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					                                         SAT Math Prep Course
                                  Union County Magnet High School

Instructor: Ms. Christina Pollo
Contact Info: or 908-889-3800 ext 203
Description: This course is concerned with guiding you through your preparation for taking the
mathematics section of the SAT exam. Strategies, format, timing, and content will be covered. It is
worth ½ credit. Your grade for this course is included on your school report card.

Textbook and materials: Students are expected to purchase and bring to each class their own copy of
the workbook being used in this course – The Official SAT Study Guide: Second Edition. Students will
also need a notebook and a folder or a three-ring binder for use in this course. Calculators will be

Attendance: Students are allowed no more than 1 excused absence without affecting their grade. Two
or more excused, or any unexcused absences will lower their grade, as attendance is part of the grading
policy in this course. An excused absence is defined as:

      absent from school for an illness with a note
      an excused absence recorded for that regular school day
      a school trip or attending another school function, for example -- a math competition

Attending a club meeting or staying for help with a teacher is not counted as an excused absence. Being
late by 10 minutes or more will count as an unexcused absence.
Expected Behaviors: At the start of class, students are to be prepared and ready to work for the entire
hour. Students will not be excused to go to the bathroom (unless absolute emergency), make a phone
call home, get their work/calculator from their locker, wander the halls for whatever reason, etc. The
class participation grade will include penalties for leaving the classroom once the class starts. Students
who are consistently disruptive in this manner or otherwise will be reported to administration and
parents and a decision will ultimately be made as to whether the student will allowed to remain in the
Dates of Math SAT class: There are two sections of this class – Tuesdays 3-4 and Tuesdays 4-5 which
lasts 8 weeks, January 19th to March 9th. Students are expected to have transportation home as soon as
the course ends. Students are expected to have a ride picking them up at 5:00 PM; there are no
exceptions. If transportation can’t be arranged on a regular basis then your child cannot take this
Lateness: Arriving to class more than 10 minutes late without prior permission from the teacher will
count as an absence. Arriving 1 - 9 minutes late without prior permission from the teacher will be
recorded as late and will result in a loss of class work points for the day.

Assignments: In order to be successful on the SAT exam, you will need to study and do practice work
outside of class. Homework is due on time at the start of the class or full credit will not be earned.
Exceptions to this homework policy will be made for excused absences, with assignments due the
following day. Homework will be checked and/or collected at the beginning of the block.
Grading Policy:
Attendance:                 30%
Homework Completion         30%
Timing Quizzes              20%
Participation               20%

Your grade will not be based on how well you perform on the Practice SAT’s and the actual SAT.

                            SAT MATH PREP SCHEDULE
                   Day                                           Itinerary
                                               -   How to register for SAT
                                               -   25 min pre-test
January 19                                     -   Setup of Math Section and scoring
                                               -   Multiple Choice Answering Techniques
                                                    - 25 minute practice test
January 26                                          - Number and Operations Review
                                                    - 25 minute practice test
February 3 (Wednesday)                              - Data Analysis, Statistics, and
                                                        Probability Review
                                                    - 25 minute practice test
February 9                                          - Calculate raw and converted score
                                                    - 25 minute practice test
February 16                                         - Algebra and Functions Review
                                                    - 25 minute practice test
February 23                                         - Geometry and Measurement Review

March 3                                             -   Full SAT Practice

March 9                                             -   Continuation of Full SAT Practice
Ms. Christina Pollo
908 889 8288 x203

I have read the attendance and grading policy for the SAT Math review class.

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