   In a competitive situation Fiber Driver provided the most cost effective solution (for the customer & for MRV).

   Why Fiber Driver?
     –   Product simplicity & flexibility
     –   Cost/performance = ROI
     –   Reliability, redundancy, expandability
     –   Compact size and power consumption
     –   Plug’n play installation
           • “When he received a call from the customer late one evening during the initial setup, the
             MRV sales manager feared something had gone wrong with the installation. In fact, it was
             just the network manager calling to share the good news that the network was up and
             running and he was going home.”
     – Local partner and MRV support team
                    Data centers – City of Burbank DWP

 Burbank DWP Fiber Optic Infrastructure
    – Started to build its fiber optic infrastructure in 1994
    – Connects the major electrical facilities: offices, SCADA center, switching stations,
      power plants and distributing stations.
    – Offers FO connectivity services to city facilities, the major studios, major medical
      facility, numerous production companies, large office complexes, etc.
    – Thrives to provide broadband communications beyond the boundaries of Burbank –
      through interconnections with others such as AT&T, Pacific Bell, Teleport
      Communications Group and Los Angeles DWP
    – Provides fiber optical connectivity services that compete with Sprint, Southern
      California Edison, AboveNet , etc.
    – Dark Fiber Lease Rate (applicable to retail service only)
        • $200.00 Per Fiber/Per Mile/Per Month
                        Data center – City of Burbank DWP

   Application                                         Solution
     – Burbank customers                                  – Solution aggregates
       connectivity from its LA                             the individual data
       Data Center (Whilshire                               channels over a
       1), passing through the                              DWDM redundant link
       Burbank data center                                – Transponders with
     – Customers are located                                remote management
       remotely (5-10km) from                               function also as
       the Burbank Data                                     customer drop/
       Center                                               demarcation
     – Full visibility and                                – Optical amplification
       manageability                                        extends the reach and
     – Desirable to use the                                 compensates for
       same transponders for                                passives/optical
       transport and customer                               redundant switch loss
       drop                                               – Unique FD solution

                            School District – Blue Springs

 Blue Springs School District
    – 22 locations: schools plus City, Police, Fire Department, etc.
    – Central Main Hub
    – Single strand going North and South from the Main Hub
    – 11 drop locations on each branch

   Challenges
     – High optical loss on the south branch due to distance and fiber quality
     – Need to increase the optical budget in a single fiber environment

                          School District – Blue Springs

 Solution
   – Fiber Driver Ethernet DWDM transponders with RM
       • Used as transponders and as optical Ethernet drops/demarcation
       • Expansion to more channels/wavelengths
   – Optical budget extension in single strand environment
        • Use DWDM banded directional (red/blue) approach
        • Employ In-Line EDFA amplifiers for a directional banded signal amplification

 Why Fiber Driver?
   – Same module offered as transponder and Ethernet drop/ demarcation.
   – Full DWDM solution including optical multiplexing and amplification
   – Possible expansion to 10G Ethernet

                                                  School District – Blue Springs

              Single fiber Add/Drop network using Banded 32 port Mux and
             Banded OADMs and EDFA in-line OA
    BSSD Central Office                                                                        Moreland Ridge Middle School
                                                                             Freshman Cntr.
                                                            T.Ultican        Transportation
                                  λ21 – λ31                                                                   OA
    With (11) SFP-27DWLR08-21

                                                                             McCarter Mdl..
                                                            Elementary       Nowlin Elem.
                                                                             Smith Elem.                                         OADM
    EM316GRMAHSH (11)

                                                λ21 – λ31   EM316DADSB21-R   λ22 – λ31        EM316RBHBS       EM316BRHBS      EM316DADSB27-R
                                EM316DWMUX32B                  OADM                                Band            Band         OADM
                                                                                                   Splitter        Splitter
                                                λ44 – λ54                     λ45 – λ54

                                  λ44 – λ54                 Drop 1 Add 1                                                       Drop 1 Add 1

                                                                                                                                                λ28 – λ31

                                                                                                                                                            λ51 – λ54
    THRU 31

                                                            (λ21) (λ44)                                       OA               (λ27) (λ50)

                                                     Blue Springs            W. Bryant           D. Young                     C. Mason
                                                     South HS                Elementary          Elementary                   Elementary

                                                     EM316DADSB31-R          EM316DADSB30-R      EM316DADSB29-R               EM316DADSB28-R
                                                        OADM                   OADM                 OADM                        OADM

                                                     Drop 1 Add 1            Drop 1 Add 1        Drop 1 Add 1                 Drop 1 Add 1
                                                      (λ31) (λ54)            (λ30) (λ53)          (λ29) (λ52)                 (λ28) (λ51)

                               School District – New York
   New York – school district
   Inter-schools connectivity
     –   GbE drops
     –   T1 drops
     –   Expansion capabilities
     –   Managed
     –   Cost effective
     –   Simplicity – no local OT knowledge

   Why Fiber Driver?
     –   Competitive offering
     –   Compact solution
     –   Future expansion to 10G
     –   Manageability
     –   Simplicity, plug’n play

   Phased approach
     – Add more GbE and T1channels
     – Network re-configuration
                         Cablevision Optimum Lightpath

 Optimum Lightpath
   – Division of Cablevision Systems Corporation
   – Provides advanced Ethernet-based data, Internet, voice, video transport solutions and
     managed services to businesses across the New York metropolitan area
   – Exclusively focused on meeting customer business communication needs in the
     world’s largest business market
   – Its Metro Ethernet network is a highly reliable, resilient, and scalable fiber-to-the-
     business-premises network extending more than 4,000 route miles connecting more
     than 4,000 buildings
   – It serves vertical markets:
       •   Education
       •   Financial Services
       •   Healthcare
       •   Government
       •   Service providers

                        Cablevision Optimum Lightpath

 Why Fiber Driver?
   – Started in 2004-2005 with media conversion and EFM NID
   – Expanded into a full Optical Multi-Service Platform that fulfills multiple
       •   Media Conversion
       •   EFM NID
       •   CWDM passive and active solution
       •   DWDM
             – Passive and active solutions
             – Amplification and dispersion management
             – Low latency transponders
       •   Super low latency for financial markets
       •   Managed(monitored) wavelengths wholesale = dim-services
       •   HD-SDI video distribution
       •   Customized solutions: headend to special pole-based based optical multiplexing
   – Sales and support team

                          Cablevision Optimum Lightpath

 Education vertical market
    – Optimum Lightpath Education Services Suite provides schools throughout the New
      York Metro Area communications services like:
        • Internet Voice Bundle
        • Data Services
              – E-Line
                   » Layer 2 dedicated point-to-point service
              – V-Line
                   » Layer 2 point-to-point service based on a single Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC)
        • IP Voice Services
    – Institution served
        •   Cresskill Public School System
        •   Long Island University
        •   Elmwood Park School District
        •   Glen Rock Public School District

 Solution
    – EUSM Gigabit Ethernet link extension – for Fast or Gigabit Ethernet drops
    – Combined with CWDM and DWDM passives for fiber optimization
                               Cablevision Optimum Lightpath
                                                                           Leverage the Optimum Lightpath Optical
                                                                           Transport to gain access to all of the major
                                                                           liquidity providers and strategic data centers
   Financial Services market                                              in the New York metro area.
     –   Optimum Lightpath enables financial firms to:
           • Make high speed, reliable and secure on-demand decisions with ultra low-latency data solutions
           • Deploy and support a variety of mission critical applications, including systems for enterprise resource
              planning (ERP), electronic data interchange (EDI), and customer relationship management (CRM)
           • Ensure business continuity by mitigating risk through network resiliency and diversity
           • Run disaster recovery, independent of other network providers, so you’re always up and running
   Solution:
     –   Fiber Driver DWDM solutions implement a specialized Wave Division network that spans New Jersey and New
         York and is in-line with proximity trading strategies, including:
            • Shortest routes between major exchange locations to facilitate point-to-point transmission of your
               business’ low latency applications
            • Low latency transport infrastructure: optical multiplexing, transponders, amplifiers & dispersion
            • 24/7 supervising of each customized route by our cutting-edge Monitoring Network Center
                 –   MegaVision & LNXNM
                 –   Transponders with full PM
                 –   Transponders with Digital Diagnostics enabled pluggable optics
                 –   Optical Spectrum Analyzer connected to Monitor ports on DWDM optical multiplexing solutions, etc.
           • Guaranteed circuit delivery timeframe, latency and performance with every route
                 – SLA assurance tools: loss gain analysis, latency and jitter measurements (EUSM family)

                             Cablevision Optimum Lightpath

 Service Providers
    –   Optimum Lightpath focuses on the specialized needs of national and international wireless providers, Internet
        service providers, data centers as well as local exchange carriers that need to deliver increasing bandwidth and
        service level demands in this sophisticated market

 Solution
    –   Fiber Driver DWDM solutions implement specialized WDM solutions that span New Jersey and New York and
        provide connectivity the specialized services providers
    –   Fiber Driver low latency DWDM solutions with 24/7 monitoring interconnects data centers and local exchange
    –   Fiber Driver provides specialized Ethernet “WDM-PON” pole-based connectivity to RAN wireless towers
        (passive optical multiplexing and active Ethernet drop equipment)

Fiber Driver® - Sales Tools

                           Fiber Driver® - Sales Tools

 List price
    – FD section
        • Contains chassis & modules
        • Does not contain Optical Multiplexing, DCM, Amplifiers
    – WDM section
        • Contains Optical Multiplexing, DCM, Amplifiers
 User Manuals (FTP site)
    – Fiber Driver modules
    – Optical Multiplexing
 Product presentation
 Sales training
 Visio
   – Design Center


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