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									                                                      Middle Schools

Sch.                                      School
 #          School Name               Address/Phone                Contact Names*                 School Website**
District 13 Schools:
K103   Satelite Three              170 Gates Ave.             Principal: Kenyatte Reid
                                   Brooklyn, NY 11238         Parent Coordinator: Jennifer     ortals/13/K103/default.htm
                                   (718) 789-5835             Thomas
K113    Ronald Edmonds Learning    300 Adelphi Street,        Principal: Khalek Kirkland
       Center (Has three           Brooklyn, NY 11205         Parent Coordinator: Omnesia      .aspx
       subschools: Academy of the (718)834-6734               Salik-Evans
       Performing Arts; Academy of
       Communication Arts,
       Technology and Sciences;
       School of Fine Arts and
K265   Dr. Susan S. McKinney        101 Park Aveue,           Principal: Paula Holmes
       Secondary School of the Arts Brooklyn, NY 11205        Parent Coordinator: Kenya        ortals/13/K265/default.htm
                                    (718) 834-6760            Mabry
K266   Park Place Community         62 Park Place,            Principal: Michele Robinson
       Middle School                Brooklyn, NY 11217        Parent Coordinator: Shanise      ortals/13/K266/default.htm
                                    (718) 857-2347            Cardona
K282   MS282 at PS 282 Park Slope 180 6th Avenue,             Principal: Magalie Alexis
                                    Brooklyn, NY 11217        Parent Coordinator: Kathleen     ortals/13/K282/default.htm
                                    (718) 622-1626            Larkins
K301   Satellite East Middle School 344 Monroe Street,        Principal: Kim McPherson
                                    Brooklyn, NY 11216                                         ortals/13/K301/default.htm
                                    (718) 789-4251
K313   Satellite West Middle School 209 York Street,          Principal: Suzane Joseph
                                    Brooklyn, NY 11201                                         ortals/13/K313/default.htm
                                    (718) 834-6774
K336   Urban Assembly Academy Of 141 Macon Street             Principal: Clyde Cole  
       Business And Community       Brooklyn, NY 11216                                         ortals/13/K336/default.htm
       Development (all boys        (718) 783-4842
K492   Urban Assembly of Arts and 225 Adelphi Street, 3rd Fl. Principal: Allison Gaines Pell
       Letters                      Brooklyn NY 11205         Parent Coordinator:              px
                                    (718)222-1605             Tanya Williams
K527   Urban Assembly of Math and Brooklyn, NY 11205          Co-Principals: Kelly DeMonaco
       Science for Young Women                                and Kiri Soares
       (all girls school)                                     Parent Coordinator : Carol
 #          School Name               (718)935-3976                Contact Names*                 School Website**

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K571   M.S. 571, Bergen Upper        80 Underhill Ave        Principal: Santosha Troutman
       School                        Brooklyn, NY 11238      Parent Coordinator: Ladrecia   ortals/13/K571/default.htm
                                     (718) 834-6790          Balsour

K592   Khalil Gibran International   50 Navy Street          Principal: Holly Anne Reichert
       Academy                       Brooklyn, NY 11201
                                     (718) 522-2119
K596   Knowledge And Power           300 Willoughby Ave.,    Principal: Rosa Smith-Norman
       Preparatory Academy VII       Brooklyn, NY 11205                                   ortals/13/K596/default.htm
       Middle School                 (718) 230-3273
K691   Fort Greene Preparatory       100 Clermont Avenue,    Principal: Paula Lettiere
       Academy (shares w/PS46)-      Brooklyn, NY 11201                                     ortals/13/K691/default.htm
       Opening September 2010
Brooklyn Wide Eligibility:
K235   The Lenox School              525 Lenox Road,         Principal: Lisa Solitario
                                     Brooklyn, NY 11203      Parent Coordinator: Aretha     ortals/18/K235/default.htm
                                     (718) 773-4869          Dabney
K493   Brooklyn Collegiate: A        2021 Bergen Street,     Principal: Amote Sias
       College Board School          Brooklyn, NY 11233      Parent Coordinator: Wendy      ortals/23/K493/default.htm
                                     (718) 922-1145          Pierre
K518   Knowledge And Power           985 Rockaway Avenue,    Principal: Dellie Edwards
       Preparatory Academy V         Brooklyn, NY 11212                                     ortals/23/K518/default.htm
       (KAPPA V)                     (718)922-4690
K522   Mott Hall IV                  1137 Herkimer Street,   Principal: LaJuan White
                                     Brooklyn, NY 11233                                     ortals/23/K522/default.htm
                                     (718) 485-5240
K543   Science, Technology and       911 Flatbush Avenue,    Principal: Dr. Eric L. Blake
       Research Early (STAR)         Brooklyn, NY 11226      Parent Coordinator: Benita     spx
       College School at Erasmus     (718) 564-5240          Allison
K609   Urban Assembly for Crimnal 4200 16th Avenue,          Principal: Mariela Graham      http://www.uascriminaljustice.
       Justice (all girls school) Brooklyn, NY 11204                                        org/
                                  (718) 438-3527
K614   The Young Women's             223 Graham Avenue,      Principal: Talana Bradley
       Leadership School of          Brooklyn, NY 11206                                     ortals/14/K614/default.htm
       Brooklyn                      (718) 387-5641
K644   Eagle Academy for Young       1137 Herkimer Street,   Principal: Rashad Meade
       Men II at Ocean Hill          Brooklyn, NY 11233                                     .aspx
                                     (718) 495-1029

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K697   Teachers Preparatory        226 Bristol Street,        Principal: Dr Michael Alcoff
       Secondary School            Brooklyn, NY 11212         Parent Coordinator: Tracie         ortals/23/K697/default.htm
                                   (718) 498-2605             Cooper

Sch.                                      School
  #      School Name                  Address/Phone               Contact Names*                    School Website**
City Wide Eligibility:
K239   Mark Twain for the Gifted   2401 Neptune Avenue,       Principal: Carol Moore   
       and Talented                Brooklyn, NY 11224         Parent Coordinator: Henry          s239/site/default.asp
                                   (718) 266-0814             Kinsey
K383   Philippa Schuyler           1300 Greene Avenue,        Principal: Barbara Sanders         http://www.philippaschuyler.or
                                   Brooklyn, NY 11237         Parent Coordinator: David          g/
                                   (718) 574-0390             Grady
K484   Ronald Edmonds Learning     430 Howard Avenue,         Principal: Herbert Daughtry
       Center II                   Brooklyn, NY 11233                                            ortals/23/K484/default.htm
                                   (718) 467-0306
K586   Lyons Community School      223 Graham Avenue,         Principal: Karen Onishi-Taeko      http://www.lyonscommunitysc
                                   Brooklyn, NY 11206         Parent Coordinator: Minerva
                                   (718) 782-0918             Cantor
K590   Medgar Evers College        1186 Carroll Street,       Principal: Dr. Michael Wiltshire
       Preparatory School          Brooklyn, NY 11225         Parent Coordinator: Francisco      ortals/17/K590/default.htm
                                   (718) 703-5400             Brown

M012 Talented and Gifted (TAG)      240 East 109 Street       Principal: Janette Cesarn
     School for Young Scholars      Manhattan, NY 10029       Parent Coordinator: Herschel       ortals/04/M012/default.htm
                                    (212) 860-6003            Toppin
M334   The Anderson School          100 West 84 Street        Principal: Brian Culot             http://echalk.ps334anderson.o
                                    Manhattan, NY 10024       Parent Coordinator: Marcie         rg/home.aspx
                                    (212) 595-7193            Shaw
M407   Institute for Collaborative  345 East 15 Street        Principal: John Pettinato
       Education (ICE)              Manhattan, NY 10003       Parent Coordinator: Suzanne        e.aspx
                                    (212) 475-7972            Georgiou
M408   Professional Performing Arts 328 West 48 Street        Principal: Keith Ryan    
       School (PPAS)                Manhattan, NY 10036       Parent Coordinator: Teri Gindi     .aspx
                                    (212) 247-8652
M539   New Explorations into        111 Columbia Street       Principal: Olga Livanis
       Science, Technology and      Manhattan, NY 10002       Parent Coordinator: Marcy Rios x2.html
       Math (Nest + M)              (212) 677-5190
M859   Special Music School         129 West 67th Street      Parent Coordinator: Carmen         http://kaufman-
                                    Manhattan, NY 10023       Russo                    
                                    (212) 501-3318                                               school

                                   * At some schools, there are contacts specific to Admissions for that school. Those names
                                   are not included here but can usually be found on the school's website or thorough a call
                                       to the school.     ** When school website not found, used link to school on NYC
                                                              Department of Education website.
          As of May 11, 2010                                                                                                      3 of 3

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