Subscription Manager for District Administrators Using TCI by TeachTCI


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									Getting Around

    Subscription Manager allows you to immediately distribute subscriptions. For full access, complete and return the
    agreement available on the Home tab.

 Immediately: Distribute                  Immediately: See who has 
 subscriptions.                           registered. 
 Upon completion of agreement: 
 U            l ti    f         t         U           l i    f
                                          Upon completion of agreement:        Use Manage mode to distribute your subscriptions. 
                                                                               Use Manage mode to distribute your subscriptions
 See all available options for            Remove teacher access, delete        Teach mode to access your own subscription.
 distributing subscriptions.              records, and more.

Upon completion of agreement:                Immediately: See details for 
See a summary of all programs                each order:  PO Numbers, 
and set maximum class sizes.                 expiration dates, and more.

                     p         p          g
                    Upon completion of agreement: 
                    See all students and batch upload 
                    new students.
Getting Your Teachers Started
    Teachers who used TCI last year (teachers listed on Teachers tab): Instruct teachers to visit,
    select sign in, and select update password. They will receive an email that allows them to change their password.
                    this, they re         system.
    Once they do this they’re in the new system They can select their program and start exploring!

    Teachers new to TCI (teachers not listed on Teachers tab): Select one of the options on your Home tab to give
    teachers access to your subscriptions.


                                                                      How it works:  Copy and paste this url and send it to your 
       How it works:  Type  or copy and paste an email address  
       in and the teacher receives an invitation to create an 
                                                                      When to use it: You have a distribution list in your email 
                                                                      system that you can easily use to invite a group of teachers.  
       Ideal Uses:  You have a teacher on the phone who needs 
                                                                      This can also be helpful if you want to include additional 
       access. Type in their e‐mail address, submit, and they’ll 
                                                                      information when inviting teachers.
       get their invitation.   

    Upon Completion of Agreement

      How it works:  Enter the teacher’s basic information.  They     How it works:  Upload a CSV file with up to 1,000 teacher 
      will receive an email asking them to confirm their account.     records. Each teacher will receive an email asking them to 
      When to use it: You do not want teachers to have your           confirm their account.
      sign‐up url.  This gives you more control over your             When to use it: You want to achieve standardization with 
      subscriptions but requires more work on your part.  Make        passwords.  This can be helpful with single sign‐on. This 
      sure you tell the teacher the password you selected for
      sure you tell the teacher  the password you selected for        option is not recommended for districts who cannot easily
                                                                      option is not recommended for districts who cannot easily 
      them.                                                           export the required data.
Registering Students

    Please note, this option is available only if student subscriptions have been purchased.

    You have three options for creating student accounts. Each has its own benefits. Regardless of which option you
    choose, we recommend that you have students use a standardized username such as a student id to make future
    updates simple for teachers.


     Teachers add students                                          Students add themselves

     How it works:  Once a program has been selected, a             How it works:  Students go to and 
     teacher can select “My Classes” and add student directly       select Create Account.  They’ll need their teacher’s email 
     into a roster.  Teachers then provide students with their      address. They can then create their own account.
     teacher email, the student’s username and password.            Ideal Uses: This method is popular amongst secondary 
     Ideal Uses: Teachers with a single class of students.  This    teachers.  It holds students accountable for creating their 
     method is particularly helpful in the lower grade levels.      own accounts.

    Upon Completion of Agreement

      Batch upload of students

      How it works:  Upload a CSV file with teacher and 
      student data to create all student accounts.
      Ideal Uses: Districts attempting to standardize sign on 
      procedures find this option helpful. To determine 
      whether or not this would work for your district, please 
      whether or not this would work for your district please
      view the template provided on the student upload page.

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