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									                    Commercial                                                                           Residential
COASTAL RECONSTRUCTION INC                                                                 COASTAL RESIDENTIAL CORP
       Lic. #CGCO57545                                                                          Lic. #CGC1511631                                                    

                                        WORK AUTHORIZATION and CONTRACT

                          Owner:                                                       Date:

Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
For repairs and/or service at the following property location:

SCOPE OF WORK: Contractor shall furnish labor and                          ASSIGNMENT: Owner, by execution of this contract
Materials to complete the below designated services                         hereby assigns to Contractor such amount that is due
and/or repairs for the building or other property required                  Owner under any policy of insurance which covers the
as a result of casualty damage. Repairs may begin immediately              Work hereunder. Owner hereby directs such insurance
provided the contractor and adjuster have verbal agreement to              company to include “Coastal Residential Corp.” as
a scope of work. However, a written scope of work must                     co-payee on any draft or check issued for this work.
follow within 20 days for work to continue.

  Emergency Services                                                       EXCLUSIONS: Contractor shall not be responsible for
  Architectural / Engineering Service                                     the repair of termite or other hidden damage; or for the
  Building Permit                                                         correction of building, fire, or housing code violations,
  Order Trusses                                                           should they exist (unless otherwise included in the
  Reconstruction Repairs                                                  written ( “Scope of Work”). This work may be done by
                                                                          change order.

PAYMENT: Owner has an insurance policy to provide payment                  MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS: Contractor carries
for the work completed under this agreement. Owner agrees                  general liability and worker’s compensation insurance.
to pay Contractor, for all insured work an amount agreed                   A certificate of Insurance will be furnished upon request.
upon between Contractor and Owner’s insurance company                      Unless otherwise stated, the Contractor is not responsible
per the Scope of Work. Owner agrees, if required by                        for utilities used during the course of construction. The
Contractor, to cooperate with Contractor and Mortgagee                     person executing this Agreement represents and warrants
in order to provide monthly progress payments, based on the                that he/she has authority to contract for the Work and
amount of work completed, or in accordance with a Draw                     bind the legal entity that owns the property.
Schedule, to be furnished at a later date. Any work not covered
by insurance shall be paid by the Owner. (See EXCLUSIONS)                  GUARANTEE:
                                                                           Contractor guarantees all work performed under this
TERMS: Owner agrees (subject to receipt of insurance                       contract for a period of one year from completion,
proceeds, if applicable) to make all progress payments                     provided Contractor has been paid in full under this
within 10 days after invoicing and final payment with 30                   contract.
days after completion. Interest at the rate of 1% per
month shall accrue on any unpaid balance. Owner
shall be responsible for reasonable attorney’s fees
and court costs in the event that legal action is necessary
to collect any unpaid balance.

In order to proceed with the scheduling of the work, please sign below.

Owner: ___________________________________________                Contractor: _______________________________________
                  Print Name                                                              Print Name

Accepted: ________________________________________                Accepted: ________________________________________
                  Signature                                                              Signature

Date: ______/______/______                                         Date: _____/______/_______

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