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									     Science Fair Proposal
Bobby Doright                                                                May 5, 2007
Mr. Guez/Mrs. Castallano                                              Science Fair Project
                                                                     The Life of a Battery

1.   Subject Area:
         Energy and Temperature

2.   Topic:
         Battery Life

3.   Question:
         Will a typical C battery last longer if it is stored in a refrigerator, freezer, or at
         room temperature?

4.   Rationale:
         People often store batteries in their refrigerator to keep them ‘fresh.’ This
         experiment is designed to test to see which environment is the best for
         extending the life of a battery.

5.   Project Type:
         This Science Fair project is an experiment. I will be testing the life of batteries
         when they are stored in different environments.

6.   Plan:
              -   purchase several C batteries (same brand from same store)
              -   label each batter as: Freezer, Room Temperature, or Refrigerator
              -   place one or two batteries in each of the three temperature settings
              -   store the batteries for three weeks
              -   place the batteries in a toy that requires C batteries and turn it on
              -   record the time the toy begins running and when it stops (due to a lack of
                  battery power/energy)
              -   run the test for each battery recording all times
              -   compare and analyze the date
              -   create a presentation board using data charts, pictures, written
                  information on the experiment/steps/Scientific Method, and collecting
                  materials for demonstration purposes

7.   Variable(s):
8.   Assistance/Cost Estimate:
           I will require parent permission and funds to buy, run and present the
           experiment. I estimate that the batteries and other materials will be less than

9.   Timeframe:
           Proposal Due: 5/5/07
           Hypothesis Due: 5/8/07
           Begin Experiment (place batteries in different environments): 5/8/07
           Test (run toy on batteries/collect data): 6/2/07
           Draft of data to teacher: 6/10/07
           Assemble Project/Display Board: 6/15/07
           Science Fair: 6/17/07     (these dates are for display only - they are not necessarily accurate.
                                                         Also, your timeframe must be specific to your project.)

10. Materials:
           3 or 6 different new C batteries (it may be necessary to use two batteries to run the toy)
           1 toy that operates on 1 C battery
           1 poster board for display purposes
           Various markers, pencils, crayons, etc…
           10 or more pieces of yellow construction paper (display board background)
           clock (to time toy/battery life)
           camera (to take pictures of experiment)
           computer to create data chart/write information/create display headings/print

11. Sign off:
     Student Signature                      Parent Signature                       Teacher Signature

     _________________________              _________________________              _________________________

     The Fine Print
     *Proposal should be typed. You may get the template of this proposal form from your teacher.
     *All information for presentation, including data charts, should be done on a computer. You may arrange, with
     your science teacher, a day to come to Extra-Help for this purpose. Don’t wait until the last minute!
     *Science Fair projects can be expensive. Keep expenses in mind when you design your project – keep to a
     reasonable and appropriate budget.
     *Issues related to funding should be brought to your teacher’s attention.
     *Your teacher can’t assist you during science class.
     *Take advantage of Extra-Help sessions if you need teacher assistance.
     *Your presentation is very important. It must be edited, attractive, writing must be clear, data
     charts/diagrams/pictures must be clear and appropriate, and most importantly everything must be accurate.
     *This is your project - take responsibility for it. This is a learning experience and potentially a life lesson. If we
     wanted a project from your older brother/sister or parent, we would ask for one.
     *Have fun, be creative, and show yourself off. This is something you could remember as a great experience.
     *Don’t eat broccoli the day before the Science Fair.

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