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									                                                         THE HORIZON
                                                          The Association for Operations Management:
                                             Advancing Performance, Innovation, and Competitive Success

  November 2010 Edition
                                                          November 18th, 2010 PDM
                                                        Rick Gillis • Job Search Expert
                                             “Job search is no longer about selection—it’s about elimination!”

                                             Author/ “The Real Secret to Finding a Job?
                                                       Make Me Money or Save Me Money!”
                                                           Introducing the Pre-Resume™
                                             Speaker/Radio Host/Employment Trends Expert
                                          Rick Gillis is a pioneer of 21st century job search. Rick has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The
                                          Houston Chronicle,,; has been heard on NPR and countless radio
                                          stations across the country; has appeared on television and hosted Rick Gillis Employment Radio on
                                          KFNC-FM, 97.5 in Houston.
                                          Rick has aggressively studied the practice of job seeking from the perspective of both the employer and
                                          employee. It is based on these observations that he has written his latest book
                                          “The Real Secret to Finding a Job? Make Me Money or Save Me Money!”
                                          Rick’s ‘claim to fame’ is his creation of the Pre-Resume™ (his one-two, short-form/long-form resume
                                          submission concept) and his ‘mandatory’ Accomplishments Worksheet.
Inside this Issue:
                                          Rick continuously monitors the economy and its impact on employment and is especially knowledgeable
Company Coordinators               2      in outplacement, employment advertising, recruiting, pre-employment assessments, networking, social
                                          networking, age-discrimination issues, the human resources function, best practices as they apply to
President’s Message                3      management, diversity, legal issues, staffing companies, web based applicant-tracking systems and, of
Calendar of Events                 4      course, Internet employment protocols.

APICS Int’l Conf—Student Update    5
                                                           Rick’s current live presentation is:
APICS Int’l Conf—Houston Chapter   6
                                                                      “Getting You Through the Pipeline: The Mechanics of Job Search.
Professional Members               7                                     The Accomplishments Worksheet/ The Keywords Game /
                                                                                   Your Pre-Resume™ & Your Next Job!”
U of H—Introducing Rockwell        8
Career Center                                              Rick will teach your audience how to successfully negotiate the elimination pipeline and
APICS e-News                       9                         prepare you to compete at the highest level once you achieve the selection process.

Course Schedule                    10
6-Packed Supply Chain Conference   11   Time and Location:                Thursday, November 18th, 2010
Board of Directors                 12   The HESS Club                     5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
                                        5430 Westheimer Rd                Registration Begins at 5:30 PM
                                        Houston, TX 77056                 Cost: $25.00 for APICS Members ($30.00 after Nov 14th)

                                   THANKSGIVING FOOD DRIVE
                              “Please bring cans of food for the Houston Food Bank!”
                                                       APICS CAREER CENTER
                                                       Job Bank Update for November
I encourage all members actively pursuing employment opportunities to visit the Job Bank site for further details.
The website has been thoroughly updated, in order to advertise only active and recent positions to our members.
If you have any further questions regarding a posting, or recommendations on how to improve the Job Bank site,
please contact me at

        Marisa Rios McNevin, Director of Job Bank.

                                              COMPANY COORDINATORS
Company                             First      Last Name Certifications   Company                             First     Last Name   Certifications

Aker Solutions                      Arnold     Aguilar    CSCP            NOV - SHP                           Shakeel   Shaikh
Akzo Nobel Industrial Specialties   Sheldon    Holder     CIRM, CPIM
Baker Hughes / HTC Manufacturing Lana          Forrest    CPIM            Oceaneering                         Britni    Barousse

Bayer                               Prasanth   Chakra
                                                                          Pathfinder Energy Services          Bob       Gardner     CPIM
Blue Bell Creameries, L.P.          Dave       Hellmann   CPIM

Cameron - Flow Control              Chuck      Hayes      CPIM            Schlumberger – HPC                  Larry     McClellan   CPIM, CIRM

Cameron Drilling Systems            Mark       Hoffman    CPIM CIRM       Schlumberger – SPC                  Mary      Timko       CPIM
Cameron International               Peter      Cayea      CPIM CSCP
                                                                          Smith International, Inc.           Sharon    Roberts     CPIM, CSCP
Cooper Industries                   Jerry      Ratigan

CSC Consulting                      Bill       Kuzmich    CIRM            Star Pipe Products                  Sanjeev   Jashwant    CSCP

Del Packaging                       Patrick    Paro       CPIM
                                                                          Tarkett Commercial                  Wayne     Auzenne
Foxconn                             Tony       Xu         CPIM
                                                                          Thermo Electron                     Ken       Jamison     CPIM
GE Oil & Gas - Vetco Gray           Jeffrey    Hoke       CPIM

Goodman Manufacturing Co. L.P.      Gautam     Pasari                     Toshiba International Corporation   Madhavi   Chiruvolu

Grainger                            Bill       Herzog     CPIM
                                                                          TSP                                 Steven    Hasson      CSCP
Hewlett-Packard                     Amy        Walla      CPIM
                                                                          Unisource Worldwide                 Don       Thomas
NOV - Bammel N. Houston             Bob        Kirkpatrick CPIM

NOV - FM 529                        Reid       Garrett                    Weatherford Well Screen             Lisa      Leroux

NOV - Geartech                      Matt       Caire      CPIM
                                                                                        Add your name here as a Company Coordinator
                                                                                               Find out how at APICS-Houston.Org
                  President’s Message – November 2010

                              Well, Houston Chapter,       On November 18th the Houston Chapter will host
                                                           Rick Gillis for our Professional Development
                           it is now November, and as
                                                           Meeting at the H.E.S.S. Club near the Galleria.
                           of November 1 it is all
                                                           Rick will be speaking on Job Search Preparation.
                           about preparation, prepa-
                                                           The title of his presentation is “Getting Through
                           ration, preparation! The
                                                           the Pipeline, the Pre-Resume”. In today‟s econ-
                           first preparation refers to
                                                           omy, and with today‟s Job Search technology, this
                           S&OP, or Sales and Opera-
                                                           seminar is sure to send you home with some
                           tions Planning. That is the
                                                           great Best Practices.
    process where your Sales and Marketing manag-
    ers meet with your Operations managers to agree
    on what numbers they expect in the upcoming            FOOD DRIVE!
    business levels, and where to set production and
    inventory values to meet those levels. The sec-           Also, for the November 18th PDM, the Houston
    ond preparation refers to the Strategic Sourcing       Chapter is hosting a Food Drive for the Houston
    that you arrange with your suppliers. If done          Food Bank. For every Professional Member or
    properly, at this time of year you are contacting      guest that attends the meeting, the Chapter will
    your suppliers to review current pricing and lead-     donate $10 to the Houston Food Bank. For every
    time data, to be updated in your system for next       student that attends, the Chapter will donate $5
    year. The more accurate your data the more ac-         to the Houston Food Bank. In addition, the Hous-
    curate your planning, your buying, and your prod-      ton Chapter urges our members to bring canned
    uct pricing will be. The third preparation is more     foods to donate as well.
    personal, and refers to all of the food that you are      The Houston Chapter believes strongly in sup-
    going to be eating for Thanksgiving. If you start      porting our community, and in addition to the No-
    exercising now, you can get not only lose a few        vember Food Drive, we urge our members and
    pounds before Thanksgiving, but you can also           student members to read the article on page 10
    start building some muscle that will consume           of the Horizon on ALAN, the American Logistics
    those calories that you enjoy on November 25th!        Aid Network. This is something that we can all
        In the meantime, the Houston Chapter‟s Board       participate in, where we can utilize our profes-
    continues preparation for Spring events, including     sional skills to help our communities during
    some great seminars, classes and plant tours, as       emergencies.
    well as the 2011 6-Packed Conference, which
    this year will be in Houston on March 4th and 5th
    at the Marriott Westchase.
                                                           Respectfully submitted,
                                                           Steve Hasson, MBA CSCP
                                                           President, 2010-2011
      For the month of November, the Houston
    Chapter has the following events planned:              APICS Houston Chapter 36
    On Tuesday, November 9th , a CPIM class in Mas-
    ter Planning of Resources will begin at TSP. This
    class will run for four weeks on Tuesdays and
    Thursdays from 6:00 to 9:00pm.

                  APICS HOUSTON CHAPTER
               2010-2011 CALENDAR OF EVENTS
    11      BOD Meeting at TSP
    18      Author Rick Gillis – “Getting you through the pipeline, the Pre Resume”

    No PDM planned

    13      BOD Meeting at TSP
    20      Dan Wolford & Dr. Charlotte Alexander - Methodist Hospital
            “Lean initiatives in the Medical Industry”

    8       Joint PDM with ISM at Sheraton Brookhollow – PLEASE NOTE DATE CHANGE
    10      BOD Meeting at TSP

    10      BOD Meeting at TSP
    17      Plant Tour at St. Arnold‟s Brewery near Downtown

    14      BOD Meeting at TSP
    21      Speaker from Oliver White Group

    12      BOD Meeting at TSP
    19      PDM at H.E.S.S. – TBA

    9       BOD Meeting at TSP
    16      PDM at H.E.S.S. – TOP MANAGEMENT NIGHT!
       APICS International Conference - Student Update

                                     1,900 supply chain profession-    tion of what APICS has to offer.
                                     als and 86 selected student       They were excited to share the
                                     scholars from all over the        knowledge and professional
                                     world. Prior to the start date,   acumen they gained from this
                                     each student scholar was          opportunity. A mere 24 hours
                                     paired up with a mentor that      later, the buzz was able to
                                     provided guidance and advice      spread throughout the Univer-
                                     to facilitate a better confer-    sity of Houston chapter which

                                     ence experience. The confer-      led to a record breaking stu-
                                     ence itself was packed with       dent attendance at the local
         n    Sunday,     October    educational sessions, key-note    Professional Development
    17th, eight exceptional stu-     speakers, workshops, and net-     Meeting. It has been an excit-
    dents from the University of     working activities. From the      ing year as the students con-
    Houston chapter departed for     experiences that were shared      tinue to get more involved. One
    the 2010 APICS International     by their mentors coupled with     can‟t help to be optimistic to
    Conference in Las Vegas, Ne-     the various sessions they at-     watch our future leaders grow.
    vada. This four day conference   tended, the eight student
    took place at the luxurious      scholars came back to Hous-
    Wynn hotel, which housed over    ton with an elevated apprecia-
      APICS International Conference - Houston Chapter

                                      APICS MENTOR PROGRAM
                              AT THE 2010 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE
                         The APICS International Conference is one of the premier
                         educational and training programs for any professional
                         organization. It can be overwhelming and confusing to first time
                         attendees, especially young adults and students. For this reason,
                         the Mentor Program is a valuable tool for both the mentor and

    This was my first time to volunteer and participate in this process. The results
    obtained by myself were as much a reward as the conference presentations. I was
    able to educate and support several students from the University of Houston APICS
    Student Chapter attending the conference for the first time. We discussed objectives,
    plans, opportunities, expectations and program selections. All insured a more
    rewarding and valuable use of the mentee‟s time at the conference. In addition, the
    relationships developed will carry on well after the conference.

    As a seasoned APICS member, it was a pleasure to provide support and guidance to
    the next generation of leaders in our country. We met several times at the
    presentations, luncheons, dinners, seminars and between sessions. It allowed
    personal interaction, explanation of events, introduction of other attendees and visits
    to the bookstore and the sponsors‟ booths.

    I gained a better appreciation of what is happening in our educational system and
    the plans of the students ready to graduate. This is a wonderful way to give back to
    society and support some wonderful individuals striving to improve their abilities to
    lead productive lives in Operations Management careers.

    I will be doing this again next year.

    Reid Garrett
    Secretary, APICS Houston Chapter
             New Professional Members (Past 30 Days)

                                 The APICS Houston Chapter wel-
                                 comes its newest members, and
                                 looks forward to helping them im-
                                 prove their skills sets while they
                                 are learning ways of running their
                                 companies better.

    Member Name            Company Name               Membership Type

    Sarah Luehmann                                    Professional Member
                           MEDC Limited (Cooper
    Kim Wakeline           Industries)                Enterprise Professional (E)

    Swaminathan Ranganathan BP                        Professional Member

    Trey Maxwell           PumpWorks 610, LLC         Professional Member

    Diane Pritchard                                   Professional Member

    Marc Khoury                                       Professional Member
                           Oceaneering Intervention
    Leticia Nadolski       Engineering                Professional Member
               U of H— Introducing Rockwell Career Center
                          Introducing the Rockwell Career Center at the Bauer College
                                              University of Houston
                            As an operations professional, you         to do is select from the prequalified candidates and let us
                                                                       know who you would like to see and what day you would
                          know the challenges of recruiting and        like to do it. However, if you don‟t find everything you
                          hiring trained specialists in strategic      need through an online posting, the Rockwell Career Cen-
                          sourcing, process management and             ter staff is happy to do a customized resume search at no
                          logistics. Fortunately, the University of    charge as well.
                          Houston has one of the strongest and
                          most in-depth Supply Chain Manage-              The Rockwell Career Center serves both current stu-
                          ment programs in the nation, right           dents and alumni at both the BBA and MBA levels, so what-
                          here at the Bauer College of Business.       ever your hiring needs may be, they can help. The staff can
     To make the process of accessing these trained resources          target candidates with APICS certifications and those with
     as simple as possible, the Bauer College has the Rockwell         focused coursework in ERP, logistics, process manage-
     Career Center, a free service which has dedicated staff to        ment, strategic sourcing and more, depending on your
     ensure the most effective and efficient hiring processes
                                                                       needs. They can also help find MBA‟s with an SCM focus or
     possible for your organization.
                                                                       the accounting, finance or marketing students who have
         Employers can easily post their jobs for free online at       either dual majored or minored in SCM. Contact the Rock- and establish screening criteria to          well Career Center today at or 832-
     make sure candidates are appropriately prequalified. To           842-6120.
     simplify things even further, the Rockwell Career Center
     can do all of the outreach to contact students you would          Gordon D Smith, Ph.D. Clinical Assistant Professor of Sup-
     like to see and schedule the interviews in their facilities on    ply Chain Management C T Bauer College University of
     campus, also at no charge to the employer. All you need           Houston 713.743.0402

                                                                      activities outside of the classroom. This will give the stu-
               Job Shadowing Program                                  dents an opportunity to get „up close and personal‟ with the
              Supply Chain Management                                 APICS community in a stimulating environment aside from
                                                                      the monthly PDM‟s. It is also an easy way to share exper-
      Job Shadowing is an academically motivating activity            tise and experience, to encourage the bright students to
    designed to provide students with the unique opportunity          pursue a career in operations management, and to develop
    of an up-close look at the real world of work and provide         future APICS leaders.
    answers to the commonly asked question, “Why do we                    I will typically have 40 to 45 students per semester en-
    learn this …?”. I am seeking APICS chapter „mentors‟ to           rolled in the course - a mix of juniors and seniors. The
    assist me in offering this experience to Bauer College SCM        Shadow Program needs APICS „mentors‟ to arrange for a
                                              students who are        student to visit and „shadow‟ for a few hours at your busi-
                                              APICS     student       ness. It is possible that students could be assigned in
                                              chapter     mem-        teams of two (2). No follow-up effort is required of the men-
                                              bers and have           tor. The students will write a paper regarding the experi-
                                              identified an in-       ence.
                                              terest in the
                                              Process Manage-            If you have an interest in supporting the Job Shadow
                                              ment track of the       Program please contact me at your earliest convenience.
                                              Supply      Chain
    curriculum. The students are all enrolled in SCM 4368
    Supply Chain Control Systems and are being exposed to             Gordon D Smith PhD                   With the assistance of:
    techniques to improve supply chain effectiveness. Specifi-        Clinical Assistant Professor of      Jamie Belinne
                                                                      Supply Chain Management              Assistant Dean
    cally, the structure, implementation and management of
                                                                      C. T. Bauer College of Business      Rockwell Career Center
    materials and capacity planning and control systems in
                                                                      University of Houston                832-842-6121(direct)
    manufacturing firms producing and distributing discrete
                                                                      713-743-0402 (direct)
       The goal is to allow students to shadow working profes-
    sionals and to understand better the real day-to-day work
                   American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN)

                                         with National Voluntary Organi-    the American Red Cross in
                                         zations Active in Disaster         preparation for Hurricane Earl;
                                         (NVOADs) such as the Red           donated corporate aircraft to
                                         Cross, Feeding America and the     assist with the airlift of Haitian
                                         Salvation Army to provide much     orphans; and transportation of
                                         -needed support.                   waste containment units follow-
                                                                            ing floods in Kentucky.
                                         Following a disaster, the volun-
                                         tary agencies assess what is       ALAN recognizes that effective
                                         needed to support people in        disaster relief starts with rela-
                                         the affected area. As these        tionships. That means knowing
                                         needs are identified and com-      and trusting who you‟re working
                                         pared to existing resources, the   with before an event occurs.
                                         agencies reach out to groups to    With that in mind, ALAN is look-
    Getting    relief resources into
                                         procure items needed to cover      ing for volunteers to serve as
    the hands of those who need          the gap. Often these groups        representatives to the emer-
    them . . . Such a simple concept     need goods or services that        gency management and volun-
    can be a significant challenge       supply chain professionals can     teer agency groups. If you are
    to implement during disasters.       provide. Donated transporta-       interested in volunteering with
    Coordinated logistics expertise      tion, warehouse space, excess      ALAN, contact Kathy Fulton at
    and services are needed to get       inventory, and logistics exper-    863-668-4238                  or
    the right product to the right       tise can significantly multiply More in-
    place at the right time. The         the number of people that a        formation about ALAN can be
    American Logistics Aid Network       non-profit agency can serve.       found at www.ALANaid.orsg
    (ALAN) brings the supply chain
    community together to address        Through their network of supply
    this challenge. The volunteer,       chain organizations, ALAN has
    non-profit organization was          many times been able to help
    formed to provide a primary          find donated resources. Re-
    point of contact for companies       cent examples include donated
    willing to provide disaster relief   office and warehouse space for
    support. ALAN works in tandem
   10              APICS Education and Certification 2010 Course Schedule
   The APICS Houston Chapter is a leader in providing supply chain education. We regularly offer public classes covering CPIM
   and CSCP. We also offer in-house classes located at your place of business. For more information, please contact us at: educa-

 CSCP - Certified Supply Chain Professional (In A Year):
                                                                                                                               Early Registration
Module      Module Description             Days          Time        Start Date        End Date             Location

CSCP     Self Study Kit

         Certified Supply Chain                        8:00AM -                                       Smith International
CSCP                                     Saturday                    Jan 8, 2011     Mar 12, 2011                                Dec 24, 2010
         Professional                                  12:00PM                                        Hardy & Rankin Rd.

CPIM - Certified in Production and Inventory Management (In a Year):
                                                                                                                               Early Registration
Module      Module Description             Days          Time        Start Date        End Date             Location
                                                                                                      TSP 12th St, East of
                                        Tuesdays and 6:00PM -
CPIM     CPIM in a year                                             Aug 31, 2010     May 26, 2011      West Loop 610 &           Aug 17, 2010
                                         Thursdays 9:00PM
                                                                                                      Hempstead Highway
                                                                                                      TSP 12th St, East of
                                                       8:00AM -
CPIM     CPIM in a year                  Saturday                   Jan 08, 2011     Nov 19, 2011      West Loop 610 &           Dec 23, 2010
                                                                                                      Hempstead Highway

CPIM - Certified in Production and Inventory Management (Individual Modules):

                                                                                                                                 Early Registration
Module       Module Description             Days          Time        Start Date        End Date             Location

                                                                                                      TSP 12th St, East of
         Strategic Management of        Tuesdays and 6:00PM -
 SMR                                                                Oct 05, 2010      Oct 28, 2010     West Loop 610 &             Sep 21, 2010
         Resources                       Thursdays   9:00PM
                                                                                                      Hempstead Highway

         Execution & Control of                        8:00AM -                                        Smith International
 ECO                                      Saturday                  Oct 30, 2010     Nov 20, 2010                                  Oct 15, 2010
         Operations                                    12:00PM                                         Hardy & Rankin Rd.

                                                                                                      TSP 12th St, East of
         Master Planning of       Re-   Tuesdays and 6:00PM -
 MPR                                                                Nov 09, 2010     Dec 07, 2010      West Loop 610 &             Oct 26, 2010
         sources                         Thursdays   9:00PM
                                                                                                      Hempstead Highway

                                                                                                      TSP 12th St, East of
         Detailed Scheduling and        Tuesdays and 6:00PM -
 DSP                                                                Jan 04, 2011      Jan 27, 2011     West Loop 610 &             Dec 21, 2010
         Planning                        Thursdays   9:00PM
                                                                                                      Hempstead Highway

         Strategic Management of                       8:00AM -                                        Smith International
 SMR                                      Saturday                  Jan 08, 2011      Jan 29, 2011                                Dec 27, 2010
         Resources                                     12:00PM                                         Hardy & Rankin Rd.

                                                                                                     Norriseal - West Little
         Basics of Supply Chain                        8:00AM -
BSCM                                      Saturday                  Jan 08, 2011      Feb 05, 2011     York just west of          Dec 23, 2010
         Management                                    12:00PM
                                                                                                           Beltway 8

                                    To sign up for classes, visit and click on Education.
                                                APICS 6-Packed Supply Chain Conference
                                                                                                             March 3-4, 2011
                                                                                                             Houston, Texas

                                                                              Presented by the APICS Terra Grande District

Why Attend
                                                 APICS Terra Grande District proudly presents the 7th annual APICS 6-Packed Confer-
                                                 ence in Houston, Texas on March 3rd and 4th. As our customers have requested, we
1. Learn best practices from supply chain        are moving this event to Thursday and Friday. Once again, we will feature over 40
   experts                                       sessions presented by recognized supply chain leaders covering 7 topical areas in the
2. Improve your company’s competitiveness        General Sessions and a Special Session called Lean Certificate Workshop. Earn 16
   and bottom line                               certification maintenance hours when you attend both days.
3. Develop your people and yourself

4. Network and share best practices
                                                 ─ General Sessions (6 concurrent sessions) covering:
Conference Hotel
                                                        Creating Competitive Advantage through your Supply Chain
Marriott Westchase                                      Improve ROI through Better Asset Management (Inventory and Capital)
2900 Briarpark Dr                                       Globalizing and Re-Shoring for Competitive Advantage
Houston, Texas 77042                                    Unleashing the Power of your People
Special Room Rate:$99/night with compli-                Supply Chain Planning, the Key to Success
mentary internet in                                     Developing and Leveraging Supply Chain Flexibility
hotel room. Must register by                            Practical Development Workshops
FEBRUARY 16, 2011

To Reserve Your Room:
                                                 ─ Special Session (enrollment is limited)
Call 713-978-7400 (local)
                                                     Lean Certificate Workshop – 2 day certificate program
Call 800-228-9290 (toll)

Group Code: APAAPAA
                                                             Choose EITHER General Session or Special Session!
Group Registration

Karen Mixon-Dowdy                                 Registration
                                                  1. Go to our website at and click on the Register page.
                                                  2. Choose from:
                                                      ▪ General Session (2 days)
Chuck Connelly
                                                      ▪ Lean Special Session (2 days)
                                                      ▪ Thursday or Friday General Session (1 day)

                                                  Pricing - includes continental breakfast and lunch
Chet Frame

                                                    Full (2-Day) Conference             One-Day Conference
                                                    Early Registration: $525            Early Registration: $345
                                                    Late Registration: $575             Late Registration: $395

                                                              Early Registration Ends February 16, 2011
                                                                    Pay for 4 people from your company

                                                                    and send the 5th person FREE.

                                       Join us at our Linkedin group: 6 Packed Supply Chain Conference

     APICS-Houston Board of Directors 2010-2011

         President            Secretary                  Treasurer

         Steve Hasson         Reid Garrett               Tom Chambers

         MBA, CSCP                                       MBA

                              VP of Professional         VP of Marketing
         VP of Student        Development
         Activities                                      Chuck Connelly
                              Bill Ridings
         Eddie Whitfield                                 CSCP, CFPIM,
                              CPIM, CIRM                 CIRM, CPA
         CPIM, CIRM, CSCP,
         MBA, PE

                              VP of                      VP of Membership
         Director of
         Company              Communications             Duane Chandler,
         Coordinators                                    CPIM, CSCP
                              Tish Patel
         Jim Nolan
         CPIM & CSCP

         Ex-officio                                      Director of Job Bank
                              Director of
                                                         Marisa Rios
         Sharon Roberts       Private Education
         CPIM, CSCP           Michael Cole, CSCP

         Marketing Director                              Director of Programs
                              Board Advisor
         Ron Klein                                       Bill Cure
                              Susan Oevermann
         CSCP                                            CFPIM, CIRM, PMP,
                              MBA, CSCP                  CSCP

         Director at Large
                               Director of The Horizon
         Steve Tomlinson
                               Wade Ma
         MBA, CSCP
13                                                                                                   Presorted
                                                                                                  First Class Mail
                                                                                                   U. S. Postage
                                                                                                   Houston, TX
                                                                                                   Permit #2274

       We’re on the Web!

Your Houston Chapter of APICS is made up of
                                                APICS strives to be the premier provider of
Volunteers, each dedicated to offering the
                                                a wide range of resource management
membership of our chapter a continuous
                                                related programs:
menu of educational and informational re-
sources that can be applied on a daily basis.      THAT ... allows for both social and
But we can always use more help.                    technical interactions
Please see our website for opportunities on        THUS ... attracting members from a
how you can get involved, or ask your com-          variety of industries including discrete
pany coordinator. If you are unsure who to          and process manufacturing,
ask, email any one of the Board of Director         distribution and transportation, and
members listed on the website for assistance.       medical and service providers                     Moving?
2010 promises to be another great year, and                                                    Keep your membership
                                                   WHILE ... supporting both                      up-to-date by
with your help, the Houston Chapter of APICS
                                                    professionals and students pursuing a       contacting APICS at
will continue to grow and successfully
                                                    variety of career objectives                  (800) 444-2742
serve its membership.
APICS Houston Chapter 36                           THEREBY ... increasing participation
                                                    and expanding our organization .
Board of Directors and Volunteers

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