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 Wake up Africa, the end of self-colonization                                       03
 For a real decolonization of Africa                                                05
 Africans, have no inferiority complexe... Go back to your roots and your culture   08
 For the true progress of Africa                                                    10
 For a financial compensation to victims of the sclave trafficking                  19
 Financing of the training of African exceptionally gifted children                 20
 Africa to Africans                                                                 20
 For an economic and cultural decolonization of Côte d’Ivoire                       21
 The return to the nudity                                                           22
 Black slavery:The request for forgiveness made by the Catholic Church is not...    23
 About the refusal of France to grant visa to the Africans                          24
 The fight against the neo-colonialism in Africa should not become racism           25
 Call to the President of the Republic of Congo                                     26
 About the special mission of the Raelian Movement and the African raelians         27
 About the debt in developing countries                                             32
 About the unification of Africa:The true decolonization of Africa                  33
 Adam and Eve were black                                                            38
 Africa does not need a daddy god but spirituality                                  40
 Africa does not need politicians but statesmen                                     52
                                                                           Africa, future of humanity

                           Wake up       Africa... The end of
         The extraordinary revolution which is taking place in Eastern Europe is softly but surely drawing
           African populations in its wake, for the governments and media in the so-called “democratic”

          countries the least have been closing their eyes (to say) for too long on the lack of freedom in
          so-called “united” Africa.The single political party, exactly like the former countries of the East,
           is still governing most African states, thus forbidding any real plurality and opposition. Raël

       nd now we see dictator-leaders, when reproa-           there, tormented by those parasitic diseases that under-
       ched with this, claiming without laughing that         mine the African people.
       their country is not ready or is too young to expe-
                                                              And whenever one dares to reproach the (life-time)
riment multi-partisan that is democracy!
                                                              “President” for that, he forcefully protests and says he
That is exactly what colonizing nations used to say           paid it all with his own money… Then he adds that if he
when they were reigning over “indigenous” populations,        had bought a “mirage” (a French bomber), nobody
to whom they denied the right to vote… Now we hear            would have found fault with it… now he giving himself
the same words from leaders of tribes or predominating        away! Would he have bought a mirage with his own
ethnic groups, who found themselves propelled at the          money? 60 billions francs !!!
head of these new States, driven by their infatuation for
independence…                                                 Either Mr. Houphouët Boigny’s personal fortune was
                                                              tremendous before he became President (and that
And this does not only affect political freedom but all       would be public knowledge), or the salary of the
kinds of freedom, for cancer is nearly always sure to
                                                              President of the Republic in Côte d’Ivoire is much
spread if it not treated. Take for instance religious free-
                                                              higher than the President of the United States of
dom. Some Raelian Africans, namely in Congo and
                                                              America’s plus all the heads of States in the whole
Burkina Faso, get arbitrarily arrested and roughly inter-
rogated, which means that they are denied one of man-
kind’s most important rights.                                 Let’s be serious… A piece of information released by an
I take this opportunity to ask the Raelians from all over     official of the Bank of France will give you an idea of
the world to write to the President of the Republic in        where so much money comes from : the sums paid into
both those States to protest forcefully and insist on the     Bank of France accounts by African leaders amount to
fact that they will encourage a boycott campaign on tou-      about 80% of the subsidies or grants given to the
rism towards those countries and on purchasing goods          African States in order to help them fight against starva-
from those places for as long as the Raelian Movement         tion, poverty or under-development… you got it all !
is not officially allowed and respected as it should be       The person in charge at the Bank of France added that
(I rely on you for that).                                     the rest must have been paid into swiss accounts, or in
But the economical field is where the problem becomes         Luxemburg or elsewhere… Which means in plain lan-
totally revolting. The President of Côte d’Ivoire has just    guage that most of the financial help granted to “deve-
inaugurated an exact copy, though bigger, of St. Peter        loping” countries is embeeled for the personal benefit of
Basilica in Rome, in the middle of the bush ! The cost is     its leaders… Then they can always try to make up for
sixty billion francs (ten billion dollars US). With air-      their guilty conscience by building an air-conditioned
conditioning, the biggest stained-glass windows in the        Basilica in the middle of the bush… with their “person-
world, the thickest fitted carpets, marble, gold, and so      nal” money… Some others will say people don’t live by
on… Moreover, the building is standing in the widdle of       bread alone… (easy to say with a mouth full).
a formal garden “à la française” of several acres, enclo-
                                                              But as far as Africa is concerned… please send the
sed in gold-plated fence…
                                                              bread first, we’ll see about the rest later !
Hut-villages with no water, no electricity, no drainpipes,
are scattered all around; deprived families are crowding      Oh, I was about to forget ! The pope offered to come

                                                                            Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
    officially and inaugurate the “Saint Houphouët Boigny”        A single party, a life-time President, limousines and
    Basilica, driven as he is by a beautiful impulse of gene-     luxurious lives for too many leaders, galloping corrup-
    rosity and help towards the third world… It should also       tion, with customs-officers, ransoming and racketting
    be stated the the Basilica will be cared after by the life-   travellers over and over again, unpunished, on the
    time President and that he has donated the land where         roads of their own country… all this becomes obvious to
    the building was erected to the Vatican, thus copying         younger generations who were allowed to study. There
    the agreements between the Italian government and             lay the mistake!
    the “holy see” when it was created. (Is that a donation       Once knowledge has been given, it is difficult to
    on his own money ? Then the whole of Côte d’Ivoire            stop those who have acquired it from using it…
    territory would be the life-time President’s property…
                                                                  In the old times of foreign colonization, the goods
    I got it all, now !).                                         and the wealth were sent abroad to make foreign
    Of course, nobody knows exactly how much Mr.                  nations richer. Now the goods and the wealth are
    Houphouët Boigny paid to the Vatican (of his “own             sent abroad to inflate African leaders “and civil-ser-
    money”, of course) in order to “incite” the pope to come      vants” bank-accounts. …This is called self-coloni-
    and inaugurate the building… There are some travelling
    expenses for sure: private Boeing, pap mobile, and so         But all this is over now… They will have to account for
    on.                                                           it all… and give the money back… what Swiss banks
                                                                  have done to block Marcos’ or Duvallier’s possessions,
    In fact, the subsidies to the third word are thus directly
                                                                  should be done as well for African leaders.
    repaid to the Vatican, which saves the starving Africans
                                                                  We must get ready for it now. There could not be fairer
    the trouble of giving money for collections in churches,
                                                                  justice than to give back the subsidies to the starving
    thus sparing considerable energy. They don’t even
                                                                  people of Africa.
    need to raise their hand to put the money into the bas-
    ket. As they are underfed, the slightest movement             As for the Basilica… it could become a laic University!
                                                                  A marvellous way of using up the leftovers… and offe-
    becomes an effort and one can only encourage whate-
                                                                  ring to the African youth what they need most know-
    ver tends to conserving their strength… They may even
    not go to church more… Which is what they have
    already started to do. This is the biggest problem…           Imagine that cathedral filled with computers directly
                                                                  connected to European data-banks… this would be real
    There are more and more demonstrations in the streets         help to the third-world.
    of Abidjan, as well as in all the African capitals… Africa
                                                                  Moving the under-developed directly from goat-flocks to
    is waking up! At last! The ideologies that used to find a
    fertile soil that huge under-developing continent can no
    longer delude its people with illusions by keeping them       Wake up, Africa take your destiny in your own hands
    apart from real information.                                  and overthrow the last colonizers, who are more than
                                                                  colonizers, since as well as being your own children,
    The Marxist illusion is collapsing everywhere and             they are also traitors.
    nobody can promote a dismantled pattern anymore of
    fight a dead enemy. Everything is giving way. And the         Peace, love and brotherhood.
    African people can at last look their true enemies in the                                                                          Raël
    face: that is, their own governments!
                                                                  In Apocalypse International n ° 79 of the year 44 a.H. ( 1989 ), p. 2 - 3.
    They have been colonized without knowing it by their
    own political authorities !

4   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                                             Africa, future of humanity

                "Africa is important in the eyes of our Creators, for it is the future
             if it can escape from the old mysticisms, a handicap which led it to be
                                                     subdued by the other continents."
                             Speech of His Holiness Raël, Valcourt, (Quebec) Canada, August 24th, 53 a.H (1998).

                                                                             For a real
                                decolonization of Africa*

                          How many thousands of innocent Africans will die in civil wars like in Rwanda
                               before one understands that the cause of these terrible events
                                         is the monstrous European colonization?

                   hen colonizers arrived on                            As long as the colonial power was           population automatically took the
                   this immense continent,                              there to impose its authority throu-        power using the democracy rules
                   they deliberately created                            ghout the ace of force, there was no        brought by the colonizers.
countries which did not exist by dra-                                   problem. All the Africans were living
                                                                        together to this tyranny, helping each      If this rule were applied in Europe, the
wing totally arbitrary and artificial
                                                                        other and even feeling closer to the        reunified Germany, which has the lar-
boundaries in order to share the loo-
                                                                        ethnic groups which were sometimes          gest population, could impose its
ting of local resources. In each
                                                                        hostile, in the environment of senti-       points of view to the rest of Europe…
African state, one can find up to more
                                                                        ment of injustice which quickly crea-       Would the French and others accept
than a hundred groups of people who                                     ted the first revolt movements in force     it? Of course not…When the decolo-
have nothing in common with their                                       of . The same way as the French and         nization took place, it would have
neighbours, neither in their traditions                                 the British who, historically waged         been good to give back indepen-
nor in their customs, even sometimes                                    many wars against one another, sud-         dence to all the groups of people who
in their languages which are so diffe-                                  denly felt close to one another in          were arbitrary gathered by the coloni-
rent that the groups cannot unders-                                     order to fight the nazi Germany.            zing forces. A myriad of independent
tand one another.                                                                                                   small countries would thus have been
                                                                        And the decolonization came on, in a        created. The Hutus and the Tutsis
                                                                        world which pretends to be based on         each would have had their territory to
Despite this, the centralist colonizers
                                                                        the right and not on the brutal force of    administer and we would not have
came and decreeded that these
                                                                        armies. The colonial powers returned        the current wars. The process would
groups of people, whose only fault
                                                                        home, but left in place a centralist        have given these small African states
was to have a less advanced techno-
                                                                        power and administration based on           the possibility of creating a federation
logy not enabling them to push the                                      the European model that does not            similar to the one of the United States
invaders back, should from now on                                       take into account local and cultural        of America or the ongoing one of
live together within common frontiers                                   realities. Once the “independence”          Europe. It is not too late to take over
with a capital city designed to reign                                   was obtained, problems began… In            the problem by destroying the states
on the whole nation so artificially                                     each of these artificial states the         and the frontiers created by colonial
created.                                                                group of people with the largest            powers.

* in Apocalypse International, n° 105 de l’an 52 a.H (1997), p. 4 à 6
                                                                                                              Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
    A true decolonization consists in                  created by exploiting colonizers, as       pite the exchange control barrier set
    fact in putting Africa back to the                 well as all the centralist systems put     to impeach the flow out of the mea-
    state in which it was before it was                in place. The old colonial powers are      ger African capital resources. How
    polluted politically by coloniza-                  doing nothing to really help Africans,     are these accounts supplied?) The
    tion.                                              for they are too content to keep on        crowning of emperor Bokassa 1er ,
                                                       looting the natural resources of this      which was financed by France, is the
    Certainly there were some tribal
                                                       immense continent, using local             most striking example of the decolo-
    conflicts, but everyone had his own
                                                       conflicts to mask their political and      nization mascarade. Africans must
    territory and nobody was trying to
                                                       economic cheatings. In artificial          wake up and destroy boundaries
    exterminate his neighbour.
                                                       states which live on ethnic conflicts,     and states they have not chosen.
    Imagine that scientific progress had                                                          The UN could supervise the creation
                                                       it is so easy to use corruption to
    gone faster in Africa than in Europe                                                          of new states, the frontiers of which
                                                       keep on benefiting from the natural
    and the latter had been colonized by                                                          would be the natural and ancestral
                                                       resources of officially “decolonized”
    Africans one or two centuries ago.                                                            limits of ethnic groups or populations
    We would have had an artificial                                                               as they existed before colonization,
    European state created to manage                   If each ethnic group could truly get
                                                                                                  and organize a federation of the dif-
    the conquered territories. Then a                  back the power on the natural
                                                                                                  ferent countries so created. The
    decolonization revolt would have                   resources of its territory, it would be
                                                                                                  natural resources of Africa would
    sent the colonizers back home. Can                 much more difficult for the European
                                                                                                  therefore benefit the local popula-
                                                       looters to manipulate prices and pro-
    one imagine that the colonized                                                                tions, not the multinational firms
                                                       duction through powerful multinatio-
    Europeans would have accepted to                                                              eager to make profits. So each eth-
                                                       nal firms. Not taking into account
    keep the boundaries and the system                                                            nic group or nation could find its
                                                       that each conflict, even those offi-
    set by the invaders? Of course not.                                                           roots, its traditions, and its language.
                                                       cially “ condemned ” or “ deplored ”
    The French or the Italian would                                                               A second federal language could
                                                       allows the European arm builders to
    never accept to be governed by the                                                            adopted to allow all the inhabitants
                                                       make juicy profits. Finally, the recent
    largest ethnic group, the Germans or                                                          of the Great African Continent to
                                                       military interventions, in particular
    the Russians if they were also part of                                                        communicate with one another. It
                                                       the French ones, are the proof that
    the colonized groups. Ethnic fights                                                           would be preferable that this federal
                                                       the independence given to the deco-
    would have devastated the decoloni-                                                           language be not the one of the old
                                                       lonized countries is totally relative.
    zed Europe as they ravage Africa                                                              colonizing country. Former French
                                                       As soon as an African head of state
    today. No, the only solution, if we                                                           colonies should adopt English as
                                                       wishes to establish a privileged rela-
    really and sincerely want the well                                                            their second language for it is more
                                                       tionship with Libya, China or any
    being of African populations, is to                                                           and more becoming the world lan-
                                                       other state the old colonial power
    destroy all traces of colonialism,                                                            guage.
                                                       dislikes, French -- come and put the
    starting with the arbitrary frontiers              country back into line. They depose        After linguistic decelonization it
    which rely on no reality, be in cultural           the government, --- democratically         would be desirable to undertake reli-
    ethnic religious or geopolitical. Lines            elected, and replace it with persona-      gious decolonization. Traditional
    drawn on maps by totally uncons-                   lities more “sympathetic” to the old       African religious should be taught
    cious colonial civil servants, and                 (?) colonizing powers. The most            again to populations and in schools
    that’s what African frontiers are. If              reserved heads of state can’t stay         as part of the cultural inheritance of
    Africans want to get rid of their pro-             insensitive for a long time to the         Africans. This way, a dechristianiza-
    blems, they have to carry on a real                deposits made in banks in                  tion would take place progressively
    decolonization of their continent; and             Switzerland (it is interesting to notice   one should not forget that christia-
    this real decolonization goes along                that almost all African leaders have       nism has been used as an instru-
    with a destruction of artificial states            banking account in Switzerland des-        ment to subdue the conquered peo-

6   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                 Africa, future of humanity

ple better, attempting to get them           What can non African Raelians do to        movement of wealth reequilibrium.
loose their identity. Finally, it is time    help Africa? Above all do not help         I wish that all the Raelians of rich
for Africans to be aware of the fact         the begging which has been organi-         countries undertake campaign
that under the cover of “coopera-            zed and raised into institutions by        with T-shirts, stickers, confe-
tion”, the “cooperants” and other            governments who want to maintain           rences, etc., around the theme:
“advisors” (the former colonizing            through this process, the power they       “Buy third world”.
countries put “gently” at the service        have on Africa. “The more I help you
of African countries) are, in fact,          the more you depend on me”, this is        Instead of contributing to fund rai-
agents in charge of maintaining a            their motto.                               sing to help the third world, we will
control, so that independence                                                           help it more by motivating our
remains simply a word, and does not          What happens in rich countries?            contemporary fellows to buy what is
come to be a fact. Why do Africans           Millions are spent to organize cam-        produced in the third world, rather
accept French troops to be positio-          paigns to help third world and more        than buying our national produc-
ned in almost all African countries?         millions are spent to ask the French       tions. This will create a bit more
They are so called there to “protect         to buy French, or the Canadians to         unemployment in our countries? Yes
the Africans”, but in fact they quickly      by Canadian… What a hypocrisy.             and so what…? This is what true
intervene as soon as the powers in           “Let’s keep the third world in depen-      charity and true solidarity are all
place have a sentiment of real inde-         dency and begging and let us enrich        about. To accept that a few more
pendence, deposing them and repla-           ourselves by buying national …” As         people line less wealthy so that
cing them with more “subdued” lea-           to the enterprises which invest by         others in less favored countries can
ders. What a scandal!                        building factories in third world coun-    escape death from hunger. What is
                                             tries, they are pointed out as exploi-     suffering for an unemployed led to
Yes it is truly time that Africans finally                                              reduce his expenses so he can sur-
get true independence and put an             ters of a low paid force. Yet these
                                             enterprises are doing the right thing      vive from his unemployment allo-
end to the sham.                                                                        wance, compared to the suffering of
                                             even thought they do it more for pro-
Africans, take in your hands your            fit than for humanitarian altruism.        an African family which wakes up not
destiny by rejecting all together            They unconsciously contribute to a         knowing what it will eat today and
the structure which have been                reequilibrium movement of wealth.          tomorrow… and the following
                                                                                        days…? To buy French or Canadian
imposed onto you by force, be                The third world needs not beg-             is to save jobs, to buy third world is
they political, religious or cultural.       ging, but development.                     to save lives…
Your immense continent is rich, and          The best way to help the poor is not       The choice is quickly made when
the new technologies, like computer          to give him a fish, but rather to teach    one is aware of the problem.
science and internet set you free            him how to fish… and give him a
                                             fishing pole. Enterprises should be        The year 2000 of the Christian era is
from the need of colonizers in order
                                             encouraged to move their production        here, in less than three years. Let us
to learn. Millions of young Ivorians,
                                             factories to third world countries.        make it together, so that Africa and
Congolese or others can receive
                                             European consumers would be bet-           the third world of the third millennium
knowledge directly from the greatest                                                    will be different from those of this
                                             ter off because the products brought
universities of the world. This is why                                                  end of the 20th century, and so that
                                             to their markets would be cheaper,
getting away from France and get-                                                       when the Elohim come they feel
                                             and the third world would develop as
ting closer to the USA would be              one can see it happening in the            proud of their children of all races
beneficial to the development of             Philippines or in Thailand. We             and of all continents.
Africa.                                      Raelians can contribute to this great      Raël
                                                                                  Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
    Africans, have no inferiority complex...
            go back to your roots
                             and your culture

    Intervention of the Prophet Rael on December 13, 56 a.H. 2001 in Brazzaville, Congo.
    In Apocalypse International, N ° 2-nd 125 of the quarter of the year 56 a.H (2001), p. 12-13

            his is the first time that I am in Africa on a             time one becomes bitter and increasingly disgusting,
            December 13... And it is for me a deep joy,                lacking love, and thus, little by little the civilization
            because my Father and I, we love Africa:                   shrinks and ends up by disappearing.
    This continent is what counts the most. And do no
                                                                       Africa still has its purity. Africans should be conscious
    think that I say this to please you, thinking that when            of that.
    Rael is in Asia he says that Asia is what counts the
                                                                       I remember having often heard during my many tra-
    most, and when he is in Oceania he says that it’s
    Oceania...                                                         vels.... “Ah Whites people, have invented everything”,
                                                                       the “Whites” have discovered everything and we, poor
    No, the continent which is the most important to
                                                                       Africans, we have done nothing”. Don’t ever say that!
    the eyes of the Elohim is Africa! Why? Because
                                                                       They have had the chance at certain times, to disco-
    you are inhabitants of a continent which has pre-
                                                                       ver certain things, but it is not all of them. The majo-
    served an extraordinary purity and you are not
                                                                       rity of them are idiots. They have had some geniuses
    handicapped by your culture like Westerners are.
                                                                       who were born by chance in their civilization.
    I know that many of you still live with this sort of infe-         The majority of the “Whites” are incapable of inventing
    riority complex vis-à-vis of the Europeans. Your big-
                                                                       powder, electricity or genetics. It is only some of them
    gest enemy is not the colonizers, it is not colonization
                                                                       who have made some inventions, but all of them say
    whether political, economical, cultural or religious, it is
                                                                       loudly: “we have invented the plane”. They don’t even
    you, it is yourself.
                                                                       know what it is made of. They would not even know
    Your biggest enemy is you, whenever you think                      how to build one. But they have the impression that
    that you are inferior to “white people”. And all of
                                                                       the discoveries made by certain geniuses were made
    you think so ...... I know it and it is wrong. You are
                                                                       by them. Have no inferiority complex! They are stupid
    not at all inferior to “the whites”. You are a little bit
                                                                       and short sighted. There are a few brilliant ones. But
    superior. Think about it!
                                                                       these ones have never committed crimes against your
    Let these sentences penetrate you! You are a little                culture, against your people, against Africa, never.
    bit superior to “the whites”. Why? Because you have                Those who came to Africa are invaders, stupid coloni-
    the purity they have lost. They have lost their purity             zers who took advantage of things they have never
    and their innocence because of their culture and                   invented, such as gun powder or planes and they
    mostly because of their crimes. Crimes such as sla-                used them to dominate Africa politically and culturally,
    very, colonization and all what you have suffered                  and to abuse you. So have no inferiority complex!
    from. You have been victims, they, they have been
                                                                       The message I am bringing... is that your youth must
    guilty, and when one feels guilty, one looses his / her
                                                                       be trained. Not the way Western Powers would like to
    purity, one looses his/her freshness and at the same
                                                                       train you. By making you go through the industrializa-

8   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                         Africa, future of humanity

tion process in order to always be a step ahead of you   I      will   launch     a     big     apostasy        campaign.
so that they can continue to consider you as develo-     I hope you will apostatize from the Christian reli-
ping countries. That is a neo-colonization. I would      gion, because it is the religion of the colonizers,
like all the children in schools to have access to       the slave owners who have looted, stole and abu-
computers, and that must be a priority. Access to        sed you and continue to do so. If you abandon the
the internet should be immediate for the whole           Christian religion you can choose to become atheist
population. If you have access to these means of
                                                         (it’s your right), or nothing (you are not obliged to
training, you will not be left behind, but you will be
                                                         become Raelian), or you may become Muslim
at the same level as the other continents.
                                                         (because this at least is not the religion of your colo-
Genetics is also very important. That’s why I came       nizers), whatever you may like, everything except
with Dr. Boisselier who is in charge of the human clo-   Christian. Because to be Christian, is to send an insult
ning project. I hope that the human cloning laboratory   to your ancestors who have suffered, who have been
will be built here.                                      converted by the use of the stick, and whose children
I came also with my son Ramuel, who is here; he          were taken away from them in order to put into
manages a computer science school in Paris. I would      schools by force. This is what it is to be a Christian!.
like to have Africans trained. He has agreed to help     How can one be Christian and African? This has
me, to help you have a computer science school.          always surprised me! This is because you say to your-
                                                         self that the “whites” are superior...
You must jump to be directly at the same level as
the other continents; and maybe thanks to your           No, this is wrong! Stand up! Be proud, be great,
talent, your genius and your freshness you will be       be yourself!
ahead of all the other countries. I am saying that
                                                         There were many local religions in the past, in
this is possible indeed!
                                                         your cultures which the colonizers, in their big
Have no inferiority complex. Never look at a             disrespect of your cultures have called animist or
“white person” and say: “yes, but they are great         primitive religions. Find your roots and go back to
and we, we have nothing”. No! You are the ones
                                                         them while embracing the sciences of the future
who are putting the poison in your head. You are
                                                         which will make you, not equal, but superior to
capable of being better than them at all levels. I do
                                                         your ancient colonizers.
insist, at all levels. But you must believe in you!
You must believe in yourself; and to believe in              In Apocalypse International, n* 125 of the 2-nd quarter
yourself, you must find and go back to your roots                                 of a year 56 a.H (2002), p. 12-13
and your culture; and it is for this reason that any
African worthy to be called African does not have
the right to remain Christian.
What is Christianity? Oh!, I do respect Christians...
when they stay at home..., that is to say in Rome...,
that is to say in Europe. But here you have been
converted by force. Your ancestors were converted by
force... To be Christian when you are an African is
to betray your ancestors. Become Raëlians!

                                                                          Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                             For the true progress
                                                   of Africa
     Intervention of the Prophet Rael on December 14, 56 a.H 2001 in Brazzaville, Congo.

     In Apocalypse International, N ° 127 of the quarter of the year 56 a.H 2001 p. 4 - 13

        THE IMPORTANCE OF SCIENCE                                            I spent this night dreaming, thinking of you. And I was
                                                                             telling myself that, it takes only a few inventors in
                any people in the world are now shocked by                   the humanity at the right moment, at the right place,
                the cloning. Yet the cloning is so simple: to take           or at the wrong moment at the wrong place, to have
                some cells and make them become other chil-                  some populations develop themselves more than
     dren is nothing. But soon, very quickly we will be able to              others. It takes only a little to have that.
     do like the Elohim. We will take a little bit of all chemical           White peoples believe that they have invented eve-
     products contained in a handful of soil, because as the                 rything; when one thinks of it, it is little. That’s why
     bible says, in a handful of soil there is all what is needed            I was telling you yesterday to have no complex of
     to create a human being: we find all the elements of the                inferiority toward the whites. None. You are capable
     table of Mendeleiv, everything is there, and that is what               of doing, not as well... but better than them. The
     is in us; that is what we are made of, in addition of water.            Whites think for example that, among other things,
     Take a handful of soil, put it in a container with a bit of             they have discovered the paper. The paper was
     water, this is just about almost a man, some people are                 invented by Chinese well before the Whites. The
     no more than that, some politicians for example ! But if                Whites believe they have invented the gun powder, if I
     you add the genetic code, the spirit, the knowledge, this               may say, it is known that this also comes from the
     becomes a human being, or a cat or an earth worm, but                   Chinese. The Italians believe they have invented the
     it becomes a living thing.                                              spaghetti, it is known that this also comes from the
                                                                             Chinese again. Many things the Whites are sure they
     Soon we will know how to do it very quickly and even
                                                                             have invented come from the Chinese. The wheel, it is
     more people will be shocked to see that we become
                                                                             not sure that it comes from the Whites. And there are
     capable of going in the garden to take a handful of soil
                                                                             many things like that which are just illusions.
     and create life not from manipulating the genetic code
     from an ovum or a spermatozoon or the nucleus of a                      In fact, on should realize that all what exist has not been
     cell, but just simply with rocks to see life appear. That’s             invented, because all what has been invented existed
     what the Elohim did when they came on Earth; it will                    before elsewhere.
     shock even more all the conservatives who are already                   It just took an opened eye to see; whether it is the gene-
     saying today, when one talks a bit about cloning: “what                 tic code, the atom, the iron, the wheel, it existed before
     a horror! How come?! This is dramatic, it is scandalous”;               it was discovered. Gun powder and electricity existed
     life from a handful of soil, this will be even worse for                before they were discovered. What it only took was to
     them. I can see some young children in the room, it is a                have people who were good observers and who wanted
     must that these young children do what they like,                       to reproduce what was observed.
     develop their love for science, for knowledge, it is so                 This is why I am proud for what I heard recently about
     important; and this knowledge should not be reserved                    this young 12 years old boy from Cote d’Ivoire who has
     to a racist elite, that is to say to the populations of                 passed his baccalaureate He has been sent to USA for
     Northern countries, of Western countries; you have the                  his higher education. I am happy for that but at the same
     same right to it as the others.

10   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                               Africa, future of humanity

time I am not happy. Because this young man is going to          Internet is a priority and this is another message I
the USA to get the knowledge and this is not right. There        am bringing to your President of the Republic: edu-
exists now a new technology called internet. You might           cate the youngsters by internet. Because, thanks to
know, if not, I let you know that there is now a university      internet, you can immediately have access to all the
in the USA where you can take all your exams and have            knowledge of the planet with computers which are
your diplomas by internet, no more need to move to go            not necessarily new, one needs not buy Pentiums
to school. It’s one of the biggest American universities.        500.
So what I wish is that all young Africans have internet
                                                                 With a used Pentium which the Europeans don’t want
at home, this way there will be no more need of
                                                                 anymore because they always want new, like an “old”
school or university. You can have it at home, and put           Pentium of three years, four years, five years which is
all the old school concepts into questioning. All the chil-      worth almost nothing (computers become quickly obso-
dren can have computers at very low prices. People               lete) maybe 20 dollars, 30 dollars ?
think that it takes important infrastructures with satellites
                                                                 These computers I want them collected and sent to
at the cost of billions of dollars, to bring internet. There
                                                                 Africa. This is more important than giving food,
is no more need of satellite, it’s over. No more need also
                                                                 because it is enabling those who tomorrow will be
of telephone cables to bring the internet signal.
                                                                 capable of being equal to the others, “to learn how
Electricity is necessary, yes. Not all African regions have      to fish”. And this program can be immediate; it can
electricity... Now thanks to new technologies you can            be implemented very quickly.
also have the electricity locally by solar energy. Each          A four year or five year computer allows as much as a
house can be equipped with solar panels which cost is            new one to have access to today technologies and to
more and more decreasing. Thus, each house will gene-            adjust to those of tomorrow. Knowledge is up dated daily
rate its own electricity, not for heat of for cooking, this      and there is no need to have a new computer to have
consume too much electricity, but for the computer. The          access to it; that’s what is extraordinary.
Americans have got an extraordinary idea to substitute
                                                                 Of course, with these old computers, it may not be pos-
the highly costly satellites. They use small planes, like
                                                                 sible to have colour animations; no big deal! it is not the
the ULM: they are very small cheap planes; when impro-           most important. The luxury of watching movies in colour
ved they can fly a bit higher, at an altitude of about then      will not create the geniuses of tomorrow the Earth
thousands meters, and they have on their bellies the             needs.
same equipments as satellites. They fly almost stand
                                                                 Keep the objective of passing this necessity around
still, and so all the country is covered by the internet
                                                                 you. Get it spread in schools, get it spread every
signal. There are tree planes of this type.
                                                                 where in the population.
They cost almost nothing by comparison to the cost of a
                                                                 I know that the sentiment of inferiority is a deep evil
satellite. Countries which cannot afford a satellite could
                                                                 in Africa. As I said yesterday, I will say it again and
be equipped with such planes and be so immediately at
                                                                 insist on it, your worse enemy is not the colonizing
equality with the most advanced states of the planet.
                                                                 populations which have exploited you and continue
I wish to see this accomplished in your country and in all       to do it, it is you yourself.
Africa. It exists, it’s not a dream, it’s not future, and this   Every time that you believe that you are inferior to the
company exists and has already contracts with another            Whites, you become it. When you stop believing it, you
underprivileged people, the Indian Americans. They               no longer become it. This doesn’t mean that you should
have just signed some contracts and have already                 become aggressive, or rancorous. On the contrary you
bought some planes to receive internet in their reserva-         must forgive them. Ok, we have been idiot enough, ill
tions.                                                           organized in the past but it is over! To day we are as

                                                                                Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     much capable as you to do everything, and to invent          Blacks from Congo, you are far more advanced than all
     things you have not invented.                                the great white people who have existed in the past.
                                                                  Understand this!
     There are inventors among Africans, there are
     Mozart among Africans, there are Einstein among              At this, moment I talk to you about cloning and you
     Africans, but they have not had and do not have yet          understand me. I talk about a spermatozoon and an
     the means to express it.                                     ovule and you understand me. But let not go back to the
                                                                  epoch of Jesus, let’s stop at the time of the colonists
     You know, Einstein or Mozart, if they were brought up by
                                                                  who, thanks to sticks and guns, came and devastated
     wolves, they would have barked with the wolves. They
                                                                  this country 200, 150, 100 years ago. Do you think that
     would have never composed symphonies, or contributed
                                                                  they would have understood the cloning? Of course not!
     to the advancement of science. This is what should be
     understood and it is the deep reality. If you place infant   You have more knowledge than those who have coloni-
     geniuses with wolves, they would be like wolf infants        zed your ancestors; understand this, be conscious of
     who were discovered in the past in all regions of the        this.
     world. They were crawling on four feet, they were inca-      Education and knowledge is what makes a scientist;
     pable of standing up, because when one stays on four         and this is why it is so important to have access to
     feet till a certain age, and one can no longer stand up      knowledge. You are all Einstein, geniuses compared to
     and walk. They could not also talk, in a way they could      the big imbeciles who came with guns to colonize your
     no longer become humans again. Do this with Mozart,          grand parents. Be conscious of that. If one of them were
     do it with Einstein, it will be the same thing despite of    to become reincarnated today with his gun and uniform
     their genius! Brought up by wolves, Mozart would never       of colonizer, you would tell him: today we are making life
     play piano, for in order to come up with a melody, he        in laboratory using an ovule and a spermatozoon. He
     must have knowledge, and it is only then that he could       would say: what is that? And you could sit in front of his
     express his genius.
                                                                  stupefied eyes and explain him for hours...
     This is why it is so important to educate, to have access
                                                                  The colonist could not know the tenth, the hundredth of
     to information, access to knowledge in order to bring out
                                                                  what you know today. You would take him for a visit of
     the wonder the human genius is capable of. You have
                                                                  the country by car, he would say: but what is that? Of
     sometimes, not only you - the Europeans also make this
                                                                  course they came by boat and had horses as vehicles.
     mistake -, the tendency to admire and to envy the apos-
                                                                  You know much more than they could. Take confidence
     tles who lived in contact with Jesus: John, Paul, Peter,
                                                                  in yourself! You can do it, you have in your population
     etc... They were wonderful and extraordinary beings and
                                                                  professors of mathematics, of history, of science, and
     you pray them. No, they were ignorant. They could not
     read, they could not write. They were poor fishermen.        scientists in laboratories, agronomists, peoples who are
     Go in the poorest regions of Africa, where there are         and who know infinitely more than the populations the
     fishermen who cannot read nor write; that is about what      people who have colonized you in the past.
     was the level of the apostles of Jesus.
     And all the followers of the great Prophets of the old                 HUMILITY, THE MOST
     were duds, by lack of science. You must understand
                                                                            IMPORTANT QUALITY
     that. The simplest person among you today, knows
     more than all the apostles who followed Jesus. They          It is science which is important. Likewise your poor
     were looking at the sky with the imbecility of that time.    ancestors were dominated by the Whites because these
     Please understand this. Even for the greatest apostles,      had mastered the fire arms you did not know yet.
     Peter, Paul and the others, stars were for them, small       Unfortunately, less evolved and disrespectful popula-
     lights hooked to the sky; the Earth was flat, one would      tions, such as the colonizers, use the supremacy
     fall down if one goes beyond the border.                     brought about by a temporary advance, like the techno-
     Imagine all this, one just can’t help but laugh.But you      logy, to dominate the others. But in evolved non-violent

12   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                            Africa, future of humanity

and peaceful populations like some found in the uni-          much, because of the risk that some of you might use it
verse, the ELOHIM for example, it does not work this          for negative purposes. We could go a little bit further,
way. Yet the ELOHIM could colonize us immediately if          and above all be happy to meet our children and be
they wanted it, because their level of science is infinite;   loved by them. This is what they say.
their level of knowledge is unimaginable, even for the
                                                              How to imagine a bigger humility than that of these
greatest genius the Earth has borne bears or will bear
                                                              people who have created everything on Earth....?
until a far away future.
                                                              They create us in their image, after their likeness with
Know that the ELOHIM are capable of moving away
                                                              the power of consciousness, of spirit; we are here, we
solar systems, we can’t understand how this is possible.
                                                              grow and develop, and they help us by sending pro-
They can just decide: this sun, we will rather place it
                                                              phets, messengers, so that we can reach something
there, we will move this planet and put it here, or we will   beautiful. They could rightly say to themselves: we
go and create a solar system some where. If I say this to     return to our home. But no they say, please, build us an
our earth scientists they would think that I am crazy,        embassy. Is there something which can make us cry
raving. By the way if 150 years ago they were told about      more than this in this room?
the genetic code or the computer, they would have said
                                                              This is something else as compared to the behaviour of
the same thing. It is normal that people are lacking of
                                                              the Whites who came to Africa behaved as conquerors
imagination, they are lacking of science; “Any man is         and invaders.... It is a another level of consciousness,
idiot by lack of science”, this was already written in the    asking those they have created, the Whites, the Blacks,
ancient religious scriptures.                                 the Yellows , would you like to welcome us ? The first
So you should clearly understand that the higher              colonists could have done the same thing when they
                                                              arrived; they could have said: hello, excuse-us for distur-
one raises his level of science, the higher one must
                                                              bing you, would you like to welcome us?
in parallel rise his level of consciousness, and this
                                                              This is the greatness and the wisdom of the ELOHIM
is why the ELOHIM are not colonizers. Because they
could just in one finger clap subdue totally all the earth
                                                              (...) Remember, humility is the most important qua-
population; the largest atomic bombs, the biggest
                                                              lity, in particular in countries torn apart like yours. When
American strategic armaments would be wet petard face
                                                              one is humble, one does not become a military, one
to their technology. The Americans would not even have
                                                              does not become a warrior. One may be peace keeper,
time to fire the bombs, the planes would not even have        because it is good to have militaries who keep peace
time to take off, and everything would be paralysed           against the unbalanced minds, the insane and violent
before any action could be taken. If the ELOHIM wanted        people, because violent people must be stopped
to invade and colonize the Earth, this would be very          through treatment, from harming non violent people.
easy for them, but they don’t want that.                      They are peace keepers; it is good to have a small task
                                                              force of peace keepers as it is mentioned in the
One the contrary the ELOHIM tell us: we love you, you         Messages.
are our children, we would have tears in our eyes if you
                                                              But no more militaries who take over the power by force;
would like to welcomes in remembrance of what we
                                                              it is a complete stupidity and you know where it leads
have done for you for you, and if you like it, and only if    most of the populations of the Earth to.
you like it, build an embassy for us and this will be the
                                                              The absolute non-violence comes from humility.
most beautiful day of our life, and we hope it will also be   Who am I to dare to impose my wish to the others? Who
the most beautiful day of your life. This way we could        am I? Nothing! A bit of dust, we all are a bit of dust with
give you a bit of our knowledge to help you, a bit, not too   consciousness, a bit of dust capable of being conscious

                                                                             Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     that we are the Infinite becoming conscious of itself. In        gone back. On Earth, it is the same thing. One is dead
     fact, we are the intelligence of the Infinite, because           before he realizes that he was born. Life runs at an
     infinity in itself is silly, it becomes intelligent              incredible speed, and one accomplishes so little during
     through the human being. The Infinite is stupid, and
                                                                      that lifetime. How long do you live? 70 years! As I read
     has no intelligence, except when it becomes alive -- yet
                                                                      before arriving here, the average life expectancy in this
     it is only the same small parts of which it is composed...
                                                                      country is 45 years -- that is not much. In France, it is 85
               CONSCIOUSNESS, LOVE,
                                                                      years, so let us take a mean between the two - say, for
            INTELLIGENCE AND SPEED                                    example, a life expectancy of 65 years, what is it? tur-
     The most beautiful manifestation of consciousness                ning around the sun 65 times - this is really not much.
     is love. What is love?                                           One must truly take advantage of each turn! During the
     Love is to look and to understand what we are. I am              first five years, a person is not conscious, he (she) is too
     only dust, and I am made of carrots, of yams my mother           young. Also, when one becomes old, one is not
     ate when she conceived me. And as I keep eating, my              conscious either -- one falls back into childhood, this is
     body’s cells are renewed, and if I stop eating, I return to      a bit problematic. So, how many years are left? 30
     dust. I am made of parts of carrots, of sweet potatoes, of       years, 40 years, during which one can be conscious - it
     meats and of fishes -- all these allow my consciousness          is too little! So, take advantage of it.
     to continue to express itself. I am nothing other than           Enjoy this life, because each life, each person, each
     dust. And what do I have in front of me? It is dust,             individual around us is precious. The silliest, the
     unconscious and silly, and suddenly I see human beings           most annoying, the most timid, as well as the weal-
     who are like me, whatever the colour of their skin may           thiest, and the most brilliant people become extraor-
     be. A human being is something absolutely insignificant,         dinary. This is because one has the chance to live at
     it is just a bit of dust which is, like me, at the same time     the same time with the others.
     as me, on the same planet, at the same moment, at the            Many people ask me and want to know if, in order to be
     right place and all together, a bit of the infinite becoming     wise and conscious, one needs to move slowly. These
     conscious of itself. It will die however, perhaps in a           people think that one must sit cross-legged, speak
     minute. Because no one knows when your heart will                slowly like the Presidents of the Republic, and in doing
     stop beating -- perhaps I will die at the end of my sen-         this, they will have the feeling that they are intelligent.
     tence. So, look at your neighbour right now with the awa-        They are not intelligent at all. Intelligence and
     reness that maybe he will die in a minute. Look! How             consciousness develop with the speed and the qua-
     many of you have lost your father, your brother, your            lity of the information that is transmitted. Surely, cer-
     mother, your children, in the wars you have had, or by           tain false prophets or false wise men say....... my........
     accident, and are saying, “I should have given him/her           very........ dear........ brothers......... the......... sky.........
     more love, I should have talked to him/her, I should             is......... with......... you......... One can also speak very
                                                                      fast like I do, trying to deliver the maximum amount of
     have...” Oh, yes, it is too late, it is over, he/she is in the
                                                                      information in the fastest way possible, so that you can
     carpet - he/she is in the dust. Do it while you are both
                                                                      acquire the most possible knowledge.
     still alive. So, when one understands to what extent
     this life, this consciousness, is fragile, and fuga-             One can spend a long time saying nothing, or one
     cious, one can no longer make war, one cannot kill               can say everything very fast!
     one another, for life is too short.                              I prefer to say a lot very fast, rather than say to
     Yes, understand to what extent everything goes fast.             nothing in a long time. Do you understand? I like wat-
     RAEL was to arrive in Africa, and I am already almost            ching television, and I particularly like watching political

14   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                              Africa, future of humanity

leaders who have the extraordinary talent of saying             try and enjoy writing with your left hand, amuse yourself
nothing for a long time -- they are true artists of their       writing words in reverse, it puts different parts of your
type. I like to watch them, because for me, who have to         brain to work. If you think in a certain way, try to think in
say everything in a very short time, I find that what they
                                                                another way. If you like the color reds, and not the color
do is extraordinarily difficult, a true sport!
                                                                blue, dress in blue just to see what it does.
In all the countries, they are all alike, they talk a lot but
                                                                Always probe new areas of your life, develop your
they say nothing. And when you watch the time, they
                                                                mind and your consciousness. If you don’t like
have spoken for an hour! And, this is when you are liste-
                                                                Blacks, this is what I tell Europeans (here, of course,
ning - when you do not fall asleep!
                                                                there is no problem): go and talk to them. If you don’t like
This is the talent of politicians - are they wise?
                                                                tapioca, taste tapioca. I forbid myself to dislike any food
If so, I prefer not to be wise, so that I can transmit know-    on Earth.
ledge quickly.
                                                                When I arrived in Japan, there was NATO, a food made
Train yourself to think fast, to speak fast, making             of fermented soybeans, it smells very bad! And it was
sure that you are understood, of course. Train your-            late at night, and I saw Lisa, my companion at that time,
self to pass on information quickly, to move fast - I           eating it delightfully, using sticks. Thus, I forgot my first
know it is a little bit difficult in Africa, as the climate     impression of repulsion to see what effect this would
is hot. But the faster you move, the faster you work,           have on my brain. Now, I love it. You must force your-
the more efficient you are. To discover scientific things       self to taste, because you can’t say that you don’t
or other things, if you move slowly, you will discover it       like something as long as you have not discovered
slowly. This is what characterizes geniuses like Brigitte       the taste. You must put your brain into a state of vir-
and others, when you see them in laboratories or elsew-         ginity, without preconception, to discover what is
here, it is like a ping-pong game, it goes fast, very fast.     good in what people give you. Whether it is culture,
Develop this speed - one must be swift, even in wis-            whether it is science whether it is food.
dom, even in meditation.                                        Train yourself to like what you don’t like. You can have
Look, I will surprise you. We know that to meditate is to       preferences, dishes you prefer, and you are not obliged
lie down. Yes, this is in the beginning, when you are lear-     to force yourself to eat every day the dishes you like the
ning. And then, spend 20 minutes listening to RAEL’s            least -- this is not what I am saying. But it is important to
tape. Yes, this is in the beginning, when you are lear-         learn to be able to appreciate... There is no food on
ning.                                                           Earth that I am incapable of eating, there is no color on
                                                                Earth that I am not capable of appreciating. In all things
You can be in a permanent state of meditation, while            we do, there is beauty.
working, while making love, while going to the toilet,
                                                                Be conscious, at all time, that you are beings in a
and at all times. Don’t partition your life: now, I medi-
                                                                development process - do not stop at a preconceive
tate; now I will make love with my companion. No,               notion; do not stop at a inferiority complex. This one is
do everything at the same time. Accustom yourself               what I’ve noticed the most in you, because I have heard
to accomplishing many tasks at the same time - this             so many Africans telling me that the whites are better.
reinforces your brain. If you are a right-handed person,        Go and probe science, go and probe knowledge,

                                                                               Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     push your children, encourage your children, not to              would outrage the Western countries, because, in rea-
     become equal to whites, but rather to become better,             lity, they say loudly, “We must help Africa,” and then they
     because they are capable of that, and because they               whisper... “but not too much. They must progress a little,
     have the duty of becoming so - and maybe one day,                but they must not become better than us, because they
     your culture will be so developed that Europeans                 must continue to consume our products, to buy what we
                                                                      have to sell them” - these are the words of hypocrites.
     will come and study in Africa.
                                                                      On the contrary, I want you to become a little bit above
            TO DEVELOP AFRICA:
                                                                      them. Everyone has his turn at last, and it is normal not
        The City of Sciences, English,
                                                                      to have the same people always ahead of the others.
           Traditional Languages,
                                                                      I would like Africa to develop so much that maybe, one
        The United States of Africa.
                                                                      day, it will help the new “third world” which Europe would
                                                                      become -- this will be interesting. And, European stu-
     I have a big project, and Brigitte is here with me to see
                                                                      dents would come and study here and you would wel-
     how to put it into concrete form. I would like to create
                                                                      come them with kind regards and no malice. We need
     a city of sciences here, the first African City of
                                                                      this type of reversal. Think about it, it is possible. I am
     Sciences which could be called “Scientopolis,”
                                                                      not dreaming. It all depends only on you, on your pride,
     where there would be a laboratory for cloning which all
                                                                      on your dignity, on your eagerness to know, and on the
     the so-called developed countries have condemned for
                                                                      knowledge you will have shared with your children.
     “ethical” reasons...
                                                                      All this is possible. There may even be a greater chance
     I really hope that this will be done in an African country.
                                                                      than you imagine. Why? Because Western countries
     There, genetically modified foods will be produced,
                                                                      have handicaps that you don’t have the handicap of
     genetically modified plants allowing us to feed the whole
                                                                      “ethics.” You must abandon “ethics.” Be aware, because
     world. This will multiply agricultural industrial produc-
                                                                      this issue could spring up here. Their “ethics” come from
     tions by 10, by 100, by 1,000, because it is possible to
                                                                      traditional religions, such as the Catholic religion.
     produce food crops with a yield per hectare 1,000 times
                                                                      I want us to launch a big planetary campaign of apostasy
     higher, thanks to genetic modifications. It is feasible, it is
                                                                      in countries which have been colonized. Here is the
     possible, we can produce bananas as big as your thigh,
                                                                      clear message to get to your brothers and sisters of
     and tasting 10 times better. We can make coconuts as
     big as pumpkins! There are no pumpkins here. I must
                                                                      “How can you be a Christian, given what the coloni-
     find another image. We can make coconut trees where
                                                                      zers have done to your ancestors? When you are
     the nuts would be lower than the level of our heads -- it
                                                                      Christian, you make your great-grandfather who is
     would be less dangerous when we take a nap. We can
                                                                      watching you from the sky cry. Because your great-
     make a lawn that needs not be mowed, if we program
                                                                      grandfather and your great-grandmother have suffe-
     the grass to stop growing after a given height. We can
                                                                      red under the Christian colonizers. They were
     do everything, we can become ELOHIM, we can
                                                                      converted by force, they are up there, they are wat-
     become gods. All is possible.
                                                                      ching you and they are thinking: how can they go to
     I would like to create this city of sciences in Africa, with     the church of those who have massacred us? How
     a laboratory for genetics, a laboratory for cloning, a labo-     can they? Think of your ancestors. The best way of
     ratory for electronics. My son, who has a school of com-         making them happy is to apostatize from the
     puter science in Paris, could also help with this project.       Catholic Church. This church which so tortured your
     He could also help you to train the youngsters to be at          ancestors, forcing them, separating them by force
     the same level as the Americans, and make Africa jump,           from their family. I apostatize. I bear them no malice,
     suddenly, from the middle age, directly into the future          I forgive them, but you see, I have decided to no lon-
     without having to go through intermediate periods. This          ger be a member of the Catholic Church.

16   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                           Afrique, futur de l’humanité

Sign your act of apostasy and add - “In memory of               made. Do not forget your local languages, as they
my ancestors, whom you have converted by force” -               are an important tradition, and they contain a part of
then send it to your bishop”.                                   the ELOHIM’s knowledge, because they come from
This message must be sent - this is a must!
                                                                the ELOHIM. From the beginning, there is a bit of the
And you can also, after this apostasy, choose to have
                                                                ELOHIM’s knowledge, an understanding and some
the privilege of being Raelian, to belong to the Raelian
                                                                culture of the ELOHIM in all the languages of the
Movement, which is not, which has never been, and
which will never be a colonizing religion. It respects all
                                                                Right now, at the United Nations, there are about 280
groups, all ethnicities, all differences. It wants each
                                                                countries in the world. Very soon there will be 2,000 or
small group, each small ethnicity to shine all its lights. It   3,000 - because all the regions will have their inde-
is in favour of one world language, another aspect of the       pendence.
fight for dignity. For me, you must abandon French,             It is also another idea I am defending - the creation of
choose English - I may be shocking you. Why, you                the United States of Africa, because Africa must pre-
might wonder? Because English is the planetary                  pare for the upcoming big international fight, the
language of today.                                              economic and financial fight.
Besides, especially in countries colonized by France, it        Today, Europe is united with a new currency called the
is a slap in the face to the colonists of the past to aban-     Euro; Asia is doing the same thing: a zone of free
don their language and choose English. They are so              exchange, which unites a large number of Asian coun-
proud that the French have left some traces here, like          tries, is being formed. In America, it is NAFTA, which
the church and the school, which also use the French            gathers the economies of all the Americas with the pro-
language. You have languages that are beautiful -- I            position of free exchange and no taxes. There are
know that there are 50 or 60 in your country. In Africa,        already no taxes between the USA, Canada and
there are thousands of languages that must be pre-              Mexico. All this is happening. In Africa, there is nothing
served. Like the traditional cultures of your villages          yet. And nobody is pushing you to do it. Why? Because
-- they must be preserved; your children in villages            they want you to be economically dependent.
must learn the traditional African languages you                You must create “The United States of Africa” - this
have, and English; throw away French, into the trash            is very important. The United States of Africa, with
can... French will enable you to talk to only very few peo-     an African currency, which I called “The Afro.” The
ple; there are 1% of French people on Earth! There are          Euro exists, so why not the Afro?
2% of French speakers! There are 70% of English spea-           Press your political leaders to launch all this... the crea-
kers and people who can speak English more or less.             tion of an African union is being delayed by the inability
With English, you can go everywhere, I can go everyw-           of the OAU to move forward, because when it moves
here. I go to Russia. I go to China, I go to Japan and,         two steps ahead it immediately moves three steps back.
with this language, I communicate with the whole world.         Start with your close neighbours, and suggest to your
With French, you get Belgium, Switzerland... and the            political leaders to start just with neighbouring countries,
French, it’s only 2% of the world population; besides,          by establishing a free exchange zone with one country,
this language is difficult to learn.                            then with another one, then with another one again; after
Teach English to your children, and you will open up            a while, those countries which did not want to join the
                                                                free exchange would see the grass being cut under their
their universe. By teaching them French, you open them
                                                                feet. The OAU would be forced to pedal...
to only 2% of the world population - the choice is quickly
                                                                It must go fast. It must be done. Not in 40 years, other-

                                                                               Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     wise you will add to the delay you experience today. This       United States of Africa. The United States of Africa
     should have been done before Europe, before NAFTA.              would be economically as powerful (if not more power-
     You must create a free exchange zone, because if all            ful) as the United States of America, because you have
     the products, all the raw materials, move freely, free          all the raw materials, and this should allow you, with a
     of customs and taxes, among all the African coun-               single currency, to become also scientifically equal to
     tries, then you will have access to wealth. This conti-
                                                                     the Westerners. This is what I wish for you -- this is what
     nent has everything to be rich if the economic bor-
                                                                     I hope to see.
     ders are suppressed (this is one of the messages I
                                                                          THE POLITICAL ROLE OF THE PROPHET
     bring), if it installs a single currency (so that you can
     circulate everywhere), and if it creates a federalized
                                                                     To be the Prophet on Earth now is not only to reveal
     African government composed of all the small
                                                                     the secrets of our origins, which are in the
     groups, inclusive of all native ethnicities.
                                                                     Messages of the Elohim; it is not only to promise
     Who has drawn the borders? The colonizers took the
                                                                     you a magnificent future, thanks to science and the
     map and drew lines: this is for you, the British, this is for
                                                                     knowledge that you will become Elohim yourselves.
     you, the Belgians, and this is for us, the French. It didn’t
                                                                     To be the Prophet today is to get involved in today’s
     exist before. You had your ethnic groups, which were
                                                                     politics, so that people can live better, and particu-
     independent. Things must become like they were before
                                                                     larly to get involved in the politics of countries
     like the people of the Corse in France, and the people of
                                                                     which suffered the most from the ego and the bruta-
     Quebec in Canada, who want to be independent. This
                                                                     lity of those who had the chance to have, for a short
     way, there will be no more genocide like what you have
                                                                     moment, a small advance. This advance is sad.
     had between the Hutus and the Tutsis. Why this did hap-
     pen? Genocide originates with people forced by the
                                                                     The only way to reach world peace is to unite. This is
     colonists to live together in the same country. And, as
                                                                     why my role as prophet is not only spiritual and reli-
     you know better than me, when an ethnic group comes
                                                                     gious, it is also political. And even if I make some
     into power, it crushes the others. Each ethnic group
                                                                     enemies, and one of them might one day assassi-
     must have its total independence in an African
                                                                     nate me, I will still say what I have to say.
     Federation where all the ethnic groups would be
     represented. A thousand, five hundred, all equally
                                                                     Thank you all.

     This will be Africa of tomorrow. It is the only possibility
     you have to repair this injustice of the colonists who
     came and defined borders for you without any concern
     of having sometimes separated some groups of people
     in two. This is stupid, and it creates the tensions you
     have, leading to the dramas you go through episodically.
     That is why you have these genocides. They are so
     One could think that Africans are violent. No. If you force
     two rats to live together in a cage, with one in command,
     the other rat will be unhappy, particularly if the cage is
     small. Each must have its independence, its space, its
     autonomy. You must have an African government of the

18   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                    Africa, future of humanity

                   For a financial compensation to victims
                                    of the slave                   trafficking :

Yes to a substantial financial compensation
Valcourt (Quebec) CANADA. August 8th, Year 56 aH (2001)

        he compensations (requested by the RADDHO asso-             buted to the descendants of the slaves living at present in
        ciation within the framework of the conference of Dublin    these countries, even if the companies have changed their
        on racism and xenophobia) must be paid to the direct        activities into new ones, because their initial fortune was born
descendants of the victims of slave trafficking and not to          due to this ignoble trafficking. Furthermore, compensation
African nations… These descendants of victims are in the            should be paid by the countries which have allowed slavery
countries which have built their fortune on slave trafficking,      and collected taxes due to the work of the slaves. To distribute
particularly the United States, France and England. It is to the    this capital to the African countries would mean that those who
black populations who live in these countries that should be        escaped the slavery deserve compensation while the descen-
attributed huge and not symbolic sums.                              dants of the true victims would have nothing…
In fact, all the wealth of the companies which have in the past,    It is necessary to reopen the books of history and the state-
made a fortune, among other things in cotton or rum from sla-       ments of the economy of the colonizing superpowers of past to
very, must be bought back from today shareholders by the            show the exact amount of fortunes engendered by this crime.
governments of these countries, and the stocks should be            And the descendants of the culprits of these crimes should see
freely distributed to the Blacks living in these countries.         all their fortune coming from this criminal past seized, like for
The whole capital of these companies should be redistri-            the criminal Nazis, because it is not different.

Countries that have benefited from slavery ought to pay

September 2, Year 56aH (2001)

  n full support of the requests made by the lecturers in           The huge fortunes that have been amassed upon this abomi-
  Durban on racism, The Raelian Movement adamantly                  nable trafficking should be returned in full to the victim's des-
  champions payments of large financial compensations by            cendants plus a sizeable compensation not only from indivi-
countries that have benefited from slavery to the victim's des-     duals but also from the States that have benefited from it. The
cendants.                                                           families that have built their empires on cotton, coffee, sugar,
Crimes against humanity are known to be very difficult to pres-     etc.., during the slavery era should have their goods seized in
cribe. In this case, the crimes of those who have killed hun-       their entirety and redistributed to African Americans, the des-
dreds of thousands of Africans and doomed to slavery millions       cendants of slaves, in addition to the total amounts of money
of others, and which rank as crimes against humanity, must          that governments have cashed in, thanks to the enormous
find the States guilty of these crimes, judged and condemned        taxes on profits made from slavery, as well as interests.
to consequently pay damages to the victim's descendants.            African Americans should, in fact, have at least half of the U.S.
It is aberrant for Germany to continue to pay damages to the        goods redistributed to them - if real justice existed - because
descendants of the Jews victims of Nazism and for Africans          they have contributed to building this country more than
not to have the same rights. The countries that have made           anyone else instead of representing 70% of the jails population
their fortunes upon this despicable act, known as slavery, have     (which is over 6.5 millions) because they live in poverty..."
a moral obligation to pay damages to the victim's descendants.

                                                                                     Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                   Financing of the training of
        African exceptionally gifted children

     Valcourt (Quebec) CANADA. August 8th, Year 56 aH (2001)

                e, Raëliens of the world and particularly of                The aid coming from the rich countries should be use
                Africa and the black Diaspora, ask solemnly                 only and only for this, instead of being used to maintain
                the Government of Côte d'Ivoire to grant                    useless armies or being embezzled to enrich politicians.
     a scholarship to NIAHI DAGAUD Norton Lewis,
     12 year old, so that he can become the youngest                        We ask solemnly the Government of Côte d'Ivoire to
     African exceptionally gifted of this age to study                      grant a scholarship to NIAHI DAGAUD Norton Lewis,
     in the best American universities.                                     12 year old, and who has splendidly just passed the
                                                                            Baccalaureate, to attend the best American universities
     Africa will escape its misery only by the education. It is
     better to teach the Africans how to go fishing than to                 where he will acquire knowledge which will be benefi-
     give them some fish.                                                   cial to all his fellow countrymen.
     New technologies and Science are the only solu-                        It is necessary that his case becomes a symbol, for Côte
     tion that will take Africa out of the Third World.                     d'Ivoire, but mostly for all Africa, of the will of the
                                                                            governments of this continent to lead it directly from
     All the young Africans, the only important raw                         the underdevelopment to the 3rd millennium.
     material of this Continent, should have an imme-
     diate access to education and to Internet. They are in                 We also request that a Pan-African foundation be
     need of computers and Internet more than food. For                     created to allow, every year, the exceptionally gifted
     these technologies which will enable them to transform                 children of all countries of Africa, to attend the best
     their underfed country into a rich country.                            American universities. This foundation should be finan-
                                                                            ced by all the African governments to prepare the future
     The African countries have an enormous responsibility,                 elite of this continent. It could be called Educafrique
     vis-à-vis of new and future generations, to insure their               foundation.

                                         Africa to the Africans !

     Valcourt, (Quebec) CANADA. Tuesday, January 28th, Year 57 aH. (2003)

             he current dramatic events of Côte d'Ivoire                    tion of this new State would allow each part to live in
             prove that France has kept its colonizing spirit               peace, as it has been with the creation of Pakistan in the
             and uses constantly in Africa the false excuse "               northwest of India at the departure of the English colo-
     to protect its nationals " to intervene militarily. The                nizers.
     African States in their decolonization which remains to
                                                                            Because anyway, artificial borders defined by colo-
     complete, have so to see to it that France has no longer
                                                                            nizing powers are totally unrealistic and must be
     any excuse to send its troops.
                                                                            abandoned by the creation of new states, respec-
     The solution is simple: it is necessary that the                       ting ethnic and cultural differences, united within
     "French nationals" return at home. It does not                         a confederacy called the United States of Africa
     mean here to lead a racist or xenophobe policy... But it               with a single currency: the Afro as I explain it in
     is, like in many powerful countries, for example Japan, to             a previous text.
     forbid the citizens of Cote d’Ivoire to have double natio-
                                                                            But the former colonizing powers wish to keep the big
     nality. Offer the emigrated French a simple choice: "
                                                                            artificial states which they created, the policy of which
     either you take nationality inhabitant of the Ivory Coast
                                                                            they can easily control, directly or indirectly, in order to
     and abandon French nationality, or you go back home. "
                                                                            continue plundering them through multinational firms,
     If there are only Ivorian nationals in Côte d'Ivoire,
                                                                            using corruption widely, as the recent French politico-
     France will no longer have the excuse " to protect its
                                                                            financial scandals have proven it.
     nationals " to send its troops. It is the policy of Japan, I
                                                                            Africa must belong to the Africans, in particular
     remind it, which forbids its citizens to have double natio-
                                                                            the resources which continue to be plundered by
                                                                            the former colonial powers. Africa to the
     Finally, let us remind that if in a country, any part                  Africans!
     is in disagreement with the rest, secession is the
                                                                            Peace and brotherhood to the people of Côte d'Ivoire
     best non violent solution, even if a referendum with
                                                                            who must find by non violent means such as those
     the concerned populations has to take place. The crea-
                                                                            explained above, a solution of the current drama.

20   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                    Africa, future of humanity

                           For an economic and cultural
                   decolonization of Côte d’Ivoire

Valcourt, (Québec), CANADA. Thursday, january 30, Year 57 aH. (2003)

      n light of the recent tragic events occurring in                 the resources and prime materials that were stolen
      Cote d’Ivoire, Ivorians have to understand that                  during colonization has by now greatly surpassed
      the old colonial power intends to continue to                    the value of the belongings actually seized. At the
impose its law on the African population.                              same time the government of Cote d’Ivoire must

It is time for the populations of this wonderful                       never reimburse the debts owed France, for the

continent to definitively rid themselves of the rem-                   same reasons. If we then add the value of every-

nants of colonialism, cut the umbilical cord and                       thing else stolen throughout the history of Cote

stand proudly against the foreign dictators.                           d’Ivoire, we would realize that it is France who
                                                                       owes an enormous debt to the Ivorian people.
As Mao Tse Tung said, a revolution must first be
cultural.                                                              True decolonization is yet to occur, the proof, is
                                                                       that France sends its troops to impose its will at
African governments in general and Cote d’Ivoire in
                                                                       the first excuse. Cultural and economical
particular must decide to change their official lan-
                                                                       decolonization go by giving up French lan-
guage. There is no good reason for the language of
                                                                       guage and nationalizing of French posses-
the colonizers, who continue to impose their laws,
                                                                       sions with compensation.
to remain the official language. The government of
Cote d’Ivoire must remove French from official use                     African immigrants have long enough been victims

and replace it with the global language: English.                      of French exploitation and heard too often "France

French may be spoken by 120 million people in the                      for the French"... it is time for them to answer

world, but English is spoken by nearly 2 billion peo-                  "Africa for Africans"!

ple, including those in the most powerful countries.                   Robert Mugabe, the courageous African lea-

This doesn't stop the Ivorians from officially                         der, recently showed the path.African states

using important ethnic languages, either. But                          have to unite in a federation called the

French must disappear. Of course it will remain in                     United States of Africa that will know how to

use for a transitional period, but if the schools                      put the old colonial powers back in their place

impose it, English will quickly replace the language                   when they interfere in African affairs, those old

of the colonizers and ex-slave traders.                                colonial powers that conserve still today their
                                                                       paternalistic attitudes and insulting superiority
Finally for economic readjustment, the govern-
ment of Cote d’Ivoire must nationalize without
paying damages all the belongings of French compa-
                                                                       Viva a free Cote d'Ivoire!
nies and individuals. Not only does Cote d’Ivoire
not have to pay damages, but it is France that still
owes them an enormous debt, because the value of

                                                                                     Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                    The return to the nudity
     Valcourt, (Quebec), CANADA. Thursday, January 30th, Year 57 aH (2003)

     "Not only finding back the purity of the                                Once again, those who were taken for
     nudity" is not " to be assimilated to the pri-                          "god", the ELOHIM, our beloved creators,
     mitive beings " as the African adversaries                              live naked and I their Prophet Raël also stay
     say it (within the framework of the fight                               naked when the temperature allows it. To
     against the AIDS launched by the magazine                               feel obliged to hide one’s body is an insult
     AM / Africa Magazine in 2003), but is:                                  which is based on this christian aberration
     -To free oneself from taboos brought by                                 that the body, and especially the sex would
                                                                             be "dirty" or "bad". Not to love one’s body
     the religious colonization of the Christians
                                                                             is an insult to our creators the ELOHIM,
     and to honor the admirable family tree of
                                                                             who created us in their image, including the
     the ancestors who lived naked, while apos-
                                                                             genitals. Our creators have a sex quite as us
     tatizing of the religion of the colonizers to
                                                                             and they also use it to have pleasure by
     find back the values and religions of one’s
                                                                             making love. Moreover, even the Pope, the
     ancestors victims of the colonization                                   most conservative, was born from a sexual
     -To set oneself in the diapason of the cul-                             relation...We have on the contrary to wor-
     tures of future as that of Raelians, the reli-                          ship our body which is the temple where
     gion of science and cloning, of which the                               the consciousness which connects us with
     return to nudity is one of the fundamental                              the infinity shows itself, just like the ELO-
     values. Our creators the ELOHIM and their                               HIM. The "chastity" of the Catholics is
     science of future live naked.                                           really an insult to their creators.
     The respect for the ancestors as well as the                            Africans, rediscover your traditions before
     preparation for a technological civilization                            colonization and leave your clothes, while
     of future, recall us the importance to find                             embracing the technologies of future like
                                                                             the Internet, the genetic and the cloning!
     back the pleasures of the nudity.The adver-
                                                                             The Man of the future is naked and scienti-
     saries of the nudity, and even the Pope,
     were born naked. Nobody is born dressed.
     The return to the nudity, in parallel with                              In this admirable synthesis of traditions and
                                                                             future, if the West brings science to the
     the training in sciences of the future of high
                                                                             Humanity, Africa can bring a return to the
     level is an integral part of the training
                                                                             original purity which is exactly shown by
     courses given by me RAËL, the last of the
                                                                             the nudity.The new Man follows the exam-
     Prophets, during the seminars of the                                    ple of the Africans by stripping off his
     Raelian Movement. The only utility of                                   clothes and embracing new technologies.
     clothes is to protect from the cold when it                             He finds back his African roots, let grow the
     is necessary, or to get dressed up with                                 technological branches and blossom the
     forms and attractive colors to party.                                   flowers of the consciousness.

22   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                              Africa, future of humanity

Black slavery : The request for forgiveness
made by the Catholic Church is not enough

Valcourt (Québec) CANADA.October, Year 58 aH. (2003)

          uring their tri-annual assembly, held this year in   Catholic. They feel betrayed and offended, and deny
          Senegal, the catholic African bishops have kindly    their descendants as betrayers of their memory and
          requested forgiveness for the responsibility of      their past sufferings.
the Catholic Church and of the African people in the
                                                               Forgiveness is possible only if there is reparation as
Black slavery.This request was precisely made at Goree
                                                               painful as the crime was to the victims; even if it is non-
Island, the Black slavery symbol, during the mass cele-
                                                               violent, and merely financial.
bration of Sunday October 5, 2003.
                                                               Meanwhile, all Eternals who were slaves in
The request for forgiveness made by the Catholic
                                                               ancient times ask their descendants to be de-
Church in regard to the support it gave to slavery in the
                                                               baptized immediately, to leave this Church
past, though positive, is not enough.The Vatican is extre-
                                                               which tortured them, uprooted them, and
mely rich and has raised part of its immeasurable wealth
                                                               converted them by the sword, and ask them to
thanks to slavery. They should, in order to prove their
                                                               return to their traditional African religions which
sincerity, pay consistent financial reparations to the des-
                                                               were, just so, the cults of their ancestors.
cendants of slaves, who most likely remain, though in
modern countries, in a state of great poverty. The             Imagine yourself being recreated after your death in this
Vatican, in taking away from these nations their most          paradise that is the planet of the Eternals and seeing
vital forces, has negatively impacted their development        your descendants on Earth continue to belong to the
for centuries.                                                 religion which enchained them and treated them like
                                                               cattle.What would you think?
If the Vatican were sincere, it should evaluate
with a committee of experts the enormous sums                  People of Africa, reclaim your dignity and the
by which it was enriched from this crime and pay               respect for your ancestors who are looking at
the whole amount plus interest for the past cen-               you from the sky and apostatize. Be de-baptized
turies to the victims mentioned above. Germany                 from this Catholic Church which finally reco-
does it for the Jewish families of those who were exter-       gnizes its crimes, and get back to the religions of
minated, as well as for Israel. Most likely we are talking     your ancestors which are the foundations of your
about billions of dollars. Much more than the so-called        dignity.
"third world debt." It is the rich world which has a
                                                               Thanks to your hard labor and suffering you have obtai-
colossal debt to Africa, among others.
                                                               ned political decolonization; but you have yet to achieve
If the Vatican were to distribute the majority of its enor-    spiritual decolonization. This decolonization is much
mous and shamefully accumulated wealth to African
                                                               easier because there is no army to stop you. It is even
countries which are so deprived, and to the descents of
the slaves disenfranchised in the modern countries, that       more important to look upon the white colonialist and
would indeed be proof of its sincerity. Even if such an        explorer as an equal, with no submission to his superior
action should ruin the Church, it would make it faithful       white god, but proudly showing your traditional reli-
to its "official" tradition of poverty, and would help         gions in which your illustrious black ancestors are the
countries and people who never wanted to be poor to            models which are much healthier than the white Judeo-
reach a more acceptable social and economic status.            Christian gods.
As long as the payment is not made it is neces-
sary to encourage all African Christians to apos-              The dechristianization of Africa must be a prio-
tatize from the religion which was accomplice to
                                                               rity for all African persons who want to recover
their enslavement. Being Catholic for an African
is to betray one's ancestors and is a great lack of            their dignity and help their black brothers and
respect for them.                                              sisters to recover it as well, so that they even-
There are Africans on the planet of the Eternals who           tually look at the rest of the world with pride and
were submitted to slavery and who look with horror at          eventually can be themselves proud of being
their descendants accepting to be baptized and                 black.

                                                                              Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                 About the refusal of France to grant
                                                  Visa to the Africans

     October 1rst, Year 59 aH (2004)

                    hat is France, otherwise a for-          during the nuclear bombardment of
                    mer Roman colony, which has              Hiroshima. No king or no emperor of non
                    never carried out decoloniza-            Judeo-christiano-white people has as much
     tion and is even proud of its Latin roots               blood on the hands as the biggest criminals,
     which made it forget and deny a totally dif-            fruits of the sacrosanct democracy.
     ferent, original, and tolerant Celtic culture  To have a visa refused by France is almost a
     which was much closer to ELOHIM (and           reference... It will be necessary for the
     African traditions).                           African peoples to remember it and, by reci-
     Finally, the contempt of the Frenchmen and procity, not grant visas to the French lea-
     their authorities who represent them so ders, when they will have found their true
     well, in the name of their so called culture, independence and will create the United
     for all which is not Judeo-christiano-white, States of Africa, and why not the non Judeo-
     reflects their profound condescension for christiano-white United States. A union of
     all the other cultures, religions, traditions the "barbarians", in a sense, which will show,
     and races. This is valid for all the so-called that really, the true barbarians are those
     European civilizations and their descendants who colonize, whether this colonization is
     of the American, Australian or other colo- military, political, economic, cultural or reli-
     nies, created short of genocides for whom gious, by imposing their standards on the
     all the others can only be barbarians. And others by use of force.
     therefore, one can colonize or convert,
                                                    The world revolution of the non Judeo-
     which is a spiritual colonization, by pleading
     either "to calm" them, or to bring them the christiano-whites will not be the triumph of
     benefactions of the "civilization" (pretending the inhumanity, but, on the contrary, its
     so that only the civilization of Whites des- disappearance and the return to a true
     erves this name) or in a more modern way, dignity of all the oppressed who make
     of the democracy, as the American imperia- sometimes the error eventually of believing
     lism in Iraq and in Afghanistan pretends.      in their inferiority.
     There were, to my knowledge, never, among               Then, if the Judeo-christiano-white barba-
     the non Judeo-christiano-white peoples, cri-            rians recognize their crimes of past, apolo-
     minal barbarians elected democratically as              gize for them sincerely and pay damages to
     Adolph Hitler creating extermination camps
                                                             their victims, whether they involve plunde-
     or as the American Presidents, deciding
     without care, to kill, with a single bomb,              red countries or descendants of the ensla-
     300,000 innocent civilians (and non whites              ved or decimated peoples, it will be then
     of course… this same atomic bomb has                    good to forgive them and to grant them a
     never been used against the Germans)                    visa...

24   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                      Africa, future of humanity

            The fight against the Neo-colonialism
                    in Africa should not become racism
Geneva, Switzland. November 17, 2004

"France always uses as excuse to its neo-colonial                     inhabitants with the Ivory Coast nationality in Ivory Coast,
interference in Africa, the so-called "protection of its              France will not have any more any excuse of sending its
nationals".                                                           troops there.
Some French citizens are, indeed, present in Africa and are           Being anti-French for Africans is normal, but they should
often, a very important element of the local economy.We do            never become anti-white! Wanting to expel all the French is
not speak here about the descendants of the colonists who,            healthy, because neo-colonizers don’t have anything to do in
sometimes, are a bunch to own 80 % of the arable lands, as it         independent countries and would recover their dignity, but
was the case in Zimbabwe where President Mugabe carried               to want to expel the White, only because of their
out a redistribution of the lands to the Africans, lands that had     color of skin, is a racist crime that would sully the
been stolen by the colonizers.The descendants of these rob-           Africans who have the privilege of having a moral
bers, even if they developed the arable lands, do not have any        purity that is missing to the former colonizers.
right to keep them.To claim the opposite would be to say that
                                                                      A convalescent Africa of decolonization must not confuse the
somebody who steals a car would have the right to keep it
                                                                      fight against the after-effects of colonization and racism.
because he repainted or repaired it. The redistribution of the
lands to the people is completely justified and was part of the       Forcing all people of French nationality who claim to like
history of the colonizing countries.The French revolution sei-        African Countries that welcome them to adopt the nationa-
zed the lands of the aristocrats and redistributed it to the          lity of these countries and definitively be deposed of their
peasants. It is not a question of racism, but of social jus-          French citizenship, which is called legally a renouncement of
tice.                                                                 the links of allegiance, would be a tangible proof that these
                                                                      citizens are sincerely attached to the country where they
But contrary to the arable lands stolen by the colonizers, citi-
                                                                      work. And it would be especially a guarantee that the old
zens of the old colonizing countries who decided to settle in
                                                                      colonial powers could not use this false pretext any more to
the African countries and, by complying with the local rules
                                                                      send their armies.
and laws, created companies that contribute to the employ-
ment and the development of the African countries. These              "Africa to the Africans", more than ever, this leitmo-
people must be welcomed in Africa, whatever their color of            tiv must be repeated "Africa to the Africans", i.e. to
skin, as long as they do not behave as plunderers and wish to         those who chose to be citizens and to contribute to its deve-
be citizens of these host countries.                                  lopment, whatever their colour of skin.The others, the plun-
                                                                      derers who only come to get rich on the backs of the
Wishing to get rid definitively of the traces of colonia-
                                                                      Africans, and whatever their colour of skin also, must leave,
lism does not mean starting a reverse racism. The old
                                                                      even if they are American Blacks. Not only, because in fact
victims of the racism of the white must remain far from the
                                                                      they are plunderers who don’t really like really Africa, but also
anti-white revenge racism that would lower them at the infa-
                                                                      because they are a too easy alibi for military interventions of
mous level of their former exploiters.What the Africans must
                                                                      the old colonial powers.
require is the end of colonialism in all its forms, be it cultural,
religious or economic. It is not the race that is in question, it     "Africa to Africans'" is an admirable and motivating
is the citizenship.                                                   leitmotiv. It is necessary to be extremely vigilant so
                                                                      that this splendid leitmotiv never becomes "Africa to
That French emigrants became a great part of the African
                                                                      the Blacks"...That would be a crime, not only against
economy and can continue to live on this continent while
                                                                      Humanity, but especially against the black race itself
contributing to its development, is an excellent thing.What is
                                                                      that a great African thinker called the “negritude”,
unacceptable, it is that these people grow rich on the back by
                                                                      and who has the honor and the privilege of having the
the Africans and then leave to benefit from their fortune in
                                                                      superiority on the White, of never having committed
their countries of origin and are used at the same time as
                                                                      the crime of colonizing the European populations or
excuse for the military interventions of the old colonial
                                                                      of having subjected them to disgusting slavery.
                                                                      Africa must preserve this moral superiority so that never the
The emigrants of the old exploiters countries must choose
                                                                      former colonizers could, by feeling victims in their turn of the
between the nationality of their new country and the old one.
                                                                      racism of the Blacks, feel released from their eternal moral
Just like Japan, the African countries must require that people
                                                                      responsibility for their past crimes.
who live on their lands choose the nationality of the countries
where they get rich and which they enrich at the same time.
As a long as there will be French citizens in Ivory Coast, the        "Africa to the Africans", it is a leitmotiv filled with
French government will seize the least occasion to send its           enthusiasm for the most important Continent for the
armies under the fallacious pretext of protecting its citizens.       future of Humanity, this Continent that will be inhabited by
The African countries must enact laws prohibiting the dual            people of all races having chosen freely to be its citizens and
nationality and forcing Europeans living on their territory to        contribute to his blooming and whose children, resulting from
adopt their nationality. This already exists in Japan which, as       racial mixtures, will be the most beautiful and most intelligent
other countries prohibits the dual nationality. If there are only     of the planet, thanks precisely to this genetic mixing."

                                                                                       Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                        Call to the President
                                     of the Republique of Congo

     Valcourt (Québec) Canada. January 21, Year 58 aH. (2004)

         t is crucial for the future development                           GMO are far more important than oil!
         of Africa in general and of Congo in                              Nobody can eat oil. The neo-colonialist
         particular, that priority be given to the                         superpowers such as the USA have shown
     promotion of GMO in agriculture. Africa is                            that they are ready to invade any country
     directly in touch with food urgency and the                           in order to get its oil resources under the
     necessity to develop self-sufficient farm-                            pretext of "bringing democracy", replacing
     produce industry. Far from politically cor-                           the former pretext of "pacifying the savage
     rect "green" snobbism, this is a field in                             populations" used by the past European
     which Africa can finally become more                                  colonizers who came in fact to steel the
     advanced than the former colonizers,                                  countries’ resources. These superpowers
     thanks to the slowing effect of Judeo-                                are powerless in front of GMO, because
     Christian blocks and the ethicist mood of                             GMO can grow everywhere, feed the local
     the well-fed rich ecologists in developed                             populations, and cannot be spoiled by the
     countries. Only GMO can solve to the pro-                             huge bribes and endemic corruption that
     blem of world hunger.                                                 affect the oil industry.

     The President of Congo should become a                                GMO are a weapon to fight the multinatio-
     pioneer in this field by engaging his country                         nal companies.They contribute to the libe-
     in a whole GMO program and by giving it a                             ration of the peoples in developing coun-
     priority in his budget.A country that is well                         tries".
     fed does no longer revolt. Furthermore, if it
     can produce more than it needs, it could
     feed its neighbors and export, giving a
     bright future to Congo.

                      “(...) If Africa is technologically behind rich countries, it has a privilege,
                  thanks to the Message of our Creators, of being spiritually at the same level,
               and I would even say ahead of them because it does not suffer from the handicap
                        of the superiority complex of the catholic whites former colonizers,
                                 who consider themselves as the center of the universe.
                               It is not by chance that Jerusalem has one foot in Africa...
                It is written that the lasts will be the firsts.Thanks to the Messages, the Africans
                                   will be perhaps the firsts to welcome our Creators.”

                Speech of His Holiness Raël, Valcourt,(Quebec) Canada, august 1996 (in Apocalypse International n °104,1996,p.14)

26   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                             Africa, future of humanity

            About the special                                   mission of the Raelian
                       Movement and the African Raelians
Saturday, December 25, 59 a.H. (2004). Speech of Prophet RAEL at the Raelian Seminar in Accra, December 24-31, 59 a.H. (2004)

                                                                            In Africa, everything is possible. The ELOHIM’s

         OF AFRICAN RAELIANS                                                Messages are extremely revolutionary and ‘dreamvo-
                                                                            lutionary’; the dream, the dream-volutionary. The
(…)                                                                         Messages of the ELOHIM bring you an extraordinary
          e creative, be inventive. You develop your                        hope. And myself, announced as being, maybe Uriel
          brain, you sculpt works of art. Your brain is an                  mentioned it to you; I do not know if he spoke about it,
                                                                            being the one who has to revolutionize Africa. Yes, I
          extraordinary work of art you keep with your
                                                                            am the one, as Uriel said with his word I can’t pro-
hands. You without complex; without inferiority. The
                                                                            nounce, but it is not important. Yes, I am the latter one.
list of inventions made by Blacks, because some
exist, is nothing next to what you are going to discover                    I have been sent to guide Africa. Yes! I am happy to
and invent. And, you have to do it more than the                            be with you, here. Why? Because everything is possi-
Europeans, more than the Whites. You must do even                           ble here, because, everything is possible only in
more to show you have a working brain at least as                           Africa. Because the other countries are ossified, jam-
good as theirs. You have a duty, compared to what the                       med, that is a student, someone brilliant, cannot
African population endured, to be brilliant, to be extra-                   become Prime Minister, President of France. All the
ordinary, on the one hand because you are raelian;                          parties are organized, people who are more or less
the little genius we have here, who will be entering                        connected to powerful families.
university at age 12, magnificent. Africa needs thou-                       Everything is possible in Africa, we already got raelian
sands of young people like him, who will become                             politicians. African governments are sympathic
great minds, humanity’s brain power. Africans will
                                                                            towards us, and there will be presidents, and there will
have to manage in such a way that, in time, in order
                                                                            African raelians kings and emperors.
for Western countries to become the underdeveloped
consciousnesses. And you can do it!                                         It is not possible in the western countries. Even if
                                                                            some people secretly with desire and come to me
And you understand why the Raelian Movement (and
                                                                            saying: "Raël, I recognize you as the Messenger but I
I will conclude the morning with this) is so successful
                                                                            cannot talk about it, I would lose my voters". I have
in Africa and Asia, but more so in Africa. Because the
                                                                            already met some f them. In Africa! Yes. In Africa,
ELOHIM love Africa, yes; I love Africa, yes. Because                        Congo’s President invited me, he has not been afraid
we say our creators were seven (7) races and there                          of losing voters. He was not afraid because Africans
were Blacks, yes. However, what is even more impor-                         are intelligent. They are intelligent; they know recei-
tant in the ELOHIM’s Messages, in the Raelian                               ving a prophet is something important, even if they are
Movement, I would say it is specifically almost made                        not Raelian. He is a prophet, he is a messenger. What
for Africa. Why I say, why I say this? Because the wes-                     does he say, what does he teach. Never would the
tern countries are ossified, are hidebound by their his-                    western governments and the French say that to
tory; they are hidebound by their religion, they are                        you… The image! What would they think of us! It’s a
hidebound by their traditions.                                              cult!

                                                                                              Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     That is the difference. The purity of the African          the ELOHIM, the sky and say to yourself "I am in the
     consciousness is such that what he says, we listen to      image of my Creators". For the first time, it is quite
     him, what is he saying? Is it intelligent? Yes, then, it   something. Second, not only are you physically in the
     is interesting. The Westerners do not say that, they       image of our Creators but also scientifically. They
     say what does he represent? Imagine! We do not care        created us scientifically in laboratory and you will be
     what he says; they do not want to know the basics,         able to do the same thing. And probably, when we will
     they want to know what he looks like. How people look
                                                                create life on other planets, Africans will create Blacks
     at him, what will they say about him, what will they say
                                                                in their image, in the image of their beauty. It is extra-
     about those who follow him. Oh no! I will not see him,
                                                                ordinary! Think oft it! This is why I want raelian scien-
     even if he is magnificent. The Africans, no! What is he
                                                                tists to create Blacks on other planets, also. Finally,
     saying? That is what is important. Oh it is interesting,
     it is intelligent. That is why you are here, not because   and the third point is very important, it is a political
     you looked at what others think of me, but because         revolution because, we have the responsibility to unite
     you read the Messages, you said wow! It is extraordi-      Africa; to unite it respecting its traditions, its ethnic
     nary!                                                      groups.

     And that is how the Raelian Movement will become
                                                                     To unite Africa remains
     successful in Africa. That is what will make raelism
                                                                  the condition to give back the
     become Africa’s dominant religion. First, because it
                                                                     African people’s dignity
     brings you back to the original Messages of the ELO-
     HIM which were part of your traditions. Second,            The colonizers arrived; they took a map, they drew
     because it explains we have creators in our image:         lines, the English and the French. Hey, we will draw a
     Blacks for Blacks, Yellows for Yellows. And Blacks for     line: Here, to the North it’s yours, to the South it is
                                                                mine. The separated ethnic groups; they divided the
     Blacks is important in Africa. Third, because it brings
                                                                whole people in two parts. Families were separated, it
     science; it brings a scientific revolution by destroying
                                                                does not matter they are savages. And the traced a
     evolution; Darwin’s evolution being worse than the
                                                                line; anyway, they have no soul and a line was drawn
     faith in god.
                                                                and suddenly some are found in the North and others
     It is important to understand, because man is descen-      in the South of the borderline: the parents, children,
     ded from the apes, the White man is descended from         brothers and sisters are separated. It still exists; you
     the apes. Then, what is between the ape and the            know it, you have ethnic groups with one part in Côte
     White man? Maybe the Black man! That is what they          d'Ivoire and another part in the Burkina Faso. Did the
     say. Some have said it as if the Blackman were closer      Africans decide that? Never! Who did? The coloni-
     to the ape than the White man. Some people have            zers!
     said it. Evolutionism generates racism. And let me         And after, there are all these monstrous things named
     remind you, colonizers used this when they saw the         decolonization. And the borders remained exactly the
     black populations. They thought: this may be the link      same. And that is what we have to change. Ah! It does
     with the ape. Thus, Blacks have no soul. It is true        not please the African governments making it into a
     Blacks have no soul! Neither do Whites! It is because      sort of auto-colonization. They recovered what they
     they did not know it at the time.                          claimed they fought for, that is colonialism. And now,
                                                                they are presidents, enriched, misappropriating the
     Therefore, understand to what extent this message is       money their own country and landing their money in
     religiously, scientifically and politically important. I   Switzerland. Them, they are very happy, they are very
     come to bring you the light, yes the light of the ELO-     happy and they plunder their own country. And when
     HIM, the love of the ELOHIM. For the first time you        they are overturned, they go abroad and live off of
     can look at god or what you used to call god before,       their savings. This is auto-colonization.

28   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                             Africa, future of humanity

All of this has to be destroyed. Destroy the African bor-      And everybody is indignant because his people are
ders never created by the Africans. Destroying when            poor, saying: "How come! The country is poor, a lot of
there is nothing to replace, is not worth it. You have to      people are starving to death and he buys the richest,
destroy them and replace them by something else,               the most luxurious car in the world". Oh, just a
something you can replace. Replace by what? Getting            moment! 30 % of Blacks in America are below the
back and find the borders of the ethnic groups.                poverty line, are unemployed. 60% of the American
Oh the African rulers do not like hearing that; it             prison population is Black. 30 % of Black Americans
deprives them off their privileges. Obviously, they do         are in a state of malnutrition, they do not eat properly.
not want to lose the millions they accumulate while all        To my knowledge, nobody criticizes the President of
the people are dying of hunger. So, they look at this          the United States of having the most luxurious car in
with an evil; they want to imprison you. They say it is        the world by saying in the mean time: there are unfor-
contrary to the constitution. What is the constitution?        tunate people who are starving to death.
It was brought by colonizers and we took it word by            In Africa, they are Black, oh OK! I did not understand.
word without changing anything. That is not the deco-          This is what disturbs them. An English king, a king
lonization! It is a continuation of the colonization and       from Denmark, a king from Sweden, they are White,
this is what is happening in Africa.                           everything is well. But a king from Africa, what horror!
Find out the ethnic groups. There are a lot. There are         Democracy … There is a queen in England … "For a
what? 50 ethnic groups in Côte d’Ivoire, I do not know!        start restore democracy in your homeland, reassure
60 in Burkina Faso, I do not know how many! They               yourself first of the European rights. Later, you can
should each be an independent state. It is quite small,        come to see what goes on here ".
it is as if it is too small to be economically viable; it is   Totalitarian regime, a president elected for life, what
not true. Each Swiss province is quite small, a lot            horror! Right in the heart of Europe, there is a small
smaller than certain African ethnic groups. I assure           country sitting at the UN, it is named the Vatican
you the territories of the biggest Ivory Coast ethnic          where the head of government is elected for life. It is
group, is almost bigger than Switzerland territory, in its     the Pope. Not only is he elected for life but he is infal-
entirety. And this, we cannot talk about it, we do not         lible, meaning everything he says, can only be right;
want to tell you every ethnic group has its autonomous         he never makes a mistake. I, myself, make mistakes;
government, every ethnic group finds its king, its             you make mistakes; the ELOHIM make mistakes, but
queen, with a constitutional democracy.                        the Pope, never. He is the leader of a European state.
Oh, as they like, the Whites, mocking at kings and             But when a President stays there too long, oh what
African emperors! Now, that is what they like. First           horror! Because he is Black, I did not understand!
Bokassa! But that is so funny! What horror! And eve-           Do you understand what I am trying to explain to you?
rybody giggles and rolls on the floor laughing. Great!         They deny you all dignity. I do think it is very good for
In France, not long ago, there was an emperor. In              the President of Swaziland to have bought the most
England, there is a queen today earning a lot of               beautiful car on earth. There are people who will still
money every year …                                             not eat enough, he will have to do something about it
Why do they laugh at African kings? It is because they         and he will certainly do it because he loves his people,
are Black. All right! OK, I did not understand. That is        for sure, because he is an African traditional leader
the reason! There is, you have a king in an African            and African traditional leaders think of their people first
country (what is his name, the one who ordered the             and not their wallet. Elected presidents, well then, you
most beautiful car on earth), Swaziland. Here is a king        know what they do. They accumulate money, they
who has just ordered the most beautiful car on earth.          plunder the country, they build cathedrals in

                                                                              Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     Yamoussoukro (that one, it is a good one), in the mid-          Thus, this return to small ethnic groups, whether there
     dle of the villages where people starve to death. It is         is 500, 600 ethnic groups in Africa with leaders and
     not a king who did that, it is a president welcomed by          the United States of Africa, no longer having current
     France and admired by all the European people. That             borders but all these ethnic groups federated in the
     is because he is president. No, but that does not mat-          United States of Africa where all the ethnic groups will
     ter, he is president. But, a king who buys a car, cos-          be represented equally, that's the future.
     ting a thousandth of a thousandth of the price of the
     Yamoussoukro cathedral, what a horrible Black, who                       About Prophet RAEL’s
     dares to buy the most expensive car in the world! He                       African Mission
     is king. It is crazy!
                                                                     Thus, Raël comes and he is a spiritual revolutionary,
                                                                     yes! He is a scientific revolutionary, yes! Above all, he
     About the Specific Role of Kings
       and Traditional Leaders in                                    is a political revolutionary and, particularly, for Africa.
             Unifying Africa                                         Because, in my veins, I am much more African than
     Kings, traditional leaders, leaders of ethnic groups,
                                                                     Some people say why did the ELOHIM send a White
     they have to take their place back as Uriel said, whose
     ancestor was a Katanga emperor and I hope I support             Prophet for Africa? First, I am not White, but a little.
     him anyway, in his fight to rebuild the state of Katanga.       Why? Some people say they should have sent us a
                                                                     Black prophet: In order for it to be even more power-
     A president elected for 4, 5, 7 years. What is he loo-
                                                                     ful. Because the Whites always came to destroy what
     king for? … To become as rich as possible by placing
                                                                     is in Africa! Me, I come to reconstruct what was there
     his money in Switzerland, then possibly keep the wolf
     from his door for the rest of his life. And you know            before the Whites. It could not be a Black. If it was a
     what is it in Africa? Corruption! All the sitting persons       Black, I understand the ELOHIM’s reaction, if it was
     become as rich as possible as they misappropriate               done by a Black, it would be just a Black who all of a
     the money of their country until they are no longer pre-        sudden comes to rebel.
     sident. A king, a traditional leader, he is a leader for life   No! The evil is corrected with a person who has the
     and he wants the wellbeing of his people because, if            same color as those who did it and who will seem to
     he does not want the well being of his people, sooner           the Whites as being a dreadful traitor. Ah they do not
     or later, he will be defeated. A traditional leader thinks      like me, they want to harm me, believe me, and I know
     of the children of his village, thinks of people, of the        you will protect me. They see me as a traitor to their
     children amongst whom he lives with. They come to               race. It is true, they are right. Because we can only be
     see him when there is a problem. It is magnificent!             a traitor to evil and when we are a traitor to evil, we do
     Everybody speaks of the good French kings of old,               well.
     like Henri IV who rendered justice, like good kings
                                                                     Everything evil on Earth comes from Westerners. The
     thinking of their people: the French were dying of hun-
     ger and he said every Frenchman ought to be able to             pollution, everywhere they are on the planet, is rava-
     eat a chicken every Sunday. That is very African. He            ging the planet we live on. The Africans did not do it.
     is a king! A president would never have said that.              So suddenly, what do they say? For example: in Brazil
                                                                     they are cutting the forest to raise money to feed their
     What impresses me is that they do not think of the
                                                                     people. Oh, they intervene, the Europeans: "what hor-
     good for their people, but their political career. What         ror, respect the Amazonian forest, you should not cut
     can I do to be re-elected and earn even more money              it down". No! There was all this before in America and
     for again another mandate?                                      Europe, they cut everything to get rich. However,

30   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                            Africa, future of humanity

when the poor countries want to touch it, they say:           Blacks? If a rich African country, I don’t know, Nigeria,
"no, no don’t touch it! Starve to death but keep the          Kenya, one day start looking for the atomic bomb, you
trees. We have to keep it to ourselves while you, you         will see protests. What horror! Because, the Whites
are starving". Their reflection is very beautiful, but cri-   themselves can have it! They have the right to pos-
minal. And Brazilians, much wiser, say: "listen, re-          sess a million atomic bombs, enough to explode the
grow yours at home and after, you can take care of            Earth ten times. Africans having one, Arabs having
ours". That’s right, that’s right. You have resources         one, what horror! Because, they are non-white coun-
and raw materials. The Europeans, them, say to them-
selves: “It pollutes, we should not exploit it any more.’’
But, they did not deprive themselves for example.             This racism and this colonialism, it is always there. It
It is all this, these occurred historical injustices. The     is a scientific colonialism. Genetically modified culti-
violence, the atomic bomb on Hiroshima killing                vations, especially not in Europe, you would rather not
300,000 people in one second, the Africans are not            have it at all, because it is dangerous. Now experi-
the ones who sent it. The oceans polluted with nuclear        menting it in Africa, ah it is fine since it is the future.
waste, the Africans are not the ones who sent it. This        Magnificent! Medications against AIDS, as you know
is dreadful.                                                  are not quite perfected yet; for the time being, they are

Now, the Americans who have more than a million               rather a poison than a cure. Then, this scandal arri-

nuclear bombs, atomic bombs (a million atomic                 ved; they massively sent these to be tested on guinea

bombs!), if a small country like Iran would suddenly          pigs, you.     In Europe, no! In America, no! It could

want to have nuclear power plants to produce electri-         have killed the Whites; however, they were tested on

city (modern technologies allows us to have non-              the African populations. What is all this called? It is

hazardous nuclear energy; we are here, we are pro-            always the same old story, they only changed the

gressing thanks to science and we can find non-pollu-         words but it is the same old story. And that is why, it

ting nuclear power, it is possible), Ah no, what horror!      is necessary to have the United States of Africa.

They invade Iraq thinking: "They have nuclear wea-            And that is why the ELOHIM’s last Prophet is reli-
pons. We have to destroy the atomic weapons": OK!             gious, yes! He is scientific, yes! But he is especially
Start in your country. You have a million of them! How        and above all, specifically for a political Africa.
can you suspect all the countries of the world of
                                                              En Europe, non ; en Amérique, non. Ça aurait pu tuer
having atomic weapons and say to them "you should
                                                              les Blancs mais on va le tester sur les populations
not have them". If you have a million of them in your
                                                              africaines. Comment ça s'appelle tout ça ? C'est
country, destroy them first!
                                                              toujours la même chanson, ils ont juste changé les
There is still, not one African country maybe, not one        paroles mais c'est la même chanson, ça continue.
country with a black population having the atom               Et voilà pourquoi, il faut les Etats-Unis d'Afrique.
bomb. I am against atomic weapons, against all wea-
                                                              Et voilà pourquoi le dernier prophète des ELOHIM,
pons (you know it, we are for demilitarization and
                                                              il est religieux, oui ! Il est scientifique, oui ! Mais il est
peace), however, I am for an African state possessing
                                                              surtout et, avant tout, spécifiquement pour l'Afrique,
an atomic bomb. Why can Whites have it and not

                                                                             Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                 About the debt in
                                               developing countries

     Sunday, December 26, 59 a.H. (2004)). Comment from the Prophet RAEL at the Raelian Seminar in Accra, December 24-31, 59 a.H. (2004)

               hey know what debt here is like here. You                  I am sorry, I hope African politicians hear or
               have just heard the number of 40 millions                  somebody else gives them my message on to
               of dollars, I am not sure how much, from                   them. Let us make a true evaluation of everything
     memory, only the interests, and these are not                        plundered in Africa, in South America (the Incas'
     payments. We cannot refund interests on develo-                      gold): billions of dollars. All of this was pillaged
     ping countries’ debt. What they call developing                      and it is what enriches Vatican and also the
     countries is what I call underdeveloping countries                   United States, England, included all the coun-
     because actually they do everything to make                          tries… And they dare come to you and saying you
     them be more and more underdeveloped.                                owe them money. Oh, oh, oh! False! These are
                                                                          lies, exactly like god, the soul and anything else.
     Underdevelopment countries: the debt, what is it?
     I, I would want them to add the price of the human                   And we, Raelians, we are here to re-establish this
     beings kidnapped from Africa and enslaved over                       truth, to bring about this true revolution.
     there. The price, cost and quantity of money that
     those people had worked like animals, have been                      Cancellation of the debt, as long as there are can-
     profitable the European and American econo-                          cellations of debts, you need not thank you. You
     mies. If this is added to the raw materials plunde-                  need to tell them: oh, oh, oh, now, you still owe us
     red in Africa, because there had been plundering                     this. If someone has to cancel the debt, then it is
     (all the resources, all the material are still plunde-               us, and not you. And, maybe, the Africans,
     ring), if we add all of this, I am sorry, African coun-              because of their kindness and generosity might
     tries do not have any debt towards the developed                     cancel the developed countries’ debt one day.
     countries. On the contrary the developed coun-                       But, it is not the opposite.
     tries are those which have not finished paying
     back the debt yet.

     But this, nobody mentions it; they have a debt.
     They lend you money. No, no, no. African leaders
     should stop saying "lend us". They should say
     "pay us back" and not lend us. The World Bank,
     it should not lend to the African people, it should
     rather refund because the accounting has never
     be done, and it has to be done; nobody did it.

32   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                   Africa, future of humanity

                       About the unification of Africa :
                             The true decolonization of Africa

Tuesday, December 28, 59 a.H. (2004). Comment from the Prophet RAEL at the Raelian Seminar in Accra, December 24-31, 59 a.H. (2004)

           e are going to speak about politics. Because,            party. Because, you cannot devote yourself to two
           as it was written, the prophet expected by               causes and we need your energies for the Raelian
           Africa, comes to give a spiritual message, yes           Movement. On the other hand, if you run as president,
(no god, no soul); a scientific message (create life, we            as deputy, senator, mayor, with your medallion saying: “I
are capable of becoming the ELOHIM), yes; a political               am Raelian and here is what I will do”, then, of course,
message also. Politics is life, we cannot not take charge           not only you have the right but I encourage you to do it.
of it because as a great philosopher said, if you do not
                                                                    Because by doing that, you promote the Movement. Do
take care of politics, politics will take care of you. And
                                                                    you understand the difference?
before it takes care of you, you have to take care of it.
                                                                    If we militate for the communists, the socialists, the capi-
     Raelians: Powerful Engines                                     talists, for all the existing political powers, it weakens us.
        of Africa’s Reunification                                   If on the other hand, we carry on openly saying "I am
I remind you of some rules because you are all, with the            Raelian, I am for science, for progress, for the part of the
exception of three people, members of the structures.               Messages intended for Africa", hey it is important.
You are aware of a rule in the Raelian Movement forbid-
ding all members of the structures of taking part in poli-          If you look carefully at the Raelian Movement’s philoso-
tical organizations or politicking politics or campaigning          phy, it is the only continent the Prophet takes so much
in any other organizations other than the Raelian                   care of. It is extraordinary! The Messages of the ELO-
Movement. Why?! The reason is we cannot devote our-                 HIM speak of no other continent as much as Africa.
selves to 2 causes at the same time. So, that is one                There has to be a reason. Maybe we will know one day.
rule. However, it does not mean you have to abandon                 In any case, there is something strange. This means it
the right of getting involved in political life where you live.     is necessary and we already have raelian politicians and
Getting involved how? By voting or by being a candi-                I hope there will be more and more. It is recommended
date.                                                               not to vote, it is true; but if there are raelian candidates,
                                                                    if there are candidates who create (did you know, in
And most evidently, Raelians should not think there is a            countries there are Christian democratic parties (in
regulation in the Movement stating you should not                   Germany, there is a Christian democratic party)) a
become an activist of a political organization; it is true          Raelian geniocratic party, you could vote and you know
but on the other hand, you have the right to present                for whom.
yourself as a delegate, mayor of your city, president of
your country. And I hope there will be a lot of African             It is, therefore, the political vision of the liberation and
Raelian presidents. And that is how it should be in rea-            unification of Africa, the true decolonization can only be
lity.                                                               cultural and religious. Well, we have an important politi-
                                                                    cal game to play.
Thus, you understand the difference between the fact
that it is forbidden for the members of the structures,             Yesterday, I made you dream about the United States of
who are to campaign for existing political organizations,           Africa, it will happen. The prophet prophesies and one
that is to say, it is forbidden to join or become a militant        day history proves what he prophesied was true. As he
of a communist party, a socialist party, a democratic               speaks, some laugh, chuckle and say: So what, it’s a

                                                                                    Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     dream, it’s impossible, it doesn’t exist, he dreamed. And        existing colonial borders having no meaning, if only
     when the events occur, they say, well, he said it. (I            because of a brilliant gentleman, English and French,
     spoke of) cloning 31 years ago, other things today, and          having made lines on a map and said: "here, there, this
     still it continues especially, with other things on the poli-    will be and we will call it Ivory Coast", a name having
     tical plan.                                                      nothing to do with Africa. The natives of Ivory Coast are
                                                                      proud to be natives of Ivory Coast, but this name also,
     The United States of Africa will exist, it is a certainty. And   like those of the Native Americans, should be rejected.
     you will have to make sure the African populations               In Burkina Faso, you did it, you replaced Upper Volta by
     remember the one who announced it first. The Afro will           Burkina; it is good, it means something in the language
     exist one day; and you will also have to explain who             of the people. Ivory Coast, it is the Whites who said "it is
     announced this idea. Raelians are the powerful engines           a coast where there is a lot of ivory: we are going to call
     of Africa’s political, economic and social unification. It is    it the Ivory Coast". The African countries, also, have to
     our responsibility, making it even more exciting for             retrieve their dignity by using their name. ANISHINABEK
     African Raelians.                                                is for the Native Americans. Burkina Faso! It disturbed
                                                                      everyone in Europe. Good, very good! Disturb, find
     The poor American and European Raelians, from other              names belonging to you.
     countries, they are only active on scientific and religious
     fronts. But on a political front, no; they do not have much      Traditional Leaders, Engines of
     to do and to say about it. Only in Africa do the Messages        the African Political Revolution
     take on their political dimension, also important. Thus
     you are responsible for this propagation of these political      How can we undertake this African revolution that will
                                                                      federate and create the United States of Africa and, at
     ideas, so important for your children’s future.
                                                                      the same time, reach today existing countries?
     This political dimension, when I speak to you about the          Unfortunately, in countries inherited from colonization,
     United States of Africa and the Afro, I, at the same time,       never the present governments will agree to give up
     explained how the current borders are artificial borders         their power in order to build up a federated state
     imposed by the colonizers, retaken by the governments            because the current power enables them get richer and
     implanted at the beginning by the colonizers who more            richer landing their money in Switzerland.
     or less organized, for those who would follow, were
     acquired to them, who would only in a sense, replace             Who shall be the initiator?
     them. They set up powers at their service, almost eve-
     rywhere as you know, before certain revolutions took             The basis, he people. What do I mean by people? I
     place. And now, we find ourselves with an inheritance,           mean the ethnic groups. And these ethnic groups, what
     what is it?: an inheritance generating genocides and             do they have? Leaders, traditional leaders, they can be
     dramas like the one between the Tutsis and the Hutus,            kings, the heads of village. You all know about it
     like in so many African regions where there are people           because you have some you know them. They are the
     who suddenly find themselves mixed within totally artifi-        only ones that can embrace our Message; only them
     cial borders, resting on nothing and creating hatred and         and by increasing their power, because when you will tell
     violence. This is monstrous and goes against African tra-        them about the United States of Africa in which their eth-
     dition                                                           nic groups will be directly represented by them or by a
                                                                      village ambassador chosen by themselves, it changes
     Before the colonizers arrived, there were wars; but they         everything.
     were limited. As soon as there was a victor, generally at
     the first sing of blood (there is an African tradition of the    Therefore, this African revolution will not be made by the
     first sing of blood), normally when a warrior died, the          national powers in place, from these artificial nations
     whole war stopped. There was never genocide. In                  created by colonizers. But it will be made by the basis,
     African history, before colonization, a nation would never       by the people, by the villages, by the ethnic groups.
     exterminate another nation. Now, it happens because of

34   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                              Africa, future of humanity

The United States of Africa will be an African parliament,      As a result, this African revolution shall come from the
where each ethnic group will be represented equally;            basis, from the people and from you. Spread these mes-
Tutsi, Hutus, and people from all the regions you know.         sages around you. Regain your culture, regain your reli-
By doing so, each people regain its dignity and pride to        gion.
be equal to the others.
                                                                I remember this member of the Parliament I do not recall
Saying so, do not try to give the present government the        from which African country, who was refused access to
idea of creating the United States of Africa. They are          Parliament because he was wearing the traditional
already corrupted. For most of them, they are already           dress. It is Kenya. Your traditional dresses are much
rotten to the core, except maybe for a few who could            more adapted to your climate and they are more beauti-
have some slightly altruistic ideas and think of their peo-     ful than the European suit and tie, with this thing dan-
ple before thinking of their bank accounts. But, mostly,        gling. So, he was not allowed to enter Parliament where
there is nothing much to expect from them. It is normal;        everybody was wearing the English suit. It is monstrous,
they sit on what has to disappear. We are not maso-             it is denying his culture; it is denying his traditions. You
chists: when we sit on a branch we don’t want to cut it         are there to revive them, find back the original religions
by ourselves. So, asking them to become federated in            in what constitute their greatness.
the United States of Africa is like telling them “Here is the   A lot of research should be done (it is difficult because
saw, you can cut the branch you are sitting on”. They do        colonizers did everything to make them disappear) to
not want to do that.                                            find back the ethnic groups in the United States of Africa;
                                                                they can be anywhere. You need to find a place.
On the other hand, your traditional leaders, the heads of
villages; them, they will climb the tree. And if all the        The OAU was a beautiful dream but in fact was a dream
African traditional chiefs get together by region, by coun-     to protect rulers’ interests. This is why it does not make
try, to say: “We inherited artificial separation by countries   progress. In other words, the Organization of African
from the colonizers, we do not want them anymore and            Unity (OAU) is saying: “We, rulers with our bank
we will get together”. Then, you have traditional chiefs        accounts in Switzerland to do everything to unite, but not
from the same ethnic group on one side of the border in         too much, not too fast and in such a way to protect our-
Burkina Faso, on the other side of the border in Ivory          selves and our interests first. What do you think these
Coast and on another side of the border in Ghana. They          people are talking about in their speeches? Of their own
will say: "What is this border between us. Why am I             interests; not the African people’s interests. If the OAU
under the authority of the President of Ivory Coast and         had been powerful, nobody in Africa would be dying from
you are under the authority of the President of Burkina         starvation; it is not the case. Thus, they are powerless
Faso? Let us become one, let us create our independent          and incompetent.
state". And this is how it starts.
                                                                The heads of village, traditional leaders know what life
Africa’s strength comes from the basis. The basis is the        is, they know what it is like loosing their children, loosing
people. The people have traditional chiefs, descendants         people in their villages from hunger or sickness. Those
of their ancestors, who are intelligent, who love the vil-      ones are in contact with the people. This unity among
lage, who love the people. And they do not fill their Swiss     traditional leaders should be found within the United
bank accounts. They are with you every day of your life.        States of Africa: I assure you, if all traditional leaders of
Sometime, the current rulers who have taken artificial          the large African ethnic groups gather in the United
duties (they do not go to villages for they don’t want to       States of Africa, they will think of the African people and
get dirty), do not know what the true African life is like.     not of their Switzerland bank accounts.

                                                                               Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     What saddens the ELOHIM and myself, is to see a conti-         country from another country which will never attack. If
     nent like the African continent with its immeasurable          all African military budgets are put together and given to
     wealth (the wealth of the African continent is colossal)       scientists, between 3 to 5 years, listen carefully, a
     and to see how people are victims of the divisions crea-       Prophet is speaking to you, between 3 to 5 years, not
     ted by the Western countries.                                  any African will starve to death anymore. If it is done –
                                                                    since the problem is that it should be done - and if it is
        Oil, GMO (Genetically Modified                              done between 3 to 5 years, if the means are given to
          Organism), Nanotechnology:                                Brigitte and other scientists like Hortense in order to
            Accelerating elements of                                develop genetically modified food, do listen carefully;
                   African Revolution                               Africa will then get enough food for all African and even
     If you look at Africa from the sky or from the ELOHIM’s,       for exportation.
     what does it look like? A magnificent continent, yes, and
     I am not talking about the beauty, but a continent where       For, the wealth of African countries that have the capa-
     you find everything. In the Arabic countries almost the        city to produce GMO (not having obstacles found in tra-
     Northern part of Africa, there are incredible oil              ditional Christians countries) mean these African coun-
     resources. Some also can be found along the coasts             tries can become the largest exporters, the world’s lar-
     and in the centre of Africa. You have much oil so that you     gest foodstuff exporters because here there are no com-
     will not know how to use it if Africa unites. Oil is the key   mittees "de tiques et des puces" willing to slow down
     to energy. It should first be used for those who are star-     science.
     ving to death and for the Africans, before selling it at a     Nanotechnology can also be established without ethic
     low price to the Western countries. They will be a little      committee. Between 3 to 7 years, GMO can make Africa
     annoyed, the Western countries, if all of a sudden Africa      the world’s largest food exporter. But do we want that or
     and Arab countries refuse to sell them oil. What they          not? For us, we want everything, but for governments in
     could do is to find other sources of energy as hydrogen        place, it is another matter.
     and wind; they do have the means, but Africa cannot            Here is the interest to accelerate the process towards
     afford it for the time being.                                  the African revolution, rejecting national systems in
     So, Africa should keep its oil. And when I say Africa, I       place, returning to chiefs and traditional leaders who will
     mean the Arab countries and I believe Colonel Kadhafi          facilitate establishing this revolution because they know
     sometimes spoke about it, he is doing a fantastic job. He      what it is like They have no ethic committees telling
     is most certainly detested by the western countries,           them, for example: “Ah yes, but it goes against god’s
     because what he says is pro-African. But, what he says         will”. No! When we have, in our villages, 100 to 200 chil-
     is also right on this point.                                   dren starving to death, we say “Listen, we don’t even
     There is sufficient energy with oil resources; there is        want to know how you produce this food, just give it to
     gold, there are all the raw materials of the world.            us".
     However, because each country is separate, some peo-           This reminds me of the Raelians in Quebec. A few years
     ple starve to death others are in a worse situation. Africa,   ago, with the love characterizing us, we asked for a with-
     if it unites, is self-sufficient on all aspects.               drawal. Like Robin Hood (I find the Robin Hood charac-
     In the field of scientific research, Africa can become a       ter so beautiful), I lightly incited the Canadian children to
     leader of GMO. If African scientists and others who want       withdraw, to steal canned foods, dry foods, from their
     to help Africa, like Brigitte and others, have the means of    parents; food to give to the poor. The Raelians designed
     it, it can be done within 3 to 5 years, within 3 to 5 years,   a bag they named "love bag", "sac d’amour" in French,
     listen carefully, between 3 to 5 years, if the scientists      and Raelians collected in these bags what the children
     have the means. These means exist, there is no need to         stole from their parents. According to the Canadian law,
     ask the World Bank and world donation organizations,           there is no theft between parents and children; thus it is
     who do not care of such issues. If there is wasted             legal, they cannot be charged. And I told them “Take
     money, going up in smoke, a kiss on the hand, so easy          things, canned foods, from mommy’s or daddy’s cup-
     gone (it cannot be useful) in armaments to protect a           board, and put them in the "love bags" ”, and we collec-

36   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                Africa, future of humanity

ted a lot, a few tons of food because there are people            the Raelian Movement, African Raelian Movements
living in the streets also in Canada. Living in the streets       have not only a religious and scientific dimension, but
here, without eating, at 32 degrees in the shade, it is not       also a political one. And together we conceive the reli-
too difficult. But living in the streets at minus 30, that is     gious dimension, the scientific dimension and the politi-
difficult. You have no idea what it is like. It is not cold, it   cal dimension are related toa single link.
hurts (…). When you are in the street without food,               As you see, our mission is not only to explain the ELO-
without food at minus 25, you do not feel well indeed.            HIM created us in their image, not only to explain seven
So, we withdrew food, we managed to have a lot of food            races were created on this earth, not only to expose
and quite happy and quite proud of ourselves, because             eternal life will soon be possible thanks to science, not
we are full of love, and then we had to distribute it to the      only to explain we can transfer knowledge from brain to
poor. Organizations exist, food organizations distributing        brain, but it is also, and this is probably the reason why
food only to the poor. These are charitable organizations         the ELOHIM’s Messages concern Africa more specifi-
and we went to see them. We told them “Here, we have              cally; because, seen from the sky, there is no single
2 tons of food”. What did they answer? “Ah! Raelians!             place on Earth where they see so many of their children
No, we do not accept your food because it comes from              starving to death. When other countries go on the moon,
Raelians”. There were some people in the street that did          spending billions on cat food, it makes the ELOHIM cry.
not care where the food came from as they just want to            This is why the ELOHIM’s Messages have a stronger
eat.                                                              political dimension for Africa than for the rest of the
You know what it is like to be hungry; it might have hap-         world.
pened to you, to your family or to your friends. When we          Think of this responsibility you have. No other religion on
are hungry, you do not want to know if it is given by             Earth has the same concern. Christians proclaim
Jews, by Christians, by Muslims or by friends of the              Christianity, Muslims their Muslim religion. We, we say
devil. I am hungry, I want to eat. No… for the leaders,           “Here is how we eat at home”. We, we say “Here is how
the administrators, the presidents, they say “No way!             we can multiply, a little like Jesus multiplied the bread”.
Not the Raelians, it is a cult” and they refused the food.        With GMOs, I come to multiply bread, physically, without
It took a lot of effort from Pierre Bolduc who is here, the       miracle, without supernatural beings, without the ELO-
Canadian National Guide, to find another organization             HIM sending manna from the sky. I say “Manna, we will
saying “Listen, what we care for is giving food to those          make it, ourselves”. We have manna, “say, do you have
who are hungry, and no matter where it comes from”,               manna?” (a wordplay in French with Ditalamane’s name:
and that is what we are waiting for.                              dis, t’as la manne). Yes! Manna, we can make it our-
This explains to you how far people can make mistakes             selves.
about their goals. And the Administrators of the African          With GMO, we can feed all African children, not by
food sector do the same!                                          praying god, but by working in laboratories, by giving
                                                                  laboratories with the wasted money actually used in
Three years! Within 3 years, give Hortense and Brigitte           buying guns, cannons and aircrafts.
the financial means being wasted here, going up in                This is the future of Africa. This is the reason why African
smoke every second for weapons and in 3 years there               Raelians agree with me.
will be no more hungry Africans. But in such an attempt,
the political willingness is what is required. The political      *: In the French text the word used for ‘dreamvolutionary
willingness is at the basis, at the traditional leaders, but      is ‘rêvolutionnaire’ and ‘rêve’ means ‘dream’
not the existing rulers who objective is to care to fill their
bank accounts.
I make you dream. This dream has to become reality. It
can become reality thanks to us. This is the reason why

                                                                                 Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                 Adam and Eve were
     Press conference with the Prophet RAEL,VIP room at the MAYA MAYA airport

      M’Foa (Brazzaville), 18th December aH. (2005)

          his is a special visit to CONGO Brazzaville.          Is that the difference with other religions?
          What are your impressions?
                                                                Rael : YES. You can’t keep on venerating a religion
     Rael : I like the Congo. I have already been here a
                                                                which martyrised your ancestors. It is unthinkable.
     few years back and it's a great pleasure for me to be
     here because I like Africa and especially peace and        Your ancestors are turning in their graves when they
     love. More than ever, Africa needs peace and love,         see their descendents embrace the religion of those
     and if I can contribute to bringing a bit of this then I   who martyrised, tortured and killed them.
     will be very happy to help.

                                                                In a few days time you will go to Nkamba, the New
     How did you choose Congo Brazzaville?
                                                                Jerusalem, to meet His Eminence Simon
     Rael : Perhaps because here we have quite a few            Kimbangu Kikangani. We are wondering what
     influential members, so it acts as a center. Last year     does the Kimbangu Church have in common with
     we held our seminars in Ghana and this year we             the Raelian Religion. Your Eminence, what is
     made sure we would hold them in Congo because              your reply to this question?
     it's a land that I like a lot.

     What message do you bring?                                 Rael : I had the immense privilege of meeting the
                                                                ELOHIM, Our Beloved creators and their Prophets
     Rael : It's a message of peace and love. One of my         who contributed to bring their messages of peace
     wishes is to contribute to the complete decoloniza-        and love on earth throughout humanity’s history.
     tion of Africa, because it was never complete. I           Simon Kimbangu is one of these prophets, the only
     mean that there was a partial political decoloniza-
                                                                really well known black prophet who was blatantly
     tion, and my wish is to bring about a cultural and
                                                                martyrised by the colonizers. As well as Moses,
     religious one too. That is why I support Uriel and his
     book “A Black Christian is a traitor to the memory of      Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed, I recognize Simon
     his ancestors”, since Christianity contributed so          Kimbangu as a prophet of the ELOHIM.
     much to slavery and the enslavement of Africa. So
     every black person who claims to respect the               “Africans, rediscover your roots and cultures
     memory of their ancestors should leave the
                                                                while keeping your head high in the universe of
     Christian religion and become what they wish, not
                                                                science and new technologies”. This is a quote
     necessarily to become Raelian, but to return back to
     the real original african religion which was so beau-      from you. So why do you think that the Africans
     tiful.                                                     should keep their head high?

38   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                      Africa, future of humanity

Rael : Because people have tried to make them            me a white nigger. I thought this was a marvelous
keep their heads down for too long and I think that      compliment. I don't have any color. I am with the
thanks to their riches and intellectual capacities,      American Indians because of what we made them
especially love because there should be no               suffer. I am with the Africans; I am with everyone
revenge, the best way to prove that the colonizers       who suffered from colonial stupidity. It did not come
were wrong is to become better than them. Africa         from the color of their skin, but from their stupidity to
has the means since it is not bogged down in the old     wish to impose their power through violence and
                                                         colonization. So color is not important, what is
traditions as Europe is, which is trying to hold back
                                                         important is to bring peace and love and especially
on cloning and Genetically Modified Organisms.
                                                         to help people regain a sense of pride in their ori-
Since Africa’s major problem is hunger and malnu-
trition, it should open its arms to embrace GMOs for
example, as well as electronic, cloning and other
                                                         My message is very particular because a long time
new technologies.
                                                         ago the colonizers claimed god was white and that
                                                         the poor blacks and yellows were inferior. The mes-
I am absolutely sure that one day the so called          sage that I bring explains how the ELOHIM, these
developed countries will very soon be buying pro-        people from space who created all life on earth, had
ducts from Africa, if Africa invests in such areas and   seven races. So for the first time, whether they be
it will be a complete reversal. It has to be done in     yellow or black, all the races on earth can look to the
peace and with forgiveness. That is what keeping         sky not wondering why god is white, but realizing
your heads high means. I know that many young            that, us blacks had a black creator, us Asiatic had a
                                                         Asiatic creator and us Indians had an Indian creator.
Africans are going foreign universities and beco-
                                                         That is why the Raelian Movement has so much
ming brilliant inventors and scientists. One of our
                                                         success throughout the world because for the first
leaders Hortense Dodo from the Ivory Coast is wor-
                                                         time, whatever the color of their skin, people can
king in the United States and has just invented the
                                                         stand up straight and instead of wondering why they
first transgenic allergy-free peanut. And I encourage
                                                         were created black by a white god, instead can say:
Africans, especially African women (because not
                                                         “I was created by a god with the same color skin as
only there male slaves, but there are also the slaves    me”.
of slaves, that is to say women) to reach an even
higher position so that Africa really becomes a          And I also came to Africa this time to announce a
model for humanity.                                      scoop for the first time. And this first time is today:
                                                         Adam and Eve were black.
Your Eminence, one little question: you are
white and Africa is black. Why are you standing
up for the black people?

Rael : Don't think that I have a color. Recently a
French journalist attempted to insult me by calling
                                                                       Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                            Africa does not need a daddy god
                                     but spirituality
           Interview broadcast with His Holiness Prophet RAEL, realized by Alexis BONGO within the framework of DRTV show Homéostasie 1 -st part.
                                                   M' FOA-BRAZZAVILLE - December 23rd ,Year 60 aH (2005)

     Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,                                                 Raël : First of all thank you for this extraordinary reception. I
                                                                                 am at yours. If the universe, the infinity, is my kingdom,
     As you know, we are very pleased how numerous you are
                                                                                 Congo is yours and it is for me a privilege to be in this coun-
     in front of your small screen, looking forward with
                                                                                 try which has a particular mission, which has a people with
     patience this new broadcast number of Homéostasie and
                                                                                 particular qualities, and to be in a broadcast which is very par-
     what a number! Because in fact, that was announced, we
                                                                                 ticular also and which is really turned to the young people, to
     had said it to you: since             2004 we announced His
                                                                                 the future and to the spirituality. So, I am very happy to be
     Holiness Prophet Raël, the last one, the ever last one of
                                                                                 with you.
     the Prophets, the one who is alive, it is not those who are
     died since a very long time, about whom you do not stop                     Who am I? I am charged to try to make that love triumphs on
     speaking. HE is between our walls, our 4 walls, in Congo                    earth, love, the good and it is the message that ELOHIM
     Brazzaville, so a very big privilege.                                       asked me to pass on and which is above all, it is always
                                                                                 necessary to recall it, a message of love.
     That's why Homeostasie receives this badge privilege to
     receive Him on this set. We are so there where He came                      Love, what is it? For instance, I will make a parabola as any
     down, in the Hotel Meridien, so, so may He redefines by                     Prophet: if your grandmother is sick, will you take her to
     himself, the son of Yahweh, the Prophet of future,                          church or to hospital?
     because we spoke about it. But you know, we have an
                                                                                 You look like intelligent enough to take her to hospital. Well,
     imperfect knowledge of the Raelian Movement and the
                                                                                 the stupid beings firstly take her to church; this is less and
     mission which had been given to Him. That's why we
                                                                                 less done now, fortunately, because science is love: people
     would like, as you have asked Homéostasie moreover,
                                                                                 are being saved, arms and legs are being replaced, trans-
     "get closer to the Prophet, it would be necessary that we
                                                                                 plants of organs, transplants of face, and vaccines are being
     hear him, verbally himself, redefining us certain things ".
                                                                                 made, and lives are being saved thanks to science. Science
     So it is.
                                                                                 is love.
                                                                                 You know it, you who live in Africa where infant mortality was
     Dear guest, Hello!
                                                                                 for a long time very, very high: a woman had to bear up to 10
     Hello!                                                                      children to save 2 or 3 of them formerly; now, she gets 10 chil-
     Prophet, it is a privilege of which we can’t even measure                   dren born and they all survive. It is love, it is science. Science,
     the indepth, that you agreed to receive us at your’s. Well,                 it is love and I am here to facilitate (I am only a facilitator) the
     so we are at your’s because you are at your’s, all the uni-                 most beautiful present that science can give us. Which is it?
     verse belongs to you. So, you receive us at your’s, it is                   " Not to die any more at all, to live eternally due to science,
     the very big privilege which was waited by all these                        the eternal life that some Prophets, before me, promised for
     Congolese who saw by the information that He had                            later after death ".
     already arrived between our walls. But, as all of the
     Congoleses do not have the possibility to come here,                        So, it was necessary to die to live eternally. This eternal life is
     they sent us to arrive. So, it is a big privilege, we thank                 going to be possible due to science, due to new technologies.
     you for it.                                                                 And it is with the particular pleasure that I spread these mes-
     Then for those who follow us, we had spoken for a long                      sages, certainly, everywhere on the earth, but even more in
     time about the Prophet of the future, of the last one of the                Africa.
     Prophets, the son of Yahweh. Who are you exactly?                           Why? Because Africa has the privilege not to be a victim of a
     Redefine them what you are so that they understand better.                  Christian tradition which betrayed the message of Jesus and

40   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                    Africa, future of humanity

which always opposed to science. It is important to remind           Prophet, I stop you, with your permission, naturally,
that the Roman Catholic Church was against vaccines,                 because already this, it is this moreover that scandalizes.
against antibiotics, against the simple fact of opening corpses      When you remove our Jesus and our churches, since all
to study anatomy. The first doctors in the 17th century, who         this time, then your message, even though it is the mes-
opened corpses to study the human body, to learn to look,            sage of hope, the message which guarantees us this
were excommunicated. It is necessary to say it. It is the same       future there, this well being, but it scandalizes us when
Roman Catholic Church which said that the Blacks had no              you remove our Jesus, our church. How, we shall remain
soul. It is the same!                                                empty or you will fill this space by something else? Is
                                                                     science self-sufficient in itself, to take the place we
It is the evil in the absolute state, the Roman Catholic Church.
                                                                     always had of God?
It is the one which propagates AIDS, now, in Africa by saying:
"don’t use condoms ". That is what the Pope has recalled             Raël : It is important to remember your ancestors.
recently. It is another crime against humanity, a crime of the       Your ancestors had no Christianity and they were much bet-
Roman Catholic Church.                                               ter. All the sufferings, the impoverishment, the exploitation
                                                                     and the slavering came with the Christianity, as well the colo-
Then, I arrive and I am saying: "protect yourselves, use the
                                                                     nization as the slavering. So, it is necessary to get rid of that.
condom, rely on science, do not visit the priests but visit the
doctors and so we are going to be able to have a life of hap-        Think of your ancestors once again, who look at you from the
piness, harmony, a lot to eat ". The Roman Catholic Church           sky and who will stop crying for tears of happiness, when they
condemns genetically modified organisms … You know that              will see their descendants, the African people, reject the
in Africa, a child dies every five (5) minutes of hunger! Only       Christian churches and find the religions which were there
genetic manipulations can give food to eat to the whole pla-         before, because there were very beautiful religions. There
net. The Roman Catholic Church condemns it!                          were no genocides before the colonizers; the problems of
Then, why is Africa more receptive than all those, the other         Rwanda would not have existed. Hutus and Tutsis lived in
countries? Because Africa has a particular link, I would say,        good terms. Oh! There were small fights; there were some-
with ELOHIM because it is here that Christianity showed its          times 2 or 3 warriors who would die, but never more.
horrible face by guaranteeing the slavery.                           Genocide came from colonizers who created artificial bor-
                                                                     ders, bringing to live in the same place, under a common
Its horrible face!
                                                                     power, people who had different languages, different cultures.
Raël : Its horrible face! Which has nothing to do with the mag-
                                                                     It is necessary to create the United States of Africa (I try to
nificent message of Jesus which has been betrayed, betrayed
                                                                     help create the United States of Africa) so that the ethnic
by these systems which came to do what? To say at first: the
                                                                     groups find their independence. Africa must be made of thou-
Blacks have no soul, therefore one can enslave them. It is
                                                                     sands of small States with human dimension where every
important to remember that that was said and then done to
                                                                     ethnic group (you know it, there are many languages in every
colonize, to plunder Africa.
                                                                     country) has its independence and are federated in a united
Was there decolonization? No! One says that there was                Africa and thus, the future is magnificent, love is going to
decolonization. It is a decolonization of surface, of varnish…       return.
But, really, the ancestors of the Africans, who are still alive      Science can help. The Africans, I know it now, are in love with
with the ELOHIM, they cry! They cry when they see their chil-        cellular telephones and with the computer. Fantastic! It is

dren going to church, to embrace the religion of those that tor-     necessary to facilitate them the task; I militate so that compu-
                                                                     ters of 50 euros be made available, so that there are compu-
tured, imprisoned, amputated them, enslaved them. It is for
                                                                     ters with wooden support, so that all the young people have
this that I support Uriel's book, that he wrote and which sub-       access to the Internet, because this is education, so that
title I suggested to him says: " A black Christian is a traitor to   Africa becomes, not equal to the country which colonized it,
the memory of his ancestors ".                                       but better, and it is capable of that. You have in Africa

                                                                                     Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     resources, raw materials and I am going to give you an exam-             allergies, which is going at the same time to help African eco-
     ple. In Senegal, Sony, the Japanese brand, created an elec-              nomy to export more groundnuts because more people will
     tronic factory. It did not come with employees from Asia, it trai-       be able to eat it without being allergic. She is black, she is
     ned Africans. And this Sony factory in Senegal makes electro-            from Côte d’Ivoire; she is darker than you are.
                                                                              So, it is in all the branches of the world search and the new
     nic products with the labor of young Africans. But result is, it
                                                                              technologies of future. It is necessary that young Africans
     is necessary to say it because in Africa, I know that many
                                                                              erase completely of their minds these old ideas and say to
     Africans say to themselves, and a lot of people in the world             them "not only we are doing well, but we are capable of doing
     say to themselves: "Yes, the Asians are good; the Africans,              better!"
     these poor Blacks are not capable of working in the electro-
                                                                              So thank you very much, Ladies and gentlemen, before
     nics, they will never make anything… "The result is that in this
                                                                              we speak again about the Prophet, the last one, so the
     Sony factory, the quality of products is better than those made
                                                                              very big, the last one of the Prophets, the one who is still
     in Asia. It is important to say it.
                                                                              alive, we had announced. The others, we read Isaïe,
     Then, and it is for that, that Africa must stand up, take hope.          Ezéchiel and the others; regrettably, we can not have
     As well in electronics, in genetic manipulations, in cloning, as         them on this set. So, the last one is here. There is a ques-
     in all the new technologies, Africans are capable of doing bet-          tion which comes to us.
     ter, not as well as, but better than the others.
                                                                              Prophet, it is so difficult for us the Africans of power to
     Then, Prophet, thank you very much.                                      free ourselves because, let’s consider, there is a fact that,
     A question comes to us, it was put by those who followed                 there is a confrontation, so to speak here, between the
     us, when you arrived, all this, those who read your docu-                North and the South…, due to the armament, due to the
     ments. It turns out that, one would indeed say that the                  economy, we does not go from a certain way to lead this
     black man, due to the essence, due to the history, has                   Africa which you want to build and to set free so that we
     never invented, never created. It is a crater, so there is               have, like that, the United States of Africa? Is it not a uto-
     absolutely nothing. In the history, the Black did not                    pia when we know that there are the United States of
     downright leave anything. Since you are here, the Last                   America which are there, very powerful. And there is a
     one of the last ones, already say to us: what you know                   European Union which is getting strong. Will Africa be
     about it, the black man and his faculty to create any-                   able to end up with such a block that would be called the
     thing?                                                                   United States of Africa?
     Rael : All this, I do know that you do not believe in what you           Rael : That's right what needs to be done, and it comes from
     are saying. It is a tissue of lies. It is the lies of the colonizers     the people. It is not going to come from decision-makers, from
     which were regrettably resumed by the African population                 politicians who are, you all know it, regrettably, almost corrup-
     which, under the superiority complex of the Whites, develo-
                                                                              ted; almost all do not think but of their wallet, and not of the
     ped an inferiority complex and that gives (I heard them): " the
                                                                              interest of the people.
     whites have invented everything; we, we are not capable, we
     cannot make anything ".                                                  It is going to take not politicians, but statesmen get up. A sta-
                                                                              tesman is somebody who works for the welfare of the people
     It is not true, it is false. The elevator (you take elevators in
                                                                              and not for his purse. It will take someone there who will get
     hotels) was invented by a Black; a book has been published
                                                                              up and who will go, suddenly, to unify Africa. Africa must unify
     about it. There are dozens and dozens of inventions which
                                                                              because it has no choice. You know it, developing countries
     were made by the Blacks.
                                                                              are not in process of development, they are in process of
     Qualities, intellectual abilities, capacities of creativity in all the
                                                                              underdevelopment that means that it is getting worse every
     races are equal. Only the racists, the mentally limited, can
     say the opposite.
     In the genetic research field, right now, for example, we have           And it is necessary to create the "Afro", an African currency,
     one of our raëlian bishops, Hortense Dodo, who works in                  just as they have created the Euro. It is unthinkable, these
     genetic manipulations. You know that there are thousands of              CFA francs, that there are still CFA francs. It is like
     people, who die every year of allergy in groundnuts. She has             Brazzaville, why? In Congo Kinshasa, they have finally chan-
     just made a sort of groundnut which does not create any more             ged the name of Leopoldville, the name of the colonizing king,

42   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                         Africa, future of humanity

to replace it by Kinshasa. But here, why that is called still             I learned recently that, very fortunately, young African stu-
Brazzaville? To restore their pride to the young Congoleses,              dents, I know that there are many who are watching us, do
it is necessary that one abolishes this name, as in South                 not want to go any more to study in France, and they are
Africa one has abolished the name Johannesburg. So, find                  right. They try to go and study in the United States, they try to
back the name, which was the name here that the inhabi-                   go and study in Canada; there, at first, education is better
tants, the true Africans who lived before the colonization,               and, besides in these countries no one consider them as
what was the name of this place? If you know it, it would be              lower beings. Because in France, regrettably, I could be noti-
interesting to find it.                                                   ced recently, in the events which took place in suburbs, the
                                                                          Arabs and the Blacks are considered as citizens of second
It was "Mfoa"
                                                                          category; but this cannot be in the United States.
Raël : Well, it is necessary to re-call this place “Mfoa " and
                                                                          In the United States, there is a magazine which is called
forget Brazzaville in the history because it is the name of a
                                                                          "Ebony ", an association of black businessmen, black scien-
general of the colonization. These are small details but they
                                                                          tists. In the United States, there are still remote regions,
are going to give some hope, some dignity to people from
                                                                          regions of Bush, where there is racism; but big cities, rich
                                                                          parts in the United States, grant the same chances to the
It is necessary that the representatives, the politicians, stop
                                                                          Blacks and to the Whites, it is important to say it.
putting the suit of the Whites which I hate…
                                                                          So, the danger does not come from the United States, it
And which they like very much!
                                                                          comes much more from former colonizers who continue to
Raël : Yes, it is necessary to find the African clothing. We sup-         behave as colonizers; for example, in Côte d'Ivoire recently,
ported a politician, I do not know any more in which country              when France, under excuse, under the deceptive excuse of
of Africa, in to whom access to the Parliament was denied                 protecting its nationals, sent the army and fired at the crowd.
because he wore an African dress. He was required to wear                 I asked, seeing you know it, that in France one burned mil-
the suit - tie of the colonizers. What does it mean? It is copies;        lions of cars and that there is a lot of African emigrated which
that continues to be: the kind small Black who copies the                 work over there, I asked why there would be no reciprocity?
Whites. It is necessary to get out of this! And the way to go             The African States should be able to send troops in Paris to
out of this is really to find the dignity, to find the culture! To find   protect their nationals. If it is not accepted, that means that
the roots, to find the culture, to find all which made Africa and         there are 2 weights and 2 measures.
which is extremely rich. There were Black Prophets and I
revealed, during this journey here, that Adam and Eve were                It is just, Prophet, thank you very much. Ladies and
Black.                                                                    Gentlemen, so, always to answer your expectations, we
                                                                          have listed all the questions that you had passed on us
Another scandal, Prophet!
                                                                          to put them to the last one of the Prophets.
Raël : Of course! This is why I am here for! A Prophet is jud-
                                                                          Prophet, you decreed something, it was scandalous. And
ged to be false by the fact that he is politically correct and a
                                                                          fortunately, you arrived. So, when you decreed that,
true by the fact that he comes to knock down the traders of
                                                                          Homéostasie, set that, we had echoed like that: "2004,
the temple and that he comes to disturb; that is why he is
                                                                          year of the atheism". So, we made broadcasts above and
generally rejected by the entire establishment. It is necessary
to return, once again, to the dignity of the black people all             we listened and let you speak. Now that you are here,

over the world.                                                           why have you taken this decision in 2004, then?

Europe is disturbing? Here I do not believe that the United               Raël : Because it is important to understand that one can
States are disturbing because there are many Blacks in                    have a great spirituality without god; it is always in the name
America and their power is big and they would not allow that
                                                                          of god that one killed!
the United States behave with Africa as the former colonizers
did and still do.                                                         Spirituality without god?

                                                                                          Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     Raël : Of course! Buddhism for example. The Dalai Lama                  Then Holiness Prophet, thank you very much. There is
     even recalled it recently on television, in the Buddhism, there         still something because you had spoken before you
     is no absolute quite powerful, creative god. So, spirituality is        arrive at these comments, you had spoken about Jesus
     fundamental, but spirituality without god, connected to nature          and about everything, exactly. You arrive in Congo in
     which was the spirituality of African traditional religions in the      December, we are in full Christmas. For us in Brazzaville,
     past, when one was connected to nature, to forest, to trees,            Christmas is concerned with toys, yes; it is the party of
     to river; that, it is beautiful and it does not kill anybody. But as    nativity. Which place do you give to Christmas, which
     soon as there is a god, then, in the name of Allah, bombs are           place has Jesus? What shall we do? Shall we buy toys
     being put, in the name of the Christianity, religious wars,             for our children? On December 25, it is the very big holi-
     conquests, crusade are being made; in the name of Israel,               day of the nativity?
     Palestinians are being killed… All the religions without excep-         Raël : Christmas, it is the horrifying mixture of superstitions,
     tion, as soon as there is a god, in the name of god, people are         false faiths and of spirituality, which can be very beautiful but
     suffering, tortured and enslaved. It even said that the slavery         not necessarily.
     had the advantage to christianize the Blacks, and that was
                                                                             If one returns to the true spirituality: to remember that Jesus
     accepted by people; what is totally monstrous!
                                                                             was born in this time with a message of love: "love your fel-
     Atheism! Atheism, it is to understand, to turn to the science,          low man as yourself”, “whoever slaps you on your right
     to understand that we can have at the same time science and             cheek…”, it is necessary to repeat it, Georges Bush, he for-
     spirituality, progress, any more not to kneel down in front a           got to say it, "whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the
     piece of wood. To love Jesus, he is a man; he was a messen-             other also to him". I repeat it because it is necessary to say it;
     ger, a Prophet. Yes, the words of Jesus: "love your fellow man          it is the message of Jesus. "Whoever slaps you on your right
     as yourself. Whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the            cheek, turn the other also to him". It is not "send bombs ", or
     other to him". This is not crusade, it is not like Georges Bush         "make a landing in Iraq ". If Georges Bush were Christian,
     who invades Iraq, it is love … Then, yes! To love, to love the          what he claims, after the attempts of September 11, he would
     messages of Gandhi, Buddha, Mohamed who were full of                    have turned the left cheek by saying, " Here we are, we are
     love. But systems betrayed them (in the name of a god who               going to give some money to the Africans, we did not give
     does not exist, there is no god), making races and nations              enough of it, it's true, they were right to attack us, we are
     fight one another.                                                      going to help the Palestinians as much as Israel, we are going
                                                                             to remove our troops out of the countries of the world where
     Then, it is quite signed Prophet RAEL, so the true, not the
                                                                             they do not have anything to do ". This would have been the
     one who self-proclaims Prophet, because he is the
                                                                             left cheek. No, instead of it, he answered by releasing bombs
     authentic one, so because you had a chance, and it was
                                                                             on Afghanistan, by invading Iraq, it is not the love and that is
     on a certain December 13, 1973, to meet with YAHWE per-
                                                                             going to bring more violence, more hatred. Violence brings
                                                                             violence, love brings love.
     Raël : Well, is it luck? I do not think so. Is it a privilege? I do     Then thank you very much Prophet. Violence brings vio-
     not know. I have been conceived for that. So I have got no              lence, love brings love, that it's true, nobody could take
     luck, no privilege and no merit.                                        issue, ladies and gentlemen. But we always return to the
     OK.                                                                     Prophet, it is necessary that we benefit from him enor-
     Raël : Regrettably! But I have a responsibility, I was concei-          mously, Prophet …
     ved for that and I shall carry it out till the end, to diffuse the      Raël : I have not completely finished, if I can finish, because
     message, to try to improve the future of the people, to save            it is an important question.
     this humanity. And Africa, it is a summary of humanity; if we           The Father Christmas, it is not necessary to fool the children
     do not save Africa, all the humanity will die. It is for this that it   with the Father Christmas; it is a myth which comes from the
     is necessary to concentrate on Africa, because it is always to          Eastern Europe, which does not, at first, have anything to do
     the weakest (and of all the nations on earth, Africa is the wea-        with Jesus. Jesus was not dressed in red, with a basket full of
     kest, economically) … If the weakest is not saved, everybody            toys; Jesus is an all other matter. Christmas is the mixture
     will die.                                                               with Santa Claus which was at the beginning of December.

44   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                        Africa, future of humanity

People tried to christianize these holidays, they transformed            What happens when you make love with your partner? There
them into a holiday of money celebration, they give presents,            is a sperm cell and an ovule which get together. And of this
they celebrate, they get overfed of food. That does not have             small tiny set, one needs a microscope to see the first cell,
anything to do with the magnificent spiritual holiday that exis-         until the baby who will be born, it takes 9 months during which
ted before.                                                              cells multiplied, and grew, grew, grew, grew and that
Now, to have a holiday for the children and to give them pre-            becomes a baby…. 9 months, it is long; and later, to make a
sents, this is very nice; but there is no need to have a Father          beautiful young man like you, it takes 20 years or 25 years.
Christmas, there is no need to make children begin their life            So, in this machine, we can accelerate the speed of reproduc-
with lie. Because one day they understands that there is no              tion of cells, they do not put any more 9 months but few hours
Father Christmas, but what parents, let us say, we who love              to make a complete baby. By increasing the size of the
you very much, in memory of Jesus who had a message of                   machine we can succeed in… You put some cells of your
love, we are going to buy you a present, we do not earn                  body in this machine, you have a clone, a copy of yourself, in
enough money but we are going to give you a present; but no              a few hours, an adult and no longer a baby. That it is the fol-
presents which pass by the fireplace and which come from                 lowing stage. He (her) does not have your memory; he (her)
the sky, that does not exist, it is an insult to the intelligence of     does not have your personality.
the children.                                                            Stage number 3, we manages to transfer, as I am sure that
Thank you very much, Prophet. There is also another                      you have a computer, we downloads information of a server
question that you also talk about: the cloning, the secret               in a computer or between 2 computers, and indeed then, we
of the eternal life                                                      will be able to download our memory, our personality in the
                                                                         clone been made.
Ah! This is the secret of the eternal life …
                                                                         What does it mean? It means, how? You will die, you make a
What people dislike hearing, Prophet!
                                                                         copy of yourself, you are very old, 90 years, you are not heal-
Raël : Yes, it's true, that depends on whom; there are people            thy, you are dying but you download yourself in the new body
who like it very much. Those who understand, those who                   of yourself that you made; there, it is your body, it is you and
have studied sciences a little bit like it very much. If you love        you remember the number of your bank account, the name of
life, you will not feel like dying. There are people who like life       your boyfriend or your girlfriend, you remember everything!
so little, moreover, they commit suicide; and the number of              This is what is eternal life thanks to cloning.
the committed suicide increases every year because of the                Thank you very much. Ladies and Gentlemen, who among
despair. If you love life, you will not feel like dying. If it is pos-   you would like to die? We believe that each, even when going
sible scientifically not to die, it is necessary to make it.             across the road, pay very very attention because these
Now, people who say " I do not want to live eternally ", easy            things… we would like live eternally.
to say when you are 25 years old, but the old men, the old               Prophet, there is still one thing, cloning, naturally, we can
men are ready to spend all that they have and even what they             accept, we can say that we would like to live eternally;
do not have to live one year more, 2 years more, hospitals are           but cloning, tomorrow will it be accessible to everybody,
full of them. Obviously that no one wants to die! Then science           even to Africans?
is going to allow, due to the cloning; cloning at present allows
                                                                         Raël : Yes, cloning will be accessible to everybody and clo-
couples who cannot have a child, to have a child it is good,
                                                                         ning at the level of the children is already accessible at pre-
and it is the beginning. After there is a second step where
                                                                         sent. Doctor Boisselier does not make discrimination;
scientists are working on the creation of an artificial womb, it         obviously, she is raelian, in the families which it accepts to
is no longer in the womb of a mother but in a machine where              clone children.
the baby will be able to develop.
                                                                         But what is important is to understand that these new techno-
What is the advantage of that? The advantage, it is that we              logies, it is not heavy. It is heavy in knowledge, it requires an
will be able to accelerate the speed of cellular reproduction.           enormous what Americans call "know how ", the knowledge.

                                                                                         Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     But you can almost make do it in your kitchen. The required         long time ago. So, the Kimbanguistes, obviously, were very
     material is extremely simple, extremely limited. On the other       happy to see that I recognized their Prophet.
     hand, the knowledge which is necessary in order to use it,
                                                                         So thank you, it is quite understood. But, Prophet, there
     that, you cannot do it quite alone, one needs people who
                                                                         is also another thing, we were at your press conference
     have an extraordinary knowledge. But it is not a heavy tech-
                                                                         the last time when you said to us that there were 7 races
     nology like the one used to develop jet planes … It is very
                                                                         and so, explain a little bit to those who had not this
     simple, the living thing develops in a extremely simple way, so
                                                                         chance of being there, you said that there were 7 races of
     it will be available.
                                                                         the ELOHIM, they so created 7 races of people here.
     All these technologies are coming at a high speed, thanks to        Explain a little bit this origin of man?
     what Americans call "singularity ", in particular the trans-
                                                                         Raël : Yes, how people had been able to try to impose like
     humanists. I invite everybody to go on Internet and visit the
                                                                         that a racist religion, because it was a racist religion
     site: It is not us, but it is very advanced
                                                                         Christianity: "god is white and he created all the races in his
     scientists who, as Ray Kurtzwy, envision what the humanity
                                                                         image "?
     will become in the future. And it is very beautiful; we are not
                                                                         Which makes, I am persuaded that you did it when you was
     the only ones, the raeliens, to think like that. Some scientists
                                                                         a child and many Africans children said: "but if god created
     think about it. Then, what do they envision? Well, due to the
                                                                         me in his image, he is black too! ". That is, it is logic, and then
     acceleration of the power of computers, all the technologies
                                                                         of course, priests said: “do not ask questions, it is a sin, keep
     of the future will be available in the next 25 years.
                                                                         silent!” God is white and it was a mystery, they liked to culti-
     So, all what I am telling is not something of science fiction for
                                                                         vate mystery these people.
     the next century; in 20 or 25 years, nobody will ever die on
                                                                         And the reality, it is quite something else; and that is why the
                                                                         Raelian Movement has so much success, I would say more
     This is a very very good thing; we guess well, Ladies and           success with the non-whites than with the Whites. The
     Gentlemen, that Homéostasie will be eternal, because 20,            Whites, they lose here something, they lose what they
     25 years, we still have the strength to resist and live till        thought of being the privilege to be the superior race.
     this period.                                                        Suddenly comes a message which explains. The ELOHIM
     Prophet, a question: you arrive here in Congo Brazzaville,          had 7 races, they came on earth, they created laboratories
     it is good, but one hears that you will go so, you will             everywhere and they created 7 races just like the ones that
     arrive at Bas Congo, at NKAMBA to the Kimbanguistes.                existed at home. This makes so much more sense and it is
     Then it is wondered in town, it is wondered everywhere,             the only way to explain the Bible in a non racist way, because
     but how the bridge was lained, how the kimbanguistes                if there is a white god who creates lower blacks, he is a racist
     over there knew that there was a Prophet RAEL? What                 god: it is unacceptable, unbearable!
     does this entire story mean?
                                                                         So, suddenly, the human beings of all color, of all ethnic
     Raël : The story is simple. I have said and repeated that there     groups can look at the sky by saying " I have a creator in my
     were prophets in the history of the humanity of all the races       image ", that's right the magnificent message!
     and not only of the whites. And so, one day somebody came
                                                                         Yes, thank you very much Prophet, but then at that
     to see me and saying to me: "Simon Kimbangu was an African
                                                                         moment, our Jesus of always, the unique son of God,
     prophet, is he a Prophet of ELOHIM? " And I was able, thanks
                                                                         what do you say about? Of which god: the white, black,
     to ELOHIM, to know that yes, he has been a Prophet of ELO-
                                                                         yellow god?
     HIM, and I revealed it. And so it is important that every race on
     earth, every ethnic group knows that in its tradition there have    Raël : There is no god, that's what is important, there is no
     been Prophets of ELOHIM.                                            God, we are an atheistic religion, as the Buddhism. There are
     Simon Kimbangu, who was tortured and was killed by the              the creators who are ELOHIM, people like us. We shall
     Belgian colonizers because he brought different information,        become ELOHIM, we are becoming ELOHIM ourselves, we
     because he enabled the Africans to raise the head, was killed,      are going to create life somewhere else, we are going to
     was tortured and was… An end was put to his days, not very          become as Gods, as it is written in the genesis.

46   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                         Africa, future of humanity

And these beings who created us in their image, one of them             The most striking current example is to advise the Africans
was the father of Jesus, but Jesus is not more important than           not to use the condom. It is not error, it is criminal. I hope, I
Simon Kimbangu, is not more important than Buddha. All the              wish, I will do all what is in my power so that the Pope be pur-
prophet are equally important and they are only messengers,             sued for crime against humanity, because there are Africans
there was no God the Father and Jesus was not a God, it was             who die of AIDS everyday and he is responsible for this phy-
a messenger, a Prophet.                                                 sically, criminally. You have maybe friends who died of AIDS
                                                                        because they were catholic and because they listened to the
Then thank you very much Prophet. There is also this
                                                                        pope, and they did not put the condom. He is a criminal!
story… We have followed meanwhile… We have… We
have had the occasion to follow one of your cassettes.                  Well, but, Ladies and Gentlemen, that, it is signed the son
Prophet, happiness, it is said that Raelians they are for               of Yahweh, it is He, the one who better masters,
it… at ease like in the paradise on earth, a little bit                 Homéostasie taught you false things, fortunately He has
without complexes, without faith, without marks, without                arrived. Then, Prophet, let us return a little bit to this spi-
laws, so the 10 commandments of god, one doesn’t care                   rituality without god, there, because that still rings. Is it
about and then people do what they want.                                really possible to have spirituality without god? And in
                                                                        the broadcasts we made while you were not yet here one
Raël : Not completely, not completely. There are however
                                                                        seemed to understand that this spirituality had science
some rules such as to love one’s fellow man as oneself; that
                                                                        as god. Science itself, can it be considered as a human
it is always a valid rule, to be non violent, it is an absolute rule,
                                                                        being, or only a thing, well, you understand the ques-
non violence! Not to damage the creation of ELOHIM, begin-
ning with ourselves, that is why we must not take drugs, not
                                                                        Raël : Yes, we need not a daddy god; we need spirituality.
smoke, not drink coffee which damage our genetic code,
                                                                        The daddy god is...
which damage the creation of the ELOHIM. So, there are
nonetheless some rules: it is required to fast one day a week           Spirituality, what does it mean? What are the compo-
to remain healthy, to maintain the temple of the ELOHIM,                nents of this spirituality?
which is our body, which was created as a magnificent tem-
                                                                        Raël : Then, the components are simple. It is the basis, as
ple which allows us to become aware of the infinity. It is
                                                                        Buddhism, we are very close to Buddhism, it is meditation.
necessary to love it and to love oneself first, that means to
                                                                        When we meditate, when we put ourselves in harmony with
love one’s complete being, including one’s sexuality, in order
                                                                        the universe, with the infinity, with the stars, with the plants,
to be able to love the others; because you cannot love others
                                                                        with the other human beings, when we have a look full of love
if you don’t love yourself.
                                                                        and compassion on the other, the one that we have in front,
Oui, merci beaucoup Prophète. Bon, il y a aussi cette                   when we try to do the maximum so that the person we have
affaire là, cette question venue de tous les catholiques                in front be happier, be more harmonious, feel well in his (her)
du Congo qui ont suivi, parce qu'à Homéostasie, on a fait               skin, that is the true spirituality. The rest, if people are
passer des émissions pour les Raëliens 4, 5, 6 fois.                    condemned to go and kneel in the church, it is not spirituality,
Ils ont protesté énergiquement du fait que vous, vous                   it is torture, if they are condemned to beat themselves their
êtes comme ça, là, contre le Pape. Qu'est-ce que vous en                back with an iron so that they bleed, it is sadism, it is not spi-
dites ? On dirait que vous êtes catégoriquement opposé                  rituality. If we show everywhere images of a poor man with
au Pape ?
                                                                        nails in the hands which are bleeding: Jesus hates the cross.
Raël : Obviously, categorically against the Roman Catholic              I met Jesus...
Church, that includes the Pope!
                                                                        Another scandal, effectively, Jesus hates the cross!
And originally, what already made this opposition?
                                                                        Raël : Jesus! Do you imagine that Jesus had a cross around
Raël : Because, the thing is, the Roman Catholic Church                 the neck? Never, it is the instrument which tortured him,
betrays the message of Jesus, constantly and continues to               which deprived him of his blood and which brought him to die.
betray it.                                                              Jesus hates the cross, people who love Jesus, please, throw

                                                                                         Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     away your crosses, put them in the fire; wear a portrait of              material and between the infinity in time of the past and the
     Jesus. You know, the first Christians, during three centuries,           infinity in the time of the future, asking ourselves: to be happy;
     they had a symbol also, it was no cross, it was two interlaced           what is it? To seize the instant, to seize this minute which is
     fishes or, they sometimes represented the face of Jesus tea-
                                                                              passing by and which is unique, instant of love which I feel for
     ching, that is beautiful, but not the cross...
                                                                              you, which I hope you feel for me...
     Had Jesus been hung, would all the Christians have a small
     rope around the neck? It is scandalous; it is to value the ins-          Exactly!
     trument of torture which killed him.
                                                                              Raël : That I feel for all the Africans, for all people who are
     Then, Prophet, also a question, all those who follow                     watching us… This love which can be understood only in the
     Homeostasie ask themselves so, the question... There is                  present moment
     so this, this...
                                                                              Then thank you very much, Prophet, but there are not
     Raël : Symbol...                                                         only the Christians, there are also those who like occult
     What can you already say to us about it so that, because                 sciences, who are in the rose cross, in the franc -
     in the street, when we come across somebody with that,                   masonry, all these, they said to Homeostasie: ask a little
     they say: oh! A magician, a spiritist, occult science, all               bit the Prophet what you think? Our initiatory school, our
     that is Satanism. What you already say about it?                         franc - masonry, all these things, what does he thinks of,
     Raël : No, it is a very physical, very simple symbol, which              he, so that we know on which foot to dance.
     represents matter; it is a scientific symbol which represents            Raël : There is a lot of ways of developing spirituality, but the
     matter, the infinitely small, the infinitely big and the infinity in     only real way of escaping the mysticism and the superstitions
     time in the middle. What does that means?                                which are the biggest danger, because it is what misleads us
                                                                              the most, well, it is science. I recommend people to study
     The ELOHIM have discovered with their science, too myste-
                                                                              science, to again study science and to continue to study
     rious and too much advanced for us to understand, "Every
                                                                              science. Only science can bring us...
     man is dulled for lack of science ", it is in the Bible; so, what
     is their science? They were able to discover what were the               The Dalai Lama, for whom I have a great deal of admiration,
     atoms of the particles of the particles that we know today.              he is the only great religious leader in the world to have said:
     They noticed that the particles of atoms and the particles we            " I believe in the powers of the meditation " it is a part of the
     know today are solar systems. That means that in the tip of              Buddhist faith, but he says, he says, the Dalai Lama: " if
     your finger, there are solar systems, planets, human beings,             science proves to me that it is not true, I will abandon this faith
     Blacks and Whites, one of whom maybe doing an interview                  ". That’s what is science, it is to say if the scientists can prove
     with a messenger of the infinity, in the tip of your finger. And         that what I teach is false, and I say it also, if scientists can
     stars in the sky, the Milky Way Galaxy, all this, is in the body         prove that what I say is false, I stop believing it. The mes-
     of an immense being who is maybe also a television reporter              sages of the ELOHIM I bring, if scientists are capable of pro-
     doing an interview. So it is infinity towards the infinitely small,      ving to me that it is false, I stop believing in it. Myself, I am the
     the microcosm, and the infinitely big, the macrocosm.                    first to say it with the Dalai Lama, who believes in the karma,
                                                                              in the reincarnation, he says: "If science can prove that rein-
     We are somewhere between two infinities, and the important
                                                                              carnation does not exist ", the Dalai Lama, "I stop believing in
     in this spirituality, exactly, is to harmonize with this infinity and,
                                                                              it". The Pope, he, not! The Pope, he, goes to say, even if
     in the middle, there is the infinity in time: what that means?
                                                                              scientists are going to say that it is false, I will continue to
     Nothing disappears, nothing gets created, nothing gets lost;
                                                                              believe in god. That is superstition.
     everything is transformed. We have always existed in the
     form of matter or in the form of energy and we will always               So, thank you very much, Prophet, there is something
     exist in the form of matter or in the form of energy. There is no        also you said during your press conference. In the cur-
     beginning, there is no big-bang, there is no god who creates             rent fight of the African face to the West, face to the rest
     everything from nothing, it is impossible; there is an infinity in       of the world, there is only a spirituality or spirit, the spi-
     which we are, thus this spirituality, once again, which places           ritual domain which is like that, as his weapon of battle,
     us between the infinitely small material and the infinitely big          what you say still conveniently?

48   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                      Africa, future of humanity

Raël : I have misunderstood the question.                             You know, there is a kind of rice which was created recently,
                                                                      the yellow rice, it is called; it is a kind of rice which was made
Actually, I ask, in the fight or still in the confrontation bet-
                                                                      specifically for certain countries of Asia and Africa where the
ween Africa and rest of the world, Africa and the West,
                                                                      children become blind because of the lack of a vitamin. By
you said in your press conference that the chance of the
                                                                      modifying the rice, it is no longer white like the rice you know,
African is in his spirituality.
                                                                      it is yellow (I would say, by not being any more white, it
Raël : Yes, completely, the true, eh! That is to be capable of        becomes better; that is a good lesson for Africa) and so, it
harmonizing by abandoning the old superstitions of the reli-          becomes better. It saves millions of children every year from
gions of the colonizers, thus by apostatizing. What that              blindness, from becoming blind. The rich people in regions of
means, to apostatize? To sign an act where one debaptizes,            Paris say: "Oh! What a horror! It is not natural! ". It is not natu-
where one denies Roman Catholic Churches, Protestant, all             ral? But on the other hand, it is very natural to become blind;
the Christian churches which were brought to torture your             it is that they want to say roughly, for the Africans and the
rear grandparents. So, abandon that, find back a traditional          Asians; but not for the Whites.
African spirituality connected to the plants, to the environ-
                                                                      So, that is why these new technologies are going to be adop-
ment, to the continent, to the ground of Africa; that is magni-
                                                                      ted more easily here. It is necessary to encourage them, it is
                                                                      necessary to encourage the young students to develop these
And then, once this dignity is found back, then, embrace              sciences, and Africa, if it puts together all these trump cards,
science because, for example, Europe is full of brakes face to        not only will not be a poor country where people will starve to
science, which come of their Judeo Christianity, which come           death but will be a country which will feed the rest of the planet.
from the fact that churches were always afraid of the science
                                                                      Then, it is signed, so, the last one of the Prophets, Ladies
(they are right to be afraid of it because science comes to
                                                                      and Gentlemen. We take advantage of it. Prophet, it is a
destroy their power). They were against the studies of ana-
                                                                      very big privilege for us that you arrived because
tomy, I said earlier, against the fact of opening corpses
                                                                      Homéostasie is very curious. We saw brochures, in fact,
because the body had to remain mysterious, things one can
                                                                      these leaflets which had been given to us, where you had
not understand. They were against the plane: only god had
                                                                      said that, where you said, pardon, that the fact that you
the privilege to fly. They have been against any scientific pro-
                                                                      come here to Brazzaville for the training seminars, is a
                                                                      chance not to be missed, maybe that will not arrive any
The African, if he finds back his roots, embraces science, is         more, maybe one sees you here, one had seen you in
not to control the genetically modified food … It is very ele-        2001, one sees you again today. Maybe that, so, there is
gant for the rich privileged who live In Neuilly, in rich districts   a mystery, behind, then one would like much to hear you
in Paris or in Manhattan, to say: " I want to drink all mornings      underlining that. We have five minutes, so we leave them
my juice of biologic carrot and it is not necessary that one          to you. You say what you have to say and you give a
makes genetically modified food"; it is easy to say when you          conclusion also, finally.
are rich! When you are in Africa and when you have children
                                                                      Raël : Well, I think that people who want to get out of mysti-
who starve to death, you don’t care whether it is genetically
                                                                      cism and the old faiths, the young Africans, I think, have to
modified food which arrives, you want that they eat. Any
                                                                      remember that they had ancestors. It is not old, it’s not old; it
African family wants to feed its children. It does not want any       is some years when their ancestors were arrested. One took
juice of biologic carrot; it wants just some rice so that they do     them their possessions, one chained them, enslaved them,
not die. And that is the chance of Africa suddenly to say:            one plundered the natural resources of Africa; it is not old,
"Take care of your ethical problems in Europe, that’s the             that has just happened. And what the descendants of these
concern of the rich. We, we are going to adopt the genetically        poor Africans who were tortured have found as thing to do?
modified rice, we are going to embrace the genetically modi-          To adopt the religion of the people who committed this horri-
fied corn, all the genetically modified dishes, we are going to       ble torture. It is scandalous and so, it is necessary that Africa
develop it better than elsewhere, to become pioneers and it is        wakes up, rejects, engage in a spiritual decolonization, a cul-
the future of the humanity ".                                         tural decolonization …

                                                                                       Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     Mao Tsé Tong himself said it: "There is no revolution if a cul-       necessary to come back. I know too many Africans who leave
     tural revolution has not taken place ". Now, in Africa, that did      and who get spoiled by the money they can earn suddenly in
     not take place, there was a political decolonization, but which       these countries there and who forget Africa. They are traitors,
     does not mean anything. There are still the frontiers which           because they were conscientised, supported to go and study,
     were drawn by the Whites, which were not there before; they           by Africa, and later they would like to settle down in the luxury
     are still there. There is still the imitation, like monkeys, of the
                                                                           with the Whites. No! That also, one must be capable of
     dressing of the Whites. There have been processes, but there
                                                                           saying: "I am going to study but I shall return for the African
     was no real decolonization as well spiritual as cultural. And it
                                                                           people, I shall bring back my science and my knowledge for
     is necessary that it takes place.
                                                                           "... Oh! In the beginning, there will be maybe a little less finan-
     Well, if there are people who are interested by what I say,
     then they can come to my seminars, Oh! it is going to ruffle          cial ease. Yes, but, with time, those who return will be richer
     the hair, it is going to awaken; there are people who do not          than those who did not return.
     like that: if they do not like that they leave, moreover they do      It is nice, however we shall stop you a little bit Prophet,
     not come, they do not come, it is better not to come. Those           because there is a question we would not like to forget
     that it awakens, those that it make them moves on their chair,        asking for all those who follow us, who would like to get
     who want to hear what I say: " Africa, get up ", then I will help     close to you. That is... are there pilgrimages, because
     them stand up, I will say to them like Jesus said to the para-        somebody asked that, is there a movement of pilgrimage
     lytics, and Africa is paralytic at present: " Get up and walk ", it   towards you? Is there a holy city in the Raelian
     is my message to Africa.                                              Movement? How does it go? One sees you accidentally,
     Thank you very much, Prophet. It is really your word for              you arrive, then it is finished?
     the end or, you have one for it?                                      Raël : Yes, that's right! But there are seminars. We do not
     Raël : One can not do better.                                         want to deify or to mystify a place, the holy place, it is the
     Ladies and Gentlemen, there is a sign saying that no, we              earth in its entirety, this sacred earth on which we are, it is the
     are so packed that people are impatient. So, five minutes             only one that we have and if we destroy it there is nothing
     more for the Prophet because, maybe that before our                   more left, so that is it. But on the other hand, what is holy, it
     questions, the Prophet had something particular to say                is the teaching. That is why it is necessary to come to the
     for those who follow us, all these dads, these moms,                  seminars, and if I disappear, what should not take long,
     these young people, something particular, again five                  others have been trained, guides, what we call raelian guides,
     minutes so that you can, you did not keep in your...                  spiritual guides like Taï who is the African continental guide,
                                                                           like Jérôme who is the national guide for Congo, and who are
     Raël : Oh! Yes, me, it is not difficult to make me speak, it is
                                                                           capable, they have received the training so that they are
     difficult to make me stop.
                                                                           capable of continuing the seminars even if I disappear...
     Indeed...                                                             Because, as a big philosopher said, Jesus came to show the
     Raël : You’ll see, but to speak, I can talk to you for hours. That    way and people kept the eyes fixed to his finger. It is not the
     is what I will do in the seminars to which I invite Africans to       finger which counts; it is the direction, so for me it is same: It
     come, especially the Congoleses, to come and participate in           is the teaching that I bring which is important, it is not the
     these seminars which will take place, so, here in Brazzaville.        messenger. Raël himself, he is a small man, but the teaching
     It is necessary to understand that it is a message of love, it is     that I bring, I hope that you will understand it, that many
     a message of hope, the particular message that I could say to         Africans will understand it, to make it alive through the trans-
     those who are watching us, is to turn to science, Africa needs        mission.
     scientists, but it needs scientists who are not traitors. This is     A last question, a very last one which came back to us by
     another important part, what is it that I call scientists who are     memory, Prophet, people have said: "we would like, we
                                                                           Congolese, African, to follow Raël, but however, he is
     not traitors?                                                         White. If he was a Black who came to speak to us about
                                                                           all this liberation for the black man, it would be good".
     It is good to go and study in the United States, to go and study
                                                                           Then why the ELOHIM made that you are like that, a
     in Canada, it is not good to go and study in France. But it is        White?

50   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                  Africa, future of humanity

Raël : Yes, I agree with them, I would have preferred to be        Who does that disturb? That disturbs nobody! Those who
black. I did not choose. Why the ELOHIM chose a White as           love the women, they are so happy; there will be more for
the last one of the Prophets? I believe that I understand why.     them! In what that … I, when I see homosexuals, I am very
If I were black, good, maybe the Blacks would love it, but all     happy! That makes less competition!
the others would say well, it is like Simon Kimbangu, he is a
                                                                   Ladies and Gentlemen, we stop so the son of Yahweh, it
Black who, who suddenly invents things to restore dignity to
                                                                   was Prophet Raël, because, he said it himself and it is
the Africans... I am White! That allows me to speak in the
                                                                   very difficult to stop him, but we stop him a little bit.
United States, to speak in Europe, to speak everywhere…
                                                                   Prophet, we have been very happy to receive you, we
And to say that Adam and Eve were Blacks?
                                                                   know that all who followed the show are very very happy
Raël : Yes! And to say this message which gives priority to        because we tried to ask all the questions they had. We
Africa over all the other countries. And so, they listen more      regret only the fact that you are rare, rarer than a dia-
even though I disturb them much more, because recently, a          mond; moreover, because we see you today, we do not
racist Parisian newspaper, disturbed by what I say, treated        know when we will see you. Only, could you be like that,
me as White Negro, believing to insult me: it is the most beau-    be able to present our complaints to the ELOHIM, say
tiful compliment he could say to me, I claim this title, I hope    something in favor of...
that the Blacks will treat me like that also because, if I had     Raël : That is all what I do all days.
had the choice, I would have not been born white; I would
                                                                   Thank you very much, this was Homéostasie. The
have been born black, woman and homosexual.
                                                                   Prophet of the future, we had tried to say something
Oh! It is scandalous! Well, in fact, it is maybe scandalous,       about, we were not able to; fortunately he was here him-
maybe not, Ladies and Gentlemen, but we stop here                  self. Ladies and Gentlemen, it was a pleasure with
unless you want indeed to explain, otherwise time is               Prophet RAEL on this set
against us.
                                                                   Goodbye and see you next time.
Raël : Yes, I want to explain.
                                                                   Thank you very much.
Yes, why? We, we focus on the homosexual side. That's
what which scandalizes our public listening

Raël : Because it is also the minority which is also, I would


Raël : More than marginalized, who suffers, oppressed,
which is tortured, certain countries... Well, that evolves...

It is a scandal that there are like that homosexuals!

Raël : Not at all, it is genetic! You are born homosexual, you
do not become. It is not a contagious disease as AIDS. When
you are born, at the time of the conception, sexuality is defi-
ned by subtle exchanges between the sperm cell and the
ovule. It is genetic, so, then one can pretend, hide... And very
fortunately, there are countries which are pioneers and it is
necessary that Africa also on this plan follows England
because Elton John has just got married: homosexual mar-
riages are recognized.

                                                                                   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                            Africa does not need politicians
                                   but statesmen
     Interview broadcast with His Holiness Prophet RAEL, realized by Alexis BONGO within the framework of DRTV show

                       Homéostasie – 2nd part, M' FOA-BRAZZAVILLE - January3rd,Year 60 aH (2006)

          ead for you. Thought of the                   So, it is necessary to have the two.        Thank you very much. Ladies and
          day! (...)                                    Because if we have only the humility        gentlemen, before dream becomes
                                                        to say " I am very important, I want to     reality, it is necessary at first to
     Raël : It is so magnificent, what you              change everything " without having          dream. If you have never drea-
     have just said. It rejoins our tea-                the humility to say " I am only dust,       med, how will you go to realize
     ching.                                             so I do not change things and if I          this dream? That is what you want
     Among the exercises which I teach                  disappear, I am not much because            to say to us. Prophet you are here
     in the seminars, there is one which is             the others will take the torch ", then I    and we take a great deal advan-
     of Buddhist inspiration. It is drawings            would say one is in the middle of this      tage of it.
     that the Buddhist monks make with                  sort of monastic fold which does not
     sands of magnificent colors which                  bring anything to the humanity.             Prophet, there is this question we
     take hours and a lot of accuracy. So,              When one withdraws and stays in             have listed because you distur-
     they are extraordinary art works. I                the mountain to meditate, one does          bed enormously, indeed. Prophet,
     make Raelians who are with me do it                not help the people.                        those who do not master the high
     for hours and hours …                                                                          spirituality you are bringing,
                                                        Finally, that becomes sterile.              some are going certainly to think
     When it is finished, we scatter every-                                                         that they were offended as they
     thing... But the most beautiful                    Exactly. It is not necessary to fall nei-   would say, but out of curiosity,
     moment is when one mixes the                       ther in the centre, the belly button of     they asked questions which we
     sands, and that shows to which                     the world. But harmony among the            are going to pass on you.
     point, as you just said it, it is neces-           two can make the difference. With
     sary to not become attached to                                                                 First question. The African
                                                        the means I have, I will do every-
     things. In that case, there is a                                                               woman, what you think of her,
                                                        thing, even if I am the only one to
     nuance...                                                                                      you, today?
                                                        see the truth, and everybody thinks
     Yes, we must be humble; it is true                 that I make an error, I will say what I
     that when we put our hand in a                     have to say. It is better to be right       Raël : The African woman, it is the
     bucket of water, we don’t find tracks              alone than to be wrong with every-          future. The woman generally is the
     of that later. But, at the same time, it           body. That is important: to make the        future of the humanity; the African
     is true that nobody is indispensable.              difference, to say what one has to          woman is the future of Africa. The
     As I have already said, it is not the                                                          Blacks generally have been lead to
                                                        say. The one who stands up against
     man who creates the event; it is the                                                           feel inferior; the superiority complex
                                                        the esclavagism, who lowers the
     event which creates the man. It is                                                             of the Whites made that some,
     evident in a whole lot of events but               head, who bends the back saying to
                                                                                                    many, one can say it, almost a majo-
     we must not fall in the excess and                 him (her)self: " anyway, I am dust, It
                                                                                                    rity at a given moment, had an enor-
     say " I can not change anything on                 is not useful to rebel … " On the
                                                                                                    mous inferiority complex. One had
     earth, I am not indispensable ". No!               contrary, it is necessary to be revol-      heard these comments I spoke
     The other side of that is to say "I am             ted. It is necessary to be the first        about last time, "the Whites invented
     not indispensable, yes; but, as long               who gets up and who says: no...             everything, we cannot make any-
     as I shall be alive and conscious, I
                                                        This way, humility and the fact of          thing ", what is false, completely
     can make the difference on earth". A
     single man can change everything                   being conscious that one is very            false. I shall say that these sorts of
     on earth.                                          short-lived, must not prevent action.       subhuman who had been made,

52   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                Africa, future of humanity

who were the Blacks, usually had           hope, I met certain personalities in        necessary to go back to African
their slaves who were the women;           Congo in the hope… Hortense Dodo            dresses. But let us not forget that
so it was even lower than anything.        has the hope to create an experi-           cloths, colors and tissues, all are
                                           mental farm for the African subsis-         part of the African tradition. But there
And now, one arrives, very fortuna-        tence crops in Burkina Faso but the         is another African tradition, it must
tely, at a return of the things where      soils and the climates being diffe-         not be forgotten, churches, catholics
the black man becomes aware that           rent, it would be good that the same        and others, tried to erase it: it is that
he is at least equal to the White.         things be done in Congo. I hope that        here people were proud of the nudity
There are geniuses; it said recently,      Congo will also, there are good             before. They were proud to dance
inventors, extremely brilliant beings      contacts, create experimental farms,        naked, to have traditional dances.
who are Blacks today, geniuses who         not only to apply this new techno-
exist, so no inferiority or superiority    logy, but also for teaching and Dr          One used to see the women with
between the races, it does not exist.      Hortense Dodo is magnificent                bare breasts?
However, a lot of people, many men         because she suggests welcoming
continue to have this complex of           young Congolese scientists in her           Raël : Naturally, Naturally. Why all
superiority and to say: the women,         American university to train them so        this disappeared? That disappeared
no, the women, they are lower              that it is not again Whites who come        because of the colonizers and espe-
beings. Those who suffered from            and do the work here but rather an          cially of the Roman Catholic Church
these comments coming from                 African youth which gets up, men            for whom the nudity was something
Whites, the colonizers, must not           and women. That is where it is              of the evil. So that is part of, every
continue to keep the same com-             important, to answer your question, I       time when we have seminars, I urge
ments with regard to women. So, the        hope, that there would be more              our members to have African tradi-
African man takes all his dimension        women than men, so to balance this          tional dances with bare breasts, with
when he does not do to the women           sexism which is a racism.                   the small straw skirts below, such as
what one did to him and, he is well                                                    it was previously.
placed to know what that does: to be       Thank you very much. So dear
treated as an inferior, as a person        ladies, you are served but there            Such as it was previously?
colonizable and enslavable.                are still other questions asked by
                                           these women: The African woman              Raël : Such as it was found, it is
So the women, it’s the future. I am        of the old times, there are some,           magnificent, it is beautiful. To find
very happy and very proud to say           even some men who regret natu-              that the body is bad is an insult for
that there are among the raelian           rally: " Ok we would like to follow         the creators. Because, if the crea-
bishops, women. Hortense Dodo              the Prophet but our woman of the            tors had created a body which is
who is near me, I have already said        old time used to dress with cloth           nasty, they would not have made it.
it, is a brilliant scientist who made a    ". Now the Prophet allows them              The beauty of the creator is in the
world premiere, by inventing geneti-       everything: they are sexy, they             beauty of the creation.
cally modified groundnuts which are        have extravagant fineries, wigs …
not allergenic. She is going to help       At this rhythm, aren’t we going to          Thank you very much Prophet.
Africa, in my demand, to embrace           lose everything. Isn’t it cultural          One last question about the
the technologies of genetically modi-      acculturation?                              women, it is a sub question. The
fied food, especially in this region for                                               women wonder. So tomorrow, due
example. You know that the basic           Raël : On the contrary! As I said, it is    to what you speak about, cloning,
food here is the cassava. There is         a must to have a cultural decoloniza-       they will not be any more bearers
nothing good in the cassava; it is a       tion and so it is necessary to aban-        of their baby directly, that can be
food where there is nothing good:          don the European blouses, the suits         made in test tubes in laboratories.
We can, by genetic modifications,          … I am happy to see that you have           Isn’t that going to break the
include vitamins. It is feasible and I     an African shirt; it is colored. It is      rhythm, the mystic that always

                                                                                 Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     exists between the bearer mother                   Africa. It is the key to make this        because they listened to you in
     and her baby? Are the women                        continent the richest in the world. It    the previous broadcast, soon not
     tomorrow going to always love                      is only that.                             only to do as the others but better
     their babies who come out of                       I would like to insist: science is the    than the Whites. You believe so in
     laboratories?                                      love. If a young person has a sort of     these young people; are you sure
                                                        spiritual appeal and wants to             that, through the studies they are
     Raël : You know we live it every day               become a catholic priest, he does         doing, they can, soon, bring
     with for example adoption. The                     not give any love. What do priests        excellence.
     important thing for a child is not to              do: they come and see the children
     have been conceived in the womb of                 who starve to death, they give the        Obviously I would say better than
     the one who raises him (her), it is                extreme-unction and they bury             Whites because there is a spirit.
     that he is loved. And there are chil-              them? A scientist, he will save them.     .
     dren with a mother who conceives                                                             You insist on that?
     them in her womb but who is not                    So what is more love: To make
     loved: they are tortured, they are                 some tricks of grigri on the one who      Raël : I insist on that. Because there
     even killed; they are abused. It is not            is dead or to prevent him (her) from      is an African spirit, a African purity
     because a woman has a child in her                 dying? Obviously love, is to save         which makes that certain discoveries
     womb that she loves him (her). On                  lives; love is to make it so that your    … We are all different, there is no
     the other hand, there are adopted                  grandmother, your grandfather you         superiority. But the Yellows are diffe-
     children who are magnificently                     love, instead of dying at fifty years,    rent from the Whites; the Blacks are
     loved, assisted, beloved, who grow                 lives up to 120 years. Which is logi-     different from the Yellows. We all
     up and sometimes, it happens, later,               cal, we are made to live up to 120        have specificities in the way our
     they find their biologic parents but               years. So that is the love.               brains work. Which give us the capa-
     then the love they have for their fos-                                                       city to discover things, to look at
     ter parents is so big that they do not             So to destroy diseases, to prevent        things as a diamond under different
     want to know anything about their                  that thousands of young people die        facets? And it is this complementa-
     biologic parents, because what                     every day in Africa of AIDS, by fin-      rity of human races, which makes
     counts is the love that is given to the            ding medicines, all this is love and it   the richness of the humanity like a
     child; it is not to come from the ovule            is science. And even those who are        rainbow of colors. And it is magnifi-
     or from the sperm cell of a father or              against science such as the Pope,         cent, a rainbow and if there was only
     a mother, but the love. The fact of                (well, he has 24 doctors, the Pope),      a color, it would not be beautiful. So,
     taking care of somebody, of raising                that means that even he does not          it is this variety of color which gives
     him(her), of allowing him(her) to                  say: "no, no, I do not want science; it   the capacity. I will give you some
     grow, that is love.                                is god who healed me; he makes a          examples.
                                                        call to 24 doctors; that shows the
     Thank you very much. Dear                          hypocrisy of the system. And these        Here, you have a projector which
     ladies, you are served. Now we                     same persons want that prayers and        allows to be seen, it is an electric
     move to another issue. Prophet,                    blessings be what save the world.         lamp. The lamp was invented by Mr.
     Africa, the future of Africa, as you               No, it is science, only science!          Edison. He made 5,000 attempts,
     know it, is the youth, so it is the
                                                                                                  He persisted. But the filament which
     students who, tomorrow will take                   So I say to the young Africans: study,
                                                                                                  allows people to light up their homes
     the place of those who lead us                     if possible science, because science
     today, is it not. Then, what mes-                  is love, it is the most beautiful         with light bulbs, I would like that all
     sages do you send to the stu-                      expression of love.                       the people who are watching us,
     dents since you are here, here in                                                            look at their electric light bulb; the
     Congo and in Africa?                               Thank you very much Prophet.              filament was invented by a Black.
                                                        These young African students              When you take the elevator in a
     Raël : Study, study, study! Education              asked if you believe in them, if          hotel, it is the Black who invented
     is the key to get out of the problem in            they have the capacity soon,              the first elevator.

54   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                Africa, future of humanity

Not only there is no inferiority but the   the national militaries are a cancer.       I ask the authorities of Congo who
Blacks are capable of inventing            They are the ones who make wars,            have a fantastic opportunity, I asked
things of which the others did not         they are the ones who kill, they are        the President of Congo, by an inter-
think. So, there is not only to do as      the ones who send bombs on                  mediary, to invite here all the African
well as; I think that the young African    Hiroshima, they are the ones who            custom chiefs, of all Africa, all the
scientists will be capable of making       invade Iraq; they are the ones who          kings, the emperors, the traditional
better than what exists.                   kill the children in Afghanistan. An        leaders, the custom leaders, and
                                           international force of preservation of      they ought to create, over the African
It is a message of hope which              peace is needed. And all the billions       Union, the United States of Africa:
delights us enormously. Words of           of militaries, there are conscious          the United States of the ethnic
the Prophet, the last Prophet; the         militaries. There are militaries who        groups and, not colonizing or coloni-
one who is alive, Ladies and               would like to save… The true mis-           zed States, the United States of the
Gentlemen, Homéostasie said it             sion of the peacekeepers is to pro-         ethnic groups which would gather to
to you; there are many known of            tect the weak, the children and the         create with a president, and your
in the past. The Prophet reco-             civilians. They will move into this         President here in Congo has a histo-
gnizes that there were a lot of            international army of preservation of       ric opportunity to be the first presi-
them. Those are past, dead, they           peace which constitutes a sort of           dent of the United States of Africa,
have been buried. Only, we have            police of maintenance of law and            create a currency the Afro, as there
one now, the last of the Prophets;         order (…) which will prevent the            is the Euro, create the African cur-
the son of Yahweh who is here.             strongest from dominating the wea-          rency, the Afro. And there, it begins
And we take advantage of this              kest. But nationalist armies have to        because it is a real link among the
enormously. Prophet, we talked             disappear.                                  peoples. And erase these old bor-
about women, about young peo-                                                          ders drawn by the colonizers.
ple and about students. So we              It is the United States of Africa, there
would like to talk about men but           will be an African multinational force      Thank you very much Prophet.
about the African man, about the           composed of militaries of all coun-         You anticipated some of the ques-
man of the world, people talks             tries. In the same way, the politicians     tions we had to ask. Only, one
about him; but, we want public             have to unite. The African states, as       wonders well , it's as if in politics
authorities, authorities, African          they are now, are states made by the        because are talking about poli-
decision-makers. What messages             colonizers.       It is Frenchmen,          tics, since it is the art of leading
do you have for them?                      Belgians, and English, who sat at a         the state, the decision-makers are
                                           table where there was a map: They           the politicians, in politics one has
                                           drew lines: "Hold, you England, take
Raël : It is a message of peace and                                                    the impression that one can go
                                           this; you Belgium, take that… ". And
love. Always! Because it is the only                                                   from outside with good intentions
                                           there are always the same borders
solution! By the force, by the army,                                                   and as soon as one gets there,
                                           which are completely absurd, that is
one can not obtain anything. "The                                                      there is a detail making every-
                                           why I like very much Tiken Jah's clip
one that lives by the sword, will                                                      thing changes, the African politi-
                                           which says: "They shared the world,
perish by the sword" it is written in      nothing more amazes me ". They              cian could be said as being really
the Bible. " The one that lives by the     shared the world, cut ethnic groups,        bound.
violence will undergo the violence ".      cut groups, cut empires and cut
So, the only way of saving world, is       African kingdoms, to create artificial      Raël : It's true, it's true. But that it is
by love, by nonviolence, by demilita-      states which absolutely have no             because... Africa does not need poli-
rization. Let forces of preservation of    meaning. Results: the genocide of           ticians, it needs statesmen. The dif-
peace be, that is good, international      Rwanda, people who are forced to            ference between a politician and a
forces of preservation of peace. But       live together, who are cut out of their     statesman is that a politician thinks
national armies, these must be des-        roots and out of their village and tra-     of his (her) wallet, his (her) advan-
troyed. The militaries are a cancer;       ditional links.                             tages before thinking of the people;

                                                                                 Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     a statesman thinks of his (her) peo-               And the difference is enormous.            Raël : Because the ELOHIM, when
     ple before thinking of his (her) wallet,           At least, you learn with                   they arrived to create life, there were
     his (her) advantages. Unfortunately,               Homéostasie because we have                not only scientists. There were also
     the traditional politicians want only to           the opportunity to have the last of        artists. There were artists and scien-
     grow rich the most possible, to put                the Prophets with us. So, Prophet,         tists: Artists are very important. And,
     their savings in Switzerland, and                  the others said: you want indeed           obviously, Africa is very favored on
     they do not care at all about the                  that we return to the religions of         this plan. We love here the color,
     prosperity of the populations.                     our ancestors. Then we wonder to           one loves the music, we love the
     Statesmen, they are rare, they are                 which one, because in Africa,              rhythms, we love the sculpture.
     persons who want the prosperity of                 there is one thousand religions:
     the people and who do not accumu-                  animism, grigris, talismans. Then,         And the Prophet feels good
     late official profits or under the table.          my Prophet, after all, people have         there?
     That is what Africa needs.                         asked, Homéostasie ask a little
                                                        bit, can the Prophet point out the         Raël : Naturally, naturally! That is
     It is a must here to create (corruption            religion that we could all …               why it is magnificent to see; moreo-
     it is the biggest cancer that is in                                                           ver, in Africa one sees very well the
     Africa, it can be found everywhere, I              Raël : All! A multiplicity of sensibili-   beauty of the creation. If it was just
     am sure that you see it in the street,             ties according to places, according        scientists, there would be some grey
     this corruption), it is a must to create,          to ethnic groups is needed. There is       birds, some grey animals, there
     that is a part of the project I bring,             not one which has to dominate the          would be no color. But you see here
     you know…, do not think that Africa                others; that's what is magnificent.        the variety of birds, the butterflies,
     has it and that the rich countries                                                            the flowers. It is the proof, because
     have not had it. In 1930 in Chicago                Are all the religions equal?               evolution cannot explain it, that they
     where there was Al Capone and the                                                             are artists. The tail of a peacock for
     American mafia who nearly gover-                   Raël : All the religions, all the faiths   example, it is a nightmare for an
     ned the State and who governed the                 are equal; they are generally tolerant     evolutionist because an evolutionist,
     city and the town. And then the                    that is they accept that there are         he says that animals evolved so as
     American President had the idea to                 people who have similar or different       to be more discreet so that no ani-
     create the Incorruptible. The                      thoughts. All the traditional religions,   mal of prey can catch them. Yes the
     Incorruptible it is a corps which could            the old African traditional religions      peacock, for example, the tail of the
     not be corrupted and it cleaned the                were admirable, were generally non-
                                                                                                   peacock, the poor bird, it should not
     city. All the policemen were paid by                                                          have any more of it because all the
                                                        violent; there are some exceptions
     the mafia and the gangsters, all the                                                          animals of prey see it from far with
                                                        but they were generally nonviolent.
     politicians were paid by the gangs-                                                           this extraordinary tail. So that does
                                                        So to find them, you should find your
     ters, it was dreadful. And the                                                                not hold.
                                                        ethnic group’s, and all put together, it
     Incorruptible arrived, imprisoned the
                                                        could create a great rainbow.
     politicians, the policemen who were                                                           But art is very important. The most
     not honest and that cleaned, and                                                              beautiful thing for a scientist is to
     Africa must be cleaned like that in                Then Prophet, we return to a               create a object of art which is alive
     the same way by a corps of incorrup-               question which had escaped us              and this is happening. Already there
     tible who will come and denounce                   when we listed them. It said that          are, in the United States, artists of
     the politicians, the policemen, the                the Raelian Movement and the               the genetics who create small bril-
     militaries, who take the money which               Prophet who is at the head, thus           liant mice, fluorescent rabbits. We
     should be of use for the prosperity of                                                        will be able to create again butter-
                                                        the Prophet Raël, love science,
     the populations.                                                                              flies with things written on them; we
                                                        love art, music, beauty, all these
                                                                                                   will genetically be able to moreover,
     Thank you very much Prophet. It                    things. Then what is this mania of         maybe, give ourselves colors. I
     is a revelation: Africa does not                   loving beauty and then speaking            recently wrote a song (because I
     need politicians but statesmen.                    about it non-stop.                         make songs) where I say: I dream of

56   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                              Africa, future of humanity

being a chameleon man, capable of        inspire you? Explain to those who           It is extraordinary, Prophet we
changing color and it is possible        are listening to you.                       agree with you. They learned at
genetically.                                                                         school “Africa is the cradle of the
                                         Raël : It is a small extract because        humanity” and when the spiritua-
Oh good! Prophet, thank you very         the text is much longer. It is very         lity comes in to confirm what is
much. This question was a sort of        important to understand that the            scientific, so they should be
digression. We return to the ques-       Message of ELOHIM that I bring, is a        proud of having been made suc-
tions asked by those who follo-          message which, once again,                  cessfully. It is a pride as it is here
wed us. Recently, one said to us         addresses all the humanity but more         at home, for all those who appre-
that the Prophet talks to us about       particularly Africa. And as I said it in    ciated your passage. Of course,
all these things, it is good for         the last broadcast: Adam and Eva            for those who have understood, it
Africa. But, certainly Africa needs,     were black. And if we could build the       is not the fault of everybody
a bigger Mahomet, a Confucius, a         embassy for their return in Africa, it      because you know that you have
Buddha. Who is so this big               would be, the buckle would be buck-         a unique message and which is
Prophet for Africa, who is going to      led in a sense, it would be something       complicated. There is another
let us hope that what you say            wonderful. But as it is said, "the last     question they asked. What are the
there, does not stay only in dra-        ones will be the firsts“. And the conti-    brakes, the obstacles in front of
wers and that the dream will come        nent which is the last one economi-         the foot of Africa in our evolution?
true? Can we identify like that the      cally will become the first. And it is
man needed to guide Africa?              my objective.                               Raël : Naturally, I am very optimistic.
                                                                                     As X-Ciël in his clip, we must be opti-
Raël : I am here, I am present. I        Thank you very much Prophet.                mistic and confident. Because,
carry on my mission; I am here for all   There are other people of god               nonetheless, we are in the right
the humanity, I am here above all for    who do not master spirituality and          direction. And hope for me does not
Africa.                                  who finally said: To what will the          come from the former colonizers, but
                                         revelation made by the Prophet              from the other big colonized as
Thank you very much. Prophet, let        lead the Africans to what? If we            China and India which were, them
us look in your booklet: "For a          know that Adam and Eve were                 also, colonized by the same, by the
new Africa…", because you are            black and then what will this bring         Europeans: the Belgians, the
here also. "It is not by chance that     us? Could not the Prophet give              French, the English, the Dutch and
Jerusalem has one foot in Africa",       something more consistent than              the Spanish. All these populations
"Africa, future of humanity". We         that? The fact of knowing that              which were colonized are becoming,
shall read a little bit: " Africa is     Adam and Eva were black, what               especially China, a super power. In
important in the eyes of our crea-       will bring us, Africans?                    fact, it is what some people called
tors for it is the future if it can                                                  south-south cooperation. No more
escape from the old mysticisms, a        Raël : I think that it is however           wait for rich countries which have
handicap which led it to be sub-         something marvelous, an extraordi-          only one goal to keep on exploiting
dued by the other continents".           nary happiness. If you say it's not         Africa.
And then we found another thing:         serious, it is not important. I believe
"Wake up Africa! The end of the                                                      I was so surprised, this week here in
                                         that you have not understood the
self-colonization",       "Africans,                                                 Congo, to see queues in the petrol
                                         message which is that the African
have no complex! Find again your                                                     stations. I thought I was dreaming!
roots and your culture!". Prophet,       man finds this dignity, this enjoyment      How, a petrol producing country like
this book, it is not Homéostasie         of not being a secondary creation or        Congo; there is no queue in petrol
who wrote it, it is Prophet words,       a lower being but of being the first        stations in Paris. And it is a com-
Raël's words, so that comes from         success of the ELOHIM. It is some-          pany which comes and take the
you. What do these few extracts          thing extraordinary; it is "vital proof"    petrol here while the Congolese

                                                                               Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     queue up to get petrol. I say that                 happy that in South America, there is      then also.
     continues; the petroleum is taken                  the same process which occurs.
     here, it is sent to Europe where there             With the election of Chavez in             Thank you. One question before
     is no queue to buy it; but the poor                Venezuela, with the election of new        the last. The last question put by
     Congoleses, they queue up in the                   President also who are against the         the auditors, those who followed
     stations of petrol. It is the world                mega-powers of the North and who           the broadcast; they asked for
     backward.                                          went to visit Fidel Castro, who wants      which therapeutics for Africa right
                                                        to create an economy, I would say,         now, in the current situation,
     If you produce the petroleum, you                  for the people and not for the privile-    which therapeutics have you, any-
     should have an abundance of petro-                 ged and the big capitalists.               thing precise for Africa? We are
     leum at first for the local populations.                                                      afraid that you have already ans-
     It is the same question that Hortense              Then Prophet, we come back to              wered it through all what you are
     also tackled well on her work: it is to            you. Because you are here. You             saying, but in two words, you can
     say that the cultivation of coffee and             answered this question which               maybe redefine and answer a
     cocoa, that does not give to eat to                overwhelmed us all. One wanted             question because it is asked.
     the Africans. It is necessary at first to          to know who will be the big
     find the cassava, as I explained it                Prophet for Africa and at this             Raël : I will say again something you
     and the products which give to eat to              moment, you said: I am here.               said, because you say magnificent
     all. Later one can produce things for              Then Prophet, who are you? Tell            things. You said, I believe, if I
     export, but it is a must at first to give          them who you are?                          remember well: "before the dream
     to eat to everybody. So in order to                                                           becomes reality, one must first
     get out, it is to resume the problem               Raël : I am just myself.                   dream ". People think that the dream
     backward which is a real decoloniza-                                                          must become true but they must first
     tion. The cooperation with Asia, India             Please do not hide anything to us,         dream. I think that the first element is
     and China which will allow the same                Prophet.                                   for the young Africans to dream but
     technologies as the Americans and                                                             not about an inaccessible dream but
     the Europeans, to come here but at                 Raël : I came to save humanity and         a driving dream. Martin Luther King
     a cost10 times cheaper. And they                   I need you to help me and you do a         said: " I have a dream " , " I had a
     are interested themselves to have                  very good work with the broadcasts         dream " and it was realized. It is not
     connections with the other ex-coloni-              of the quality of this broadcast, with     just a dream to dream on the pillow.
     zed peoples.                                       the comments you make, I liked the         No. It is a dream being awaken.
                                                        beginning with the humility. Quite as
     Prophet, somebody thought that the                 Jesus, I shall make maximum and if         I have a dream: the United States of
     message which you hold today in                    I disappear, I know that my passage,       Africa. I have a dream: that Africa
     Africa, you give us today, just to give            even though I have the humility to         becomes the richest continent of the
     us hope to cast the bases of the                   think that I am not indispensable, my      planet. I have a dream: that all the
     takeoff of Africa, this message, you               passage will have stood out enough         young people who listen to us there
     hold it in Asia, you hold it in Europe,            so that people take on and continue,       and who have a potential of beco-
     in America. It just needs to replace               those who are around me. I hope            ming geniuses, inventors, scientists
     Africa by every continent every time               that you will help us also so that         who will revolutionize politically,
     when you are over there. It is really              what I bring remains. Because, what        scientifically, religiously this conti-
     specific to Africa what you say to us              is important once again: (…) Jesus         nent, at first they must dream. And
     or again, as a chameleon, who                      came to show the way and the peo-          then, then this dream will be the dri-
     arrives and changes the verb.                      ple kept their eyes fixed to his finger.   ving force to go to the school, to
                                                        It is not the finger which counts; it is   study, to give oneself the means to
     Raël : It is specific to Africa and to             the direction that I show. And then, to    accomplish it, and then to have the
     formerly colonized countries. It is                go in this direction, those who are        objective of accomplishing one’s
     very evident that it is much more                  around me will replace me, if I disap-     dream as quickly as possible like
     specific to these countries. I am very             pear and I hope that you will help us      Martin Luther King.

58   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                             Africa, future of humanity

Thank you very much, it is all ans-      dings Rome), sell quite that and help      hope that political powers here, will
wered. So word of Prophet, and           Africa ". Therefore, maybe, I shall be     listen me. Gather all the traditional
not any, Homéostasie says that to        converted.                                 chiefs, the traditional leaders to
you. Ladies and Gentlemen, you                                                      create the United States of Africa
are impressed as much as us also         It is extraordinary. Because we            from the basis and not from the sum-
because it is extraordinary.             have finished, then your last              mit because there is nothing good to
Prophet we had not thought that          word?                                      hope from the World Bank, the IMF
we would have this opportunity                                                      and the AU. Nothing! They are politi-
during our passage here down on          Raël : My last word! I would love that     cians; it must come from the basis.
earth, to meet you in flesh and          the young Africans who are at home,        The heads of villages, the leaders of
bone, with the verb on top to            who are watching us, the young peo-        ethnic groups are directly in touch
enlighten us. Then it happened,          ple, (when one is old, one has a hard      with the populations and with their
we reserved that for the quite last      time to change opinion), those who         sufferings.
question. When you made the first        are there, who are watching us in
broadcast, the people of god, the        their house: throw yourselves on the       I, why am I motivated? I can not but
church of “Réveil”, they called          scientists, study, learn. Do not waste     I think that every 5 minutes in Africa,
Homéostasie to say: we gather to         time listening to the religious lea-       (we have done a broadcast of 60
form a Round Table to answer a           ders, listen to your Professors of         minutes that makes 12 times 5),
little bit to the Prophet Raël           math, biology, medicine, science,          there is an African child who has
because he came like that to des-        that is where the truth is. The rest,      starved to death. I have it here (in
troy everything that was normal,         well, if you love the sorcerers, it is     the throat). Then, all the rest can
that should lead to the eternal life.    better to visit the African sorcerers      speak about Jesus, about god; they
In the meantime, maybe they will         than the white sorcerers.                  can go to give the extreme unction
come to Homéostasie, it is their                                                    on corpses. I, I am not interested in
right to come to take issue, to          Thank you Prophet. That would              that. I want to prevent them from
redefine things. Maybe it is bibli-      have been your last word but               dying. I want to save these children
cal. So already, maybe you will          somebody whispered to us that              who are there. The young students
not be here any more, what do            no, it is so thrilling that the DRTV       who are listening to me there have
you say, when the reaction is like       suggests getting longer. We                the capacity and they and will save
that?                                    return so to something you have            these children.
                                         already talked about but, maybe,
Raël : This is good; a dying being is    not totally. Today people speak            When we knows that a child starves
always shaken with starts. The Bible     about NEPAD, WTO; and in all               to death, for an adult, there are two
says also: "you will not blow the        that, the Africans, those who have         ways to react: The first it is to pray,
candle which vacillates because it is    studied, the students, the intellec-       that is useless, it is useless. The
to go out ". All these old traditional   tuals; they would love to dream            second is to lament with all the tears,
religions are going to disappear.        well and to act so that the dream          what a horror; it is the humanitarian
Then it is sure that they do not like    becomes reality. But Prophet, the          organizations, they lament, they
that because they lose power and         mechanisms, the tools we have,             lament, they don’t do anything. And
money. It is the message that I shall    are we the ones who decide.                then, we say: what to do, how will we
have if I met the Pope, for example:     Africa never has. The WMO, even            do to feed them?
"do you want to prove that you are a     the NEPAD, even the AU, it came
man of goodness, a man of love: sell     from over there. When are we               Then, I, I bring a solution: to create
the billions which represent Roman       going to decide?                           an experimental farm to create some
Catholic Churches in the world (you                                                 genetically modified cassava to be
know that the Roman Catholic             Raël : Now. You must start to take         able to give to eat, they not die any-
Church is the owner of 80 % of buil-     control of yourself. That is why that I    more. There will no need lamenting

                                                                              Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
     any more. That is it. So my action, it             during the last broadcast, the very          as I have just said, it is love and the
     is not purely in the spirituality, in the          first broadcast you made: An                 religion, the traditional religion, in
     theory and in the dream. In practice,              African Christian is like that an            any case, it blesses corpses.
     what we do. That is why I want the                 insult to the memory of his(her)
     young Africans to get up, stop liste-              ancestors. And then that scandali-           Somebody had said, had underli-
     ning to the priests, to the humanita-              zed, Prophet. The Christians                 ned another thing. In the previous
     rian organizations. No. What can I                 thought, such as we are there full,          broadcast, it is Homéostasie who
     do physically? Go and study biology,               full in churches, Homéostasie                interrupted you a little, you said at
     go and study to become a geneticist                also, before you arrive, you think           a moment: " I saw Jesus ". Then
     and you will give to eat to your                   like that there that we are insul-           say something. Was it possible
     African brothers and sisters.                      ting our ancestors?                          like that to see Jesus, because
                                                                                                     that disturbed the Catholics and
     Yes, Prophet do you think, ano-                    Raël : They are sad and they cry             all this world which is Christian.
     ther aspect of the problem facing                  when they see their descendants
     the African today: the churches of                 betraying them. Because, they suffe-         Raël : Jesus was a messenger of
     the revival which came, they                       red, they fought colonization, escla-        the ELOHIM, just as I am. And he is
     abound everywhere in Brazzaville                   vagism and they look from the sky at         alive and he will return in the
     in Africa. Well, one notices a phe-                their descendants who embraced               embassy when we will have built it.
     nomenon: the children prefer to                    the religion of the colonizers. It is a      He was sacrificed by criminal human
     abandon their studies; they go to                  reason and the ancestors of the              beings and he was resuscitated 3
     the church, to stay with the                       Africans curse them as long as they          days later thanks to the cloning,
     Minister. You think that if, for                   do this. For, that is to forget their suf-   thanks to science. It is the ELOHIM
     example, one perseveres, will that                 ferings, the tortures that they under-       who cloned him, they gave him a
     shake like that heavens so that                    went. Return to your traditions:             resurrection and he is alive through
     the Holy Spirit can, just like that,               which were the religions of your             several bodies on the planet of the
     make Africa take off?                              ancestors? Find them, embrace                eternals.
                                                        them and abandon the church. Do
     Raël : Help yourself, the sky will help            you realize: somebody comes in               Then Prophet, a last question?
     you. So do not expect anything from                your home, kills your wife, plunders         You think that Africa has to put a
     the sky. On the contrary, the more                 your house and you say to him (her)          lot into this embassy which must
     there will be like that these sorts of             what your religion is, I am going to         be built for the ELOHIM?
     religious movements which are only                 be converted to yours. Never, one
     copies of the colonizers, because it               does that. You would not do that. It is      Raël : Of course, I believe that there
     is important to understand that all                nevertheless what Africa did.                will be nothing more beautiful for
     these evangelic movements or the                                                                Africa than if the embassy was built
     ancient ones which came from                       Prophet we have a book.                      on African land.
     elsewhere, the more it is always                   Homéostasie is curious: The
     colonization, spiritual colonization.              Message given by the extraterres-            Somebody has asked: should we
     You must apostatize from these                     trials, a book coming from you; it           bring stones from our home,
     movements; you must de-baptize                     is the basis. Somewhere, one                 cement or what?
     and take charge really of Africa. If               found the same book with "The
     you are full of love, you want to save             true face of god" as title (it is the        Raël : No, it is the long process
     the children who are starving. It is               same). You say this in watermark:            which will take a certain time. So, all
     not with prayers that you will save                "science replaces finally religion           the humanity, all Raelians of the
     them, it is with food. And the food,               ". And that disturbs us, Prophet?            whole world, there are 65.000
     you can make it in laboratories.                                                                Raelians in 86 countries who are
                                                        Raël : I hope that it disturbs, it must      preparing this construction. It will be
     That it is right, Prophet! And we                  disturbs so that people read it, be          done. The first problem, is a diplo-
     returns to another thing you said                  interested and realize that science,         matic problem because it must be an

60   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                                                                    Africa, future of humanity

embassy, there must be agreements             Prophet, to close, your last word?           Then Prophet, one last thing.
with a Government so that there is                                                         When I have said to them that I
neutrality, extra-territoriality as for all   Raël : My last word! I wish I return in      had been embraced by the
the embassies.                                Congo. I wish that Congo seizes this         Prophet, they did not believe
                                              opportunity maybe to become the              because they did not see. In front
Then, Prophet we are very satis-              basis of the United States of Africa; it     of the camera, may the Prophet
fied. We would want to stop here              has the potential. Because head-             redo the same gesture of Raeliens
but a question comes again to us.             quarter will be needed. Europe has           so that everybody sees it.
It was Uriel's book that one gave             its headquarters in Brussels. The
us the last time. For now, we talk            headquarters of the United States of         Raël : For the camera, that will be by
about the coverage because we                 Africa, it would be here. If your mag-       pleasure.
do not have the document here.                nificent President Denis Sassou
The cross being as a prison for               Nguesso seizes this opportunity, he          Then, ladies and gentlemen, so
Africa.                                       could become the first President of          this was Homéostasie. You saw,
                                              the United States of Africa, well the        we dug, dug, and dug again. As
Raël : It's true, completely true. That       headquarters of the United States of         result we have finished with all
is part of this process I have been           Africa and the African Parliament,           the questions. Nobody would
explaining for a long time. There was         well; it will be magnificent if it was in    complain, we put all the ques-
political pseudo decolonization, but          Congo nonetheless.                           tions, the Prophet being with us…
there is no spiritual decolonization
and that is why there is a need to            Prophet, I love you very much.               Raël : I will like to add something
urge the Africans to apostatize, to                                                        since you have involved in again. I,
de-baptize and find their cultures,           Raël : I also I love very much you.          too, I’d to say to all the people wat-
their original religions and to aban-         This is important. You are extraordi-        ching us: I love you.
don once again the religion of those          nary, really.
who colonized them.                           I like very much the actor Roberto           Thank you very much. Then it is a
                                                                                           blessing for us, for Africa and for
                                              Benini. Benini goes to the most
Then, a quite last question. We                                                            Congo. Homéostasie says to you:
                                              serious broadcasts in France, the
are not abusing of your kindness.                                                          goodbye. Thank you very much
We are impressed, Ladies and                  television news broadcast for exam-          once again.
Gentlemen. You know it is not                 ple, something where people swallo-
every day that we meet a Prophet,             wed their umbrella and everybody is
a true one. Then Prophet, every-              steep like that. And he gets up, he
body has tried to compare, every-             says: "I love you very much".
body decreed your first broadcast             You have just said it to me. I am
as     the     best    broadcast              almost exceeded because I wanted
Homéostasie ever made of all the              to say it to you before ending. It is so
year 2005. What do you think of               important, that also is a message for
                                              everybody, to say to one another
Raël : I am very happy for you. I find        that we love, because we can be
that the way you animate, you pre-            died in the next minute. And if we are
sent the questions that you ask, I            died or the other one that we love is
think that it is a magnificent broad-         died in the next minute, and that one
cast. It is not to please you, but I
                                              did not say to the other that we loved
have pleasure to speak with you.
That would deserve to be a Pan-               him (her), one will not be able to say
African broadcast.                            it any more.

                                                                                     Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
                                             orn on September 30th 1946 at Vichy, Rael early becomes
                                             passionately fond of speed and dreams of a career of car
                                         racing pilot. As a sport journalist, he creates a car racing maga-
                                         zine which becomes the most important in France.
                                         As a pilot, he gets results which lead him to foresee interesting
                                         opportunities in that exacting field.
                                         It is that time when an event so unexpected than original turns his
                                         life upside down. On December 13th , during an third encounter
                                         with an extra-terrestrial, he is given the mission to spread all over
                                         the planet the truth about the mankind origin.
                                         Following this encounter he writes “The Book which Tells the
                                         Truth” and decides to spend his life to the achievement of this
                                         fantastic mission.
                                         From that time on, conferences, interviews and TV talks follow
                                         one another and men and women begin to join him.
                                         On October 7th 1975 in the Perigord, he is again contacted and
                                         gets the privilege to visit another planet where extraordinary reve-
                                         lations are given to him.
                                         Raël then writes “The Extra-Terrestrials Took me to Their
                                         Planet” in which he relates, on one hand what was this original
                                         trip and entrusts us on another hand, the keys of blossoming
                                         which will allow people with good will to get into that golden age
                                         so often announced in the ancient scriptures. Raël writes another
                                         three books and creates what is today, in more than 85 countries,
                                         the “Raelian Religion”.
                                         He carries on his mission keeping on spreading a message of
                                         love and respect throughout the entire mankind and teaching
                                         during awakening seminars, the blossoming techniques taught to
                                         him by the ELOHIM.

62   Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)
       The Raelian Movement
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           This booklet is edited by : International Raelian Movement
Africa : 05 BP 1444 Abidjan 05 Côte d’Ivoire - E-mail :
                                           Raelian Messages
                                Human scientists from another planet
                                 created all life on earth using DNA.

T     races of this epic masterpiece of creation can be found in all religious writings and traditions. It is to
      them that Moses, Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed referred. It is now time to welcome them.


On the 13th of December 1973, French journalist Rael was contacted by a visitor from another planet,
and asked to establish an Embassy to welcome these people back to Earth.
The extra-terrestrial human being was a little over four feet tall, had long dark hair, almond shaped eyes,
olive skin, and exuded harmony and humor. Rael recently described him by saying quite simply, "If he were
to walk down a street in Japan, he would not even be noticed." In other words, they look like us, and we
look like them. In fact, we were created "in their image" as explained in the Bible.

He told Rael that:
"We were the ones who designed all life on earth"
"You mistook us for gods"
"We were at the origin of your main religions"
"Now that you are mature enough to understand this, we would like to enter official contact
through an embassy"

The messages dictated to Rael explain that life on Earth is not the result of random evolution, nor the
work of a supernatural 'God'. It is a deliberate creation, using DNA, by a scientifically advanced people
who made human beings literally "in their image" -- what one can call "scientific creationism." References
to these scientists and their work, as well as to their symbol of infinity, can be found in the ancient texts
of many cultures. For example, in Genesis, the Biblical account of Creation, the word "Elohim" has been
mistranslated as the singular word "God", but it is actually a plural word which means "those who came
from the sky", and the singular is "Eloha" (also known as "Allah"). Indigenous cultures all over the world
remember these "gods" who came from the sky, including natives of Africa (Dogon, Twa, etc.), America,
Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Leaving our humanity to progress by itself, the Elohim nevertheless maintained contact with us via pro-
phets including Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, etc., all specially chosen and educated by them. The role of
the prophets was to progressively educate humanity through the Messages they taught, each adapted to
the culture and level of understanding at the time. They were also to leave traces of the Elohim so that
we would be able to recognize them as our Creators and fellow human beings when we had advanced
enough scientifically to understand them. Jesus, whose father was an Eloha, was given the task of sprea-
ding these messages throughout the world in preparation for this crucial time in which we are now pri-
vileged to live: the predicted Age Of Revelation.

And most important of all, read the book, "The Message given by the Extra-terrestrial” the book
which will revolutionize your thinking, transform your life and which is already changing the world.

Edited by the Raelian Movement. May,Year 60 ah (2006)

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