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					                    FITNESS FOR PURPOSE
                         SPECIAL EDITION
                          FEBRUARY 2007

MIB has launched the Police Helpline project -       officers using the service has been highly           investigate how to achieve this with police and
a key initative in supporting our aim to combat      complimentary, which is an excellent                 insurers over the coming months. This is
uninsured driving. Following the successful          achievement for the staff that handled these         largely dependent upon our work with insurers
single point of contact (SPOC) pilot, we will        enquiries along with their day-to-day job. The       to provide sufficient level of contact that will be
extend this service from the current 4 pilot         participating police forces have expressed their     available for the same hours, even if it is
forces to every police force in the UK. It is        satisfaction with the service and also requested     through the offices of an existing customer
forecast that this service will help the police      that we extend the current 9.00am to 5.00pm          services call centre. Additionally, we will be
and the MIB to remove an additional 10,000           cover to longer hours to help them get even          looking at the problems and the issues that
uninsured vehicles from our roads in 2007            more value from the service.                         have arisen as a result of the pilot, and look to
alone.                                                                                                    resolve them in the new helpline service.
                                                     The helpline is integral to the police work so
                                                     much so, that in a recent operation where a
                                                     member of MIB staff was present, the officer
What does the service offer?                                                                              Acknowledgements
                                                     used his mobile phone to ring the helpline as
                                                     the battery on his own phone had run out.
When road traffic police officers pull over a                                                             As we look to roll out the helpline, this is an
                                                     This particular call also resulted in a seizure
vehicle that does not appear on MID, there are                                                            appropriate time to thank all the MIB
                                                     (a small price to pay).
often occasions where the driver claims to be                                                             volunteers, insurance company staff, and the
insured (even producing an insurance                                                                      road traffic policing officers of the Metropolitan,
certificate), which might leave the police officer                                                        Merseyside, South Yorkshire, and West
uncertain about whether the vehicle is insured       What happens next?                                   Yorkshire forces for their considerable efforts in
or not. In these circumstances, the officer is                                                            making the SPOC pilot such a success, and for
                                                     The project team plan to have fully-trained,
faced with a dilemma. If the officer lets the                                                             reducing the number of uninsured vehicles on
                                                     dedicated helpline staff in place in April this
vehicle go, they could be permitting an                                                                   the roads. With the continued support of
                                                     year, and to roll out the service to all of the UK
uninsured driver to escape appropriate action,                                                            insurers, police and our staff, the Police
                                                     police forces within a period of 12 months.
including the seizure of the vehicle.                                                                     Helpline will continue to provide a valuable
If, however, the officer seizes a vehicle that                                                            service in the drive to reduce uninsured driving.
                                                     The 4 pilot forces have demonstrated a very
subsequently turns out to be insured but not
                                                     keen interest in having the helpline service
on MID, they risk damaging the reputation of
                                                     available during later evening hours. We will
the enforcement authorities and the insurance
industry. The officers can seize where they
have reasonable grounds to believe the vehicle
is uninsured.                                        February                     5 police forces to be added (18% of all UK forces live)

                                                     April                        Dedicated team takes over from volunteers
Where there are doubts about the existence of
valid insurance the Police Helpline can provide      May                          27% of all UK forces live

the officer with a definitive answer in the          September                    41% of all UK forces live
majority of cases by undertaking additional
                                                     December                     67% of all UK forces live
investigations beyond making a MID enquiry,
by contacting the alleged insurer.                   February 2008                100% of all UK police forces live

This confirms whether or not the vehicle is
insured, enabling the officer to make the
appropriate decision: seize an uninsured
vehicle that otherwise might have escaped
their attention, or refrain from inconveniencing
the driver and advise them to investigate why
the vehicle is not on the MID.

What did the pilot show us?

The pilot involved 4 police forces (Metropolitan,
Merseyside, West Yorkshire and South

Volunteers from different operational areas of
MIB operated the pilot. The response from the

                                                                               • Insurers' own websites

                                                                               • Manual methods, such as sending an email, or simply making a
                                                                                 phone call.

                                                                               Some insurers will allow different policyholders to use different
                                                                               mechanisms - for example they may be happy to accept an email if the
                                                                               client has only two or three vehicles, but if they have 5000 they may
                                                                               want them to submit data direct to MID. Some insurers may also be
                                                                               happy for brokers to offer a service to their clients, whilst others prefer
                                                                               to be able to monitor updates direct so that responsibility for any
                                                                               problems is clear.

                                                                               The decision to place business with a particular insurer should take into
                                                                               account their MID requirements, and this should be discussed with the
                                                                               client - if the insurer insists on the use of MIDUpdate by the policyholder
                                                                               alone, then (although such a case is probably rare) this would clearly be
                                                                               a problem for someone with no computer. MIB encourages insurers to
                                                                               be flexible in their requirements, but there is clearly a cost to supporting
                                                                               every imaginable way of updating MID.
Keeping the Motor Insurance Database (MID) up-to-date with the details
of vehicles which are insured under “blanket” policies (most of which are      Some brokers have asked if all insurers could adopt a standard
either fleets or motor trade) is the responsibility of the policyholder        approach, but this might in fact reduce flexibility. Some insurers want

himself. The law requires this information to be supplied to the insurer,      more information than others because, for instance, they use it in place
                                                                               of declarations; therefore if everyone used the same system some users
although some insurers use the MID facility which gives clients direct
                                                                               might have more work to do than at present. Some insurers who
access to their own details. The range of different ways in which data
                                                                               operate their own websites may also offer additional services to their
may be supplied can be confusing, but there are three main approaches:
                                                                               policyholders, seeing the site as an opportunity to improve on
• The MIDUpdate website, which is run centrally for all insurers               competitor offerings - this competition should ultimately benefit
   choosing to use it                                                          customers.

Who Does What
The Motor Insurers' Information Centre (MIIC, a division of MIB) website       • MMA take updates via email lists the update methods used for most insurers.
                                                                               • NIG have other arrangements for small fleets who declare on an
High level information can be found at                                           “immediate” or “as and when” basis but the best approach is
                                                                               • NU have other arrangements for mini-fleets and specified policies
always to talk to the insurer, especially if a client has particular needs.
                                                                                 (all others are MIDUpdate)
Over a third of insurers allow the use of MIDUpdate as at least one of their
mechanisms, but of the larger insurers, the following exceptions apply:        • RSA & Zurich both have their own websites which policyholders are
                                                                                 required to use.

Keeping Up-to-Date
For MIDUpdate users, a user ID and password will be needed, and                If the policyholder wants to check which vehicles are currently recorded
insurers' own sites are likely to have similar requirements, so either the     on MID against the policy, then MIDUpdate users can see this
broker or policyholder should make sure this is arranged as quickly as         information on-line. Users of insurers' own websites should be aware

possible - for MIDUpdate this can even happen before the                       that when they view information on those sites they are not looking at the
                                                                               MID itself, as the data is sent on by the insurer in a separate operation.
inception date.
                                                                               In the event of any difficulties the relevant insurer helpdesk should be the
The key thing to remember when setting up a new policy is that the law         first port of call - MIB cannot access the policy information.
requires the policyholder to submit their data to the insurer
                                                                               When changing insurers all the vehicles will have to resubmitted to the
“immediately”, so it makes sense to put the wheels in motion as soon as
                                                                               MID, even if both the new and old insurers use MIDUpdate. To assist in
possible. If the insurer has not provided instructions by the inception
                                                                               this process all insurers have the ability to download a list of all vehicles
date then the broker or policyholder should follow this up.
                                                                               on a policy to send to policyholders, which can be used to create a new
                                                                               schedule for the new policy.


KEY ACTIVITIES AND ACHIEVEMENTS                                              The website through which updates may be made now carries a monthly
                                                                             “tip”, some of which are aimed at assisting the user, and others at
OF THE LAST 12 MONTHS                                                        highlighting the need for regular and accurate updating in variety of ways.
Best practice guidelines for all “problem areas” within MID1 (such as        All the policyholder guides relating to this site were updated and
cancellations) and MID2 (particularly vehicles) were agreed with the         re-published during 2006.
industry, including brokers, and were then published to all insurers and
                                                                             • New and improved management information was developed for MID2,
                                                                               including projects for CR 352 (Legitimate unpopulated policy flag),
                                                                               CR355 (Estimated Fleet Size field), and CR330 (Individual time-to-
There was a significant increase in dedicated broker communications,
                                                                               suppy report)
strongly supported by BIBA and IIB. The communications programme
used a number of media to get the message across, including:
                                                                             The Road Safety Bill became law on 7th November 2006. The new
• A “broker guide” addressed the role of the broker and the key areas for    offence is expected to come into force during 2008.
    attention (in both MID1 and MID2). BIBA was closely involved in its
    development. This was distributed to all BIBA and IIB members.

• A very popular “top tips” card highlighted the key MID messages. The              MID1 Time to Supply
    cards were sent to every general insurance broker on the FSA register,                                                           MID1 TTS for past 12 months

    as well all BIBA and IIB members.                                               100.0%


• The MIIC website broker area was significantly improved, and a                     94.0%

    dedicated E-mail address was created for broker enquiries.                       90.0%


• A “special edition” of the MIB Newsletter, aimed at brokers and                    84.0%

    covering the MID, was published at the end of October.                           80.0%
                                                                                              Ja n-06   Fe b-06   Ma r-06   Apr-06    Ma y-06     Jun-06      Jul-06     Aug-06     Se p-06      Oct-06   Nov-06   De c-06

• Neil Drane spoke at the BIBA Scottish Regional Conference in                                                                           7 days         14 days           95% Target

                                                                                    MID2 Vehicle Time to Supply
• Articles have appeared in BIBA's The Broker as well as the broker
                                                                                                                              MID2 Vehicles TTS for past 12 months


New policyholder leaflets were produced. ACFO and BVRLA assisted in                   85.0%

their creation. Over 250,000 of the leaflets - one each dedicated to the              80.0%

fleet and motor trade markets - were supplied to insurers and others.                 75.0%

                                                                                              Ja n-06   Fe b-06   Ma r-06   Apr-06    Ma y-06     Jun-06      Jul-06      Aug-06    Se p-06      Oct-06   Nov-06   De c-06

                                                                                                                                                    21 days            95% Target

                                                                                    MID2 Policy Time to Supply

                                                                                                                              MID2 Policies TTS for past 12 months



                                                                                              Ja n-06   Fe b-06   Ma r-06   Apr-06    Ma y-06     Jun-06      Jul-06      Aug-06       Se p-06   Oct-06   Nov-06   De c-06

                                                                                                                                                  14 days         95% Target

In 2006 the FFP communications programme focused on increased                 Key Activities
broker engagement and tackling MID2 (commercial) policyholders.
                                                                              • Devise mechanism for allowing policyholders to check details on MID
In 2007 MIB aims to build on these achievements and extend the
                                                                                and plan publicity campaign
messages to a wider audience in preparation for the new continuous
insurance enforcement regime expected in 2008.                                • Publicise MID and encourage checking (link to impending new

Themes                                                                        • Press releases to trade, local and national press on the uninsured
                                                                                driving problem, the new offence and the need to get insured
• Updates on progress of the FFP programme
                                                                              • Work with top 10 uninsured driving police force areas to promote key
• Policyholder verification of their MID details
                                                                                messages with senior and “beat” officers, supported by public
• Industry support required to achieve the FFP objective                        campaigns and police materials

• Increased awareness of the uninsured driving problem and the                • Devise training and information materials for distribution to the police
  role of MIB and MID
                                                                              • Use BIBA and IIB's email updates and newsletters to distribute
• Awareness of the new keeper offence and its implications                      articles, with publication on broker area of MIIC website

• Action being taken to tackle the uninsured driving problem effectively.     • Lobby Government to ensure appropriate detailed and financed plan
                                                                                in place to target hot spot areas through local press, radio
                                                                                coverage and leaflet dropping campaigns

                                                                              • Visit local schools, campaigning about the consequences of uninsured
                                                                                driving. Provide literature to local driving schools.

A recent email survey of brokers highlighted a number of areas relating       dealer, for example, this may appear uninsured for a short time after
to the facts surrounding policies and the possibility of vehicle seizure by   purchase - in such a case the certificate or cover note should assist in
the police.                                                                   demonstrating that insurance is in place. The police are also aware that
                                                                              MID is not “real-time”, so a certificate or cover note with a recent date
One broker mentioned a concern that an insured motorist could be              should be accepted, although of course MIB cannot dictate to the police
stopped by the police, and have his vehicle seized because insurance          under what circumstances a seizure would be legitimate or otherwise.
had only just been taken out and didn't yet appear on the MID. A police
officer may seize a vehicle if he has “reasonable grounds” to suspect         It is of course impossible to prevent this situation entirely but the
that there is no insurance. Each officer will have a different view on what   chances can be minimised by ensuring that renewal is complete by the
constitutes “reasonable grounds”, but MID is not proof of insurance, and      date it is required (especially if a client's policy is not automatically
MIB has continually reminded the police of this. If the police are in         renewed) and that any changes are notified to the insurer as quickly as
doubt about the validity of a certificate or cover note they should           possible.
contact the insurer, or, if the insurer cannot be contacted, MIB operates
                                                                              Another broker mentioned that they have been having problems with
a police helpline service, detailed elsewhere in this newsletter.
                                                                              postal delays, which have contributed towards some policy notifications
The police will not generally stop vehicles unless they already have some     being late. MIB's recommended best practice is that brokers should use
suspicion about them - for example because of a hit on an ANPR hot-           their insurers' dedicated fax number or email address to send manual
list, which may happen if the vehicle has been uninsured for some time.       business updates where possible. Where the post is used, brokers
The hot-list provided by MIB takes into account the time taken for a          should send the updates daily rather than in weekly batches.
record to appear on the MID but if a second-hand car is bought from a

“When I found I'd won a day enforcing               Just after the brow of a hill on a single lane
uninsured driving in a business card draw           part of the Edgware Road was the police
organised by the Motor Insurers' Bureau at the      Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)
ABI's Motor Conference, I didn't exactly turn       van with four cameras. The onboard computer
cartwheels. As the day approached my mental         deciphered the number plates on vehicles
picture was of sitting in a squad car, crawling     going past on the nearside but also on some
through London traffic, spotting likely offenders   going in the other direction, ran the details
and then checking off registration numbers          against its extensive array of databases, and
over the radio against the Motor Insurance          set off an alarm at every hit for illegality. Mark,
Database (MID). In my mind's eye, we would          the policeman in the van then checked that the
then stop and challenge them and, with a bit of     car was heading towards his colleagues at
luck, catch one or two uninsured drivers.           Wickes rather than away from them, tapped
I couldn't have been much further from the          the number plate into the police national
impressive truth.”                                  computer (which holds the most up-to-date
                                                    versions of all the databases) and then radioed
“I was picked up at a station in North West
                                                    300 metres down the slow moving road to “Pull
London just after midday - police experience is
                                                    over the blue Peugeot van, no insurance”.
that illegal motoring isn't generally part of a 9
to 5 lifestyle. We drove to the A5 Edgware          Down the road, a couple of policemen then
Road in Brent and stopped in a cul de sac with      waved the suspect vehicle into the cul de sac         Neither the bailiffs nor the DVLA have the right

warehouse shops: Wickes had been                    and Wickes car park where a posse of police           to pull vehicles over…..but the police they

approached and agreed to allow the police to        took details and listened to the drivers'             alerted certainly did. Just brilliant! I don't

use their car park for the day. Assembled there     normally half-hearted attempts to talk                know about efficient, I was more inclined to

was a crowd of fluorescent police jackets.          themselves out of a very clear offence. On-the-       think about a nomination for a design award.

There were about thirty policemen and women         spot fines were issued for some offences; the
                                                                                                          And how well did it all work? Pretty much like
and, as became clear, other professional            cars, vans, trucks and motorbikes that were
                                                                                                          clockwork. One in ten vehicles raised an alarm
enforcers. I started to get impressed.              uninsured or being driven by unaccompanied
                                                                                                          and about half of those were travelling in the
                                                    probationers or disqualified drivers were
The Traffic Policeman in charge was Sergeant                                                              right direction and made it through the
                                                    seized. The police at the car park were largely
John McNeill, a most charming, professional                                                               validation against the police national computer.
                                                    new graduates from Hendon Police College,
career policeman who was just doing his job -                                                             The constraint was only having twenty police at
                                                    being supervised in their first 10 weeks as
rather well. He explained the set-up to me and                                                            Wickes and a single eight-vehicle transporter.
                                                    police officers. As Sgt McNeill explained “after
how I would spend my day with the different                                                               When I arrived, the first vehicle had been
                                                    twenty four years of hunting offenders on the
elements of his extended team. It became                                                                  seized from an unaccompanied provisional,
                                                    road, this just delivers them to you, and in a
clear, that, on this bright Tuesday in December,                                                          and hence uninsured, driver - and it didn't take
                                                    controlled environment”; it was great
a streamlined production process to catch                                                                 much more than an hour to pull over another
                                                    experience for the new policemen and women.
uninsured drivers was in place.                                                                           seven vehicles for seizure. As well as a fixed
                                                    The transporter to take away the seized cars
                                                                                                          penalty of £200, the vehicle removal fee of
                                                    was parked at the end of the cul de sac, as
                                                                                                          £105 and £12 a day storage had to be met or
                                                    was a lorry to hold seized motorbikes. If a
                                                                                                          the vehicle was crushed after seven days.
                                                    suspect driver decided to make a run for it,
                                                                                                          Finally, offenders receive six penalty points on
                                                    there was a police pursuit vehicle on hand to
                                                                                                          their licences, which means that anyone having
                                                    dissuade or pursue them.
                                                                                                          held a licence for less than two years loses it.

                                                    Now, the police operation in itself would have        The police just loved it!

                                                    been good, but the process was much, much
                                                                                                          The police were affronted by Insurers having
                                                    better than that: there was a second van at the
                                                                                                          failed to sort out the Driving Other Cars
                                                    brow of the hill replicating the police ANPR van
                                                                                                          extension - “everyone now knows you just get
                                                    but for the National Enforcement Agency -
                                                                                                          your mate with fully comp along, he drives the
                                                    known as bailiffs - identifying vehicles
                                                                                                          car out of the pound and then you get back in
                                                    associated with unpaid court fines. And, to
                                                                                                          and drive away”. Parochially, I felt that I had a
                                                    complete the extended team, at pedestrian
                                                                                                          degree of moral high ground, given Norwich
                                                    lights just before the Wickes turning, stood an
                                                                                                          Union's attempts to persuade the industry on
                                                    ex-policeman now employed by the DVLA who
                                                                                                          DOC, but as a representative of the industry,
                                                    visually checked tax discs as the traffic crawled
                                                                                                          felt that I had let the police down badly on this
                                                    past - blowing a whistle to alert the traffic
                                                    police when an out of date one was spotted.

In the ANPR van, the police operator Mark             persuade the police that there was a policy in         There couldn't have been more enthusiasm for
showed an uncanny ability to spot uninsured           place on a DOC extension(!), but in the                MID. Sgt McNeill said that over many months
drivers. He seemed to look up at the right            meantime the bailiffs had processed the                of daily use in enforcement, he'd known it be
time, clock the number plate and type it into         brother's registration number and extracted            wrong “only on one or two occasions”.
the computer to gain a few seconds, and got it        £250 of unpaid fines before letting him go.            I remember how challenging it was for the
right every time. I explored what it was that he                                                             industry to get its act together on MID but it
                                                      This was just one of five teams operating daily
spotted, and got the response common from                                                                    was worth every drop of effort, as not only are
                                                      in London, with counterparts in the North East,
all the traffic police, “I just know it” - and they                                                          the police able to enforce uninsured driving
                                                      South East and West, and one Central team.
do. Mark used phrases like “horrible car” and                                                                really effectively but they get to catch other
“looked wrong” but I didn't get it, and a couple                                                             criminals and miscreants at the same time.
                                                      A recent operation “Foist” in and around
of attempts by me to spot villains failed on                                                                 My original mental picture of a squad car and
                                                      Hackney resulted in 1,800 uninsured vehicles
both occasions. The MID insurance database                                                                   one or two uninsured driving suspects in an
                                                      being seized in less than a month. The police
he was using was only one of many on the                                                                     afternoon couldn't have been more wrong.
                                                      had to have access to a large car park to keep
computer but it made a really big difference.                                                                Seven cars and vans were seized for No
                                                      them all. If these teams are as effective as the
With uninsured driving police get the power to                                                               Insurance, as were a number of motorbikes -
                                                      extended team I saw, then they will make real
seize vehicles and so can “deny criminals the                                                                more would have been seized if there were
                                                      inroads into the problem of uninsured driving in
use of the road”. With the clear link between                                                                more transport available….which deserves
road tax evasion, uninsured driving and                                                                      some thought in its own right. In total, fourteen
criminal activity in general, the police I spoke to   It wasn't just 'horrible cars' that fell foul of the   drivers were reported for No Insurance and
in Wickes car park all felt fantastically positive    police operation. One 2006 registered                  three for driving not in accordance with the
about the enforcement of uninsured driving.           Mercedes was pulled over on evidence of no             provisions of a licence. There were arrests for
Apparently, activities linked to uninsured driving    insurance, and a gold BMW M3 was seized.               driving while disqualified, possession of
across the country have led to arrests for            Men, women and families were in the cars.              cannabis, fraudulently displaying a tax disc,
suspected murder, stolen cars and goods - one         I almost felt sorry for illegal motorists trying to    possession of a firearm and an immigration
with £30,000 in cash in the boot - and many           drive north on the Edgware Road but then               offence - you can imagine the pleasure these
other crimes. The DVLA man, Ian, loved it, as         remembered the costs in pain, suffering and            gave the new police officers making their first
he and his colleagues pulled in tens of tax           damage that they do when they shouldn't be             arrests. Nine drivers were reported for
dodgers in the course of an afternoon.                on the roads at all, let alone the unpaid              endorsable offences (tyres etc) and six for non-
                                                      premiums.                                              endorsable (no seat belt etc). Twenty three
As it was getting dark and a little cold, I spent
                                                                                                             drivers were reported for road tax evasion and
an hour in the back seat of the pursuit vehicle.
                                                      Something that would help the police a lot             the bailiffs appeared to be having a field day,
Unfortunately, I didn't get to chase any
                                                      would be to extend the hours of the Police             recovering over £5,000 in unpaid fines.
escaping criminals, but Kevin and Ken in the
                                                      Helpline at the Motor Insurers' Bureau (who
front did “persuade” a few of the most highly                                                                The day with police enforcing uninsured driving
                                                      confirm that vehicles are not insured by any
suspect vehicles that they shouldn't think of                                                                in North London turned out to be the best prize
                                                      insurer) beyond 5:30pm. As already explained,
making a run for it by dropping into the queue                                                               I've won in a long time. As one officer said,
                                                      criminals tend not to work office hours!
of traffic right behind them. In the course of                                                               “You go home really satisfied having taken ten
                                                      I promised to take this back to Norwich Union
the afternoon one alarm went off for “firearms                                                               uninsured vehicles off the road.”
                                                      and anyone else I can influence to see if we
on board” and despite the traffic police having
                                                      can get it staffed up to 9pm. In fact, Simon
bulletproof vests, they were not armed and so
                                                      Machell, my ultimate boss at Norwich Union,
let the vehicle pass through. That was more
                                                      was happy that this should be considered and,          Julian Beardsworth
than fine with me.
                                                      as Chairman of MIB, would raise it. Support            Director of Underwriting
                                                      from any other influential readers would               Personal Lines
One van driver was suspected of not having
                                                      be welcome.                                            Norwich Union
insurance, with the additional appearance of an
unsecured load. Eventually he summoned his
brother who had sufficient documentation to



DISPATCH OF CPS FILES ROUNDS OFF                   MID2 policyholders who have ignored the             stopped and seized if the data is not on MID.
SUCCESSFUL YEAR FOR MIB                            efforts of insurers and MIB to ensure the Motor     Companies are continuing to ignore the
                                                   Insurance Database is kept up-to-date will now      potential costs and significant inconvenience
                                                   face prosecution and potential fines of             this will generate.”
• A record 50,000 uninsured vehicles seized
                                                   up to £5,000.
  by police using MID data in 2006                                                                     “The growing police activity in this area means

• First commercial policyholder (MID2) files                                                           it is imperative that companies get their vehicle
                                                   Ashton West, MIB Chief Executive explained:
  submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service                                                           data onto MID. Despite our progress in 2006,
                                                   “Throughout 2006 we have been stressing the         we are very aware of the challenges we still
• Compliance campaign results in a 28%             importance of MID2 compliance. While many           face. Uninsured driving is a menace and needs
  reduction in unpopulated commercial              policyholders have responded, some have             to be recognised as socially unacceptable.
  policies on the MID                              continued to ignore the requirement to supply       This will require long term efforts by the
In December 2006 details of 16 commercial          data. Of these, some will now face legal            government, enforcement authorities and the
policyholders were sent to the Crown               action. Even those who escape legal action          insurance industry before it is removed.”
Prosecution Service.                               face the serious risk of having their vehicles

Police Seizures for no insurance, for just 5 forces, from January to October 2006

Force                       No. Seized                  Destroyed/Sold

GMP                         10,368                      35%

W.Yorks                     7,202                       48%

Merseyside                  8,000                       47%

W.Mids                      14,379                      38%

Met                         2,818                       30%
                                                                                     The Excel Conference Centre at Docklands is the temporary
TOTAL                       42,767                      40%
                                                                                     home for many of the vehicles seized by the Metropolitan Police

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