EH3500 Series ImagePak Selection Guide by hedumpsitacross


									EH3500 Series ImagePak® Selection Guide

                                                                                                                                    Outdoor (Down to -10°F)
                                                                                                                         Includes 24 VAC Heater, Sunshield, and Mount
                             Camera Type    Description         Camera      Resolution     Lens Type      Focal Length          NTSC                     PAL

                                                                                                           2.5~6 mm         G3512-2AAV2AK          G3512-2ABV2AK
                                              Network,                                                     2.8~12 mm       G3512-2AAV21AK         G3512-2ABV21AK
                               Network,                                                    Varifocal,
                                               Color,          IP3701H-2/
                               General                                        480 TVL      Auto Iris        3~8 mm          G3512-2AAV3AK          G3512-2ABV3AK
                                                High          IP3701H-2X*
                               Purpose                                                      (13VD)
                                             Resolution                                                     5~50 mm        G3512-2AAV50AK         G3512-2ABV50AK
                                                                                                          5.5~82.5 mm      G3512-2AAV55AK         G3512-2ABV55AK
                                                                                                           2.8~11 mm       G3508-2KWR11AK         G3508-2KWR11AK
                                                                                         Varifocal D/N,
                                                                                           Auto Iris       3~8.5 mm        G3508-2KWR3AK           G3508-2KXR3AK
                                              Color/                                                       7.5~50 mm       G3508-2KWR75AK         G3508-2KXR75AK
                              Day/Night    Monochrome, CCC1390H-6/
                                                                              480 TVL                      2.5~6 mm        G3508-2KWV2AK           G3508-2KXV2AK
                                WDR         LowLight™  CCC1390H-6X
                                            with WDR                                       Varifocal,      2.8~12 mm       G3508-2KWV21AK         G3508-2KXV21AK
                                                                                           Auto Iris
                                                                                            (13VD)          3~8 mm         G3508-2KWV3AK           G3508-2KXV3AK
                                                                                                            5~50 mm        G3508-2KWV50AK         G3508-2KXV50AK
                                                                                                           2.8~11 mm       G3508-2AMR11AK         G3508-2ANR11AK
                                                                                         Varifocal D/N,
                                                                                           Auto Iris       3~8.5 mm        G3508-2AMR3AK           G3508-2ANR3AK
                                              Color/                                                       7.5~50 mm       G3508-2AMR75AK         G3508-2ANR75AK
                                           Monochrome,         C10DN-6/
                              Day/Night                                       540 TVL                      2.5~6 mm        G3508-2AMV2AK           G3508-2ANV2AK
                                            Ultra High         C10DN-6X
                                            Resolution                                     Varifocal,      2.8~12 mm       G3508-2AMV21AK         G3508-2ANV21AK
                                                                                           Auto Iris
                                                                                            (13VD)          3~8 mm         G3508-2AMV3AK           G3508-2ANV3AK
                                                                                                            5~50 mm        G3508-2AMV50AK         G3508-2ANV50AK
                                                                                                           2.5~6 mm         G3512-2CLV2AK          G3512-2CMV2AK

                                             Color, DSS                                    Varifocal,      2.8~12 mm       G3512-2CLV21AK         G3512-2CMV21AK
                               LowLight         High                          480 TVL      Auto Iris        3~8 mm          G3512-2CLV3AK          G3512-2CMV3AK
                                             Resolution                                     (13VD)
                                                                                                            5~50 mm        G3512-2CLV50AK         G3512-2CMV50AK
                                                                                                          5.5~82.5 mm      G3512-2CLV55AK         G3512-2CMV55AK
                                                                                                           2.5~6 mm         G3512-2CBV2AK          G3512-2CDV2AK

                               General         Color,                                      Varifocal,      2.8~12 mm       G3512-2CBV21AK         G3512-2CDV21AK
                               Purpose,        High                           480 TVL      Auto Iris        3~8 mm          G3512-2CBV3AK          G3512-2CDV3AK
                                 EDR         Resolution                                     (13VD)
                                                                                                            5~50 mm        G3512-2CBV50AK         G3512-2CDV50AK
                                                                                                          5.5~82.5 mm      G3512-2CBV55AK         G3512-2CDV55AK
G3508-2AJV2AK                                                                                              2.5~6 mm         G3508-2AJV2AK          G3508-2AKV2AK
                 Mount                         Color,                                      Varifocal,      2.8~12 mm       G3508-2AJV21AK         G3508-2AKV21AK
                               General                         C10CH-6/
                 Lens                        Ultra High                       540 TVL      Auto Iris
                               Purpose                         C10CH-6X                                     3~8 mm          G3508-2AJV3AK          G3508-2AKV3AK
                 Camera                      Resolution                                     (13VD)
                 Enclosure                                                                                  5~50 mm        G3508-2AJV50AK         G3508-2AKV50AK
                                                          Note: Consult the factory or B.O.S.S. for additional ImagePak combinations not shown in this selection guide.
                                                                                                                      *Camera available only with EH3512-2 enclosure.

                             For detailed information about EH3500 Series ImagePak components, refer to the component specification sheets listed below.
                             Enclosure                            Cameras                               Lenses                               Mount
                             EH3508-2 (G3508-2)                   IP3701H-2      (AA)                   13VDIR2.8-11   (R11A)                EM1450 (K)
                             EH3512-2 (G3512-2)                   IP3701H-2X     (AB)                   13VDIR3-8.5    (R3A)
                                                                  CCC1390H-6     (KW)                   13VDIR7.5-50   (R75A)
                                                                  CCC1390H-6X    (KX)                   13VD2.5-6      (V2A)
                                                                  C10DN-6        (AM)                   13VD2.8-12     (V21A)
                                                                  C10DN-6X       (AN)                   13VD3-8        (V3A)
                                                                  CC3751H-2      (CL)                   13VD5-50       (V50A)
                                                                  CC3651H-2X     (CM)                   13VD5.5-82.5   (V55A)
                                                                  CC3701H-2      (CB)
                                                                  CC3701H-2X     (CD)
                                                                  C10CH-6        (AJ)
                                                                  C10CH-6X       (AK)

REVISED 7-7-08

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