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					                           A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT
We are about to begin what will be a very special year for the        In any given year we may offer lectures and concerts, adult
Brooklyn Heights Synagogue – our fiftieth as a congregation.          education (including modern conversational Hebrew), adult
We will celebrate in many ways and here are two dates you             b’nai mitzvah, a congregational retreat or special projects such
should mark on your calendar:                                         as the restoration of a Torah to present to a Jewish congregation
                                                                      in the former Soviet Union.
♦   Friday, December 11, 2009 – exactly 50 years to the day
    when BHS celebrated its very first Friday night service.          We have committees and activities of long standing including a
    This is the first night of Chanukah this year and we are          ritual committee, a Shabbat Chavurah group, an arts committee
    planning a family friendly service followed by a                  (running monthly discussions of Jewish themed books and
    community dinner. There will be other events throughout           movies), a women’s study group and an interfaith weekend with
    that weekend. If you would like to help with the events of        Grace Church. In addition, there are new programs that we
    this special Chanukah/50th anniversary weekend please             hope will become activities of long standing such as the Gentile
    contact Wendy Lebowitz, Jane Pook or Liz Rappaport.               in the Jewish family dialogue group.

♦   Saturday, March 13, 2010 will be our 50th anniversary             We have evolved our own traditions such as having congregants
    gala and fund raiser at Steiner Studios. There is much to         speak about their personal spiritual journeys at Yom Kippur, lay
    do to get ready for what promises to be an entertaining           leadership running summer services and making the second
    evening. If you would like to help out please contact Lisa        Sabbath of each month occasions for a series of topical sermons
    Dince or Rhonda Epstein.                                          and community dinners.

As we look back in this fiftieth year and look ahead to our           And from our humble beginnings, we have added our voice to
next fifty years there is much to celebrate. From a handful of        the Reform movement with congregants who serve on the
families who started our congregation we have grown to more           regional and national boards of the URJ. As we look back on
than 370 family units in September, 2009. When we began we            our first fifty years we can see that we have accomplished much.
met in borrowed space, then we were able to acquire our first         I hope everyone in the congregation will be able to join us on
building at 117 Remsen Street and a little more than a dozen          December 11 and March 13 as we celebrate those fifty years.
years ago, we moved to our current building at 131 Remsen
                                                                      Looking ahead we can see many possibilities to do even more as
                                                                      a community in the next fifty years, but to do more will involve
Over the years we have added a religious school – which will          us stepping up as a congregation; stepping up as members of the
have so many b’nei mitzvah this coming year that open space           congregation to organize activities and serve on committees and
on our calendar is at a premium - preschool, which will add a         literally stepping up because in our building we now have no
classroom this month, bringing enrollment to 66 and a youth           place to go but up. In coming months the congregation will be
group that is becoming ever more vibrant. From September to           hearing more about the need to ‘Raise the Roof’ and make
June each year there are not only our religious services, b’nei       better use of our underutilized fourth floor as we prepare for
mitzvah, religious school and preschool but also a wealth of          our next fifty years.
programming and community services that keep our building
in use almost all of the time.
Our sense of tzedakah led us to establish a homeless shelter          Harry Greenwald
which has traditionally operated from Thanksgiving to Pesach.         President
In these times of economic turbulence we anticipate there will
be a greater need for homeless services and we plan this year
to expand the number of beds in the BHS shelter from 10 to
12 and to open the shelter about two weeks earlier in
November than we have in recent years.
                                              Celebrating 50 Years of Community

                                                                     Again and again, in the pages of the machzor (high holy day
                                                                     prayer book) we are reminded, sometimes starkly, that the
                                                                     value and purpose in our lives arise from their finitude. The
                                                                     Days of Awe are filled with visceral images, literal and
                                                                     metaphorical, that remind us of our mortality and hence the
                                                                     urgent need to assess the meaningfulness of our lives.
                                                                     Not surprisingly, Jewish tradition assigns great importance to
                                                                     the date upon which one dies, one's yahrtzeit, but offers few
                                                                     comments regarding the date upon which a person was born,
                                                                     one's birthday. Ecclesiastes 7:1 comments, "A good name is
The approach of the Jewish New Year is an opportunity to             better than good oil, and the day of death is better than the
reflect on the passage of the years and to ask ourselves if we       day of birth." Of course Judaism is not maudlin. We do not
are on the path we desire. I am not referring to hedonistic          encourage rushing to our mortal finish line, nor do we sanctify
self-satisfaction, but rather to the question of                     death. Even among the very most stringent streams of
meaningfulness. The comments by Maria Shriver at the                 Judaism, rabbinic authorities encourage the celebration of
funeral of her mother Eunice Kennedy Shriver strike me as            birthdays as an opportunity for thoughtful self-assessment and
incredibly apropos at this season: "If she were here today ...       introspection. The prophet Isaiah even offers a vision of a
she would pound this podium ... and ask each of you what             time when death itself will be overthrown. But not now.
you have done today to better the world."
                                                                     Human beings need the knowledge of the limit to our days. A
I do not believe it is possible for most of us to--on a daily        healthy and balanced awareness of our mortality, of our
basis--make such a personal self-assessment, heshbon nefesh          finitude, is the necessary ingredient to living a meaningful life.
in the terminology of the rabbis. But the Jewish New Year            Ecclesiastes is stating a simple truth, that in the end a good
affords us an annual opportunity to seriously assess the value       name is worth more than all the wealth of the world, and in
and purpose of the paths we have chosen. Judaism insists             final hindsight, the value of our lives cannot be fully known at
that it IS our responsibility to give our lives meaning, our         our birthday celebrations, but only completely assessed at the
obligation to not just go along for the ride.                        moment of our yahrzeit. An annual opportunity to change and
                                                                     improve that assessment, comes right now! Happy Birthday!
The significance of the New Year is summed up for me in
the verses that follow the sounding of the shofar. HaYom
Harat HaOlam, "Today is the day of the world's birth, this
day all creatures stand before You whether as children or as         Rabbi Serge A. Lippe
subjects. As we are Your children, show us a parent's                Rabbi
compassion. As we are Your subjects, we look to You for
mercy. Shine the light of Your judgment upon us, O holy and
awesome God."
One might initially assume from the first phrase that Rosh
Hashanah should be a celebration in the same manner as the
secular New Year. The text therefore goes on to instruct us
that at this particular birthday observance we stand at
judgment. To paraphrase - Today the world and all its
creatures are reborn, and at this moment we should assess
the value of our own life as if today was our last day. The
universal reset button has been pressed. Will we act better or
differently than before? Our choices matter and are

                                                Celebrating 50 Years of Community

                                HAPPY BIRTHDAY BHS !!!
                                  On Friday, December 11-- the first night of Chanukah --

                                         the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue will turn   50!
 We want to celebrate this  BIG     birthday with gusto and make sure that everyone—from those who were there when it
                 all started to the youngest members of our community—can partake in the celebration
                                          and most importantly have a good time.

We plan to spread the celebration over the year. However, there will be a special kick-off on BHS’s birthday weekend with
a variety of activities and celebrations, including special services, study sessions, feasts and concerts! To do this, we need

                                                   We need people with...

                                          How would you host a Chanukah dinner/birthday party for 500 at BHS?

                                                Technical skills
                    Can you scan and load photos to Flickr? Moderate an online memory book?
                                            Create a memory slideshow?

                                                  Organizational Skills
                                         Can you coordinate the creation of a time capsule?
                                              Run an event? Help with budgets?

                                              A lot of heart & a sense of fun!

      If you would like to be part of creating this celebration, please be in touch with one of the event co-chairs:

                                           Wendy Lebowitz
                                              Jane Pook
                                           Liz Rappaport

                               50th Anniversary Weekend Events
Our 50th Anniversary Celebration Begins:             Saturday December 12, 2009               Sunday, December 13, 2009
      Friday December 11, 2009
                                               Shabbat services, study & Havdalah with          Chanukah Kids Concert:
   50th Anniversary Jubilee Chanukah           Rabbi David Ellenson, HUC-JIR president
                                                                                           David Grover & the Big Bear Band
                                                          and in the evening:
Chanukah candlelighting & activities for
                                                A Father & Daughter Concert: Violist Eva
    young families before services              Gerard and saxophonist Charley Gerard
                                                 perform with pianist Carl Banner in the
   Latke dinner for all after services
                                                       Gerard Banner Gerard Trio.

                                              Celebrating 50 Years of Community

           Profile: Founding Members Jack and Marion Cohen
                                                                     Soon after there were meetings about once a month where plans
                                                                     were formalized and new people would join. Before long, the
                                                                     synagogue became a reality, with Jack and Marion playing a key
                                                                     role in the development, the establishment and eventually the
                                                                     operation of what became the Brooklyn Heights Synagogue.

                                                                     It’s fairly well known that our Sisterhood was a major player in
                                                                     the Synagogue’s growth. The Sisterhood women raised money,
                                                                     planned and staffed many of the special events and just plain did
                                                                     whatever needed to be done to sustain and nurture the
                                                                     community – and Marion was an integral part of that group
                                                                     eventually becoming its president. For approximately 17 years,
                                                                     Marion was also our cantorial soloist, singing most every Friday
                                                                     evening. Not to be left behind, in 1970 Jack became president of
Jack Cohen grew up in Brooklyn, moving to Pelham Parkway             the congregation.
in the Bronx after his bar mitzvah. He joined the service in
1941 and was discharged in 1945 as an Air Force Captain.             Classes, services and events were held in most of the churches in
Soon after he moved into a fourth floor apartment on                 Brooklyn Heights. The last church that housed BHS, but
Pierrepont Street and went to work as a manufacturer’s               certainly not least, was Grace Church on Henry Street where the
representative.                                                      synagogue had a small office until the building at 117 Remsen
                                                                     Street was purchased in 1974. Marion remembers that sweltering
Marion Levine grew up in Hartford, Connecticut and when              moving day very clearly. “Everyone was too busy to help. Even
she decided to come to New York to study voice with                  Ida Levenson, who was the administrator at the time, couldn’t
prominent teachers, she moved in with her sister Margaret on         be there to supervise the movers, so she asked me to do it. All
Remsen St. During the day, she worked in the office of the           the books, and there were plenty of them, had been packed into
New Amsterdam Theater on 42nd Street and in the evenings,            three large barrels and when they were delivered to the new
she practiced at a studio on Livingston Street. That is where        building, the movers insisted I empty the barrels immediately
Jack went to meet her on their first date. Six months later,         because they had to take them back that day.” It was clear that
they were married.                                                   when things had to be done, Marion was the go-to person.

Marion remembers, “The wedding was held at the Margaret              Jack and Marion remembered all the wonderful parties and
Hotel on Columbia Heights. The hotel was connected in the            events that were held over the years. “One time everyone had to
back to a brownstone on Willow Street and that’s where the           bring a cooked chicken for a community dinner and another
ceremony took place while the luncheon was held in the               time when the weather ruined a planned boat party, we ended up
Margaret’s restaurant.”                                              at the Bossert and had a rousing time!”

“After we married,” Jack said, "I improved my status - we            Fifty years of good times and good people, inspiring services and
moved up to the fifth floor.” That’s where they brought up           beautiful music, rituals, holidays, b’nei mitzvah, meetings to
their son Bradley and where they continue to live and enjoy          form a synagogue and meetings to run a synagogue, sad days and
their retirement years.                                              joyful days - all the elements of the Brooklyn Heights
                                                                     Synagogue’s history in which Jack and Marion Cohen have
Our few hours together assumed an easygoing manner as Jack           played and continue to play, a pivotal role.
and Marion reminisced about their years in the Heights and
related many of their experiences during the Brooklyn Heights        So when you next see these hard working, charming founding
Synagogue’s formative years.                                         members of our community, be sure to give them a thumbs up!

It was in 1959 that Jack and Marion’s friends, Myra and
Robert Brown, urged them to attend a meeting where a few
families were discussing the formation of a synagogue in the         Phyllis Starkman
Heights. At the first meeting they attended in Rubin and Belle       Guest Editor
Huffman’s apartment on Cranberry Street, there were
approximately 15 people.

                                                  Celebrating 50 Years of Community

                                                     ‫ַ ְ ל ֵנ ְע ז ְ נ‬
                                                    ‫אַל-תּשׁ ִיכִי ל ֵת ִקָה‬
                                                 “Cast me not off in time of Old Age” 

                                                                (Psalm 71:9) 

                                       This petition, a moving part of the High Holiday liturgy, 

                                reminds us of our older friends and neighbors who may need help – 

                                 whether practical, logistical, financial, spiritual, social or emotional. 

                                           Our Chesed Caring Committee is partnering with 

                                          The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services 

                                                       Partners‐in‐Caring program 

                                                in a special effort to enable our synagogue 

                                    to offer support to older Jews living in Brownstone Brooklyn. 

                                                If you know someone who could benefit, 

                                                or if you yourself require some assistance, 

                                                    please help us fulfill this mitzvah. 

               Call: Adina Segal, LMSW at (917) 709‐6964 or BHS member Myriam Bucatinsky at (718) 802‐0792 

                     This program is made possible thru the support of UJA‐Federation of NY, and is provided free of charge.

A Response to the Economic Downturn
In this recession, many of us find ourselves in need of support – even those of us who never expected to need assistance.
UJA-Federation of New York’s Connect to Care takes aim at the impact of the economic downturn in the Jewish community
throughout all of New York City. This program provides a broad array of coordinated services designed to offer you and your
family the help you need where and when you need it. Services are easy to access, discreet, and comprehensive, addressing a
broad range of challenges you or your family may be facing.
The program offers:

•   Employment and career-transition services, including job networking opportunities and career seminars.

•   Financial consultation, debt counseling, and budget assistance.

•   Legal services.

•   Supportive counseling and Jewish spiritual care.

Loan Assistance
We're Here to Help
To get help and to make an appointment in Manhattan, Riverdale, or Brownstone Brooklyn, call us at 212.399.2685 ext 206
or email
For further information about UJA-Federation’s Connect to Care, and to see locations of other Centers, call UJA-Federation’s
J11 Helpline at 1.877.UJA.NYJ11 (1-877-852-6951); or visit

                                             Celebrating 50 SYears of Community
                                                         B H B U LLE TIN                                               PAGE 8

                                             MEMBER NEWS
                                                           The Membership Committee Gears Up for
                                                                               Our BIG Year
                 Glen & Jennifer Basner
                   Hally & Greg Bayer                   This will be a very exciting year for us at Brooklyn Heights
                Amy & Samuel Bonderoff                  Synagogue. As it is our 50th year, we have a lot to celebrate! The
                                                        Membership Committee, consisting of Ilene Jaroslaw, Alexandra
                       Idil Cakim
                                                        Partow, Jane Pook, Ilena Satin and Karen Brody, chair, is hoping
      Bernardo Cocco & Samantha Cocco-Klein             that many congregants will be involved in celebrating this joyous
              Ben Davis & Catherine Sloane              occasion.
         Brian Kaplan & Lambeth Hochwald                The committee will be “buddying” up with new congregants as
                    Jennifer Kendall                    always. However, long-term members are urged to extend a
                                                        welcome hand to new people as well as familiar, long-cherished
                Savita & Matthew Lepore                 friends when the season gets under way.
              Lewis Lieberman & Ina Ratner
                                                        Join us at Second Shabbat services when Rabbi Lippe will be
                 Daniel & Robin Muskin                  speaking this year on Gems of Jewish Mysticism. After services we
                Jeffrey & Jennifer Powers               always have a delicious community dinner catered by our own
               Andrew & Kathleen Shapiro                Melis Bromberg. Good food and fellowship make these events not
                                                        to be missed.
          Diane, Simon and Noah Petrucci
         Benjamin Wolin & Jennifer Rhodes
                                                        Taking place the last Saturday in January are our ever-popular
                                                        Getting To Know You Dinners, hosted by our able Barbara
                  Lauren & Charles Ziff                 Zimmerman. This is another opportunity to connect with
                                                        congregants in a warm and intimate setting of a member’s home.
                                                        In March, we will have our Gala 50th Anniversary Celebration at
     Rabbi Judy Kempler, our new Youth Director         Steiner Studios! Much more to come from committee chairs!
        Diana Fersko, our new Rabbinic Intern           If you would like to join us on the Membership Committee, please
                                                        give me a call; Karen Brody, 718-875-7452.

                                                        Happy Birthday BHS!
              Hannah Dorothy Rusten,
     daughter of Rebekah Coleman & Ian Rusten
        granddaughter of Bill & Marj Coleman

       Leo Bonderoff, son of our new members
              Amy & Samuel Bonderoff

                Mark Risis & Vicky Chaiko
              Andrew & Rachel Fingerman
          Chris Frank & Elizabeth Craynon
                Nicole Stein & Eli Hassid
                 Philip& Alyson Bazeley

                                              Celebrating 50 Years of Community

                                   The time has come again, for the 27th time, for the opening of the Brooklyn Heights
                                   Synagogue Homeless shelter, two Mondays before Thanksgiving—November 16. We are
                                   particularly grateful to have the opportunity to continue to serve our homeless guests as
                                   changed City regulations threatened to shut us down. Fortunately, as part of a network of
                                   faith-based emergency shelters and with the active help of Rabbi Lippe, BHS was successful
                                   in negotiating a resolution with the City.

As the fiscal crisis in the City worsens, the need for emergency housing becomes even more urgent and any night that our
shelter is not open is a night when ten women may have no place to go. Unlike in past years, this year they will not even have
the option to sleep on a chair at a drop-in center. Any night you volunteer is a night that they can enjoy a warm bed, a good
meal and the friendship and respect we are able to offer at our synagogue. In the months ahead, we hope we can count on all
of you.

You can check the shelter page of the BHS website ( for detailed descriptions of the volunteer
opportunities. We have a need for cooks, overnight volunteers, pinch hitters, coordinators, shoppers, and kitchen supervisors.
Cooks are asked to make a meal for 12 people and bring it to the synagogue by 7:00 PM. Kids are welcome to help. The cooks
are encouraged to stay and help serve and eat with the guests. Overnight volunteers (there are two each night) are asked to
arrive at the synagogue at 7:00 where they will be met by a coordinator who will show them the ropes. They set out the beds,
greet the guests, serve dinner, clean up, go to sleep in an area separate from where the guests sleep, serve breakfast in the
morning and leave by 7:00. Pinch hitters are available to be asked to stay overnight when we have a last minute need (no
commitment). Coordinators go to the synagogue one evening every other week to help the volunteers set up. Shoppers go to
the grocery once a season and buy groceries (they are reimbursed), using a list prepared by the kitchen supervisors. Kitchen
supervisors prepare the weekly grocery lists and throw out old leftovers.

With our new online calendar, signing up for cooking or staying overnight is easy. Just go to the BHS website and click on the
shelter icon and from there you will find the link to the sign-up calendar. Send me an email if you would be willing to
volunteer in other ways or if you are having trouble signing up for any reason.

Please take a moment right now to sign up. Whether or not you can volunteer, please think about whom you might be able to
recruit. What friends, family, work colleagues, neighbors might appreciate having the opportunity to help make a difference in
the lives of these homeless women? Talk to them about how easy and satisfying and unscary it is to volunteer. And think about
whether you are willing to “adopt a shelter week.” You would then take responsibility for finding overnight volunteers and
cooks for those four nights. This is a tremendous help to the coordinators who are responsible for making sure that all the
volunteer slots are filled throughout the season.

It is a blessing to be able to perform this mitzvah. Please help in any way you can.

Barbara Deinhardt ( and Andrea Feller (, Co-Directors

                                               Celebrating 50 Years of Community


                                    It seems like summer just ended and the High Holidays are already upon us!! Rosh
                                    HaShanah is the perfect holiday for the beginning of our school year. Celebrating the
                                    Jewish New Year gives us an excellent Jewish framework in which to study beginnings, to
                                    look at how much we’ve grown and to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’ll be
                                    going together this year.
Up on the second and third floors, we have a lot of new beginnings to celebrate as well. September 14th was our first official
day of school and the laughter and learning of nearly 70 children filled our hallways. We also celebrated the opening of our
fourth classroom – the Orange Room. This exciting expansion marks a significant growth point for our school – moving us
to five classes.
Another celebration for us was the welcoming of Assistant Director, Emma Whitman and new teachers to our fabulous
faculty- Lindsey Freedman, Lane Rosner, and Kristin Hatleberg all joined our team, along with Malka Lowenstein, who has
rejoined us.

Lisa Samick
Director of Early Childhood Education


                                           Parenting Center News
    Additionally, we mark this new year with a restructuring of our department to include all Early Childhood programming in
    the synagogue – the preschool, family education programming, Shalom Yeladim and the Parenting Center. This cohesive
    vision gives us the opportunity to reach further out into the community and to provide meaningful Jewish experiences for
    all families with young children. We are very excited by what this could mean for the vibrancy of our programming and also
    for the synagogue’s increased profile in the community.

                           Upcoming Parenting Center and Preschool Events
                           September 10th         Parent Welcome Night – for current preschool parents only
                            October 3rd           Sukkot Program for Families with Young Children
                            October 10th          Simchat Torah Celebration
                            October 21st          Preschool Curriculum Night – for current preschool parents only
                            December 6th          Chanukah Fair - New and Used Books, Gifts, Candles, Jewelry , more!

                                                 Celebrating 50 Years of Community

Welcome to a new year of Jewish learning and living in the                       Schedule of Classes 2009-2010
community of the BHS Religious School. I hope you and your family
have been enjoying a wonderful summer. The faculty and I look                  Classes begin:
forward to teaching your children, to studying and learning with them
and to renewing as a community our appreciation and knowledge of               Monday, September 14, 4:00 p.m.      Grades 4-5-6
our Jewish tradition. Our students learn together in a warm and                Tuesday, September 15, 4:00 p.m.     Grade 7
supportive community and develop friendships that are nurtured                 Tuesday, September 15, 6:00 p.m.     Grades 8-9-10
during their time together in Religious School.                                Thursday, September 17, 3:45 p.m.    Grades K-1-2-3
                                                                               Sunday, October 4, 10 a.m.           Grades K-1-2
We are taught that our world rests spiritually on three pillars: Torah:        __________________________________________
one’s relation to God, Jewish texts, Bible, stories, rabbinic
                                                                               Kindergarten      Thursday          3:45 - 5:00 pm
thought; Avodah: prayer, knowledge of the meaning and history of
                                                                                              or Sunday            10 am - 12:00 pm
prayers, prayer experience and prayer time; Gemilut Chasadim: acts
of loving kindness, honoring parents and one another, giving                   Grade 1           Thursday          3:45 - 5:15 pm
Tsedakah, treating all creatures with kindness and dignity. In our                            or Sunday            10 am - 12:00 pm
school, we explore and celebrate all three. We also engage in the study
                                                                               Grade 2           Thursday          3:45 - 5:30 pm
of Hebrew, the historic and holy language of the Jewish people. All
                                                                                              or Sunday            10 am - 12:00 pm
students regularly participate in prayers and blessings led by Rabbi
Lippe. As parents are their children’s most influential teachers, there        Grade 3          Thursday           3:45 - 5:45 pm
are several opportunities for parents to learn alongside their children        Grades 4-5-6     Mon & Wed          4:00 - 6:00 pm
and to bring the learning home.                                                Grade 7          Tuesday            4:00 - 6:00 pm
                                                                               Grades 8-9-10    Tuesday            6:00 - 8:00 pm
This year for the first time, we are offering classes on Sundays to            Grades 11-12     Wednesdays         7:30 pm
students in grades K-1-2. Their classes will meet from 10 a.m. to                                at Rabbi Lippe’s Home
noon. The Religious School is a place for students to experience
Jewish teachings and to gain spiritual nurturing that can sustain,
inform and enrich all aspects of their lives. I hope it will be a year full                    Special Events
of joy in learning and a year of inspiration to the students in
discovering the gifts their heritage holds for them.                           OPEN HOUSES
                                                                               The Religious School Committee welcomes parents
We’re delighted that many of our teachers are returning this year:             and students who are considering joining the school.
Michael Davis, David Glanzman, Rachel Grant Meyer, Eliza Laytner,              Rabbi Lippe leads tefila and singing. Meet Religious
Rachel Lerner, Ariel Moritz, Cantor Samantha Natov, Sara Newman,               School parents, participate in a class and become
Suzanne Sladowsky, Isaiah Tanenbaum, Cantorial intern Star                     acquainted with the Religious School community.
Trompeter, David Walker and Dory Weiss. We welcome new
teachers: Rabbinic intern Diana Fersko, Brian Immerman, Rabbi                  Thursday, September 24, 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Judith Kempler (BHGSY advisor), Jen Kendall, Ariel Polonsky and                Grades K-1-2-3
Shana Siegel. We also welcome teen madrichim / assistants: Sander
                                                                               Sunday Oct. 4, 10 a.m. to noon
Haft and Spencer Brownstein.
                                                                               Grades K-1-2
You are warmly invited to MEET the TEACHERS directly after
                                                                               CONSECRATION for new students
school on the first day of your child’s classes. Come to the oneg room
                                                                               Thursday, October 8, 5:30 to 6:15 p.m.
and enjoy a light snack, courtesy of the Religious School Committee.
                                                                               Beginning formal Jewish education is a profound and
Mitzvah Madrichim / “Leaders” -- Assistant Teachers
                                                                               exciting event in a child’s life. During Consecration,
If you are in our high school in grade 8-12, and you would like to
                                                                               your children will be officially welcomed into the
make a difference in a child’s Jewish learning, and to have a lot of fun
                                                                               Religious School and into the world of Jewish
doing it, this mitzvah is for you! Incidentally, you can also fulfill social
                                                                               learning. The Rabbi will call you up to the Bima to
service credits. Call or write me at, or 718-
                                                                               read a bracha / blessing over your child to mark this
                                                                               moment and each student will receive a certificate and
Shalom, and a sweet new year,                                                  a gift. Who should be there to welcome the new
                                                                               students? All new students and families and all
Cantor Cheré Campbell                                                          returning students and families.

                                                  Celebrating 50 Years of Community

       Meet Rabbi Judith Kempler                                      Service Learning Trip to New Orleans
                Our New Youth Director                                    For Seventh Grade Bar/Bat Mitzvah Students

                       Rabbi Judith Kempler, our Youth              This November, several 7th grade children, each
                       Director, is a newly ordained rabbi          accompanied by a parent, will be heading to New Orleans
                       living and working in New York City.         for an extended weekend of community service and Jewish
                       A native of Columbia, Maryland               learning. Our students and their parents will be traveling
                       Judith was active in her synagogue’s         with Jewish Funds for Justice and will work with a local
                       youth group as one of the founding           organization to help people that are still in need in this area
                       members of its BBYO chapter.                 that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina back in 2005.
                       While attending Washington                   Our families will learn about what economic and social
                       University in St. Louis-where she            factors contributed to the situation they are
                       earned a BA in Women’s Studies-she           encountering. They will also talk about and reflect upon the
                       was actively involved in a Jewish a          ways in which, as Jews, they can and should respond, not
                       cappella group and Black-Jewish              only to what they encounter in New Orleans, but also to
                       Women’s dialogue group.                      other communities in need around the world.
As a rabbinical student, Judith served several congregations
in the tri-state area. She taught Judaic studies at                 Two years ago, several families went to New Orleans,
Congregation Rodeph Sholom (NY), Tot Shabbat at Sutton              thanks to the leadership of John Levy and JFSJ. It is our
Place Synagogue (NY) and served as the rabbinical intern at         hope that this trip, or one similar to it, will become an
Temple Beth Or (NJ) for the past two years. At BHS, she is          annual event open to all 7th graders at BHS and their
responsible for our burgeoning teen group, BHGSY                    parents.
(Brooklyn Heights Group of Synagogue Youth), among
other duties.                                                       If you are interested in learning more, please contact:

Judith is working for her Doctorate of Hebrew Letters in            LouAnn Smith at or
Reform Liturgy at the Hebrew Union College. When not                Lisa Melmed Cohen at
working or studying , Judith is an avid runner and practices
yoga. She also makes a mean chocolate chip and cinnamon
sugar challah.

  WINTER 2008
                                                                  Years of
                                                   CelebratingB50 B U LLE TIN Community
                                                               HS                                                             PAGE 9

                                                         Todah Rabbah!
                    We gratefully acknowledge the contributions of our members, relatives and friends.
General Fund
Marjorie Goldberg, in honor of her granddaughter, Hannah Levy’s recovery
Larry Swertloff and Anna Fong, in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary
Sylvia Rosenberg, in memory of Ruth Finkel
John and Diana Herzog
Ellen Spodek
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
Dorothy, Stephen and Meredith Weber, in honor of the 50th wedding anniversary of Florence and Irwin Speyer
Gary DeWaal and Myrna Chao
Paul and Jennifer Germain
Stanley Person Preschool Fund
Joseph Bleshman and Lucia Vassallo, in memory of Edward Slavin
Matthew Puccio Scholarship Fund
Jed Brickner and Wendy Weitman, toward next year’s Israel’s trip

Irving Weissler Endowment Fund
Linda Sosnowitz, in honor of BHS Executive Director, Randi Jaffe
Shabbat Oneg Fund
Kenneth and Sandra Roff, in honor of their wedding anniversary

                                           Coming Events: Mark Your Calendars!
Friday, October 23 at 6:30 pm                                         Saturday, February 20, at 4 pm
New Member Shabbat Service & Dinner                                   Movies on Shabbat
And the first Shir Shabbat of the season
                                                                      Saturday, February 27 at 6:30 pm
Saturday, October 24 at 5 pm                                          Megillah Reading: Purim begins
Movies on Shabbat followed by Havdalah and Dinner
                                                                      Sunday, February 28 at 11:30 am
Friday, November 12 at 6:30 pm                                        Family Megillah Reading
Gems of Jewish Mysticism: First of 4 Shabbat talks by Rabbi Lippe     Followed by Purim Carnival at noon
Also January 8, March 12, May 14
                                                                      Saturday March 13, 2010
Saturday evening, November 21                                         Raise the Roof!
Interfaith Evening at Plymouth Church                                 The BHS 50th Anniversary Jubilee Ball
Bruce Feiler on Moses as America’s Prophet                            Steiner Studios in the Brooklyn Navy Yard
Sunday, December 6                                                    Saturday, March 20 at 4 pm
Chanukah Gift, Toy, Candle, New & Used Book Fair                      Movies on Shabbat
sponsored by the Preschool
                                                                      Sunday, March 21 at 11:30 am
Friday, December 11 to Saturday December 13                           Passover Model Seder for Families with Young Children
50th Anniversary Chanukah Shabbat
Our Jubilee Celebration begins. See page 3 for details                Monday, March 29
                                                                      First Seder of Passover
Saturday, December 19
Eighth Night Out: History Havdalah                                    Monday, May 24, 7 pm
Light eight candles with us & usher out Chanukah with tales of BHS    Annual Meeting

Saturday, January 9 at 7:30 pm                                        Thursday, May 13, 6:00 pm
Torahthon!                                                            Preschool Spring Benefit

Saturday, January 23 at 4 pm                                          Tuesday, May 18, 6:30 pm
Movies on Shabbat                                                     Erev Shavuot: Confirmation Service

Friday, January 29                                                    Friday, June 5
Tu B’Shvat Seder following services                                   Sweet Shabbat Service Honoring the Preschool

Saturday, January 30                                                  Friday June 11, 6:30 pm
Annual Getting to Know You Dinners                                    Honoring our Volunteers/ Trustee Installation Shabbat

                                          Schedule of Services                    OCTOBER
                                                                                  Friday, October 2
                                                                                  6:30 pm Shabbat & Sukkot Evening
                                        SEPTEMBER                                 Service at BHS
                                        Friday, September 4                       Saturday, October 3
     Brooklyn Heights Synagogue         6:30 pm Shabbat Evening Service led by    10:30 am Shabbat & Sukkot Morning
           131 Remsen Street            Rabbinic Intern Diana Fersko              Service led by Bar Mitzvah Daniel Thin
          Brooklyn, NY 11201            Saturday, September 5
         Phone: 718.522.2070                                                      Thursday, October 8
                                        9:30 am Chavurah led by Rabbinic Intern   5:00 pm Religious School Consecration
          Fax: 718.522.3976             Diana Fersko
   Email:                                               Friday, October 9
                                        Friday, September 11                      6:30 pm Simcha Blessings Shabbat and

                                        6:30 pm Simcha Blessings Shabbat          Festival Evening Service (Erev Atzeret/
                                        Evening Service: Member Joshua Brook      Simchat Torah)
Rabbi Serge A. Lippe (ext. 29)
                                        speaks on Genocide in Rwanda              Saturday, October 10
                                        Saturday, September 12                    10:30 am Shabbat & Festival Morning &
                                        9:30 am Chavurah
Adjunct Rabbi                                                                     Yizkor Service led by Bar Mitzvah Tobin
                                        10:30 am Shabbat Morning Service led by
Hara E. Person                                                                    SecuroBrown (Atzeret/Simchat Torah)                        Bar Mitzvah Loren Kruth                   6:30 pm Simchat Torah Celebration
                                        8:00 pm Havdalah and Selichot Service     Friday, October 16
Adjunct Cantor                          Friday, September 18                      6:30 pm Shabbat Evening Service
Samantha Natov                          6:30 pm Erev Rosh Hashana Service at      Saturday, October 17                 Plymouth Church                           9:30 am Chavurah
                                        Saturday, September 19                    10:30 am Shabbat Morning Service led by
Diana Fersko                            9:30 am Rosh Hashana Morning Service      Bat Mitzvah Michal Mandil
Rabbinic Intern                         at Plymouth Church                        Friday, October 23                   2:00 pm Rosh Hashana Family Service at    6:30 pm Shabbat Evening Service: New
                                        BHS                                       Member Shabbat and Shir Shabbat
Student Cantor (ext. 31)                6:30 Rosh Hashana 2nd Evening Service     Saturday, October 24
Star Trompeter                          at Plymouth Church                        9:30 am Chavurah                       Sunday, September 20                      10:30 am Shabbat Morning Service led by
                                        9:30 am Rosh Hashana 2nd Day Service      Bar Mitzvah Jason Brilliant
Educator (ext. 30)                      at BHS
Cantor Cheré Campbell                                                             Saturday, October 31
                                        Friday, September 25                      9:30 am Chavurah                6:30 pm Shabbat Evening Service:          10:30 am 7th Grade B’nai Mitzvah
                                        Shabbat Shuvah                            Shabbaton
Director of Early Childhood Education
                                        Saturday, September 26
(ext. 36)
                                        9:30 am Chavurah                          NOVEMBER
Lisa Samick
                                        10:30 am Shabbat Morning Service led by                                                              Friday, November 6
                                        Bar Mitzvah Nathaniel Kavaler
                                                                                  6:30 pm Shabbat Evening Service
Executive Director (ext. 22)            Sunday, September 27
                                                                                  Saturday, November 7
Randi Jaffe                             6:30 pm Kol Nidre Service at Plymouth
                                                                                  9:30 am Chavurah       Church
                                                                                  Friday, November 13
                                        Monday, September 28
                                                                                  6:30 pm Shabbat Evening Service: Simcha
                                        9:30 am Yom Kippur Services at Plymouth
                                                                                  Blessings Shabbat/2nd Shabbat Series–
OFFICERS                                Church
                                                                                  Gems of Jewish Mysticism
                                        1:30 pm Adult Study at Plymouth Church
                                                                                  Saturday, November 14
Harry Greenwald President               2:00 pm Community Service for Young
                                                                                  9:30 am Chavurah
Melissa Benson 1st Vice President       Children at BHS
                                                                                  10:30 am Family Shabbat
Paul Germain    Treasurer               3:00 PM Afternoon, Yizkor & Closing
                                                                                  Friday, November 20
Scott Sager     Secretary               Service at Plymouth Church
                                                                                  6:30 pm Shabbat Evening Service: Shir
Andrew Berger   Vice President
Rhonda Epstein Vice President
                                                                                  Saturday, November 21
Yigal Rechtman Vice President
Vicki Eastus    Vice President                                                    9:30 am Chavurah
                                                                                  Friday, November 27
                                                                                  6:30 pm Shabbat Evening Service
                                                                                  Saturday, November 28
                                                                                  9:30 am Chavurah


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