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Salford edition . Issue.6 . Monday 22nd October 2007                                                                                                        FREE

                                                                    Boy, Clean
                                                                     Up After
                                                                                                         Another male student            the morning and half in the
                                                                    Stephanie Steward                  based in Maxwell added: “I        evening, due to restricted
                                                                    News Editor                        always use the toilets in         access. There is one lady
                                                                                                       Maxwell and I often have to       around in the day to clean
                                                                                                       go up to the 5th floor            the toilets and the open
                                                                    A MALE student has                 because the ones on the 3rd       access areas.”
                                                                    complained about the               floor are often disgusting. I       The Facilities Management
                                                                    toilets in the Maxwell             can’t believe that some foul      Department          continued:
                                                                    building.                          people can’t be bothered to       “The        cleaners      have
                                                                      The 75 year old made a           flush the toilet after they use   supervision and written
                                                                    formal complaint about the         it. Sometimes it makes me         work shows when checks
                                                                    cleanliness of Maxwell’s           want to throw up.”                have been made on the
                                                                    bathrooms.                           But not all students agreed     toilets. Most toilets are
                                                                      The post graduate student        with these comments.              cleaned twice a day as this is
                                                                    was not happy with the               A female student stated         all that budget will allow.”
                                                                    condition of the toilet – toilet   that she was happy overall
                                                                                                                                           They firmly stated that
                                                                    paper was all over and the         with the conditions of the
                                                                                                                                         toilet paper on the bathroom
                                                                    toilet wasn’t flushed.             girls’ toilets in the Maxwell
                                                                                                                                         floor was more of a litter
                                                                      The Politics student said:       building and that they had
                                                                                                       been refurbished last year        problem than a cleanliness
                                                                    “Every time I go in, I think                                         issue.
                                                                    what a mess they are. I go         and looked very nice.
                                                                                                         The Facilities Management         “In lots of toilets there is
                                                                    searching for a toilet I can
                                                                                                       Department          at      the   paper on the floor, but this is
                                                                                                       University        said     that   more of a litter problem. If
                                                                      He said: “Toilet paper is all
                                                                                                       Maxwell’s toilets receive a       there is no tissue in the
                                                                    over and the toilet isn’t
                                                                                                       thorough clean twice a day.       toilet, a caretaker can be sent
                                                                    flushed. It’s not the cleaner’s
                                                                                                         They said: “The toilets are     out with some if there is no
                                                                    fault as they don’t dirty it,
                                                                    but I think it’s a fault with      cleaned every day and at          cleaner available.”
                                                                    the system of cleaning.            lunchtime. They get a               The Facilities Department
                                                                    There needs to be someone          thorough clean every day.         said they would be happy to
                                                                    cleaning the toilets all day.”     Half of Maxwell is cleaned in     look into any complaints.

Darfur,                                         The Pav –                                              Rugby:
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                                                                                                                                                          The tragedy in Darfur continues
                                                                      beforehand         a     HAPPY      Edinburgh.
                                                                                                                                                          US Elections- a female or an Afro-American?
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30-Stong Mob Attack Driver                                                                                                                    PAGE 32
                                                                                                                                                          INTERNATIONAL PARTY!
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                                                                                                                                                          Halloween FANCY DRESS!
                                                                                                                                                          PASS THE TIME
                                   old cabbie to flee from his car,   was trying to turn around at                                                        All the usual including Sudoku, Victoria’s spicy
Misbah Ashraf                      stealing his mobile phone, car     the roundabout. They started                                                        secret, Rant! and Chess by Tony
                                   keys, and around £60 in cash.      to run across the road to try
                                                                                                                                              PAGE 35     RUGBY: SALFORD BEATS LIVERPOOL!!!
A SALFORD taxi driver was            The thugs then took the car      and slow the car down and
                                                                                                                                                          NFL WITH BARRY
robbed by a gang of teenage        on a joyride before dumping it     then they started pounding on
                                                                      it and attacking the car.”                                                          MEN’S HOCKEY RESULTS
thugs, who then smashed up         on nearby Uplands.
                                                                        He said: "They threw a                                                PAGE 36     MORE SPORTS…
his car.                             Mr Irfan has worked for
 Mohammed Irfan’s taxi was         Royal Cars, based on Lakeland      plastic bottle at my face but it
                                   Court, Langley for 12 months.      did not hit me, took my car
surrounded by a 30-strong
mob– some as young as 10 –as
he waited to collect a fare on
                                     The vehicle's front screen
                                   and side windows were
                                                                      keys, mobile phone and about
                                                                      £60 in cash. It was frightening,
                                                                      I just ran away. I ran to the
                                                                                                                                             Crime costing
Mount Road, Alkrington.            smashed in the attack and that

                                                                                                                                             students £30,000!
                                                                      Lancashire Fold pub and             me around about £1,000 to get
 The gang kicked and               he had been forced to scrap                                            another one."
                                   the car.                           called the police. The kids
punched the car, blocking the                                                                              Anyone with information is
                                     Mr. Irfan said: "There was       were still attacking the car.”
road.                                                                                                     asked to contact Middleton
                                   about 25 – 30 kids running           He added: "The car has had                                                                                   A total of 7,354 students were
 The mob forced the 24-year-                                                                              police on 0161 8725050
                                   around on the road when I          to be scrapped and it has cost                                                                               victims of crime in Greater
                                                                                                                                             Adam McClean
                                                                                                                                                                                   Manchester in the last academic
                                                                                                                                                                                   year - an average of 20 every day.

Homophobic 21 Arrested In
                                                                                                                                             STUDENTS      IN     Greater            Student housing has always
                                                                                                                                             Manchester are losing up to           been a prime target for
                                                                                                                                             £30,000 per day to criminals.         criminals.
                                                                                                                                               According to a recent survey by       Students spend little time in

UCLan student Drug Raids
                                                                                                                                             Greater Manchester Police, the        their accommodation, notifying
                                                                                                                                             average         student       has     criminals that they are not at
                                                                                                                                             approximately £1,500 worth of         home by turning lights and
                                                                                                                                             valuables – a rewarding target for    electronic devices off.

                                                                                                                                                                                     It is important that students
                                                                                                          Mulligan        of      Greater      Using expensive items in            take      out     contents     and
                                                                                                                                             public, like mobile phones and        possessions insurance, which
                                                                      Adam McClean                        Manchester Police said: "This
                                                                                                                                             MP3 players, puts students at an      can be purchased for as little as
                                                                                                          operation aims to show the         increased risk.                       £15 per year.
                                                                                                          public in Salford that this type     But not all students are aware
                                                                      TWENTY one people were                                                                                         In a bid to combat crime
                                                                                                          of criminality will not be         of the extent of this crime.
                                    Bowman has resigned from          arrested in a series of dawn                                                                                 against      students,      Greater
                                                                                                          tolerated.”                          Sean Lyall, studying Gambling       Manchester Police have recently
Adam McClean                       his post as chairman of the        raids across Salford.
                                                                                                            Police confirmed that class A    and Leisure Management at the         launched       a     number       of
                                   UCLan Conservative Future            Around 200 officers targeted
                                                                                                          drugs were found in the raids.     University        of      Salford,    initiatives.
                                   branch.                            25 addresses in Little Hulton                                          commented: “I’m not really
A UCLan student sparked                                                                                     Those arrested face long                                                 GMP are also increasing
                                                                      and Walkden at 6:30am.                                                 worried about crime. It’s not
widespread      controversy          A    Conservative   party                                                                                                                     patrols in student areas during
                                                                        The raids are part of a larger    prison sentences if convicted,     something that concerns me on
                                   spokesman said: “Fergus                                                                                                                         the month of October.
when he made homophobic                                               programme,           Operation      and may lose their homes.          a day-to-day basis.”                    Supt John O’Hare said:
comments on the social             Bowman's comments are              Marengo - an attempt to smash                                            But other Salford students had
                                                                                                            Anybody        with        any                                         “Manchester, Salford and Bolton
networking site Facebook.          appalling and we condemn           a major Salford drugs ring.         information on drug dealing in     a contrasting opinion.                are all great places for students to
  Fergus Bowman, 22, who is        them absolutely. There's no          Operation Marengo is the          their area is urged to contact       Katie Buck, a Sociology with        study, live and socialise. Our job
studying politics and religion     place for homophobia in                                                                                   Journalism student, said: “I am       is to make their experience as
                                                                      product of Salford’s local          Greater Manchester Police on
                                   today's     Britain.    The                                                                               really frightened about having        safe and enjoyable as possible.
at the University of Central                                          community        and      Police    0161      872      5050,      or   my phone stolen because that’s        We have already seen a 12%
Lancashire, was the chairman       Conservative Party actively        Community Support Officers.         Crimestoppers, anonymously,        the most valuable object I carry      decrease in student crime
of      the       University’s     supports gay rights."                Chief Superintendent Kevin        on 0800 555 111.                   around with me all the time.”         compared to last year.”
Conservative Future group.           Pluto, Mr Bowman said:
  The comments have been           "The comments were made as
removed from the site, but a       a private joke amongst             Student Direct Section Editor and Staff Contact List 2007-08
screenshot   obtained    by        colleagues in a group. It was
Student Direct, shows Mr
Bowman listed as the head of
                                   not our intention to joke          Editorial & Advertising Contacts:                                      News: Adam McClean,
                                                                                                                                             Misbah Ashraf
                                                                                                                                                                                  Mohammed Khan, Dal Kullar,
                                                                                                                                                                                  Caroline Steer
                                   about gay people. I regret that
a group named “homos burn                                             Editor:                             Advertising:                       International News/                  Music Editor: Vickie Scullard
                                   the comments have caused           Estefania Aguirre                   Dominic Butler
in hell”.                                                                                                                                    Features/Opinion Editor:
                                   offence    and     I   deeply      Tel: 0161 736 7811                  Tel: 0161 736 7811                                                      Music: Tom Newcombe,
  The shot features a picture of                                                                                                             Simon Keens                          Lucinda Potter,
                                   apologise to anyone who has        Email: communications-              Email:                                                                  Laura Jade Twist
a hooded Ku Klux Klan figure                                                                                                                 International News:
                                   been offended by them. I do        ussu@salford.ac.uk                  studentdirect@salford.ac.uk
standing next to a burning                                                                                                                   Shafik Mandhai                       Sports Editor:
cross. The group featured          not advocate homophobia."                                              Website:                           Features/Opinion:                    Stephen Armstrong
                                                                      Postal Address:                     www.salfordstudents.com            Victoria Townsend, Andrew            Sport: Barry Howorth, Sam
several derogatory comments          Mr Bowman has been
                                                                      Student Direct,                     Student media                      Snowden, Emily McGowan,              Jones, Dal Kullar, Tom O’Brian,
by Mr Bowman, including one        suspended        from      the     University House,                                                                                           Imanar Sole, Phil Groves
                                                                                                                                             Sayyada Khan, Simeon
in which he admitted his anti-     University whilst an internal      The Crescent,                       News Editor:                       Wardle, Steven Maguire,              Deadline for contributions:
semitic stance.                    investigation takes place.         Salford, M5 4WT                     Stephanie Steward                  James Lester, Joe Green,             Tuesday, 30 October
22.10.07                                                                                                                         SALFORD INTERNATIONAL NEWS 03

 International News in Brief:
 Continuing Tragedy in Darfur                                                                                                        Singapore receives
                                                                                                                                     first ‘SuperJumbo’
                                                                                                                                     THIS THURSDAY sees the           months to the planned
                                                                                                                                     first commercial flight of       launch date.
                                                                                                                                     the brand new Airbus               Singapore airlines received
                                                                                                                                     A380 ‘SuperJumbo’ from           the first finished jet on the
                                                                                                                                     Singapore       to    Sydney,    15th of October, amid large
                                                                                                                                     Australia. The double-           celebrations at the Airbus
                                                                                                                                     decked aircraft is able to       finishing factory in Toulouse,
                                                                                                                                     seat up to 800 people on two     France with 500 dignitaries
                                                                                                                                     floors that run the entire       and VIPs in attendance. The
                                                                                                                                     length of the plane. Its large   aircraft was then flown to
                                                                                                                                     capacity is intended to allow    Singapore on the 17th.
                                                                                                                                     the plane to replace Boeing
                                                                                                                                     747s on busy long-haul             The first flight to Sydney
                                                                                                                                     routes. The 747 was first        will not make any profit on
                                                                                                                                     flown in 1969 and has been       the             SuperJumbo’s
                                                                                                                                     continually upgraded for         investment.          Singapore
                                                                                                                                     the past thirty-eight years.     International Airlines has
                                  each other to the point of         As with all conflicts there   emphasise the humanitarian
                                                                                                                                                                      auctioned off seats on the
 Shafik Mandhai                   confrontation.                   has been a huge exodus from     consequences of the conflict.       The A380, which costs          flight for charity, with
                                    Regardless      of      the    the war-torn region; 100,000    The quagmire of warring           around $300million each to       economy        class    tickets
 THE WORD ‘Darfur’ is likely      participants and causes, the     people have poured in to        factions      and     shifting    build and weighs 560 tonnes,     starting at $3.80, while a
 to spark strong emotive          consequences of war in           neighbouring Chad and are       alliances make it difficult to    has     been     beset    with   luxury package started at
 responses amongst many           Darfur are all too visible;      now living in poorly            blame one group for the           problems which have forced       $380. However, within a few
 people but how many can          humanitarian abuses are          supplied refugee camps.         conflict without plunging in      Airbus to delay delivery of      days, bids for tickets had
 claim even the most basic        taking place and the             Sudan’s other neighbours        to political point scoring.       the aircraft. Due to its size,   reached upwards of $2550.
                                                                   have received refugees and      This detracts from getting to     the aircraft is also the most    Any profits made by the
 understanding     of    the      consequent refugee crisis
                                                                   are struggling to cope with     the root causes of suffering      technically complex aircraft     auction will be donated to
 conflict in the area, its        coupled      with     natural
                                                                   the    numbers.     Recently    and will ultimately not solve     ever built, with each            four charities; a charity
 causes   and    the    dire      disaster has taken a huge toll                                                                     SuperJumbo containing over
 humanitarian situation?          on the people of Darfur.         Darfuri refugees have been      anything. As student’s we                                          group in Singapore, two
                                                                   deported from this country;     must put a human face to          500km of wiring. These           children’s     hospitals     in
   Firstly it is important          The conflict has claimed                                                                         electrical systems have been     Sydney and the international
                                                                   such    acts    have     only   each of the 200,000 + dead -
 to    tackle     the   many      anywhere between 200,000                                                                           the source of most of the        aid agency Medecins Sans
                                                                   increased the burden on less    many of whom could have
 misconceptions surrounding       and 450,000 lives so far.                                                                          A380’s delays, adding 20         Frontieres.
                                                                   developed nations.              been       saved    if     the
 the causes of conflict. The      The vast majority of these
                                                                     The humanitarian plight       humanitarian infrastructure
 myth that the war is racially    have been due to the
                                                                   must take precedence in any     was in place- and devote our
 motivated has no basis           humanitarian           crisis
                                                                   international response to the   efforts to improving as many
 in reality and would             (malnutrition and disease)
                                                                   crisis. There is an urgent      lives as possible.
 immediately be dismissed by      and a significant proportion
 anyone with knowledge of         of casualties have been          need to supply the people of      If people are aware of the
 Sudan; rather economic           violent. The United Nations      Darfur with medicines, food     scale of human suffering due
 motives are the real culprit.    reported 180,000 deaths          and clean water in the region   to conflict in Darfur they will
 War has never been an alien      from        disease      and     itself and in refugee camps     be more inclined to donate
 occurrence in nomadic            malnutrition (March 2005).       in neighbouring countries.      and participate in relief
 societies and the conflict in    A University of Sussex study     To prevent further conflict     efforts. Your union provides
 Darfur     illustrates   this    (January 2005) found that of     African Union peacekeepers      you with the necessary
 perfectly;    drought    and     111,759 deaths caused by the     must be allowed in to the       platform to raise such
 competition for resources        conflict around 35,000 were      country as soon as possible.    awareness, there really are
 have pitted tribes against       violent.                          Likewise students should       no excuses for inaction.

 International Evening Success US Election One Step Closer:
                                  actively feel a part of the      enthusiastic environmental      AN ELECTION is looming in         Obama. Much of their ability     donate up to £1100 to a
 Joe Green                        university’s        friendly     team. This year’s volunteer     the    United     States    of    to be selected as the party’s    primary candidate, and then
                                  community. Salford does not      organisers include: Wing Kit    America. President George         representative      depends      another £1100 to the party’s
                                  want any of its students to      Lau (from Hong Kong); Yin       W. Bush must step down at         upon their ‘warchest’, the       chosen          Presidential
                                  feel outcast or alone whilst     Feng (from China); Lenka        the end of his second term        amount of money raised           candidate.
 SALFORD UNIVERSITY’S                                                                              in office in 2008. Many           from donations to fund their
                                  they are studying here.          (from Czech Republic); Tony                                                                          However,     many      are
 International Evening took                                                                        heavyweight       politicians,    eventual         presidential
                                  Home students were also          (from Zimbabwe); and Cal’s                                                                         questioning         whether
 place on Tuesday 9th                                                                              each confident that they          campaign.
                                  welcomed. The students that      environmental management                                                                           America is ready for either
 October, 5-8pm on campus                                                                          have what it takes to be the
                                  attended came from all over      team.                                                               Sen. Clinton has just          an afro-american or female
 at the historical Peel Hall,                                                                      44th      President,       are
                                  the globe. There are around       The evening was a great                                          announced        that     her    President. Many States
 located within the Peel                                                                           beginning to elbow out their      warchest totals £17million,      remain     deeply    bigoted
                                  1000 international students      success and this year
 Building in the School of                                                                         competitors in their party        while Sen. Obama has             against     women,      afro-
                                  attending Salford, coming        additional support was
 Environment      and     Life                                                                     ‘primary’ elections.              declared £15.5million. In        americans and minority
                                  from over 100 different          shown by the Pro-Vice
 Sciences. Fun was had by all                                                                        The main US political           contrast,    the      leading    groups. Democrats concerns
                                  countries.                       Chancellor Jane Hanstock,
 that attended, and many                                                                           parties, the Democrats and        Republican contenders Rudy       will be very real while
 more people attended than          Head of School, David          who attended the event with     the    Republicans,      each     Giuliani (former Mayor of        deciding which candidate to
 ever before! With students       Storey, presented a short        her husband.                    choose their respective           New York City) and Mitt          put forward for the White
 and     university      staff    informal speech welcoming         Pictures of the event          candidate for President from      Romney (former Governor          House, as both Hilary
 mingling and chatting            all of the students and          can     be    found     at:     senators and politicians by       of Massachusetts) who have       Clinton and Barack Obama
 together with ease, whilst       inviting them to sample the      www.els.salford.ac.uk/inter     way of these ‘primaries’ one      raised    £6million,      and    come with risks of pushing
 relaxing and listening to a      delicacies on offer (cheeses;    national                        year before an election is        £3million       respectively.    ignorant or bigoted voters to
 jazzy musical selection.         wines; fruit juices; cold                                        due. This gives the party’s       Individual citizens can each     their Republican opponents.
                                                                    Although Peel Hall was         candidate a full year to
                                  meats and other light foods
   The evening was primarily                                       booked until 8pm, many
                                  including plenty of cakes!).                                     prepare for the national
 aimed      at   international                                     people then went on to the
                                  Originally David’s idea, the                                     marathon that is the US
 students at whatever level                                        pub to continue socialising     Presidential election.
                                  organisation      of     the
 they        are      studying                                     as the night was still young!
                                  International Social Evening                                       Heading the race for
 (undergraduate             and                                    This event improves with
                                  was handed to Dr Calbert                                         the Democrat’s primary
 postgraduate)      and     any                                    each year and I shall keep my
                                  Douglas (originally from                                         nominations are New York
 course of study. This is to                                       eyes open for next year’s
                                  Jamaica). He has since                                           Senator (and former First
 give a warm welcome these                                         posters advertising the         Lady) Hilary Clinton, and
                                  managed the event for the
 well travelled students into                                      event.                          Senator from Illinois, Barack
                                  last 4 years with his
 Salford’s family, so that they
22.10.07                                                                                                                                                                    SALFORD FEATURE 05

                                   favourite bully: Famous for           really any good? Really?? Really
Mohammed Khan                      mouth breathing, an air               really?!?!
                                   freshener / perfume and a               Clearly people like Ian
A grumpy young man
                                   'fitness' video which evidently       Huntley, Harold Shipman or
                                   doesn't work. In said video she       Myra Hindley would be even
IS IT ever right to pass           exclaims      –    “Come      on      worse ambassadors. But they,
judgement on another human         everybody!!! – ONE, TWO,              unlike Jade Goody et al are not
being? By what criteria can we     THREE . . . SIX . . . FOUR . . .      worshipped as false idols, placed
ever measure one person            SEVEN” etc . . . She is also the      on ridiculously high pedestals
relative to another? I can         self proclaimed 20th most             from which they will inevitably
already hear the PC cries of       ‘infueluencheal’ [sic] woman in       fall - much to the delight of the
...'who are we to judge another    the world! Well done!                 people who placed them there
person?'...'all human beings       PARIS HILTON                          in the first place.
are equal'. That's as good as
                                   Famous for checking into a              And yet there are people
maybe, but... is that heathen
                                   hotel, talking with her mouth         (ALIVE TODAY!) who are
who stole your mobile phone
                                   full, looking bored and then          generally     mainstream-social
last year really comparable to
                                   going to sleep. But wait, there's     outcasts, who have in the most
Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson
                                   more - shite songs, a deodorant       profound ways shaped our lives,
Mandela          or       David
                                   and coming out of a particular        altered the course of history and
                                   womb (not in that order!) -           pushed       back    the     very
  Put another way – would I        Genius!                               boundaries        of      human
want a visiting alien landing on                                                                               techniques to Mexico, Pakistan,      actor and pioneering political        “I stand by this man. I stand by
                                   KANYE WEST                            civilization.
the White house lawn, coming                                                                                   and India. As a result, Mexico       satirist. Although a relative       this man because he stands for
                                    Slack jawed, potato faced West         Here are some little known,         became a net exporter of wheat       outcast in the (US) mainstream,     things. Not only for things, he
from      an    advanced
                                        is famous for writing            living, human beings that are         by 1963. Between 1965 and 1970,      Colbert enjoys universal critical
civilization    in    a                                                                                                                                                                 stands on things. Things like
                                          songs my 6 year nephew         phenomenal by any measure.            wheat yields nearly doubled in       acclaim.
galaxy far, far away,                                                                                                                                                                   aircraft carriers and rubble and
to meet this human                         could do and then             “GREETINGS ALIEN, I'D LIKE            Pakistan and India, greatly            Colbert is somewhat like Ali G    recently flooded city squares.
as a representative                        actually     successfully     YOU TO MEET...”                       improving the food security in       / Borat minus the immature          And that sends a strong
of our planet? Or                           tricking a 100 million       NORMAN BORLAUG                        those nations. These collective      knob jokes. Colbert's character     message, that no matter what
would      I,   upon                        people into thinking it                                            yield increases have been            is a well-intentioned yet poorly
                                                                         This guy is said to have saved A                                                                               happens to America, she will
hearing of their                           is something of high                                                labelled ‘the Green Revolution’.     informed, high-status, idiotic,
                                                                         BILLION LIVES!!! Described by                                                                                  always rebound—with the most
imminent arrival, lock                     artistic merit.                                                     As a result, many lives have been    right-wing, egomaniacal, fact-
                                                                         those who know his work and                                                                                    powerfully staged photo ops in
them in my cellar to                      PETE DOHERTY                                                         saved that would otherwise           averse, God-fearing, super-
                                                                         accomplishments         as    "the                                                                             the world.”
avoid any potential                                                                                            have been lost to famine and         patriot.
                                             Part time musician,         greatest human being who ever                                                                                    Next     week      -    which
embarrassment?                                                                                                 starvation.
                                                 full time crack ho,     lived". Often called’ the father of                                          Here's an example of his work.    humanitarians are so vulgar, so
 This week, some                                          is     he      the Green revolution’, the young        More recently, Borlaug has         Standing a few metres from ‘the
                                                                                                               helped apply these methods to                                            offensive, so embarrassing, I’d
r a n d o m                                                              Norman Borlaug took up an                                                  most powerful arsehole in the
                                                                                                               Asia and Africa. He is one of only                                       have to them lock them away in
examples:                                                                agricultural research position in                                          world’ (George W. Bush), in
                                                                                                               five people in history to have                                           the event of an alien visitation
“GET IN                                                                  Mexico, where he developed                                                 front of an audience the
                                                                                                               won the Nobel Peace Prize, the                                           and more people that I would
T H E                                                                    high-yield,     disease-resistant                                          Associated Press called a "Who's
                                                                         wheat varieties.                      Presidential Medal of Freedom        Who of power and celebrity",        choose to represent us...
                                                                                                               and the Congressional Gold           Colbert        delivered       a      Agree? Disagree? Please forward
J A D E                                                                   During the mid-20th century,
                                                                                                               Medal for their work.                controversial, searing routine      any comments or abuse to
GOODY                                                                    Borlaug introduced these high
                                                                         yielding varieties along with         STEPHEN COLBERT                      satirizing the president and the    whatcanbrowndoforyou@hotmail
The UK's                                                                                                                                            media with gems like this -         .co.uk
                                                                         modern agricultural production        An immensely funny comedian,

The Baby-Boomers!                  just last month, naming the           taken the news well. Director         children via a surrogate mother.
Dal Kaur                           boy Beau. But it is also the          Tim Burton and actress Helena         They know they are having a girl
                                   news of those newly pregnant          Bonham      Carter      will  be      and a boy, and the pair are due
                                   that is filling the gossip pages      welcoming their second child          in November. Jason Priestley,
THE NEW trend in Superstar         at the moment.                        sometime       in     December,       star of American hit show
land this month seems to be                                              hopefully just in time for            Beverly     Hills    90210     has
                                     RnB       superstar     Usher
the increasing number of new                                             Christmas. Good Charlotte front       announced his wife is pregnant
                                   announced to People magazine
parents and those expecting.                                             man Joel Madden and girlfriend        with their first child, who is due
                                   that his fiance Tameka Foster is
Just recently, Welsh singer                                              Nicole Ritchie finally confirmed      any day now.
                                   expecting their first child this
Charlotte Church gave birth to                                           rumours, on the Diane Sawyer
                                   winter. Mark Ruffalo, star of                                                 All    we      can     say  is
her daughter Ruby, with rugby                                            show, that they were four
                                   chick flicks such as ‘Just Like                                             ‘congratulations!’ to all the
star boyfriend Gavin Henson.                                             months pregnant and were
                                   Heaven’ and ‘13 Going on 30’                                                newly proud parents and
Salma Hayek, actress and                                                 expecting early next year.
                                   has confirmed his wife Sunrise                                              all   those      who      are
producer of Ugly Betty also                                              Christina Aguilera and hubby
                                   will give birth to their third                                              expecting this year or
gave birth to a baby girl                                                Jordan Bratman have not
                                   child in the summer of 2008 and                                             next. I will be looking
Valentina with her fiance.                                               confirmed rumours of their
                                   revealed that they are expecting                                            forward to all the
Samantha Harris, presenter of                                            pregnancy but recent pictures of
                                   a girl. James Bond babe Halle                                               pictures      of     the
‘Dancing with the Stars’ also                                            her performing in concert have
                                   Berry told Access Hollywood she                                             newborns and also
had a girl named Josselyn, with                                          shown a slight bump and her
                                   is three months pregnant with                                               waiting for some of
her husband this month, while                                            step-father has accidentally
                                   boyfriend Gabriel Aubry.                                                    the          rather
Myleene Klass, who famously                                              blabbed to the press that she is
                                    MC Harvey, who broke up                                                    unusual names
appeared naked on the cover of                                           expecting.
                                   with Alesha Dixon after leaving                                             that celebrities
Glamour magazine to show off
                                   her for Javine Hlyton has              Dennis Quaid, star of The Day        manage         to
her bump, gave birth to baby
                                   announced their bundle of joy         After Tomorrow, is expecting          come up with
boy Ava. Baby Spice, Emma,
                                   will be arriving early next year. I   twins with his wife Kimberly          for their little
welcomed her own baby with
                                   don’t think that Alesha will have     but the couple are having their       darlings.
long-term boyfriend Jade Jones
22.10.07                                                                                                                                                           SALFORD OPINION 07

                                                                       James Lester                       Steve Maguire

                                                                       I would like to criticise an       I write in response to Imran
                                                                       article written by Simeon          Khan’s letter to the editor
                                                                       Wardle that Salford Student        published in Salford Student
                                                                       Direct published on 8              Direct on 15 October 2007
                                                                       October titled ‘Why are the        regarding accuracy when
                                                                       numbers       of   sexually        reporting about Iran. His
                                                                       transmitted        diseases        statement “a reporters job is
                                                                                                          to report” completely misses
                                                                       increasing so quickly?’
                                                                                                          the point despite his
                                                                         What an idiot! For God’s         technical correctness. He
                                                                       sake    man,      WEAR        A    asks how he can trust the
                                                                       CONDOM! And he is so blaise        article. Well, Mr Khan, have
                                                                       about infecting others with        you had your head in the
                                                                       diseases, which could cripple      sand for the past few
                                                                       their chances of effectively       months? Do you doubt the
                                                                                                                                            that were found embracing          and his regime’s clamping of
                                                                       reproducing in the future.         accuracy of every news
                                                                                                                                            had to spend 14 months in          personal freedoms. I, for one,
                                                                       People have been done for          agency, all of whom have
                                                                                                                                            jail, receiving hundreds of        applaud Salford Student
                                                                       Grevious Bodily Harm for           taken similar opinions? Do
                                                                                                                                            lashes, before finally being       Direct for taking their
                                                                       knowingly infecting others         you question Ahmadinejad’s
                                                                                                                                            hanged (see the picture). Do       position against Ahmadinejad
                                                                       with      serious     sexually     accuracy when denying the
                                                                                                                                            you question the accuracy of       and hope that all level headed
                                                                       transmitted diseases. I hope       Holocaust?
                                                                                                                                            that? Given the tone of your       newspapers across the world
                                                                       that he is in hiding                You call the paper a vehicle     letter, it almost seems as if      do take chances and voice
                                                                       somewhere or trips and             of hate, yet you ignore the       you are defending President        opinions against those who
                                                                       accidentally sticks his dick in    brutal realities of the Iranian   Ahmadinejad, forgetting his        seek to destroy personal
                                                                       a shredder.                        regime. Two teenage boys          track record of persecution        freedom.

Why Meditation is Actually
NOT just a load of Crap
                                   and keep active and sports is a     It is not rocket science and yet   your level of fitness,                           appeal, there       the Salford University offers a
Simeon Wardle                      well-recognised form of stress      the benefits are immediate.        Tai Chi can teach you                             is always the      number of societies providing
                                   release - especially if of a        There would be a lot less          b r e a t h i n g                                  “relaxation       similar classes as well as
                                   nocturnal nature. However,          tension in the world if we had     t e c h n i q u e s                                 c l a s s ”      offering the potential to meet
MODERN LIVING in the 21st          squeezing this into an already      all been taught at school to       combined        with                                T h u r s d ay   and make new friends. There
century     in    an    urban      hectic schedule, when you           take     10    deep     breaths    body      movements                                 1.00-3.00        is no truer saying than “a
environment like Greater           may also be working to              whenever some trigger sets         that are bound to                                  a      n      d   problem shared is a problem
Manchester      provides     a     supplement your limited             the pulse racing and violent       wipe away some of                                    Brazilian       halved” and having a circle of
plethora      of     stressful     funds while at university, is       urges cloud our judgements!        the stresses of the                                     Samba        friends is a lot cheaper than
situations. This is evidenced      never going to be easy.                                                day. Just think of                                                   seeing a shrink. If you would
                                                                         In fact, meditation is some
by the lower than average life                                                                            that      song                                                       like more information contact
                                     I have attended one or two        thing we can do any where at
expectancy of indigenous                                                                                  “ B a r e                                                            Usman Ali, the Vice-President
                                   Buddhist classes and the focus      any time and once you have
Salfordians and Mancunians.                                                                               necessities                                                          Student      Activities      in
                                   is very much on meditation -        grasped the technique, you
Road        rage,      crime,                                                                             of     life”                                                         University House, who works
                                   http://www.meditation-in-           simply develop your ability to
misadventures, and many                                                                                   f r o m                                                              with the clubs and societies.
                                   manchester.org/Beginners_Cl         remain calm when all around
other consequences of inner                                                                               Jungle
                                   asses.htm. In fact, any             you seems chaotic. With                                                                                   For those who like music,
city life along with the                                                                                  Book and
                                   religious set up will offer us      dedication and time it is                                                                               there are many genres that
moody weather we get here                                                                                 you have an
                                   some time out from the rat          possible to discover your inner                                                                         offer some sedative qualities.
in the North West can chip                                                                                idea of how
                                   race of life but, with              purpose by being at one with                                                                            From the Buddha Bar CDs to a
away at our bonhomie and                                                                                  it      could
                                   meditation, you get none of         the moment. Of course it will                                                                           classical or jazz night out, we
some times even kick us                                                                                   make you
                                   the dogma and lots of the           only happen when you are                                                                                all have our own preferences
where the sun don't shine!                                                                                feel.
                                   "chill out" factor. Buddhism        ready to absorb this awareness                                                                          for slowing our heartbeats and
  When you consider the daily      concentrates     on    simple       and usually this comes about        There                                                                pondering on the bigger
stresses a student will            breathing techniques while          when you have gone through         are also                                                                picture. For some of us, a
typically face, you have to        developing the mind to take a       a stressful period in your life.   yoga                                                                       quiet beer at our local in
factor this into the equation,     breather, too.                      Other wise it is all going to                                                                                   the afternoon is where
too. Students like to work hard                                        seem like a load of bollocks!                                                                                               we can find
                                     Our egos are always telling
and play hard. They are also                                                                                                                                                                         s o m e
                                   us to do this or encourage us         So, meditation is only
adapting to the adult world,                                                                                                                                                                          c a l m
                                   to do that. Sometimes it is         going to be attractive to
which throws up further                                                                                                                                                                               from the
                                   great release of stress to switch   those of us who are
dilemmas and causes for                                                                                                                                                                               trials
                                   that little voice in the back of    ready to appreciate it.
stress. When it comes to                                                                                                                                                                        a      n      d
                                   our heads off. Certainly, any       For the rest of us running in
playing hard it is also worth                                                                                                                                                                  tribulations of
                                   one not familiar with               circlestrying to keep our egos
considering all the nightlife                                                                                                                                                                 student life. But
                                   psychology should read some         and libidos happy, don’t
available, which, when over-                                                                                                                                                                for the real deal
                                   Eckhart Tolle, to grasp how         forget: when the merry-go-
indulged, can also take its toll                                                                                                                                                          and     to    acquire
                                   damaging the ego can be to          round grinds to a halt, grab a
on our mental and physical                                                                                                                                                        simple but effective life,
                                   our basic harmony. Too often        few deep breaths and come
well-being. All in all, it is                                                                             classes at                                                                 with long techniques for
                                   we are living for tomorrow,         find yourself.
something of a ball juggling                                                                              The Angel;                                                                   meditation for just a
                                   and tomorrow – as the                 I recently attended a Tai Chi
scenario and we are all going                                                                             Monday 12.30 -2.30 and Friday           drumming again                        couple of pounds you
                                   Gorillaz remind us – never          class at the Angel Healthy
to drop one or two balls                                                                                  1.00-3.00 for only £4. Like Tai   Thursday 7.00-9.30. How long              can go to an expert and
                                   comes.                              Living Centre in St Phillips
sooner or later while we do                                                                               Chi, yoga borrows techniques      before they start offering         find out how important
our "tour of duty" to acquire a      Just “take a few deep             Place, just off of The Crescent                                      Tantric Sex classes? Now they
                                                                                                          from martial arts and                                                meditation can be. So, as
degree! So why not make it a       breathes”. With meditation          (M3 6FA, Wednesday, 2pm-                                             would be good for your blood
                                                                                                          promises to help reduce your                                         Frasier Crane signs off in his
little easier on yourself?         you are taught how to breathe       3.30pm, £2.00). This is an                                           pressure! Lol.
                                                                                                          stress levels and develop your                                       radio show, "Good mental
                                   for several minutes while           invigorating and more active
 In an ideal world, we will try                                                                           inner harmony. If they don’t       It goes without saying that       health, listeners!"
                                   developing positive thoughts.       type of meditation. Whatever
08 SALFORD FEATURE                                                                                                                                                                                 22.10.07

SSU                                                 SALFORD’S SUSTAINABLE
                                  with the unstinting help of        published by University of         Additionally,        Salford     It works in conjunction with        Students, visitors and staff
Joe Green                         Chris Rice [Travel and             Salford:                         University        has       an     Salford                  Travel     met with Chris and her team
                                  Sustainability      Manager,       www.sustainability.salford.ac.   Environmental Charter for          Partnership.org, founded in         (such as Tony Hughes) to ask
                                  University of Salford] we          uk There is a contact email      Action which was launched on       2001     consisting      of    9    her anything pertaining to
ARE YOU aware that there is       gathered together a group of       direct from here if you have     30th October 2006 by the           stakeholders       who       are    environmentalism within the
a    Sustainable      Working     staff and students who were        any ideas of improving our       Sustainable Working Group.         encouraging         sustainable     university.
Group operating within the        prepared to discuss how we         university        in        an   This charter positively shows      travel within Salford. The            There were a number of
University of Salford? No,        could get these important          environmental management         to the outside world, that the     university can offer students       other stalls. ‘Pilot’ supply
neither did I until very          messages across to the wider       way. This site also give facts   university is dedicated to its     cheaper bus travel with the         various recycled stationary,
recently. It was set up and led   university population.”            and figures such as this         corporate       and     social     First Group. It also offers staff   available to buy at the Allerton
by       Pro-Vice-Chancellor                                                                          responsibility to the City of      an interest free loan so that
                                    “To date we have had             disturbing    gem:     Salford                                                                          Students’ Union Shop, and
Michael Garrity. Don’t worry                                                                          Salford. But what is an            annual train/bus tickets can
                                  reasonable impact but there is     University     spends       £2                                                                          were there giving away free
I had to ‘google him’, there                                                                          Environmental Charter for          be purchased; repayments are
                                  still more to do… Members of       MILLION per year on energy-                                                                             samples. ‘Lyreco’ were there:
are     just    sooo     many                                                                         Action?                            automatic over 12 months via
                                  the Sustainability Group are       that is a whopping £5,500 per                                                                           they supply our university
chancellors in this place.                                                                                                               salary.
                                  keen to receive the views of       day! No wonder our eateries       Environmental- In this                                                with a variety of low impact
Michael Garrity has been at
                                  staff and importantly students     aren’t subsidised more than      context, if we care and look         2,850 people signed up to         and environmentally friendly
Salford since 1996 doing
                                  as to how Salford University       they are; that is a colossal     after      our    immediate        show their support for this         stationary and paper. There
good stuff. In his internet
                                  can     become     a     more      amount of money.                 environment,      such    as       charter, however, only 320 of       was an interesting stall by
photo      he    looks    very
                                  sustainable university.”                                                                               these      signatures    were       ‘Accelerated Compost LTD’

approachable and nice- I’ll
                                   So,    combating    energy                                                                            students. This is a very poor       who supplies the Maxwell
let you know if he is once he’s
read this article!                wastage within the university             To date we have had                                          show guys and gals! To              Building with a very special
                                                                                                                                         commandeer a commonly               type of composter. This
                                                                     reasonable impact but there is still                                used teacher phrase, this year      composter is much faster than
                                                                                                                                         can we ‘Try much harder’            a traditional composter and
                                                                     more to do… Members of the                                          please? More students are           cooked foodstuffs can be
                                                                                                                                         needed to support this charter      included      too.    Therefore
                                                                     Sustainability Group are keen to                                    which can be done very              preventing waste going to
                                                                                                                                         simply: just sign the charter!      landfill; lowering landfill tax
                                                                     receive the views of staff and                                      Chris Rice has copies in her        charges payable by the
                                                                                                                                         office, her telephone number        university and the resultant
                                                                     importantly students as to how                                      is 0161 295 2458.                   compost could be used
                                                                     Salford University can become                                         There was a recent meeting        throughout the university
                                                                                                                                                                             grounds. It would be great to
                                                                                                                                         which included Students’

                                                                     a more sustainable university.                                      Union Vice-Presidents Usman         see another of these machines
                                                                                                                                         Ali and Alan Bailey [yes they       within the university.
                                                                                                                                         got ‘googled’ too]. These guys        ‘Save-a-flush’ bags were
                                                                      Here are some ways that you                                        work within the Students’           being publicised and supplied
                                                                     can help:                        reducing waste, this will have     Union board doing activity          by United Utilities (these are
                                                                                                      a positive effect upon the         stuff. Look them up or pop          freely available, so ring them
                                                                     ● On your computer, ‘SAVE        amount of waste dumped and
                                                                       AS’ saves energy! Save                                            into University House on Peel       at customer services to order
  He very kindly did an           and also saving the university                                      resources used within the area
                                                                       documents to the computer                                         Park Campus if you’d like           yours) although all water
informal email interview for      money seems very sensible,                                          of Salford. This will have a
                                                                       that you are on before                                            further info. Nice beard            companies will supply them
me and this is what he said:      why pay all of the fees to the                                      domino effect upon the UK; if
                                                                       emailing yourself, attaching                                      Usman!                              to you if you live in their area.
“The main driver for the          energy company when the                                             used in conjunction with
                                                                       a copy of the document, so                                          The Union hopes to get            These bags reduce the amount
formation         of       the    university could use the                                            other             educational
                                                                       that you can view it from                                         student reps more involved.         of water available in your
Sustainability Group was not      money for other things- such                                        establishments.
                                                                       any other computer located                                        One student group already           toilet      cistern,      saving
to save the University money      as Access Fund money;
                                                                       anywhere.                        As we know Charters are          involved are The Screaming          thousands of pounds to large
although if this did happen as    repairs, etc. As a by-product of                                    ‘oaths’ and ‘declarations’ of      Green- the eco warriers of          organisations and gallons of
a secondary result then so        this     frugal      form     of   ● Choose the option to print 2   what is wanted to be achieved                                          water too. I can’t mention the
much the better; we would                                              pages per sheet and on both                                       Salford University. The next
                                  housekeeping, the Earth’s                                           at some point in the near                                              other stalls as I am running
have extra financial resources                                         sides where possible.                                             meeting is very soon and can
                                  resources will also be                                              future by a named group.                                               out of room but pat yourselves
to invest in other university                                                                                                            be found by approaching the
                                  conserved. If this type of         ● Recycle your books! I always                                                                          on the back, all those who
activities.”                                                                                           Action - Get off your ass and     two S. U. guys; The Screaming
                                  group were set up (either            give my old books to my                                                                               slaved away on the day.
                                                                                                      get it done!                       Green or by getting in contact
  “The main driver was to act     voluntary or mandatory)              kids’ school but you could
                                                                                                       One of the items within the       with Mrs Chris Rice.                  The environmental day is
as a catalyst for all staff and   within all UK educational            ask if your university
                                                                                                      charter is ‘Sustainable Travel’.    There was a small but              doing a tour of the university
students to consider more         establishments, the savings to       library or charity shop
                                                                                                      There is a formal agreement        BRILLIANT environmental             although the other dates have
carefully how our individual      energy; money and; resources         wants them. If you have
                                                                                                      with Salford City Council          day in the Allerton Concourse       yet to be arranged. It is hoped
and collective behaviours         would be IMMENSE!                    found them useful then
                                                                                                      regarding travel within the        on Tuesday 16th October 2007        that the next one will be at the
impact upon our fragile            There is a web address              possibly other students
                                                                                                      university and within Salford.     between 10.30 and 3pm.              Maxwell Building.
planet. With that in mind and                                          would too.
22.10.07                                                                                                                                                          SALFORD FEATURE 11

                    Just                                                                                                                               Ask!
                     Emily McGowan
                                                                                                                &                                           Sayyada Khan
Dear Emily and Sayyada,                                                                                                                                  m i s s i n g ,      have real evidence that she
I’m single. Most of my                                                                                                                                  including my          has something to do with it,
friends have boyfriends and                                                                                                                             laptop and my         don’t    jump     to    any
every time I hang out with                                                                                                                              earphones!!!          conclusions.
them, they always end up                                                                                                                                I’m sure she
                                                                                                                                                                              Good Luck!
talking about their guys, like                                                                                                                          has something
what they did together and                                                                                                                              to do with that.
the arguments they’ve have,                                                                                                                             None of us            If you have a
etc. At those moments, I                                                                                                                                know what to
always feel completely left                                                                                                                             do about this         dilemma that needs
                                                                                serious     about     h e r ;
out because I have nothing to    obviously not                                  my     girlfriend.    she            will                              girl…do      you       dealing with then
say on the matter since I        going to mind if                              But      if     I’m    appreciate     your                              have         any
                                 you change the topic                                                                                                suggestions?             what are you waiting
haven’t got one. I don’t                                           constantly thinking ‘bout          honesty!
particularly want one either     and start talking about           other girls and what they                                              Hope you can help,                  for? Contact us now
because so far, I’ve not met     yourself. If you go out with      would look like naked, then I                                                                              on sayyada@aol.com.
                                                                                                      Dear Emily and Sayyada              Zach
anyone that I want to form       the next guy who asks you         obviously don’t like her as
that sort of relationship        out, it won’t be fair on him                                         I’m a student and live away
                                                                                                                                                                              And remember, all
                                                                   much as I thought! So, as you
with. However, sometimes I       because you wouldn’t really       can tell, I’m really confused!     from home, so, naturally, I         Dear Zach,                          emails received shall
feel like I should just go out   be into him, would you? So,       What should I do?                  share a flat with ten other
                                 bad idea if you ask me!
                                                                                                                                          This      sounds      like      a   be treated
with the next guy who asks                                                                            guys and girls. I get along         communication          problem
                                                                   In a confused mental state,                                                                                anonymously and
me out although I may not                                                                             with most of these people           which can easily be sorted.
                                                                   Jack                               and with some I get along
like him that much. I just       Dear Emily and Sayyada,                                                                                  Many student flats, especially      with strict
want to be like my friends                                                                            absolutely great. But I’m
and not the odd one out. Do      I’ve been going out with my                                          having serious problems
                                                                                                                                          those of large numbers,             confidence.
                                                                   Dear Jack,                                                             usually have one individual
you think this is a good idea?   girlfriend now for 2 years.                                          with one of the girls and she
                                 We spend together a lot of        It is human nature to look at                                          who likes to be unique and
In desperate need of help,                                                                            is driving me and my other
                                 time, so our relationship is      members of the opposite sex                                            different. If her habits are
                                                                                                      flat mates crazy! She does
Katie                            pretty much strong. But the       and find them attractive, but                                          affecting you physically, talk
                                                                                                      stuff like playing extremely
                                 problem is, even when I’m         your girlfriend or partner                                             to her, let her know, and ask if
                                                                                                      loud country music at really
                                 with her, I find myself           should mean a lot more to                                              she could tone her music
Dear Katie,                                                                                           odd hours in the morning.
                                 checking out other girls          you. There is no harm in                                               down. She needs to respect
                                                                                                      Maybe I wouldn’t mind so
I think you don’t need to have   (which she’s noticed) and         looking at other girls with no                                         the fact that others are living
                                                                                                      much if it was occasionally,
a boyfriend just to have         we’ve     even      got    into   further intention, but it seems
                                                                                                      but this is EVERY day and           there, too, and it isn’t her flat
something to talk about with     arguments about it. And I         to me like you are essentially
                                                                                                      I’m suffering from an               to do as she pleases. If she
your mates or to ‘fit in’. I     suppose it gets even worse        cheating on your girlfriend.
                                                                                                      extreme LACK OF SLEEP.              continues, why not see the
suggest that, when they are      when I’m alone with the           Flirting, chatting up other
                                                                                                      She doesn’t get along with          residence warden? If you are
talking about their boyfriends   guys. I just can’t help myself!   girls, and getting off with
                                                                                                      anyone and is always having         living in student halls and
and arguments they may have      I’m always flirting and           them do not show real
                                                                                                      major     arguments          with   complain, it’ll definitely get
had, you try and give them a     chatting up other girls,          commitment          to     your
                                                                                                      someone about something             sorted. However, maybe you
bit of advice (if you can) and   pretending that I’m single.       girlfriend. You would need to
                                                                                                      really small (like leaving a        are over reacting when you
include yourself in the          I’ve actually ended up            be honest with her and let her
                                                                                                      dirty spoon out of). She            say she may have something
conversation. And once you       getting off with quite a few of   know what has happened. It
                                                                                                      completely blows everything         to do with the stuff that has
get really bored of them going   them, which has been a load       doesn’t sound like you are
                                                                                                      way out of proportion! Oh,
on and on, why not change        of guilty fun! Now, I’m not       ready for a real relationship,                                         gone missing and blame her
                                                                                                      and to top it off, lots of things
the subject? You seem like       sure what to do, ‘cause I         and you and your girlfriend                                            because she is the cause of all
                                                                                                      around the flat have gone
close friends, so they are       always thought that I was         are in different places. Talk to                                       else going wrong. Until you

                             Want some
                             extra money?
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                             form.                                                                                                                          University House to speak to
                                                                                                         end up writing a regular
                             You will also need to bring along your                                                                                         her in person.
                                                                                                         column and receiving local
                             driving licence.
                                                                                                         or national awards!


                                                                           Albums You Must Own:
Devildriver@Club Academy
Lucinda Potter
                                                                           The Streets
Welcome to Manchester. Weather aside, how is the UK tour                   ‘A Grand Don’t Come
It’s going great, tonight has sold out again plus the fans and the
circle pits have been unbelievable... and the weather doesn’t
                                                                           For Free (2004)                                                                                                         Buff Bang Pow!
bother me because I live in California where its 75 degrees! Our                                                                                                                                   @ The Phoenix
support bands, God Forbid, Maliface and Solitude are awesome so
tonight’s gonna be a fun time. We should have headlined here                                                                                                                                      Vickie Scullard
earlier, but we wanted to wait until it happened organically. Now                                                                                                                                 Music Editor
is just time for us to come over and start making our mark.
How did it feel to be at Download Festival again this summer?
                                                                                                                                                                                        It’s not often that a free invite to a
Amazing! The fact that we got put on a couple years in a row is a                                                                                                                         relatively unknown event - with
huge deal.                                                                                                                                                                                      no real idea of what to
What did you think about the controversy of My Chemical                                                                                                                                           expect - can end up being
Romance headlining at Download whilst Korn played the                                                                                                                                             a good night… Tonight
second stage?                                                                                                                                                     was an exception! Four bands, one venue, a great vibe and
                                                                                                                                                                  cheap drinks resulted in a great combination for any live
Music is music, if people are selling records they deserve to be on                                                                                               music lover.
a main stage. I listen to blues, rock, metal, tonnes of goth, tonnes
of punk, I’m a huge fan of all music. I think My Chemical Romance                                                                                                 Buff Bang Pow! is a club and band night that graces the streets of
are doing their thing, and they’re doing it well. A lot of people think                                                                                           Manchester once a month on the second Saturday, providing a
that Download should just be only metal. That’s not the way it                                                                                                    platform for bands and DJ’s from all over the UK to enjoy a
should be.                                                                Tom Newcombe                                                                            moment in the spotlight.

Your album ‘The Last Kind Words’ was released in June. How do                                                                                                     The Phoenix on Oxford Road was the host for tonight’s musical
                                                                          Most Hip-Hop is built on bitching: too little respect, not enough bling,                feast. With the capacity for only around 500 people, it felt busier
you think it differs from previous albums? You have a new
                                                                          too many guns, too much hate. Mike Skinner is different; all he wants                   than it probably was. However, the relaxed and friendly
producer now…                                                             is to return to his DVD and use his phone before the battery dies.                      atmosphere more than made up for this.
Yeah, we’re working with Jason Suecof [Trivium, Chimaria] and               This Mercury-Nominated concept album, complete with interwoven
Mark Lewis. It’s more technical, heavier, up-tempo, with a lot more       themes and characters, tells tales of ordinary situations: falling in love, falling     Kicking off an hour late due to a late arrival in the way of a rather
solos and hooks. I’m a huge fan of this record.                           out of love and holidays with your mates.                                               important technical-person, Bristol band [and personal
                                                                           It starts off with Mike’s world falling apart; every errand he tries to do goes
                                                                                                                                                                  favourites] Tin Dogs jumped straight into action, bringing
You collaborated with many big names for Roadrunner United                wrong and you cant help re-coil in familiarity when arriving at the cash                anthems reminiscent of old school punksters Buzzcocks and
on the track ‘Baptised for the redemption’, would you like to do          point, he shouts in anguish, “Get there the queues outrageous, ladies taking            therefore creating a plateau rather high for such an early stage of
more in the future?                                                       ages, my rage is blowing gauges, how long does it take to validate your                 the night. South London lads The Lost Boys managed to maintain
That’s always cool, ’cause I can step out of myself and out of the        wages”.                                                                                 the level that their predecessors created, although in-between
band. I got to work with Dino Casaris [Fear Factory] Andres                 ‘Could Well Be In’ is where Mike first falls in love. Skinner is charming as he       their rather infectious ska-infused indie they felt the audience
Gimenez [Sepultura] and that was a killer thing! As a singer I don’t      muses about the girl he’s talking to; the feeling you get when you meet                 needed to know just how amazing they thought Manchester was!
                                                                          someone who you can speak for hours with has never been so well captured
play any instrument other than the Native American Flute, which                                                                                                   Third onto the stage was the ironically named indie-funk outfit
                                                                          in one song.
doesn’t really go well with metal! [Laughter]. So anytime someone                                                                                                 The Fifths, a local 4-piece band that, unfortunately, didn’t quite
wants to take me out of my comfort zone then I always welcome               The heavy beats of ‘Not Addicted’ tells the true story of Mike’s addiction to
                                                                                                                                                                  live up to the high-octane energy of the first two. It didn’t help
                                                                          gambling, while the eerily beautiful ‘Blinded By The Lights’ is Skinner
it.                                                                                                                                                               that they incurred a false start and occasional miss-beat of the
                                                                          reaching higher levels of paranoia about his girlfriend and his mate.
Do you see yourself doing this still in 10 years time?                                                                                                            drum during the set, but the crowd grooved along in wait of the
                                                                            ‘Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way’ has more of an R&B sound, with slick
                                                                                                                                                                  real reason for their attendance: The Unstoppable Team.
                                                                          beats and a gentle keyboard. The fabulously jaunty first single ‘Fit But You
Yeah I would hope so; I’ve been on the road now for almost 11
                                                                          Know it’ completely smacks of Blur’s ‘Parklife’, with propulsive beats and              The moment they took to the stage, the crowd came alive.
years straight. I see another strong twenty at least. I train             snappy electric guitar licks, not to mention a wealth of witty lines.
everyday 3 hours then I do an hour and a half show. I’m in the best                                                                                               Everyone was on their feet; dancing, laughing and singing along
                                                                            The moment Mike realises that his earlier paranoia was well judged is                 with the curious Mancunian-accented rapping laid effortlessly on
shape of my life.
                                                                          realised in ‘What Is He Thinking’ - his girlfriend was indeed cheating on him           top of funk-rock grooves in the style of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
What’s happening for Devildriver over the next few months?                with his best mate. This leads into one of the most shamelessly maudlin                 Unstoppable was definitely the word, and the best way to end a
                                                                          tracks on the album in ‘Dry Your Eyes’. Skinner’s desperation hits you hard,            surprisingly enjoyable night.
We’re gonna finish the UK run, go home for a week or two, then go         and for anyone who has suffered the pain of a break-up, every single beat of
over to Austrailia with Megadeth. Then we start touring America           this acoustic arrangement will stay with you for a long time.                           For more details, visit www.myspace.com/buffbangpow. For any
with Lamb Of God and Killswitch Engage. Next year we have got               The denouement in the closing track ‘Empty Cans’ is Skinners best                     bands or DJ’s that want to get involved, contact Kirsty on
something massive coming up, but I don’t wanna jinx it. I’ve been         production; a pulse beating eight-minutes where everything just seems to                kirsty@buffbangpow.co.uk.
told not to say anything so… you’ll just have to wait!                    come to a perfect conclusion.

                                                                                                                     Laura Jade Twist                           heart-crushing weighty drums], the       could pick any song from their
                                                                          Madina Lake                                                                           occasional pinch of screamo and a        album and get a rapturous
                                                                                                                     Whatever you may think about               singer fit for a shot on X Factor,       response. Single ‘House of Cards’
                                                                          @ Manchester                               ‘emo’, or whatever you’ve been             surprisingly Madina Lake don’t           and biggest crowd-pleaser ‘Now or
                                                                                                                     told about this band, disregard            remind you of any other genre-           Never’ are played within the first
                                                                          Academy 3                                  it. Tonight it does not apply.             pushing band you’ve seen before.         four songs, something most bands
                                                                                                                       Yes, Madina Lake are four good              Leading us in with the two minute     will leave until their encore as the
                                                                                                                     looking young guys with cool               instrumental ‘The Auspice’, an           ace up their sleeves. The
                                                                                                                     haircuts, a zest for the stage life, and   ominous electronic din that turns        performance continues to shine and
                                                                                                                     the constant promise that we are           into a fantastic chiming keyboard        ends on the lip-splitting ‘True Love’
                                                                                                                     the best crowd they’ve ever played         riff, they provide us with just enough   and future anthem ‘Pandora’.
                                                                                                                     to. But that’s where the buck stops.       suspense before they seize the             To an outsider, Madina Lake may
                                                                                                                       This is because they also happen         crowd with ’Adalia’ and ‘One Last        seem like another money spinning
                                                                                                                     to be incredibly talented, and clearly     Kiss’, then proceed to bring the         pop-rock band, which is a shame
                                                                                                                     worth more than a redundant tag-           house crashing down around them.         because these people are sadly
                                                                                                                     genre. Mixing the now popular                They don’t need to leave their hits    missing out.
                                                                                                                     method of melody and post-                 until last to ensure their audience
                                                                                                                     hardcore sounds [crunching guitars,        stays put until the end, because they     www.madinalake.com
SALFORD UNION 30                                                                                                                                                                                               22.10.07

    Students’ Union
Andrew Snowden                     that our Advice Centre will         on the Union Assembly and             Pav on Thursday and tickets           you with us and I look
                                   always be happy to help you!        preparing for the first round         are just £2. There will be            forward to working
USSU President                       As you have probably              of the university’s committee         loads of free food and                alongside you
                                   gathered from last week’s           meetings, where we act as             entertainment for both home           a     l      l
WELL, IT’S been a few
                                   edition, a lot has been             your voice.                           and international students            throughout
weeks since I wrote my last
                                   happening in the University           Many students at Allerton           alike! It starts at 7pm and is a      the     next
sabb column, but I have
                                   and it’s been keeping us quite      will be aware of our situation        great opportunity to meet             year.
kept writing for the paper to
                                   busy! We have taken a stand         with the cash machine on the          some new friends, see some
keep you informed of what’s
                                   on the new charges for              Fredrick road campus. I am            belly dancing, salsa and
been going on. I hope all you
                                   testing learning difficulties       pleased to say that we are            experience other cultures!
freshers have settled in well
and are enjoying life at the       and hope to have it reversed.       entering the final stages of            On a final note, I would just
University.                         The Students’ Union itself         negotiations with a high              like to thank all of those who
                                   has been quite busy, fighting       street bank and if everything         have gotten involved with the
  Don’t forget that your loans
                                   a campaign for students’            goes according to plan, the           Students’ Union so far
don’t last forever and you
                                   safety off the campus with          contract will soon be signed          through clubs and societies,
have to live off them until
                                   aims such as getting the park       for a free cash machine!              Course or Student Liaison
January, so keep an eye on
                                   near the Walness Tavern lit.         Don’t forget that it is also         Representative and Union
your money and don’t forget
                                   We have also been working           the International Night at the        Assembly. It is great to have

                                                                                                 bag, just like on Blue Peter. Come on,

A Mental                                                                                         do something a bit different. If you’re
                                                                                                 thinking that’s fun, but that you’ll
                                                                                                 need a bit of Dutch courage as

Health Charity                                                                                   always, we’ll have our Flirt! drink
                                                                                                 offers on; Fosters just £1.50, Lugarno
                                                                                                 Sambuca £1.50, Jack Daniels £1, Reef
A Salford-based non-profit organisation called                                                   £1.50, Tequila £1 and Vodka shots
FST SMaRT (Socially Minded and Responsible                                                       just £1. With drink offers as good as
Trading) is part of a national charity, First Step                                               that, and a night of pure Flirting this
Trust. It provides work experience and training                                                  is one not to be missed! Doors open at
to people who are unemployed and who have a                                                      8pm on Tuesday with an entry fee of
disadvantage of some kind, such as a mental                                                      just £2.50 before 10, then £3.50 after.
health problem, which helps them get off               Hi everyone!                                This Thursday, the International
benefits and back into paid work or education.         As we reach the fifth week of term,       Society is hosting an International
  They provide work through two non-profit             we hope all of you Salford students       Party at the Pav! There will be live
businesses that trade with the local community - a     are working hard and playing              music from Luciano (Brazil) and
garage, offering low cost servicing, repairs and       harder down with us at the Pav.           Embossa Lounge, salsa class with
MOT's, and an unwanted vehicle collection              Here’s our weekly line up, so you         Irmita from Chile, bellydancers,
service, which recycles vehicles to the highest        can all plan your social diaries.         international       DJs,    and     an
environmental standard.                                  Last Tuesday, we held our very first    international buffet including            the Pav and do what you can do to         newspaper out, but look out for
                                                       off the wall Masquerade Ball. Some        chicken satay, falafel, spring rolls,     represent! Doors open at 8pm, with        What’s On back on 5 November.
  FST SMaRT has recently launched an appeal to
                                                       masks were very creative and it was       dim sum, samosas and much more!           an entry fee of just £2.50.               Don’t forget the regulars of the
generate more unwanted vehicle donations, in
                                                       nice not to see faces, for a change, as   There will also be a prize draw to win      The weekend, as always, is going to     Monday night quiz and Wednesday
order to help them get more unemployed and
                                                       an air of mystery landed in the Pav.      a weekend trip to Edinburgh, a new        be jam packed, with all the live          grandstand, and also your queue
disadvantaged people back to work. They have a
                                                       Don’t forget to check out the pictures    iPod shuffle or a day trip to North       sports actions being played on our        jump tickets for Pure and Birdcage!!
female trainee workforce member here at the
                                                       at www.live2flirt.co.uk.                  Wales!                                    screens. It’s free to watch, so support     Hope you have a good 2 weeks,
moment (training as a mechanic) who is doing
                                                         This week, we are having a slightly       Fridays as always we are taking you     your team in style at the Pav.            Salford students, and we look
extremely well, but was herself forced to drop out
                                                       different Flirt! as we go for the         back as we rewind through the               Next week, we have Halloween            forward to seeing you all down at the
of University because of mental health problems.
                                                       ‘rubbish’ look. That’s right, we are      decades with the music, but this          Quiz Night on Monday, a Halloween         Pav this week!
  If you would like to find out more about their                                                 week we are giving you all the
                                                       testing the good old fashioned                                                      fancy dress on Tuesday and Shock            Don’t forget to check us out on
work and support them as a local-based charity                                                   chance to ‘Represent’. This is a night
                                                       phrase “bet you’d look good in a bin                                                Radio’s Launch Party on Friday, so        myspace             too,           its
helping people with mental health problems,                                                      when all clubs, societies and friends
                                                       bag” as we hold our very first ‘Bin                                                 don’t miss out!                           www.myspace.com/ussu. You might
contact           Ms           Clipsham           at                                             unite and come to the Pav to
                                                       Bag Party!!’ Oh yes, you moan you                                                     So, that’s what we’ve got going on      even see yourself in a few cheeky
sarah.clipsham@firststeptrust.org.uk . This is an                                                represent themselves. This year’s
                                                       are poor students, so we’re offering                                                for you down at the Pav for the           pictures! See you on the dance floor!
important issue since it is known that 1 in 4 people                                             theme is ‘the Past, Present and the
                                                       you a night of cheap outfits to match                                               coming two weeks. Reading week is           Luv,
will suffer from a mental health problem at some                                                 Future’, so get thinking about your
                                                       the cheap drink offers. It’s a chance                                               next week so there won’t be a               The Pav xx
point in their lives.                                                                            costumes and get yourselves down to
                                                       to see what you can do with a bin

 This Week:                                                                                                                    Next Week:
 Monday, 22 October, 8pm - Quiz Night @ the Pav; Unisex @ Pure                                                                 Monday, 29 October, 8pm – Halloween Quiz Night
 Tuesday, 23 October, 8pm - ‘Bin Bag Party!!’ @ the Pav                                                                        Tuesday, 30 October, 8pm – Halloween Flirt! fancy dress
 Wednesday, 24 October, 8pm - Grandstand @ the Pav; Rehab @ the Birdcage                                                       Wednesday, 31 October, 8pm – Grandstand
 Thursday, 25 October – International Party @ the Pav (7pm-midnight);                                                          Thursday, 1 November – Quiz @ Yours Bar
 Erasmus Sin Party (10pm-3am) @ Tiger Tiger
                                                                                                                               Friday, 2 November, 7pm – Shock Radio Launch Party!!
 Friday, 26 October, 8pm - Represent! @ the Pav
 Sunday, 28 October, 4pm – Liverpool v. Arsenal live@ the Pav
SALFORD PASS THE TIME 32                                                                                                                                       22.10.07

RANT: Money, Money, Money!
                                                                perfectly into the category       professions, are essential to         It seems that reality TV can
                              Caroline Steer                    entitled ‘waste of space’. Does   the running of the country,          be seen as the source for
                                                                anyone know what these two        and yet they earn so little          promoting these types of
                                                                women actually do to earn a       compared to celebrities.             celebrities. Peter Andre re-
                                AS A student, I fully           living? It seems to me that all                                        established himself into the
                                                                                                    Take David Beckham, for
                                understand the definition       Coleen does is spend her                                               World of fame after taking
                                                                                                  example. He provides the
                                of the word ‘skint’. In fact    beloved’s cash on clothes,                                             part in the show ‘I’m A
                                                                                                  world with entertainment,
                                 I’m pretty sure that if you    shoes and other luxuries;                                              Celebrity, Get Me Out Of
                                                                                                  but he’s not a necessity! Yet,
                                  were to look it up in the     something most of us only                                              Here’. He and Jordon now
                                                                                                  his ridiculous £87 million
                                   dictionary, there would      dream of. Likewise, Paris                                              have their own documentary
                                                                                                  fortune earned him and his
                                   be a picture of me, slap     would probably be an                                                   show on ITV2! Equally, ‘Big
                                                                                                  wife first place in the Daily
                                   bang in the middle of        average Joe like you and me,                                           Brother’ has certainly given
                                                                                                  Mail’s ‘Chav Rich List’ this
                                   the page. It’s, therefore,   if her father was not a                                                birth to a few ‘waste of space’
                                                                                                  time last year.
                                   no surprise that I feel a    successful businessman.                                                celebrities. Jade Goody in
                                                                                                   You thought that was bad?           particular still hovers in the
                                   great deal of anger and        It hardly seems fair that       Well, it gets worse. Coming in
                                   envy towards celebrities     both limelight and wealth                                              media and continues to
                                                                                                  second place was Peter Andre         make money for doing
                                   who earn so much, yet        are given to people like these    and Jordan with a fortune of         nothing,      except     being
                                   do so little!                two women, when the real          £30 million. Why, oh God,            annoying of course.
                                    People, such as Paris       icons of the world are left in    WHY??! Andre is a failed ‘one
                                                                the dark. Doctors, nurses,                                              All I can say is that I’d like to
                                   Hilton   and    Coleen                                         hit wonder’ and I’m not
                                                                teachers and policeman,                                                see these people do a day’s
                                   McLoughlin (to name                                            actually sure what Jordan
                                                                along with many other                                                  work in the real world.
                                   but a few), seem to fit                                        does anymore.

 Are You As Smart As You Think?

                                                                                                       Victoria’s Secret
                                                                                                  Dear Victoria,                       you know what I mean! Men
                                                                                                  My boyfriend really enjoys           look at women; it’s just a law of
                                                                                                  porn magazines and if that isn’t     nature.
                                                                                                  bad enough, he also likes to           Even if you tell him to stop, he's
                                                                                                  stare at other women when we         going to do it when he thinks
                                                                                                  are together! I find this really     you're not looking. It’s better that
                                                                                                  demoralising, as I don’t             he feels he can be honest with
                                                                                                  measure up to these women            you. I'd say you have two choices:

                           Chess by Tony                                                          and sometimes I wonder what
                                                                                                  he sees in me. I’ve told him that
                                                                                                  it hurts, but he just responds by
                                                                                                                                       you can either get involved or
                                                                                                                                       you can be upset. So far, you've
                                                                                                                                       chosen to be upset.
                                                                                                  saying that he loves me and that       By him loving you, you’re
                           King and Knight alone can't win, unless an                             it’s normal for guys.                actually above all of these other
                                                                                                    Why does he need to have all       women. Sure, he looks at them,
                           additional opponent's piece involuntarily betrays                      these magazines and be               but at the end of the day, it’s only
                                                                                                  interested in gawking at other       you that he wants to take home.
                           his king and contributes to the checkmate.                             women if he truly loves me?            Anyways, don't you look at
                           Can you see the way to victory in this miniature                                                            men?! If a gorgeous man passes
                                                                                                  Dear Upset,                          by, you appreciate his beauty.
                           from an unknown author?                                                                                     Well it’s precisely the same. You
                                                                                                  You really need to start believing   are not ripping your clothes off
                                                                                                  in yourself. It is you with whom     and saying "lets have sex", you
                           SOLUTION TO LAST WEEK’S CHESS:                                         he is completely devoted to and      are just looking. Our society
                           1. Bb8! Rxb8 (1…Rd8+ loses in 3 moves: 2. Qxd8; then, if               you should never feel threatened     holds it to be more natural for
                           Black moves the King, White wins with 3. Qc7+ and 4. Qa7               by these ‘pin ups’.                  men to do it than for women.
                           checkmate; if Black moves anything other than the King,                  However, I tend to agree with      You and I both know though that
                                                                                                  your boyfriend that it’s not a big   women do it also, just perhaps
                           White wins with 3. Bc7+ and 4. Qb8 checkmate). 2. Kc7!
                                                                                                  deal. I'd be worried if he totally   more discreetly and in subtle
                           Rxb6 3. cxb6. Black can’t stop the pawn and is mated in 3              stopped looking at women, if         ways.
                           more moves: 3…a5 4. b7+ Ka7 5. b8= Q+ Ka7 6. Qb6
                           checkmate                                                                 For your own personal advice email Victoria at
22.10.07                                                                                                                                                                           SALFORD SPORT 35

Els in Seventh Heaven                                                                                           Tennis Match Fixing Allegations
                                                                                                                                                     become a sanctionable offence        know where they could have
                                                                                                                Dal Kaur                             for a player not to provide          come from. I’ve always
Brett Widdop                                                                                                                                          information that helps the          defended a clean sport and
                                                                                                                                                                                          that’s the way I see tennis.”
                                                                                                                                                     police and the authorities.”
                                                                                                                SCOTTISH TENNIS player                                                      Former British tennis player
SOUTH AFRICAN Ernie Els                                                                                                                                The     ATP    is     currently
                                                                                                                Andy Murray made shocking                                                 Andrew Castle said that Murray
continued to make golfing                                                                                                                            investigating a game at the
                                                                                                                comments this week that                                                   should have gone straight to the
history at the World Match                                                                                                                           Poland Open involving Nikolay
                                                                                                                match fixing was rife in the                                              ATP with his suspicions instead
Play as he claimed the title for                                                                                                                     Davydenko and Martin Vassallo
                                                                                                                sport. He told BBC Radio Five                                             of going to the press first. Barry
a record the seventh time in                                                                                                                         that caused concerns after
twelve years.                                                                                                                                                                             Cowan, a former player, said
                                                                                                                Live that “everyone knows it’s       unusual betting activity. Online     that he was aware of lower-paid
  The ‘Big Easy’ earned the £1                                                                                  going on.”                           betting agent Betfair voided the     players being offered money to
million winners cheque after                                                                                      Murray said, “It’s difficult to    game as Davydenko’s price            lose matches. Arvind Parmar,
beating    2007      US     Open                                                                                                                     drifted out, although he won         another former player, said
                                                                                                                prove. They can try their best
champion Angel Cabrera in a                                                                                                                          the first set and then he later
                                                                                                                until the last games in each set                                          claimed he was offered money
convincing and comprehensive                                                                                                                         had to retire due to injury.
                                                                                                                and then make some mistakes,                                              to lose and Gilles Elseneer said
6&4 victory, leaving Els £150,000
                                                                                                                                                       Murray’s claims come only a        he was offered £69,000 to lose
clear of Padraig Harrington in                                                                                  hit a couple of double faults and
                                                                                                                                                     month after former British           his first-round game at
the European Order of Merit.                                                                                    that’s it.”
                                                                                                                                                     number one, Tim Henman, told         Wimbledon in 2005.
  Els’ route to the final included                                                                                The ATP (Association of            BBC Inside Sport that he had
some clinical golfing. Results                                                                                                                                                              The ATP is now going to set
                                                                                                                Tennis Professionals) have           heard other players talking          up an international unit to
showed that Ernie’s quest for                                                                                   contacted Murray’s agent in          about being asked to throw           fight corruption in the sport
not only a seventh title at                                                                                     order to arrange a meeting and       matches. He said, “I personally      along with the Grand Slam
Wentworth, but also his first                                                                                   discuss the claims made. They
piece of silverware in 2007,                                                                                                                         have never experienced it, but       Committee, the International
                                     seized the opportunity and had         that won the day for Els and the    have a zero tolerance policy         have listened to the players         Tennis Federation and the
looked like reaping rewards. A
                                     very soon got 4 up and at the          superb putting displays for         against such activity and have       talking and it seems it goes on.”    Sony Ericsson WTA Tour. The
first round 6&5 trouncing of
                                     halfway stage was 3 up. A              continued with a 15-footer on       told players they have 48 hours                                           ATP has launched its own
Colin      Montgomerie         was                                                                                                                     The claims have not been met
followed by another 6&5 victory      reoccurring back problem was a         the 28th and then two-putting       to tell them if they are             favorably and world number           probe      after     Murray’s
over young Argentine Andres          worry for the Els camp in the          the 30th, followed by a par         approached about throwing            one Roger Federer was quick to       comments      and    will be
Romero.                              morning, but the South African         which left him 5 up with 5          matches.                             defend the sport. “We’ve all         investigating    further,  if
                                     overcame it and during the             remaining.                           A spokesman said, “It will          heard the rumors but I don’t
 Cabrera also had to see off                                                                                                                                                              necessary.
                                     afternoon session was well on            Facing an almost impossible
competition    from    strong        the way to silverware.
opposition to reach the final,                                              task, Cabrera bogeyed the next
                                       A revival of magnificent             hole, gifting Els his record
defeating    Retief  Goosen,
defending champion Paul Casey
and young American and
                                     proportion would now be
                                     needed from the big hitting
                                                                            seventh win in this showcase of
                                                                            match play golf.                    SURFC 43 – Liverpool 3rds 0
surprise Open package, Hunter        Argentine, affectionately known          Afterwards, the South African
Mahan.                               as ‘El Pato’, if he was to claim his   said, “It's absolutely a dream
                                     second significant piece of                                                                                     gave James Hodder a simple run       faltering and Salford took
  Els, who helped to redesign                                               come true. In my wildest
                                     silverware this year. Alas,                                                Phil Groves                          to score the second try. The         advantage. A brief kicking dual
the Wentworth course this year,                                             dreams, I would not have
                                     despite four birdies in six holes                                                                               conversion went over: Salford        led to James Hodder’s second
turned on the style on from                                                 dreamt I could win it seven
                                     and cutting the gap to just 2 up       times.                                                                   14-0 up.                             try of the match, a brilliant run
almost the very start of the final   after the 27th hole, Els                                                   AFTER COMING so close to                                                  from the halfway line, which
days play. A Cabrera bogey on                                                "I didn't strike my drives as                                             The second half began well
                                     maintained his stranglehold on                                             promotion last year, only to see                                          broke through what seemed like
the first hole was not the start                                            well as the previous couple of                                           with a catch and drive from a
                                     the match.                                                                 it slip away thanks to                                                    half the Liverpool team.
the Argentine wanted, but Els                                               days, but my putter stayed hot."                                         lineout allowing Tim Taylor to
                                      Arguably, it was his putting                                              burocratic errors, Salford 1st
                                                                                                                                                     barge over. Minutes late, a chip       Smooth hands from the backs
                                                                                                                was fired up and ready to get
                                                                                                                                                     over the top and with some poor      and good support play allowed
                                                                                                                their season off to a good start
                                                                                                                                                     organisation from the Liverpool      James Dickie to run in for the

NFL with Barry
                                                                                                                and they got a great one. In an
                                                                                                                                                     defence allowed Matt Baxendale       sixth try of the game. After some
                                                                                                                overpowering display, the
                                                                                                                                                     to score the fourth try of the       hard     grafting     from     the
                                                                                                                opposition was blown off the
                                                                                                                                                     match. With the considerable         forwards,        including       a
                                                                                                                park as Salford laid down a
                                                                                                                                                     lead came the substitutions, but     bulldozing run from Phil
                                                                                                                statement of intent for this
                                                                                                                                                     Salford could not afford to rest     Summers, captain Matt Conway
                                                                                                                                                     on their laurels.                    scored the final try in the last
                                                                                                                  From the kick off, Salford                                              few minutes.
Barry Howorth                                                                                                                                          Penalties again pushed them
                                                                                                                started applying good pressure
                                                                                                                                                     down the pitch and for ten             A great win and a brilliant way
                                                                                                                and making breaks. After an
                                                                                                                                                     minutes, Salford had to defend       to start the new season. A
WE BEGIN this week with the                                                                                     early missed penalty kick, a
                                                                                                                                                     desperately as Liverpool tried to    ‘thanks’ goes out from the team
Patriots, who have had the                                                                                      telling run and inside step from
                                                                                                                                                     force their way over, but the line   to all the support on the
perfect start to a season and                                                                                   Simon Walker put Jay Harrison
                                                                                                                                                     held firm.                           sidelines and to the opposition,
they continued this trend with                                                                                  in, under the posts, for the first
                                                                                                                                                       With their best attack coming      who never gave up and gave us a
a comfortable 48–27 win over                                                                                    try of the game. Soon after,
                                                                                                                                                     to nothing, Liverpool began          real test.
the Dallas Cowboys and in the                                                                                   clever work from the blind side
process ending the Cowboys
own unbeaten season. The
Packers also continued their
good start to the season with a
                                                                                                                Mixed Results for Men’s Hockey
17–14 victory over the redskins
taking their season to 5 and 1.                                                                                                                        Morecambe, however, showed         SUHC 1 - Bolton 0
                                                                                                                Imanar Sole                          a ‘never say die’ attitude and       The seconds played host to a
  Another team on a good run is
                                                                                                                                                     were      rewarded      with     a   young Bolton side, full of
the Buccaneers, who are
                                                                                                                                                     consolation goal through a           energy, and ground out a well
continuing their surprisingly                                                                                   SUHC 10 - Morecambe 1                typical route, goalkeeper Charlie
good start to the season with a                                                                                                                                                           earned win, in a non-stop
                                                                                                                The firsts started slowly in         “Lady boy” Noble’s legs. There       gruelling match. The boys took
13–10 victory over the Titans.                                                                                                                       was also enough time in the
Tampa Bay won only four games                                                                                   what was to turn out to be a                                              an early lead inside the first 5
                                                                                                                                                     match for the oldest member of       minutes when poor marking
during all of last season and                                                                                   dominant performance. They           the 1sts, Jon “2 Wipes” Collet, to
                                                                                                                lead 2 – 0 at half time, led by                                           allowed     David      “Marmite”
after six weeks they have                                                                                                                            be embarrassed by a 13 year old      Vreony to rifle in a free hit from
equalled last season tally and       over the Cardinals to take their       disappoint. Despite the Falcons     some cool finishing by Richy         (over half his age!), who saw Jon    18 yards, which found an
show no signs of stopping.           tally to 4 and 2. The Jaguars have     taking the lead on the first        “Power Shower” Sneddon               coming and smartly nut-              unmarked Andrew Robinson for
  Last week, the Rams and the        also started well and continued        drive, the Giants showed their      when he got one-on-one and           megging him, much to the             a simple deflection past the
Dolphins had yet to win a game       with a 37–17 win over the Texans       great form to win by a twenty-      placed the ball into the top         amusement        of    everybody     helpless Bolton goalkeeper.
                                                                                                                right corner leaving the             watching.
this season and this week that       taking them to 4 and 1.                one point margin to win 31 – 10.                                                                                The game required Salford to
has yet to change. The Rams                                                                                     goalkeeper with no chance.                                                absorb pressure from a team
                                       Other results last weekend             Next week’s game, live on Five,                                        SUHC 7 - Blackburn Northern 2
continued their bad season with      included the Chargers beating          will be the Colts versus the          The second half, however, saw                                           capable of doing a lot of running
a 22–3 lose to the Ravens and the                                                                               a true ruthless streak, as they      Sunday saw the firsts travel to      and having to hit Bolton on the
                                     the Raiders 28 – 14 and the Bears      Jaguars. The Colts have had a                                            Blackburn to continue their win
Dolphins fell to a 41–31 defeat to   failed to take advantage of their      week off and still have an          piled on huge amounts of                                                  counter-attack. It took tireless
the Browns.                                                                                                     pressure and produced 8 goals.       streak and goal-scoring spree.       running from Timmy Young
                                     victory last week to lose to the       unbeaten season after five                                               Another top-notch performance
                                                                                                                The pick of the goals came from                                           combined        with       dogged
 The Saints won their first          Vikings 34 – 31. The Chiefs won        games, while the Jaguars are                                             was rewarded with 7 goals.
                                                                                                                Des O’ Connor after the                                                   determination by the back 4
game of the season with a            over the Bengals 27 – 20 and the       currently 4 and 1. On paper, this
                                                                                                                Morecambe defender showed              Blackburn Northern were able       thwarting Bolton time after
convincing 28–17 win over the        Eagles defeated the struggling         looks like a close game.                                                                                      time. Overall, the team had the
                                                                                                                “careless hands” gifting the ball    to reply twice, but were no real
Seahawks,      which      has        Jets 16–9.                             However, the Colts’ offence         on the edge of the D, with which     match for a team in top form.        far better chances, but failed to
condemned the Seahawks to a            Last week, we predicted at           seems unstoppable at the            O’Connor sidestepped and             Though, yet again, Charlie           extend their lead, which was
two game losing streak.              least a fifteen point victory for      moment so we are predicting a       decided to “take his pick”,          “Lady     boy”     Noble    was      topped off with a missed
 The Panthers continued their        the Giants against the Falcons         victory for the Colts by a          sticking a top quality finish just   nutmegged, taking his count to       penalty stroke by one of the
good season with a 25–10 victory     last Monday and they did not           massive twenty-one points.          inside the right hand post.          the season to 2.                     mentioned.
 Salford edition . Issue.6 . Monday 22nd October 2007

ENGLAND'S FATE OUT                                                                                     Freddy’s
OF THEIR HANDS                                                                                         Ankle
                                  shot from 15 yards out. A          down. But it was England
Sam Jones                         minute later, Estonia were         who broke the deadlock.
                                  picking the ball out of their      Michael Owen headed into
Football Correspondent
                                  net again, after Taavi Rahn        the path of Wayne Rooney,
                                  headed into his own goal.          whose volley put England in
It was going to be a big            In the second half, England      the driver’s seat.
week for Steve McClaren's         slowed things down, Rio              England             looked
England, two wins against         Ferdinand was taken off to         comfortable until half time                                                                India. Injury problems restricted him to just four
Estonia and Russia would                                                                               By Tom O’Brien                                           of the seven matches where he took 10 wickets for
                                  avoid a second yellow card         and should have, perhaps,
send them through to next                                                                                                                                       144 runs, from 35.3 overs, but scored only 14 runs.
                                  so Everton centre back             doubled their advantage
summers euro 2008, and                                                                                 ANDREW FLINTOFF has had a fourth operation               In the Twenty20 World Cup, he was in obvious
                                  Joleon Lescott was handed          four minutes into the second                                                               pain despite bowling for just 4 overs per game.
after four wins on the trot,                                                                           on his troublesome left ankle and will be
                                  his international debut. The       half, when Steven Gerrard         unavailable for England until the summer of                There is no denying that Andrew Flintoff, who is
confidence was high going         game ended 3-0, but                steered wide after being          2008.                                                    injury free, is amongst the best players in the
into the games.                   England’s injury curse             found by a Gareth Barry free        The all-rounder, who just won the ICC Player of        world. However, he has not been able to replicate
  Things started well. By half    struck again as Ashley Cole        kick.                             the Year award two years ago, has now missed             the form that he produced in England’s
time at Wembley, Estonia          landed awkwardly when                Then, the game turned on        eleven out of the last sixteen tests and will miss the   sensational Ashes victory of 2005 and has hit the
were finished and England         trying to clear the ball.          its head. Wayne Rooney            entire tour of Sri Lanka and New Zealand this            headlines more for his off-pitch antics.
were cruising at 3-0. Shaun         England then headed to           hauled down Zurianov with         winter, prompting speculation that he may not be           As Flintoff struggles to regain any consistency
Wright-Phillips had opened        Russia to play on an artificial    a clumsy challenge to             able to return as effectively as before, if at all.      with his fitness, he is becoming overshadowed in
the scoring and some good         pitch for the first time in        concede a penalty. However,         Experts, including former England bowling              the England side by players such as Ryan
combination play on the           their history. With John           replays showed Rooney‘s           coach and South African international Allan              Sidebottom and James Anderson, who have made
right wing with Micah                                                                                  Donald and former England captain Sir Ian                the most of his absences. With the bat, Freddie has
                                  Terry pulling up injured in        infringement took place
Richards, eventually firing                                                                            Botham, have laid the blame for Flintoff’s constant      rarely gotten started over the last two years and
                                  training, Sol Campbell             outside of the penalty area.                                                               would not qualify for the side on the basis of his
his shot through the legs of                                                                           injuries upon his bowling action.
                                  retained his place at centre         The penalty was left to                                                                  scoring alone.
the Estonia goalkeeper.                                                                                  According to research, at the point of releasing
                                  back, whilst Lescott made          substitute Paluvchenko to                                                                    Andrew Flintoff is currently facing a Catch 22
                                                                                                       the ball, the bowler places up to three times his
  Wayne      Rooney,      still   his first international start at   score and four and four                                                                    situation. Coaches are insisting he should change
                                                                                                       body weight upon his front foot and ankle. As a
searching for his first           left back in the place of          minutes later he scored           result of the pressure from Flintoff’s more than         his bowling action to prevent further injuries,
competitive goal for England      Ashley Cole.                       again. This time it was a         ample frame, fragments of bone in his ankle have         something he is reluctant to do as he believes he
since Euro 2004, went close         It was Russia who started        close range tap in after Paul     been pressing upon his tendons at both the front         would not be as effective with the ball. Yet, without
with a glorious lob before        the liveliest and they had         Robinson had palmed an            and back of his foot.                                    modifying his bowling, he will be reduced to a bit
finding the net on 32             claims for an eleventh             Alexei Berezutsky shot into         Freddy missed the whole of the 2007 summer,            part role for club and country and countless rehab
minutes with a deflected          minute penalty turned              his path.                         with the exception of the one-day series against         sessions. England’s hero of two years ago may
                                                                                                                                                                never be the same again.

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