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  Zelda was sliding when she got hot in
her big coat. But when she tried to take
it off, her zipper wouldn’t budge. So her
          friends tried to help her.
                --- Conversation Questions---

(1) Retell the story in your own words.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Describe your favorite part.

(2)   Imagine that you were Zelda, how would you feel if your
      zipper would not budge?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)    Think of a time when something would not budge.

(3) Estimate how long it took Zelda to get her zipper to budge.
(Answer)    Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)   Would it take you more or less time to budge the zipper
              than Zelda and her friends.

(4)   Suppose you were Zelda. Who would you ask to help you
      with the zipper?
(Answer)     Any logical answer.
(Follow Up)     Name who you would ask to help you.

(5) Define budge.
(Answer)    Move; stir
(Follow Up)   Use budge in a sentence.

(6) Name who helped Zelda with her zipper.
(Answer)    Bess, Zoey, Zack and Buzzy
(Follow Up)   Name a time when you helped someone.

(7) Find how many people tugged the zipper.
(Answer)    Five.
(Follow Up)    Recall what happened when the zipper finally budged.

(8) Recall how many tugs it took for the zipper to budge.
(Answer)    A zillion tugs.
(Follow Up)    Explain how many is a zillion.

(9)   Name the reason Zelda wanted to take off her big coat.
(Answer)    She was hot.
(Follow Up)   Think of a time when you got hot playing.

(10) Recall what the other children were doing in the story.
(Answer)    Running, playing ball, swinging, sliding and playing jump
(Follow Up)    List the activities that you enjoy doing.

1.     Make a list of everyone that helped Zelda with her zipper.

2.     Write about a time when someone helped you.

3.     Make a list of things that you like to do at the park.

4.     Write about a time when you helped someone.


1.     Say, “Have you ever had a zipper that would not budge?
       Today we are going to read about Zelda and her zipper that
       wouldn’t budge.”

2.     Show the children the cover of the book. Have them
       predict what the story is about. Say “Let’s read and find

3.     Show the children a coat with a zipper. Ask them if their
       zipper has ever been stuck? Say “Today we are going to
       read about Zelda and her zipper that wouldn’t budge.

Book Title: Zelda’s Zipper
Author: Cass Hollander                          Illustrator: Denise Brunkus
ISBN: 0-8136-1322-1                             # of Text Pages: 14     AR: N/A                                 LEX: N/A
                                     Building Oral Vocabulary
 5      Budge                      6   Tugged                    13 billion
                                       Prediction Questions
 3      What do you think Zelda will do?
 7      Who will help next?
11      Will Zelda’s zipper ever budge?

     This resource is provided by ATEAM—Barren County Board of Education, an AmeriCorps project funded in part by the Kentucky
             Commission on Community Volunteerism and Service and the Corporation for National and Community Service.

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