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					Vision                                             Many of the top companies trust EurekaPlus to solve their
                                                   security system problems. The following is a representative
To be the leading security system expert that
                                                   client list:
corporations and high net worth individuals
                                                   • Singapore Flyer                       • Marina Bay Financial Centre
depend on for asset and family protection.
                                                   • SC Global                             • Sentosa - Songs of the Sea
                                                   • Sentosa - Golf Club                   • Supreme Hotel
                                                   • Concorde Hotel                        • ST Electronics
Our Clients
                                                   • Stork Technology Services Asia P/L    • Glenn Defense Marine (Asia) P/L
Our clients typically are companies and indi-      • BH Global Marine Ltd                  • Oil States Pte Ltd
viduals who appreciate reliable quality prod-      • GSK GlaxoSmithKline                   • Baxter
ucts, backed up with professional knowledge,       • Pfizer                                • Affymetrix Pte Ltd
service and warranty.                              • Harris Corporations                   • Bovis Lendlease
                                                   • Hanz Construction Pte Ltd             • Bindex Construction Pte Ltd
                                                   • Katrina Holdings Pte Ltd              • Samsung C & T Corporation
Quality Statement                                  • Sticky Fingers Bar                    • Pacific Internet Ltd
                                                   • Pinnacle Motors                       • UPS
All our products come with 12 month war-
                                                   • Transpeed Cargo (S) Pte Ltd           • Seashore Transportation P/L
ranty against manufacturer’s defects.
                                                   • Raffles Medical Group                 • QT Instruments (S) P/L
We value our clients and have invested sig-        • KK Women's and Children's Hospital    • Buddhist Free Clinic
nificantly in our quality control process. Low
                                                   • Hermes                                • Summer Passion
end products typically do not pass our reli-
                                                   • Mee Mee Optics & Contact Lens         • Portcullis International Business Con-
ability, quality and usability test.               Centre                                  sulting (S) Pte Ltd
                                                   • Assessments Group Indonesia-AGI       • Eastern Discoveries Antique P/L
Service * Innovations * Reliability
                                                   • IDG Security                          • Britam Asia Pte Ltd
                                                   • Premiere Security Co-Operative Society • CDIC Consultants LLP
                                                   • TYCO                                  • Tata Communications Ltd

          EurekaPlus Pte Ltd                       • Nanyang Technological University      • Xpress Works
          Blk 22, Sin Ming Lane, #06-80            • Singapore Institute of Management     • ACS Oldham Hall
         Midview City, Singapore 573969
                     Singapore                     • Ping Yi Secondary School              • Bedok Green Secondary School
                                                   • WTT Trading Pte Ltd                   • MIC Plastics
                                                   • Estate & Trust Agencies (1927) Ltd    • Entrepotlink Pte Ltd
             Phone: +65 6100 1328
          E-mail: sales@eurekaplus.com             • Chartered Asset Management            • Weng Hock Hardware Pte Ltd

                                                 * The GeniusGuard trademark & logo are registered trademarks of EurekaPlus
                                                 Pte Ltd. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
   CCTV Surveillance                                                     Security Alarm                                                   Covert Systems
                        EurekaPlus is the reliable CCTV                                EurekaPlus supplies and install wired                            EurekaPlus is your one-stop secu-
                        system specialist that clients trust                           and wireless security alarm systems for                          rity partner for covert (spy) video
                        to provide reliable CCTV solutions                             offices, retail outlets, factories and                           and audio systems.
                        for 24 hours surveillance on their                             homes.
                                                                                                                                                         We have all-in-one camera with DVR
                        offices or homes.
                                                                                       Once armed, any intrusion attempt or                              systems known as Memocam and
                          Our systems are suitable for cor-                            tampering of equipment will trigger the                           GeniusGuard™ systems. All that is
                          porations, retail business with mul-                         siren and strobe, as well as auto-dialing                         required is a AC power point nearby
                          tiple branches, leisure resorts,                             to the few pre-programmed telephone                               (max 3m). Any motion will trigger
factories, offices, retail shops and warehouses.                 numbers.                                                          the recording onto a memory card.

With our DVR camera systems and professional services,           Our wired or wireless alarm systems come with optional            To view the video, just plug the removable memory card
you can enjoy live viewing and remote playback over the          sensors such as door / windows contacts, motion sensors           into the USB port of your computer and play back the re-
Internet.                                                        and glass break detectors.                                        corded video using the software provided.

Advance video analytics solutions are also available from                                                                          The Memocam and GeniusGuard™ system comes hidden in
EurekaPlus for missing objects, unattended baggage, etc.                                                                           different casing, including motion sensor, wall clock,
                                                                                                                                   antique clock, digital clock, wall picture, tissue box.

        Access Control                                           Security Consultancy                                              Telephone Recorder - ideal for recording conversation in
                                                                                                                                   analog phone line, including called number & caller ID onto
                        EurekaPlus supplies and installs                               EurekaPlus is one of the leading secu-      CF card.
                        door access control systems.                                   rity system consultant in Singapore.
                                                                                                                                   Voice Recorder Watch / Pen - ideal for recording
                        For small offices, we can provide                              Our consultancy clients include The         face-to-face conversation with the spy voice
                        standalone system, either elec-                                Singapore Flyer, Marina Business Finan-     recorder gadget.
                        tronic keypad, proiximity card or                              cial Centre and high end boutique
                                                                                                                                   VVR Colour Anti-car vandal system– ideal for catching
                        fingerprint biometric door access                              property developers.
                                                                                                                                   car vandal in action with the GeniusGuard™
                        control systems.
                                                                                      We work with our clients on user             VVR Colour high resolution 480TVL IR camera
For SMEs or larger corporations, we can provide net-             requirement gathering, system specification (as input to ten-     & mini-DVR. Record upon motion.
work based access control systems with centralized               der document), system design, vendor evaluation and recom-
                                                                                                                                   AV Recorder - Mini Audio Video Recorder
monitoring and control on a computer. You can even               mendation, project management.
mix and match proximity card, pin code and fingerprint
                                                                 We can advise you on the following systems :
biometric systems in a single corporation.                                                                                                        EurekaPlus Pte Ltd
                                                                 •   CCTV Surveillance & Video Analytics System                                  Blk 22, Sin Ming Lane, #06-80
                                                                                                                                                Midview City, Singapore 573969
                                                                 •   Door Access Control System                                                             Singapore

                                                                 •   Alarm System                                                                 http://www.eurekaplus.com
                                                                                                                                                    Phone: +65 6100 1328
                                                                                                                                                 E-mail: sales@eurekaplus.com