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					Bent and Automotive Glass
                                                                                        V I S I O N

Laboratory Inspection of Automotive Glass

Inspection Task                                             Benefits

LABSCAN-Screen has become a well-known                      •   Reliable and repeatable measurement
standard in the car glass industry to control                   of transmitted distortion instead of
optical distortion in the laboratory. The propri-               subjective visual methods
etary Online-Moiré-Technology ensures real,                 •   In general: comprehensive quality ana-
reliable and repeatable measurements with the                   lysis and assessment
highest resolution and accuracy.
                                                            •   Offline sample testing or process
Application                                                     control at production sites
                                                                Supports design studies for new deve-
     All screens: windshields, back lites and side lites.       lopments at R&D and quality centers.
     All directions: horizontal and vertical distortion         Comparable results to SCREENSCAN-
     (float optic)                                              Faultfinder
     All glass types: clear, coated and dark glass
     (insensitive to fingerprints and dust)                     Measurement results are comparable
     Optional: measurement of reflected distortion              to existing quality standards
     for side lites                                             Quick and easy visualization of results,
                                                                user-friendly operation.
The system provides comprehensive measurements
with highest precision. The screen may be measured
at different positions and tilt angles to analyze distor-
tion for their effect and cause. Distortions are meas-
ured with numerical accuracy in millidiopter for best
performance and statistical information. The measur-
ing results are directly comparable to the inline
inspection system SCREENSCAN-Faultfinder.
                                                                            The More You See...
System Features:
       Color coded display of horizontal and vertical
       Intensity picture (black and white) for quick
       result overview
       Inspection of all areas down to 9% transmission, e.g.
Different hardware settings:
       Tilt and yaw angle                                                       Intensity Image
       Combination for cross car distortion
       Definition of screen type settings and
       features incl.
             Filtering            Zone definition
             Black masking        Linescan
             Angle variation      3D graphical chart analysis                                                        Horizontal distortion

Different software settings:
       Up to 8 free configurable zones
       (region of interests)
       Simultaneous evaluation of all features for
       all zones:
            Maximum function
            RoC (Rate of Change) function
            Blob analysis
       Up to 3 adjustable quality levels                                        Linescan

       Data transfer, e.g. EXCEL allows to run additio-
       nal software calculation and analysis routines
       Comprehensive data archiving                                                         3D chart analysis       Vertical Distortion
       Quality reporting according
       measurement protocol
       Data exchange (raw data, settings)
       between systems
Further available software tools:
       Software filter for heatgrids
       Measurement point function
Technical Data (transmitted distortion)                                         Measurement
                                                                                point function
 Measuring range            ± 450 mdpt > 450 mdpt with
                            reduced accuracy
 Measuring accuracy         ± 3.5 %, but not better than
                            ± 3.5 mdpt                                                                               Measurement of backlites
                                                                                                                     with heating wires
 Measuring point resolution 0.8 x 1mm
 Tilt angle range           0° - 75° (for specified accuracy)
 Yaw angle range            ± 45° (at 60° tilt angle)
 Cycle time                 < 15 s

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