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					Enderun Students attend Hotel-Industry CareerCamp

At CareerCamp, students of Enderun Colleges learned just what it takes to make it in
the hospitality industry.

To an audience of International Hospitality Management students, Norman Eusebio
(from Microtel Inn and Suites), Jaye Godornes (from Plantation Bay Resort and Spa),
and John Tanjanco (from Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa) shared stories about their
work and life in hotels, and gave students a peek into their possible futures.

Some tips from our esteemed panel:
         • Know how to keep your cool. Dealing with guests and co-workers can
             be difficult, but losing your temper or cracking under pressure won't help
             your situation.
         • Be sensitive of other cultures. No matter where you work, if it's the
             hospitality industry you will be dealing with a multicultural environment.
         • Practice your communication skills -- a must in any service-oriented
         • Know what to specialize in. Once you've chosen your dream career in
             the industry, find out who currently have those jobs, and what decisions
             they made along the way.

Enderun's students also got some tips for better resume writing and job interviews,
courtesy of Michael Co and Carmina Esguerra of Bronze Age Media.

A CareerCamp for Business Administration and Entrepreneurship students is planned
for October, underscoring Enderun's commitment to provide quality education and
career services for its students.

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Q&A with speakers from the hospitality industry. On stage (from left), Norman Eusebio,
Microtel Inn and Suites; Jaye Godornes, Plantation Bay Resort and Spa; and John Tanjangco,
Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa. (Photo by Faith Donna H. Yeo)

Ana Tuason-Galang of Enderun Career Services, introducing CareerCamp’s program to the

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