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This document applies to staff:
• covered by the Academic and Teaching Staff Agreement 2003-2006 or the General Staff
   Agreement 2003-2006.
• whose managers grant approval to participant in a Secondment opportunity.

It does not apply to casual staff, staff on probation or staff on fixed term appointments of less
than 2 years where the period of secondment exceeds the remaining contract period.

This policy does not limit:
• The University’s right to transfer staff, temporarily or permanently, to positions of the staff
   members substantive level, in consultation with the staff member and the Head in order to
   meet the changing needs of the organisation
• Local arrangements to participate in other development activities

In this document, refer to the Delegations of Authority Administrative Functions 2005 for the
definition of:
• School
• Head - refers to HOS/HOA

‘Organisational unit’ is an administrative and equivalent to a budget unit for which a HOA has


A secondment is a co-operative arrangement between two Schools/Organisational units, or the
University and an external organisation, where an individual is temporarily transferred to another
position or organisation.

The University encourages secondments in order to provide development opportunities for staff
to assist in achieving its strategic objectives. It is recognised that individual skills and knowledge
may be enhanced by secondments. Secondments also have organisational benefits including
exchange of information and ideas, promotion of organisational relationships and investment in
organisational effectiveness.

A secondment should not be financially disadvantageous to the University and the arrangements
should be consistent with the roles and responsibilities of the staff member and the goals of the

Secondment is not an entitlement.

A. Length of Secondment
   Secondments will normally be for a period of up to 12 months. Positions that are available for
   longer than 12 months are regarded as vacancies and the University’s normal advertising and
   recruitment & selection procedures apply.

B. Costs
   Heads must consider all costs, including full on-costs relating to leave, superannuation,
   workers compensation, payroll tax and fixed administrative costs, before discussing
   secondment proposals. See the Remuneration Services Website for calculations.

    Written agreement must be reached between the home School/Organisational unit and host
    School/Organisational unit/Organisation on the recovery of payments made during the
    secondment and on the allocation of all associated costs including on-costs.

C. Leave
   The parties are to negotiate reporting procedures for leave taken during the secondment prior
   to the secondment commencing. This includes consideration of the following conditions:

    •   Normal leave entitlements continue to accrue during the period of secondment.

    •   Leave accrued during the secondment may be taken during the secondment period subject
        to approval by the host School/Organisational unit.

    •   If accrued leave is not taken during the secondment period it should be transferred back to
        the home School/Organisational unit and will be paid at the rate of the substantive role.

D. Hours of Work for General Staff
   All flexible working hours arrangements (FWHA) credits for Day Workers are to be
   exhausted prior to moving to the host School/Organisational unit/organisation and similarly,
   prior to moving back to the home School/Organisational unit. FWHA core hours and other
   arrangements approved for the host School/Organisational unit will apply to the staff member
   during the secondment.

E. Return to a Substantive Position
   Staff members on secondment will normally return to their substantive positions or
   comparable positions within the home School/Organisational unit at the end of the agreed
   secondment period.

    If structural changes occur during the course of the secondment and the substantive position
    no longer exists, or is substantially altered, the individual who has been seconded must be
    included in any consultation process and the home School/Organisational unit must comply
    with the provisions of the University’s industrial agreements.
F. Termination of Secondment
   A secondment may be terminated prior to the term of the agreement as set out in the
   Secondment Agreement.

G. Impact on Service
   During a secondment period continuity of employment is maintained for all purposes.


A. Initiation
   Secondment may be initiated by:
   • an individual approaching a School/Organisational unit.
   • an area either identifying a specific individual to second, or by advertising or calling for
       Expressions of Interest.
   • an area targetting a specific area of the University in order to provide a development
       opportunity to staff in that area.
   • an area inviting a selected group to express interest in order to capture a particular set of

    Where the secondment is advertised, normal recruitment processes apply excluding general
    staff appeal provisions. For secondment periods of six months or less, the appointment on
    nomination procedures may be followed.

B. Negotiation and Approval
   Conditions of a secondment will be negotiated at the School/Organisational unit level and require
   approval by the Head.

C. Terms of Agreement
   Before the secondment commences, formal terms of agreement are to be agreed by the Heads
   of the home and host School/Organisational unit/organisation, and the staff member. The
   terms are formalised in an offer drawn up by Human Resources.

    The terms of agreement are to be detailed in a letter of offer to the individual being seconded
    (see Attachment 1 for Pro Forma). Terms of the agreement should specify:
    • Duration of the secondment
    • Level of remuneration to be paid to the seconded individual
    • Job description during the secondment
    • Details of type and timing of notice required to end the secondment prior to the agreed
        end date and any associated costs
    • Conditions of return to home School/Organisational unit
    • Which School/Organisational unit is to bear the responsibility for salary, on-costs,
        Special Studies Program (if applicable), overtime (if applicable), workers compensation,
        public liability and any other indemnities and liabilities
    • Leave arrangements and responsibility for reporting of leave taken
    • Ownership rights of intellectual property
    • Publication rights if applicable and any confidentiality provisions
D. Replacing a seconded staff member
   A person who is appointed to temporarily replace a seconded individual must be advised in
   their letter of offer that the seconded employee has the right of return to his/her position.
   Should this occur prior to the anticipated end of the secondment, the replacement staff
   member will be given four weeks prior notice or as required by the Enterprise Agreement(s).

1. Background/context
                                                    7. References
   This document was developed to establish a
   formal   framework    for   administering           •      Academic & Teaching Staff Agreement
   secondments.                                               2003-2006
                                                       •      General Staff Agreement 2003-2006
                                                       •      Recruitment and Selection Policy and
                                                              Procedures 2005
2. Authority/consultation
                                                       •      Delegations of Authority: Administrative
   This document has been developed in                        Functions 2005
   consultation with:
                                                    8. Signatures
       •     HR Director
       •     Industrial Relations
       •     Staff Support and Development Unit            Approved by:
       •     Remuneration Services
       •     HR Corporate Team                             Name
       •     HR College Teams
   All University staff were given an opportunity
   to provide feedback on this document.                   Position

3. Management Responsibility
   Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Infrastructure)

4. Implementation Responsibility
   Deputy Vice-Chancellors; Pro-Vice-
   Chancellors (College)

5. Dates

    Approval (version 1)        24/10/2005
    Effect                      24/10/2005
    Approval (version 2)        30/11/2005
    Effect                      30/11/2005

6. Approval

    Version 1     Professor Ann Brewer
                  Acting Deputy Vice-
                  Chancellor (Infrastructure)
                                                                                     Human Resources

1. Parties to the Agreement

Seconded staff member:
Head of Home School/Organisational unit:

Host Department/Organisation representative:
Level and Step of secondment:

2. Duration of the Secondment

The duration of the secondment as XXXX in the XXXX (School/Organisational unit) will be for
XXXX months for the period XXXXX to XXXX, at which time (insert staff member) will return to
his/her substantive position of (insert position, HEO level & School/Organisational unit).

3. Job Description during the Secondment

During the secondment period the following is a list of duties that (insert name of seconded member of
staff) will be required to perform under the terms of this agreement (attach additional pages if required):

4. Termination of the Secondment

This agreement may be terminated prior to the term of the agreement by mutual agreement between
(insert name of head of home School/Organisational unit), (insert name of host organisation) and (insert
name of seconded member of staff).

This agreement may also be terminated by any party to the agreement with (insert notice period)
weeks written notice. This provision does not prevent the University from summarily dismissing
a staff member because of serious and/or wilful misconduct.

5. Conditions of Return to Home School/Organisational unit

On the expiry of this agreement or by termination of the agreement with notice as set out in 4 above,
(insert name of seconded member of staff) will have the right to return to his/her substantive position or
a comparable position within the (insert name of home School/Organisational unit), unless structural
changes occur during the course of the secondment and the substantive position no longer exists, or is
substantially altered. If this occurs the seconded member of staff will be involved in any consultation
process and the provisions of the University’s industrial agreements will be followed.

6. Financial Responsibilities during the Secondment

For transfers to external organisations:
(insert name of seconded member of staff) will remain on the University payroll for the duration of the
secondment with (insert name of host organisation) responsible for the full costs of employment as
follows. (please select which of the following you would like to use). These costs will include: salary,
university contribution to superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation insurance, and annual
leave loading. These costs will be invoiced quarterly in arrears.

i. Salary

ii. University contributions to superannuation

iii. Payroll tax

iv. Workers compensation insurance

v. Long service leave

vi. Annual leave loading

vii. Contribution to Special Studies
    Program Leave (if applicable)

Total                                                    $

For internal temporary transfers, Human Resources will transfer the staff member to the
appropriate accountability area in HRMS for the period of the secondment.

7. Removal and Travel Expenses (if applicable)

The (insert name of home School/Organisational unit or host organisation) will be responsible for
removal and travel expenses.

Amount $

Specify allowable claims (attach additional pages if required)
8. Leave Arrangements

During the secondment period normal leave entitlements as adjusted in C of the Secondment Guidelines
will apply. Approval for leave will be given by the (insert name of host organisation). The recording of
leave taken will be carried out by (insert name of host School/Organisational unit/organisation or home
School/Organisational unit). (optional) Any accrued leave during the period of secondment must be
taken before (insert end date of secondment).

9. Ownership rights of Intellectual Property (if applicable)

Please find attached a copy of the University’s Policy on Intellectual Property Rights.

10. Signatures

In signing below the seconded member of staff, the host School/Organisational unit/organisation and
the home School/Organisational unit agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

Name of Seconded staff member                                      Signature                    Date

Name of Head of Home Department                                    Signature                    Date

Home Account Number         _____                 _____             __________
                        (Responsibility Centre)   (Project Code)    (Analysis Code for externally funded positions)

Name of Host Dept/Org. Representative                              Signature                    Date

Host Account Number         _____                 _____             __________
                        (Responsibility Centre)   (Project Code)    (Analysis Code for externally funded positions)

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