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PDA Users Guide


									                                   PDA Users Guide

The information on this page has been provided to assist you with your new PDA . One
of the most difficult decisions regarding the use of a PDA, or personal digital assistant,
has already been made for you. You have been given a device and don't have to decide
which type of device to buy. The Nursing Department at Robert Morris University has
decided to provide you with a Tungsten E instead of another type of device for the
following reasons: 1) the number of health care related applications that are available for
this device, 2) the cost 3) ease of use. Five software applications are required and have
been loaded onto the PDA. It is important that you begin to familiarize yourself with the
PDA features and software. In addition to the users guide provided with the PDA, the
following links will help you to learn more about your PDA.


How a PDA works

palmOne web site

Web page for Student nurses using PDAs

Johns Hopkins Antibiotic Guide (freeware)

A step by step general users guide

Watch the video
Helpful glossary of terms for handhelds.


We will also be hosting a users group and offering “Brown Bag Workshops” at a time
and frequency to be determined. Objectives of the group discussions will be the

      educate participants on topics of interest
      provide an arena for more in-depth conversation about usage and projects
      update users about current RMU PDA initiatives
      explore issues related to the use of handhelds in health care
      share tips, successes, and challenges
      foster networking among those working with handheld devices

List Serv

You are also encouraged to access and join the listserv. This is a
very active group and provides a forum to discuss various topics related to PDA use by

Help Desk

IT Support @ RMU
7am -10pm via cell phone

Ian Parker
RMU: 412.262.8420

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