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									      Distributor of
Solar Components
     Installers and
    Developers of
    Solar Systems

Cut your carbon and make a profit
 BeBa Energy UK is an exciting new distributor/installer of solar modules
 and components established to service the rapidly growing commercial UK
 solar market. We have a fresh and personal approach with clear values and
 an excellent understanding of our customers demanding needs. BeBa
 Energy UK Ltd is an Anglo / German venture focused on selling only high
 quality products at competitive prices. BeBa Energie GmbH is the largest
 installer of solar modules in the north of Germany with an annual turnover in
 Solar PV exceeding €45,000,000.
 At BeBa we offer a comprehensive range of      If your objective is to reduce carbon
 Solar Modules, Inverters, Mounting Systems     emissions and receive long-term free
 and Components from some of the best           green energy at a time when energy
 known suppliers in the solar world. BeBa       prices could increase by up to 75%,
 has an experienced in-house engineering        make a smart decision today and speak
 team at hand to assist with all types of       to BeBa Energy UK.
 technical issues from small systems to
                                                We welcome you to BeBa Energy and
 large utility scale installations.
                                                encourage you to join us in the business
 The introduction of the UK Feed in Tariffs     of Solar Energy Generation for a Low
 scheme for Solar PV at last makes installing   Carbon Future.
 a Solar PV generator system a worthwhile
 commercial investment with a ROI (return on    Stephen Palmer
 investment) in most cases exceeding 10%.       Managing Director

BeBa GmbH Head Office - Germany                         BeBa Office - England
Join our growing nationwide network of Solar Customers for:
 Competitive pricing on quality products
 Customer commitment and outstanding customer service
 Comprehensive product range
 Fresh personal approach
 Excellent after sales service
 Technical design and assistance to latest MCS standards
 Fast nationwide delivery
 High quality long lifecycle products
 Commercial competence
 Project Finance – through independent organisations
 Insurance – ask about our Partner Programme

At BeBa Energy we believe in close customer relations.
We are dedicated to you and will strive to offer our customers
the best terms and service we can.

Phone us today on 08450 175 176 or
email: info@beba-energy.co.uk

Beba are trading partners with

Solar PV (Photovoltaics)

Solar Photovoltaic generators are now more               the system generating surprising amounts of energy.
advanced than ever before providing reliable             Solar PV creates Zero Carbon Energy that can be
energy production over many years with very              used to offset Carbon Emissions whilst saving money
little maintenance.                                      on ever increasing energy bills. Systems enrolled in
The Solar Photovoltaic system absorbs energy from        the new UK Feed in Tariff scheme will produce free
the sun and cleverly coverts this into grid quality or   energy and an income backed by the UK Sovereign
battery quality electricity through specially designed   for 25 years. In the UK most domestic projects will not
electronic inverters. Solar PV produces clean energy     require planning permission, however all commercial
silently without environmental issues or onerous         projects will have to be assessed. We advise clients to
planning considerations. Solar is most effective on      check before proceeding.
clear days, however even on cloudy days you will see
Markets for Solar PV
 Agricultural - Retrofit (barns and outbuildings)
 Agricultural - New Build structures and Open
 Field up to 5MW                                   The sun
 Commercial Warehousing
 Domestic                                          generates
 Green Developments
 Industrial                                        enough energy
 Local Authorities                                 every 10 seconds
 New Build Low Carbon Housing
                                                   to satisfy
 Public Sector Buildings
                                                   our electricity
                                                   needs for an
Germany is the largest user of Solar PV in the
world. Solar PV is regarded as an economical       entire year
way of reducing carbon emissions and an
opportunity to invest in the new clean green
energy markets and at the same time benefit
from the government backed Feed in Tariffs.
As from April 1st 2010 this opportunity will be
available in the UK. To help our customers who
want to invest, BeBa Energy is introducing for
all its installations an optional unique annual
insurance package called “Carefree Partner
Plus”. Finance is also available through
independent sources. For more information
please contact our sales office.
Tel: 08450 175 176
Retrofit PV

Commercial and Agricultural Projects
Solar PV generators can be quickly retro-fitted onto             generators require little or no annual maintenance with all
most existing south facing commercial roof spaces               the main components guaranteed for long periods. New
with little or no interruption to business.                     CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) obligations and the
Systems are fixed above the existing roof surface and            introduction of a UK Feed in Tariff has significantly reduced
will provide grid quality electricity that can be used within   payback times for Solar PV by as much as 60%.
your building or exported to the national grid and sold         BeBa Energy UK Ltd will design, install, monitor
to your supplier under a buy back agreement. Solar PV           and maintain your project into the future.
Light Industrial and Retail Projects

Solar PV generators can be easily integrated onto
rooftops of light warehouses, factories and retail
premises as well as installed on specially designed
Heavy Duty Trackers to follow the hotspots of the
sun through the day.
Solar trackers are used widely in Europe and
can be mounted on taller masts to avoid shading
issues and obstruction in car parks and communal
areas. Trackers will provide an estimated 45% more
energy production. Standard static mounted PV
systems are mounted on inclined roofs or mounted on
special aluminium frames to ensure optimum angle to
the sun. South facing roof areas will achieve the best
results however it is possible on many other rooftops
to face the system south through clever mounting
and design.

Solar PV installation will provide significant, reliable
energy contributions to clients whilst helping to cut
Carbon Emissions and make a healthy profit.
Payback periods are reduced even further as
equipment is now subject to UK capital write
down criteria.
Domestic Projects


Domestic Retrofit Systems can be quickly
installed onto your existing roof to enable you
to benefit from the Carbon Savings and Feed
in Tariffs.
Solar generators also feature on the Energy
Performance Certificate for domestic dwellings that
will in turn increase the value of the property in the
long term. Retrofit solar modules are installed slightly
above an existing roof surface to allow for good
ventilation and fast installation/maintenance. Solar
modules are anti reflective and are attractive to look
at so they will not cause irritation to neighbours.
A solar generator will significantly cut the cost of
domestic energy bills and in the long term it will
return a healthy profit. It has recently been confirmed
by the Inland Revenue that income from a domestic
solar installation is to be tax free. Solar PV requires
little or no annual maintenance and therefore is a
perfect solution for homeowners to become less
reliant on fossil fuels and the energy companies for
their energy supply.
Open Field Systems for Investment

Open Field generators are new to the UK, but BeBa           cover to allow for breakdowns, interruptions and poor
are no stranger to them in Germany. These systems           production should it occur. If you have land in the
are ground mounted and viewed as investment                 South of England that you feel may be suitable and
projects with the financial paybacks in the region           want to be part of a profitable growing business sector
of 8 to 10 years.                                           speak to us at BeBa UK. We can arrange for you to visit
Open Field projects will produce a significant income        our own open field installations of over 28,000 modules
until the end of the FIT’s agreement that is currently      near our headquarters, 1 hour from Hamburg. BeBa
set for 25 years. Open Field systems are high return        will completely design, install and maintain the system
on investment with limited risk, as the average radiation   until payback and beyond giving clients and financial
levels in the south of the UK are well documented.          institutions complete confidence to support
Additionally BeBa have a comprehensive insurance            the project.

                                                                                               Open Field Tracker

           BeBa Open Field 28,000 Modules
Remote Monitoring and Online Asset Management

BeBa offer a number of simple solutions for clients
to monitor their solar assets, with their latest most
intelligent system called ES-Live.
This enables remote monitoring of the technology
through clever telemetry with built in alarms and checking
capabilities through a secure login. ES-Live saves time,
money and carbon as you are able to see clearly the
performance of the equipment and an alarm will be
raised if the system malfunctions. ES-Live is unique to
BeBa UK customers and essential for larger systems
over 10kW/p or for multiple site installations.


BeBa Energy install to MCS 3002 standards.
Financing Solutions                                        Project Finance
Feed In Tariffs - From the 1st of April 2010 generation    Our partners offer comprehensive financing solutions
payments will be made to all those generating their        for BeBa Energy installations of Solar PV (subject to
own on-site energy through registered MCS accredited       qualification). Finance Terms usually require a minimum
generator systems. Payments will be made for every         20% deposit with the balance financed over an agreed
kW/h of electricity produced, with an additional           period that is equal to the predicted financial payback.
payment being made for every kW/h exported. Clients        Finance is arranged and is subject to assessment and
will save by consuming the energy and therefore not        through an independent company.
paying for this through their supplier. For Solar PV
these payments will be made for 25 years backed by
the UK Sovereign or by your energy company in the
future. Further details are available on our website.

Project Insurance
BeBa offer their Carefree Partner Plus insurance as
an option for all BeBa installed projects. This unique
cover offers clients complete peace of mind that the
system will operate consistently for the period of the
cover without loss of earnings or any unforeseen costs.
Our Partner Plus plan even covers for revenue from
energy production falling short of prediction. All cover
is subject to a small annual premium and an agreed
annual maintenance schedule with BeBa UK.
Planning Assistance
BeBa Energy UK will assist with all stages of your
design and planning application. Most domestic
installations are exempt from planning. However
non-domestic installations will require planning
approval prior to installation. We advise clients
to check with their local authority regarding
local policy.

In-House Design and
Technical Support
BeBa Energy Group carries a wealth of experience in
the European Solar market. Our in-house design teams
work within the parameters of MCS 3002, NICEIC and
European Standards, preferring to work with recognised
and branded products such as Sharp, REC Suntech,
Risen, Deger, Sunpower and SMA.

We will design a system to suit your needs and budget
from 1kW to 5 Mega Watt Open Field sites.
Come Naturally
Choose Solar
Use BeBa
Tel: 08450 175 176
 BeBa Main Supplier Partners are:
 Modules by:
 REC Solar
 Mounting Systems by:
 Tesek                                                          BeBa offers components for systems of any size for
 Schuco                                                         delivery on a nationwide basis.
 Solar Trackers by:
 Deger                                                          “The cheapest Solar PV
 Inverters by:
                                                                System is most likely to end
 Kostal                                                         up being the most expensive”.
 Fronius                                                        Bernd Bartels
                                                                Owner of BeBa Energie GmbH
 System Monitoring by:

  Technology             Scale/ Size of System               Year 1         Year 2          Year 3       Duration of Payments
                                                            (p/kWh)        (p/kWh)         (p/kWh)          for the System

              Tariff Levels for New Installations. Tariffs will be inflated annually                             Years
     Solar PV            Up to 4kW (new build)                36.1           36.1            36.1                25
     Solar PV              Up to 4kW (retrofit)                41.3           41.3            37.8                25
     Solar PV              From 4kW to 10kW                   36.1           36.1            33.0                25
     Solar PV             From 10kW to 100kW                  31.4           31.4            28.7                25
     Solar PV             From 100kW to 5MW                   29.3           29.3            26.8                25
     Solar PV              Stand alone System                 29.3           29.3            26.8                25
                     Minimum Export Payment Tariff             3.0            3.0             3.0                25

Dates of tariff rates are as follows: Year 1 - 01-04-2010 to 31-03-2011, Year 2 - 01-04-2011 to 31-03-2012,
Year 3 - 01-04-2012 to 31-03-2013
Details issued on the 1st February 2010 by The Department of Energy and Climate Change.
Further details can be found on our website at www.beba-energy.co.uk or www.decc.gov.uk.
BeBa Energy UK Limited

Tel: 08450 175 176
(Local Rate Call)

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                  The information provided within this brochure is correct at going to press however                         Tel: 01282 878348
  BeBa Energy UK Limited reserve the rights to change or amend any of the detail within without prior or post notification.

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