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Sealed Bid Rfq Template - Download as PDF


Sealed Bid Rfq Template document sample

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               Corporate Finance Department
                Materials Management Division   ADDENDUM NO. 1 to RFQ NO. 593-2002
                                                SUPPLY AND INSTALLATION OF NINE FOOT DUMP BODIES

                                                                      ISSUED:   August 13, 2002
                                                                      BUYER:    Tony Roziere/ds
                                                                      TELEPHONE NO. (204) 986-4623
                                                                      THIS ADDENDUM SHALL BE INCORPORATED

Please note the following and attached changes, corrections, additions, deletions, information and/or instructions
in connection with the Request for Quotation, and be governed accordingly. Failure to acknowledge receipt of this
Addendum on the cover page of the Bid Submission may render your Bid non-responsive.

Replace pages 8, 9 and 10 of the Detailed Specification 01-048 with the attached pages 8(R1), 9(r1) and 10(R1)..
                          SUPPLY and DELIVERY of NINE FOOT DUMP BODIES                            Page 8(R1) of 16

                                 DETAILED SPECIFICATION                     01 – 048              Quote 593 - 2002

                                                        ITEM(S) 1

     REQUIREMENT                                                                          BIDDER TO STATE “YES”
                                                                                          or  STATE DEVIATION

4.      MATERIAL

4.1     All steel used in construction to be minimum 12 GA., 50,000 PSI yield,
        except where otherwise noted.

5.      FRONT

5.1     Formed steel construction with horizontal reinforcement rib(s).

5.2     Cab shield - 12 IN. deep, sloped @ 200, sides tapered @ 300 to provide
        adequate clearance for entry and exit of vehicle cab.
        Shall be of unibody design.

5.3     Window     – 12 IN. x 30 IN. approx.
                   - Covered to prevent load debris from coming in contact with
                     rear window of cab, but providing clear rear view visibility

6.      SIDES

6.1     Clean side style formed sides without vertical reinforcements, with self-
        cleaning bottom rail.

6.2     Rear corner pillars – formed with dirt shedding top rail.

6.3     Plank gussets - for 2 IN. x 6 IN. planks, with 1/2   IN.   diameter bolt holes.

        (a)   Planks - nominal 2 IN. x 6 IN. planks, installed and bolted in gussets.

6.4     Access ladders - one (1) each side, mounted near front corner.

        (a)   Ladder rungs - 4 hole Traction Tread, 12 IN. wide, mounted
              approx. 22 IN. from ground level, one (1) rung per ladder.

        (b)   Grab handles - vertically mounted to side of front bulkhead.

6.5     Fold down sides with single lever control handle and recessed hinges. Hinges
        to have grease zerks.

        (a)   Tapered surfaces required to keep material from gathering on the
              fold down sides.

6.6     Sides shall not contact rear wheels in fold-down position.
                           SUPPLY and DELIVERY of NINE FOOT DUMP BODIES                        Page 9(R1) of 16

                                  DETAILED SPECIFICATION                   01 – 048            Quote 593 - 2002

                                                          ITEM(S) 1

     REQUIREMENT                                                                       BIDDER TO STATE “YES”
                                                                                       or  STATE DEVIATION

7.      TAILGATE

7.1     Shall be a two way tailgate able to open from the top and bottom.

7.2     Formed construction, reinforced as required.

7.3     Tailgate shall not protrude above floor in horizontal position and shall
        remain level in the horizontal position.

7.4     There shall be no gap between tailgate and the floor and sides when
        tailgate is in closed position.

7.5     Support chains – heavy duty, adequately fastened c/w chain storage.

        (a)   Spreader chains – not required.

7.6     Tailgate locking mechanism – operated from left front corner of dump
        body. Shall have grease fittings at all critical locations and safety ring
        to hold handle in locked position.

        (a)    Locking mechanism shall be adjustable to ensure adequate
               lock-up with tailgate closed.

8.      FLOOR

8.1      Material – minimum 10 gauge high strength steel plate, state type.

8.2     Understructure – full length long sills with channel / I beam cross members
        providing lower mounting height and greater overall strength.


9.1     All vehicle lighting shall conform to C.M.V.S.S. and Manitoba Highway
        Traffic Act requirements.
9.2     Supplier installed lighting shall be Truck Lite and shall include the
        following components:

        (a)   Combination stop, turn and taillights – P/N 44302R with P/N 40700
              mounting grommets, installed in outside ends of rear cross sill or
              in protected location. Appropriate sized resistors shall be installed
              in taillight circuit to provide flash rate of 70-90 flashes/minute.

        (b)   Back-up lights – P/N 44206C with P/N 40700 mounting grommets,
              installed in outside ends of rear cross sill or in protected location.
                           SUPPLY and DELIVERY of NINE FOOT DUMP BODIES                            Page 10(R1) of 16

                                  DETAILED SPECIFICATION                    01 – 048               Quote 593 - 2002

                                                           ITEM(S) 1

  REQUIREMENT                                                                              BIDDER TO STATE “YES”
                                                                                           or  STATE DEVIATION

        (c)   Light cluster – three (3) P/N 10250R with P/N 10700 mounting
              grommets, installed in rear cross sill, protected to avoid damage.

        (d)   Clearance lights – P/N 10250R and 10250Y with P/N 737808
              mounting grommets.

        (e)   License plate lamp – P/N 15040 complete with license plate bracket.

        (f)   Lighting harnesses – Truck-Lite 50 Series Harness system, properly
              routed and secured.

        (g)   Junction box – P/N 50400, complete with necessary compression fittings,
              required for all vehicle lighting harness connections, located inside
              rear of truck frame.

        (h)   All plug-in connectors shall be coated with dielectric grease prior to ass’y.

9.3     Back up alarm – Preco Model 240 or Grote 73040-5, installed at the rear
        of the unit, located to be protected from damage.

9.4     Trailer connector – 6-pole, Grote 82-1016 or equal, wired as per Detailed
        Specifications 02-029 (appended hereto), installed in hitch plate.

9.5     Warning light – Grote 76813, complete with in-cab switch, wired through
        ignition. Beacon shall be mounted to front of cab shield with light guard.

9.5.1   Warning light shall be permanently labelled with an engraved type label.

9.6     All wiring for locally installed accessories and trailer plug shall be
        colour coded, loomed and properly secured.

        (a)   All electrical connectors shall be crimped and soldered, then sealed
              using heat shrink tubing.

        (b)   All joining of wires shall be soldered and sealed using heat shrink tubing
              (crimp on electrical connectors for joining wires are not acceptable).

        (c)   Any holes required to run wires through shall be drilled (not punched),
              grommetted and sealed as necessary.

10.       WELDING

10.1      All welds shall be continuous welds.

10.2      All welding performed shall conform to the best standards and practice
          of the industry.

10.3      The fabrication site shall be a CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified shop
          and / or the welders conducting the fabrication must be Journeyman Certified.

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