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Screen Printing Pricing Spreadsheet Program - DOC


Screen Printing Pricing Spreadsheet Program document sample

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									             RMS ACCOUNTING AND EDI
               SOLUTIONS UPDATE’S


Instructions for running the Solutions Update

1. Download the “Upgrade” from the RMS website, (WWW.RMSON-LINE.COM),
Click Download Demo,

        For EDI Quick Update
        „Click here to download Program Updates‟
        Under the Quick EDI Upgrade Download

        For Full Update
        „Click here to download Program Updates‟
        Under the Upgrade Download

Save to a location on your computer.

2. Click START | RUN

3. Based on your drive letter and your download path, type in

        (if you downloaded the EDI Quick Update)
        J:\my files\RMS EDI UPDATE.exe


        (if you downloaded the Upgrade Download)
        J:\my files\RMS PROGRAM UPDATES.exe

(J: would be replaced by your drive letter.) Follow the instructions on screen.
4. Change the install directory to the location you have the RMS Solutions system.
Leave all other defaults as you continue thru the install and follow the instructions on
the screen.

FROM THE SERVER COMPUTER ONE TIME. This will allow any updates to
automatically run.

History of changes by Module

C/S network
6/15/07 – Added to all modules

Accounts Payable
4/1/07 – Post log updates
3/27/07 – Additional Help screens added
2/1/06 – Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
6/6/05 - Account detail by vendor report added
6/6/05 - Manual negative check now allowed
6/6/05 – Reprint checks fixed
6/6/05 - “Printer is not currently Printing” error fixed when printing checks
1/5/05 – Fix for printing multi checks

Accounts Receivable
2/7/11 – Post Payments/Adjustments
4/1/07 – Post log updates
2/1/06 – Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
2/5/05 - Batch now allows a negative amount
12/10/04 – Fix for data not showing in the Debit / Credit Grid

03/10/10 – Switch to allow updating EDI PO‟s shipto for each store by retailer
03/02/10 – Added fields for generating Master BOL
7/15/07 – Item pictures can now be added
6/28/07 – Additional table for item information that can be custom build by the user
6/25/07 – Additional Salesman contact info
2/5/07 – Encryption for all tables
2/5/07 – Item copy and duplicate
2/5/07 – Print upc/item label option
2/5/07 – fix BOM report
2/5/07 – Added F12 function key for filling in UCC id
12/9/06 – User can select and encrypt tables
12/8/06 – Posting status of all modules
12/8/06 – Journal print status of all modules
9/6/06 – Quick search added to lookups
2/1/06 – Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
12/15/05 – Added Pallet and fixed inner pack
8/22/05 – Speed increase on the Item Add
6/6/05 – Added Extended item description of EDI
5/13/05 – Added Store tab to the Edit Customers
6/6/05 – Added self locking to fix locked sessions
2/13/05 – Added Groups to customer tab
12/14/04 – Added group field in „Edit Customers‟
11/14/04 – Expanded Loc to 5 char
9/23/04 – Speed increase for „Edit Items‟
9/24/04 – Added „View Items‟
8/26/04 – Updated locate windows

Contact Manager
9/10/10 – Updated CIT process
8/1/1/07 – Customer and Salesman system to verify orders, shipments, problems via
several methods, including email and fax

General Ledger
4/1/07 – Post log updates
2/1/06 – Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
9/21/05 – Ranges added to many reports
Inventory / Purchasing
11/1/10 – Added report to remove inactive items in Master Material Requirements
8/15/07 – New Receiver Program to allow for receipt of merchandise using scanners
4/1/07 – Added a new Material Requirements program and reports
4/1/07 – Post log updates
4/1/07 – Copy Vendor PO‟s
2/1/06 – Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
11/20/05 – Added Physical Inventory program using scanners
6/15/05 – 0 cost items now allowed
6/15/05 – Print all PO‟s changed to print just those PO‟s not previously printed
6/15/05 – Email single PO to vendor
12/16/04 – Fix for in-transit
10/21/04 – Changed Production Schedule

Order Entry
1/19/11 – Added special notes, RMS notes, and Required fields detection
10/7/10 – Added Shoe Carnival requirements
8/3/10 – UCC 128 labels can now reflect unit quantity totals based on assortments
5/10/10 – Added pallet or small carrier shipping Id
3/10/10 – Added weight per carton calculation from weight per item
2/12/10 – Added BOL program
5/15/09 – Added FedEx program
4/9/07 – New shipping label for multiple cartons
4/1/07 – Post log updates
3/19/07 – Group EDI delete program added
1/4/07 – New total button to obtain the Qty Ordered, Cartons, Cubic and Weight
1/4/07 – New Select Contract Pricing screen
1/4/07 – New search of Orders when customer is unknown
9/21/06 – Added How obtained tracking
10/10/06 – Added Content labels to print item content
07/05/06 – Added a Wedge program for boxing
04/17/06 – Extended Carrier Reference to 20 char
04/07/06 – GI speed increase
2/28/06 – Added manual user input for UCC id‟s.
2/1/06 - Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
12/15/05 – Update records total cartons and weight for Group Invoicing
11/15/05 – Custom Pull List by customer
11/11/05 – Print ucc‟s by customer
11/01/05 – Major Speed increase on Enter/Edit PO and Inv
11/01/05 – Major Speed increase on Edit EDI Invoicing / ASN
11/01/05 – Added Range options when working in Routing Request
11/01/05 – Boxing report can be printed even if transmitted
10/21/05 – Added button for calculating total cartons per shipment
10/06/05 – Group Invoicing added
10/15/05 – ScanPal scanners can be used to generate ASN boxing
10/15/05 – Print by Customer option added to printing of ASN‟s
10/15/05 – Automatic Weight and Box count calculation options added to EDI
09/13/05 – Speed increase for the load time
01/25/05 – Added screens for Routing Request
01/25/05 – Fix for printing upc labels with Bartenders to a user directory
01/18/05 – New Select screen on Run Edi Invoicing.
11/14/04 – Added locks for checking table view. Fixes error 10258 and 8708.
11/12/04 – System will no longer allow record to change from a Invoice to Order after
11/11/04 – Fix for printing ucc-128 labels where users have tables open
10/22/04 – Improved printing speed on the Pack Slip (Custom PS will need to be
10/18/04 – GI moved from Beta
10/17/04 – New packing.rtm for increased speed on a network
10/06/05 – GI (Group Invoicing) added BETA
10/03/04 – Added 17 char VISC BOL generator
9/21/04 – Update for printing ucc-128 by All.
9/2/04 – Updated printing of PO‟s for Multi format

Other changes
2/18/10 – Update to Macy‟s Packing Slip. After upgrading vendor must modify data
before using.
4/1/07 – UCC Id fill in using the F12 function key
2/1/06 – Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
12/20/05 – Assortment program added that allows the user to key in a master upc# and
the assortment upc‟s will be filled into the PO
8/23/04 – Updated many modules to allow sorting by columns

Show Scanning Program
03/11/10 - Import RMS accounting, adds the tables used for the show automatically
 03/11/10 - Creates item inventory files, including onhand, IP, OE
 03/11/10 - New Order will auto create a PO number based on the show+date+order
 3/11/10 - Terms auto updates based on cust file
 3/11/10 - Sales rep auto updates based on cust file
 3/11/10 - Reprint order with and without bar codes
3/11/10 - Inventory list by ordered items that includes on hand, on IP orders and on
OE orders
3/11/10 - Duplicate order items are now combined and recalculated
3/11/10 - Items with 0 qty are auto deleted
Editing quantities entered into the scanner can be done with the scanner or manually
with the computer. While your working with a customer and wish to make a quantity
change on the scanner,

delete item - scan the barcode and enter 0 as the quantity

Increase quantity - scan the barcode and enter the addition quantity

Decrease quantity - scan the barcode and enter 0, scan the barcode and enter the new

 3/11/10 - Records input to the catalog screen can be printed either using report or to a

3/11/10 - Data is exported and imported into the RMS accounting data directly from
the show program

4/6/07 – Vendor printed PO copy now has barcodes with each item ordered
4/6/07 – Total order cost listed on the scanner
4/6/07 – Upload inventory file to scanner
2/26/07 – Sales Rep field with lookups setup
8/14/06 – Catalog request for entering address data to print labels for sending catalogs
8/4/06 – Totals screen added for Total show, day, item, item by day, by qty, by dollar
8/4/06 – Print replacement item upc with bar code
8/4/07 – How obtained field and how obtained defaults
12/23/05 – Complete show program that allows for scanners to be used for automatic
processing of Purchase orders at a market. Can be used even if not using the RMS
Accounting Solutions.
01/01/10 – Same show program for use with Quickbooks and Transaction Importer

Routing Request
01/25/05 – Added screens for Routing Request

1/11/11 – Added Bol Carton / Ucc label report to detect errors
8/18/10 – Added “Retailer sku” and “retailer item” to send inventory
5/10/10 – Pallet or small carrier shipping Id sent
4/8/10 – Store address info now sent
3/11/10 – New assortment report
12/11/09 – Added Outlook, mail to allow sending and receiving
3/19/07 – PO cancel records are created so po‟s may be deleted from OE screen.
3/13/07 – PO Change report fixed where retailer sending over a page of message info
caused a system lock
3/13/07 – Errors are no longer reported when multiple Contact pricing are found for a
single item, only if not match is found
 7/20/06 – System will maintain a backorder table used when importing data
7/19/06 – Added a store pagebreak where changes have no additional changes
4/7/06 – Item field on PO spreadsheet format increased
4/7/06 – Store (816) report fix
2/1/06 – Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
12/14/05 – Emergency Send/Receive added that does not have to connect to the FTP or
12/14/05 – Fixed error message when the user‟s system is missing the Userid or
Ret_doc files
11/20/05 – FTP and BBS will attempt to reconnect and start with the last file
9/13/05 – Added report for printing any of the Order Status Request doc‟s
5/25/05 – Fixed the name convention on the 753/754 during the Receive
4/5/05 – Added code to send the extent Item info
1/25/05 – Added screens for Routing Request
11/11/04 – Added code to lock users out when sending EDI Invoice/Asn information
10/06/04 – Added change to allow multi 846 for retailers in one send
9/21/04 – Update for Error Report listing Case Pack incorrect
9/22/04 – Added 846 to send inventory qty‟s to retailers
2/01/10 – Added RMS Mail, Outlook, and Manual selections for receiving/sending

2/10/11 – Added PeachTree Premium 2011 Import/Export
10/4/10 – Added ApparelMagic Import/Export
6/22/10 – Added inventory levels to import catalog
7/4/08 – Added Sage AccPac Import PO
11/30/06 – Import PO into Sage Business Works
9/20/06 – Quicken QuickBooks direct Import for PO‟s and Export for Invoicing
8/16/06 – New maintenance and deletion code
8/3/06 – PO/ASN/INV Import will now update backorders
7/6/06 – Modified Import Text 810/856 to allow updating all non indexed fields
2/24/06 – Updated Gen 850 to add msg info to header and detail
2/1/06 – Optimize locking and major speed enhancements added
11/15/05 – New EDI import/export that user can determine the fields to bring data in
and out of RMS. Cross Reference tables allow for data conversions.
01/25/05 – Added screens for Routing Request
11/03/04 – Update to „Import Catalog‟
10/18/04 – Change to Maintenance
05/21/06 – Added ACCPAC integration
11/06/08 - Added Business Works integration
2/05/09 - Added Profit 21 integration
3/11/09 – Added Column setup for import / export
12/01/09 – Added new Quickbook Transaction import / export

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