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									                             Serving the Community Since 1917

                          July 7, 2009

I.    Calling of the roll by President Kamyar Pahlavi at
      6:15 P.M.

      Members Present:        Charlotte Blum, Christ Milesis, Dorothea
      Roberts, Doug Fitzgerald, Fran McCloskey, Hilary McCaleb, Jeff
      Elliott, Kamyar Pahlavi, Loren Pinn, Mike Bauer.
      Absent:     Louie Ortiz
      Guests:     Aimee Lansky, Brent Davis, Dessau Clarkson, Lisa
      Camire, and Scott & Jane Farr.

      Brent Davis asked to be heard early since he had a baby-
      sitting commitment.
             A. Teaching courts.
                 Wants the clinics & lessons to be on court 1.
                 Courts 7, 8, & 9 are not as appealing.

            B.   Tournament.
                  1. Adjustments need to be made in the barbecue
                     planning to bring in more people.
                  2. All liked the Trainer.
                  3. Court 3 as the Stadium Court was an
                     improvement. It looked good as the “show

II.   Approval of May 7, 2009 minutes.

      M – Doug Fitzgerald, 2nd – Loren Pinn. Unanimous vote with
      the understanding that the addendum would be removed.
      The addendum message is to be included in the May 7th
      minutes. KP was able to talk with Ignacio about a concern brought to the
      Board’s attention in May. KP asked him to hereinafter not carry his knife
      on Rec Center / LJTC premises as it risked placing him in an unwarranted
      and pre-judged position. KP trusts that he was able to clarify this issue,
       and in conclusion, believes that concerns of those of our membership and
       Board should always be vetted as a precautionary measure.

III.   Reports of Officers and Committees

             A. President's Report
             KP extended his gratitude and appreciation for the fine
             job done by Scott & Jane Farr, Brent Davis, Dorothea
             Roberts, Mike Bauer, and Doug Fitzgerald. It was a treat
             for him to work with the whole team. It is all about
             teamwork. A complete report by Scott Farr, the
             Manager, after all bills are in and expenditures paid is

                    1. Length of tournament. (President's report
                       continued) Could the tournament be two
                       weeks instead of three? Scheduling would be
                       more difficult. For this reason, Scott wants
                       three. However, the membership
                       (approximately two dozen people) did complain
                       to KP. Next year, Scott said two weeks are
                       allocated. The President and Board confirmed to
                       Scott that he can initiate a preliminary soft
                       probe dialogue on behalf of LJTC to determine if
                       we can schedule the 2010 summer tournament
                       during a three-weekend period, versus two
                    2. Barbecue. There might be other ways to show
                       appreciation for player participation instead of
                       having the barbecue. Many of the players had
                       left by then. The presentation with potato salad
                       and meat was too meager.
                    3. T-shirts can be a bigger revenue source for the
                       Club in 2010.
                    4. Manager will shorten phone message.
                    5. LJTC web site will be continually upgraded.
                    6. Vendor. Brick ‘n Bell cart did not work out
                       well. Will reconsider possibilities next year.
                    7. Sponsorship. Raise the bar by increasing the
                       purse. Plan will be worked out with the
        tournament committee. KP plans to get a major
        backer by giving them naming rights for the
        next couple of years, etc.
     8. Newsletter. Broader member participation.
        Suggestions: League Scene could be passed from
        Captain to Captain. Logan Jenkins could write
        a member highlight article for the newsletter
        about Bob Perry. The Newsletter needs some
        fine-tuning. Additional color is a possibility.

B. Manager Scott Farr. (Preliminary report before
   final costs are tabulated)

     1. Moved tournament desk to North side of Pro
     2. “Show Court” was moved from court 1 to court
        3. Court 3 as the “show court” made the
        scheduling more difficult but worked.
           a. Initiated Late Fees. $1500 to $2000 extra
              came in for the Club. An increase to $10
              is suggested for 2010.
           b. Courts were washed. Nets were in good
              shape. First round matches were not sent
              to the high school. Wanted to “show case”
              our Club to participants.
           c. Jane brought in from $4,000 to $5,000
              worth of door prizes (350) and grand
              prize awards.
           d. There were approximately 800 adults and
              200 juniors in the tournament.

     3. Criticisms.

          a. Seeding.
               i.    55 age group. Scott explained
                     why the person was wrong.
               ii.   Family Event. There was no
                     personal information ahead of
                     time to prevent the complaint.
          b. Location
                      High School Location for Play.
                      (Complaint from one gentleman)

     4. Membership Report. Scott’s membership
        record shows 641 as of July 7, 2009. According
        to Scott’s calculations, there were 585 in 2008.

C. Treasurer's report – Mike Bauer
   Details included in Treasurer’s notebook       in
Pro Shop.

     Since Mike has not received the bank statement for
     June, these financial reports are not timely.
     Looking at the bank account online Mike is able to
     determine that LJTC made approximately $33,000
     from the summer tournament entry fees and $270
     for 52 late fees. We have not received our
     expenses for umpires, approximately $8,000. The
     Wells Fargo checking account is approximately
     $47,000 not $14,000.

     The TOTAL ASSETS as of July 7, 2009 is
     approximately $51,000. Total tournament costs
     are still out.

     Mike suggested we add $10,000 to a money market
     account to save for unexpected major expenses.
     Board members suggested La Jolla Bank or the San
     Diego National Bank to check for a liquid 2%
     money market account. The cash reserve program
     we now have is 1.98%.

     Motion was made to approve the Treasurer’s
     M – Doug Fitzgerald, 2nd – Jeff Elliott. Unanimous

D. Tournament Chairperson,      Dorothea   Roberts.
     It was a wonderful tournament with the help of a
     great committee that put in long hours of work. –
     Doug, Scott & Jane, KP, Charlotte, and other great
     volunteers. Dorothea wouldn’t change anything.
     Members told her it was the best one in years.

     1. Guests wanted to buy sweatshirts.
     2. Sell hot dogs and hamburgers on July 4th.
     3. The Presbyterian Church could be approached
        about the underground parking (for pay) when
        services were not being held.

E. League Chairperson,   Jeff Elliott.

     A “Captain’s Round Table” meeting was
     successfully held in order to gather helpful
     information to revise the present LJTC League
     Rules. A committee meeting is planned soon to
     formulate the exact wording for the new rules.
     Guest Aimee Lansky spoke on behalf of Phifer
     Crute, the leader of a prospective LJTC BB team.
     Their members want fair representation for a new
     team. The Chairperson explained that Aimee's
     concerns will be addressed at the committee
     meeting. Until the revised rules are formulated
     and approved, the rules posted on the web site are
     in effect.

F. Property & Grounds Committee          Report. KP,
   Mike Bauer & Christ Milesis.

     1. Lights go off automatically at 9:00 pm.
     2. There was positive feedback on the grounds.
        Jose was contracted as an Independent
        Contractor. He did a good job on the sprinkler
        system, etc.
     3. The yellow flowers, newly painted benches, etc.
        made the grounds look fabulous.
               4. After a discussion initiated by KP, it was decided
                  by the Board to have a net installed between 7 &
                  8 for the benefit of clinics and lessons.

IV.   Unfinished and old business

          A. Sponsor John Fike.     Mike Bauer

              There was a misunderstanding concerning John
              Fike's contribution to the tournament. Those present
              at the tournament made an on site decision to cancel
              that participation. Mike Bauer reminded the Board
              that the tournament committee as noted in
              Dorothea’s notes had approved Fike. The approval
              process needs to be fine tuned next year in order not
              to offend local businesses and to have everyone on
              the tournament committee on the same page.

          B. Court Access for Members.

               1. Court one for members. KP

                  Ideas and opinions were heard from Scott,
                  Brent, and KP in regards to courts to be used for
                  clinics and lessons. A lengthy discussion and
                  vote followed the following motion.

                  On Monday through Friday, court one will
                  be limited to teaching from 7 am to 3 pm.
                  Thereafter, court one is open for the
                  general membership. On weekends, court
                  one is open for the general membership
                  from 7 am to noon (thereafter, tennis
                  professionals may use Court one for
                  teaching). When Leagues play on
                  weekends, the tennis professionals have
                  the right to use Court one for teaching
                  during league play time.
                          M - Christ Milesis, 2nd Jeff Elliott
                    Vote. 9 for with 1 abstaining. The motion
                    passed and will be effective only after the new
                    partition net is installed between courts 7 & 8.
                    A partition net has already been installed
                    between courts 8 & 9

                2. Member access on non-reserved          courts.

                    Loren Pinn, other Board members, and a guest
                    suggested the need for a sign up board for non-
                    reserved courts. Hilary stated the need for a
                    better system. Members have difficulty getting
                    a court in a fair and timely manner. Charlotte
                    urged KP and the Board to look at the issue
                    further. She suggested that a sign up board
                    near the clubhouse would not impact Scott’s
                    work. This system as now used at Pacific Beach
                    and Coronado could be the solution to
                    monitoring the player time limit and expanding
                    court accessibility to more members. Jeff Elliott
                    stated that it was not only the women who enjoy
                    the new reservation system. Also, perhaps some
                    LJTC men would similarly favor exploring ways
                    to improve equality of access to non-reserved

V.   New business

     Remodeling of Pro Shop.       (KP)

     Kevin Kinsella (Avalon) would consider donating funds for a
     new Club House. KP had a positive meeting with him. Mr.
     Kinsella will fund the project if he does not have to do the
           A. Talk to the City.
           B. Get building plans approved. (2nd floor, bathroom
     with shower, etc.)

     KP will start to find out what is involved in getting this done.
     $60,000 to $100,000 for the same footprint? A past President
       had contacted Dewhurst, which resulted in an approximate
       $500,000 bid, which was beyond reach for LJTC.

VI.    Next BOD meetings:

       The next Board of Directors Meeting is Tuesday,
       September 1st; at 6:15 pm. November 3rd is the last of
       the regular Board of Director meetings for 2009.

VII.   Adjourned Meeting at 8:55 pm.      M- Loren Pinn, 2nd –
       Christ Milesis. Unanimous vote.

Respectfully   submitted,

Frances McCloskey,    Secretary

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