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                                                              Due Dates

                             (Must complete the following two separate applications by required deadlines)
                             1/15/11 –School of Social Work application for two year and advance standing applicants
       Dates!!              2/01/11 – SDSU Graduate Admission CSU Mentor application for all applicants
                            3/01/11 – School of Social Work application for three & four year program and dual degree program applicants

                                     Part I. - SDSU Graduate Admissions: (10/1/10 – 2/1/11)
             Submit CSU Mentor application and $55 fee online at: Once completed, GRE and TOEFL
                                                       (if applicable) scores sent to:
                                                      Enrollment Services
                                         Graduate Admissions Document Processing Unit
                                                   San Diego State University
                                                   San Diego, CA 92182-7416
                                     Please contact (619) 594-0884 if you require additional information.

                                    Part II. - SDSU School of Social Work Admissions:
                        Submit the following materials to the School of Social Work (hard copies or online):

                               1.   Complete Identifying Information Section, and indicate your interest in:
                                                         a.         MSW only (2, 3, 4 year plans)
                                                         b.         MSW Advanced Standing (1year)
                                                         c.         MSW/MPH (3 year)
                                                         d.         MSW/JD (4 year)
                                         Refer to: for more information.
                              2.     Complete information on:
                                                          a.        Education;
                                                           b.      Employment, volunteer work, or internship experience in human
                              3.     If interested in the enclosed Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Program visit:
                              4.     Complete the Liberal Arts Perspective Form (only if you have not graduated from a UC University or
                                     the CSU System).
                              5.     Provide a separate Personal Statement (instructions in packet).
                              6.     Letters of Recommendation – three required (instructions in packet)
                              7.     Application Information Certification - signed and dated.

                                * MSW Advanced Standing Program (ASP) Requirements*
Applicants must possess an undergraduate degree in social work that was earned within 5 years of admission to the advanced
standing program. The undergraduate degree must come from a program that is accredited by the Council on Social Work
Education and the cumulative GPA for social work courses taken must be at least 3.0 or better.

 Mail, e-mail to ( or deliver a complete packet to The School of Social Work. If you choose to email, you
 must also submit a “hard copy” of all items to the school by the due dates indicated.

                                                             Mailing Address:

                                                           MSW Application
                                                         School of Social Work
                                                      San Diego State University
                                                    5500 Campanile Drive (MC4119)
                                                      San Diego, CA 92182-4119

Applications received after 1/15/11 for MSW Two-Year Program or Advanced Standing Program may be considered on a space available basis

                                                                                                                                     Page 1
                             Requirements for MSW Admission - Fall 2011
        Dates!!               1/15/11 –School of Social Work application for two year and advance standing applicants
                             2/01/11 – SDSU Graduate Admission CSU Mentor application for all applicants
                             3/01/11 – School of Social Work application for three & four year program and dual degree program applicants

                                    PLEASE READ THIS SECTION THOROUGHLY

In order to be considered for the Master’s of Social Work or the MSW Dual Degree Programs,
applicants must:

          1. Meet general requirements for admission to Graduate Study at SDSU

          2. Hold a bachelor’s degree with a liberal arts foundation from an accredited college or
             university, or expect to be awarded prior to beginning graduate study;

          3. Have a 3.0 GPA in the last 60 units (90 quarter), but not less than a 2.85 GPA. The
             average GPA of entering students is 3.21 overall and 3.52 for last 60 units.

          4. Submit the GRE exam score on the analytical writing, quantitative and qualitative
                  a)     Faculty reviewers carefully consider only the analytical writing score.
                  b)     Applicants holding a Master’s degree from an accredited school that is
                         a member of the Council of Graduate Schools are exempt from the
                  c)     Dual degree MSW/MPH programs requires a minimum GRE score of
                         450 on qualitative and 550 on quantitative (students average entering
                         scores are 500 and 600 respectively)
                  d)     Dual degree MSW/JD programs require the LSAT in place of the GRE

          5. TOEFL examination is only required if your medium of instruction was in a language
             other than English.

          6. Have a minimum of approximately 500 hours of internship, paid, and/or volunteer
             social services experience.

          7. Complete undergraduate statistics course.

Designated faculty will review and evaluate the material submitted. All application materials, once submitted, are the property of the School of
Social Work, San Diego State University, and cannot be returned or copied by the applicant without the permission of the School. These
materials will also be a part of the permanent student file if the applicant is accepted. Application materials are CONFIDENTIAL information.

                                                                                                                                             Page 2
                                  SDSU APPLICATION TO MASTER’S OF SOCIAL WORK • FALL 2011
                                     Application and supplemental materials for ASP and 2yr program are due Jan. 15, 2011
                         Application and supplemental materials for 3yr, 4yr.MSW/MPH & MSW/JD programs are due on March 1, 2011
                                                         ONLY COMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE REVIEWED
                                                         Application materials are CONFIDENTIAL information Designated
   Please review instructions prior to completing this form. PRINT OR TYPE throughout and use additional pages if needed. Please see detailed description of each program
                       (MSW, Advanced Standing MSW, MSW/MPH, MSW/JD) on the School of Social Work website.

APPLYING FOR (Check one only):           Advanced Standing            MSW Program        MSW/MPH (3 year)         MSW/JD (4 year)         Transfer

Plan (Check one only)::                 1 yr program             2 yr program     3 yr program        4 yr program
          If not admitted to your desired program, ie. ASP, 2yr, 3yr, 4yr, MSW/MPH, MSW/JD, do you want to be considered for the 2yr, 3 yr/4Yr MSW Program?                               Yes   No

MSW Concentration:                            Direct Practice                 Administration and Community Development
I am an interested applicant for the Title IV-E CHILD WELFARE TRAINING STIPEND PROGRAM        Yes   No Note: MSW/MPH and MSW/JD applicants are not eligible for the IV-E Program.
This is the ONLY opportunity to apply for the Title IV-E Program - See page 5

Date of Birth                                      Female      Male                    Red ID Number ______________________________________(Obtain thru CSU Mentor application process)

Name       ________________________________________________________________________ Work. Phone                                                        Hm. Phone _________________________
                Last Name                     First Name                             Middle Intl.

Address: ________________________________________________________________ E-mail address _                                                                                                  ________ _

           _                                                                                                          __
                 City                                       State                                     Zip
U.S Citizen:     Yes        No                                      International Student:          Yes   No                                       California Resident:         Yes       No

Country of Citizenship: ______________________Indicate languages other than English you speak, read or write fluently ________________________________________

Ethnicity: (this information is optional & is used for the School’s data collection purposes) _________________________________________________________________________

Are you currently attending SDSU as an unclassified/post baccalaureate student?    Yes    No (if yes, submit a change of status form with the Graduate Division)
Do you have an undergraduate degree in Social Work /Social Welfare from an accredited School of Social Work (CSWE)?      Yes     No - If yes, from SDSU?    Yes                                      No

List high school graduation date: ____________ Name of High School __________________________________      City__________________________
                                                              State__________________ Zip code_______________
(Data is collected for eligibility for federal scholarship for disadvantaged students-to be eligible students must qualify for financial aid and provide info on the FAFSA regarding parental income
and/or graduation from a high school in a disadvantaged district)

List Other School of Social Work Programs you are applying to: _________________________________________________________________________________________

The following information will also be verified by SDSU Graduate Admissions:

           1)   GRADUATE RECORD EXAM (GRE) — Date taken: _________________________ Analytical writing score: ______________________________
                (Required by SDSU Graduate Admissions; Analytical writing score is reviewed by School of Social Work)
                Note: MSW/JD APPLICANTS: (LSAT score is substituted for GRE score) Date taken LSAT:_________________________ LSAT Score:

           2)   TOEFL – Date taken: ____________________ Score: ________________________________________

           3)   When did you complete Undergraduate Statistics?      _____                      Where completed?                          _____________________________
                Grade: ______________
                If Statistics has not been completed, can you must provide proof of current enrollment.  Yes     No
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Page 3
     EDUCATIONAL INFORMATION List chronologically all colleges and universities attended: (Use this format and add additional pages if needed)
                     UNDERGRADUATE INSTITUTION                        DATES OF ENROLLMENT                     AREA OF STUDY                              DEGREE RECEIVED AND DATE

                        GRADUATE INSTITUTION                          DATES OF ENROLLMENT                     AREA OF STUDY                              DEGREE RECEIVED AND DATE

     If you have not yet graduated, when do you anticipate receiving your degree?   _____________
     REFERENCES —Refer to reference form in admissions packet. Provide each of your referents with a copy. Identify references in the space below. Note instructions on actual
     reference form.
         NAME OF PERSON COMPLETING REFERENCE FORM                                                   ADDRESS                                                       OCCUPATION

     EMPLOYMENT / INTERNSHIP / VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE— List at least the last 5 years beginning with your most recent employment/experience (Use this format and add additional pages if
     needed): NOTE: All columns below must be completed for review.

1.   In Social Work and/or related Human Service Programs:
       FROM—           TO—          HOURS                           ORGANIZATION – CITY AND STATE                                      POSITION HELD AND DUTIES

                         Total Social Work/Human Service Hours: __________________________

2.   Field Placement Practicum/Internship—List all field practicum experience in college or university social welfare and/or other formal educational programs for which you earned
     academic credit; please indicate specific program (i.e., Social Work, Psychology, Sociology, etc.)
       FROM—           TO—          HOURS                           ORGANIZATION – CITY AND STATE                                      POSITION HELD AND DUTIES

                         Total Internship Hours: __________________________

3.   Volunteer Services—List all volunteer work in human service programs (e.g., social welfare, education, medical, etc.) Begin with your most recent experience.
       FROM—           TO—          HOURS                           ORGANIZATION – CITY AND STATE                                      POSITION HELD AND DUTIES

                         Total Volunteer Hours: __________________________

     Please add totals from sections 1, 2, & 3:

                         Overall Total Hours: _______________________
                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 4

                              Title IV-E Stipend Program
     This page is only to be completed by applicants who are applying for the
                            Title IV-E Stipend program.
The MSW Title IV-E Stipend program assists MSW students who are committed to working in the field of child
protection and foster care services. Qualified and admitted MSW students awarded a stipend through a special
selection process, will receive a $37,000 taxable stipend for up to 2 years (full-time) or for employees of a
County and State Department of Social Services, educational reimbursement up to 4 years (part-time) and
agree to render 1 year of continuous and satisfactory full-time employment in a California county or state public
child welfare agency for each year of stipend award or educational reimbursement. Native American students
with tribal rights may complete their payback in a reservation or rancheria child welfare agency, an urban Indian
agency serving IV-E eligible children and families or a reservation providing Child Welfare Services in another
state. Awarded students who fail to meet the requirements of the program must repay the full amount to the
fiscal agent, SDSU Research Foundation, plus interest and collection fees, if any.

Student Selection Criteria:

The SDSU Title IV-E program seeks to increase the number and diversity of well-trained and highly committed
MSW’s in California county child welfare services. Recruitment is focused on (in order of priority):

    a) Current staff members of county public social service agencies and employees of the California
       Department of Social Services, who are qualified for admission to an MSW program;
    b) Applicants who reflect the diverse client populations currently served by public child welfare in
    c) Other qualified individuals with demonstrated commitment to careers providing high quality, culturally
       competent practice in public welfare services.

If you are interested in applying for the Title IV-E stipend, please tell us in 200 words or less why you are
interested in the Title IV-E program.

         Once your MSW Application is reviewed, you will be contacted by the Title IV-E
                         Project Coordinator, Mr. Ken Nakamura

                                                                                                                Page 5

                         LIBERAL ARTS PERSPECTIVE
NOTE: If you have a bachelor’s degree from the University of California or the California State
University System you meet the liberal arts requirement and do not have to complete this

Applicants applying for admission to the MSW program must have a liberal arts foundation of study.
The purpose of the liberal arts perspective is to prepare students for problem solving of the real world
practice challenges that they will find in their field work and throughout their social work career in
development of the professional self.

To assess your academic preparation in the liberal arts, please complete this form and submit it with
your other application materials. Special training in each area may also be listed Applicants who do
not list at least one course in each area may only be admitted on a conditional basis and will be
required to complete liberal arts coursework prior to becoming a classified graduate student

Liberal Arts and its Relationship to Social Work Practice-list at least one course in each area, school,
and date completed.

Knowledge of diverse cultures, social conditions, social
problems, cultural diversity, and organizational and
community functioning--courses like anthropology,
sociology, ethnic studies, cultural pluralism, economics,
foreign languages, geography, humanities, art, literature,
history, philosophy, etc.)
Ability to think critically about social policy and its effect
on people and knowledge of the policy making
process-political science, history, economics, public
administration, urban studies, and social work.
Knowledge of the social and psychological determinants
of human behavior-child/human development,
psychology, sociology, criminal justice, and biology.
Knowledge of family and group processes and
dynamics-child development, human development,
family studies, psychology and sociology.
Knowledge of one's own cultural and historical heritage
in contrast to other cultures in the community-American
history, ethnic history, multicultural courses, and
social/racial problems.
Ability to communicate knowledge, attitudes, and ways of
thinking that are characteristic of a broadly educated
person-literature, communications, journalism, creative
writing, public speaking, debate, foreign languages, and
Knowledge of research methods and scientific
inquiry-research, logic, math, statistics, computer
science, and biology.

Applicant Name: ___________________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________________________

                                                                                                   Page 6

                                       Please read thoroughly

    • Limit your personal statement to 3-5 pages, typed and double spaced. (Use 1 inch margins & 12 pt font)
    Applicants are required to address each of the following questions in their Personal Statement:

    Note: Please use headings or numbering your responses to the five questions listed below.

1. Discuss your reasons for choosing to seek an MSW, factors you weighed in deciding to do so now, your
   ability to make changes in your life to meet the demands of the MSW program including 16-20 hours a
   week of internship hours during the day/work week, your career goals and alternative careers that you

2. How has your volunteer and paid work experiences helped you to prepare for social work practice at
   and beyond the graduate level?

3. What do you consider to be your personal strengths, needs for growth, and limitations in relation to your
   development as a professional social worker?

4. Describe a specific ethical dilemma you experienced in a professional setting and discuss actions you
   considered to resolve this dilemma and why.

5. How do you see your role of social work today in resolving issues related to social and economic
   injustice and discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion etc.


    •    Potential for professional competence, strong interest, motivated, and expresses
         commitment to the social work profession.
    •    Strong academic commitment to perform successfully in field practicum and at the
         graduate level.
    •    Personal qualification such as maturity, emotional stability, sensitivity and responsiveness
         in relationships, capacity for self-awareness and concern for others.
    •    An ability to engage in abstract reasoning, to think analytically and conceptually, and to
         formulate mature judgments.
    •    Appreciation for cultural and ethnic diversity.
    •    Strong writing skills – statement is cohesive, clear and well – organized.

                                                                                                       Page 7
 TO THE APPLICANT: This form is to be given to professors or professionals who are able to comment on
 your qualifications for graduate study in social work.

 Under the Family Educational Rights Act of 1974, students are entitled to review their records, including
 letters of recommendation. It is your option to waive your right to review this recommendation, or you may
 decline to do so. If you waive your right to review your recommendation forms, these evaluations will be
 considered confidential by the School of Social Work and will not be available for your inspection, should
 you be accepted for admission to this program. Check the appropriate statement below, indicating your
 choice of option, and print/sign your name.
 Note: Applicant must check box and sign form before providing to reference

              I waive my right to review this recommendation

              I do not waive my right to review this recommendation

              Applicant Name (Print):

              Applicant’s signature (REQUIRED):                                                    Date: ________

TO THE EVALUATOR: You have been asked to complete an evaluation of the above named individual who is
applying for admission to San Diego State University Graduate School of Social Work in order to obtain the
Master of Social Work (MSW) degree. Your candid opinion will be of great assistance to us in evaluating her/his
application. Your comments will be confidential if the applicant has waived rights of review.

To help the School of Social Work Admissions Review Committee make an informed decision on the applicant’s
readiness for professional education in social work, please answer the following questions:

1. How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?

2. Please evaluate the applicant in each of the following areas:

                                                                     BELOW               ABOVE                 UNABLE TO
                                                              POOR   AVERAGE   AVERAGE   AVERAGE   EXCELLENT   EVALUATE
 Capacity to Complete MSW Program
 Emotional Maturity/Stability

 Ability to Accept Constructive Feedback

 Openness to Learning with Capacity to Change

 Oral Communication Skills
 Written Communication Skills
 Concern for Social Problems
 Interpersonal Skills
 Sensitivity to and Capacity for Accepting Aspects of
 Diversity (eg. race, gender, sexual orientation, religion,

                                                                                                                Page 8
Page 2 of 2

We are also interested in your comments regarding this applicant's aptitude for graduate study and a career in
social work. Feel free to use this form or provide this information on a separate sheet of paper.

3. In your opinion, what are the applicant's major strengths?

4. In your opinion, what are the applicant's weaknesses?

   Please indicate your overall recommendation for this applicant's admission by placing an "X" along the scale

  NOT RECOMMENDED                  RECOMMENDED WITH                    RECOMMENDED                     RECOMMENDED
                                     RESERVATIONS                                                         HIGHLY

We appreciate your promptness and cooperation in completing this evaluation. The applicant's materials will not be reviewed
by the Admissions Committee until ALL recommendations for this applicant are received. You may attach your business
card if you wish.

Note: If applying for the Advanced Standing Program, two of the three recommendations must be a Field Instructor and
Social work Faculty member. Additionally, references may be verified on a random basis.

Please return the form directly to the applicant, with your signature across the sealed flap of your envelope. We do prefer all
materials be submitted together by the applicant and must be received by (or have a postmark of) January 15, 2011.
Applications will be considered on a space available basis until March 1, 2011. For questions please contact:

                              School of Social Work--MSW REFERENCE
                              College of Health and Human Services
                              San Diego State University
                              5500 Campanile Drive
                              San Diego, CA 92182-4119
                              Attn: Liz Marucheau, MSW, Student Affairs Coordinator
                     Phone: (619) 594-5710

Name of Evaluator:                                                                                                       _

Signature of Evaluator:                                                                                                  _

Position and Title:                                                                                                      _

Agency:                                                                                                                 _

Address:                                                                                                                _

City/State/Zip:                                                                                                          _

Phone:                                                                                      Date:                        _

                                   Thank you for your time and consideration

                                                                                                                        Page 9
   Return this APPLICATION INFORMATION CERTIFICATION with School of Social Work MSW Application.
                       Note: This application will not be processed without the applicant’s signature.

     •    I acknowledge that I am requested to submit all applications materials at the same time, in a large manila envelope marked

     •    I acknowledge that two separate applications are required for admittance to SDSU School of Social Work. One for
          application for the Graduate Admissions and one for application for the SDSU School of Social Work. I understand that my
          official transcripts and GRE scores must be submitted to SDSU Enrollment Services, Graduate Admissions Document
          Processing Unit.

     •    I acknowledge that all required application material for the SDSU School of Social Work MSW program shall be submitted on
          or before the deadline of January 15, 2011 for priority review.

                o    Social Work Application form
                o    Personal statement
                o    Three (3) references (using enclosed forms)
                     Note: References for Advanced Standing Program must include one from a field instructor and one from a social
                     work faculty member.
                o    Verification of grade for statistics, or proof of current enrollment.
                o    Incomplete MSW applications will not be reviewed.
                o    Applications shall only be considered on a space available basis for the 3yr. or 4yr. MSW programs until March 1,

     •    I realize that the MSW program is very demanding and I may not be able to continue my current job while in this program. I
          am prepared to make adjustments to my schedule to meet the MSW program curriculum requirements.

     •    I understand that I need to be available for internship placement during usual agency business hours (M-F, 8:00am –
          5:30pm) in order to participate in appropriate professional learning experiences, receive professional supervision and meet
          School course requirements. I acknowledge that although some field practicum agencies may offer evening and weekend
          hours for client service delivery and professional community learning activities, currently there are no student internships
          available during weekend or weeknight hours only. Practicum hours will be determined by the student’s course week
          schedule, including the field course seminars, and the agency schedule. I will review the Field Education Program FAQs for
          additional information regarding required course internships.

     •    I understand that most field practicum agencies request security clearance evaluations, background checks, Live Scan
          fingerprinting, random drug screens, physical examinations, TB tests, immunization verification, valid California driver’s
          license, etc. as requirements for their agencies, to insure the suitability of interns for placement in their agencies, and final
          internship confirmation. Also, agencies may require random drug screenings at any time during the academic year for
          continued internship eligibility. I understand that I am required to participate in the practicum’s additional screens and
          evaluations for my field course internship confirmation.

     •    Field placements must be planned in accordance with state and federal laws and with consideration of field placement
          agency policies, including the best interests of consumers. As a prospective student, I am aware that I must pass security
          clearances, background checks, health evaluations, etc. before final placement confirmation for my internship. Students who
          have a history of misdemeanor and/or felony conviction(s), arrest, and/or criminal charges should be aware that they: (1)
          may encounter barriers in the field placement process and experience delay in the field practicum course(s); (2) may be
          excluded from obtaining internship placements and/or professional social work jobs; and/or (3) may not be able to receive a
          License in Clinical Social Work (LCSW) from the State of California.

      My signature certifies that all the application materials submitted for consideration are complete, accurate, and prepared to the
      best of my ability. I have read and understand all of the above statements and have agreed to be in compliance with all of the
      above and this application.


_________________________________________________________________________________           _________________________________
SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT (REQUIRED)                                                           DATE

                                                                                                                                Page 10


This checklist will be helpful to you in making certain that all required application materials
are submitted to the correct department.

  Helpful Hints for Application Completion:        Admissions Application Checklist for 2011:

 # 1:                                              Part I. Deadline 2-1-2011
 Complete and submit ALL School of Social                   Application for SDSU Graduate
 Work application materials at the same time, in            Admissions.
 a large manila envelope marked MSW                                Completed and submitted CSU Mentor
 Application or submit materials on-line (except                   application online to SDSU Graduate
 letters of recommendations)                                       Admissions
                                                                   Official Transcripts
 # 2:                                                              GRE Scores
 Check your Web-Portal to be sure all items                        LSAT Scores (MSW/JD applicants
 have been received.                                               only)
                                                                   TOEFL Score (if applicable)
 # 3:                                                              SDSU Graduate Application Fee
 Be certain that your SDSU Graduate
 Application is electronically filed directly to   Part II. Deadline Priority
 Graduate Admissions and that your School of                (2yr & Advanced Standing) 1-15-2011
 Social Work MSW Application is mailed directly             (3 and 4 year programs)   3-01-2011
 to the Social Work office.
 DO NOT MAIL THE TWO APPLICATIONS                           SDSU School of Social Work MSW
 TOGETHER.                                                  Application packet completed and
                                                            mailed to the School of Social Work
 # 4:                                                       including the following:
 The majority of your questions and concerns                MSW Application
 will be answered by the information contained              Liberal Arts Perspective Form (If applicable)
 on these pages. Please see the FAQ section.                Personal Statement
                                                            Recommendation Forms – three required
 # 5:                                                       (If applying for the Advanced Standing Program, two
 Make a copy of all materials submitted (except             of the three recommendations must be a Field
 for sealed references) for your records.                   Instructor and Social Work Faculty Member.)
                                                            Application Information Certification -
 # 6:                                                       signed and dated.
 We suggest you use the list on the right to
 check off each part as you complete it.

                                                                                                         Page 11

                         MSW Program- (FAQ)

About the MSW Program

About Applying for MSW Admission

About Paying for your Graduate Education

About the MSW Program
1. Why should I pursue a master’s degree in social work from SDSU?

For over 40 years, SDSU School of Social Work has been committed to excellence in all aspects of
professional social work education and training with a long history of community engagement and
involvement. We have an excellent faculty who strive to make your educational experience a good
one. Our academic program is rigorous, exhilarating and absorbing.
Students have many opportunities to examine, probe and challenge their ideas and capabilities.

2. How long will it take to earn my MSW degree?

We offer four curriculum plans, allowing you to complete the MSW program according to your own
• One-year plan: Advanced Standing Program
• Two-year plan
• Three-year plan
• Four-year plan

3. What practice areas are offered?

You may choose from one of two method concentrations: direct practice or administration and
community development. Within each concentration, a student may design their own program of study
according to their interest (e.g. child welfare, mental health, health and aging).

4. Are there dual degree programs?


5. Do you offer a part-time program?

No, we do not. However, we offer a three-year and a four-year curriculum plan that are offered to
allow students to complete the program over the course of three or four years.

                                                                                               Page 12
6. Do you offer the MSW program at locations other than San Diego?
Yes, we also offer a program at the Imperial Valley SDSU Campus. A cohort begins every 3 years; the
next one will be in 2011.

7. What orientation activities does the school provide for new students?

We require all new students to attend an incoming orientation session that will introduce the program,
curriculum, field instruction, student organizations and campus resources, which generally takes place
one week before classes start. Additionally, we courage students to set up a campus tour through
SDSU Prospective Student services who will provide an introduction to other campus resources and
support services. The SDSU International Student Center is also available to help foreign students
become oriented to the school.

About Applying for
MSW Admission
8. What are the admission requirements for the MSW program?

Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree (liberal arts perspective) from an accredited college or
university. We strongly prefer at least a 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA. Applicants must also take
the GRE and have successfully completed an undergraduate statistics course. For more about what we
look for in an applicant, please read the admission criteria on the cover page of this application packet.
Note that when applying, the applicant is filing two separate applications: one to SDSU Graduate
Admissions (deadline February 1st) and one to SDSU School of Social Work. The coversheet of the
application will spell this out in detail.

9. What type of undergraduate degree do I need?

A liberal arts background, spanning both social and biological sciences, is the ideal preparation for the
MSW program, but you are encouraged to apply even if your bachelor’s degree was not in the liberal
arts. We accept all majors.

10. Do I need to take the GRE and when should I take it?

Yes. The GRE is an SDSU requirement. Currently, department faculty only review the “analytical
writing” score for MSW applicants. All scores are reviewed for the MSW/MPH program. MSW/JD
applicants take the LSAT exam rather than the GRE. SDSU Graduate Admissions may waive the GRE
requirement if you have a master degree from an institution that was a member of the Council of
Graduate Schools (refer to to see if your school is listed). You may also call Graduate
Admissions at 619-594-0884. The last day to take the GRE’s is February 15, 2011 to meet the March
1st, 2011 deadline.

11. Do I need to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)?

Yes, if your medium of instruction was in a language other than English. Test scores are reported to the
Graduate Division and the School of Social Work by the Education Testing Service, SDSU Institution
Code 4682. The last day to take the TOEFL exam is February 15, 2011 in order to meet the March
1st deadline.

                                                                                                   Page 13
12. What are the requirements for international applicants?

In addition to meeting the criteria for admission, international applicants must submit official academic
records for all university-level studies completed abroad and at U.S. institutions, evidence of English
language proficiency and documentation certifying the student’s ability to meet the cost of attendance
each year the student is in the United States. International applicants must also take the TOEFL if
English is not their primary language.

13. What is the MSW program application deadline?

Applying to SDSU MSW Program(s) is a parallel process with different deadlines. Graduate
Admissions requires the CSU Mentor application by February 1, 2011. The School of Social Work has
two application deadlines so that you can choose the timeline that works best for you: January 15 and
March 1. Advanced Standing program, two-year MSW program, international, and transfer applicants
must apply by the January 15 deadline to allow time for processing additional paperwork. January 15
deadline: Applicants who submit completed applications postmarked by January 15 will
generally be mailed an admission decision no later than April 15. Some applicants find this earlier
timeline helpful if they are applying to other programs or if they simply want to plan for next year as
soon as possible. March 1 deadline: Applicants who submit completed applications postmarked
by March 1 will generally be mailed an admission decision no later than June 30. Completed
applications received after March 1 will be considered late and will not be reviewed for admission. A
completed application includes: CSU mentor application, GRE Scores, Transcripts, Social work
application, personal statement, and three reference letters. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK
of Social Work will not review any file that is incomplete.

14. How many students are accepted?

We enroll approximately 75- 100 new students in the MSW programs each fall. The department
typically receives about 450 applications each enrollment period.

15. When will I hear whether I am accepted?

Decision letters are mailed via standard U.S. postal mail according to the application timelines
explained above.

16. Can I transfer credits from other graduate programs?

Yes, with certain restrictions. Transfer applicants must have at least a 3.0 cumulative grade point
average at your original institution. Class credit will be evaluated and allowed on a case-by-case basis.
A maximum of 30 credit hours may be transferred. Please contact Elizabeth Marucheau (MSW
Admissions Coordinator) re: transfer application (

About Paying for your
Graduate Education

17. What is the cost of attending graduate school at SDSU?

Please refer to our estimates of tuition and expenses for MSW and Duel Program students and visit the
SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information
about the cost of attendance.
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18. Does SDSU provide financial aid?

Yes. The SDSU Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships administers federal aid programs and
provides information on private financing programs. Please read our overview of financial aid for
MSW students and visit the SDSU Financial Aid Office website for detailed information about the
financial aid application process, deadlines and downloadable forms. To ensure maximum financial aid
eligibility, complete all financial aid documents by the deadlines, regardless of your application status.
Also, check the scholarships page on the School of Social Work website for additional financial aid

19. Are there any additional financial aid resources?

We offer departmental scholarships to MSW students. Awards vary and are based on individual merit
and financial need. Refer to our scholarships page for more information.

Specialized MSW Stipend Programs

• CalSWEC Title IV-E Child Welfare Services Stipend Program: 2-year plan students receive
educational stipends of $18,500 and specialized training in public child welfare in exchange for
committing to work in a California public child welfare agency or at the San Diego HHSA upon
graduation. Full time county employees may be reimbursed for educational expenses. To apply for the
Title IV-E Stipend, applicants must complete the Title IV-E question on the MSW application (see
page 5).

• CalSWEC Mental Health Training Program: Available for 2-year plan, advanced 700 level students
only. Students selected will receive specialized training in mental health and a stipend of $18,500 in
exchange for committing to work with the County of San Diego, Behavioral Health Services
Department or a non-county contracted mental health site immediately upon graduation.
University scholarships are available. Also, private loans are available. Please refer to the SDSU
Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships Office website for more information. Students are eligible to
apply for the MH Stipend during there 2nd year in the program.

20. What financial aid opportunities are available for international students?

Please see the SDSU International Student Center web site for more info:

21. Do you offer graduate assistantships?

Yes. Please pick up and complete the graduate assistantship application and bring completed
application to the School of Social Work, Main Office, Hepner Hall, Room 119.

22. Is student housing available?

Yes. SDSU Housing Services offers a wide variety of housing options for graduate students, from
residence halls to apartments. Most MSW students do not live in university housing since the San
Diego area has numerous interesting communities in which to live, many within a reasonable
commuting distance from SDSU. If you decide to apply for housing, we recommend that you meet the
Jan. 15 application deadline for the MSW program so that you can receive your admission decision as
early as possible--housing applications may only be submitted once you have been admitted to SDSU.

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                    Appendix A
                                MENTOR RESOURCE LIST

We are here to help you answer any questions you may have pertaining to the Field of Social Work.
Please feel free to call a mentor anytime between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m.

                 NAME & PHONE                                   AREAS OF EXPERTISE

  Rosario Martinez – Iannacone, MSW                       •   K-12 parent engagement
  (619) 795-2015 (home)                                   •   K-12 social work
                                                          •   Community school models                           •   Community outreach
  1994 Graduate

                                                          •   Children, Youth & Family/Administration
  Jennifer Tucker-Tatlow, MSW                                 concentrations
  SDSU - Academy for Professional Excellence              •   Internships at Palomar Family Counseling
  (619) 594-3917 (work)                                       Service, Inc. and San Diego County                                  Commission on Children, Youth and Families.
  1997 Graduate                                               Interests in proposal writing, program planning,
                                                              administration, and evaluation, public policy,
                                                              and teen pregnancy

  Cindy Grossman,MSW, LCSW                                •   pregnant and parenting teens
  San Diego Unified School District (SANDAPP)             •   Child abuse domestic violence treatment/
  619-235-5002 (work)                                     •   Trauma and anxiety

                                                          •   Works with adolescents and juvenile offenders,
  Holly Wright, MSW, PPS
                                                          •   homeless veterans
  SAY San Diego, Inc                                      •   Drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility
  2009 Graduate

                NAME & PHONE                                   AREAS OF EXPERTISE

  Katherine Gemmell                                   •   For Questions pertaining to the MSW Admissions

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