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					                                      GUIDING EYES FOR THE BLIND
                                         MONTGOMERY REGION
 Canine Development Center
 361 Route 164                    Raiser of the Month                                                    September-October 2010
 Patterson, NY 12563
 845- 878-3330                        Winsome has been with us for more than        Hahaha! OK, I admit it, I may have    a year and it feels like she is a member of       exaggerated a little, but it is true that she is
                                  the family. She was the cutest little puppy I     nice, funny and smart. Although she doesn’t
 Training Center & Offices        had ever seen with tiny little paws and the       actually do calculus, she knows a bunch of
 611 Granite Springs Road         most adorable floppy ears. Not much has           tricks, knows what lunch, dinner and bed
 Yorktown Heights, NY 10598       changed though: she is still pretty small         means, and she also knows that what “time to
 800-942-0149                     compared to other labs.                           eat” is in Chinese. In addition to being funny,                  Winsome and I really bonded over the          she keeps my feet warm in the winter and
                                  past couple of months…we’re actually best         attends my soccer games to root me on. She
 GEB Veterinary Service           friends and, since I know so much about our       is always there to root me on.
 845-230-6425                     little pup, I’m going to let you in on some of           her secrets.

 GEB-Montgomery Region

 GEB Regional Manager
  Roberta Huy
   Liz Neubaum
   301-977-8929                                                                        She is most definitely the best that that
 Newsletter/Publicity                                                               ever happened to me. I know that winsome
  Margie Coccodrilli               First, she is a huge softie. It may not seem     will be a great guide done one way, and
  301-869-2216                    like she cares at times, but more than once I     whoever ends up with her will be so lucky.
 Website                          caught her helping some old lady carry her           Although it’s hard for me to say good-bye
  Terry Cohen                     denture cream from the shopping cart to the       to Winsome, I know that someone needs her
  240-683-0332                    car. Though this isn’t much of a secret, she      more, and I am so happy to have been able to
                                  has a wicked sense of humor. You’ll find          spend the time that I did with her.          her chatting at strangers on the bus so that
                                  she can give them her stand-up comedy
                                  routine. She never fails to make me smile
                                  when I’m feeling a little down. Finally,
                                  although she’ll never admit it, Winsome can
                                  get a little nerdy. Sometimes, if you stay up
Feature Stories:                  late enough, you might be able to catch a
                                  glimpse of her head buried in a calculus
 Raiser of the Month              book,      or    flipping    through    David
                                  Copperfield. Pretty shocking, huh! Bet you
  GEB Graduates
                                  didn’t know that about our little Winnie.
 Welcome New and Repeat Raisers                                                           Good lucky Winsome, I love you!
 Pups on the Move                 CLASS DATES                                                      Diana Wang

                                  September 12 - 2:30 – 5:00 Groups 1-3            October 10 - 2:30 – 5:00 Groups 1-3
                                  Wisconsin Place                                  Bauer Drive Community Center
                                  September 26 – 2:30 – 5:00 Groups 1-3            October 24 – 2:30 – 5:00 Groups 1-3
                                  Potomac Community Recreation Center              Bauer Drive Community Center
                                    GEB – Montgomery Region                                                Page 2

Geoffrey Graduates July 24                                    Khaki Graduates July 24
Derek Neach of Tennessee was paired with his first guide      Connecticut resident Tina Ciarciello was very
dog – yellow Lab Geoffrey. He feels optimistic about the      enthusiastic about receiving her third Guiding Eyes dog
positive impact his new partner will have in his life.        – yellow Labrador Khaki. Tina was diagnosed with
Derek lost most of his sight at birth due to Retinopathy of   Retinopathy of prematurity at birth and has partial vision
prematurity. Derek graduated from the Tennessee School        in her right eye. She was delighted to receive a yellow
for the Blind and will be a freshman at Eastern Tennessee
State University in the fall. He plans to major in            lab because she can see some of the expressions on
computer science and would like to later gain                 Khaki’s face. Tina has always been a dog lover. She
employment at the internet company Cisco Systems.             shares that her guide dogs have meant companionship,
Derek loves to play football, work on the computer, and       independence and freedom.
listen to all types of music.
                                                              Tina enjoys walking, hiking, and does volunteer work.
                                                              She is on the advisory committee for people with
                                                              disabilities in her hometown. Tina loves music and
                                 Derek reflected on his       singing and hanging out with a large group of friends.
                                 experience at Guiding        She joked that her community is very aware and offers
                                 Eyes by saying, “It has      lots of services for people with disabilities. Sometimes
                                 been a great, amazing        she will go out to dinner with six friends, all of whom
                                 experience. I have           have guide dogs, and the group gets a lot of attention
                                 learned so much. It’s        from other patrons at the restaurant.
                                 the best school in the
                                 country. The people
                                 here give 100%.”
                                                                                                Tina feels the
                                                                                                atmosphere at Guiding
                                                                                                Eyes is like a family. “I
                                                                                                love the instructors.
                                                                                                Everyone is so warm and
                                                                                                bubbly here.”

                                                              Linda and Bill Ratcliff Montgomery Region Raisers
      Samantha Slonin Montgomery Region Raiser
                                    GEB Montgomery Region                                                           Page 3

Patriot Graduates August 21
                                                                   Rhode Island resident Kerry Clark was born with retinitis
                                                                   pigmentosa. He graduated this June from high school and
                                                                   will begin college classes shortly. His focus will be on
Jean Silverman Montgomery Region Puppy Raiser                      communications and radio broadcasting. The residential
                                                                   training at Guiding Eyes was a perfect fit for Kerry; he felt
                                                                   the class was like a family. He recently studied Italy in
                                                                   school and thought it was interesting to have a classmate
                                                                   from Milan.

                                                                   Kerry has always been an animal lover, and feels the bond
                                                                   with Patriot is already strong after only a short time. “It’s
                                                                   great that I can walk down a street and not bump into poles
                                                                   or trees. I can walk so much faster and I’m not as worried
                                                                   about making mistakes when crossing an intersection. I
                                                                   know that Patriot will look out for me.”


                                                                                August 21 GEB Graduating Class

 Abilene Graduates August 21
 On August 21, John Kennedy and family attended the
 graduation of Abilene, their Montgomery Region raised puppy.
 Guiding Eyes for the Blind and the Canadian Guide Dogs For
 the Blind have a working relationship together. Where there
 will be GEB raised and foster dogs that will be able to assist
 blind and visually impaired residents living in Canada…it’s a
 win-win for everyone. John Kennedy and family gave Abilene
 a wonderful foundation and enjoyed the fruits of their labor by
 attending the Graduation Tea in Canada.

                                  From pup in training to
                                  guide dog graduate
                                      GEB – Montgomery Region                                                         Page 4

                                  Welcome New and Repeat Raisers
                                  First-time raisers Brian Reed, Jen                  Mark and Anita Cattrell will be raising Malone,
                                  Cromwell and daughter Kyra will be                  first time raisers. Malone will be getting a
                                  raising Saffron.                                    great “first start” with Jean Silverman as Mark
                                                                                      and Anita finalize their wedding plans.

Let us know where you like
to take your pup for outings

        Savannah, sister to Saffron, will be raised by
        veteran puppy raiser John Kennedy and family.
        This is their 4th puppy in training.

                                                                Jody McCain, veteran Montgomery Region puppy raiser,
                                                                has a very special pup named Harry. A special named pup
                                                                in remembrance of Jody’s husband is the 8th dog Jody is
                                                                now raising. Congratulations!

                                    PUPS ON THE MOVE
   Deadline for submission          Pups in Training:        Ace, Brandon, Jamie, Ward, Winsome
  of newsletter articles is the     Breeding Colony:         Cletus
      20th of each month            Released:                Ghita – private adoption
                                                             Leslie – adopted by Meyer Family Montgomery Raisers

                                          This newsletter is for everyone. Please contact me with your suggestions,
                                                             ideas, and stories...and send pictures
                                                          Your articles will be included in future n
                                                                     Margie Coccodrilli

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