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									Using the Daily Guide for Mathematics
And The Kindergarten Core Standards Presented by Kristen Poindexter

The Core Standards
• Developed to complement the Indiana Academic Standards • Outline of the most important concepts students must know by the end of the grade level
• Integrate multiple standard indicators into a small number of targets

The Kindergarten Core Standards

• #1 Counting to 20 • #2 Comparing and Classifying Objects

• #3 Measurement • Did you notice what’s missing?

Daily Guide for Math
• Framework designed to help us get all important components of Math in everyday
• Consists of Daily Spiral Review, Direct Instruction, Writing Activity, and Problem Solving/Reasoning

Comparing and Classifying Objects
* Identify and describe common geometric objects

*Identify, describe, sort, compare, and classify objects by size, shape, roundness, number of vertices, and other attributes

Comparing/Classifying Objects
• Daily Spiral Review • people sorting • use attribute blocks • play “Sorting Rule” game • math pocket chart riddles

Comparing/Classifying Objects
• Direct Instruction/Standards Based • Circus Shapes by Stuart Murphy • 3 Little Firefighters by Stuart Murphy • Keynote presentation • Math Pocket Chart Riddles • Sorting Circles w/attribute blocks • Draw A..., It can be... pocket charts

Comparing/Classifying Objects
• Problem Solving/Reasoning • “Enchanted Forest” • “Stack, Tell, Spin, and Win” • Shape Chart • Shape Walk

• “Stacks” • 10 Red Apples

Comparing/Classifying Objects

• Writing Activity • Give an example (2 items), write about how they are alike and different
• Write a new shape riddle -put it in a book for the classroom

Counting to 20 * counting objects and using symbols * find one more/one less than any number up to 20
* recognize numbers from 1020 and represent as groups of tens and ones

* show equivalent forms of the same number using objects, diagrams, and numerals

Counting to 20
• Daily Spiral Review • Calendar
• counting to 20+ by ones, fives, and tens

• straws, how many days in school
• base ten blocks

• money count, exchanging coins each day for bigger coins

Money during Calendar

Counting to 20
• Direct Instruction/Standards Based • use math mats to show groups • Number Dice Toss • Rock It, Sock It, Number Line • Every Buddy Counts • Math Monsters (United Streaming)

Counting to 20
• Problem Solving/Reasoning • • •
• •

“Parking Lot” Clown Balance Fill in the Missing number
What’s the Missing Number Rhyme Finger Counting (DNC pg. 34)

• •

Plus 1 game What’s Missing

Finger Counting
• Be sure to write down the math sentences as you work through the combinations with the children.

Counting to 20
• Writing Activity • Make a number book • Every Buddy Counts classbook • Make “Groups Of” posters • Writing more than/less than sentences

Any Questions?

• Try filling out the Daily Guide to Math using the Measurement Content Standard

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