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October 17, 2006 by the300e


									                     NORTH BEND CITY COUNCIL MINUTES
                                         October 17, 2006
                      Senior Center, 411 Main Ave. S., North Bend, Washington


Mayor Hearing called the regular meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.

Councilmembers Present: Cook, Garcia, Loudenback, Rosen, and Tavenner.


Minutes – Council Meeting of October 3, 2006
Checks – October 17, 2006 – 28697– 28756 in the amount of $236,864.36
Payroll – October 5, 2006 – 21832 through 21882, in the amount of $97,949.70
AB06-083 – Resolution 1162 Authorizing LHWMP Recycling Grant Application
AB06-084 – Resolution 1163 Authorizing Amendment to MTSG Ribary Creek
Councilmember Garcia MOVED to approve the consent agenda as presented, seconded by
Councilmember Rosen. The motion PASSED 5-0.


Proclamation by Mayor Hearing – National Save for Retirement Week

WHEREAS, the cost of retirement continues to rise in the United States and the need for
greater savings grows; and

WHEREAS, many employees may not be aware of their retirement savings options or
may not be taking full advantage of their workplace defined contribution plans to the full
extent allowed by law; and

WHEREAS, all workers, including public and private sector employees, employees of
tax-exempt organizations and self-employed individuals can benefit from increased
awareness of the need to save for their retirement,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Kenneth G. Hearing, Mayor, do hereby proclaim the week of
October 22nd through October 28th, 2006 as

North Bend City Council Minutes – October 17, 2006                                       1

in the City of North Bend and encourage citizens to fully acquaint themselves with
retirement savings options.


Mayor Hearing reported the Planning Commission had been reviewing amendments to the
2006 Comprehensive Plan. They had held one public hearing related to the request for
land use change near NW 14th and incorporation of the 6-year CFP. At its Oct 26th
meeting a public hearing was held on proposed cottage zone amendments, and track
changes to Capital Facility Plan/Park Plan, School Capital Facilities Plan and other items
to insert into 2006 Comprehensive Plan amendment were reviewed.

Mayor Hearing reported the Economic Development Commission had met on October 5th.
New action items discussed at the meeting were: 1) Way Finding Signage – Directional
signage targeted at visitors and a work plan for implementing the way finding signage. 2)
King County Trail Kiosk Signage – The King County Trail Signs would be providing
space for four North Bend areas of interest to be identified with a photo and 250-word
description. 3) Capital Tree Tour of Washington – The Capital Tree was scheduled to stop
in North Bend on November 14th at 11:15 a.m. at the Train Depot.

Mayor Hearing reported the Parks Commission had met on Wednesday, October 11. Mark
Pray was introduced as the new staff lead. They discussed the Torguson Park Master Plan,
the status of water rights, and future issues they would like to address in 2007. The Mayor
noted there were three vacancies on the Commission and asked for those who may be
interested to fill out a volunteer application.

Councilmember Cook reported the Community and Economic Development Committee
had met on October 11th and discussed the zoning code revision, comp plan update and the
Torguson Park Master Plan.

Councilmember Rosen noted the Budget, Finance and Administration Committee would
meet on October 19th at 10:30 a.m.

Councilmember Tavenner reported the Public Health and Safety Committee met on
October 10th and discussed the Issaquah Municipal Court contract and ordinance and
received a briefing on EFR talks.

Councilmember Loudenback said the Transportation and Public Works Committee had not
met but looked at several issues electronically including upcoming contracts for the
Bendigo/Park Signal, design and construction management for the production well and
design and construction management for Hobo Springs.

Mayor Pro-Tem Garcia reported the last workstudy focused on water rights and was a
positive meeting. He asked citizens to participate in the budget process by letting Council
know what they considered to be priorities.

North Bend City Council Minutes – October 17, 2006                                        2

AB06-075a – Resolution Authorizing Court Contract

City Attorney Mike Kenyon reported over the past several months the City had been
looking at alternatives to contracting with King County for Municipal Court Services due
to increasing costs, and at times service that was less than favorable that resulted in
negative impacts for police and prosecution staff.

The most feasible alternative was to contract with the City of Issaquah. This was primarily
due to the City paying a flat per case cost for court services versus a share of the total costs
of providing court services as under the King County Contract.

The predictability of Issaquah’s municipal court system, it’s pricing structure and the
quality of its customer service were important factors in the recommendation to enter into
an agreement with the City of Issaquah.

Lynne Jacobs the Issaquah Court Administrator would be working with City staff to assure
a smooth transition of North Bend cases with a clear and concise cut-off date for filings
with the King County Court. There would be some remaining cases in district court
through 2007. After 2007 we would be effectively operating in just one court.

Councilmember Loudenback MOVED, seconded by Councilmember Cook to approve
AB06-075a, a Resolution authorizing the Interlocal Agreement between the City of North
Bend and the City of Issaquah for Municipal Court Services and Facilities as a final
reading. The motion PASSED 4-1 (Tavenner).


AB06-085 – Public Hearing, Resolution Adopting Torguson Master Plan

Mayor Hearing explained that in response to the need for an organized approach to
development of the remaining open space at Torguson Park, the City contracted with Jay
Rood Associates in 2006 to develop a Master Plan for the park. In this master planning
process, the Parks Commission held three public meetings/open houses to solicit the input
from the community. With this information options were developed for the park, and
subsequently a joint City Council/Parks Commission workstudy was conducted to go over
the recommendation and the other options that were considered. The Community and
Economic Development Committee also considered the Master Plan.

Of the options presented, a layout was selected by the Committee as the preferred Master
Plan. Before implementation of any improvements to the Park, the Master Plan should be
adopted to provide guidance in the completion of the Park. The Mayor stated a public
hearing was scheduled at tonight’s meeting before any final action would be taken.

Mayor Hearing opened the Public Hearing at 8:12 p.m. There were no comments and the
Mayor closed the Public Hearing at 8:12 p.m.

North Bend City Council Minutes – October 17, 2006                                            3
Councilmember Cook MOVED, seconded by Councilmember Rosen to approve AB06-
085, a resolution adopting the Torguson Master Plan, as a first and final reading.

Councilmember Loudenback thanked Jerry Venera and other volunteers who had donated
time and materials to help in development of a new soccer field at Torguson Park.

Jerry Venera, 137 Thrasher, North Bend, gave Councilmembers an update on the work
done on the soccer field to date.

Councilmember Garcia suggested the need for more diversity of uses and wanted to add a
rock-climbing wall with a handball court on the backside to the Master Plan. He had
discussed it with City Attorney Kenyon and there was no liability issue for the City.

Following discussion of the potential associated costs of adding this amenity,
Councilmember Loudenback made a friendly motion, seconded by Councilmember Rosen
to amend the motion to include in the Master Plan a rock-climbing wall and handball court.

The motion then PASSED 5-0.

AB06-086– Resolution Adopting Budget Calendar

Finance Director Montgomery explained RCW chapter 35A.33 and North Bend Municipal
Code chapter 2.84 mandate the City’s budget process. She presented a budget calendar
that captured events during the budget process that were regulated, tasks that would
facilitate an orderly sequence and benchmarks that would assure the final adoption of the
2007 Budget Ordinance prior to the December 31, 2006 deadline.

Councilmember Rosen MOVED, seconded by Councilmember Cook to approve AB06-
086, a resolution adopting the 2007 budget calendar as a first and final reading. The
motion PASSED 5-0.


Councilmember Rosen commented he wanted to move forward with financing Torguson
Park as one piece and having it completed as soon as possible. He also asked citizens to
please spend some time reading the initiatives on November’s ballot.

Councilmember Garcia expressed he would like to see the way finding signs in the budget
and have the Economic Development Commission take them on as a project. He also
discussed planting trees at the WWTP and tearing down the old Public Works Building as
options for the preliminary budget.

Mayor Hearing announced the spay mobile was coming to the valley again on Friday,
October 20th at the City of Snoqualmie parking lot, 7940 Railroad Ave., in downtown

The Mayor reported Snoqualmie had a recent rash of burglaries and last week North Bend

North Bend City Council Minutes – October 17, 2006                                         4
had some too. Apparently, people had entered through unlocked doors to do their damage.
He reminded citizens to take care to lock their doors, even when they were home.

The Mayor said he and Ruth Tolmasoff had met last week to talk about the future of the
Community Shuttle. The shuttle operated Monday through Friday from 7 am to 7 pm and
currently was carrying approximately 800 rides per month. They were turning down
approximately 12 requests per day. When the shuttle began operation it was providing 300
rides per month. Within a short time the demand would easily be for an additional van and
more drivers but more information was needed about how a new van might be used. Ruth
requested that the public call the community shuttle and tell them how the service could be

Mayor Hearing expressed that while he had not taken a stand on I-933, the property rights
initiative, he did have some concerns to voice. His concerns stemmed primarily from the
statements made by both the opposing and supporting voices. Both sides had made
statements that were difficult to verify and from the part of the text he had read, may not be
true at all. He asked citizens to please read and understand the entire text of the initiative
before voting on it.

The Mayor reminded the public that the Parks Commission had three empty seats, and to
please go to City Hall and pick up an application or download it from the City web site if


Councilmember Loudenback MOVED to adjourn, seconded by Councilmember Rosen.
The motion PASSED 5-0.

The meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.


Kenneth G. Hearing, Mayor                            Cheryl Proffitt, City Clerk

North Bend City Council Minutes – October 17, 2006                                           5

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