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                                                                          Fall 200
                     Supplement to the Palladium-Item October 19, 2007

   The Newest Phase of Hidden Valley

                                                 1328 Clear Creek West

                                                   Dir: U.S. 40 to south on SW 15th
                                                     to left on Clear Creek Lane

       • O v e r 2 2 0 0 s q f t • B e a u t i f u l P a r k- L i ke S e t t i n g
          • Bonus room •Pr ime lots still available                                   0000077046

                                                                            “Over 600
Nicholson Builders • 962-2474                                            homes since 1954”
                Home Safety Council Applauds
        Excellent Safety Record of Vent-Free Appliances
                                                      appliances. The Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance      tures, there is no need to open a window to ven-
                                                      has teamed up with the HSC to create special         tilate a vent-free gas heating appliance.
                                                      vent-free gas heating appliance content on the       With a vent-free gas appliance, all that is needed
                                                      HSC’s Expert Network (www.homesafetycoun-            is a gas line for 99.9 percent energy efficient
                                            , including a new guide        heat. In a vent-free fireplace, no heat is lost up
                                                      designed to inform fire and life safety educators    the chimney because the damper is closed. Vent-
                                                      about the products and their built-in safety com-    free products range from 5,000 to 40,000 Btu —
                                                      ponents, and a link to a PowerPoint presenta-        including 8,000 to 10,000 Btu units for bed-
                                                      tion about vent-free gas heating appliances. The
                                                                                                           rooms and 2,000 to 6,000 Btu units for bath-
                                                      new guide will be posted on the HSC’s Expert
                                                      Network prior to the heating season.
                                                                                                           The Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance is a coali-
                                                      Vent-free gas products are the highly efficient
                                                      space heaters, fireplaces, logs, and inserts that    tion of members of GAMA — a national trade
                                                      operate on natural gas or propane to provide         association representing more than 200 manu-
                                                      supplementary heating in over 17 million             facturers of space heating and water heating
 A vent-free gas fireplace offers 99.9%-efficient     American homes. Because vent-free appliances         appliances and equipment all certified to
supplemental heating comfort all winter long.
                                                      do not require venting to the outside, they can      national ANSI standards.
(MS)- Having a safe home is vital to every            safely be placed practically anywhere in a home      For a free copy of the new Consumer Guide
American, and that is what the Home Safety            with access to a gas line.                           to Vent-Free Gas Products — which includes
Council (HSC) is all about. As the only national      All U.S. gas code groups and 49 states allow the     detailed sizing guidelines, and the results
nonprofit organization solely dedicated to pre-       sale and installation of vent-free appliances.       of independent studies on indoor relative
venting home-related injuries, the HSC is com-        Every vent-free gas product sold in the U.S. is      humidity and indoor air quality — and other new
mitted to helping Americans to be safer at home.
                                                      equipped with a precision-engineered Oxygen          publications on energy- and cost-savings, write
As part of its heating-season safety outreach, the
                                                      Detection Safety-Pilot (ODS), which automati-        to the Vent-Free Gas Products Alliance, 2107
HSC is working to raise awareness — starting
                                                      cally shuts off the gas supply if the oxygen level   Wilson Blvd., Suite 600, Arlington, VA 22201,
with safety professionals — about one of
the country’s fastest-growing sources of supple-      in the room approaches a defined minimum set         e-mail to, or visit
mentary home heating: vent-free gas heating           by American National Standard (ANSI) Z21.11.2.
                                                      Because of this and other vent-free safety fea-

     Beauty, Durability Have More Builders Siding With Cypress
(MS) — For its beauty and natural durability,                                                              power is because of what’s inside: cypress heart-
homeowners throughout the south have always                                                                wood contains ‘grown in the wood’ preservative
turned to cypress — for good reason. Born and                                                              oil, cypressene, which makes it extremely resist-
bred in the swamplands of the southeastern U.S.,                                                           ant to decay and insects, and an ideal candidate
with its constant heat, humidity and torrential                                                            for both siding and fencing.
rains, cypress is the wood of choice where                                                                 “In Florida, we are always looking for a product
longevity and great looks really count: on your                                                            that can withstand the sun, humidity and heavy
home’s exterior.                                                                                           rains,” says Gidus. “In many cases, clients ask for
In addition to superior performance outside,                                                               composite materials to withstand the elements.
naturally beautiful cypress siding possesses a                                                             But there are a growing number of clients who
rich grain, texture and color that complements                                                             like to know that their home has a real, authen-
any architectural style, from rustic to traditional                                                        tic, natural wood product with the durability
to post-modern.                                                                                            that a Florida home requires.”
Anthony Morace, a business owner in Carrier,                                                               That includes attorney Duke Woodson and his
Mississippi, enlarged his small vacation camp on                                                           wife, Colleen, whose Florida lakefront home
the banks of the Bogue Chitto River near                                                                   underwent extensive restoration. They refur-
Franklinton, Louisiana, to a three-story, 2,800                                                            bished the cypress siding on the home’s original
square-foot full-time home.                                                                                exterior, and created a multi-level deck, built-in
Wrapped in beveled cypress outside, and fin-                                                               barbecue area, and guest home. Cypress was
ished with tongue-and-groove paneling inside,                                                              selected for the deck’s posts, pergolas and trellis
cypress was a natural choice for Morace’s Dutch        This 1909 Florida bungalow was transformed
                                                         into The Renewed American Home for the            work by the Woodsons and their designer, Karen
colonial-style home. “I looked at other woods ini-
                                                       International Builders Show, with new cypress       Kassik of Orlando. Kassik is a big fan of cypress’
tially, but I remembered what my father had said.
                                                           siding. In the backyard, cypress fencing        versatility and performance. “It’s easy to work
He used to work in a sawmill. He always told us
                                                              surrounds an outdoor living area.            with, takes stain and paint very well, and has
that cypress would last for years and years. That
                                                                                                           more longevity to it than other woods. For me,
sold me.”                                             historic preservation board, arguing its historic
                                                                                                           it’s the wood of choice.”
One century-old Florida bungalow, a neglected         significance, won out, and nationally known
                                                                                                           The Woodsons, who researched many other
eyesore slated for demolition, got the makeover       builder Stephen Gidus, president of PSG
of its dreams from a nationally known                                                                      wood products before choosing cypress, were
                                                      Construction, bought the home and went to
remodeler. The result? History meets today’s                                                               more than pleased. “Just look at the 75-year-old
                                                      work. He replaced the aged cypress siding in the
contemporary family as The Renewed American           century-old structure with new cypress siding,       wood on our home. Compared to other kinds of
Home, the first-ever renovated showcase home          and built cypress fencing on site.                   wood, it has held up beautifully, where wood
featured at the International Builders’ Show in       Gidus has always been sold on cypress’ perform-      that is only 20 to 25 years old is starting to rot. It’s
Orlando. Cypress was the wood of choice back          ance in the tropical Florida climate. “Things here   exposed to intense sun, wind and rain for
in 1909 when the home was built — and it still is     are always moist and damp, and coupled with          decades. And it still looks great.”
today.                                                humidity, we have the relentless sunshine. We        To learn more about the beauty, versatility and
Located in Florida’s historic Lake Eola Heights       feel that cypress holds up better than any other     sustainability of cypress siding and fencing, con-
District, the structure had fallen into disrepair,    wood product in withstanding the elements.”          tact the Southern Cypress Manufacturers
and came close to being razed. But the Orlando        One of the reasons cypress has such staying          Association at, or call 1-

    Vinyl & Aluminum                                                                         Serving t h e A r e a Since 1979
                                                                                             S e r v i n g the Area S i n c e 197 9
   Building Materials &
        Accessories                                                                             A b s t ra c t s of
                                                                                                Abstracts o f
      Siding • Shutters                                                                       Richmond, Inc.
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     Windows • Doors
    Aluminum Trim Coil                                                                                             Title I n s u ra n c e
                                                                                                                   Ti t l e Insurance
   Extrusions & Columns                                                                                            Escrow Closing
                                                                                                                   Escrow Closing
   Richmond Aluminum
      431 W. Main St.
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                                                                                                   Car + Home = Big Savings
                                                                                                    See me for Car and Home Insurance and save.

                                                                                                         Pat State Farm Agent
                                                                                                   Agent Name,James, LUTCF
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                                         Diamond Vinyl Decking is 100% Vinyl
                                         and is produced using advanced
                                         Thermoplastic technology. This
                                         allows the deck to help eliminate heat
                                         build up and remains cooler to the
                                         touch during extreme conditions.
                                         Diamond Vinyl Decking also has
                                                                                          a new                                               Ser ving Eas ter n Indiana and
                                         Drop Lock Interlock Technology, you
                                         simply square the first deck board and               Home?                                            Western Ohio since 1962
SEAL    LOCKING SYSTEM   DECKING WEBBING screw it down. Then you lock the                                                                         N 10th and F Streets
                                         next deck board into place, and so on.
                                         It’s as simple as it sounds.                                                                                    966-7771
                                                                                                                                                    open M-S: 8-5, F: 8-8

                                                  5018 U.S. 40
                                                  Centerville, IN
                                                 (765) 962-2933
         w w w . o l e r. u s
                                                 (800) 875-1796                       0000076110

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                                                                                                                                    Hagerstown, IN
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                                                                                                                            ENGINEERING • INDUSTRIAL CONSTRUCTION • STEEL FABRICATION


                                                                      General and Industrial Construction
                                                                        Millwright & Rigging Services
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Customize your dream home
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       with Vecera Builders.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      . Financing is available to qualified buyers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        through an associated lender
                                                               Office: 765-966-7715                                                                                                                                                   . Choose where you would like to live -
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          we design homes for the scattered
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          lot market
                                                                                     CONTRACTORS  ENGINEERS                                                                                                                           .   You can be your own general contractor
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      .   Design your home from 100’s of different
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          plans or use your own
                                                                 700 N.W. 2nd Street Richmond, Indiana 47374                                                                                                                          .   30% more energy efficient - giving you
                                                             0000040525                                                                                                                                                                   more for your money

                                                                            Experienced • Professional
                                                                                Accurate • Ethical
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                                                                           The Area’s Leader in Title and                                                                                                                                               .              .
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                                                                            Closing Services Since 1961                                                                                     Call for more information, a free brochure or to set up an appointment. 765-855-1349

                                                                                                                                                                                              PROPANE GAS & WATER CONDITIONING

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                                                                                                                                                                                                 Residential - Commercial - Agricultural
                                                                               6 Months Same As Cash                                                                                           PROPANE              WATER SOFTENERS
                                                                                                                                                                                               •Budget Plans •Free 30 Day Trial
                                                                                                                                                                                               •Lock-in Pricing •No Installation Charge
                                                                                                                                                                                               •First Fill Specials •First Salt Fill Included
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    •Only $15.95 per Month

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  From Kitchen Cabinetry to Fine Furniture Cabinetry
                                          Cabinetry provides
                                             a full range of
                                            resources for all
                                           styles of cabinetry
                                         specializing in unique,
                                           upscale cabinetry,
                                            custom designs,
                                           and highly skilled
                                           All photos from local installations
                            Complete Kitchen & Bath Installations
                  New Home Construction & Custom Design Renovations
               Hutches - Dining Buffets - Armoires - Bedroom & Office Furniture
               Counter Tops: Granite, Stone, Quartz, Laminates, Solid Surface
               Closet Organizers: Walk-in, Reach-in, Pantries, Laundry Rooms, Garage Storage
               Gourmet Selections: Appliances, Range Hoods, Sinks & Faucets
               Cabinetry Lines: WoodMade, Brookhaven, Candlelight, HomeCrest, Kitchen Kompact

    New Construction                  Construction, Inc.
    Renovation Products
    Commercial & Residential
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     The Genuine. The Original.

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                                                                                       Crane, Inc. A Full Service Construction Company
         Loss Prevention Specialists Specializing In:                                        Industrial
   • CCTV                                  • Card Access
   • Residential & Commercial              • Security Systems
   • Fire Alarms - Service & Sales         • Sprinklers - Service & Sales                Steel Fabrication
   • Kitchen Fire Supression Systems       • Fire Extinguishers
   • 24-Hour Monitoring Service            • In-House Fire Training
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     Fall Int o Gr eat
     Fall Int o Gr eat                                                         Brilliant Ideas
    Rat es & Sa vings
    Rat es & Sa vings                                                          For Your Bath...
 At West End, you will receive personalized,                                                       Frameless, Heavy-Glass
professional service from a friendly member                                                        Shower Enclosures
                of our team.
L Competitive Rates L 100% Financing Available
L Low Closing Costs L Fast, In-House Loan
                                      Approval & Processing
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 We specialize in Kitchen and Bath Cabinetry, Counter Tops and Appliances.

 S              abinet
                 upply, Inc.
    Please visit us at:
            Richmond, Indiana
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               Troy, Ohio
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 Monday thru Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
          Saturday 10 a.m. - 2 p.m.

                         The Area’s Largest Kitchen and Bath Showrooms
                 We welcome builders, re-modelers and their customers
   to experience exceptional professionals, products, and service at our showrooms.
                   Most Experienced Design Consultants in the Area
Wide Variety of Coutertop Surfaces - Laminate / Solid Surface / Quartz / Marble / Granite

                                             Health & Home Trends
 Consumers seek healthy air solutions with rise in asthma rates
                                                       this increase. Did you know the air inside your      achieve these goals is to increase the amount of
                                                       home and at work can be up to 100 times more         outdoor air coming indoors through ventilation.
                                                       polluted than the surrounding outdoor air and        Proper ventilation allows pollutants that are not
                                                       people spend up to 90 percent of their time          eliminated by filtration, such as volatile organic
                                                       indoors?                                             compounds, carbon monoxide and other harm-
                                                       These alarming facts are just some of the reasons    ful gases, to escape the home.
                                                       why so many Americans today are turning to air       One of the most effective solutions available in
                                                       purification systems to help control the level of    the marketplace is an air exchanger manufac-
                                                                                                            tured by Venmar Ventilation. Venmar is the first
                                                       indoor air pollution levels in their homes.
                                                                                                            manufacturer of ventilation systems to offer a
                                                       There are many types and sizes of air cleaners on
                                                                                                            unit that integrates heat recovery ventilation
                                                       the market, ranging from relatively inexpensive
                                                                                                            technology with HEPA filtration at an affordable
                                                       tabletop models to sophisticated whole-house         price.
                                                       systems. Some air cleaners are highly effective at   “With our system you can get the best of both
                                                       particle removal, while others, including most       worlds,” says Gerry Gagnon, Product & Market
                                                       tabletop models, are effective in only limited       Manager for Venmar. “It works to provide fresh
(MS) — Did you know that respiratory disease is        areas, such as a bedroom or living room.             air through ventilation and at the same time
steadily on the rise in North America? According       What makes an effective system?
                                                                                                            ensures the best indoor air quality by trapping
                                                       The effectiveness of an air cleaner depends on
to the American Lung Association, asthma has                                                                airborne allergens such as pollen, dust, pet
                                                       how well it collects pollutants from indoor air
increased by 160 percent over the last 15 years.                                                            dander mold and bacteria through its HEPA
                                                       throughout the home and how much fresh air it
One household out of four has a family member                                                               filter. The HEPA filter traps and removes up to
                                                       draws through the cleaning or filtering element.
who suffers from asthma, allergies, or another         The most important factors in determining the        99.97 percent of airborne allergens and assists
chronic respiratory disease.                           effectiveness of an air purification system is its   in distributing fresh air throughout the home.”
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)              ability to eliminate excess humidity and control     More information on indoor air quality is
points to poor indoor air quality as the culprit for   indoor air pollution levels. The best way to         available at

            Building a Better Basement Playroom — Without a T V
(MS) — In this age of computer games, com-                                                                  from the real kitchen upstairs.
petitive soccer leagues and organized play                                                                  • Paint one wall with chalkboard paint to
dates for tots, it may surprise some parents to                                                             give the kids a giant “canvas” on which to
learn that the very best thing they could do                                                                draw or scribble.
for their youngsters’ development is to send                                                                • Get the kids to help you design and paint a
them down to the basement to play — by                                                                      mural on one or more walls.
themselves — without a computer or a TV.                                                                    • If you’ve installed a modular subfloor, con-
“Unstructured       free    play   has     been                                                             sider leaving part of it exposed without car-
demonstrated to prepare children for school                                                                 pet. Kaplan suggested painting the squares in
better than just about anything,” observes                                                                  alternating black and white to create a giant
Mara Kaplan, co-founder of the Center for                                                                   checkerboard, or outlining a hockey rink, a
Creative Play ( in Pittsburgh.                                                                 hopscotch board or a four-square court.
“In a free play environment, children decide                                                                Finish with multiple coats of polyurethane
how they want to play,” Kaplan says. “They                                                                  for protection and see how the kids incorpo-
are free to use their imaginations and their                                                                rate it into their play.
own thought processes about how they want                                                                   • Provide a small table and chairs for games,
to move the play along without an adult                                                                     art projects and play with blocks and puzzles.
telling them what to do.”                                                                                   Blocks are one of the best toys to stimulate a
Kaplan offered these tips for creating a base-                                                              child’s imagination, Kaplan says. She recom-
ment space that encourages the free play that                                                               mends basic, high quality wood blocks that
is so important in developing essential cogni-                                                              can be arranged and rearranged infinitely,
tive, social, physical and emotional skills:                                                                rather than the kind that come as a kit to
First, childproof the space so kids can play                                                                build something specific.
safely. “Little ones need to be able to crawl                                                               “Playing with blocks can help to teach spatial
around, explore and reach for things that                                                                   awareness, balance, art, math, and a host of
                                                       The floor of a basement playroom is warmer
capture their attention,” she says. “We don’t                                                               other lessons,” she says.
                                                         and more comfortable when a modular
want to contain their activities too much, so                                                               • Encourage dress-up play by going to your
it’s important that the space be comfortable              subfloor is installed under the carpet.
                                                                                                            local thrift shop and buying all sorts of fun,
and free of safety hazards.”                           crete. And, because it’s a wood product, it is       used clothing. Then decorate a large box
Cover up electrical sockets and make sure              more forgiving of the inevitable childhood           with fun designs to store the play wardrobe.
there are no cords in which a youngster can            tumbles. Carpet or any floating floor such as        • And, be sure to set aside a quiet space
become entangled. That’s made easier by not            laminate, vinyl or cork tiles can be installed       where your child can read or daydream.
having a TV or computer in the basement,               on top.                                              Furnish it with some comfy cushions, fuzzy
Kaplan points out.                                     With the basics attended to, unleash your            throw pillows or beanbag chairs and set it off
Cover up a bare concrete floor to create a             own creativity to develop a space that will          visually from the rest of the playroom.
warmer, more resilient surface. Some parents           stimulate your child’s imagination and               One of the rewards of creating an inviting,
start with a modular subfloor system such as           encourage creative play. Some ideas:                 fun play space is that “the battle to keep kids
DRIcore® ( that creates                • Set up a play kitchen.                             from spending too much time in front of the
an air gap between the concrete and subfloor           • Make shelves for a pretend grocery store.          TV or computer will be easier,” Kaplan says.
to block transmission of cold from the con-            “Stock” them with empty boxes and containers

  Honda has the power to keep you going.
                Honda Generators


                Merkamp Sales & Service
                   Jct. Hwys. 35N & 38W
                    Richmond, IN 47374

                         100% FIN
    Wet Basement?                ANCING
     Crawl Space?                   • Basement walls
        Foundation Problems?        • Stabilized & Straightened
                                    • Foundations lifted &
    Now there is a real solution to dirt                                  • Stabilized
                                                                          • Basement waterproofing
    crawl spaces... The Clean Space®                                      • Crawlspace moisture
    System developed by Basement                                          • control
    Systems, the world leader in dry
    basement technology  .

                    100.00 Off any
                 contracted service

        INDIANA FOUNDATION SERVICE                            Call today for a free estimate!

        1-800-978-6980                                          And receive a free copy of
                                                               “Dry Basement Science” or
                                                                   “Crawlspace Science”
              Hardwood Floors can be Less Expensive
           Than Cheaper Alternatives, and Healthier, Too
(MS) — Homeowners love everything about hard-                                                                   U.S., and the volume of hardwoods today is 90 per-
wood floors except the cost. Yet, according to                                                                  cent larger than it was 50 years ago.
industry experts, if homeowners consider other                                                                  After Its Useful Life is Over
factors beyond initial purchase price and installa-                                                             In choosing an environmentally friendly flooring
tion, they will find that hardwoods are actually
                                                                                                                material, consumers should consider what
less expensive overall than sheet vinyl, linoleum,
carpet, and other alternatives.                                                                                 happens to old building materials after their use-
In fact, once you figure in maintenance, useful life                                                            ful life. Many end up in landfills, where they can
expectancy and disposal of old materials, hard-                                                                 sit for literally hundreds of years. Hardwood
woods are a more economical choice than other                                                                   floors, however, are reuseable, recyclable and
popular flooring materials. And here’s a bonus:                                                                 biodegradable.
they’re earth-friendly and naturally abundant, too.
One of the original “green” building materials,                                                                 Indoor Air Quality and Well-Being
today’s hardwood forests grow far more wood                                                                     In addition to being more economical over the
than is harvested from them every year, says the                                                                long run, hardwoods add a natural warmth and
American Hardwood Information Center at
                                                                                                                character, and are a natural choice for a healthy At current volumes,
that ensures American hardwoods will be around                                                                  home. Hardwoods are easily cleaned with non-
for generations to come.                                                                                        toxic products, and do not trap allergens like
                                                                                                                mold spores, bacteria and dust mites often
What Hardwood Floors Really Cost                                                                                embedded in other flooring products. For this
Sue Tartaglio, interior designer at Burt Hill, an                                                               reason, they are recommended for chemically
architecture firm in southwestern Pennsylvania,                                                                 sensitive individuals, or those who suffer from
recently developed a life-cycle cost comparison of                                                              allergies or asthma. Simple regular maintenance
a dozen frequently used synthetic and natural                The deep gloss of a walnut floor grounds the       such as dust mopping, sweeping and vacuuming
flooring products. Her study, based on mainte-            lighter cabinets in this butter yellow and sky blue   keeps the environment allergen-free. Hardwood
nance and life-cycle costs published by flooring             kitchen, showcasing the beauty of the wood.        flooring adds considerably to a home’s resale
manufacturers and conversations with their rep-                     Photo courtesy of Tripp Smith.              value, too.
resentatives, shows that in facilities with a lifetime
                                                         Replacement and Renewability                           Its variety of protective surface finishes, from oil
use of more than 15 years —such as the average
home — hardwood flooring has significantly               Besides its warmth, beauty and authenticity,           and water-based urethane to acrylic impregnated
lower life-cycle costs than other flooring materials                                                            woods, not only enhance color, texture and grain
                                                         American hardwoods come out ahead in two sig-
despite higher upfront costs.                                                                                   pattern, but add exceptional durability and mois-
                                                         nificant ways: replacement cost and renewability.
According to Tartaglio’s study, the average                                                                     ture resistance. And hardwood is a versatile, sus-
                                                         Hardwood floors can last 25, 30, even 50 years —
installed costs for common types of flooring                                                                    tainable option in more locations than ever: in
                                                         or more. Broadloom and tile carpeting, on the
range from $1.45 per square foot for vinyl com-                                                                 places with rigorous maintenance and health
position tile to $12 per square foot for bamboo          other hand, because of its four- to six-year life      requirements such as hospitals and health care
and hardwood. Costs for linoleum, cork, rubber,          span, needs to be replaced three times more fre-       facilities, to retail, commercial, and institutional
sheet vinyl, carpet, and ceramic tile fall in            quently over a 15-year life span than a hardwood       settings.
between.                                                 floor. After 15 or 20 years of use, hardwood           As consumers focus more on using natural, earth-
Since the comparison considers useable product           flooring can gain a fresh, new appearance with         friendly materials in their homes, American hard-
life, replacement, cleaning, and labor costs over 15     refinishing for roughly half the cost of replacing     woods are the natural choice: for value, for health,
years, products with some of the lowest initial          carpet or other flooring options.                      and for sustainability.
costs wind up having the highest total life-cycle
                                                         A well-managed and renewable resource,                 For more ideas on hardwood flooring and other
costs. In fact, among the dozen flooring materials
compared, hardwood, rubber and bamboo                    American hardwoods grow abundantly in North            ways to use American hardwoods in your home,
flooring have the lowest total cost at 15 years.         American forests. In fact, nearly twice as much        visit the American Hardwood Information Center
                                                         hardwood grows each year as is harvested in the        at

   Here’s How to Bring the Beauty of Nature Into Your Home
                                                         (MS) — This season, revamp your décor with             like Mission Oak or Black Forest Cherry, there’s
                                                         floors that bring the beauty of the outdoors           something for every style.
                                                         right into your home. According to experts at          If real hardwood won’t suit your needs, you
                                                         flooring company Mannington Mills, today’s             might look to laminate flooring. Laminate
                                                         most popular trends for home flooring are              comes in wood, slate and stone designs and has
                                                         wood, slate and stone looks. And thanks to             incredible realism and durability. Experience
                                                         advancements in technology, you can get the            the bold texture and visual beauty of nature
                                                         look of a real hardwood, slate or stone floor in       with the incredibly real Raja Slate or Heritage
                                                         a variety of other materials that make it hard to      Cherry.
                                                         tell it’s not the real thing.                          And for an effortless floor, look to vinyl.
                                                         Real hardwood flooring offers timeless beauty,         Today’s vinyl flooring patterns aren’t the shiny
                                                         durability, and now installation that’s as easy as     white squares that your grandmother favored.
                                                         “drop, lock, and go”. The Caspian Collection
                                                                                                                In fact, they’re so realistic, it’s almost impossi-
                                                         featuring LOCnGOTM installs twice as quickly
                                                                                                                ble to tell the difference between a vinyl stone
                                                         as standard hardwood flooring. If your taste is
                                                                                                                or slate pattern from its “real” counterpart.
                                                         more traditional, choose Early American
                                                         Hickory, or for a more contemporary look, try          So this season surround yourself with nature
A Brazilian Cherry hardwood floor brings the                                                                    from the floor up. For more information call
                                                         Brazilian Cherry. Whether your taste is exotic
beauty of nature right into your living room.                                                                   1-800-482-9527 or visit
                                                         hardwood like Sapele or traditional hardwood

                                Tips for Choosing a Garage Door
(MS) — Usually, there are only two occasions             door and adheres to the metal skins. This adhe-
when we buy a garage door in our lifetime –              sion greatly reduces the chance of the skin sepa-
when we build a new house or when we reno-               rating from the insulation causing the door to
vate. So when the time comes to shop for a new           sound tinny.
garage door, there are key elements you should           4. Metal Thickness (Gauge)
consider and analyze to make the right choice.           The lower the gauge the thicker the material, for
According to Vicky Leclerc, communication coor-          example 14 gauge is thicker than 18 gauge. The
dinator at Garaga Inc, Canada’s leading garage           thicker the material the stronger the door, a
door manufacturer, you should look for                   thicker gauged metal skin combined with a pres-
reliability, durability, style and appropriate insula-   sure-injected insulation provides the best impact
tion when choosing your garage door. Here are            resistance.
the key items Ms. Leclerc recommends you                 5. Hardware
should consider:                                         This is the track, hinges and re-enforcement
1. Insulation and R-Value                                plates. The hardware is the back bone of the door
An insulated door will keep the garage area and          system as it carries the weight of the door, pro-
the rooms above and beside the garage warmer             vides the connection between the panels
in the winter and cooler in the summer, resulting        (hinges) and provides the anchor point for the
in energy savings. If you use the garage for a work      fasteners which hold the hinges to the panels.
                                                                                                              Nylon rollers with ball bearings will last longer
shop or recreation area, having an insulated door        Having a thicker gauged hardware system will
                                                                                                              than nylon rollers without ball bearings and are
will keep temperature more consistent. The               ensure the door system will last longer.
                                                                                                              quieter than the metal rollers with ball bearings.
higher the R-Value the better the insulation, for        6. Thermal break
                                                                                                              8. Weather Seal
example R-16 is better than R-8 by 50 per cent.          A thermal break in the door system means that
                                                                                                              The weather seal on the outside top and sides of
2. Insulation Type                                       the front metal skin does not contact the back
                                                                                                              the garage door as well as the weather seal on the
The two types of insulation are polyurethane and         metal skin along the length and at the ends of the
                                                                                                              bottom of the door is what prevent wind, rain
polystyrene. Polyurethane provides twice the             door panels. Without the thermal break, both
                                                                                                              and snow from entering the garage. The type of
insulation value of polystyrene (white styro-            heat and cool will be allowed to move from the
                                                                                                              weather seal used should not be overlooked. A
foam).                                                   outside of the door to inside the garage reducing
                                                                                                              good weather seal is made up of two parts, the
3. Placement of Insulation                               the insulation value of the door.
                                                                                                              seal gasket and the holder. The seal gasket should
Insulation can be injected under pressure                7. Rollers
                                                                                                              be made of rubber and not vinyl so if will not split
(polyurethane) or placed between the metal               Rollers which ride in the track and carry the
                                                                                                              or crack. More information on how to select
skins in the form of a sheet (polystyrene).              weight of the door come in 3 styles: nylon, nylon
                                                                                                              garage doors is available at:
Pressure injecting fills the complete cavity of the      with ball bearings and metal with ball bearings.

                       Three Innovative Trends in Modern Outdoor Living
(MS) — When the weather’s warm, we naturally             and durability. You can choose from flat-panel       designers are beginning to consider exterior
turn to the outdoors for entertaining, relaxing,         LCD high-definition televisions that are             rooms in the overall floor plans of houses.
cooking and dining. The spaces where we                  designed for permanent outdoor use, or go with       Breaking down visual barriers between the
gather outside are becoming increasingly                 pop-up installations that hold plasma TVs.           spaces will make a house feel larger. One way to
convenient and as rich in comfort and detail as          Outdoor TVs are much brighter than conven-           accomplish this is to install exterior railings that
the interior of our homes.                               tional ones to enable sun-lit viewing and can be     use clear panels instead of traditional balusters
Following are three trends for creating useful           connected wirelessly to your indoor cable box        or spindles. These clear panels allow visitors to
and pleasant outdoor rooms.                              or DVD player. The remote controls are sealed        enjoy an unobstructed view even while seated.
Amenity-rich kitchens. The possibilities for out-        against rain and moisture. Home theater pack-        Railing systems like these can be seen at
                                                         ages are also growing in popularity and combine
door kitchens extend legions beyond a basic
                                                         a projector, DVD player and speakers with            Another method to increase the perception of
grill and sink. These kitchens can have just as
                                                         screens in a variety of styles.                      flow between your interior and exterior rooms
many options as your interior one, if not more.                                                               is to use similar materials in both locations.
Unbound by plumbing, walls and doors, you’re             For those who prefer to hear rather than see their
                                                                                                              This extends the house to the outdoors.
free to design an outdoor kitchen without                speakers, a popular choice in outdoor electronics
                                                                                                              The exterior flooring you choose can increase
restrictions.                                            is surround-sound speakers that blend with the
                                                                                                              the feeling of continuity between your spaces.
To fully enjoy your entertaining experiences,            environment by posing as outdoor components,         A natural-looking composite decking, such as
consider elements that make outdoor cooking              such as rocks or terra-cotta planters.               Fiberon® Tropics, will look similar to the rich
as convenient as possible. Seek out durable,             Design-savvy elements. To create a sense of con-     mahogany, redwood or cherry flooring inside
                                                         nection between indoor and outdoor areas,            your home. You can view sample photos at
mold-resistant, weather-proof cabinets with
easy-to-clean countertops that allow you to                                                         
store your dishes, cookware and utensils right                                                                This decking — which looks more like real
where you’ll be cooking. You’ll spend more                                                                    wood than any other composites because of its
                                                                                                              grain variation and variety of hues — is installed
time with your guests, instead of running back
                                                                                                              with hidden fasteners that eliminate unsightly
and forth to the kitchen.
                                                                                                              surface blemishes created with screws or nails.
And to make sure your condiments, beverages
                                                                                                              This seemingly small detail will make your deck
and ice are handy, install under-counter                                                                      look more like your interior floor.
appliances. Refrigerators, freezers, wine cool-                                                               Implementing these trends can result in a fun,
ers, ice machines, coffee bars, warming ovens                                                                 comfortable outdoor environment. “Designing
and dishwashers can all be installed in outdoor                                                               your landscape is not so different from
kitchens.                                                                                                     designing your house,” writes Julie Moir
All-weather electronics. It’s now possible to                                                                 Messervy, a nationally known landscape design-
watch the big game or take in a movie out on              Seamlessly extend your living space to the          er and co-author (with Susan Susanka) of
your deck. New weather-proof electronics are             outdoors with new trends such as innovative          “Outside the Not So Big House.” “If something
far superior to earlier models in both design                        composite decking.                       flows, it feels good.”

                  can be found at
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