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					10             August 22, 2010

SPLIT: Camille and Kelsey

divorce to
cost $72m
                                 US FROM
LOVE cheat actor Kelsey
Grammer has agreed to
pay his third wife Camille
a massive $72m (€56.64
million) divorce settlement
over his affair with
pregnant British girlfriend
Kayte Walsh, it was
claimed yesterday.
  Sources close to the
Cheers and Frasier TV
sitcom star revealed
Grammer (55) has offered

Camille 60 per cent of his
estate, which is estimated
to be $120m by America’s
Forbes magazine.
  One said last night:
“Kelsey wants to fast-track
the divorce so he is free to
marry Kayte as soon as
possible. They have already
been shopping for an
engagement ring and he’s
prepared to give up more
than half his wealth to get
his wife out of the picture
  Former Playboy model
turned actress Camille,
who at 41 is 12 years older
than Bristol-born airline
stewardess Kayte, 29, is
said to be “utterly
devastated” over her split
with Grammer, with whom
she has two children born

                                  ‘Visionary’ wants followers
to surrogates; daughter
Mason (8) and son Jude
  Her friends believe her
husband volunteered the
astonishing settlement,
which is higher than any
divorce judge would be
likely to award, in an effort
to guarantee her silence
about their wrecked
                                 to pay for bomb-proof room                                                                                             BANNED:
                                                                                                                                                        Fr Gerard

                                 to save her from Armageddon
marriage.                                                                                                                                               McGinnity
  He is aware that Camille
has been signed to appear
in a new reality TV series,
The Real Housewives of
Beverly Hills, which is due
to start airing on US
satellite and cable channel
Bravo in October.
  “Kelsey is obviously           MONEY-GRABBING ‘vision-                              By JIM GALLAGHER                      claims will save lives on Judgement Day.         Many of her other fundraising schemes
worried that Camille will                                                                                                   All those who have the painting in their       have been just as outrageous.
blurt out their darkest
                                 ary’ Christina Gallagher is                                                                homes will be saved, she claims.                 The House of Prayer has sold bricks for
                                                                             ground refuge. The leader of the contro-
secrets on the show,” said       demanding her ageing follow-                versial House of Prayer on Achill Island         Followers are told that only the €250        €50 and a bead for an “endless Rosary”
one close source. “She           ers build her a bomb shelter.               lambasted them for “remaining blind” to        version will work – not smaller cheaper        for €50.
believes that’s why he has                                                   God’s desire for such protection.              copies.                                          She raised tens of thousands of euro
offered a settlement              The self-proclaimed holy woman,              She also told her devoted inner circle         If she sold 1,000 she would make a stag-     when she claimed Our Lady wanted new
considerably higher than         who the Sunday World exposed as             that the Virgin Mary had shown her a           gering €250,000.                               windows.
she might be awarded in          a wealthy fraudster two years ago,          vision of the shelter and all the life-sav-      Former devotees claim it is typical of                     Tactics
court.”                          claims the underground bunker               ing equipment it contained.                    Gallagher to frighten elderly followers into
                                                                                                                            handing over their money.                        The Sunday World launched its investi-
                                 has been ordered by God.                                   Money                             Her messages regularly warn of mass          gation into Christina Gallagher’s finances
                                  And she has slammed her support-             But the false prophet admitted she did       global destruction and horrific deaths for     in January 2008, when we revealed how
                                 ers for not coming up with the cash         not know where, or even in which country,      those who do not follow her.                   one of her American fundraisers had told
                                 quick enough.                               the bunker was to be built even though           The Sunday World has revealed in the         followers that Gallagher no longer want-
                    who            The shelter is supposed to protect her    she has been collecting money for it.          past how followers were threatened with        ed cheques but “cash only”.
      A SUSPECT ter a            and her devotees from the coming              The bomb shelter is just the latest in a     eternal damnation if they had money and          And the money was to be sent direct to
                 ps af
  shook off co in was            Armageddon, the final battle between        long line of money-making scams the 57-        refused to hand it over for “Our Lady’s        her home so she could thank donors per-
 school brea ey found his        good and evil at the end of the world.      year-old “humble housewife” has come           cause”.                                        sonally.
 nabbed after with “Ma” in         In her latest message to followers –      up with over the past 20 years.                  Apparently, the Mayo grandmother               We revealed how she used high-pres-
 mobile phone… The officers
                t.               allegedly given to her direct from heaven     She is currently also selling a picture of   sees no irony in Our Lady Queen of             sure tactics to raise vast amounts of cash
 his contact lis oman, who       – she criticised them for not having        the Virgin Mary in the House of Prayer         Peace – the name of her House of Prayer        to open five more houses of prayer in the
  phoned the wher son’s          donated enough to build the under-          shop for a whopping €250 which she             – supposedly wanting a bomb shelter.           US and one in Mexico.
   told them         orgia,
      name in Ge

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