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 MARCH 8-12, 2010

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Please list three courses in order of preference, as Intersession is a required school activity.
                  School is an experience, not a place.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Parent/Guardian Signature__________________________________________________
The Purcell Marian Intersession is designed to complement the

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Please return this form to your homeroom teacher by Friday, January 8, 2010
regular school program in three ways:

1. Intersession experiences will provide students with opportunities
   to clarify connections between formal classroom instruction and
   real world learning.

                                                                                                                                                                     INTERSESSION 2010 REGISTRATION FORM
2. Student engagement in their own learning depends, to a great
   extent, on the level of personal importance they experience.
   Intersession courses allow students to choose not only the content,
   but also the context of their learning. These courses offer a

                                                                              Detach below the line.
   structured approach to the study of a more narrowly focused body
   of knowledge.

3. Students will have an opportunity to engage in types of learning

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Year in School ________________________________
                                                                                                                                                                                                           Name _______________________________________
   that do not “fit” a multiple period day within the confines of the
   Purcell Marian Campus.

Purcell Marian High School is committed to innovative education of
the whole person. We are confident the Intersession Experience will
encourage the implementation of creative teaching strategies and will
allow the students to learn as spiritual, intellectual, and social persons.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Course number



                   OUTSTANDING AMONG ALL



                                                                                                 43 LEADERSHIP ADVENTURE AT CAMP KERN
                          40 CLIFF HANGER
Mr. Marques, Mr. Laake                                                          Mr. Dougherty, Ms. Romer
Minimum 20 students, Maximum 30 students                                        30 students, Minimum 20 students
Cost: $100 or less                                                              Cost: Approximately $200
Prerequisites: Students should have a positive attitude and                     This experience will bring together a diverse group of students who will be
                                                                                encouraged and challenged to develop their potential for positive leadership.
willingness to test themselves physically and mentally. Some                    Students will work together to help each other rock climb, repel, and
level of physical stamina is required.                                          complete both low and high ropes courses. Students will also take a trail ride
Students will participate in a week of rock climbing at RockQuest Climbing      on horseback and go canoeing on a picturesque lake. One night we will
Center. The course includes basic belay and safety training. The course will    spend the night and activities will continue into the evening. There is true
challenge students to work together, communicate well, and trust their peers    growth potential for students who want to challenge themselves in a variety
as well as encourage and support each others efforts. Finally, students will    of indoor and outdoor activities that are geared toward learning leadership
develop the ability to believe in others and enjoy the benefits of commitment   skills that will last a lifetime. Cost for all activities includes the Program
that can lead to success in life.                                               Fee, a hot lunch each day, dinner and breakfast the night and morning of the
                                                                                overnight and transportation to and from Camp Kern.
          41 GARDEN IMPROVEMENT & COMMUNITY SERVICE                                                       44 ART AND SOUL
Mr. Hague                                                                       Mrs. Moran, Mrs. Koch
Maximum 15 students                                                             Minimum 5 students, Maximum 15 students
Cost: none
                                                                                Cost: $200
Students will work on the Purcell Marian Community Garden, cleaning beds
                                                                                Prerequisites: Students must be able to provide their own
and preparing for Spring planting, laying down weed barriers between the
                                                                                transportation. We will be off campus several days.
raised beds, building some new raised beds, working on the fence-line, and      Students will explore several different artistic media including jewelry
picking up in the vicinity. In addition, we may volunteer a day or two of       making, scrap booking, card making, soap making and decorating pottery.
labor through the “Giving Back to Community.” If it rains we will visit the     During each session, the students will develop skills to create an original
Conservatory and perhaps a program at the Civic Garden Center. There may        work which will then serve as their assessment.
be a few readings for study and discussion, also dependent on the weather.

                                                                                                         45 WASHINGTON, D.C. TRIP
Mrs. Mullholand, Mrs. Lively
20 students                                                                     Mr. Geraci, Mr. Leurck
Cost: $100 ($130 if student would like to purchase mixed martial arts
                                                                                48 students
gloves)                                                                         Cost: $430 plus lunch, dinner, and incidentals
Students will participate in a week long experience of mixed martial arts and
                                                                                Prerequisite: junior or senior, $100 deposit
self defense. Melanie (Brown) Gregory, class of 1991, owns a martial arts       Highlights of this trip include: a White House tour, a visit to the Capitol and
school and will be visiting PMHS to teach students the ins and outs of          the House of Representatives, Ford’s Theater, the Lincoln Memorial, the
martial arts. Lessons will include the history of martial arts and an           Washington Monument, Arlington National Cemetery, the Vietnam
explanation & demonstration of techniques. Students will actively               Memorial, the Smithsonian, the Holocaust Museum, and a night trip to
participate in karate, mixed martial arts, and self defense.                    Baltimore. Transportation will be by motor coach, leaving school on
Monday, March 3 and returning on Friday, March 7. This trip will be open                                    48 HISTORY & HOLLYWOOD
based on the following priority: 1) seniors who did not go last year, 2)           Mr. Duggan
juniors who did not go last year, and 3) seniors who did go last year. There       15 students
is a non-refundable deposit of $100 due on Monday, December 10, 2009               Cost: none
(guarantees a spot on the bus). The remaining balance of $280 will be due on       We will examine different time periods of history stressing wars, times of
Monday, January 25, 2010. All money or checks should be turned into Mr.            crisis and times of change. In order for us to get a full view of the truth or
Geraci in Room 37.                                                                 fiction of Hollywood’s depiction of history, we will be viewing movies and
                                                                                   television programs. To ensure a complete and accurate picture of these
                                                                                   historical events we will be participating in discussions, viewing
                                                                                   documentaries, creating presentations, researching specific historical events
                                46 GOIN GOLFIN                                     and time periods along with other activities. Here are just a few of the topics
                                                                                   we will examine during the week: Civil War, WWI, WWII, Cold War,
                                                                                   Vietnam War, Civil Rights, genocide, etc…
Miss Matthews, Mr. Singleton                                                       While there is no cost for the course, students will have the option on
22 students                                                                        two days to order lunch from a local restaurant and on Friday we will
Cost: $135                                                                         order pizza from LaRosa’s.
Students will learn or enhance their basic skills in the game of golf. The
course will include golf etiquette, golf rules, and instruction from some
Cincinnati Area PGA Gold Professionals. You will have the chance to play                                   49 HISTORY OF
in the sand and learn to stay out of the water. You will receive group and             SOUTHWEST OHIO THROUGH A FOOTBALL PERSPECTIVE
individual instruction and have the chance to play the course and show your
skills. This course is open to all students who have an interest in learning the   Mr. Sayer, Mr. Tobin
game and the patience to chase a little, white ball around the course.             Minimum 15 students, Maximum 30 students
Students must provide their own transportation to Little Miami Golf                Cost: $100
Course.                                                                            Students taking this course will tour various campuses in Southwest Ohio,
                                                                                   including but not limited to the University of Cincinnati, The Ohio State
                                                                                   University, Ironton High School, the College of Mount Saint Joseph, and
                                                                                   Paul Brown Stadium. Students will use the information they learn to gain a
                       47 INDEPENDENT STUDY- MUSIC                                 better understanding of the history of Southwest Ohio.
Mr. Boliske
10 students
Cost: students should supply their own USB flash drive for saving work                                      50 SKI/SNOWBOARDING TRIP
Prerequisite: Students must be able to perform on a musical instrument
(not drums) or sing and be comfortable creating musical thought and                Mrs. Nunery, Mr. Schomaker
ideas                                                                              15 students
This is an independent study in music performance or production. Students          Cost: $600 (estimated cost-may change according to location)
interested should submit a proposal to Mr. Boliske for approval as well as be      Dates: Monday- Friday
able to demonstrate their abilities as a performer or in music production. The     Students will travel to a Ski Resort. We will ski and snowboard the slopes
proposal should state clearly the student’s creative goal, the process for         for 3 days. During the evenings we will go tubing, swimming and visit the
achieving those goals, and a means of evaluating the work.                         village. Cost includes travel, lodging, lift passes and ski/snowboard rentals.
                                                                                   Food will be an additional cost. All students with prior skiing experience are
                                                                                   welcome. Priority will be given to students in the Purcell Marian
                                                                                   Ski/Snowboard Club
                                                                                    budget since they already have a starter kit), transportation, and food (lunch
                             51 CYBER-CITIZENSHIP                                   will be provided Monday). You will also receive a 20% discount card for the
                                                                                    week to use on any items you wish to purchase beyond your store budget. At
Mr. Strotman, Mrs. Waldfogle                                                        the end of intercession, you will have started and possibly completed your
18 students                                                                         own scrapbook. Course is limited to 8. Participants are accepted on a first
Cost: none                                                                          come first serve basis. Students will need to bring 50-100 photos. 2nd timers
Prerequisite: A desire to learn more about computer skills.                         please bring your tools and any supplies that you already have that you wish
Learn how to find the on-ramp to the information superhighway! In this              to use. Bring a few that didn’t turn out so you can practice using shape
intercession you will: learn how to establish and maintain a presence on the        cutters. Scraps Etc. is working up a Purcell Marian page, one for family and
internet and acquire the skills you need to use technology to your advantage        one for friends. We will have a secure place to leave your scrap booking
in school as well as in your personal life. This intersession will be tailored to   supplies if you wish.
YOUR skill level and YOUR goals for technology use.
                                                                                                       54 COMEDY THROUGH THE DECADES
                                                                                    Miss Rysiewicz
                                                                                    15 students
                              52 BREAD FOR THE WORLD                                Cost: none
                                                                                    Comedy has been around since the ancient Greeks and Shakespeare. This
Mr. DiCristoforo, Mrs. Canarie                                                      intercession will use comedy movies to examine how what we think is
20 students                                                                         funny changes and stays the same with times. We won’t read
Cost: $15                                                                           Shakespeare, but we will watch one of his many comedies. Classic silent
There are over 830 people living on less than $1.00 a day. Fortunately, we          films starring Charlie Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, and the Keystone Kops are
can do something about this. Participants in this intersession will participate     a great way to begin our look at American film comedy. The zany Marx
in a hunger retreat/fast, demonstrate to Junior High classes how they can join      Brothers from the 1930’s are still very funny today and deserve their cult
the anti-hunger effort, organize a letter writing campaign, and meet with           following. The genre of Romantic Comedy (boy-meets-girl, boy-looses-
local congressional representatives/staff. Overall, an exciting, fun, life
                                                                                    girl, boy-gets-girl-back) has been around since the beginning of films.
changing experience that fosters leadership and the skills of how to advocate
                                                                                    There are plenty of great Romantic Comedies for us to enjoy. Whether
for change.
                                                                                    old or new, these films will entertain you and show you that comedy has
                                                                                    many timeless stock characteristics. People have always and will always
                              53 SCRAP BOOKING                                      laugh when someone falls down or gets that pie in the face! Spend your
Ms. Lukjan                                                                          Intercession week learning and laughing.
8 students
Cost: first timers $160 second timers $80                                                                  55 BECOMING THE SOLUTION
You will take a class covering general scrap booking ranging from the               Sr. Janet, Ms. Wilke
basics, to layout, to color, to journaling, etc. The course will be held at         20 students
Scraps Etc., on Beechmont Ave, the first day of intercession. The remainder         Cost: none
of the week, you will work on creating your own scrapbook, using                    Make a difference in our community! Students will learn about issues of
techniques learned in the course. Later in the week, we will take a trip back       justice and have an opportunity to serve in the community. We will visit and
to Scraps Etc., or to scrapbooking supply stores, to shop for any items we          work with agencies in the community that serve children and the elderly. We
might need to make the best of our scrapbook pages. Included in the price of        will meet people who are working to make a change in our community and
the intercession is the cost of the course, a starter kit (first-timers only)       join them in some of their work. We are looking for students who have a
consisting of a cutter, pen, bag, marker, adhesive, scissors, selecting             desire to serve and a willingness to share their gifts and talents.
scrapbook, and small store budget (second-timers will have a larger store
                            56 LEADERSHIP LUAU                                                    59 MARKETING AND MEDIA RELATIONS
Miss Johnson, Mr. Key
Maximum 16 students                                                             Mrs. Reasoner, Mrs. Rupp
Cost: $1675                                                                     Minimum 6 students, Maximum 12 students
Leadership Luau is a trip for senior and junior students that are considered    Cost: $40
leaders at school and in the community. This intercession will include visits   Prerequisites: Must be able to show proficiency in writing; open to CP
to most of Hawaii’s landmarks and several days of experiencing the              & AP English students only; must have genuine interest in journalism,
Hawaiian Marianist/ Catholic education at both St. Louis High School and        media relations, broadcasting
Chaminade University.                                                           Students will visit local television and radio stations and/or newspapers, and
                                                                                then collaborate to develop their own publicity project. Student will write
                                                                                press releases, research contact information and make direct contact with
                                                                                media outlets in order to secure a story in the local media. Each student will
                      57 OGT PREPARATION CLASS                                  leave with the beginnings of his or her own professional portfolio.

Fr. Cross,Bro. Politi
15 students                                                                                       60 Trip to Rome & Pompeii / 3/3-3/10/08
Cost: none
This course is intended to help current sophomores prepare for the March        Mr. Hamm, Mr. Veeneman
2010 OGT test and also to serve as remediation for seniors who still need to    37 students/ FILLED
pass one or more sections of the test before May.                               Cost: $1,485
Any senior who has not yet passed all five sections of the OGT will be          There will be 25 Latin students and 17 adults leaving Cincinnati airport on
required to take this course, but sophomores and juniors are also welcome       March 7d for the trip of their life. We will be spending 6 days touring Rome
to join.                                                                        and its many monuments, museums, piazzas and churches, such as The
                                                                                Coloseum, Baths of Caracella, Roman Forum, Imperial Forums, St.Peters
                                                                                Basilica, Vatican Museum, San Sebastian Catacombs, and a host of other
                                                                                exciting Roman structures these students and adults have never seen before.
                                                                                We will also be taking an excursion to Pompeii where the excavations depict
                            58 Independent Study                                a city with an amazing past brought to life in the 21st century. Altogether, the
Mrs. Boschert:                                                                  Cincinnati tourists will visit about 70 outstanding places exhibiting the
15 students                                                                     Roman culture and Catholic heritage. Students return March 15.
Cost: depends on student plan
Registration by pre-approval of instructor.                                     Only Latin students are invited to participate in this trip.
Students may design their own intersession program for consideration. This
written proposal must include: the academic goal of the endeavor, how the
goal will be achieved, and assessment. The proposal must account for one
week’s time. The proposal must be presented to Mrs. Boschert in Rm. 40 for
her approval prior to the registration due date. Applications for this
intersession will not be accepted after that date.
                                                                                 Please Note:
                          61 Trip to Spain                                       A student’s discipline record may prevent a student from being eligible for
                                                                                 participation in intersession travel programs. Students who accumulate 13
Mr. Sanchez,                                                                     demerits prior to intersession week will have their eligibility for intersession
30 students                                                                      travel programs reviewed by the Dean of Students.
Cost: $2,200
Students will explore the culture and rich history of this country as they                                   INTERSESSION GUIDELINES
visit Barcelona, Monserrat, the beach in Sitges, Zaragoza, Madrid, Toldeo,
Avila, El Escorial, Sotillo (Mr. Sanchez’s town), and Segovia. Students will      1.    Intersession is a required school activity.
                                                                                  2.    The regular rules of discipline and attendance apply.
leave on Saturday, March 6st and return on Saturday, March 13th.
                                                                                  3.    The dress code is at the discretion of the teacher and should be appropriate
                                                                                        to the activity of the class.
                                                                                  4.    Any trips outside of the school, whether local or long distance, require a
                                                                                        permission slip from a parent or guardian.
                          62 Appalachian Plunge                                   5.    Permission must be obtained for student drivers and for students riding
                                                                                        with student drivers.
                                                                                  6.    Special care should be given to making certain that all Cavaliers working
Mr. Campbell, Mr. Pulach                                                                outside of the school represent Purcell Marian in a proper manner.
Minimum 8, Maximum 14                                                             7.    Those students traveling to countries that have a lower drinking age must
Cost: Approx. $120                                                                      observe the legal drinking age of the United States.
Prerequisite: Open to sophomores – seniors. Preparation meeting for               8.    All sports and activities will maintain their usual schedules whenever
students and parents before Intersession.                                               possible.
The Appalachia Retreat will allow students to spend 5-days living in              9.    The hours that school is in session will remain the same; however there
Christian Community learning from and with the people of Salyersville, Ky.              will be no homeroom. Students will report directly to their class at the
Money will pay for transportation, food, speaker, stipends, service project             beginning of the school day.
materials and educational experiences.                                            10.   Grades will be assigned on a pass/fail basis, and students will earn ¼
                                                                                        credit. Grades will be reported to students on their fourth quarter grade
                                                                                  11.   Some of the trips are already filled, or nearly so. Students should listen for
                                                                                        announcements of these trips next year, as they will probably require the
                                                                                        same kind of advanced planning again.
                        65 Fruits of Your Labor
                                                                                  12.   There are some courses that are free of any cost or only require a modest
                                                                                        cost. This is clearly indicated in the descriptions.
Mrs. Rosenbabuer                                                                  13.   Some courses require a prerequisite or a special condition. Please check
30 students                                                                             for this as you read the catalogue.
Cost: 80.00                                                                       14.   Three courses, in order of preference, should be selected by Friday,
Every day you will take home the fruits of your labor. You will begin an                January 8, 2010. The completed registration form (in the back of the
herb garden for the spring. Homemade jams and salsa will taste great                    catalogue) should be turned in to homeroom teachers. The final course
because you made them! Learn about aromatherapy and how to make a few                   assignment will be given to the student at the end of January.
items for you to take home. You will then try your skills in the kitchen after    15.   It is possible that some courses could be cancelled or adjusted.
a trip to Whole Foods Market you will also substitute organic ingredients in      16.   Deposits are non-refundable unless the course is cancelled. Checks should
some of your favorite recipes.                                                          be made out to Purcell Marian High School.
                                                                                  17.   Courses that cost $100 or more will not be available to students who are
                                                                                        behind in their financial obligations to the PM business office.

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