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                                            Roswell                                                                                                     Christmas
                                                                                                                                                       Happy New

                                                                                                             December 23 - January 6 2009/10
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                                         On Oct. 24, Patty Coles of
                                                                                             A New Year In Roswell
                                         Woodstock had a day she can
                                         barely remember. She suffered a                                   A Look Ahead To 2010
                                         heart attack but thanks to                   By Ann Marie Quill                           schools what they are.
                                         members of the Rural Metro                   Managing Editor                                 But life isn’t all business and school.
                                         Ambulance Service, the Roswell                                                            We know our readers value quality in
                                         Fire Department and North Fulton                 The Current is excited to help           their downtime, too, and thus the Cur-
                                         Regional Hospital she’d spending             Roswell ring in the New Year. We first       rent will add some new features to the
                                         this Christmas with her family.              hit your mailboxes in August, and not        paper in the hopes of improving your
                                                                              PG. 4   only are we delighted at the warm re-        personal wellbeing. In addition to our
                                                                                      ception we received, we are looking          regular finance, home and garden, pet
                                            currentCommunity                          forward to covering and serving this vi-     and art columns, we will start running
                                                                                      brant community in 2010.                     regular columns on health and well-
                                                                                          Looking ahead, we think the new          ness, and will even throw some book
                                                                                      year will be an exciting and challenging     reviews into the mix.
                                                                                      time for this city. The new city council,       In January look for our special Wed-
                                                                                      headed once again by Mayor Jere              ding Guide as the Roswell Wedding
                                                                                      Wood, has vowed to find a way to make        Council prepares for its ninth annual
                                                                                      Roswell more business friendly. As the       showcase on Jan. 17. We’ll give you tips
                                                                                      country starts to make its way out of        on decorating, venues, catering and
                                                                                      the recession, we hope to see the coun-      fashion.
                                                                                      cil stand by this promise and facilitate        Roswell residents are lucky to live in
                                                                                      filling in empty retail space in creative,   a city with a rich and nuanced history,
currentEvents                             An international village recently
                                                                                      productive ways. The Current has al-
                                                                                      ready reported on some redevelopment
                                                                                                                                   as well. Later in January we’ll preview
                                                                                                                                   Roswell Roots, the city’s February cele-
Annually the business of weddings         wowed the students at High
                                                                                      projects, such as in the midtown dis-        bration of black history and culture,
in Roswell is big. There is a $6.5        Meadows School in Roswell. A
                                                                                      trict, and we hope that in 2010 there        and we’ll use this event as an opportu-
million impact to the local economy       130,000-piece Lego display
                                                                                      will be many more to write about.            nity to take a look at Roswell’s Grove
that is directly contributed from         contained the likes of the Eiffel
                                                                                          The Current will also take a look at     Way community. Amazingly, this event
weddings.                                 Tower, the Taj Mahal and the
                                    PG. 8 Statue of Liberty.                PG. 13    the history and future of Milton             does not begin to scratch the surface of
                                                                                      County and how its potential creation        Roswell’s art and culture offerings. A
                                        currentGarden                                 would affect everything from taxes and
                                                                                      social services to quality of life and ed-
                                                                                                                                   number of galleries, historical locations
                                                                                                                                   and theater and musical groups make
                                        Each year, thousands of Christmas             ucation.                                     this city a landmark on the arts scene.
                                        trees get sent to the city dumps                  Roswell already has some of the best     City officials stress that the arts are im-
                                        complete with tinsel, lights and other        schools in the country, and we will con-     portant to quality of life, therefore
                                        things that are way too bothersome            tinue to report on unique programs in        drawing people and income to the city.
                                        to take off. Discover better ways to          its public and private schools, and we’ll    It is estimated that Roswell’s arts in-
                                        dispose of your Christmas tree.               introduce you to some of the innova-
                                                                           PG. 11     tive educators who help make these                                         Please see page 7

                                                                                                                    See our ad on Page 10

Permit #1235
US Postage
                                     FOUNDERS CEMETERY                                                     FAMILY TIME RESOLUTIONS                                         PET RESOLUTIONS
                                     Located on a serene, shady lot near the end of Sloan                  Both parents and children reap great and                        As the New Year approaches and you are thinking of
                                     Street, Founders Cemetery is home to 28 marked                        lasting benefits from time well spent together.                 resolutions for yourself, why not make a few for your
                                     graves, including those of founders Roswell King.                     We have some ideas to help you put the                          furry friends. After all, a content pet makes for a
                                                                                                           “quality” into your family time.                                happier household overall.
                                                                            PG. 5                                                                 PG. 12                                                             PG. 15

    Grimes Bridge Road Bridge Project Complete
   The city of Roswell held a grand-                                                                    tectural concrete panels along the bridge
opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony                                                                     include a finish to give it an old stone ap-                                          Co-Publishers
for the Grimes Bridge Road bridge re-                                                                   pearance.  The bridge is equipped with                                                 Tripp Liles
placement project on Dec. 16. This proj-                                                                flush-mounted, low-lighting bridge lamps                                              Brandt Haney
ect was constructed in partnership with                                                                 to illuminate the sidewalk at night and
the Georgia Department of Transporta-                                                                   blend with the adjacent park setting.
tion and includes the realignment of the                                                                   There are upgrades to the sewer and                                                    Sales
Grimes Bridge Road and Oxbo Road in-                                                                    water lines, as well as the storm sewer sys-                                         Brandt Haney
tersection from a skew angle to a safer                                                                 tem.  The new sidewalks connect Grimes                                              Director of Sales
90-degree alignment on the bridge deck                                                                  Bridge Park and the Adult Recreation                                   
itself.  In addition, sidewalks have been                                                               Center with the linear park along Big
added along all sides of the bridge.                                                                    Creek and the Vickery Creek unit of the
   The new bridge deck is 13 feet higher Finally! The new Grimes Bridge Road bridge is open.            Chattahoochee National Recreation                                                   David Wright
                                                                                                                                                                                          Account Executive
than the old bridge to reduce the possi-                                                               Area.  There is also an accommodation for a
bility of flooding.  The new intersection is equipped with a traffic            future trail system underneath the bridge.  Finally, the old Oxbo
signal system with energy-saving LED lights, pedestrian signals                 roadbed will be converted to a vegetated swale to improve storm
and video detection cameras.  All wiring is routed inside or under- water quality.
                                                                                                                                                                                          Editorial & Creative
neath the bridge and hidden from view.                                             In all, the new bridge will improve safety at the intersection of
                                                                                                                                                                                              Tripp Liles
   In addition to the operational and safety improvements by the                Grimes Bridge Road and Oxbo Road and improve pedestrian and
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Editor &
road realignment, the bridge also is aesthetically pleasing.  Archi-            bicycle access and safety over Big Creek. 
                                                                                                                                                                                           Creative Director
    20th Citizen Police Academy                                             The Roswell Police Department (RPD)                 ribbon-cutting celebration of its newly reno-
                                                                         recently celebrated the graduation of its              vated building in March. If you are one of                  Ann Marie Quill
          Class Graduates                                                20th Citizen Police Academy class with a               the many people who have been touched by                    Managing Editor
                                                                         special ceremony and reception held at                 the Child Development Association, or one      
                                                                         Roswell City Hall. Fifteen students com-               of those who have supported it for more
                                                                         pleted the nine-week class.                            than 40 years, please send an e-mail to                  Contributing Writers
                                                                            Each week, the class focused on a specific                                           Kate Copsey
                                                                         division within the police department, in-                                                                        Laura G. Thome
                                                                         cluding Criminal Investigations, Special Op-                                                                       Helen Kelley
                                                                                                                                       Tee Time For STAR House                             Melissa Wright
                                                                         erations, 911 Center, Uniform Patrol and the              STAR House invites you to plan a tee
                                                                         Detention Center, giving the participants an                                                                       Michael Finch
                                                                                                                                time for yourself. No green fees, no shanks,
                                                                         overview of the department’s duties and                no  sand and no need for mulligans.   
                                                                         services.                                                 In these challenging economic times, the
                                                                            The Citizen Police Academy program                                                                                  Our Mission:
                                                                                                                                organization is foregoing the traditional  golf       The Roswell Current aspires to communicate
                                                                         began in 1993 as part of the Community                 tournament fundraiser  and instead invites            community news that’s useful, engaging, en-
                                                                         Policing efforts of RPD. The program is free           you to think of STAR House on Jan.                    joyable and unique. We strive to reflect the
                                                                                                                                                                                      full range of what Roswell has to offer, also
                                                                         to Roswell residents and business owners.              25.  Won’t you be a sponsor of this                   advocating positions that strengthen unity
                                                                         Participants must be 21 years of age of older.         event?  You’ll be sure to have a “perfect”
                                                                                                                                                                                      and continuity. We desire to create and main-
                                                                                                                                                                                      tain a challenging, enjoyable and caring work
                                                                            The next class is scheduled for Septem-             round of golf and you’ll hit a hole in one for        environment that encourages creativity and
                                                                         ber. Applications are available in the lobby           our students. Please contact Keller Torrey at
                                                                                                                                                                                      innovation. Our rewards are informed, edu-
                                                                                                                                                                                      cated readers, very satisfied advertisers,
                                                                         of RPD, 39 Hill St. For additional informa-    or (404) 680-                 happy employees and profitable growth.
                                                                         tion, contact Lawanda Kornegay at (770)                2304 for sponsorship opportunities and                The Roswell Current is published twice a
                                                                         640-4455.                                              more information. 
                                                                                                                                                                                      month. Pre-sort standard poastage paid at
                                                                                                                                                                                      Monroe GA. Postmaster send changes to The
                                                                                                                                                                                      Roswell Current, 10800 Alpharetta Hwy. Suite
                                                                                      Child Development                                     Roswell Is A Certified
                                                                                                                                                                                      208-705, Roswell GA, 30076.

                                                                                                                                                                                      Publisher has the priviledge to reject any ad-
                                                                                     Association Invitation                                  Green Community                          vertising. Advertiser is responsible for full
The RPD’s recent Citizen Police Academy graduates include                  Calling all alumni and supporters of the                                                                   content of advertisments provided and are
                                                                                                                                    The City of Roswell has recently been cer-        responsible for any claims made therin.
(top-bottom, left-right): Tim Borden, Kim Weber, Martin Ouel-            Child Development Association — the or-
lette, Kent Smith, Roger Harjani, Ray Berry, Marion Berry,
                                                                                                                                tified under the Atlanta Regional Commis-             The Roswell Current is           owned     by
                                                                         ganization invites all alumni, parents, vol-           sion’s (ARC) Green Communities Program                Current Communications LLC
Rudy Salinas, Danyel Thompson, Gloria Thompson, Marlena                  unteers, staff and board members to the
Ruiz, Carol Hastings, Chris Inness and Mary Sue Ray.                                                                            on the Silver Level. Roswell is the first mu-
                                                                                                                                                    CurrentCommunity                                                            3

Briefs (Cont.)                                          Picture Perfect
                                               On Saturday, Dec. 12, the Roswell
                                            Photographic Society, Women In Focus
nicipality to be certified Silver.
                                            and Studio 7 Photography collaborated
   “Roswell’s color has always been
                                            with Project “Help-Portrait,” an inter-
green,” Mayor Jere Wood said. “We are
                                            national movement of photographers
proud to be the first city in Georgia to
                                            who used their time, equipment and
achieve the Silver Level Green Com-
                                            expertise to give back to those who are
munities Certification from the Atlanta
                                            less fortunate.
Regional Commission. We plan to be
                                               Portraits of children and families
the first city in Georgia to receive the
                                            from the Drake House and Girl’s Inc.
Gold Certification.”
                                            were taken at the Roswell Visual Arts
   ARC launched the Green Communi-
                                            Center at Roswell Area Park, which
ties Program late last year to foster
                                            generously donated the space for the
greater environmental stewardship by
                                            event. Hair and makeup services were
recognizing local governments that in-
vest in programs leading to a more sus-                                                                              Steve Siders, partner, Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors; Eden Purdy, holiday program director, North Fulton
tainable Atlanta region. ARC’s Green                                                                                 Community Charities; Barbara Duffy, executive director, North Fulton Community Charities; Robert Fezza, partner,
Communities program is the only pro-                                                                                 Odyssey Personal Financial Advisors.
gram in the country that seeks to trans-
                                                                                                                     Odyssey Donates to NFCC                                   added, “North Fulton Community
form a region by promoting
                                                                                                                       The generosity of Odyssey Personal                      Charities does an amazing job of
sustainability through a “green” certifi-
                                                                                                                     Financial Advisors and their caring                       qualifying families and coordinating
cation program for local governments.
                                                                                                                     clients has helped provide some joy                       these types of efforts throughout the
   “We congratulate the elected officials
                                                                                                                     for families in need right here in                        year, and with a 30 percent increase
and staff of Atlanta, DeKalb, Douglas,
                                                                                                                     North Fulton.                                             in demand for their services this
Fairburn, Roswell and Suwanee for
                                                                                                                       “As a result of the worst economic                      past year, Odyssey is happy to help
earning Green Communities certifica-
                                                                                                                     environment in a generation, we are                       make a difference.”
tion and for their commitment to sus-
tainability,” said Chick Krautler, ARC                                                                               aware that many in and around our
                                                                                                                     local community are facing very dif-                                      Big Rollers
                                                                                             Photo by Lou Raimondi

director. “Their leadership in reducing
local government’s environmental im-                                                                                 ficult times,” said Robert Fezza,                            Everyone waited anxiously to get
pact is helping to create a greener re-                                                                              partner of Odyssey Personal Finan-                        the chance to win $100,000 at CiCi’s
gion.”                                                                                                               cial Advisors. “Most of us in the                         Pizza on a rainy Saturday afternoon
   An Energy Star partner, Roswell’s                                                                                 North Fulton area are blessed to                          in December. This was the second
Energy Strategy for the Future sets                                                                                  have a roof over our heads, clothes                       time that John Kling, the manager
forth the city’s fundamental commit-        Dan Carmody of Studio 7 getting another smile.                           on our backs and food on our tables,                      and owner, held this contest. He
ment to protect the environment                                                                                      but there are others in our commu-                        chose 50 people randomly to roll the
                                            provided by The Esani Institute of                                       nity who do not,” said Steve Siders,                      dice. If one of the lucky people
through the continuous improvement
                                            Roswell — A Paul Mitchell Partner                                        partner. As such, Odyssey selected                        spelled out CiCi’s with the dice, the
of its energy performance. The city es-
                                            School. All families who participated                                    the Santa Shop program run by                             person would win $100,000. No one
timates that it will save $62,000 annu-
                                            will be receiving two framed family                                      North Fulton Community Charities                          won the elusive $100,000, but
ally from the replacement of traffic
                                            portraits for Christmas.                                                 to benefit from Odyssey’s 5th An-                         everyone won free pizza gift certifi-
signals and school zone flashers with
                                              Special thanks to Digital Arts Stu-                                    nual Holiday Outreach Program.                            cates. When asked, Kling stated that
LED bulbs. The Leita Thompson Park
                                            dio, Chick-fil-a, Perry McNeal, North                                    Odyssey staff, along with their                           he would do this contest again be-
dog park lighting is solar powered.
                                            Fulton Charities, Buddy Gash and                                         clients, volunteered at the Santa                         cause it was a huge success. Every-
   The city has a “no net loss of trees
                                            Trish Wiese at the Picture Framer.                                       Shop and donated many toys and a                          one had a great afternoon of
policy,” and trees that cannot be re-
placed onsite will be planted on other                                                                               combined $2,015 in cash. Siders                           fantastic food and fun.
government property. The Tree Plant-             Roswell Garden Club
ing Partnership is a public-private                Receives Grant
partnership to improve tree canopy             The Roswell Garden Club is the
and density on public lands. It has re-     recipient of a Holiday Community
sulted in the planting of 788 hard-         On My Mind Grant from the Garden
woods and 3,838 shrubs and flowers.         Club of Georgia and the Georgia
   Roswell offers commute options to        Power Foundation. Grant funds
staff that include a flexible work          went to support the “Winter Won-
arrangements policy providing for           derland on the Plantation” holiday
telecommuting, compressed work              decorating project at Smith Planta-
week and flex time. Recycling contain-      tion. The Community On My Mind
ers are located at individual desks and     Grant was established by the Garden
in common areas for traditional and         Club of Georgia to support local gar-
non-traditional recycling. Residents of     den club work in communities which
single-family homes have curbside re-       provides a public benefit to its citi-
cycling, and multi-family complexes         zens. The holiday display will be at
are required to provide recycling.          Smith Plantation through Jan. 5.                                         Contestants gather for the opportunity to win $100,000 at CiCi’s Pizza.
4   CurrentCommunity
                       Gift Of Life
                       By Ann Marie Quill
                       Managing Editor

                          On Oct. 24, Patty
                       Coles of Woodstock
                       had a day she can
                       barely remember.
                       “It was the Satur-
                       day before Hal-
                       loween,” she said. “I
                       got up to go to
                       work, but I wasn’t
                       feeling well.” She
                       said her co-workers
                       thought she was       Coles poses with hospital and emergency workers who were involved in her care.
                       suffering from the flu, so she left work            took such good care of her.
                       to go home. “I pulled into a Walgreens                 When she inquired about doing
                       and that’s when I collapsed” from a                 something to recognize her caretakers,
                       heart attack, she said, counting herself            RMAS recently decided to host a lunch
                       lucky that it happened inside and not               and reunion to give Coles the opportu-
                       while she was driving.                              nity to thank everyone, as well as give
                          From that point on, everything went those caretakers the chance to meet
                       like clockwork, from the Roswell Wal-               someone they helped save.
                       greens employee who dialed 911 and                     “Once someone goes into cardiac ar-
                       started life-saving procedures, being a             rest the chance of survival is small, but to
                       paramedic himself, to the quick work                bring someone back as well as she is,
                       of the Rural Metro Ambulance Service                and for someone to want the opportu-
                       (RMAS) and Roswell Fire Department nity to meet everyone involved is rare,”
                       personnel, who treated Coles and took               said Christine Hill of RMAS. “It’s nice to
                       her to North Fulton Regional Hospital. see someone after the emergency.”
                       From that point, Dr. Jigar Patel, an                   Dr. Patel agreed. “It feels good,” he
                       emergency room physician, made the                  said. “Things went like they were sup-
                       call to send Coles to Piedmont Hospi-               posed to.”
                       tal, where she spent a week.                           Coles was just thankful to be alive to
                          Coles has since recovered fully, and             thank those who saved her life. “They
                       is ready to go back to work.                        come in and do their job and treat every-
                          But more immediately, she wanted                 one the same,” she said. And now she
                       to give a special “thank-you” to the hos- gets to spend Christmas with her family
                       pital employees and EMS providers who and grandchildren.

                       Hornets Are Champions
                          While the Hornets of
                       Roswell High may have come
                       up just short of a title this
                       year, the 8 year-old Roswell
                       Hornets of the North Metro
                       Football League did not. In
                       the league championship
                       Roswell defeated Alpharetta
                       30 to 20. The Hornets led
                       throughout and the game
                       was pretty much decided by
                       the third quarter.                                    Doug Smith, who had assistance
                          The team was led by Jake Smith,                 from Bart Schwartz, Seth Becker and
                       who scored four touchdowns behind                  Ernie Cameron, coached the team. As
                       a powerful offensive line. On the de-              is the case in all youth sports, this
                       fensive side, Brennen Waddy, David                 year’s team was buoyed by parent
                       Renfrow and Matt Becker were                       participation and Coach Smith was
                       standouts.                                         gracious in acknowledging their help.
                                                                                                                      CurrentCommunity                                              5

Founders Cemetery Central To Roswell’s Rich History
By Helen K. Kelley                           owners to come and help establish a
Contributing Writer                          town that not only featured the mill,
                                             but also churches, a school and stores
   Considering the fact that busy            — all centered around a town square.
Roswell is currently Georgia’s sixth         Most of these founders built fine
largest city, it may be a little difficult   homes, several of which have been
for some to imagine that it was once a       well preserved to this day and bear the
quiet little mill town nestled at the        names of their original residents, such
                      foothills of the       as Barrington, Bulloch and Naylor.
                      North Georgia          Roswell King and his son, Barrington,
                      mountains.             established the cotton mill in the steep
                         Roswell King, a     gorge along Vickery Creek.
                      resident of coastal       The members of the Roswell colony
                      Georgia, hap-          were staunch Presbyterians. In the
                      pened upon the         late 1830s, these families organized
                      area during his        the Roswell Presbyterian Church,           Founders Cemetery is home to 28 marked graves, including those of Roswell’s founders.
                      travels to the         which, in turn, established a cemetery
                                                                                        Cemetery is home to 28 marked                             are those of house servants of the
                      northern part of       on Sloan Street, near Vickery Creek
                                                                                        graves, including those of founders                       founding families, mill workers who
 AROUND               the state in the       and the mill village. It is there that
                                                                                        Roswell King, James Bulloch (grand-                       could not afford formal headstones,
 TOWN                 1830s. When he         some of the first families of Roswell
                                                                                        father of President Theodore Roo-                         and children who died in a scarlet
 HELEN KELLEY         saw this beautiful     and their slaves are buried. This origi-
                                                                                        sevelt) and John Dunwody. There are                       fever epidemic in 1841. The last burial
                      patch of land bor-     nal cemetery was renamed Founders
                                                                                        an additional 67 unmarked graves on                       in Founders Cemetery was in 1860.
dering on Vickery Creek and the Chat-        Cemetery when the church later ac-
                                                                                        the property, designated by field-                           Graveyards are silent, but excel-
tahoochee River, he knew it was the          quired land on Atlanta Street for a
                                                                                        stones. Some of the fieldstones are                       lent teachers of history. If you
perfect setting for building a mill and      graveyard that was closer to the
                                                                                        thought to be original and others were                    haven’t already done so, pay a visit to
launching a textile industry. King           church grounds.
                                                                                        added during a geophysical survey of                      Founders Cemetery and learn more
bought vast acreage and enticed sev-            Located on a serene, shady lot near
                                                                                        the cemetery in 1984. There is general                    about the beginnings of our historic
eral other wealthy coastal plantation        the end of Sloan Street, Founders
                                                                                        agreement that the unmarked graves                        gem of a city.

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                      W W W         .   T H O M P S O N S F R A M E G A L L E R Y                                                                       .    C O M
6            CurrentEducation
                                                                                     gadgets — the school “locked out those       courses chosen, including the AP (Ad-
Roswell High Goes High-Tech                                                          sources” and substituted the time-hon-
                                                                                     ored model of one teacher sending in-
                                                                                                                                  vanced Placement) history course.
                                                                                                                                     During a typical school year, stu-
By Kate Copsey                            integrated into a classroom. Spurka        formation to a classroom of students.        dents passively watch videos during
Contributing Writer                       fought hard to be part of the pilot pro-   But this new program would allow             class and then discuss the content.
                                          gram, which was initially aimed at         them access to not just the usual            With the high-tech program, the stu-
   This past fall, Dr. Ed. Spurka,        small schools, and with the help of two    sources of information, but also con-        dents were told that the video would be
Roswell High School principal, was in-    tech-savvy teachers, the program is al-    tent that was placed on the web by           placed on the site by, say, Sunday noon,
vited to attend the Technology and        ready having a positive effect on          their teachers. The entire school was        and they were expected to view the
Learning Annual Conference in Den-        grades.                                    modified so that wireless connection         content before Monday’s class, thus al-
ver where he spoke about the use of           The program is a departure from the    was possible throughout the building.        lowing more time for active discussion.
modern technology in the classroom.       rigid rules that allow no phones, iPods    Phones are still banned.                     Podcasts of class material are also
Most schools have white boards and        or similar items in the classroom, but        The students were all 10th-graders,       posted to the site. The student can
computers, but his conference presen-     as Spurka explained, the kids are used     and each was given an iPod Touch. Par-       watch the material and review at a
tation was about initiatives such as      to having immediate access to informa-     ents had to sign a waiver for inclusion      time that suits them, which could be
those that involve a little hand-held     tion from a variety of sources, on their   to the program and all 90 iPods had to       during the school bus ride, during
gadget — the iPod Touch.                  handheld devices and when they want        be accounted for at the end of the           lunch break or late at night. Even tests
   Roswell High is part of a program to   it. On entering the school building, the   school year. Students were “treated like     were posted to the site for the students
see how these expensive items can be      student had to shut down all their         young adults,” said Spurka, and al-          to take when they were at their best.
                                                                                     lowed to take the iPod Touch home and        The result was that general motivation
                                                                                     download music as well as video, and,        and achievement went up significantly
                                                                                     of course, they were expected to down-       for the test group.
                                                                                     load instructional material as well.            Dr. Spurka and his school are an on-
                                                                                        The specific courses that would be        going participant in the pilot program
                                                                                     part of the pilot program were less im-      and hopefully more courses will be in-
                                                                                     portant than the teacher’s ability and       cluded over the next few years.
                                                                                     vision. In Roswell High there were four

                                                                                     Enjoy The Quiet Of Winter Break
                                                                                       By Kate Copsey                             younger ones assemble new toys, or
                                                                                       Contributing Writer                        watch as older ones construct a town
                                                                                                                                  out of Lego blocks. Most of the toys we
                                                                                         Of all school holidays, winter break     get in our house are now video linked,
                                                                                     is probably my favorite. The last week       but the introduction of the Wii turned
                                                                                     of school before the break is a whirl-       into some family hysterics as I tried to
                                                                                     wind of activity that ranges from back-      hit a cyber golf ball — by that I mean I
                                                                                     to-school nights to see the band             could not quite find the right button to
                                                                                     concerts to dealing with pretest stress,     actually hit the ball, let alone get it
                                                                                     and shortened days for exam sched-           along its path to the hole!
                                                                                     ules. When the car finally comes to a           The downtime also gives me time to
                                                                                     halt on the last school run, there is a      actually read a novel or two. I have the
                                                                                     sense of relief for everyone — we made       luxury of kids that are old enough to
                                                               29                    it through another semester!                 bake pizza and toast Pop Tarts, so they

                                           r No w 404 -353 -83                           The time between that and Christ-        can fend for themselves as I curl up

                                     g iste INFANTAQ         OM
                                                              M                      mas is also busy with wrapping and           with a book for a few hours.
                                   Re WW. INFANTAQUATIICS.C O
                                         W W         UAT CS C                        baking, but then the world takes a              Then there is the planning for next
                                          W                                          breath, and although some call the           year. The week before New Year’s is a
                                                                                     week between Christmas and New               great time to try and get kids moti-
                                                                                     Year’s a “dead” week, to me it is a time     vated to keep their room tidy, or spend
                                                                                     to relax and enjoy the family.               more time on homework. I am notori-
                                                                                         The cold starts to the day encourage     ous for my to-do lists and my annual
                                                                                     later starts in general. There is no one     attempt to create a weekly or monthly
                                                                                     up before dawn and no one running            version during the pre-first-of-the-year
                                                                                     around in a panic looking for the jump       are always as optimistic as the kids’
                                                                                     drive with last night’s homework on it.      ones are. Fortunately, none of us keep
                                                                                     The cool mornings also put a halt to         our lists for very long, so there are none
                                                                                     garden work, so we can take the time         left from last year for them to give an
                                                                                     to watch birds that peck on the high-        end-of-year assessment to each other.
                                                                                     priced gourmet bird food that I am              Most of all, though, we make an
                                                                                     told they like. In actuality it is the an-   effort to just hang out and chat with
                                                                                     tics of the squirrel trying repeatedly to    each other. With no one running off
                                                                                     steal the bird food that attracts our at-    for appointments or meetings, there
                                                                                     tention as much as the birds.                is time to listen to each other and
                                                                                         The week is an ideal time to help        have some fun.
                                                                                                                    CurrentCommunity                        7

A New Year In Roswell (Cont.)
Continued from page 1                                      ing dozens of tellings on the Bulloch
dustry stimulates $13.6 million in local                   Hall grounds. The Riverside Sounds
spending as well as contributing $1.2                      and Sundays On The Square concert          + '.$# ( (*    '#  * )$ )    $#$". ) ( . ' 0
million to local and state taxes. It sup-                  series will resume in May at Riverside     # !* # $*' ()' *)$'(      ( , . )$ 1() "*! ) 2
ports more than 400 jobs, as well.                         Park and in the town square, respec-             *( # (( ,   #$  ') (     ! )$ .$*
   Though we can’t cover them all, the                     tively, giving patrons the chance to
Current will be on the scene reporting                     enjoy the warm weather when it re-                                       *'(   # ,
on many of these events, and giving                        turns. “The Shuffle” will be the theme                                     # . ' $# ) $# #
you a heads-up so that you can take                        of 2010’s Riverside Sounds, meaning                                  (.() " # '    + )
                                                           you can expect a variety of sounds and
advantage of these offerings.                                                                                                   () # ' (%     *'#   $'
   Two local theater groups will con-                      styles.
tinue their mission of making theater                         The Trilogy Trolley Crawl will return
attainable and enjoyable for everyone.                     in August for its second yearly outing,
The Georgia Ensemble Theatre,                              taking visitors to the grounds of Bar-
housed at the Roswell Cultural Arts                        rington Hall, Bulloch Hall and Smith
Center, tells us that this year will be ex-                Plantation, where they can soak up
                                                           some culture and regional cuisine and                                /    ) " *'#       '' #).
citing for theatergoers. The conserva-
tory will kick off 2010 with The Men of                    libations at the same time.                                          /    )"   $# #( # *# )
Mah Jongg, about four Jewish poker                            Roswellians can experience nature                                    '' #).
players who secretly trade in their                        via the Chattahoochee Nature Center,                                 /   . '( ! $' , '' #).
                                                           a great place to take the kids to not
cards for a mah jongg set. The laughs                                                                                           /   "$#) ( $ #$ #) ' ()
will continue in February with What I                      only be entertained, but also educated.
                                                           The center features programs for chil-                                  # # # $' &* !
Did Last Summer, and the group                                                                                                    %%! #)(
promises to bring down the house with                      dren including a number of day camps
an especially rockin’ version of Grease                    focusing on nature and conservation.
in April.                                                  Some of the center’s signature events
                                                           coming up in the new year include the
                                                                                                                                    ( "    $, .$* # &* ! .
   Likewise, the North Fulton Drama                                                                                                 $' )         ) - () "*!*(
Club, which presents its works on the                      Chattahoochee Challenge 10K, the           !!        )$ (  *! .$*'
                                                           Possum Trot 10K, Earth Day Kids Fest,           #$ $ ! ) $# () " )               '   )
lawn of Barrington Hall, will continue
its mission of bringing Shakespeare to                     and Hoot and Holler on the Hooch,
the masses with their unique takes on                      featuring square dancing and BBQ.
the Bard’s work. Next up for this group                       When November rolls around, it
are Comedy of Errors and Two Gentle-                       will be time for midterm elections in
men of Verona.                                             Georgia for state and Congressional of-
   Not a theater fan? The city offers a                    fices, and we’ll explore the issues and
plethora of activities sure to entertain                   the candidates involved.
the entire family. Alive After 5 street                       This column doesn’t begin to cover
parties will resume in April, when bou-                    everything that will make living and
tiques in the historic district stay open                  working in Roswell special in the com-
late the third Thursday of the month.                      ing year. Let us know of any events and
The month of May will bring the Col-                       interesting people and places you
ors Festivals of the Arts, a juried arts                   think we should feature – we appreci-
show sponsored by the Roswell Junior                       ate and value your input. After all, who
Woman’s Club every Mother’s Day                            knows Roswell better than our read-
weekend, while June will bring the                         ers?
Magnolia Storytelling Festival, featur-                       So, here’s to an enriching year in
                                                           Roswell – we’re glad we’re here!

The Riverside Sounds concert series is always a popular hit.
 8               CurrentEvents
The Big Business Of Weddings And Events In Roswell
By Tripp Liles                                         business owners a chance to display
Editor                                                 their capabilities to the public. Cur-
                                                       rently it rotates between the Double-
   Roswell has a deep history in wed-                  tree Hotel and Holiday Inn. This
dings that dates before the Civil War.                 year’s event takes place on Jan. 17 at
In 1853 Mittie Bulloch married                         the Doubletree Hotel. This date was
Theodore Roosevelt in her family’s                     chosen due to the high number of en-
Roswell mansion. It was quite an oc-                   gagements over the holidays.
casion that dominated the social                          The 2010 showcase is free to the
scene in Roswell for months.                           public and will be highlighted by a
   This wedding and the couple that                    fashion show by Savvi Formalwear
was married would go on to produce                     and Anya Bridal.
the 26th president of the United
States (Theodore D. Roosevelt) and                        The BIG Bottom Line
today serves as the foundation of a ro-                   Annually the business of weddings
bust and lucrative wedding business                    is big. There is a $6.5 million impact
in Roswell. Serving as the driving                     to the local economy that is directly
force behind that business is the                      contributed from weddings. Over half
Roswell Wedding Council. The coun-                     of that amount comes from non-                    A wedding fashion show is a highlight of the Roswell Wedding Showcase.
cil is comprised of local businesses                   Roswell residents who visit the city. It          dings. “Anyone who is planning a                          ing. According to a Georgia Tech eco-
that offer services to wedding parties.                is the council’s aim is to increase that          party is welcome to attend,” she                          nomic impact model, over $50 mil-
It was started over a decade ago when                  amount by highlighting the wide vari-             stated. Further emphasizing the                           lion is contributed to the local
local businesses wanted to have a                      ety of offerings that are available to an         point, “This is a Roswell showcase.                       economy through tourism and related
showcase to highlight all the wonder-                  engaged couple or someone planning                These facilities do a whole host of                       activities. This figure includes lodg-
ful things Roswell has to offer.                       a special event. The leader of the                events not just limited to weddings.”                     ing, food/restaurant, retail, trans-
   Over the years the annual event has                 council is Marsha Saum of the His-                   The facilities offered are wide rang-                  portation and recreation. It is the goal
changed formats from guided tours to                   toric Roswell Convention and Visitors             ing, from the full service hotels such                    of the council to highlight this figure
the more traditional “showcase” for-                   Bureau. Saum emphasizes the impor-                as the Doubletree to elegant antebel-                     and use it as a way to grow the local
mat held in one location, allowing                     tance of events that go beyond wed-               lum mansions. The support vendors                         economy in the future. The city is
                                                                                                         that cater to weddings and events are                     planning on major enhancements to
                                                                                                         also numerable. Within the Roswell                        the midtown corridor that leads into
Your Special Day Begins With Special Accommodations                                                      area there are a host of world-class                      the historic district and many of the
                                                                                                         caterers, florists and photographers                      facilities that cater to this event mar-
                                                                                                         who work in concert to provide mem-                       ket. All of these factors lead to a large
                    We offer special                                 ATLANTA/ROSWELL • ALPHARETTA AREA   orable weddings. Many of these busi-                      potential growth in 2010 and beyond.
                     group rates                                                                         nesses will be participating in this
             Complimentary transportation within a 5 mile radius                                         year’s showcase.                                            Editor’s note: Our next issue will
                    - Churches, venues, shopping, etc.                                                      While the specific wedding dollar                      provide a special section covering
                                                                                                         contributions to Roswell’s economic                       weddings in Roswell and will have
                                                                                                         bottom line are significant, the overall                  bonus distribution at the Jan. 17
                                                                                                         event and tourism impact is stagger-                      Roswell Wedding Showcase.

                                                                                                                                    Weddings By the Numbers
                                                                                                         Number of facilities in study: 14
                                                                                                         Total number of guests: 129,738
                                                                                                         Number of non-Roswell guests: 73,558
                                                                                                         % of non-Roswell guests: 57%
                                               EVENT                      GUEST                          Number of meals: 101,910
          WEDDINGS                            PACKAGES                ACCOMMODATIONS                     Total meal expenditures: $3,045,600
        BOOK A WEDDING                    SPECIAL EVENT PACKAGES              COMPLIMENTARY
      BEFOREMARCH 31, 2010                     AVAILABLE FOR                   HONEYMOON                 Number of times facilities rented: 889
     AND RECEIVE A $250.00                     CEREMONIES                    ACCOMMODATIONS
   AMERICAN EXPRESS GIFT CARD               REHEARSAL DINNERS                  WITH A BOOKING            Total rental dollars: $3,332,645
        OR A COMPLIMENTARY                   AND RECEPTIONS               OF   10 ROOMS OR MORE
          BRIDAL LUNCHEON                                                                                Total expenditures: $6,378,245
      1075 Holcomb Bridge Rd., Roswell, GA 30076 (GA 400 @ Exit 7B)                                      Total visitor expenditures: $3,615,767
          770- 992- 9600                   www.dou ble t reero swell. c o m                                                                                Source: Roswell Convention & Visitors Bureau Tourism Economic Impact Study
                                                                                                                                             CurrentEvents                                      9
Through December 30                               Green Builders part of the Winter Film Se-                                                        January 9
                                                  ries at Chattahoochee Nature Center’s              To have your event listed here please
I Collect Christmas at Barrington                                                                                                                   Nella Rigell-Lyres, Kings and Gaelic
Hall. Fascinating and whimsical Christmas         Cowie Weiss Theater. Discover green build-          send an email with the events date,           Strings
                                                  ing pioneers who reveal that building
collectibles are featured. Whether an ex-
                                                  greener is less complicated and expensive
                                                                                                      name of organization and brief de-            Nella Rigell-Lyres, Kings and Gaelic Strings
tensive collection of 19th century antique                                                                                                          at Cowie Weiss Theatre/Chattahoochee
ornaments, or vintage nutcrackers, there is       than you probably thought, and more re-            scription to events@theroswellcur-             Nature Center. Nella traces the harp’s his-
something to thrill the collector in each of      warding. Most appropriate for ages 10 & up; We will make every effort            tory from an ordinary hunter’s bow to the
us. Home will be decorated in traditional         included in general admission. 770-992-                                                           magnificent modern concert grand harp.
                                                  2055 or                    to inculde all listings submitted.
Southern style! Tours on the hour from 10                                                                                                           Visitors will get to “try out” the harp in an un-
a.m.-3 p.m. Mon.-Sat. and from 1 to 3 p.m.                                                          p.m.-4 p.m. (Closed Nov. 26 & 27; Dec. 25;      usual jam session. All ages; included in gen-
on Sundays (closed Thanksgiving Day, day          January 3                                         Jan. 1) (770) 992-1731.                         eral admission. 770-992-2055 or
after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and             Epiphany Sunday services at Roswell                                                     
New Year’s Day). (770) 640-3855                   Presbyterian Church                               January 9th & 10th
                                                  Epiphany Sunday services at Roswell Presby-
                                                  terian Church. Celebrating the coming of
                                                                                                    City Classic 2010                               Through January 10
January 1 Through Jan. 31                                                                           The Staff and Boys? Booster Club of Roswell     Winter Wonderland on the Plantation
The Roswell/Alpharetta Mountain Bike              the Magi (or three Wise Men) who were fol-
                                                                                                    Gymnastics invite you to the 10th               at Smith Plantation Home. Heritage Flora
Organization                                      lowing the star. Includes Holy Communion
                                                                                                    Annual  Roswell City Classic.  Come and join    and Fauna native to Smith Plantation is this
The Roswell/Alpharetta Mountain Bike Or-          and opened with a processional of stars led
                                                                                                    us for two days of exciting men?s gymnastics    year’s theme, featuring antebellum plants,
ganization invites off-road riders to join them   by “wise men.” 8:15 A.M.; 9:45 A.M. and
                                                                                                    competition.  This event is sponsored by the    birds and wildlife as the Roswell Garden
at Big Creek on Old Alabama Road each             11:15 A.M. 770-993-6316
                                                                                                    City of Roswell Recreation and Parks De-        Club takes Smith Plantation to new heights
week in January & February for weekly night                                                         partment. Admission is $6 for adults and $3     with seasonal décor. Tours on the hour,
rides sessions which alternate each Wednes-       Through January 3                                 for children 17 and under.  First session be-   Mon.-Sat from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. and from 1-3
day & Thursday starting at 7 P.M. These rides     The 12 Days of Christmas at Historic              gins Saturday at 8:00 AM and continues          p.m. on Sundays. (770) 641-3978.
are part of the Roswell Parks & Recreation        Bulloch Hall. Beginning with a perfect            throughout the day.  Second session begins
program. To sign up and for details go to the     partridge nestled in a pear tree, visitors will   Sunday at 9:00 AM and continues through
RAMBO website: and              go from room-to-room (you may sing if you
                                                                                                                                                    January 10
                                                                                                    the early afternoon.  Roswell Physical Activ-   North Fulton Regional High School Ce-
follow the link to the Roswell parks website      wish) experiencing the many delightful in-        ity Center - 10495 Woodstock Road, Build-
for registration.                                 terpretations of those melodious 12 days.                                                         ramics exhibition
                                                                                                    ing B, Roswell. For more information please     North Fulton Regional High School Ceram-
                                                  Self-guided tours of the home decorated           call (770) 641-3987 or visit www.roswell-
                                                  for the holidays in this favorite (and fun)                                                       ics exhibition at Roswell Art Center West.
January 2 & 3                                                                                                                  770-641-3990
Green Builders                                    theme. Mon.-Sat. 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Sun. 1

                                                        Sunday, January 17, 2010
                                                        DoubleTree Hotel Atlanta/Roswell
                                                           1075 Holcomb Bridge Road
                                                               2:00pm – 5:00pm
                                                         Free Admission • Door Prizes
                                                  Fashion Show by Savvi Formalwear and Anya Bridal
                                                         Grand Prize: 3 Nights, All-Inclusive
                                                           Honeymoon to Cancun, Mexico
                                                                   (Airfare not included • Must be present to win)

                                                                                                                                                     Donations accepted at the door to
                                                                                                                                                     benefit Mentoring Ministries, Inc.
10   CurrentVoices
                         #! '%$ /* )! !)!         Set A Goal To Set
                           ! & "$-! /', +#!       Some Goals
                                                    By Michael Finch                         stated life goal, but I bet that means
                                /', &!!             Contributing Writer                      I am in synch with my destiny? Yes,
                                                                                             I’m going with that explanation.
                                                     New Year’s resolutions are com-            If you’re still with me on this
                                                  monly made and many times                  goal-setting journey, let’s move fur-
                                                  promptly ignored, but maybe this           ther down the “funnel” and deter-
                                                  year will be different.                    mine our goals for this year. Surely,
                                                     What is a resolution, anyway? Ac-       2010 will be providential in what it
                                                  cording to Wikipedia, it is a declara-     will deliver to each of us that are
                                                  tion, a decree or a promise. So a          pre-determining our direction and
                                                  New Year’s resolution is simply a          potential future. Make this one spe-
                                                  promise or decision to do something        cific! So, in 2010 my goal is to —
                                                  or make something happen in the            um, uh, hmm — be somebody, doing
     "                        "       #       "   future. A goal! And every motiva-          something, somewhere – for money!
                                                  tional speaker, business guru or life-     Yes, a job! That’s specific! I think
           !                      "               coach will tout the importance of          I’m getting the hang of this. A note
                                                  making goals — especially in writ-         to the novice: If you are not reach-
                                                  ing.                                       ing the same level of success in goal-
                                                     As a matter-of-fact, a 1979 study       setting that I am demonstrating,
                                                  of Harvard graduates found that the        hang in there. This is a very in-
         %(# )!++   ./                                                  3 percent who        depth process that can take years of
                                                                        had written goals    self-discipline and personal training
                                                                        were earning, on     to master. Feel free to take my goals
                                                                        average, 10 times    and modify them to more closely fit
                                                                        more than those      your needs.
                                                                        with no written         Let’s make it a little easier and
                                                                        goals 10 years       focus solely on January. This is
                                                                        into their respec-   where my short-term goal setting
                                                                        tive careers. Con-   can really shine. My January goal is
                                                                        trary to this        to — um, uh, hmmm — be some-
                                                   MISCELLANEOUS        direction, I have    body, doing something, somewhere,
                                                   RAMBLINGS            never written out    for money — lots of money! There it
                                                   MIKE FINCH           my goals and         is! Why didn’t I think of this last
                                                                        have still man-      January when I first joined the
                                                  aged various levels of success lead-       ranks of the unemployed? It seems
                                                  ing to my current position — oh,           so obvious now in retrospect.
                                                  wait, I forgot, I’m unemployed! Per-          What am I going to do with all of
                                                  haps a goal-setting re-evaluation is       that money? Now, I’m feeling in-
                                                  in order? Maybe this year we should        spired, so how about a goal for this
                                                  go through the goal-setting process        week? This week I am going to —
                                                  together, so find a quiet place to         um, uh, hmmm — be somebody,
                                                  think and bring a sharp pencil. This       doing something, somewhere — for
                                                  could be a life-changing process!          money, lots of money — right now!
                                                     So, let’s start broadly and work        Yes! This is exciting! No wonder all
                                                  our way down to the more defined           of those success-mongers spend so
                                                  by answering the question, “What is        much time talking about goal-set-
                                                  the goal of your life?” For me, my         ting. It is an amazing process! Are
                                                  life goal is to — um, uh, hmmm —           you feeling it? Maybe we should de-
                                                  be somebody, doing something,              termine a goal for today, or the next
                                                  somewhere. There it is! That wasn’t        hour. I don’t want to stop, but I
                                                  so hard, was it? Okay, maybe that          need to go check the mailbox for
                                                  was a lot to chew in one bite so let’s     cash. After all, I just finished the
                                                  step back a little. “What is your goal     column. Another goal met! Maybe I
                                                  for the next five years?” Now that’s       should start here and work my way
                                                  easy. I want to — um, uh, hmmm —           back up? What do you think?
                                                  be somebody, doing something,
                                                  somewhere? I know that seems               Michael Finch can be reached at mis-
                                                  frighteningly close to my previously
                                                                                               CurrentHome & Garden                                                                                        11

Discarding Your                                                                                 d & Body Fusion
Christmas Tree                                                                              Min IN SHAPE WITH US!
By Kate Copsey                               Recycling Programs                                                           930 Woodstock Rd.
Contributing Writer                          Keep Roswell Beautiful along with                                            Roswell, GA 30075
                                          Home Depot have once again                                                       404-454-2206
   Each year, thousands of Christmas      arranged for you to take your Christ-
trees get sent to the city dumps com-     mas tree to Home Depot on Jan. 9
plete with tinsel, lights and other       between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The vol-
things that are way too bothersome        unteers at most Home Depot loca-
to take off. The whole thing is put       tions will help you take the tree from
into a giant plastic bag and dumped       your car roof and get it to the appro-                                          We love our work. It is a
by the curb. As the tree decomposes       priate place.                                                                        privilege and our
amid all the other garbage that              Early recyclers will be able to pick                                            passion. Our work is
buries it, the tree will decompose        up a free tree seedling in return for     Home Fitness Programs                  helping people change                          Nutritional Counseling
and eventually produce toxic gases.       recycling a tree.
                                                                                    Goal Speci c Training
                                                                                                                           their lives through our                                    Partner Training
Fortunately, there is a much better          There is also a partnership with
way to recycle your fresh Christmas       Davey Tree Experts, who will deliver                                            knowledge of and belief
tree.                                     free mulch to your property in re-        Private Training                        in tness. Our clients                                         Senior Fitness
                                          turn for recycling a tree. The form                                            place a unique trust in us
   Curbside                               for this program is online at the                                                and we earn that trust
   Roswell offers curbside recycling      Keep Roswell Beautiful website                                                  through hard work and
of yard waste. Your Christmas tree,       (                                                dedication to your tness.
                     without the trim-       I caution you to be careful for
                     mings, will count    what you wish for with this pro-
                     as yard waste        gram. The mulch arrives on a large
                     and can be set at    truck and cannot be divided be-
                     the curb ready       tween two properties or locations.               w w w. p o w e r p r i n c i p l e . n e t
                     for pick up by the   Fifteen to 20 yards is a very large
                     city. It is impor-   pile of mulch to arrive and move
                     tant that you do     promptly. For most suburban drive-           %" " /&*$     &-
                     not leave any        ways this amount will cover the             +*!&/&+*&*$ 2,"-/.
                     non-biodegrad-       driveway and successfully block you
 HOME & GARDEN       able items on the    getting to work until you have                                                           #+ -     %    ! ! & /& + * (   *&/
 KATE COPSEY                                                                                                                                                                1%.$ ,! *((!) !
                     tree, neither        moved a significant amount.                                                          ) / !-      +*%). %)-+! .%*)
                                                                                                                             1 -$ "%'.!, $! & "*, # -     , *)                     ,!+ %,
                     should you place        If you can find a more suitable                                                    (*)*2% ! '! &- ) (*,!
                     the tree in one of   place to put the mulch and you have                                                  ))*. ! *( %)! 1%.$ )3 *.$!, *""!,-
                                                                                                                                                                         ))*. ! *( %)! 1%.$ )3 *.$!, *""!,-
the large disposal bags. Look on the      neighbors who would like to share,                                                                              3                4
city’s website (       then this is a great program. It is
for collection days in late December      also great for community projects
                                                                                                                             ) '/ !-            . )   ,   )-. '' .%*)   ) '/ !-           . )    ,    )-. '' .%*)
and early January.                        like churches and daycare centers
                                                                                                 %) ) %)# 0 %'   '!
                                          who can be recipients of your mulch.            !,.%"%! 5 % !)-!       )-/,!
   Your Own Garden                        Please arrange this with the loca-                                                        $**-!                  %4!                 '' "*, ,% !- *) *.$!, -%4!-
   Christmas trees decompose in the       tion, though, as even needy locations
                                                                                    111 % ))+ '.%0                   +)       !,. %) !-.,% .%*)- ++'3   ))*. ! *( %)!   !,. %) !-.,% .%*)- ++'3   ))*. ! *( %)!
same way as any other green matter,       can only use so much mulch. If every                                                   1%.$ )3 *.$!, *""!,- 2+%,!-               1%.$ )3 *.$!, *""!,- 2+%,!-

which makes them ideal for the            parent at the daycare decided to do-
compost heap. Woody material does         nate their 20 yards, the daycare
decompose slower than grass clip-         would be buried.                                                                                                                                           0"      /
pings so take the side branches off          Whatever you do when your dis-
the tree and leave the trunk to one       card tree Christmas tree, try to recy-
side for spiders and other insects to     cle it somewhere. There are plenty of                                                4  0./+) ".&$*.
feast on. If you are lucky, you might     places to purchase artificial trees to                                               4  "-/&#&"! ++." & )+*!. 4 ( /&*0)
find a woodpecker taking an interest      decorate your home, but if you                                                       4  -&! ( "/. 4 '     ' / (& * +(!
in the remains of your tree. Tree         choose to use a fresh tree, help                                                     4  +(+- ")./+*". 4 / %". 4 ". (" +("2".
branches can also be useful on your       everyone by disposing of it thought-                                                 4  % -). 4 %&(!-"*. "1"(-3
perennial bed to help protect some        fully. To place it, complete with
                                                                                                                                & )+*! /0!               "/ %" &$%"./
of the borderline hardy plants and        lights and toxic trimmings, into a                                                   +(&! 3 , " & (             +-          (0"
bulbs. Put a single, or at most a dou-    plastic bag that takes centuries to                                               - +)        /       /     * +0- (! "1"(-3
ble, layer on the garden and cover        decompose is both careless and irre-
them with mulch until next spring.        sponsible.
12          CurrentParenting/Education
New Year’s Resolution… Take Some Time to Enjoy Your Family
By Laura Liles                                 THE CHATTAHOOCHEE NATURE CENTER                                                          Have Fun!
Contributing Writer                                                                      One of the great pleasures of
                                                         (770) 992-2055                                                   being a parent is the fact that it is
  Our lives, and the lives of our                                                                                         perfectly acceptable for you to
children, seem to revolve so much                         THE ART BARN                                                    make a fool of yourself for your
more around tiny electronic de-                                                         children’s enjoyment. Bowling
vices, social networking sites, and                       (678) 319-0286                                                  eight gutter balls in a row might
super tight schedules these days. I                                                                                       have been somewhat of an embar-
wouldn’t describe myself as a senti-           WILD ANIMAL SAFARI PINE MOUNTAIN                                           rassment for you in the past, but if
mentalist, pining for a “simpler”                                                           you are with your kids it becomes
time, but I would like to make a                        (706) 663-8744                                                    not only hilarious to them, but also
case here for the value of a good,                                                                                        helps them feel better about their
old-fashioned family outing. Both                 THE CENTER FOR PUPPETRY ARTS                                            own skills (or lack thereof ). Laugh-
parents and children reap great and                                                               ter is a great stress reliever and an
lasting benefits from time well                          (404) 873-3089                                                   incredible bonding agent, so re-
spent together. Here are some                                                                                             member to cut loose and show your
                                          cause a cancellation. Remember to         can give a child is their undivided
ideas to help you put the “quality”                                                                                       kids how to have a really good time.
                                          keep things age appropriate, and          attention. Let your kids know how
into your family time.
                                          always have alternatives that take        much you look forward to spending
                                                                                                                               Some Great Places to Start
                                          into account inclement weather.           time with them, and how excited
          Buy a Calendar –                                                                                                   Try to mix things up from month
                                          Share your ideas with your chil-          you are about creating shared expe-
       Make A Commitment                                                                                                  to month. Afternoons spent in
                                          dren, and ask them for their opin-        riences as a family. The activities
  As a gift to your family this New                                                                                       Roswell area parks are cost effec-
                                          ions. (Do not be swayed by the eye        that you do could be as simple as a
Year’s Day, present them with a cal-                                                                                      tive and fun, and, like bowling, put-
                                          rolling of older siblings — most of       kickball game and picnic at a local
endar for the coming year. Choose                                                                                         put golf, or swimming, require little
                                          them will enjoy even the silliest of      park, or as fancy as attending a
a weekend each month and pencil                                                                                           preplanning. Watch community
                                          family days, though you may never         Broadway show. What should mat-
in an activity that you think will be                                                                                     listings for local festivals with ac-
                                          hear them admit it.)                      ter the most is that you did them
fun for the whole family. Make                                                                                            tivities for the whole family, and
keeping the date a priority, and try                                                                                      don’t forget the zoo, museums, the
                                                   Create Memories
not to let anyone’s busy schedule                                                                                         aquarium, sporting events etc.
                                             One of the greatest gifts a parent

                                                                                                                            !                          #

                          ! !
                                                            4%&%33/) '%()0: ,%5 )%41) ( 6,) 6-6/) 2* %
                                                         )24+ -% )16)4 2* -56-1'6-21 ; 6,) 2 1/: 5',2 2/ 62                     #
     !                $                                    &) %9%4() ( 6,-5 (-56-1'6-21 -1 246, 7 /62 1

                                                              '2 716: #) ,%8) 342 8- () ( % 5%*) /2 8-1+
                                                        )18-42 10 )16 *2 4 /2 '%/ ',-/(4)1 *24 2 8)4   :)%45
                                                       #) )8)1 ,%8) 5)8)4%/ 2* 2 74 24-+ -1%/ 6)%',)45

                4-8%6) 62745 %4) %8%-/%&/) &)69))1
                        %1(          12 %332-160)16
                       1)')55%4: )) 75 %5 9) %4)
                                                       999 '4%&%33/)%'%()0:21/-1) '20                                                   7'.)4 2%(
                                                       4-8%6) ,-/('%4) )16)4
                                                                                                                       CurrentParenting/Education                                                           13

Hillside Lego Team Advances                                                                                                                                                             High Meadow students
                                                                                                                                                                                        Katie Quackenboss,
                                                                                                                                                                                        Mackenzie Hawkins,
To Regional Qualifier                                                                                                                                                                   Daniela Godoy and Jeri
                                                                                                                                                                                        Brand look over the
                                                                                                                                                                                        Legos display in the Com-
                                                                                                                                                                                        munity Center.

                                                                                                                          Built by High Meadows alumni              from sets.
                                                                                                                       Austin and Nikole Nijenkamp along               For example, Mr. Nijenkamp built
                                                                                                                       with their father, Harry, a self-de-         the 35,000-piece red office building in
                                                                                                                       scribed Legos fanatic for 40 years, the      the display’s center from scratch, as did
                                                                                                                       family set up the display in High            Austin with the reflecting pool beside
                                                                                                                       Meadows’ new Community Center for            the Taj Mahal set.
                                                                                                                       the students to enjoy. The children             According to Mr. Nijenkamp, the
Hillside’s Thunder Bunnies team members include, (first row, left to right) Brandon Semones, K.J. Holmes, Nathan       were given a sheet of characters and         display took two months to build. It
Jacob,  Peter Tilly, Clara Kim, Chloe LeCates and Olivia Katz and (second row, left to right) Jesse Tilly, Evan Fye,   objects to find in the display in a scav-    was then taken apart in big sections to
Max Cole and Skyler Swislow                                                                                            enger hunt.                                  move to the school.
   Hillside Elementary School’s First                       Hillside PTA president.                                       The display also contained a work-           “This display really fits in well with
Lego League team competed against                              Jesse Tilly, a Hillside parent, coaches                 ing train set and landscapes that were       High Meadows, which is an Interna-
27 other teams in the Forsyth Regional                      the team with support from Hillside                        meant to reflect the school’s dedication     tional Baccalaureate World School,”
Qualifier and placed high enough in all                     teachers Stacie Brown and Mike                             to environmentalism.                         said Michelle Azzi, the school’s director
four categories to advance them to the                      DiMaggio.                                                     Austin and dad Harry built most of        of marketing.
next round in Warner Robins. This is                           At the competition, teams competed                      the set from individual pieces rather           Acknowledging the holidays, the
the first year for the Robotics program                     in four categories: research project,                      than kits, and used only their imagina-      display also contained Santa in a heli-
at Hillside and the fourth- and fifth-                      robot missions, team skills and techni-                    tions, not sketched-out designs. Nikole      copter and greeted the children with a
grade students began working on their                       cal design. The Thunder Bunnies spent                      assisted by building some of the             welcoming holiday message spelled out
project just this fall.                                     three months researching planes and                        smaller models featured in the display       with Legos.
   The students named their Robotics                        fuel consumption for their project. The
team the “Thunder Bunnies” in order                         children also built and programmed a                                                                    A FULL SERVICE CPA FIRM
to communicate both the ferocity of                         robot to solve approximately 20 mis-                                                                   FOCUSED ON SMALL BUSINESS
their passion for technology as well as                     sions on a standard playfield. After five                                                                   AND INDIVIDUAL
their cuddly cuteness. Students ages 9                      rounds, the Bunnies ended up tied for                                                                         INCOME TAXES
to 14 competed in the First Lego
League event held at West Forsyth
                                                            7th place out of 28 teams.
                                                               Their overall tournament ranking
High School on Dec 5.                                       placed them in the top 10, high enough                                          
   “For the students to have competed                       to qualify them for the Super Regional
so well against older, more experienced
teams is reflective of the hard work and
                                                            Qualifier to be held in Warner Robbins
                                                            on Jan. 9. A placing there would cata-
                                                                                                                                           15% o 2009 Tax Preparation
preparation on the part of the students                     pult them into the Georgia State FLL                                               when you mention this ad
as well as the collaborative support of                     tournament and another chance to
the team parents, coach and Hillside                        qualify for the World FLL Tournament                                             We Specialize In:
teacher coaches,” said Stacy Christie,                      to be held in Atlanta April 14-17.
                                                                                                                                 • Income tax return preparation
                                                                                                                                      • Income tax planning
Lego Mania                                                                                                                       • Sales tax and payroll tax ling
By Ann Marie Quill
Managing Editor                                                                                                           • Monthly accounting and compilation services
  An international village recently
                                                                                                                                • New business start up assistance
wowed the students at High Meadows                                                                                                     • Payroll Processing
School in Roswell. A 130,000-piece
Lego display contained the likes of the                                                                                                     Call To Set Up
Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal and the
Statue of Liberty and was populated
                                                                                                                                        Free Tax Consultation
by an assortment of pop culture char-                                                                                                                    555 Sun Valley Drive, Suite E-2
                                                             Harry Nijenkamp shows off the Lego display he built
acters, reflecting the diversity of the                      with his children, High Meadows alumni Austin and                                                Roswell, GA 30076
school.                                                      Nikole.                                                                                            770-640-5042
14     CurrentFinance
                                        Time to Make Post
                                        Recession Investment Moves?
                                        Special to the Current                     most important step you can take is
                                                                                   to remain invested — and if you’re
                                          Like a tiresome dinner guest, the        out of the market, consider getting
                                        recession has long outstayed its wel-      back in. As exhibited by the strong
                                        come. But there are some clear signs       market rally this summer, large gains
                                        that the economy has begun to turn         can come quickly, but they only come

         %&),% 3-2/ 13*%
                                        around. If that is indeed the case,        to those who aren’t on the investment
                                        how should you, as an individual in-       sidelines.
                                        vestor, respond?                               In addition to staying invested,

                                          Before we get to that question, let’s    consider these other post-recession
                                        quickly review some of the key fac-        moves — which are actually pretty
                                                                                   good moves before and during a re-
                                                                                   cession, as well:
                                        Even if all this evidence in-                  • Look for quality. In any eco-
                                                                                   nomic environment, you’ll be making
                                        dicates the recession is end-              a smart move by focusing on quality
                                        ing, does that necessarily                 investments that fit your unique sit-
                                                                                   uation. You may look for the stocks
                                        mean that boom times for                   of those companies with strong man-
                                        investors will follow?                     agement teams and competitive
                                                                                   products. And stick with investment-
                                                                                   grade bonds, if fixed income is ap-
                                        tors that suggest the recession may        propriate.
                                        be ending. First, we’ve seen four              • Diversify. Build a portfolio con-
                                        straight months of gains by the Con-       taining a variety of investments, in-
                                        ference Board’s Index of Leading           cluding stocks, bonds, government
                                        Economic Indicators. Also, the job         securities and certificates of deposit.
                                        market is improving somewhat and           While diversification, by itself, can’t
                                        bank lending is increasing. The Fed-       guarantee a profit or protect against
                                        eral Reserve’s efforts to stabilize the    a loss, it can help you reduce the
                                        financial system have improved con-        long-term effects of volatility on your
                                        ditions in the corporate credit mar-       holdings.
                                   !    kets, as indicated by a dramatic               • Keep a long-term perspective.
                                        increase in the amount of new bonds        It’s not easy to overlook market fluc-
                                        issued by companies thus far in            tuations, especially severe ones, but
                           !   !   !    2009. We’ve also seen improvements         if you can keep your eyes on what
           !           "                in the housing market and in indus-        you hope to achieve in the future,
                                        trial production.                          you might be less likely to overreact
                   !                       Even if all this evidence indicates     to short-term events. While you may
                                        the recession is ending, does that         need to periodically adjust your in-
     --$ %#-,$)1)-,),' !"),%1 %&!#),'   necessarily mean that boom times for
                                        investors will follow? A look back in
                                                                                   vestment mix in response to changes
                                                                                   in the economy and in your own life,
                                        time shows reasons for optimism. In        you’ll be better off, in the long run,
              201-+ !"),%10             10 recessions, extending from 1949         by establishing a strategy that’s ap-
                                        through 2001, the S&P 500 rose, on         propriate for your individual risk tol-
                                        average, 9.5 percent six months fol-       erance and goals — and sticking to
                                        lowing the recession’s end date, and       it.
                                        15.5 percent after 12 months, accord-          As individuals, we’re all subject to
                                        ing to Ned Davis Research. Of              the ebbs and flows of the economy.
                                        course, as you have no doubt heard,        But by focusing on those things you

         .%#)!*      -*)$!3
                                        past performance is no guarantee of        can control — such as buying quality
                                        future results, but in years gone by,      investments, diversifying and think-
                                        staying in the market rewarded long-       ing long-term — you can become an

         )0#-2,1 )1( ()0 $              term investors — those who could
                                        look beyond the recession at hand.
                                                                                   investor for all seasons.

                                           In any case, if the recession is end-   This column was contributed by Jen-
                                        ing, let’s return to our original ques-    nifer Heal, an Edward Jones finan-
                                        tion: What investment moves should         cial adviser in Roswell. She can be
                                        you make? As we’ve already seen, the       reached at (770) 998-1572.
                                                                                                                                                             CurrentPets                                       15

5 Resolutions For Happier, Healthier Pets                                                                                                                                Southern Hope
                                                                                                                                                                    Adoptable Pet Of The Week
By Ann Marie Quill                                 consider hiring a dog walker or en-          cleaning. Though it may sound laugh-
Managing Editor                                    rolling him in a doggy daycare a few         able, bad dental health can contribute
                                                   days a week. But talk to your vet be-        to heart, kidney and liver disease if
   As the New Year approaches and                  fore starting any exercise regimen for       bacteria from a pet’s mouth travels
you are thinking of resolutions for                your canine companion. Just like hu-         into the bloodstream.
yourself, why not make a few for your              mans, they should be eased into it.             5. Consider adopting. If you are
furry friends. After all, a content pet            And don’t forget your feline friends.        thinking of adding a pet to your
makes for a happier household over-                Laser toys, catnip and even objects as       household, consider adopting one
all. Here are few suggestions to get               simple as a shoestrings or toilet paper      from a local shelter or rescue group.
your four-legged pals off to the right             rolls make for great ways to get them
start in 2010:                                     moving!                                      Want to see your pet in print? Submit
   1. Diet. The very thing that’s often               3. Spay and neuter. Not only is           photos, anecdotes and stories to
No. 1 on our list at the start of the              this the right thing to do to help pre-
year should also be a concern for your             vent pet overpopulation, it also
pet. A vet who specializes in nutrition            lessens the chance that your pet will                                                                     If you've been to Southern Hope’s Roswell Adoption
told me that with pet food, you really             develop certain diseases like cancer.                Reader Pet Of The Week                               Center, you've probably met Beachball! She is the resi-
do get what you pay for, and that you                 4. Preventative care. When taking                                                                      dent "feline receptionist" and can usually be found
should purchase the most expensive                 your pet to the vet for his annual            Nora Laughton of Roswell reports that when her              hanging out on or under the front desk! Beachball’s
food for your pet that you can afford.             exam, consider having bloodwork               daughter, Emma, is away, family dog Amber likes             story is all too common: dumped at animal control be-
The higher quality the food, the less              done to get a baseline on organ func-         to make a bed out of whatever of Emma’s clothes             cause her owners didn't want her any longer. Beachball
likely it is to contain fillers and                tions. Health problems can be de-             are on her floor. “I like to think she's keeping them       is ready to find her forever home and is also ready to
preservatives that contribute to                   tected early this way, and if your pet        warm,” Laughton said. “Amber is our wonderful               get her girlish figure back. When she finds a family she
weight problems which in turn can                  becomes ill in the future and needs           10-year old rescue dog.”                                    can go on a diet. She currently weighs about 16 pounds
lead to heart disease, cancer, diabetes            more bloodwork, this can be com-                                                                          and would love to get more exercise. Won't you give
and joint issues.                                  pared to their values when they were                                                                      this beauty the loving home she deserves? Beachball is
   2. Exercise. Again, this help pre-              healthy. Also, though it may sound                                                                        spayed, microchipped, and up-to-date on all vaccina-
vents weight gain and the problems                 like daunting challenge, try to keep                                                                      tions. She is available to meet potential adopters at the
mentioned above. And remember                      your pet’s teeth clean. Pet stores sell                                                                   Southern Hope Humane Society's Roswell Pet Adoption
that a tired pet is a well-behaved pet.            toothbrushes and paste designed                                                                           Center at 900 Mansell Road, Suite 23, in the Mansell
If you own a dog, a minimum of two                 specifically for pets, but if this is not                                                                 Oaks shopping center. All of their adoptable dogs and
30-minute walks a day is recom-                    realistic, many treats and chews are                                                                      cats can be seen on their website at .
mended. If Fido is left alone during               designed for this purpose. Your vet                                                                       The Adoption Center is open Wednesday through Sun-
the day for long stretches of time,                can also perform a thorough dental                                                                        day from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

                                                                                                                                             Herb Shoppe of Roswell
                                                                                                                                               & Wellness Center
                                                                                                                                                       Grand Opening Specials
       For All Of Your Baking Needs                                                                                                                        Month of December Only
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          And Special Occasions                                                                                                            Compass Assessment...Regularly $35...Special Price Only $10
                                                                                                                                           Determine exactly what your body needs with this bio-survey
                                                                                                                                                assessment. Saves money plus no more guessing!
            1255 Grimes Bridge Rd., Roswell, GA 30075                                                                                                                                                    "!
                                                                                                                                                   !     !     !"    !
                                                                                                                                                                                          ###      $

  Frustrated with your home? Let “ e Nancys” take
           you from Ordinary to Spectacular                              Cell Phone Broken?                                                                                                 (770)
             using what you already own!
                                                                      Cell Phone Rescue 911                                                                                               640-5042
                         Call us today for a Quick                                                                                                     A FULL SERVICE CPA FIRM FOCUSED ON
                         and A ordable solution.                      Can fix it for far less than a replacement.
                                                                                                                                               SMALL BUSINESS AND INDIVIDUAL INCOME TAXES
                     Decorating Makeovers & More…                     We specialize in water damage, cracked
                            678-969-8084                                     screen and charging issues.
                Check us out at
                                                                    David Shiller
 Free color consultation valued @ $125 with any room makeover.      Andrew Carter                                                                         

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