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Building a Strategic Balanced Scorecard

Description:    A blueprint for translating your business strategy into operational objectives, measures and targets
                “Immensely practical. It gives clear guidelines, useful examples and plenty of level-headed advice
                about what to do and what not to do. It will helpcompanies enormously to avoid the pitfalls in
                creating a balancedscorecard.” Penny Jarvis, Director, Egremont “Practical, workaday and useful.
                The report takes a sleeves-rolled-up approach and helped me learn form other people's experience.
                It's an excellent resource. What's also important for me is that it helps to show how the scorecard
                can be made to work in a public sector environment. An excellent piece of work.” Julian Taylor,
                Director, Network Learning and Performance, Scottish Enterprise Network In too many cases
                strategy is a ring-bound document that sits on the shelf seen only by the CEO and a few strategic
                planners. Yet globalization, e-business and an ever more demanding customer base mean that
                organizations should reconsider strategy over shorter timescales and amend their objectives with
                increasing regularity. The balanced scorecard offers the opportunity to take strategy out of the
                boardroom and onto the frontline in order to turn corporate vision into reality. Building a Strategic
                Balanced Scorecard, a new management report from Business Intelligence, provides practical, step-
                by-step guidelines on how to build a balanced scorecard that aligns all your operational activities to
                corporate strategic objectives. It draws on the invaluable experience of scorecard experts and
                international organizations leading the field in scorecard design and implementation. This report
                presents an unmissable opportunity to tap into their knowledge and expertise for the insight you
                need to develop the balanced scorecard that will make strategy happen in your organization.
                Checklists, self-assessment forms, action points strategy maps, and summaries guide you through
                the process.

Contents:       Author Profile
                Chapter 1: The Evolution of the Strategic Balanced Scorecard
                Executive Summary
                Section 1: The Origins and Evolution of the Balanced Scorecard
                The Balanced Scorecard Explained
                The foundations for the balanced scorecard concept
                Analog Devices: the first scorecard
                A strategy implementation framework
                The Need for a Strategy Map
                Section 1 Summary
                Section 2: Principles of the Strategy-Focused Organization
                Principle 1: Translate the strategy to operational terms
                Principle 2: Align the organization to the strategy
                Principle 3: Make strategy everyone's everyday job
                Principle 4: Make strategy a continual process
                Principle 5: Mobilize change through executive leadership
                Responding to Initial Failure
                Section 3: Rating the Scorecard
                How Advisors and Consultants Rate the Scorecard
                Scoring Scorecard Implementation
                Rating the Educators
                Corporate Benefits Achievement
                Section 3 Summary
                Chapter 1: Action Points
                Case Study: Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide
                Chapter 2: How Companies Apply the Scorecard
                Executive Summary
                Section 1: Scorecard Variations
                Telstra Case Report
Fortis Group Case Report
Banking 365 Case Report
NSK Bearings Case Report
Combining the Scorecard With the EFQM Excellence Model
Other Scorecard Approaches
The Impact of Adapted Models
Scorecards and Business Success
Section 1 Summary
Sections 2: Variations on the Scorecard Theme
Schneiderman's Seven Levels of Balanced Scorecard Implementation
A Level One Balanced Scorecard
A Level Two Balanced Scorecard
A Level Three Balanced Scorecard
A Level Four Balanced Scorecard
A Level Five Balanced Scorecard
A Level Six Balanced Scorecard
A Level Seven Balanced Scorecard
Section 2 Summary
Chapter 2 Action Points
Case Study: NSK Bearings Peterlee
Case Study: Johnson Controls
Chapter 3: Planning and Managing the Scorecard Programme
Executive Summary
Why the Scorecard Should be Treated as a Programme Not a Project
Section 1: Making the Business Case
Define the Long-term Benefits
Mobil Oil Refocuses on the Longer Term
Controllable and Uncontrollable Factors
Shorter-term Benefits
Managing Benefits Expectations
Section 1 Summary
Section 2: Senior Management Sponsorship
When the CEO Should Take Responsibility For the Scorecard
A Senior Champion
Section 2 Summary
Section 3: Programme Management
Steering Groups and Management Teams
Choosing a Programme Manager
Programme Teams in Action at Booz|Allen|Hamilton
The Role of Teams in Other Case Study Organizations
Handing Over Programme Responsibility
Section 3 Summary
Section 4: The Role of Management Consultants
A Growing Service Business
How Companies Evaluate the Contribution of Consultants
Where Consultants Fail
Consultancy Skills
Facilitating the Debate on Enterprise-level Goals and Measures
Helping to Spread Best Practice
Knowledge Transfer
Section 4 Summary
Section 5: Balanced Scorecard Training
Section 5 Summary
Chapter 3 Action Points
Case Study: Booz|Allen|Hamilton
Chapter 4: Creating the Enterprise-level Strategy Map and Balanced
Executive Summary
Section 1: Making the Strategy Connections
Creating a One-Team Mindset
Strategy Formulation
Workshop Process
Timescales: The Case for Making Rapid Progress
Section 2: Creating the Strategy Map
Individual Senior Management Interviews
Executive Workshop 1
The strategy map as hypothesis
Strategy mapping challenges
The number of objectives
St Mary/Duluth Case
Strategic theming
Vision statements
Process objectives
Assigning ownership of objectives
Section 3: Strategic Measures and Targets
Executive Workshop 2
The role of measures
Robust non-financial metrics
Measurement shortcomings
Pentagon Federal Credit Union Case Report
Scotiabank Case Report
The need for valid, actionable measures
The politics of measurement
How many measures to choose
Data accessibility
The need for measurement innovation
Target setting
Relative performance
Section 4: Strategic Initiatives
Executive Workshop 3
Prioritization: how to select the initiatives that count
Chapter 4 Action Points
Case Study: Scottish Enterprise
Chapter 5: Devolving the Balanced Scorecard
Executive Summary
Section 1: Making Strategy Delivery Part of Everyone's Daily Work
A Major Change Programme
Section 1 Summary
Section 2: Cascaded Scorecards Throughout the Organization
Active Involvement is the Secret of Scorecard Devolution
Mandating Measures
An Ideal Scorecard Cascade
The Use of Pilot Projects
Functional Scorecards
Verizon Communications Case Report
Human Capital Linkage Model
Section 1 Summary
Section 3: Personal Scorecards
Capability Development
How to link personal and enterprise scorecards
Mobil Oil
Section 5 Summary
Section 4: Compensation and Incentives
Changing the System
Scorecard Weighting and Compensation Practice
Cigna Property P&C Case Report
The Case Against Making the Compensation Link
Section 4 Summary
Section 5: Communicating the Strategy and the Scorecard
Pentagon Federal Credit Union Case Report
St Mary's /Duluth Health Clinic Case Report
Section 5 Summary
Section 6: Deployment Checklist
Chapter 5 Action Points
Case Study: Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Chapter 6: Making Strategy Development a Continual Process
Executive Summary
Section 1: Transforming Strategy From an Event into a Living Process
Section 2: Strategic Learning
Making Strategy Development a Continually Evolving Process
Management Meetings
St Mary's/Duluth Health Clinic Case Report
How Companies Learn From Their Scorecard Programmes
Better Focused Meetings
Section 2 Summary
Section 3: The Role of Technology
The Benefits of Automation
A scorecard on every desktop
Texas Education Agency Case Report
When to automate
The alternative to dedicated software solutions
The cost of automation
Software Product Certification
Choosing Software
Section 3 Summary
Section 4: Linking Strategy to the Budgeting Process
Case Examples
Funding Strategic Initiatives
Devolved Responsibility
Abandoning the Budget
Rolling Forecasts
Borealis Case Report
Section 4 Summary
Chapter 6 Action Points
Case Study: Bank Universal 2
Chapter 7: How to Maintain the Momentum of the Scorecard
Executive Summary
Retaining a Focus on Strategy
Section 1: Maintaining Momentum with a Scorecard Programme
Success and Failure
Section 1 Summary
Section 2: Scorecard Survival Factors
Mergers and Acquisitions
A Change of CEO
Non-executive Boards
Section 2 Summary
Section 3: 20 Questions Every Organization Must Answer
1. What kind of balanced scorecard do we want to develop?
2. For what purpose are we going to use the scorecard?
3. What is the business case for using the scorecard?
4. How will senior management awareness be raised and buy-in achieved?
5. How will we ensure that the scorecard is managed as an on-going programme?
6. Should we use management consultants to support the scorecard programme?
7. Should the senior team collectively own the scorecard?
8. How long should be allocated to creating the first strategy map and balanced
9. How many objectives and measures should we include on the strategy map
and scorecard?
10. How will we develop meaningful measures?
11. What kind of performance measurement culture do we have now and
what kind of culture do we want?
12. To what level will a strategy map and balanced scorecard be deployed?
13. Should we pilot the scorecard prior to full rollout?
14. What are the change management implications of scorecard rollout?
            15. Should the appraisal system and incentive-compensation be aligned to
            scorecard results?
            16. How will internal communications support the scorecard programme
            17. How will we ensure that strategic learning becomes a key output of
            scorecard usage?
            18. How should we use technology to support the scorecard effort?
            19. Should we integrate strategy with the budgeting process?
            20. How long will it take to become strategy-focused using the scorecard?
            Section 4: The Future of the Scorecard
            Accounting Scandals
            Case Study: Banking 365
            Appendix 1 Scorecard Readiness Self-Assessment
            Appendix 2 Scorecard Software Vendors
            Appendix 3 Scorecard Consultants

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