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					                     St. Anthony’s School
                  Athletic Uniform Agreement

Athlete: ___________________________ Grade: ______________________

I agree that the UNIFORM(S) and EQUIPMENT that I have been issued are
the property of St. Anthony’s School. I will properly care for and return all
items to my coach, or Athletic Director within one week after the end of the
season of my sport. I understand my uniforms must be returned cleaned and
not damaged (i.e. ripped, torn, etc.) I agree to follow washing instructions
for my uniform as stated on the uniforms. All school uniforms must be worn
for only AIAL athletic contests and not for spirit days, casual wear, weekend
wear, or club sport teams.

Failure to return the issued school sport uniform will result in the St.
Anthony Catholic School billing my family for each item of uniform not
returned or destroyed.

I also understand that I will not be allowed to play any sport at St. Anthony
Catholic School unless my uniform from the previous sport/team is turned in
or paid for.

Student/Athlete Signature: ____________________Date: _____________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ___________________ Date: _____________

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