Fights over Friday Night Lights by pengxiuhui


									Volume 9, Number 2                                MBA Junior School                                          January 2004
   Fights over Friday Night Lights
   Truth? or Distortion?                                                                able to portray the town realistically,
   By Mason Braswell and Matthew Sternberg                                              revealing both its flaws and its virtues.
                                                                                        In this single speck appearing from the
             During  H.G.   “Buzz”           Lights.                                    middle of the rolling planes of Texas, it
Bissinger’s visit to Mongomery Bell          Friday Night Lights: More than an          is obvious that football is the engine and
Academy, Mason Braswell and Matthew          average football tale                      the opium for its populace, as is evident
S t e r n b e rg                                       H.G. Bissinger’s Friday Night    from the six-million dollar football
interviewed                                      Lights exceeds all expectations of     stadium, which is capable of seating
h       i      m                                 a non-fiction book. Friday Night       20,000 fans. Bissinger illustrates this
regarding his                                    Lights boasts an intriguing plot       American football town in such a way
best-selling                                     that hurls the reader into the         that it appears more a work of fiction
book Friday                                      plight of the citizens in the West     than not. From a coin toss that decides
Night Lights.                                    Texas town of Odessa. Bissinger        the outcome of a whole football season
This article                                     illustrates the town not as simply     to a week-long court room trial to decide
consists                                         a small community plagued with         whether a student passed or failed so
of          that                                 economic, racial, and educational      he could play on his school’s football
interview,                                       problems, but as a microcosm of        team, Bissinger depicts the town for all
an interview                                     America.                               of its racial and gender-based contrasts.
with Mrs.                                              To chronicle the plight of the   Some girls of Odessa are told to “dumb
Snow, of               Hobbs, New            citizens in Odessa, Bissinger spent        down” and not to attempt a reasonable
Mexico, and a review of Friday Night         a year as a member of the Permian
                                                                                                            Continued on pg. 2
                                             High School community and was

  Behind the Scenes at Acharnians
  By Graham Coburn                                                                      experience and other info. Then we
                                             midnight during                                           divided into groups
         I’m sure all of you went and        dress rehearsals.                                         and read parts. The
enjoyed The Acharnians, the recent           That was not the                                          cast list was posted
MBA/ Harpeth Hall theater production.        case with this                                            a few days later.
I know that if you didn’t go, you at least   play, however.                                            Six eighth-graders
saw the teaser the day before the play       Mr. Morrison kept                                         were on the list--an
opened. I, unlike most of you, went to       a tight schedule                                          amazing feat that
the play every night it played, and then     and stuck to it. We                                       shows the raw talent
some. Why did I do this, you may ask.        finished earlier                                          and acting skill of the
The answer is simple: I didn’t go to see     than we would                                             MBA eighth grade.
the play--I was in it, working alongside     have with most                                             Rehearsals began
Bennett Davidson, Brendan Mayhew,            plays (just ask                                           with     a    simple
Garrett Anglin, Johnny Mishu, Eric           Bennett), but it                                          reading of the script.
Vasilevskis, and such admirable high         was still a lot of                                        We discussed Mr.
schoolers as Chris Schuller.                 work.                                                     Morrison’s vision of
         Putting on a play isn’t as easy              The play                                         the play and went
as some of you might think. It takes a       started out with                                          away thinking “this
lot of work and long hours. Many plays       auditions. Those                                          could be fun.”
include working long after rehearsal Is      were fairly simple.
supposed to end and going nearly to          We filled out an application with past                       Continued on pg. 19
Top of the Hill                                         January 2004                                                       pg. 2

                                            His Views. . .
                                            I thought of three places just based on     You know, winning at all costs. This
Bissinger: Continued
                                            the mythology. The first was Western        place’s priorities--about academics
education, for their role is to remain      Pennsylvania, quarterback valley,           and football, real gender inequality,
close to their respective football player   where Joe Namath and Dan Marino             allowing kids to play hurt--amazed me.
without rising above him. There is little   came from, and where Tony Dorsette          It was just too much. These kids were
emphasis on education in a town where       played. I thought about Ohio. When a        expected to play like pro athletes, and
athletes do not take SAT’s given their      kid is born in Ohio, they actually put a    it was clear that they held the burden
slight “interference” with the football     little football in the crib. Paul Brown     of the hopes and dreams of the town on
season, and showing up for class is all a   had coached there, very famous coach,       their shoulders. On the other hand, I am
football player needs to do occasionally    ended up coaching the Cleveland             a great sports fan, and the Dartmouth
so as to pass a course.                     Browns, then the Bengals. Then I            and Jets sporting events are some of
          My first assumption was that      realized that Texas was synonymous          the most exquisite I have seen. Except
Friday Night Lights would be just           with high school football. It was most      for the 20,000 on Friday night, there is
another account of a heroic high school     famous for it, and I really wanted to
football team. However, Bissinger                              live in Texas. Then it
is able to ingeniously intertwine a                                                     “Then I realized that Texas was
truthful depiction of Odessa with both                                                   synonymous with high school
a tragic and dramatic account of the
                                                                                         football. . .there’s nothing like
determination of a single team. H.G.
Bissinger defines a town--and America-                                                                  it.”
-as no other non-fiction author can.
Friday Night Lights is without doubt an
enthralling book of struggle, devotion,
and failure.                                                                                       G iven Mr. Bissinger’s
An interview with Mr. Bissinger,                                                        derogatory portrayal of Odessa in
himself:                                                                                Friday Night Lights, Mason Braswell
          TOH: You went to an all                                                       interviewed Mrs. Snow, a resident of
boys’ school; what influence did                                                        Odessa for three years, to illustrate a
that have on your writing?                                                              separate point of view.
Bissinger: Well, it didn’t necessarily                                                  How many years did you live in
have any affect on my writing, but it was                                               Odessa?
                                            was a matter of where in Texas. I wanted    I lived in Odessa a little over two years.
more important that I went to Andover,
                                            to find a place that was out there, so I    I lived in Hobbs (which is just outside
which had a great newspaper that came
                                            was interested in West Texas. I called      of Odessa) while I was in school.
out every week. And for someone who
                                            a guy who had been to Odessa, and he        Do you agree with Mr. Bissinger’s
wanted to be a newspaper reporter, this
                                            said that you have got to go to Odessa-     point of view on Odessa?
was a phenomenal experience. We
                                            -there’s nothing like it. It was the        I don’t think Mr. Bissinger has a point
had a great school paper that everyone
                                            stadium, the tradition, the commitment;     of view on Odessa. He has a view on
cared about; it gave me the opportunity
                                            this was the place to go.                   the football team and Permian High
to appreciate almost what it would be
                                                      TOH: What new experiences         School.
like to be a newpaper journalist. The
                                            did you have in the Permian Basin           Did you find that your opportunities
only thing bad about an all boys’school
                                            and Odessa?                                 were limited as a woman in Odessa?
is that there are no girls. But that’s
                                            Bissinger: I knew that they loved           No, I didn’t see the same Odessa that he
more of a personal influence, not a
                                            football and there was a tradition, and     portrayed in the book. He generalized
professional influence.
                                            it was a great team, but it was very eye-   what was going on with Permian and
          TOH: How did you choose
                                            opening and disturbing how crazy and        the football program. He applied it
the Permian team in Odessa,
                                            insane they had become. The intensity        I the city all. There that’s not high
                                                                                        to found at itself, and were threewhat
                                            was one that I had never witnessed. It       schools in Odessa, and you can do math
Bissinger: Once I decided I wanted to
                                            was just a matter of 20,000 fans filling     to figure out that there were, therefore,
write a book about high school football,
                                            a stadium and abusing these kids.
Top of the Hill                                           January 2004                                                      pg. 3

                                              Her Views
                                              to life in Odessa. They had kind of a      perspective on it that I did. There
more students at the other schools than       dynasty because they won. That was         was quite a bit of talk and interviews
at Permian. The football situation is a       just the reason that he picked that        and a lot in the news about a bond to
story in itself, and I agree with most of     football team to write about. They         build the stadium. It showed there was
what he said about that. It’s just that it    were winners. They beat us a lot.          a lot of support and a lot of interest in
didn’t affect every person who lived          Probably during football season, you       the football team. But life did not stop
in Odessa. As a person who lived in           don’t have as many football teams as       when the football season was over, and
Odessa, I disagree with his portrayal of      you do here. And so I guess it’s more      certainly, the majority of the people in
the whole city as being what that school      intensified than it is here because we     Odessa probably had the same answer
was and what that football team was.          (Nashville) have more schools. It’s        I did. If you go to a football game, it’s
What sort of relationship, if any, did        much the same; you are wrapped up          fun, but unless you go to the school or
you have with the Permian/Odessa              in your team, but the city does not        you have a player on that team, you’re
football team?                                revolve around the football team and       going to root for your city as if they are
When I lived there, I had a two-year-old                                                 in the state finals. Sure, you’re going to
daughter so football, even though it was                                                 want them to win. I just didn’t feel the
a big part, not just of that school or that                                              same rabid sense of obsession that he
city even, was not part of my life. In                                                   portrayed in the book.
the city I grew up in, our football was                                                  Did you notice any distinct racial and
a big deal. The football environment                                                     cultural divisions Odessa?
was very much like it was portrayed all                                                  Sure, you do, just like you do in any
over that part of the country, and I don’t                                               city. I also felt that he had his timeline
know about other parts of the country at                                                 wrong on that. Some of the things that
that time because that’s where we were.                                                  he described in the book did happen
But it was a very big thing. There were                                                  in Odessa; they just happened in the
some things that needed to be fixed in                                                   fifties and sixties. I would say that
those situations, and some have, some                                                    overall I would object to the way he
haven’t. That was not unique to Odessa                                                   generalized an issue in saying that this
or to Permian High. But, it was very                                                     is the way that people in Odessa are.
peripheral to me, which is why I take                                                    There are close to 100,000 people in
exception to the book. The portrayal of                                                  Odessa, and it’s really hard to put that
every person in Odessa’s being wrapped                                                   kind of generalization on that many
up in football as if it were an end to                                                   people, and he is incorrect, and I can
all there ever was in their life with the                                                point out specifics. There are going to
end of football season is not the way I                                                  be negatives as he said, but there’s also
remember it.                                                                             going to be just the opposite of what he
Did you feel that your opportunities          the football season.
                                              Did the people of Odessa consider          said. I didn’t find there to be as much
were limited because of other “more                                                      racism as he portrayed in the book. By
important” traditions?                        football to be the highlight of life?
                                              It was for some people. If you had         no means is it absent of racism, and I
During football season, it’s a big thing.                                                think that Odessa has seen every bit
When you listen to the news on Friday         a son playing on that team or one of
                                              the other teams during the football        of that, like most of the United States
night, you’re going to hear the scores,                                                  did, but I think that the era he’s talking
and you know who the rivalries are. You       season, you watched them play our
                                              kids. You pretty much moved into           about occurred earlier, and I would take
did have the problem of students playing                                                 exception to that.
on the football team that probably            the next season, and it wasn’t a big
shouldn’t have if they were making their      deal. I didn’t see life revolving around
grades honestly, that kind of thing. But      the football team. Certainly, not my
his portrayal in the book is very much        life--I had a two-year-old daughter.
accurate to the detail of people playing      I knew what was going on with the
on the team who shouldn’t have. But           football team and the rivalries, and
it’s not and was not then all there was       I think most people had the same
Top of the Hill                                        January 2004                                                       pg. 4

Yo Quiero Taco                                                  is that they don’t have enough locations and it is far away
                                                                from my house. (But it is close to my mom’s work so I eat
                                                                there a lot.) The good thing about SATCO is that it is a

Bell!                                                           good Mexican fast-food restaurant. It would a little better
                                                                if the portions were bigger. SATCO does fine catering to
                                                                any events. I think that the service is great also. Maybe
A Mexican Restaurant Review                                     that’s because they know me by name.
By J. B. [Chubs] Hardin                                                  U.S. Border Cantina
                                                                          Last, but definitely not least, this restaurant is by
                                                                far my favorite. It has good food, good service, and great
          La Paz                                                prices. The folks are friendly, and the crowd shows it.
          La Paz is a very good restaurant. I found a few       You usually have to wait for a table, but sometimes you
things that I did not prefer. One is the price. It’s a bit      can call ahead and get your name on the list. You can’t
high for a family dinner (especially when you’re not even       beat the cheese dip, AND even my little sister likes eating
sure that your five-year-old sister will even eat what she      here.
orders). The second may not be wrong for some people,
but for me everything is just a bit too spicy. It seems like    MEXICAN RESTAURANT REVIEW
the water is even spicy. Plus the food and setting aren’t       1 = Excellent, 2 = Good, 3 = Fair, 4 = Poor
especially Mexican. A few things good about La Paz are
the service and the cleanliness. The restaurant seems like

it might be the perfect place for a date.
          Las Palmas
          To begin with, the storefront location is not my
favorite place for a restaurant. The one thing that is really
surprising is that they charge extra for additional chips.
The meat there is too crispy for my taste, and every other
bite seems to leave a burnt taste in your mouth. My
favorite thing about it is the portions are big with a great
price. The booths are a little small for four people. I was
amazed by their selection of side items.
         San Antonio Taco Company                                           The views expressed in this article are
          SATCO is its nickname, and it’s been a Nashville                  those of the author, not the Top of the
tradition for a long time. The one bad thing about SATCO                           Hill staff and advisors.
Top of the Hill                                          January 2004                                                         pg. 5

                        Google List-Toppers
Britney                                      none of you guys looked him up.)
                                             7. Iraq -- I’m sure some people had to
                                             look up what Iraq even was.
                                                                                                    And now the Germans. Talk
                                                                                          about life. The top item researched in

Tops the                                     8. Lord of the Rings -- No surprise with     Germany was Yu Gi Oh, a Pokemon
                                                                                          style game. Shucks, too bad we missed
                                                                                          out on that one. It must have something

By Jimmy Anderson
                                                                                          to do with the name -- “Yu Gi Oh.”
                                                                                                    The Canadians went with the
                                                                                          movie “Finding Nemo.” Who would look
                                                                                          up an orange animated fish? By the way,
No, Britney Spears is not Number                                                          “Nemo” in Latin means “no one,” hence,
One on the charts or the most bizarre                                                     “Finding No One.”
person of 2003. Britney Spears is the                                                               Finally, we get to France. If you
Number One hit on Google. Yes, that’s                                                     thought the French were weird before,
right. People searched her on Google                                                      you will really think they are now. The
more than anything else in the world.        it being the hit movie of the year. A        most popular hit on Google in France
She was in close competition with the        little surprising it was this far down the   was…………..drum roll………….. the
children’s favorite character of the year,   list and was beat out by Harry Potter.       rail service, SNCF. Yes, a rail service.
Harry Potter. And to wrap it up, the         9. Kobe Bryant -- Is anyone else getting     Sounds fascinating if you ask me. So
Matrix rounded up the top three. Odd,        tired of hearing about him?                  fascinating that CNN doesn’t even know
                                             10. Tour de France -- ? Yeah, I don’t        what it stands for.
                                             have an answer for that either.
                                                        Prince Charles took the
                                             gold medal in Britain. Wow, nothing
                                             exciting must happen there (Britain).
                                             Lo and behold Winnie the Pooh, of all
                                             things, came in third. A great classic,
                                             but why would you look up that? What
                                             is going on across the ocean? (Second
                                             place was some soap opera nobody
                                             cares about.)
                                                        In Japan the most popular
                                                          query was Grundam.

                                                                                                    Well, my space is up. A
considering I have barely heard of that                                                   surprising no show on the list was Pam
name this year except from Daniel van                                                     Anderson. She is keeping it on the low
Jelgerhuis. (I’m sure he greatly helped                                                   side, taking care of me more this year.
that third position.) Here is how the                                                     We have a great bond going right now.
others turned out:                                                                        In 2004 look for Howard Dean to make
4. Shakira -- ??? Weird, considering                                                      the list since no one knows who he is,
you haven’t heard that name in about                                                      and Paris Hilton, who is already the most
three years.                                                                              talked about person this year. . .
5. Beckham -- Wow, this guy even
                                             Has anyone heard of him? The most
got his own movie, “Bend it Like
                                             popular woman was Yuko Ogura.
Beckham.” hmmmm
                                             Anyone heard of her as well? The most
6. 50 Cent -- Yes that’s right, rapper 50
                                             popular man was Beckham (surprise,
Cent made the top ten. (I sincerely hope
Top of the Hill                                     January 2004                                                       pg. 6

                                        Around MBA
Excuses,                                don’t even need words to express
                                        your emotions. That’s why the paper
                                        is blank.
                                                                                     threw him an icepack, and he just went
                                                                                     inside to rest on the couch.
                                                                                               Jimmy Okot: My friend

By Will Orman
                                        Mrs. Snow, I’m not calling my parents
                                        because I carelessly forgot one of my
                                        schoolbooks, I’m calling to remind
                                                                                     Tedros and I were playing basketball,
                                                                                     and he went in for a lay-up and the ball
                                                                                     stuck. I took a rock as big as a fist and
                                        them that I love them.                       threw it hard. When it came down, I
Here is a list of excuses that we use   Mr. Spiegl, I wasn’t asking a stupid         yelled, “Look out!” But he moved in the
so we don’t seem like we are doing      question because of my lack of               direction where the rock was landing,
something stupid. . .                   intelligence, I was asking for the           and it hit him on the head. He was
No, Mrs. Steele, I swear I’m not        benefit of others in case they missed        knocked out. Neither of our parents
eating anything! Honestly, I was just   the basics.                                  was at home, so we just put some ice
working out my jaw.                                                                  on his head.

                                        Guilt Trips
Mr. Bernatavitz, I didn’t do my Latin                                                          Andrew Snow: I live a boring
homework because I was watching the                                                  life. I have never hurt anyone. (Sure,
                                                                                     Andrew, we believe you.)
Cubs game.                              A compilation by Mrs. Pettus
Dr. Marro, that’s not my shirttail,                                                            Mike Byrge: When my little
that’s just something I sewed on to                                                  brother and I were playing swords and
                                                  Eighth-grade students
the back of my shirt for looks.                                                      fighting, I accidentally hit him on the
                                        recently read A Separate Peace,
Mrs. Christeson, I wasn’t doing                                                      head. Since my parents were not at
                                        which is set in the 1940’s at a prep
homework during assembly, I was                                                      home, I begged him not to cry and not
                                                               school in New
taking notes                                                                         to tell Mom and Dad. It turned out that
                                                               Hampshire. The
on      what                                                                         he DID cry, and he DID tell Mom and
the speaker                                                                          Dad.
                                                               Gene, causes
was saying                                                                                     Jon Eisen: When I was eight,
                                                               his best friend
so I could                                                                           I went to my first overnight camp. The
                                                               and roommate,
remember it                                                                          guys in my cabin, for some reason,
                                                               Finny, to fall
later.                                                                               started throwing rocks at the older
                                                               from a tree, an
M      r     .                                                                       girls’ cabin, specifically at one girl. I
                                                               accident which
Thurmond, I                                                                          hit the girl right in the middle of her
                                                               results in Finny’s
did my math                                                                          forehead, and she had to get stitches.
                                                               never being able
homework,                                                                            For the rest of the camp, I avoided her
                                                               to participate
but it must                                                                          at all costs and did not tell anyone what
                                                               in sports again.
have gotten                                                                          I had done.
                                                               Several students
lost in the                                                                                    Will Adams: When I was
                                                               recalled events
mail.                                                                                nine, I swung a baseball bat and hit a
                                                               in their own
M      r     .                                                                       kid in the stomach, making him cry. I
                                                               lives that are
Anderson, I                                                                          said I was sorry, and after the game, I
didn’t bring                                                                         bought him a Coke and some candy with
                                        similar to those of the novel.
my book to class today because I                                                     my own money.
                                                  Will Hastings: I told my
memorized it to save space in my                                                               John Moynihan: Last June, I
                                        brother to toss a rock in the air, look at
backpack.                                                                            was participating in a Black Belt test at
                                        it, and dodge it as it came down. It cut
Mr. Brown, I wasn’t sleeping, I                                                      my karate school. In the sparring section
                                        his head a little because he wasn’t fast
just have my notes written on my                                                     of the test, I accidentally punched my
                                        enough. I apologized to him and then
eyelids.                                                                             partner in the ribs and knocked the wind
                                        told my dad that he did it to himself.
Mrs. Bourland, I didn’t forget to                                                    out of him. He started gasping and was
                                                  Nicholas Burn:                 I
write my poem. My poem is about                                                      led off to sit down. I was scared for
                                        was hammering in nails with a
the power of silence and how you                                                     two reasons; I thought I had broken his
                                        sledgehammer, but I missed the nail
                                                                                     ribs, and I knew that if I had hurt him,
                                        and hit my little brother’s finger. I
Top of the Hill                                        January 2004                                                      pg. 7

                                     Around MBA
I would probably be thrown out of the       back of her head. I thought it was just    about eleven, I put toothpaste all over
test. Luckily, my friend was more           a bump, and my friend said she would       the bathroom floor so that my sister
surprised than hurt. I was in a slight      be okay. She ran into the house, and her   would slip. She did slip and cut open
state of shock for a while afterwards       mom called us into the house. Bloody       her lip. I felt really bad, so my parents
but sufficiently recovered to complete      rags were everywhere. I about fainted,     didn’t punish me that much.
the test.                                   and I sat in a chair worrying about what              Jay Cole: When I was
          John Ramsey: I felt guilty        I had done. I apologized about twenty      in kindergarten, I was out on the
when I broke my cousin’s finger. We         times and waited to be chewed out          playground. I had been really
were playing football, and I tackled        by her father, who was coming home         annoyed with this one kid. I had been
him. Little did I know, he landed right     from work. I did not get chewed out.       contemplating what I was going to do
on his finger. He couldn’t play any         While my family and my friend went         to him. Eventually I went over and
sports in the neighborhood for a while,     to celebrate my mom’s birthday, my         pushed him; he fell and broke his arm.
and I felt guilty that he had to just sit   friend’s family went to the ER. After we   I felt so bad that I grounded myself.
and watch us play.                          had dinner, we went to Baptist Hospital,              Johnny Mishu: I threw a kid
          Andrew Harris: I was              and there was my friend’s sister walking   in some mud and scratched his arm.
swinging a golf club through a clump        out of the building with stitches in her   My mom was his doctor! She asked
of dead grass, and my friend’s sister       head. I had trouble sleeping that night,   me how it happened, and I said that
walked behind me. I hit her in the          thinking of the mental disabilities she    it was an accident. After a few days
                                            could have suffered.                                            Continued on pg. 8
                                                       Jay Milam: When I was
Top of the Hill                                          January 2004                                                           pg. 8

                                             Guilt Trips
of stomach cramps and headaches, I           arrested, and I begged the firemen to         made a hole the size of a baseball. I felt
mustered up the courage and told my          forgive me. I was nice to my sister for       kind of sorry and guilty, so I helped her
parents I did it on purpose. I felt a        a long time after that.                       do her chores around the house and still
lot better, but I was grounded for two                  Daniel Arteaga: One mid-           had to give her my allowance.
weeks.                                                             October day, my                   Tee Stumb: When I was in
           Robert                                                  brother David was       the sixth grade, I broke a kid’s arm
Rolfe: When I                                                      found swinging a        wrestling. I felt so sorry for him
was playing                                                        yellow dog leash        because we were on the same team. I
baseball at age                                                    in our living room,     sent him cookies and cupcakes, and we
ten, a ball was                                                    which is full of        are now good friends.
hit high in the                                                    glass. I, the sane                Bennett Davidson: One
air. I was the                                                     one, tried to take      time my sister was looking through a
pitcher, and my                                                    it away to prevent      keyhole, and I stabbed her eye with a
friend was the                                                     destruction, and the    straw. (Actually, I had told her to put
shortstop. It was                                                  scene soon became       her eye up to the keyhole.) She started
hit in our area,                                                   the site of a tug-of-   bleeding a little bit. I felt really guilty,
and he called it                                                   war between me          so I entertained her and was her “slave”
before me, and                                                     and my siblings.        for a while.
we smacked                                                         I would have                      Rob Broadhurst: My cousins
together.          I                                               won, but my             and I told my sister to run and hit a
knocked him                                                        siblings, being the     mattress. She did as we said, but we
clean off his feet                                                 “geniuses” they         moved the mattress so that she hit the
and took him                                                       are, devised a plan     ground and broke her collar bone. I was
out of the game.                                                   to let go and watch     really sorry and stayed home with her
I was very                                                         me fall backwards.      for a while.
embarrassed                                                        The           action              Jimmy Russell: One time
and said “sorry” a thousand times.           backfired, resulting in David’s cracking      my sister and I were having contest of
           Sloan Sanders: I shot my          his head on a glass table. An hour later,     who could jump down the most stairs
little brother in the eye with a nerf gun.   David came out of the doctor’s office         at once. I pressured her into doing this,
Even though I did not mean to, my mom        with what he called “extremely cool           and when she did, she hit a light bulb
still got mad at me.                         stitches.” I felt guilty and spent most       with her head and got cuts all over her
           Matt Ferrell: I was supposed      of the day seeing to his every whim. It       forehead. I got her a bunch of band-aids
to be watching my sister, but I just sent    took me a                                                          and soothed her until
her upstairs with the dog. The dog           little while                                                       she stopped crying.
scratched her right between the eyes,        to realize                                                                   Daniel
and she had to go get stitches and miss      that other                                                         Givens: In fourth
a day of school.                             than the                                                           grade, I asked my
           Taylor Colbert: I pushed my       dent       in                                                      friend, “Have you
younger brother down the steps. He           his brain,                                                         tried the Slim Fast
cracked his head open and had to get         David was                                                          Diet lately?” She
stitches. I did not tell the truth for a     fine. I was                                                        gave me the silent
while, but eventually my parents found       grounded                                                           treatment for three
out.                                         for      two                                  months, which I deserved. Finally,
           Jimmy Anderson: I pushed          weeks, but no glass tables were injured       I apologized, and we became friends
my little sister, and she cracked her head   in the incident.                              again. . .until I told her I was moving
open on a chair. My parents weren’t                     Walter Corn: One time,             to Nashville.
home, and my babysitter called 911.          my sister and I were fighting, and she
The fire trucks came. I was scared           pushed me onto the bed. I got so mad
out of my mind. I thought I would get        that I threw her at it, but she went over
                                             it and hit her head on the wall. Her head
Top of the Hill                                         January 2004                                                        pg. 9

                            Orman’s Opinions
CD                                         foreground, and it is a closer so different
                                           from the tone of the entire album that it
                                           is out of place and useless.
                                                                                         quite nicely. “Between Love & Hate”
                                                                                         has nearly inaudible and repetitive lyrics
                                                                                         with a weak guitar line. “Meet Me in

By Will Orman
                                           Sonny’s Christianized lyrics would be
                                           interesting if they were
                                           not so drowned out by
                                                                                         the Bathroom” has differing guitar
                                                                                                                  melodies and
                                                                                                                  bass lines with
                                           the amateurish head                                                    independent
                                           banging guitar parts, and                                              vocals (not
P.O.D. - Payable on Death                  his voice would be better                                              needing support
                                           suited to the songs like                                               from the guitar
After their strong LP Satellite in 2001,   “Find My Way” and                                                      line) and is
I myself was expecting a lot more from     “The Reasons” than                                                     a generally
the new album. However, much like          the yelling he prefers                                                 upbeat       and
some of the poor quality stuff on          in songs like “Freedom                                                 perky song.
the radio today, this album consists       Fighters.”                                                             “The End Has
mainly of thrashing guitar and little      Highlights: “Find My                                                   No End” uses
real emotion.                              Way,” “The Reasons”                                                    brilliant guitar
“Change the World” uses weird              Letdowns: “Change the                                                  lines       with
vocal effects and has very weak, empty     World,” “Revolution,”                                                  similar tones to
lyrics. “Find My Way” is an interlude      “Freedom Fighters,”                                                    those in “12:
for the album, and it has a nice change    “I and Identify,”                                                      51” along with
in tone to being more melodic and          “Eternal”                                     heavy drums, a more aggressive guitar
sometimes softer in between loud,          Overall Rating: 3.8 (definitely below         solo, and the strongest vocals on the
powerful guitar. “Revolution” is           average, but a few redeeming qualities)       album. “I Can’t Win” features another
Sonny’s attempt to sound reggae and                                                      set of catchy guitar riffs and a sudden
it has a very dull and elementary guitar                                                 ending that makes for a good closer.
solo. “The Reasons” is yet another                                                       Julian Casablanca’s amazing voice and
                                           The Strokes - Room on Fire
break from toneless banging and uses                                                     the incredibly catchy guitar riffs and
layered vocals to harmonize, but the                                                     melodies of this album make it one of
                                           Following the very popular album Is
same lyrics are repeated often and the                                                   the best of the year, the type that you
                                                             This It? of 2001, the
song is somewhat                                                                         can’t forget once you’ve heard it.
                                                             new album from The
dampened.                                                                                Highlights: “Reptilia,” “12:51,” “Meet
                                                             Strokes follows the
“ F r e e d o m                                                                          Me in the Bathroom,” “The End Has
                                                             suit of the first one:
Fighters” starts                                                                         No End,” “I Can’t Win”
                                                             very catchy and the
with          distant                                                                    Letdowns: “Between Love & Hate”
                                                             kind that sticks with
vocals that focus                                                                        Overall Rating: 8.4 (strong)
on the guitars,
                                                             “Reptilia” is one
but the chorus of
                                                             of the best songs on
exaggerated singing
                                                             the disc, with very
ruins the effect of
                                                             deep vocals at the
the verses. “I and
                                                             beginning and very
Identify” has the
                                                             addictive guitar riffs
most monotonous
                                                             that make it the kind
guitar yet and very
                                                             you skip others to
dull, repetitive
                                                             get to. “12:51” uses
lyrics that just make
                                           guitar strums with a steady drumbeat,
it worse. “Eternal” consists of only
                                           the unique guitar line sounds like a
chords on guitar in the background and
                                           keyboard but more glowing, and the claps
a meandering six-minute solo in the
                                           throughout the song accent the beats
Top of the Hill                           January 2004                                   pg. 10

                    Hats on Parade

                  Hat Pride
                  By Clay Christain

                            Hats, hats, hats. It seems that everyone has a favorite
                  hat nowadays, and each hat has a story. Some are more obvious
                  than others, but a few are shrouded in mystery. I decided to
                  investigate some of the mysteries of the hats. Armed with paper
                  and a pencil, I went hat hunting across the globe -- I mean Junior
                  School -- looking for a hat that could possibly match the greatness
                  of my brand-new Pittsburg Penguins hat. I then noticed a hat so
                  infamous that it screamed “infamy” from four feet away. It was,
                  of course, Daniel Givens’ Virginia hat. I asked him when he got
                  his hat, expecting a date way back when, only to find he had
                  purchased it in April. Seeing a lot of action, it’s faded beyond
                  belief. There is a big rip is across the bill; Givens says he was
                  jumped by an angry pack of Andrew Snows. Another noticeable
                  feature is the missing button, which is claimed to be the property
                  of a hobo in a corn field under the brick wall. It recently took too
                  much torture and was taking a break from atop Daniel’s head,
                  otherwise known as lost.
                            Shortly, I ran into Graham Coburn who was sporting
                  a black System of a Down hat. When asked how he was able
                  to tame such a hat, he replied, “with a gift card.” After basking
                  in the quote “awesomeness” of the hat, I searched out Brendan
                  Mayhew, keeper of the most mysterious hat of them all: the green,
Top of the Hill                                         January 2004                                                   pg. 11

                                              Top Ten
Woodpeckers hat. He had specifically
                                                                                       up by his enemy’s invasions. Drew,
remembered the date of which he had
                                                                                       the one who defeated Chunbum in a
fought -- wait…bought -- the hat and
                                                                                       chess match because of Chunbum’s

placed it atop his noggin, March 24,
                                                                                       faulty mouse, plays the game with
2002. When asked “what exactly ARE
                                                                                       unthinkable chess strategies. One of his
the Woodpeckers?” he replied, “Uhh a
                                                                                       strategies, marching up the pawns only,

college team; I don’t know which one.”
                                                                                       trapping few of the knights and precious
He then went on boasting on how it was
                                                                                       bishops, has proven effective during a
“the best hat in the Junior School,” even
                                                                                       match against Chunbum. Kenji, one

when a proven sighting of a replica was
                                                                                       of the “perfect” students in MBA,
spotted on a high schooler’s head.
                                                                                                               uses insulting
           The final stop on my Hat Hunt
                                                                                                               remarks such

was to find none other than the master
                                                                                                               as “you are not
of all hats: Jon (JonJon) Eisen. Since he
                                                                                                               good enough”
claims to have “100 hats,” I figured he
must have some great stories to tell. The
                                              By Chunbum Park                                                  when playing
                                                                                                               chess to confuse
truth is, he has no clue about what most
                                              Connor-**********                                                the other player.
of his hats have on them. He lists his
                                              Chunbum-*********                                                It has proven its
favorites as the Chicago Cubs, Gonzaga
                                              Hardin-********                                                  effectiveness,
Zags, and the strange Fighting Banana
                                              Drew-*******                                                     but not for long.
                                              Kenji-*******                                                    The players are
           The search for the ultimate hat
                                              Spencer-*******                                                  confused the
was a success, but I didn’t have to go far;
                                              Nicholas-*******                                                 first time they
I just looked in the mirror.
                                              Karl-******                                                      play Kenji, but
                                              Caldwell-******                                                  after the first
                                              Davis-*****                                                      game,       they
                                                                                                               adjust to Kenji’s
                                              Who are the top ten seventh                                      strategy       of
                                              grade chess players?                                             using insulting
                                              Connor, the inventor of the “Kill        remarks. Spencer uses a strategy
                                              Chunbum in Few Moves” strategy,          called “I’m going to beat you,” where
                                              has proven his ability by defeating      he moves out his knights first and brings
                                              many players,                                                  out his other
                                              recording a                                                    precious pieces
                                              checkmate                                                      (just in case
                                              without losing                                                 somebody uses
            Penguin Pride!                    any piece. His                                                 his/her queen).
                                              wonderful                                                      Nicholas plays
                                              queen strategy                                                 as the game goes,
                                              (not four-move                                                 and he is usually
                                              checkmate)                                                     the lucky one.
                                              was backfired                                                  Karl, who lost
                                              by Chunbum’s                                                   to Nicholas, is
                                              innovative                                                     also a fine player.
                                              “Defeat the                                                    He’s obsessed
                                              Red Dumpling”                                                  with chess as
                                              strategy, which uses knight for          much as Hardin. Caldwell and Davis
                                              protection and bugging the queen, at     are also obsessed chess players. The
                                              same time, bringing out most pieces      only problem with them is that they do
                                              possible. Hardin, who uses extreme       not play chess aggressively; they set up
                                              strategies, has tied and lost against    their board peacefully. These are all the
                                              Chunbum through two games. His           top ten chess players.
                                              strategies are innovative but take a
                                              whole lot of time. By the time he sets
                                              up the board, his strategy is messed
Top of the Hill                                         January 2004                                                     pg. 12

                                       Taylor Smyth
A                                           to be our fourth venture into Manuel
                                            Antonio National Park. We had parked
                                            the rental car and
                                                                                         serpentine manner inside the shadows
                                                                                         of the canopy above. Green was the
                                                                                                             dominant color;

Mystifying                                  were walking
                                            on the moist
                                            sand towards the
                                                                                                             green of all shades
                                                                                                             dominated         my
                                                                                                             vision while threads

Day in the                                  entrance. The
                                            tide was just
                                            now beginning to
                                                                                                             and spots of sunlight
                                                                                                             riddled the ground.

By Taylor Smyth
                                            come in, making
                                            small ripples in
                                            a stream ahead.
                                                                                                             cracks, whistles, and
                                                                                                            many other sounds
                                                                                                            that are impossible
                                            Making sure as                                                  to express in words
          It was just this previous         to not dampen                                                   filled my head
summer when I experienced one of my         our pants, we                                                   as the walls of a
most fantastic days. My family and          gingerly forged                                                 concert hall soak
I had arrived in Costa Rica, my ideal       the small stream                                                in the music of an
vacationing destination, about five         and arrived at                                                  orchestra. Buttress
days earlier. We had become frequent        last to the ticket                                             roots arose from the
visitors to the nearby national park        office.      Four                                              forest floor standing
during the past few days, visiting it       tickets     were                                               up to six feet tall. I
close to three times before this specific   bought: one for                                                was engulfed by the
day. Every time we had observed in          my sister, one                                                 forest at the time.
complete awe the mystical beauty of         for me, and two                                                            As      we
the rainforest. Every time we went          for my parents.                                                were crossing a small
we had been amazed to see countless         We made our way to the main                                   bridge spanning over
types of animals, but nothing could         resting area, a magnificent beach with       a bubbling creek, the distinguishing
compare to what was exhibited to us         trailheads nearby leading into the forest.   event of the day occurred. A rustling
                                                                           After         commenced in the trees. It was first just
                                                                           settling      an afterthought in the back of my head
                                                                           in    and     but began to swell and expand, growing
                                                                           taking a      bigger and bigger. I had to look up; I
                                                                           quick dip     had to see what this was. As I stopped
                                                                           in     the    and looked up, I noticed that my sister
                                                                                         and my father had been curious about
                                                                                         this sound too. They needed to spot the
                                                                                         culprit also.
                                                                                                   Dollops of black and red
                                                                                         spotted the canopy. A loud noise
                                                                                         boomed out from above. Was that a
                                                                                         jaguar? No, it couldn’t be; it’s not the
                                                                                         right color. The noise sounded again,
                                                                                         even more powerful than the last. I
                                                                                         snatched my binoculars hanging about
                                                                                         my neck and peered up at the sky. I
on this memorable day of my life.           refreshing water, my dad, my sister, and     saw two eyes, a dark face, and a mouth
           It was near eleven o’clock,      I decided to hike along a trail which we     stretched wide. I knew right there what
and the sun was glaring down at the         had not traveled before.                     it was. A pack of close to fifteen howler
magnificent landscape through a thin                 The trail began along a series
haze of snow-white clouds. This was         of climbs and descents, winding in a                        Continued on pg. 19
Top of the Hill                                         January 2004                                                 pg. 13

By Lindsay Bohannon
                                            doing anything but spending hours just
                                            staring at a piece of paper that you had
                                            never seen before that organizational
                                                                                       The “B”
          After many years of launching
satellites, unmanned space craft, and
rovers, mankind finally achieved
                                            Pro: A day (or two) break between
                                            each two exams
                                                                                       By Matthew Sternberg
success on landing a vehicle on the red     Pro: Time to relax as you study at
planet. The 300                             home over two weeks instead of                      The B Team this year had a
million long                                cramming for two nights                    great season, finishing with a record
miles to Mars                                                                          of 3-2-2. After tying Woodland
took three and                                       As you can see, there are         Middle and Fairveiw Middle, the
a half years. The                           some advantages to exams after break,      B team went on to beat Ensworth
NASA Spirit is                              but many of you are probably already       6-0. For some unexplained reason,
to sit on the                               thinking of some cons. So here are         Matthew Sternberg got a penalty
platform for                                some that I have heard:                    because he could jump the height of
nine days and                               Con: Having to think about exams and       an Ensworth player. Then the team lost
then roll onto                              studying over break                        to a good BMS team in extremely bad
the Martian                                 Con: Having three days of school for       conditions. In the last two games of
surface. The area of Sleepy Hollow,         review that you already spent hours        the season, the team beat BGA and
where it landed, is said to have some       on along with review homework each         went on to beat USN 3-0 in a game
dust that could prevent the space craft     night                                      that ended at halftime because of
from reaching its full potential. The       Con: Mom and Dad constantly asking         the monsterous storm approaching.
spacecraft is one of two. The other         you (nagging and forcibly dragging         Congratulations on a great year! Some
spacecraft is scheduled to land in late     you to your books) to get to your          players on the team earn nicknames,
January. Landing on Mars has opened         studying                                   as follows:
a new gateway for mankind.                  Con: Those strange people you live
                                            with asking where you stand on your        Kenji “I want to play” Alexander
                                            exam preparation

Exams After
                                                                                       Drew “Nice move” Blackwell
                                            Con: Having to constantly beat your            Bo “They got stopped by the little
                                            siblings                                       dude” Buchanan
                                            over     the

                                                                                           Wes “Injured list” Gallagher
                                            head with                                      Knight “Kanigit” Hammock
                                            a stick to                                     Jonas “Speed” Hill
Pros and Cons                               keep them                                      Robert “Be quiet Robert”
                                            away from
By Clayton Cothran                                                                        McNeilly
                                            your notes                                    Max “Header” Molteni
          Some of you might be                                                            Perry “Goal!” Webb
thinking, “What? Is this guy crazy?                                                       Daniel “Midget” Arteaga
                                            All in all,                                   Zan “You blocked my shot!”
There are no pros!” Believe me, I’m
                                            the teachers                                  Berry
not (hmm, but the first stage is denial).
                                            at     MBA                                    Matt “Here comes the cross”
Many of us have heard or have ourselves
                                            have been                                     Sternberg
complained about having exams after
                                            doing this                                    Robbie “I can’t believe I didn’t
Christmas Break. Surprisingly, the
                                            for 137 years (I mean, they live here,     make the A team” Weikert
format of exam schedule and the exams
                                            right?), and they know best. Honestly,     Nick “Get out of my way!” Williams
after break do have some good points.
                                            even though we should all thank our        Ben “Brick Wall” Ramsaur
Such as:
                                            teachers for all the help that they have   Daniel “RUN!” Green
Pro: More time to organize (notes,
                                            given us, most students would prefer
quizzes, tests, homework, worksheets,
                                            exams before break.
etc.), study, and procrastinate from
Top of the Hill                                          January 2004                                                      pg. 14

‘A’ Team
by Daniel Givens
                                              and faced Ensworth again. Not as         fortunately, but I cannot help but think that
             After three very harsh days of
                                              spectacular as the first                                               we became a
conditioning and practicing, try-outs
                                              6 or 8 or 9-0 victory the                                              bit too cocky
were finally over, adding two days to
                                              first time, we did beat                                                in the end. We
the rigorous schedule. The ‘A’ team
                                              them 4-1. Their only                                                   had dedicated
consisted of Jonathon Haynes, Alex
                                              goal was in the first                                                  coaches,
Darsinos, of course, Morey Hill, and
                                              half, but our team,                                                    talented
Michael Nunan, and a cast of other
                                              one referee, and even                                                  players with
characters. Coach K immediately
                                              their team doubted                                                    unbelievable
scheduled a first-day practice, followed
                                              the goal. We even had                                                 skill,      and
by a soccer game vs. suprisingly good,
                                              one of the dads taking                                                thankfully,
Freedom Middle School. We crushed
                                              photos, who caught                                                    a enormous
them, and then we followed up by
                                              the illegitimate goal,                                                amount        of
beating the Brentwood Middle School
                                              and he concluded that                                                 luck. Here are
Team 3-2. We continued our practice
                                              it was, indeed , not a                                               the traditional
and continued beating team after team,
                                              goal. We faced rival                                                 end-of-season
including DCA, FRA, Ensworth, and
                                                          Brentwood                                                nicknames for
BA, and
                                                          Middle                                                   the team:
the MBA
                                                          School in                                                Coach ‘I’m
                                                          the finals.                                              getting       too
                                                          Both teams                                               old for this’
F i n a l l y,
                                                          had improved very much       Klausner
the regular
                                                          from the beginning of the    Jeff ‘I can only freaky-dance’ Glaser
                                                          season. With 30 seconds      Alex ‘Why did I even come out for
came to a
                                                          left in the game, they got   tryouts...’ Darsinos
close with
                                                          a cheap shot off of one      Jimmy ‘the Nigerian Nightmare’ Okot
a boom,
                                                          of our player’s feet into    Jonathan ‘Coach: God! He is fast!’
                                                          the goal, and the game       Haynes
                                                          was tied 2-2. We played      Morey ‘All HVAC’ Hill
                                                          them in overtime, and        Robbie ‘Annie’ Alsenser
the MBA-
                                                          they scored one goal in      Grant ‘I got some food’ Gardener
USN game,
                                                          the first round and scored   Reed ‘I show up for one day at tryouts
which was
                                                          again in the second          and make the A team’ Stanberry
tied at1-
                                                          overtime, resulting in a     Matt ‘I swear, guys, I’m going to score a
1, USN
                                                          4-2 loss for us in double    goal this time’ Ferrell
called an
                                                          overtime. Alex Darsinos      Michael ‘the French-Canadian’ Nunan
end to the
                                              and Jonathan Haynes were named           Perry ‘The New Boy’ Webb
game, resulting in a mutual tie due to
                                              all HVAC players; Jimmy Okot was         Baker ‘Jose!’ Mulherin
thunder and lightning. Psssh. We got a
                                              named Honorable Mention. Overall,        Chad ‘I would be playing but I broke my
bye in the first round of the tournament
                                              this was a great season. Many wins,      arm’ Augusty
Top of the Hill       January 2004   pg. 15

                  A Tribute. . .
Top of the Hill        January 2004   pg. 16

                  Microbe Moments
Top of the Hill                                   January 2004                                         pg. 17

                      Community Service
                                                                           Clayton Cothran volunteers
                                                                 for Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital and
                                                                 serves as this year’s Youth Ambassador.
                                                                 He speaks at fundraisers, works with the
                                                                 Children’s Miracle Network, and helps out
                                                                 at various hospital events. His relationship
                                                                 with the hospital began at age 11 when he
                                                                 had a rare infection . “I’m going to become
                                                                 a pediatric surgeon, because I know how
                                                                 kids will feel,” Clayton said.

          Clayton Cothran participated in the ribbon-cutting
        ceremony at Vanderbilt’s Children’s Hospital as one of
                        the live paper dolls.
Top of the Hill                                       January 2004                   pg. 18

Intel                                       Dothan, Prescott, and the processor
                                                       The new version of Intel

Processer                                   Pentium M will be smaller and faster,
                                            and at the same time cheaper because
                                            of its size. Because companies demand

By Chunbum Park
                                            Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity), Wi-Fi will
                                            be put into the new desktop processor,
                                            Grantsdale. The sixth version of
                                                                   Pentium will
                                                                   be Prescott, a
          I n t e l ,                                              smaller version
a company that                                                     of Pentium IV
created the first                                                  to lower the
microprocessor in                                                  cost. These
1971, is making the                                                are the next-
ôingredientsö (ask                                                 generation
Chunbum what this                                                  products that
word means) of the                                                 are coming to
computers. It creates                                              market around
processors, memory,                                                mid-2004.
and chipsets. Recently, it had created
five processors, and it will create three
next-generation processors around
mid-2004. The five latest processors
are Intel Pentium 4, Intel Celeron,
Intel Pentium M, Intel Itanium 2, and
Intel Xeon. Intel Itanium 2, which has a
low cost and is powerful at same time,
is for business applications; it is used
in servers.
          Intel Xeon is for servers
and work-stations. It features Hyper-
Threading Technology and Intel
Netburst Microarchitecture. Intel
Pentium M, which is for wireless
mobile computing, has exploded in
sales since March 2003. Intel Pentium
M, unlike Intel Pentium 4, cancels out
inactive programs, enabling itself to
reduce its size and run at low power.
          Intel Celeron processor,
which is exceptional for value
computing, offers good performance
in word processing and runs popular
applications. Even with these
processors, three new processors are
scheduled to hit the market around
mid-2004. The three new processors
are new versions of Intel Pentium M,
Top of the Hill                                       January 2004                                                       pg. 19

Ctd. from Page 1                            old glory”)? He had a new one every        “a bunch of dead fish.” But Sunday was
                                            night. Thursday’s was lame. Friday’s       a great show if I remember correctly. It
          We began with a few scenes now    was better: “We’re accomplished            was also the last show, which is always
and then, but rehearsals soon became                                                            rather sad.
more intense. We all had to go in every                                                          After the play was over,
day after a while and were rehearsing                                                           we got rid of the set, signed
one half of the play per day. We began                                                          posters, and said our goodbyes.
doing full run-throughs earlier than                                                            Actually, there was a flood of
we were supposed to because Chris                                                               emails to each of the cast
Schuller (the lead role) had an Oxford                                                          members about the play.
interview in New York. The day he                                                               We all gave out our AIM
got back, we kicked it into high                                                                screennames and clogged
gear.                                                                                           each other’s mailboxes with
          We began getting fitted for                                                           emails. I’m pretty sure that
our costumes and found out what the                                                             that has never happened after a
set was to look like. Many of the cast                                                          play. The amazing thing about
came in on Saturdays to help build                                                              this play is that it was the first
the set. We went into dress rehearsals                                                          play for four of the six eighth-
on the week of the play. We were                                                                graders involved. The really
constantly making modifications and                                                             amazing part was that they
improvements to the set, including                                                              gave awesome performances-
writing things that we aren’t allowed                                                           -especially Johnny Mishu, who
to print in a “family paper” on the                                                             started rehearsals late and had
inside of the set. Finally, it was time                                                         to memorize his lines in a very
for opening night.                                                                              short time. I’m sure that these
          Opening night went okay.                                                              guys will never forget their first
                                            musicians!” *storms off stage.*            MBA play experience.
A couple of people messed up lines, but     Saturday was the worst show we did.
it wasn’t that bad. Oh, and remember        Mr. Morrison described the audience as
the bassist’s comeback to Schuller (“I’m

Ctd. from Page 12                                                                      mother I presumed, made its way
monkeys was above us, climbing about        break, each one landing nimbly on his      across the break to console her poor
and booming out their distinctive calls.    chosen target. After all had jumped,       child, trapped between the hole in the
         They would jump from tree          one was left. This last member of the      trees. The young one eagerly climbed
to tree, branch to branch; they would       clan happened to be an infant. It had      on the mother’s back and journeyed
stop and have a quick scuffle. It was       decided that it could not make the leap    across the treacherous hole, only to
truly amazing to watch. These dark          of faith and began to let out a whine to   greet an angry throng of males. They
spots the size of a normal dog would        its mother.                                left leaving us with nothing but a
move so gracefully through the trees,                  The males, obviously, did not   memory of the magic which they held,
incorporating every muscle into every       approve of this behavior; they were        the mystifying greatness of the great
move.                                       ready to leave. And so, the booming        outdoors.
         It was as if they had five legs:   calls began once more, louder and                    As we were driving home
front, back, and of course their tail.      more dreadful than ever. It sounded as     from the park that day, I began to
But they could not linger here forever;     if I were trapped under a constant wave    think about my experience once
the time had come for the magnificent       of sound; the first to my left was the     more. I realized that what I saw was
creatures to depart.                        squeaking whine of the young child’s       a very rare occurrence. I not only
         There was a break in the canopy    despair, and the second to my right was    saw animals themselves in the wild,
above our trail of about six feet. One      the pounding calls of the males.           but I also saw behavior in animals
by one the monkeys leaped across the                   At long last, a female, the
Top of the Hill             January 2004                   pg. 20


            Scott Bubis
                                           Brian Swenson
Top of the Hill        January 2004                            pg. 21

                  3rd in the HVAC

                                        Congratulations to our
                                      wrestling team on their 3rd
                                             place finish!

                                      Finishing first: Tee Stumb,
                                      Christian Waddey, and Jeff
                                       Finishing second: Andy
                                        Finishing third: Patrick
                                      Finishing fourth: Jon Eisen
Top of the Hill                                   January 2004                                   pg. 22

                              Billy Bob Thurmond
                                             Starring In
                                        BAD SANTA
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