Euronet Software Solutions Distributes ITM 4.3 Point Release to by wuxiangyu


									NEWS & INFO                                                                    July 2011

                            Euronet Software Solutions
Please Join Us for ESCAPE   Distributes ITM 4.3 Point Release to
 September 18-21, 2011      Customers

                            Euronet Software Solutions shipped its latest electronic
                            payments software release - otherwise known as Integrated
                            Transaction Management (ITM) 4.3 Point Release - to
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                            "The objective of our annual Point Release program is to
                            encourage our clients to keep their ITM system current by
                            installing the latest release," said Mary Gay Olsen, Director
                            of Product Integrations for Euronet Software Solutions.
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                            "Our program is the foundation for new solutions and
                            provides automation of our standard installation with new
                            features and functionality included. It allows for easier
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                            projects," Olsen added. "A significant benefit for Euronet
                            Software Solutions clients is that while other providers may
                            require customers to relicense or reinstall the software -
                            which can be costly in both time and money - our Point
                            Releases and remote support are provided to customers at
                            no additional cost as part of their software maintenance

                            In addition to continuing the company's evolution of
                            the payments hub strategy utilizing services-based
                            components, the ITM 4.3 Point Release also features
                            solutions that showcase Euronet's dedication to enhancing
                            the consumer experience, serving alternative markets,
                            improving operational efficiencies and compliance and

                            For more information about Euronet Software Solutions,
                            visit us online at or email us at

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