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									Physical Science – Worksheet 17 – Rocks

Please read the chapter and answer the following questions:

For three rock types listed below explain how they are formed, what their characteristics
are, what their uses are, and other interesting for each:

1. Igneous

2. Sedimentary Rocks

3. Metamorphic
4. Explain and describe the different types of volcano’s

Explain what the following terms mean:

5. Dike

6. Batholith

7. Laccolith

8. Sill

9. Volcanic pipe

10. Lava flow

11. What is Shiprock New Mexico and how was it formed?

12. Explain the process of weathering, erosion, transportation and sedimentation
      (give some very good detail)
12. Draw the rock cycle that is in the text. Label it. Then describe in words what how
the rock cycle works.

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